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The Reynold's Twins
by: Kewl Dad

Chapter 4

At school John and Aidan began hanging out every chance they got including lunch and it didn't take long before their friends and the other student began to notice. It wasn't like they were overly physical or anything, but it was obvious something was going on just from the way they looked at each other and the way they talked softly just out of earshot of the others.

At lunch one day Jimmy Durro asked them point blank if they were going out. Jimmy was one of the class bullies and had a following mainly because of his atletic abilities and the the twins and their group of friends had little to do with him and his bunch.

John blushed and turned his eyes to his half eaten corndog, but Aidan looked the kid right in the eyes and frowned, "Don't you have anything better to do than worry about other people's business?"

"Just sayin, you guys never hung out like this something is  up?"

"Just because you don't have any friends doesn't mean other guys don't." It was Jaden who added that as he sat down next to Jimmy and gave him a scathing look.

Jimmy was afraid of Jaden, well...he respected him anyway, and he wasn't about to press the matter at that moment, but he was almost sure he knew what was going on and he didn't like it one bit. He had his followers and if he said the word they'd take care of things for him and he'd never have to fight Jaden, but he'd have to think about things first and do some more checking...just to make sure.

"I have friends," Jimmy grumbled, "anyway I gotta go....I need to do something before lunch period is over...." he said scooting his chair back and gathering up his tray.

"What...beat off in the bathroom?" Jaden teased.

Jimmy just scowled at Jaden but he didn't reply, he knew he didn't have a chance against Jaden and his group.

When Jimmy was gone Jaden reached over and grabbed a tater tot off Aidan's tray, "If he gives you guys any grief let me know and I'll take care of it."

"I was doing okay," Aidan grumbled, "I don't need you to fight my battles for me."

"Whoa, relax baby bro, I was just trying to help," Jaden said holding up his hands in defense.

"I know, thanks...but I could have  handled it."

Jaden just nodded, "Well..I can see I'm no longer needed here," he said pushing his chair I'll see ya later guys."

"Wait...don't go," Aidan said softening, "I didn't mean that...."

"Yeah, stay," John said smiling warmly, "that guy's a need to let him mess things up for us."

Jaden relaxed and sat back down and they began to talk about school and video games and normal stuff and soon they were laughing and cutting up like always. When the bell rang they split up and headed off to class and unfortunately John's next class was one he shared with Jimmy and two of his friends Buddy Clark and Mike Spelling.

As soon as John walked into the room he could tell by the look on the three faces that they were going to give him a hard time if they got a chance. Fortunately the three sat at the back of the class while John's desk was near the front so at least he didn't have to look at them, though he cold almost feel their eyes drilling into the back of his head.

Half way through the hour the teacher, Mr. Sullivan was paged to the office and he excused himself and instructed the class to continue reading the chapter they'd been studying and to behave like ladies and gentleman even though he knew that was doubtful.

As soon as he was out the door it began. First a paper airplane hit the back of John's head followed by giggles from the three as well as half of the others in the class.

"Read it," Jimmy said laughing evilly, "it might be a love note from your boyfriend Aidan."

"Shut up!" John said angrily, "He's not my boyfriend, he's just a friend." It hurt him to have to denounce Aidan, but he knew there was no way he could openly admit that he and Aidan were that close.

"Oh yeah, well....then why were you holding hands in the bathroom?" Jimmy jeered.

"We were not!" John said shaking so hard he felt dizzy. Jimmy was just making that up, but he knew it didn't matter...the other kids would believe it anyway.

"Shut up Jimmy," a girl named Sarah said angrily, "even if they were it's none of your business."

"We weren't," John said again hoping Sarah's intervention would help, "He's just making stuff up cause he don't like me or Aidan."

"Ha, little faggots," Jimmy muttered under his breath, "We know all about you and those two faggot brothers."

But unknown to Jimmy Mr. Sullivan had returned and was his usual habit he had been listening at the door to see if indeed his class had been behaving. As he stepped in the look on his face was filled with such anger that Jimmy almost wet his pants.

Mr. Durro, I'd like a word with you in the hall please," he said through gritted teeth.

John knew he should be relieved, but now he'd have to worry about Jimmy wanting to get revenge for him getting him into trouble even though he'd caused it himself.

In the hall Mr. Sullivan read Jimmy the riot act and sent him to the principals office. He came back to class just long enough to apologize for the interruption then  told them to continue reading and he'd be back shortly. 

In the principal's office Mr. Sullivan recounted the conversation between John and Jimmy finishing with Jimmy's use of the word faggot.

All the while Mr. Whitfield, the principal nodded and looked thoughtful then as soon as Mr. Sullivan had finished he took off his glasses and folded them and waved them around as he spoke.

"Mr. Durro this is not your first visit to my office, and no amount of detention or punishment seems to deter you from your disruptive ways. This time I am going to do what I should have done the last time, I am suspending you for one week, but you will not be idle. During that time I will have your teachers set up a lesson plan for you and you will be expected to work it and have it completed when you return."

"But I didn't do anything," Jimmy whined, "my dad will kill me...."

"I'm sure he will be disappointed Mr. Durro, but you can redeem yourself by doing the work assigned and making sure this sort of thing doesn't happen again."

Jimmy was still grumbling as he followed Mrs. Langston the school registrar to her office to phone his parents.

He was only exaggerating a little when he said his dad would kill him. He knew there would be plenty of physical and emotional punishment once his dad found out and he was convinced it was all John and Aidan's fault. Yeah, it was those two faggoty twins and their boyfriend that were to blame and payback would be hell.

Back in class Mr. Sullivan made it of a point of reminding  the class of the school's stance on tolerance and diversity...blah, blah, blah, but all the students wanted to hear was the bell ending the class. 

