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The Reynold's Twins
by: Kewl Dad

Chapter 8
No good deed goes unpunished

On Monday the twins and John walked into the school looking for Jimmy but he was nowhere in sight. They were running late and the bell rang before they could look for him, but they figured they'd hook up with him eventually. In the class that John shared with Jimmy, John greeted him but only got a mumbled "hi" in return. 

John didn't think too much about it, after all everyone had a bad day once in a while, and he figured this was one of those days for Jimmy. But at lunch when he joined the twins he realized there was a problem right away when Jimmy wasn't there. And a few minutes later when Jimmy came in the lunch room door he took one look at Jimmy's face and a cold chill ran down his body.

"Hey Jimmy...over here," Jaden yelled when he saw Jimmy come in the door. 

Jimmy took one look at them and frowned. He didn't want to make a big scene in the cafeteria, but he certainly didn't want to sit with people who only pretended to be his friend. He was hungry and he hadn't brought any lunch, but he decided he rather be hungry than to sit with that bunch. Turning on his heel he went back through the door hoping they wouldn't come looking for him.

He went to the library and found a place in the back and pretended to be reading a book as he brooded over what to do next. The librarian gave him a curious look but as long as he didn't disturb anyone she had no problem with the boy even knowing that he was a bit of a trouble maker.

When the bell rang Jimmy got up slowly and went to his locker and grabbed his stuff and  hurried off to his next class. He knew he couldn't avoid them forever, but he just wasn't ready to face them yet. He made it through the rest of the afternoon, but last period was PE and he shared it with both the Twins and John. He considered going to the nurse's office and complaining that his arm hurt too bad to go to PE, but in the end he sucked it up and went to face the music.

As soon as Jimmy walked in Jaden hurried over to meet him and Jimmy groaned to himself. It used to be easy to think of mean things to say to Jaden and his bunch, but somehow the words wouldn't come. The hurt was too deep and he merely lowered his head and nodded his greeting.

"Where did you go at lunch? We saved a place for you like always."

"Uh, I had to go to the bathroom...real bad, and I didn't feel like eating after that."

"Oh, sorry. I hope you're feeling better. Come on, need any help getting dressed out?"

"I can do it myself!" Jimmy said angrily causing Jaden to repel with surprise, "I mean...I been practicing and I'm not helpless you know?"

"Okay, okay," Jaden said backing off and holding up his  hands, "Hey is something wrong? You seem kind of pissed off for some reason."

"I'm okay, I just don't feel like talking, that's all," Jimmy mumbled.

"Okay, that's cool, but we're you're friends and we care that's all."

"Huh, some friends," Jimmy mumbled.

Jaden frowned, "Something is wrong. Is it about the party? cause I swear man I had nothing to do with who Mark invited."

"What? No, who cares about that crap. Just give me some space...okay?" Jimmy said stomping off.

When he was gone Jaden joined his brother and John who were staring dumbly after witnessing the scene between the two.

"What's wrong with him?" Aidan said sounding worried.

"I dunno, but something is sure not right. I wonder if it's something about his dad. You don't suppose he got out on bail or something?"

"I don't think so. No, this is something else."

"Hey, John how was he in first period?"

"He didn't talk to me at all. But I did notice him whispering something to Mike and Buddy."

"Oh shit, those two again," Jaden groaned.

"You don't think he's back with those two again do you?"

"Who knows what those two said to him Jaden..we gotta' find out what's going on with him." Aidan said looking near tears.

"Not now, we don't want to start anything here. Later after school maybe."

Aidan nodded, but he had a feeling things weren't going to be easy when they did talk to Jimmy.

The hour passed without incident with the coach keeping the boys quite busy and there wasn't much time to visit anyway.   The boys skipped their usual shower since they knew Jimmy didn't shower because of his cast, and they were out front waiting for him by the time he got dressed.

Jimmy grabbed his books and  headed to  the bus stop hoping to avoid the three boys, but as soon as he stepped out the doors he knew that wasn't to be the case.

"Shit! What the fuck? Why can't they leave me alone?" He cursed as they headed toward him.

"Jimmy, hey man. What's going on man? I mean I know something's up. Can we just talk about it?" Jaden said gently. He couldn't really understand why it was suddenly so important that he make things right with Jimmy, but deep down inside he just knew it was.

"Leave me alone, okay? I've had it with you today. Why can't you just leave me alone? I'm sick of you and your brother and your faggy little friend."

Jaden recoiled from Jimmy's outburst but somehow he managed not to strike back. Before he would have ripped Jimmy a new asshole, but somehow he knew this wasn't Jimmy talking, that somehow Mike and Buddy were behind this, and he had to see if he could fix it.

"Look, it's just cause we're your friends now," Jaden said softly, "We really care about you. We know you're going through a lot of shit right now and we just want to help."

"Sure you do," Jimmy said through gritted teeth, "that's why you been spreading shit about and me and laughing at me behind my back."

Jaden felt as if he had been struck a physical blow. His gut hurt from the anger behind those words.

"I swear we wouldn't do that. Hey, I even told the other guys that we had your back now and if they messed with you they had to answer to us." Jaden said defensively.

"Sure you did, probably so you could save me for yourself. I bet they're all laughing about the whole thing right now," he said looking toward the bus where several boy had stopped to gawk.

"Jimmy, who told you anyone was laughing behind your back?" Aidan said speaking up at last.

"Yeah, was it Mike and Buddy?" John said quietly, "I saw you talking to them this morning."

"You shut up about them," Jimmy said stabbing his finger into John's chest to accentuate each word.

"Ow...stop. Why are you being so mean?" John whined.

"That's it," Jaden said angrily. He had tried to stay calm, but when Jimmy got physical that was just too much to handle, "Keep your hands off my friend. If you want to be a jackass that's on you. We've done everything we could to be your friends, to help you when no one else did...."

"Yeah, so you'd feel better about yourself I bet. Help the poor trailer park trash who's dad broke his arm. I bet you really enjoyed bragging to everyone how great you are. Well, I don't need friends like you. From now on just stay away from me...Got It?" Jimmy said then stomping off to the bus he flipped them off just before he climbed on board.

Jaden stood there in shock for a moment before pulling himself together. His anger was gone now and in it's place was a feeling of loss and sadness. It was all so confusing, he'd really started to like Jimmy and he thought Jimmy liked him too. Maybe he was the one who got tricked, he decided. Maybe Jimmy had played him, got him to show his weak side, and now he was showing his true colors.

"Come on bro, mom is here. Need a ride John?"