In the hallway Jimmy's two cronies crowded in on either side of John, and Micky, the biggest of the two, bumped him hard and sneered, "You're gonna be sorry now. Once Jimmy gets back he's gonna cream you and your faggot boyfriend."

"Shut up. It's not my fault he got caught and it's sure not my fault he said those things."

"If you weren't a faggot he wouldn't have said it."

"Get out of my way," John said elbowing the bully just as Mrs. Bell came out of her classroom door. 

She gave John a dirty look but didn't say anything. She knew both boys and their demeanor and decided if John was being aggressive he probably had a good reason. Still she'd keep an eye on them. 

Fortunately the twins met up with John just then the two bullies suddenly became scarce. It was one thing to terrorize the kid when he was alone, but they didn't like the odds now especially since Jaden was such a bad ass.

"What's with them?" Jaden asked noticing the two throwing "go to hell" looks at the two as they snuck away.

John sighed, "You're not gonna like it."

It took a minute for Jaden to pull the story out of John but when he'd heard it all he was seething.

"He is so dead," Jaden said through gritted teeth.

"Jaden don't...." Aidan said placing a hand on his brother's arm, "let the school take care of it."

"Ha, like they did last year when Jacob beat up that special needs kid?"

"That was different, a teacher didn't actually see that happen."

"But the kid had a black eye, and two of the other kids saw the whole thing. I'm gonna keep an eye on those two and when Jimmy is back I'm gonna be on him like stink on shit."

Aidan giggled at that, "Where'd you hear that?"

"Never mind where I heard it," Jaden said smiling despite himself, "John....if those two give you any trouble at all let me know."

John just nodded, he knew Jaden was only trying to help, but it still felt a little weird to let someone else fight his battles for him. He decided he'd only ask for Jaden's help if he absolutely needed it.

Eventually the conversation turned to happier topics and by the time they arrived at the next class which they all three shared they were in a better mood. The hour passed quickly and it was time for gym class which they all three shared as well.

At least Jaden didn't have to worry in gym class because he knew no one would mess with John or Aidan while he was around. Coach Thompson was out that day and there was a substitute, a young intern named Danny Grey. He was barely 22 and fresh out of college but he seemed nice and Jaden thought he was hot.

"Man, I'd love to see what's under those sweats," Jaden whispered to Aidan as they warmed up.

"What, oh..yeah, he's pretty hot for a teacher."

"I wouldn't mind staying after class for him," Jaden chuckled.

"Okay boys since I don't know what your regular routine is I'm gonna have you boys play some basketball. You and you are the captains," he said pointing at Jaden and a kid named Brian.

"We're skins," Jaden said quickly stripping off his shirt.

The young teacher smiled slyly. He had Jaden pegged already and he had to admit that he was nice to look at.

Jaden managed to keep John and Aidan on his team and when the young teacher noticed that he had a set of twins shirtless and looking quite good he felt a strange stirring in his groin. He'd knew he liked boys and had ever since he was ten or so, but he'd never been with a boy, well not since he was a boy himself. His love life lately had consisted of his hand and a few one time encounters at the college or through dating sites.  There was certainly no way he was going to risk his job or his freedom pursuing a boy, but he had to admit looking sure was fun.

Danny tried to ignore the boys as much as possible but it wasn't easy since he was reffing the game and was surrounded by them, some shirtless and looking oh so good. And worse of all he could smell them, their spicy pre-teen aroma and it made his head spin.

Jaden kept watching him and a couple of times he managed to bump into him on purpose and he was pretty sure he could see a growing lump in the young coach's sweats. He didn't know what was coming over him. He'd never really thought about older guys that much and except for the gay videos they watched online he'd never seen an older guy naked. He was curious about the new coaching intern and wondered what his chance were of seeing him naked or at least stripped down.

The hour passed quickly and since it was last hour most of the boys skipped the showers and just got dressed and headed out but not John and the twins. Grabbing their towels and clothes they headed for the showers and found a spot at the far end away from the other boys.

A few other boys hung around to shower, but at the moment Jaden had on interest in them. It was Mr. Danny Grey that was on his mind as he stripped off his gym shorts and jock and stepped beneath the shower spray.

"Did you see the way coach was checking us out?" Jaden said looking back to make sure he wasn't anywhere near.

"You're crazy," Aidan laughed, "he's way too hot to be checking out a bunch of kids like us."

"I don't know, I'm pretty hot," Jaden chuckled posing and showing off his biceps.

John giggled and placed a hand around his arm and oohed like a little girl causing them all to giggle.

"Yeah, you guys down there...cut the gay stuff...." some kid at the far end shouted causing everyone to laugh.

Little did the boys know that in the coach's office just on the other side of the wall Danny Grey was stroking is seven and a half cock as he listened to the boys, his ear pressed against the wall separating them. His sweats were pushed down to his knees but he'd kept his jock on and fished his cock out the side. He liked the way the jock gripped his balls and it always made him come harder. As he stroked he could almost picture what the boys looked like naked, hairless or with a sprinkling of hair on their pubic mounds, their hard boy cocks proudly waving as they giggled and played grab ass and suddenly his orgasm hit him and his knees went weak.

Rope after rope of hot sticky cum shot out of his engorged slit landing as far as three feet away on the black an white tiled floor. He fell back into the creaky desk chair and stuck his legs straight out in front of him as he milked the last bit of his pent up come from his cock then fell back breathing heavily and feeling a little guilty.

Eventually he grabbed a towel and cleaned up but just as he was about to attend to the mess on the floor there was a soft tap on the door. Panic gripped him as he threw the towel down on the floor in the general direction of the mess hoping to cover most of it then went to the door.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw it was one of the twins, but of course he had no way of telling them apart so he didn't know which one.

"Uh, hello. What can I do for you buddy?"

"Hi, I'm Jaden...remember me from uh...gym class?" Jaden said suddenly very nervous.

Danny laughed, "Yes...were you one of the captains?"

"Yes...uh sir. My brother is Aidan...we're twins in case you were wondering," Jaden said then blushed realizing how stupid that sounded. Of course he knew they were twins.

"Well, you both look very much alike, but somehow you seem a bit different than your brother."

"Yeah, well...I'm the bad boy and he's the good boy," Jaden chuckled feeling a bit better about things.

Danny laughed, "So bad boy, what can I do for you?"

"Can I come in? It's kind of personal."

"Well...sure...okay..maybe for a minute," The young man said nervously. He wasn't sure if it was such a good idea to be alone with a student, especially one as cute and sexy as Jaden, but he was curious to see what the boy was up to.

"Come on in, I was just..going over some things and putting some stuff away...."

Jaden stepped in and closed the door behind him and looked around curiously. There was a strange odor in the air and it took him a minute to figure out just what it was. Heaven knew he'd smelled enough of it to recognize the unique aroma of sperm, but he just wasn't expecting it. He noticed the towel on the floor next and though it covered most of the cum that Danny had splattered on the floor there was one gooey little puddle just at the edge. Jaden licked his lips and smiled. The hot new coach had spilled his baby makers on the floor probably dreaming about his sexy students, especially me, Jaden thought chuckling to himself. 

"So what was it you wanted to talk to me about?" The young coach said moving the towel with his foot to cover the tell tale spot on the floor. "I spilled my milk earlier," he said then blushed at the implication of that.

"Uh huh, yeah...I spill mine a lot too," Jaden said grinning.

The young coach was speechless and panicky. The kid know what he'd done somehow and if word got out he'd be ruined.

"So...umm..what was it you wanted?"

"Oh, that. and the guys got into a discussion about jocks...uh jock straps. Is it true if you don't wear one and you get hit in the nuts that you'll be sterile or something?"

"Well...I suppose it could happen, but mostly it's to protect you from the pain that could occur if you were hit in the testicles. That...umm part of a guy's body is pretty sensitive especially your age while things are...umm growing and all the changes are happening to your...umm body."

Jaden nodded, "Well...can you tell me if I'm wearing this thing right?" Jaden said suddenly unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down to reveal he was wearing only his dirty jock. He had donned it after his shower  and when Aidan and John questioned him about it he said he had a plan, but didn't elaborate.

Danny Grey's mouth fell open and the erection he'd just gotten rid of threatened to return. He licked his lips and tried not to stare, but the boy was just so beautiful and the bulge in his stained jock was enticing.

"Uh, well...yes...I'd say you chose the right size and it looks like it fits you well enough."

"Are you sure?" Jaden said turning around to expose his butt cheeks with the single white strap between them barely covering his boy hole.

"Oh..." Danny gasped causing Jaden to grin like a mad man, " looks fine...perfect really....."  he stammered.

"Okay, good...I was wondering...ummm coach,"  Jaden said turning back around with his pants still around his knees, "could I see how yours fits?"

"What? No, that wouldn't be a good idea...." he said nearly fainting.

"Aww....just us guys here. How am I ever gonna learn if not from a trusted adult?' Jaden whined.

"Well....what about your father?"

"Yeah, good luck there. He probably wouldn't even know how to put one on," Jaden lied. His father had been very helpful when he and Aidan had bought their first jock.

"I', not sure this would be proper...."

"I won't tell if that's what you're afraid of. It's not like I'm asking to see your um....penis or anything," Jaden said grinning lewdly. That was really what he wanted to see but he didn't think there was a snowball's chance in hell of that happening.

"Well..okay, but this is purely to student and it stays between us two."

"No problem..I got it," Jaden said surprised Danny had given up so easily.

Danny sighed and slowly lowered his sweat pants exposing his hard cock tenting his jizz stained jock. A few wispy hairs stuck up over the top of the jock and protruded out the leg holes and Jaden's eyes grew wide at the huge bulge in the center of it all.

"Wow,'re," Jaden said in wonder.

Danny smiled, "Not so big...a little over average I guess, but thanks."

"Can I?'ll say no...." Jaden frowned.

"What?" Danny wasn't going to make it easy for him, but he'd already decided what was next.

"See I pleasssse," Jaden said grinning.

Danny sighed and pretended to annoyed but he was really quite pleased at Jaden's interest in his manhood.

"Oh, I don't know....that's really stepping over the line...don't you think? I mean what if someone found out? I could be in a lot of trouble."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. So...we should just keep it between the two of us...right? Heck, I'll even show ya mine," Jaden said suddenly hauling out his 5 inch boycock. 

Danny's eyes went straight to it and he knew he had lost his battle. Slowly and almost teasingly he pushed his jock down and released his maleness as Jaden's eyes grew wider and wider with each inch of exposed skin.

"OH MY GOD, that is so awesome. Man, I hope mine is that big some day," Jaden said reaching out without asking and grabbing it and squeezing it gently, "It's still wet...from when you spooged earlier," Jaden said grinning.

"How did you....? Never mind...but most of it is pre-cum..from your handling it," he said breathlessly.

"Oh, should I stop?"  Jaden teased.

"No...." Danny sighed, "but fair is fair...." he said reaching down to grab Jaden's hard boycock.

It was his first boycock as an adult and the feel of it and the wonder of the whole situation moved him beyond words. He knew things would never be the same for him and he worried what that might mean, but for the moment all he knew was he wouldn't have traded this moment for anything in the world.