"Yeah, if it's okay. Man, I feel so bad about Jimmy, but we can't help him if he won't let us."

"We have to keep trying....." Aidan said quietly.

"No!" Jaden barked, "We're done with him. If he's too stupid to accept our help then let him go back to his old life."

"You don't mean that, you're just hurt because you were starting to like him...a lot."

"Shut up Aidan, I don't...I was just trying to help him, that's all," Jaden snapped then immediately apologized, "Sorry Bro, I didn't mean to sound like a douche."

"It's okay, I understand," Aidan said putting his arm around his brother's shoulders, "We'll figure something out. I know he doesn't really mean all that stuff. He's just so mixed up right now and those two idiots are filling his head full of crap."

"Yeah, maybe I should have a little talk with those two," Jaden said gritting his teeth.

"Maybe we all three should," Aidan suggested, "I don't want you to get crazy and beat them up or anything."

They arrived at the van and climbed in, this time all three in the back. Mrs. Reynolds didn't give much thought to the seating arrangement, but she did notice the boys seemed more somber than usual.

"Everything okay boys?"

The twins looked at each other and shared an unspoken thought, but it was Jaden who voiced it, "Nothing to worry about mom. We got it covered."

"Okay dear, you know I don't like to pry, but if you need help please come to me or your father."

"We promise mom," Aidan said smiling.

After dropping John off the boys rode in complete silence, a silence the unnerved their mother. She knew something was wrong and her mother's intuition told her it was serious. She also suspected that it might have something to do with Jimmy since he had been the cause of more than his share of drama lately. She would bide her time, but if she didn't see a marked improvement in her sons' disposition she felt duty bound to step in.

In their room the twins fell across their beds and busied themselves with their phones. Jaden had saved his texts with Jimmy and as he was re-reading them he was suddenly overcome with desire to message him. He moved on but kept coming back to that message thread over and over, then finally as his  heart beat fast in his chest and his hands shook, he tapped out a short message.

For a few seconds he sat there staring at the message and almost deleted it, then taking a deep breath he pushed the send button. Across the room Aidan was staring at him thoughtfully, but still hadn't spoken since their arrival.

A few more seconds went by and Jaden had given up on getting a reply when suddenly the phone alerted him to a new text. Aidan looked up from his own phone questioningly but Jaden's attention was focused on the display before him.

Hey Jimmy sorry about how things went today.

What do you want? Why can't you leave me alone?

Sorry but I can't just let this go. I really like you and I want to be your friend.

OMG dude, I'm not forget it

I didn't mean like that. Just forget it.

I will..don't text me again


Jaden threw his phone down and fell back on his bed and covered his eyes with his arm. He couldn't explain how he felt. He felt like crying but that was crazy. So what if Jimmy didn't want to be friends? Who needed him? Then why did he feel so rotten? Why did he fell like bawling like a little kid?

Sensing his twin's distress Aidan jumped up and walked over to his bed, "Scoot over bubba."

Jaden made room for his brother but he was too distraught to tell him what had happened, instead he handed Aidan his phone. After reading the texts Aidan sighed, "J.....this isn't like him, not the new Jimmy anyway. Something is wrong. We just have to find out what and meantime, take it slow."

"Not gonna take it at all," Jaden said gruffly, "if he doesn't want our friendship then screw him. He can go back to his old buddies and back to being a bully. But is he messes with anyone I know, he's dead meat....him and his buddies."

"You don't mean that J, just calm down. I know it hurts."

"Huh, why should it hurt? He's no one special," Jaden said but deep down inside he knew that wasn't exactly true.

"Jaden...I know you almost as good as I know myself. I know you were really starting to like Jimmy and he was starting to like you too. Something happened, but we can fix it, we just have to be careful."

"I don't care anymore," Jaden said rolling over to face the wall.

Aidan snuggled up behind him and they lay there for a long time, just sharing each other's warmth and softness. Pretty soon their breathing became slow and even and they slept until their dad called them to dinner. Rousing out of sleep they padded to the bathroom and peed and washed the sleep from their eyes. 

Jaden felt better, but there was still an ache deep within him that needed to be addressed. He knew Aidan was right, but he wasn't ready to admit that he had deeper feelings for Jimmy than just friendship. The kiss had been amazing and he had hoped that they could pursue things further and see where it went. 

"Jaden honey, aren't you hungry. You've barely touched your spaghetti. It's your favorite dear. Are you getting sick?"

"No mom, it's good," he said popping a meat ball into his mouth and chewing it with his mouth open causing Aidan to giggle.

"Chew with your mouth shut," Mrs. Reynolds scolded. She knew whatever was going on was serious if it was affecting Jaden's appetite, but if he wasn't ready to share his problems there wasn't much she could do about them.

At school the boys kept their distance from Jimmy and his buddies for the rest of the week, but it was difficult to watch Jimmy spiraling back into his old ways. They'd heard that Jimmy had begun to pick on a few of the weaker students again, mostly with Mike and Buddy's help, but so far the twins hadn't witnessed any of the occurrences.

Jaden was working on a plan however and that Friday he finally put it into effect. With John and Aidan's help he manage to catch up with Buddy and Mike while Jimmy was busy elsewhere. They'd skipped lunch and followed the two outside into the courtyard.

"Hey fucktards, we want to talk to you," Jaden growled at the two.

The two boys looked at each other warily but stood their grounds hoping Jimmy would come along to rescue them before things got out of hand.

"Whaaaat do you want Reynolds?" Mike managed to squeak out.

"Over here," Jaden said grabbing Mike by the shirt sleeve and dragging him into a nook away from prying eyes. 

Buddy considered bolting but taking one look at Aidan and John he thought better of it. He'd feared something like this would happen. Where was Jimmy? he thought looking around desperately as he allowed himself to be herded toward Mike and Jaden.

"Okay you two," Jaden growled as he pushed them against the wall, "What the fuck did you tell Jimmy?"

"Nothin' man, what's your problem," Mike whined, "hey better not touch me again or...or...I'll..."

"You'll what? Tell your momma?" Jaden laughed, "You won't tell anyone because you know you'd be in as much trouble as we would. or I'm gonna start kicking you in the nuts till your voice gets so high you can break glass with it. That is if you have any nuts."

"Stop pushing, I didn't do nuthin'." Mike whined, his eyes wide with fear. 

Raising his knee Jaden placed it right in Mike's crotch and applied a little pressure causing Mike to yelp, "Stop, stop...okay, okay....we sort of told him you were making fun of him behind his back and talking trash about him...that's all."

"That's all?" Aidan said angrily, "Why would you do that? Just because you want him to be as miserable as you are?"

Mike shrugged, "We didn't think he'd believe us. Did we Buddy?"

Buddy gave Jaden a scared rabbit look and nodded, "Yeah, it was just a joke, that's all."

Jaden grabbed both of them by the collar and pulled them up and stared into their fear-filled faces, "You are going to tell Jimmy the truth. You hear me, the truth, and we're going to be there when you do. Be here after school and don't even think about not showing up, I know where both of you live and if I have to come looking for you it won't be pretty."

Both nodded and then pulled away and ran off like toward the building. Jaden watched them go with a scowl on his face. He was shaking from the encounter and his heart was beating so hard he could feel the blood pumping through his ears.

"J..are you okay?" Aidan asked placing a hand on his brother's arm.

"Fine, come on let's get our books and get to class. I need to sit down."

By gym class Jaden had settled down but he was still nervous about what was going to happen after school. Even if the two showed up there was still the possibility that Jimmy might now believe them, or worse not care what was true and what wasn't. Well, all he could do was try and if it didn't work then at least he'd know he'd done everything he could.

He went through the motions in gym keeping a wary eye on Jimmy but averting his eyes each time he looked his way. After class they skipped their showers again and headed out front to wait for Jimmy. Mike and Buddy showed up first looking ready to flee at the first opportunity, but they knew it was useless. They had to face the music and they just hoped that Jimmy didn't do what Jaden had threatened when he found out the truth.

Eventually Jimmy came out of the building and when he saw the others he couldn't understand what was going on. Scowling he headed their way, prepared to defend his buddies if necessary.

"Hey Jimmy," Jaden said trying to sound calm, "We had an interesting talk with your buddies earlier today and they have something they'd like to tell you."

Jimmy gave the two the stink-eye and moved closer, "What's up. These guys messin' with you?"

"Uh, well..." Mike said giving Jaden a pleading look.  Hoping he'd at least help get things started.

"What and Buddy said about...about those guys," he said motioning toward the twins and John.

"What do you mean?" Jimmy asked feeling suddenly very foolish for listening to them to begin with.

"Well...we sort of lied about people talkin' behind your back. We just sort of made that stuff up so you'd hang around with us again," Mike admitted, sounding lonely and tragic, "We're real sorry...right Buddy?" causing the other boy to look down at his feet as he nodded.

Aidan felt a little sorry for the two, maybe what they just wanted the same thing everyone else did, good friends and a purpose in life.

"You did what?" Jimmy screamed raising his fists as if you strike them both.

"Whoa, calm down,"  Jaden said grabbing Jimmy's arm and holding him back, "if you hurt them you'll be in trouble again, and I don't want that."

Jimmy turned to stare at Jaden with sorrow-filled eyes. Nodding his head head he dropped his arms to his side and started moving quickly toward the bus stop. Looking back over his shoulder he shouted a warning to his two former buddies, "Don't ever talk to me again, stay out of my way or you'll be sorry, both of you."

Jaden watched him walk away with sadness. This hadn't gone quite like he'd planned. Now Jimmy was more hurt than ever but he knew it was to soon to try to talk to him now. Maybe later after he was over his feeling of betrayal, after he'd sorted out his feelings, but not now.

"Come on mom's waiting," Aidan said jogging Jaden out of his funk.

"As for you two, the same goes for us. Don't ever talk to us and if we ever see you messing with Jimmy or anyone we know you are dead meat," Jaden growled before stomping away.

The two watched the boys walk away then pulled themselves together and slunk off in the other direction. Today they would walk home rather than face Jimmy or anyone else on the bus.

Sliding into the front seat of his mom's van he gave his mom and little smile, "Hi mom, how was your day?"

"Not bad, how was yours? Did that little problem of yours get taken care of?"

"Sort of, maybe later we can talk about it...if you want."

Mrs. Reynolds smiled, "Absolutely dear, you know I'm always here for you."

Later at home as they sat eating their after school snack, Jaden decided to confide in his mom at last. He related the story with Aidan's help, omitting the cursing and threats of violence, but getting the point across nicely.

"Oh dear, I was afraid it was something to do with that boy. I was afraid he'd gone back to his old ways, but this is almost as bad. Those two boys...his old friends, they must've been jealous of Jimmy and his making new friends. I feel sorry for them."

"Mom, their f... I mean jerks," Jaden said almost slipping and using the word fucktard, "they're nothing without Jimmy and they couldn't keep terrorizing the other kids without him. That's all."

"Still, maybe those boys could use some good friends too."

"I guess, but I don't think I'm ready for that. Heck, Jimmy has been hard enough to figure out and...I'm still not sure where we stand with him."

"Why dear?"

"Well, this has to be pretty embarrassing for him, I mean...he must feel like a real chump. He didn't say much after he found out the truth. I guess I sort of hoped he'd apologize to us and know, everything would be cool again."

"Give him time. He was just betrayed by two people he trusted and that's going to take a little while to get over."

"But he has us. God, it's so confusing," Jaden said shaking his head, "I just hope he doesn't decide he can't trust anyone now."

"Then  you have to show him you can be trusted, but take it slow dear. Why don't you start by texting him, I know you kids use texting the way we old folks used to use talking on the phone," she chuckled, "I have to admit it's better in some ways, less intrusive  and more likely to get a response."

"Yeah, I'll try, but I don't have much hope. I'm really worried about him mom."

"You don't think.....that he'd try to harm himself do you?"

Jaden hadn't even considered that, but now that it had been brought up he added that to his list of worries. "Gosh mom, I hope not. Do you think he might...uh do something like that?"

"I don't know but, it might not be a bad idea to call his mother. Why don't you boys finish your snack and I'll go call her."

When she was gone Aidan hugged his brother and smiled, "It'll be okay, I just know it will."

Jaden sighed, "I hope so, I really do. I'm gonna' go change, you done yet?"

"Yeah, come on let's go."

Meanwhile Mrs. Reynolds had placed a call to Jimmy's mom and was filling her in on what had happened.

"I knew something was wrong, but Jimmy's not like your boys. He doesn't open to me like he used to. I know it's partly my fault, but we're working on it. I wish I could spend more time with him, but with work and all it's difficult to find time."

"Well, I think you're headed in the right direction. It will just take time. Mrs. Durro, I'm going to be blunt. The reason I called was because we were a little worried about Jimmy's reaction after all this. We just want to make sure he's safe and wouldn't do anything rash."

"You're not suggesting that he might...harm himself are you?" she said becoming worried herself, "I don't think so but, I'll certainly keep an eye on him. He's never done anything like that before, but his world has changed so much in the past few weeks, it's hard to say what he's thinking right now."