Fifteen minutes later Jaden emerged from the office and joined his brother and John. They gave him curious looks but he stared stone faced at them and didn't speak until they were outside the school.

"I think Mr. Grey is gonna be a good teacher...and coach," Jaden said grinning.

"Huh, what went on in there J?" John asked frowning.

"Nothing really, just guy talk. He knows a lot about sports and stuff." Jaden said evenly. This was one secret that he wasn't ready to share yet. Of course he'd tell Aidan since they didn't keep secrets from each other, but he wasn't sure John needed to know what went on in the coach's office.

Mrs. Reynolds was waiting out front in the pickup lane and the boys said goodbye to John who hurried off to catch the bus. Sometimes he rode with the twins, but today the boys had a dental appointment and they were going straight to the dentist's office.

On the way there the twins sat in back and chatted with their mom about their day and then turned to their phones and occupied their time checking messages and posting on social media. By the time they arrived at the dentist's office they were a little nervous but they tried not to show it. Doctor Hadley had been hinting that it might be time for the boys to get braces, but neither wanted them. Jaden thought they would make him look ugly and Aidan just didn't want the hassle and discomfort of them and so far they'd convinced their parents that they weren't necessary.

Jaden went first and when he rejoined his mother and twin in the waiting room he was smiling.

"No cavities and Doc Hadley says my teeth look great. With luck I can avoid braces altogether."

"Aidan....the doctor is ready for you now," the receptionist said smiling warmly. She thought the twins were cute and they were always very polite and mannerly around the office.

Aidan didn't fare quite as well, he had one cavity and needed a filling but Dr. Hadley said his teeth were sound and looked good and braces could wait a bit longer which was good news for both boys.

In the car the boys were bubbling over with good humor and couldn't wait to get home. As son as they were safely in their room Aidan plopped down on his bed and gave his brother a sly smile.

"So....what went on with the new coach?"

"Sure you wanna know?" Jaden said plopping down beside him.

"Well...yeah....I guess. I mean if there's trouble I want to know ahead of time."

"No trouble, at least not for us, but Coach Grey will never be the same," Jaden laughed.

"Oh didn't. Please tell me you didn't seduce the new coach."

Jaden shrugged, "What can I say. He took one look at my stuff and he couldn't refuse me."

"Oh man, please tell me you're kidding."

"Sorry little bro, I'm afraid not. Wanna  hear the details?"

Aidan rolled his eyes. Despite his concern he had to admit it was kind of exciting to think about the hot looking coach and Jaden doing stuff, "If I say no, you'd tell me anyway so go ahead."

"Well....I started out by asking him about my jock....." Jaden went on to tell the story of how he had managed to get Coach's sweats down and then about them handling each other's penis.

"After that it was easy. I just dropped to my knees and took that big ole slong in my hot slobbery mouth and he didn't last very long after that....tasted good too."

"Oh God! You blew the new gym teacher?" Jaden said pretending to be horrified, but his traitorous cock began to rise giving him away.

"And....he blew me. I could tell it was his first time...well at least with a stud like me, but he was pretty good at it."

"No way...and did he seem after it was all over?" Aidan asked feeling sorry for the coach all of a sudden. He knew how overbearing Jaden could be when he wanted something.

"Well...I think he's hooked on boy dick now. I hope he don't get into trouble because of it, but I told him he didn't have anything to worry about as far as I was concerned. I told him what happens in school stays in school," he laughed.

"God, you've ruined him for life. was it? Was it big? Did he come a lot?" Aidan asked absent-mindedly rubbing the front of his tented pants.

Jaden giggled, "It was great. I never thought about getting with an older guy before, but it's definitely fun. It was like 7" I guess and yeah...he came lots and it tasted awesome."

"Man Jaden I don't know if this was such a good idea..."

"Then why is your cock so hard?" Jaden said grabbing the front of his brother's pants, "Need some help with that?"

Aidan yelped but he didn't push his brother's hand away, "Are you still horny?" 

"Always, especially for you," Jaden growled, "Come on we got time before dinner."

It didn't take much coaxing to get Aidan's pants off and soon he was enjoying Jaden's warm wet mouth around his hard cock. Eventually they moved into a 69 position and Aidan started working on his brother's cock as well. It tasted different somehow and Aidan liked to think he was tasting the young coach's spit along with his brother's tasty cock.

They came almost simultaneously and very intensely and then just lay there holding each other's spent cock in their mouth. They might have laid there the rest of the afternoon if their mom hadn't knocked lightly on their door and called for them to come downstairs when they'd changed out of their school clothes.

The boys didn't just up or even hurry to get dressed. They knew neither of their parents would ever come into their room without their permission. As long as the boys could remember it had been that way and of course it applied to their parent's room as well. Maybe because of that the boys had never suffered the embarrassment of surprising their parents making whoopee.

They slipped on sweats but remained in their sock feet as they padded down the carpeted stairs and skidded to a stop in the living room where their mother was waiting for them. She looked serious and Aidan began to worry that somehow she had found out what Jaden and the new coach had done.

"Boys I understand there was a problem at school today."

"Uh, well..." Jaden stammered fearing the same thing Aidan was.

"John's mother called me," she said before Jaden could say anything to incriminate himself. "The school called her about what went on today in class. I just want you boys to know that those boys are being watched closely now, but if they start anything with John I want you boys to do what you can to help. I'm not saying get into a physical altercation, but sometimes their is strength in numbers and a fight can be avoided simply because of the odds."

"Don't worry mom, we'll watch out for him," Aidan said looking concerned. 