"I don't think you have anything to worry about, but I just wanted to make sure you were aware of what went on. My boys are very upset by all this and they care about Jimmy a lot."

"I know and I'm grateful for what they've done for him already. I knew something was wrong this last week because he stopped talking about them. Before that it was Jaden this and Jaden that."

"Yes, he and Jaden seemed to be hitting it off rather well. My boys have good hearts and they really do care.  They want to be Jimmy's friend again...if he'll let them."

"I'll talk to him if you think it will help."

"I'll leave that to you, you know  him better than I do."

They talked a few more minutes and Jimmy's mom assured Mrs. Reynolds that she would keep and eye on Jimmy and make sure things didn't get worse.

When she ended the call she went in to check on the boys but they'd already gone up to their room and she decided she could tell them about the call later. 

In their room the boys were discussing their plans for the weekend. "What's John doing this weekend?"

"He's going to his grandma's. He won't be back till Sunday night," Aidan said frowning.

"Well, I guess it's just us bro. Hey, wanna go skating tonight?"

"That sounds cool. I'm sure mom can drop us off and pick us up. Maybe we'll see someone we know there."

"Yeah, anyway it's a good way to meet new peeps."

"Uh....Jaden are you gonna text Jimmy?"

"I might, I haven't decided yet."

"Well, if you do....just keep it simple. Tell him we're sorry and we're here for him if he needs us or something like that."

"Yeah, I will," Jaden said starting to undress.

When they had changed out of their school clothes they went to find their mom and ask about skating. As expected she was all for it and they made their plans to go right after dinner. 

While Aidan helped their mom with dinner Jaden piled down in his dad's recliner and pulled out his phone. He stared at it for quite some time before finally opening the messaging app and pulling up Jimmy's address. Taking a deep breath he began tapping out a short message.

Hi...hope you're okay. really sorry about what happened, but I swear we're on your side

He pushed the send button and waited for what seemed like forever and when the message alert sounded he almost jumped out of his skin.

Staring at the message he relaxed a little as he read it.

Its okay. I'm so stupid.

No, you're not. I get it. I know they were your friends before us and you trusted them. you were a good friend to them, they just let you down, that's all.

I guess. Do you hate me now?

Jaden frowned.

No, I still like you a lot. I want to be your friend more than ever.

I'm not gay.

I know, I'm not either.


Jaden could almost see the confused look on Jimmy's face. He had to admit he was a little confused himself. Sure he like messing around with boys, but he'd always figured he'd move on to girls eventually. And until Jimmy came along he'd never really had any deep feeling for a boy, well except Aidan, but that was different.

So, are we good?

Yeah, but I just need some time..ok?

You bet. Too bad though. Aidan and I are going skating. Do you skate?

Sure, but not really feeling like it. Thanks anyway.

Ok, no prob. it ok if I text you later when we get back?


Ok, cool. Well...see ya.

Jaden turned off his phone and sat watching TV and thinking. Eventually Aidan came in an fell down beside him.

"Did you text Jimmy?"

"Yeah," Jaden said handing his phone to his brother as before.

Aidan scrolled through the messages then grinned, "He's hurting J, but he'll be okay."

"Yeah, we're cool," Jaden sighed.

"Then what's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing I guess."

"I think I know what it is, but until you're ready to talk about it, I'll keep my opinions to myself."

Jaden just shrugged. He was saved replying by the arrival of their dad and they jumped up to greet him.

"Double teamed," Mr. Reynolds chuckled as the boys grabbed his arms and tried to drag him down. 

They wrestled around for a while then Mr. Reynolds pulled free and went in to kiss his wife hello.

"Mmm...something smells good."

"It's a new recipe, but I think you boys will like it. The boys are going skating later, so we'll have a few hours alone...hint , hint." She giggled.

"Mom, we don't need to hear about your plans for sex later," Jaden teased. Truthfully he was glad his folks still messed around, it gave him hope that there was sex even old age.

"What? I just meant we could watch a movie or snuggle. You have a dirty mind."

"Speak for yourself woman. Me Tarzan, you Jane," he said attempting a Tarzan yell but failing miserably.

The boys laughed as  they watched their dad swoop up their mom and attempt to carry her off.

"Ow, my back. I better go change and take a hot shower," he said sitting her down again.

After supper, a delicious chicken dish that the boys devoured with enthusiasm, they hurried off to brush their teeth and grab their roller blades. 

"Mom we're ready to go," Jaden yelled from the front foyer.

"Your father is going to run you to the skating rink while I clean up in here."

At the skating rink Mr. Reynolds dropped them off and told them to be out front at 10 o'clock. Then handing Jaden a 20 dollar bill he added, "Share that and don't eat a lot of junk."

"We won't," Jaden said grinning, "just a little."

Friday night was the busiest night at Skate Land and the place was already packed, mostly with kids from the surrounding neighborhoods. Looking around the boys saw a few kids from school and a couple of kids from the neighborhood that were in other grades. 

A girl from their class named Amanda ran up with a younger black boy in tow and greeted them.

"Hi guys, where's John?"

"He's at his grandma's," John offered. It was pretty common knowledge that Aidan and John were besties and a few of the kids even suspected they were boyfriends but no one actually said it for fear of Jaden's reprisal.

"Oh, too bad. This is my brother Mica, he's adopted," she said introducing them to the dark haired boy beside her.

The twins looked him over as he smiled shyly. He was about a foot shorter than the twins and slender, but not skinny. His skin was the color of milk chocolate and he was very cute. His big dark eyes studied the twins intently as if he was begging for their approval.

"Hi Mica," Aidan said offering his fist to bump, "How long have you lived with the Saunders?"

"A long time, maybe five years," the boy said shyly. I was dopted' when I five."

"So you're ten?"

"Yes, my birfday was last month," he said excitedly, "I got a new bike for my birfday."

"Cool, hey wanna go skate with us for a while.? Is it okay Amanda?"

"Sure, he's a good skater. I'm gonna go talk to Sally and Brenda. I'll be around if you get tired of him."

"So where do you go to school?" Aidan asked as they walked over to the locker area so the boys could put on their roller blades.

"Washington," the boy said warming up to two more and more by the minute, "I'm in 5th grade."

"Cool, that's where Jaden and I went to school. Is Mrs. Haden still teaching 5th?"

"Uh huh, she's nice."

"Yeah, she was pretty cool."

"Hey, how come you both look the same?" Mica said finally noticing that the two twins were identical. 

"We're twins," Aidan giggled, "We used to swap places when we were in grade school and no one knew. Back then we even dressed alike, it was hilarious."

"You guys are nice," Mica said smiling, "I like you."

Jaden smiled, he was already feeling better.

They skated for an hour or so and the twins found out just how good a skater Mica actually was. When it time to skate backwards he skated rings around the two older boys and his gyrations to the music were very entertaining.

"He's cute," Jaden said nudging Aidan, "think he's discovered sex yet?"

"I doubt it J, not every boy starts sexing at that age," Aidan said rolling his eyes.

"Just saying, did you notice the bulge in his jeans?"

"J, you're awful."

The next song was couples only the boys decided to grab a soda while they waited for it to end. They offered to buy Mica one but he said he had his own money and bought a pickle and a lemonade. As they sat enjoying their refreshments they got to know each other better.

"So is Amanda good big sister?" Jaden asked.

"Yeah, she's cool...for a girl," he said making a face when he said the word "girl".

Jaden laughed, "Not into girls yet I guess?"

The boy shrugged, "They're okay. Do you guys have girlfriends?"

Jaden chuckled, "No, not yet."

"Oh," Mica said sucking on his pickle.

Jaden felt a stirring in his pants. The kid was sucking on that pickle like a porn star on a dick, he thought. No, he had to get his mind off sex, he was perving on ten year olds now.

"I need to go the bafroom, will you go with me guys?" Mica said giving them a sweet smile.

"You go with him J, I'll watch our stuff...okay?" Aidan said without giving it much thought.

"Sure come on bro, I gotta go too."

The skated to the bathroom and went on inside. There was no door to make it easier for the skaters but the urinals were hidden from view on behind the stalls which had locking doors. Jaden halfway expected Mica to go to one of the stalls, but when he skated up to the urinal trough Jaden joined him.

Trying not to be too obvious he checked out Mica's junk from the corner of his eye. The first surprise he got was that the boy was uncut, the second was that they boy was hung like a little pony. Even soft his cock was a good three inches and Jaden figured that hard it was at least 5", pretty big for a little ten-year old boy.

"Your thing is like mine," Mica said suddenly and when Jaden looked up the boy was staring at his boyhood.

"Yeah, but Aidan's is cut," Jaden said quickly and then he quickly explained what had happened when they were born.

"Oh too bad, I like my wiener skin," the boy said grinning and when Jaden glanced down he was working the skin slowly to demonstrate his love for it.

"Yeah, me too. But Aidan's is okay too."

"Do you two play hot dog games?"

"Huh, oh...yeah," Jaden laughed, "Ever since we were 8 or 9."

"Wish I had a brother to play hot dog games with. Me and my friend Donnie played hot dog games one time at a sleepover and it was fun."

"Yeah, it is. But you can have fun by yourself too. You know about that don't ya'?"

"Oh sure, yackin' off," he said cutely causing Jaden to giggle.

"Yeah, yackin' off."

"Wanna do it wiff me?" Mica said looking up and grinning.


"Yeah, if someone comes in we can quit."

"Well...okay," Jaden said looking down at Mica's hard prick. It had grown to full size now and was every bit as big as he'd imagined.

His own cock grew to full length as he watched the little black boy work his huge cock and it didn't take him long to catch up.

"'s big," Mica said eyeing Jaden's cock almost lustily, "Can I touch it?"

"Only if I can touch yours."

"Okay," he said releasing his own cock and grabbing Jaden's slightly larger one.

His hand was trembling as he reached over to grab Mica's cock and he was amazed at how good it felt in his hand. It was hard as a stick of wood yet squishy and smooth as silk.  And the feeling of Mica's small hand on his own cock was making his knees slowly  buckle .

"Feels good, don't it?"

"Uhhh...yeah. Do you know what cum is Mica?"

"Yeah, do you cum?"

"Yeah, so don't be scared when it starts to shoot."

"I won't. It will be fun to see." he said excitedly.

"Won't take long," Jaden said closing his eyes.

Despite being totally into the feeling Mica was giving  him he never missed a stroke as he worked the boy's  cock with enthusiasm. Since the younger boy wasn't quite old enough to shoot yet, he would have to rely on his body signals to know when he orgasmed, but  he'd had plenty of experience with that when he and Aidan were younger. He was getting close himself and from the way Mica was softly moaning and vibrating he knew he wasn't far behind.

"Ummm....I'm coming," Jaden grunted as the first splash of thin boy cum shot out and hit the back of the trough like urinal.

"Cool, wish mine did that," he said then tensing up he moaned softly, "Uh, uh..uh, ahhhh...yeah, that feels can let go now," he said relaxing.

Meanwhile Jaden's cock had gone dry and his cock was becoming a little sensitive as well. Gently pushing Mica's small  hand away he noticed a little cum had collected on it and on impulse he brought it to his mouth and licked it clean.

"Wicked," Mica giggled, "does it taste good?"

"Ummm...yummy," Jaden said grinning. The sound of someone coming in caused them to scramble to get their now shrinking cock puts away and they were just zipping up when a tall gangly teenage boy skated up beside them.

"Hey," the kid said hauling out his huge penis.

Jaden wanted to stay and watch, but he knew some older boys weren't as eager to play and  he skated away with Mica to the sinks to wash up before returning to the refreshment area.

"What took you so long?" Aidan said, but knowing Jaden like he did he had a pretty good idea what had kept them. He sniffed the air and could smell Jaden's cum and pheromones and  he knew for sure that he'd come recently.

"You know," Jaden giggled.

"We yacked off," Mica said without shame, "and Jaden can shoot cum."

Aidan was a little surprised at the boy's honesty and he looked around to make sure no one had overheard him before replying. "Shhh...don't tell everyone. It's okay to do that stuff, but some kids might tell and then you might get in trouble with an adult."

"Oh, yeah...sowry," Mica said lowering his head, "I wish I lived at your house. All I got is a sister and she's no fun."

"Well, maybe you can come visit us," Jaden said before he could think about the implications. He had connected with this little black boy and had enjoyed it so much that he wanted more. He could almost taste the boy's cock if he tried hard enough.

"Yeah, maybe," Aidan said giving his brother a curious look.

Amanda skated up about then with her girl posse and gave the three a hopeful look, "You guys still good. Is Mica getting on your nerves yet?"

"Naw, we're having fun. Don't worry about Mica, he can hang with us the rest of the night if you want," Jaden said quickly.

"Good, you okay Mica?"

"Yeah, Mandy, they're cool," he said grinning.

"Okay then, see ya later boys," she said skating off toward the floor.