His mom noticed a certain gleam in Aidan's eyes lately when John's name was mentioned and she wondered if they were becoming more than friends. It didn't worry her, she and her husband had accepted that Aidan was probably gay and that Jaden was probably bisexual long ago. As progressive parents they had done a lot of research and had come to grips with their sons' probable sexuality and eventually embrace their differences though they had never voiced these feelings. They knew that boys  that age preferred to keep their private lives private and didn't need their parents embarrassing them even if they were accepting of their activities. They had also figured out that the twins had been experimenting sexually with each other for quite some time. Mr. Reynold had  grown up with two brothers and confessed to his wife that he and his brothers had done their share of experimenting and he didn't think it was anything to be concerned about. His wife agreed, though she hadn't had any sexual experience growing up she was nonetheless very open minded when it came to such things.

"Okay, I just want you boys to know that your father and I as well as many of the other parents are committed to stopping bullying. We're holding the principal and the teachers accountable for making sure it doesn't occur, but they need the students' help too. Don't think of it as snitching, or ratting out your fellow students, think of it as being a good citizen and helping those who can't defend themselves against these bullies."

"Yes ma am," Jaden said, "Guys like Jimmy should be expelled. They don't deserve to go to school with us."

"Well, I know it's hard to understand why some children behave that way, but we don't know what circumstances these children are living under. Your father and I try to give you boys a good home life and instill in you the kind of principals that will make you better persons, but not all kids have that sort of environment. I'm not saying we're perfect, but we do know right from wrong and I hope we have taught you that as well."

"You guys are the best," Aidan said looking very emotional, "and we know we're lucky, right Jaden?"

"Yeah, absolutely. We got the best rents in the world," Jaden said smiling brightly, "and we know not all kids are as lucky, but they have a choice to be a jerk or not no matter what. If Jimmy needs to talk someone why doesn't he just ask?"

"It's more complex than that I'm sure, but I would encourage both of you to try to reach out to him once he's back and see if you can help him."

Jaden looked like he's bit into a turd, but he conceded that maybe he and Aidan could at least try. 

"Well, dinner is going to be late. Your father is bringing home pizza so why don't  you boys do your homework while we're waiting."

"Okay mom, I don't have much. How bout you Aidan?"

"Not much, maybe thirty minutes worth."

The boys gave their mom a hug and bounced upstairs and once they were in their room Jaden addressed the issue their mother had brought up.

"Think there's any hope for Jimmy and his bunch?"

"I don't know. I mean there's some reason he's the way he is. Maybe his folks are jerks. Maybe they beat him or starve him or just treat him bad."

Jaden shrugged, "I guess we could sort of scope things out, sniff around a bit and find out what's up with him."

Aidan giggled. "Sniff at his butt?"

Jaden tackled him then and put his face in his brother's butt, "Yeah, I like sniffing butts...especially yours."

They wrestled for a bit then fell quite looking up at the ceiling and thinking their thoughts.

"Do you really think the kids at school would care if they knew...uh, that me and John were boyfriends?"

"Some of the jerks would give you a hard time, but most of the kids would be cool with it I guess. The girls would be on your side. They're weird like that. I guess they just think any kind of love is cool."

"I mean it's not like we want to go around telling everyone, but if Jimmy and his bunch figured us out then other kids might too."

"Yeah, well...most of em wouldn't say anything even if they knew. It's just the jerks you gotta worry about."

"I guess, but I worry about stuff like that sometimes."

"Hey, most of our friends know how you and I roll and they're cool with that.  Heck most of em have messed around with us too. So I guess we outnumber the jerks anyway. Don't worry so much. Just enjoy it while it lasts."

"Huh, why do you think it won't last?"

"'re 12 do you think this is the only boy you will ever love?" Jaden laughed.

"I...never thought about it before...but he's not the first anyway."

"Huh, then who?"

"Do I have to tell you?"

"Oh...yeah, me...right. I guess you're the first boy I ever loved then and maybe the only one," he said rolling over and giving his brother a kiss on the cheek, "but that's different. Now let's do our homework and later we can play some video games or watch some TV."

The homework took longer than expected partly because they kept stopping to talk to each other, but eventually they wrapped it up and went downstairs to see if their dad was home yet. They found their mom in the dining room sitting at the table with her laptop in front of her.

"No dad yet?"

"No, but he called. He's on his way. I called in the pizza and he's swinging by Pizza Hut to pick it up. Homework all finished."

"Yes ma am," Jaden said sliding into his chair across from his mom.

"What are you doing mom?" 

"Checking out my Facebook page, you know you boys aren't the only ones who use social media," she chuckled.

"Should we friend you mom?" Jaden teased.

"God no, I don't think I could stand to know all the things you boys are in to," she laughed.

"Or maybe you don't want us to see what you're in to."

She laughed, "Yes, I don't want word to get out that I'm into swapping recipes and child raising advice."

" you don't need any help raising us, but you might be able to help some other rents. Maybe you should friend Jimmy's parents," he cackled.

"If they even know what Facebook is," Aidan scoffed.

They were interrupted by the sound of the garage door opening the twins ran to meet their dad. He smiled when he saw them coming through the door and handed a pizza box to each of them when they got closer.

"Did you guys have a good day?"

"Great dad, how was yours?"

"The same old thing," he sighed, "but now I'm home safe and sound and surrounded by love."

"You got that right," Jaden said grinning, "and mom is lookin for some lovin."

Mr. Reynolds laughed, "Well...maybe I should skip the pizza then."

Aidan blushed. He wasn't as comfortable discussing this kind of thing as Jaden was. Quickly he changed the subject and found himself telling his dad about John's little problem with the bullies.

"Oh, that not good at all. Poor kid. Well, at least the school took care of it quickly. You boys weren't involved were you?"