They went back to the floor and skated till nine then took another break as they sat down on one of the benches in the rest area.

"Where do you guys live?"

Jaden told him which street and he frowned and gave them  his address, "Is that close to my house?"

"Your street is two streets over and three streets down I think," Aidan said trying to picture the exact address in his head, "Do you live by the park?"

"Yeah, across the street from it. I play there all the time."

"So do we, when it's warmer. We ride our bikes down there. Maybe we'll see ya' there sometime."

"Yeah, I hope so. My friend Donnie lives on the other side of the park. We play...." he looked around to make sure they were alone then added in a whisper, "hot dog games under the big slide."

"Cool, is he your age?"

"Huh, no he's 11, I think. His wiener is way small. He says mine is extra big," he giggled.

"It is big for a kid your age," Jaden assured him.

"I wouldn't know," Aidan chuckled, "but if Jaden says it's big I believe him.

"Wanna see?" Mica giggled.

"Maybe sometime, but not tonight," Aidan laughed.

At ten minutes till ten the DJ announced that it was time to clear the floor and get ready to go. Reluctantly the boys took off their roller blades and put their shoes back on. They joined up with Amanda near the door and said their goodbyes and Mica surprised the twins by giving them a quick hug.

Amanda rolled her eyes, "He's like that. He hugs everyone."

"See ya' later Mica, we had fun," Jaden said ignoring Amanda's diss.

"Bye Mica," Aidan said hugging the smaller boy back, "see ya sometime."

"Bye, I had fun. Thanks," the black boy said waving with both hands as the twins headed toward their mom's minivan.

Both their parents had come to pick them up, the father in the passenger seat and their mom driving.

"Hi boys, did you have fun?"

"Yeah mom  we made a new friend."

"Oh, tell me about it."

She listened with interest as they excitedly chattered on about Mica and when they were finished she smiled.

"I know the family, from PTA, the dad is a doctor and they adopted Mica from some African country. His parents were killed in some sort of military action."

"That's awful. He's a cool kid. He lives over by the park and we told him we might hang out sometime."

"That's nice boys. Dad and thought you might like some ice cream. How does that sound?"

"Yummy," the boys cried together then locked pinkies.

On Saturday the boys slept late and woke up to find it was raining outside.

"Oh yuck," Jaden moaned as the twins sit down to breakfast, "No playing outside today."

"I'm afraid not. The weather man says it's supposed to rain all day." Mrs. Reynolds said nodding.

"Mom, can we go to the mall or to  a movie or something?"

"Well, okay....later. I have some things to do first. What do you boys want for breakfast?"

They settled for waffles and microwaved bacon and ate slowly as their mother started her chores. Outside the rain was coming down harder now and the sky was so dark it looked more like evening than morning. The dreary weather had brought Jaden back down again and he was thinking of Jimmy again.

"Why don't you text Jimmy and see if he can go with us?" Aidan said as if reading his brother's mind.

"I guess I could. I could even pay his way in."

"Cool, gonna eat that bacon?"

"Naw, you can  have it. I'm gonna go take a dump," Jaden giggled, "I'll yell when I"m done and you can come wipe me."

"Gross, wipe your own ass," Aidan giggled as  he watched his twin depart.

He was lonely for John, but as long as he had Aidan he'd be fine. Rainy days and Mondays didn't bring him down very often and he felt happy and upbeat despite being separated from John for the weekend. He cleaned up their mess and washed the few dishes they'd dirtied up without being asked. When his mom breezed in and saw what he was doing she kissed the top of his head and gave him a pat on the shoulders. 

"You're a sweetheart. Where's your brother?"

"Pooping," Aidan giggled.

"Oh, well....I walked into that one didn't I?" she laughed.

By the time Aidan made it back to their room Jaden was there and texting Jimmy. He looked up after a few minutes and smiled. "I can't believe it, he said yes."

"Cool, what movie are we gonna see?"

"Dunno, I'll check the listings."

Around two o'clock Mrs. Reynolds drove them to Jimmy's and he came walking out slowly. The rain had let up a little but the day was still dreary and wet and there was a chill in  the air. As Jimmy climbed in the second row next to Jaden he muttered "hi" and thanked Mrs. Reynolds for picking him  up.

"You're welcome Jimmy." She had talked to Jimmy's mom and the phone to make sure everything was okay and she said she was glad Jimmy seemed to be bouncing back.

The movies theater was connected to the Mall and she dropped them off at the mall entrance. "Call me when the movie is over and one of us will come get you."

"Bye mom, see ya later."

The movie didn't begin till 3:30 so they wandered the mall for a while talking and checking out the stores that had things of interest. 

"Want to see if you can spend the night?" Jaden asked after a while. They were all getting along so well that it seemed like the next logical step.

Jimmy frowned, "I don't know. Where would I sleep?"

"In our room of course. Me and Aidan can sleep in my bed and you can have his bed."

"Yeah, that's what most of our friends do when they sleep over." Aidan offered.

Jimmy seemed to think about that for a minute, "Can I decide later?"

"Sure, no rush. Wanna go get our tickets now so we can get some good seats?"

The theater was busy, but the movie they wanted to see hadn't started seating yet. They bought their tickets and popcorn and drinks and waited till the first showing was over then rushed in as soon as they started seating again. They chose seats on the upper level near the center and settled down to wait for the movie. 

Most of the other patrons chose the lower seats and when the lights went down they were the only ones on their row. Behind them a teenage couple seemed to be more interested in each other than anything else and Jimmy kept turning to watch them.

"They'll probably disappear as soon as the movie starts," Jaden whispered, "down on the floor to do it."

"Lucky guy," Jimmy said grinning.

The previews began and the boys settled down and munched on their popcorn and sipped their sodas. When the movie began they became absorbed into it quickly. It was funny and relevant since it was about a group of junior high boys dealing with growing up and figuring out how they fit into things.

When the popcorn was gone the boys sat the empty containers in the floor and stretched out. In the process Jaden and Jimmy's arms bumped together on the shared arm rest but neither moved away. Jimmy's arm felt warn and solid and caused his skin to tingle a little where they touched. He felt a stirring in his pants and absent-mindedly adjusted himself drawing Jimmy's attention to his crotch.

Jimmy felt the same kind of tingling but it was more confusing than arousing. He couldn't understand his feelings toward Jaden. No one had ever made him feel this way, and even though he was pretty sure he was gay, it was still hard to accept that he was so attracted to Jaden, the boy he'd hated for so long.

Shifting again to get more comfortable Jaden's leg pressed against Jimmy's causing even  more sensations to rack their young bodies. Jimmy shivered at Jaden's touch and this time his cock responded and began to throb in it's tight warm place between his legs.

Their arms were touching from elbow to wrist, so close to holding hands, Jaden thought as his heart sped up. Daring to stretch his fingers a bit he felt the warmth of Jimmy's fingers. He stopped his movement and held his breath. He expected Jimmy to pull away and when he didn't he was encouraged to continue. 

Inch by inch he moved his fingers until his hand covered Jimmy's. He stopped for a moment still looking straight ahead as if nothing was happening. On the other side of Jimmy, Aidan surreptitiously watched as Jaden made his move and he smiled. They  were so cute together and he hoped they would soon figure things out and be together like he and John were.

Finally the moment of truth had come. This is it, he said taking a deep breath, and then in one bold move he entwined his fingers with Jimmy and joy of joys Jimmy not only didn't reject him, he helped him make it happen.

Looking over at Jimmy he smiled shyly and Jimmy smiled and blushed. Emboldened by Jimmy's acceptance of this intimacy he squeezed his hand gently and reveled in the feeling of warmth and softness. It wasn't sex, but it was pretty cool. Lately he had begun to accept that sex wasn't all there was to intimacy. Kissing and snuggling and hand holding were nice too and if they led to sex, that was great, but in themselves they were pretty special.

When the movie ended and the lights came up they slowly disengaged and and looked at each other sheepishly. Rather than fight the crowd they sat and waited till most of the other patrons had left before attempting to leave. In the meantime they talked about the movie, laughing about their favorite parts and cutting up like boys do.

"So...have you decided...about staying the night?"

"I guess it would be okay," Jimmy said thinking about how nice the hand holding had been, "I can call my mom and see if it's okay."

"Do it now," Jaden said excitedly.

Jimmy laughed softly and it was music to the twins' ears. He called his mom and as expected she approved. She knew the twins were a good influence and Jimmy would be safe and well supervised. It didn't hurt that she would have a night to herself and she was already making plans for a hot bubble bath, wine and a movie.

"She said no," Jimmy teased causing Jaden to frown, "Just kidding, she's glad to get rid of me for the night."

"Yeah, we'll have a blast. Come on let's get out of here."

After stopping at the DQ in the mall for ice cream they called Mrs. Reynolds and hung around out front until she showed up. 

"Guess what mom, Jimmy can spend the night," Jaden said happily.

"Well, that's great boys," she said smiling, "At least you won't be bored now."

"Can we order pizza for supper?"

"Sure, I could use a night off from cooking. Your father and I can relax and watch a movie while you boys keep each other entertained."

The boys played video games till it was time to call in the pizza then hung out in the family room while they waited for it to arrive. Mr. Reynolds watched the boys with interest and he noticed Jaden seemed to be especially attentive to Jimmy. Nothing really escaped him. He was a people watcher, always had been, and he could see the dynamics building between the two. He didn't quite understand it all, but he was sure something was going on.

"How is your mom Jimmy?"

"Just fine sir."

"That's great, I don't see her quite as often since she got promoted. She's doing a really good job."

"She really likes her job. Thanks for...uh, you know, helping her find that job."

"You're welcome...and Jimmy, I want you to know you're always welcome in our home, both of you for that matter."

Jimmy smiled, he envied the twins even more now that he had gotten to know their parents, "Thanks."

The pizza arrived and the boys filled their plates and grabbed sodas and headed back to the boys' room. 

"What's going on with Jimmy and Jaden?" Mr. Reynolds asked his wife when the boys were gone.

"Oh, I just think Jaden has made Jimmy his project. You know, he feels responsible for him and wants to make sure he stays on the right track. Why? What do you see?"

"Oh, nothing. They just seem to be really close all of a sudden. I've never really seen Jaden get that close to any one...except Aidan of course."

" you think he likes Jimmy as more than a friend? I hope not because I'm pretty sure Jimmy wouldn't be very open to that kind of relationship."

"It's hard to say what the boy might like. His father had it drilled into his head that gays were evil and sick, but now that he can think for himself he might not be so close minded. Anyway I'm pretty sure Jaden has things under control. I just hope he doesn't get hurt. He's more sensitive than he lets on."

"I know that, I saw how he  was moping around this last week."

"Yeah, well...nothing we can do but watch and wait and be there to pick up the pieces if it goes bad."

"I have faith in both of them, I thing things will be fine."

Upstairs the boys ate their pizza and watched music videos and talked. Jimmy seemed to be over his uneasiness and was bright and animated as they cut up and carried on like boys their age will do.

"I just thought of something," Jimmy said looking worried, "I don't have any clothes to change into. I don't have my sleep shorts either."

"We can loan you some clothes, but we just sleep in our underwear," Aidan said quickly. Truth was most nights they slept naked, except when they had a friend over.

"Oh, okay." 

"Hey, if you wanna take a shower you can go first, me and Aidan always shower together to save time." 

"Oh, well...I had a shower this morning."

'"That's cool. No pressure. We might skip our shower too. We don't smell too bad, do we Aidan?"

"I don't, I can't speak for you. You pooped this morning," he laughed.

"Oh yeah, forgot about that. Okay...okay, our shower is back on."

"I might take one too," Jimmy said remembering that he had pooped just before Jaden had texted him that morning.

"Okay, we'll do that as soon as we finish eating then we can hang out till we get sleepy."

When the pizza was gone Jaden dug up a pair of his underwear and shorts and added a tee shirt to it and handed it to Jimmy. There was something erotic about knowing Jimmy was going to wear a pair of his underwear and he shivered at the thought.

Leading Jimmy into their private bath he laid out towels and explained how the shower worked.

"Uh, there's soap and shampoo in those dispenser things and you can use the poof if you wanna, or a washcloth. Well...guess I'll see ya' when you get done....." Jaden said stalling as long as he could hoping Jimmy might at least take off his shirt in his presence.

"Okay, thanks...."

"Well..okay, going now....unless you need someone to wash your back," Jaden teased.

"I'm okay," Jimmy said blushing. He wasn't mad or upset, but he wasn't ready for that sort of thing yet.

"Okay, just offering. I like to take care of my guests," Jaden said grinning. 

When he was gone Jimmy undressed quickly and stepped in to shower in case Jaden decided to come back unexpectedly. The water felt good on his body and pretty soon his cock began to plump until it stood out at it's full 5" length. Moaning softly he reached down and squeezed it then grabbing the scratchy poof he soaped it up and began to lather up his pubic area. He moaned louder as the scratchy poof ran across his sensitive cock and he felt as if he could come soon if he kept that up.