"Involved in what?" Mrs. Reynolds said meeting them at the door and kissing her husband and receiving a quick hug.

"The bully thing. Hello love, how was your day?"

"Quiet but enjoyable. Maybe later you and I can talk about  this incident that took place at school today."

"Without us?" Jaden asked cocking his head like a curious puppy.

"'re welcome to join in at some point, but I want to talk to your father alone first."

"I was kidding mom. I don't need to hear any more about it."

Mrs. Reynolds laughed, "Just didn't want to be left out did you?"

Jaden shrugged as he piled his plate full of pizza. Of the two twins he ate the most and never gained an ounce thanks to being so active. He liked to tell Aidan that the sex kept him slim and trim and would have probably been surprised to find he wasn't wrong, that sex was good exercise and kept the body functioning well.

Over dinner they discussed their day omitting the incident with John, but Jaden did bring up the new coach.

"His name is Coach Grey and he's like 22 or something. He just graduated from college and he's gonna be teaching Algebra and helping with the coaching."

"That's good. It's nice to see some fresh young teachers joining the faculty. Some of the teachers there are about due for retirement," Mr. Reynolds said wiping his face with a napkin, "When I was in school it seemed like all the teachers were older than dirt. Then one day Ms Brown showed up to replace Mrs. Edwards in English and all that changed. She wore these little skirts and she loved alternative music...."

"Uh dad, does mom know about your affair with this teacher?" Jaden teased.

"What...oh no nothing like that. I was 16 that year she came to our school but that was the best year of my entire school career."

Mrs. Reynolds rolled her eyes, "She was a flirt dear, but she was a good teacher. I had her too...dear."

"Oh  yeah...right," Mr. Reynolds said grinning, "She taught us a lot."

Aidan laughed, "About what?"

"What?...oh...English and life and music," Mr. Reynolds said grinning.

Jaden thought about his dad being infatuated with a teacher and he could kind of get it. There was definitely something exciting about something as taboo as that and what he and Mr. Grey had done was eye opening in many ways.

After dinner they retired to the family room and watched some TV and eventually the boys got bored and went off to their room giving their parents time to have their talk. 

The twins showered together and slipped on boxer briefs and stretched out on their own beds and talked. 

"Think mom and dad know about me and John?"

"Maybe, it's hard to keep secrets from them you know. But they won't stress over it if they do. I think they have us pretty much figured out by now."

"Yeah, I guess...still it's sort of weird."

"Think how I feel. When dad started talking about that teacher I thought about Coach Grey and sort of felt weird myself. I mean I never really thought about older guys before I'm going to be paying a lot more attention to them."

"You think dad is hot? I mean not in a creepy way, but do you think other women besides mom think he's sexy?"

"Oh yeah, definitely. Dad is definitely hot, but so is mom. They make a great couple."

"Yeah, we're lucky to have such cool rents."

"Ever wish they'd  had more kids?" Jaden said wistfully.

"Sometimes. I mean it would have been cool to have a younger brother or sister to do our bidding," Aidan laughed.

"That sounds like something I would say," Jaden chuckled, "but at least I have you to do my bidding."

"I'm sort of tired. I think I'm gonna go to sleep now."

"Yeah, me too. Want me to come over there or do you want your space."

"Come over here of course," Aidan said smiling, "I don't like sleeping alone."

"Me either. Move over baby bro here I come."

       At school the next day things were back to normal though there was a still a little talk about the incident with Jimmy and John. At lunch the twins sat with John and a few of their buddies and the subject came up almost as soon as they sat down.

"I heard Jimmy's old man beat the crap out of him when he found out he's been suspended," Ronnie said excitedly.

"Where'd you hear that?" John said frowning.

"His older brother is friends with this kid's brother and that kid told me."

Jaden frowned, "You're crazy. No on really does that kind of stuff. It only happens in movies and stuff."

"Huh uh, his dad is a psycho. He treats his kids like crap," Andrew said.

"Maybe that's why Jimmy is mean," Aidan said frowning, "Maybe he's not nice to kids cause no one is nice to him."

Jaden shrugged, "'s hard to be nice to an a-hole."

"But we could try...."

"Yeah, I guess. Maybe...if he lets us."

"Anyway right now all we have to worry about his his two buddies and they aint much without him around."

"I don't think they'll try any crap after what happened to Jimmy. The teachers are watching them now. They take this stuff seriously. My mom says a lot of the other parents are putting pressure on the school to make sure this stuff doesn't happen again."

Aidan fell quite then and played with his Lunchable. Occasionally he'd glance over at John and smile, but John seemed caught up in his own thoughts. They both wondered what the others at the table would think if they knew what was going on between them. Would they side with Jimmy or accept them for who they were and try to understand? It was confusing and a little scary, but they couldn't change who they were or how they felt for one another so there was no need stressing over it.

"Hey, you guys want to come over after school," Ronnie said suddenly, "I got a rad new game."

"I can't," Andrew said frowning, "I'm grounded for the rest of the week for sassing my mom."

The boys laughed and Ronnie railed on him first, "Sassing your mom? Man that's lame. Haven't you figured out how to smooze the rents by now."

"Yeah, it's yes sir, yes ma am at our house and we got em eating out of our hands," Jaden laughed.

"I got a temper, that's all. I get mad too easy and my mouth gets me in trouble a lot."

"How about you guys?"

"I'm cool with it," John said looking at the twins hopefully.

"Yeah, we're up for it. Just gotta call mom and clear it with her, but it's no big deal."

"Cool, I gotta go use the shitter before class," he said standing up and grabbing his lunch tray, "see ya guys later."

"Gross," Jaden said making a face, "Wash your hands."

Ronnie giggled as  he walked away attracting the attention of Jimmy's two buddies, Buddy and Mike who were sitting at a table across the room. They sneered as he walked by and Buddy said below his breath, "You should watch who you hang out with Ronnie. The gay might rub off on you."

Ronnie stopped dead in  his tracks and gave the two a scathing look, but he knew he was no match for the two of them. He was unaware that across the room Jaden had been watching the whole time and though he couldn't hear what had been said he had a pretty good idea that it wasn't good.

"Come on guys, looks like Ronnie has a problem," Jaden said scooting back his chair.

John and Aidan looked in the direction Jaden was staring and nodded. They followed Jaden's lead right up to the table where Buddy and Mike had suddenly began to look nervous.

"You got a problem over here?" Jaden asked scowling at the two.

"Naw, we aint got no problem," Buddy said smugly.

"Ronnie, these two bothering you?"

"Naw it's cool. Let it go man, they aint worth it."

Jaden nodded but he gave the two the stink eye first, "If you have a problem with my friends then that means you have a problem with me. So watch what you say."

The two just sat there looking smug, but deep inside they were trembling with fear. It was one thing to mess with wimps like John and Ronnie, but they knew Jaden was a bad ass and the only way they could ever win against him was to get him alone and outnumbered.

The boys eventually left, Ronnie heading to the bathroom while the others went to their lockers to get their things for the next class. As they headed off to class their seemed to be a grey cloud hanging over them and they barely spoke to one another. 

John wasn't looking forward to the next class since he would be alone with Jimmy's two cronies, but he hoped after yesterday's incident that there wouldn't be any more trouble. He tried not to let his nervousness show but Aidan knew something was wrong.

"Don't worry John, they won't try anything now since Mr. Sullivan is on to them."

"Yeah, I know I just wish we had all our classes together."

Aidan smiled, "Me too...well see you next hour."


The hour passed without incident despite the fact that the two bullies kept giving John evil looks whenever they thought the teacher wasn't looking, however John never looked back so the looks were wasted on him. Next  hour John was glad to see the twins and they bumped about like puppies, giggling and cutting up while the two bullies watched with disgust.

"Look at the fags. It's so disgusting. I'm surprised they don't kiss or suck each other right here in the hall," Buddy said angrily.

"Yeah, fags.....and no one seems to care but us...." Mike said wondering why that was true.

"They'll get their's when Jimmy gets back. Come on I gotta pee before next hour."

The three boys took their seats and talked quietly until the teacher came in and told them to quieten down. The hour passed quickly and once again it was time for gym class.

As the boys filed into the gym Jaden looked around anxiously expecting to see the young coach Danny Grey, but was disappointed to see their old coach was back. He wondered if Coach Grey was as disappointed as he was, but decided that was silly.

They did fifteen minutes of warm up calisthenics then practiced tumbling, something all three boys liked. It was fun to roll and tumble on the mats and was more like playing than exercising. Toward the end of the hour they did some laps and stair climbs and then it was time to hit the shower.

The three boys were anxious to hit the shower so they could be alone and talk and as soon as they were under the spray Jaden began.

"I was hoping coach Grey would be here again," he said looking at Aidan with a gleam in his eye.

"I wonder if he's gonna sub anytime Coach Thompson is out?" John asked innocently.

"Probably, I heard he's teaching Algebra so we might have him next year when we hit 8th grade."

"Yeah, but Algebra is it won't be much fun," Jaden sighed.

"Hey, your dick is hard," John giggled pointing at Jaden's stiff rod, "you got a thing for coach Grey?"

"No, I'm just 12 and horny all the time," Jaden scowled, "I bet if I touched yours it would got hard too."

"Yeah, that's true. Hey can I hitch a ride with you guys today?"

"Sure, we'll molest you in the back of the van on the way  home," Jaden giggled.

"I'll save you John," Aidan giggled.

They finished rinsing off and grabbed their towels and dried off and got dressed. Most of the other boys were already gone by then but Coach Thompson was still in his office going over some paperwork. As the boys passed by they stopped at the open door and  told him goodbye and he looked up and waved and then went back to his paperwork.

As soon as the boys were gone he got up and closed the door and opened the cabinet set against one wall. Inside was the TV he used to watch the videos of the games but this time there was something more interesting that he wanted to watch.

Unknown to coach Grey and Jaden there was a hidden surveillance camera in the corner of the room. Coach Thompson had placed it there at the beginning of the school year on the off chance that some of his students might try sneaking into his office and commit mischief but he what he found when he reviewed the video upon his return was quite a shock.

He'd already viewed the video three times, twice as he jerked off into a sweat sock, but he wanted to see it one more time before going home. He'd been married for 15 years but these days he and his wife seldom had sex. These days he was lucky if he got a piece of pussy once a month and the rest of the time it was his hand or an occasional beejay from some fag he met on Craigslist.

Though straight he had to admit that most gay guys were much better at giving head then any woman and the way Danny Grey had gobbled down the Reynold's kid's cock made him go hard instantly. He wasn't much interested in the 12 year old though he could appreciate his well defined body, but the young coach was a different matter. As long as he had this video of the Danny Grey molesting a student he had leverage, but the question was how best to apply that leverage.

As he'd been thinking and viewing the video his 7 inches of fat hairy man meat had grown hard and fishing it out of his shorts he began to jack the loose skin. When he got to the part  where the young coach took Jaden's cock into his mouth he began to jack faster and when Jaden cried out signaling his coming, coach Thompson joined him spilling his thick sticky seed all over the tiled floor. 

When his breathing returned to normal he wiped himself on a towel and pulled up his shorts. Sitting down heavily in his chair he contemplated his next move. He felt a little guilty about what he had just done, but he convinced himself that it was the young coach that had gotten him so excited and not the twelve year old. Oh sure he'd heard rumors about the twins, but until that day he'd never really believed someone that young could have such a healthy sex drive.

He pulled the flash drive from the TV monitor and locked it in his desk drawer and straightened things up before heading out. He looked around one last time then switched off the lights and headed to the office to turn in his attendance sheets.

When he entered the office the first person he saw was the object of his recent lust. Young Danny Grey was talking with the registrar and when he saw Coach Thompson come in he swung around to greet  him.

"Hello Coach. How was class?"

"Great, thanks again for subbing for me yesterday. The boys seem to really like you," he said putting a bit of emphasis on like.

Danny squirmed a little thinking about what had gone on after class, but he was convinced that no one would ever know and he vowed it would never happen again. He had his whole life ahead of him and what he had done could not only end all that but wind  him up in prison for a very long time. 

"Well, they seem to be a good bunch of boys. Any time I can help I'll be glad too."

I bet, coach Thompson thought, especially if  you can get at Jaden's cock again. "Will do. Well just came by to drop off my paperwork. Good evening."

"You too."

Coach Thompson was whistling as he climbed into his car and headed home. "Yes sir Mr. Grey, I'll give you a chance at Jaden if you'll give me a chance with your pretty mouth and maybe....even your tight ass," he chuckled to himself. Yes this was going to be a good thing, a good thing for the both of them.

        Side by side on the bench seat in the back of the mini-van the boys laughed and played grab ass as they drove to John's house. Mrs. Reynolds didn't try to interfere or calm them down. She knew they were just being boys and that was fine as long as they didn't get too rowdy. She concentrated on the traffic and the radio which was spilling out her brand of easy listening music. The twins would have ordinarily asked her to change it to something more progressive but as long as they were busy with each other and John in the back  she knew they would just tune the music out.

When they dropped John off the twins moved forward to the captain's chairs in the second row and began to chat with their mom. 

"Can we go to Ronnie's house today? He has a cool new game...please, can we I did my homework already," Jaden pleaded.

"How about you Aidan, do you have any homework?"

"Maybe fifteen minutes worth, I can do it before we go if you want."

"I trust you to get it done, so can go. But I want you home by 7. I'll keep your supper warm."

"Thanks mom, you're the best."

They ditched their backpacks and changed then Mrs. Reynolds drove them to Ronnie's house. So far they were the only ones there, but John had called and said he was coming soon.

Up in Ronnie's room he already had the game set up and ready to go and he let the twins give it a try while they waited for John. About fifteen or twenty minutes later John arrived and Jaden gave up his controller and let John play with Aidan.

Jaden joined Ronnie on his bed and they watched the two play side by side their legs touching along the upper thigh.

"This game is rad," Jaden said leaning back on  his arms.

"Yeah, but it's hard."

"So am I," Jaden giggled glancing down at the tent in his pants.

"Man, is that....?" Ronnie said reaching over to flip the lump.

"Ouch, butt head. How would you like it if I did that to you?"

"Go ahead, I'm not hard so it won't hurt so much."

Jaden tackled Ronnie  and as they rolled around on the bed Jaden managed to get a good feel of Ronnie's dick and it didn't take long for it to become as hard as his own. Ronnie began to struggle less and for a while they just lay there rubbing each other's dick through their pants. 

Aidan glanced up to see why they had become so quiet and elbowed John, "They're making out," he giggled.

"We are not, we're just resting...and jerking each other," Jaden giggled, "Wanna join us?"

Aidan grinned at John and they paused the game and joined the boys on the bed. It was a tight fit but they managed to fit without falling off and soon the clothes began to come off. John and Aidan pretty much kept to themselves, but Jaden managed to get a good feel of him and John before they were done.

They ended up in two 69's and when they were finished they dressed as if nothing had happened and went back to the video game. Around seven Mrs. Reynolds showed up and they gave John a lift once again. As  he slid out of the seat John reached down and gave Aidan's hand a squeeze just as Mrs. Reynolds looked back. The boys didn't seem to notice that she'd seen this simple act of affection or if they did they didn't seem to care, but it just affirmed her belief that the two boys were closer than before.

Again the twins moved up to the second row of seats and talked with their mom as they drove home. Dinner was warmed up spaghetti and garlic bread and the boys ate quickly and while Aidan did his homework Jaden caught up on social media. 

Around 8:30 they showered and dressed for bed and joined their parents for a few minutes of family time in front of the TV. Mr. Reynolds gave the boys a hug and asked about their  day and after a few minutes the twins headed off to bed.

In their room the boys piled down in Jaden's bed this time and wrapped each other up in their arms. They didn't feel much like sex, but before the long the warmth of each other's body and the skin on skin contact had them hard and horny.

Once they were naked Aidan rolled onto his side and thrust his cute butt back toward his brother. Taking the hint Jaden lathered up his cock with spit and pushed into his brother's tight hot hole. He snaked an arm over his brother and found his hard cock and jacked it as he began to slowly move in and out in the dance as old as time itself. Before long his breathing became labored and he began to speed up. When he was close he doubled his efforts with this hand and soon Aidan cried out and began to come. His hole spasmed and clinched around his brother's hard cock and pushed him over the edge then and he began to spill his boy seed into his brother.

For a long time they just lay there as their breathing slowed  and they cooled off. Eventually Jaden's cock went soft and slipped out of his brother's hole and they cleaned up as well as they could and fell asleep snuggled up to one another. It seemed that no matter what else happened in their lives, this was still the perfect end to their day and both hoped it would be that way for a very long time to come.

End of Chapter Four

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