Moving to the rest of his body, he began to lather it up taking perverse pleasure in knowing the poof he was using had been in contact with Jaden's body before. Then running it up his crack he smiled wickedly. It felt delicious rubbing against his virgin hole and when it was good and soapy he put his finger in it to make sure it was clean. He didn't know exactly why it was important that he be clean back there, but he reasoned it was just good hygiene and nothing special.

He passed on washing his hair since he'd washed it earlier when he'd showered and and quickly rinsed off before turning off the shower and stepping out. He grabbed a fluffy towel and began drying off,  enjoying the feel of the luxurious towel against his skin. The towels at his house were thin and scratchy, nothing like this, and it only added to his envy of the twins and their life.

When he was dry he donned the Under Armour briefs and was amazed at how good they felt. His own underwear were Fruit of the Loom and were dingy and ugly. Then realizing that these very underwear had been on Jaden's body before, cupping his balls and cock, he felt his own cock stir once again. He checked himself out in the full length mirror on the back of the door and smiled. 

In Jaden's underwear he looked sexy, not like himself at all, and he was tempted to skip the shorts and let the twins see the new Jimmy, the sexy Jimmy. But in the end he slipped the shorts and tee on before joining the twins.

"Hey, looking good," Jaden said encouragingly, "We're gonna go take our shower now, feel free to watch TV or play a game."

"Okay, sure. See ya' when you're done."

In the shower Aidan hugged Jaden, "I'm so proud of you."

"Huh, why?"

"Cause' of what you've done for Jimmy. He's so happy now and he really, really likes you J."

"I like him too, but it's no big deal," Jaden said blushing.

"Right. Well when you're ready to admit how you really feel...let me know."

"Okay, okay....I like him a lot, but it's all so confusing. I don't understand what's going on," Jaden said sighing.

"It's simple. Jimmy is your first crush."

Jaden thought about that for a minute. As usual Aidan seemed to have insight into the situation that he didn't.

"He's not gay," Jaden whined, "he told me he's not gay and I told him that was okay, cuase' I wasn't gay either."

"Well, what do you expect him to say? His own father told him that being gay was the worst thing anyone could ever be and that every boy who messed with another boy was going to hell. He doesn't know what's wrong and what's right, but I can tell you this, he likes you the same way you like him. I can see it in his eyes....and he kissed you...and I saw you two holding hands in the theater. Still think he's not gay?"

Jaden sighed again, "Imagine how confused he is if I'm this confused?"

"Well, you guys can figure it out if you just give it time and take it slow."

"So no jumping his bones tonight?" Jaden teased.

"Not unless he starts it," Jaden giggled.

They washed each other's bodies throughly paying special attention to their naughty parts and then helped each other dry off before dressing in underwear and nothing else. 

As soon as they walked into the bedroom Jimmy looked up and his eyes practically bugged out of his head. Not only were both the twins shirtless, but their sexy underwear left very little to the imagination.

"Uh, hi.." Jimmy said diverting his eyes, but the damage was done. His cock was already starting to plump.

"Whatcha' playin'?" Jaden sliding moving over to stand beside Jimmy who was sitting in the floor in front of the TV. This put Jaden's crotch at eye level with Jimmy's face and he nearly fainted as he turned to reply and saw the outline of Jaden's semi-hard cock beneath the fabric of his skimpy underwear.

"Uh....some racing game...uh, wanna play?" he said hoping Jaden would sit down and remove his crotch from his face before he lost control and buried his face in it.

Aidan watched with interest barely able to suppress a giggle when he saw what Jaden was up to. Talk about rubbing it in someone's face.

Jaden eventually slid down to sit beside Jimmy making sure that his leg was touching Jimmy's leg and that was almost as exciting as the view of Jaden's crotch had been. Unable to concentrate on the game for the warmth and softness of the boy next to him, Jimmy crashed and burned and threw down his controller.

"Sorry, did I make you wreck?" Jaden asked innocently.

"I'm not good at this stuff....I don't have a gave system at home, so I don't get much practice."

"Then you'll have to come over more often. Hey, wanna watch a movie?"

Jimmy decided that was safer than sitting here next to Jaden feeling his smooth soft warm leg against his, but boy was he wrong. Jaden insisted that the three of them lay on his bed and watch the movie side by side. Taking a place in the middle to make sure he'd be next to Jimmy, Jaden pulled up Netflix and scrolled through the list till he found a movie he thought they'd all enjoy.

"Turn off the lights," Jaden said to his brother and grab your pillow so we can prop up our heads.

Aidan obeyed, eager to help Jaden with his plan, and when he returned they settled in with their heads propped up on the pillows. Jaden made sure he and Jimmy shared his pillow and their heads were so close he could almost feel Jimmy's breath on his face.  

Their bodies touched all along one side and after a while Jaden began to swing his foot bumping against Jimmy's foot.  When Jimmy didn't pull away Jaden eventually spooned his soft warm foot under Jimmy's and kept it there. Their arms were folded across their stomach but after a while Jaden unfolded his and laid it on Jimmy's leg. 

Jimmy moaned inwardly and shivered a little beneath Jaden's touch. His brain was screaming for him to stop, but his body was crying for more. His heart was beating so fast he felt it might leap out of chest at any moment and his cock was so hard it hurt. Fortunately the shorts he'd slipped on managed to hide his erection to some degree but he knew if either twin looked close enough they could see it.

He had no idea what the movie was about as he stared at the screen, his body overwhelmed by the sensual overload being thrust upon him, but he had to admit he liked the feeling. His felt overwhelmmed by all this, but Jaden seemed calm and in charge. Little did he know that Jaden was just as confused and just as overwhelmed by the sensations. The only difference was that Jaden had experience that Jimmy lacked and when he wanted something he wasn't shy about pursuing it.

"You guys want a soda or some snacks?" Aidan asked after a while.

"Yeah, that would be cool. Need any help?" Jaden asked, but he knew what his brother was up to.

"Naw, I got it. You guys keep watching the movie, I'll be back in a few minutes." 

Aidan slipped on a pair of shorts and a tee before heading out, not because his parents disapproved of the boys running around in their underwear, but because he was cold and figured he'd be gone a while.

As soon as he was gone Jaden rolled his head over to face Jimmy and smiled. Turning his head to meet Jaden's gaze he smiled back shyly.

"I'm glad we're cool again and that you're spending the night," Jaden said softly.

"Me too," Jimmy said as his heart sped up even more.

Then before he knew what was happening Jaden was leaning in and he leaned in and suddenly their lips met. It was if he had been touched by a live wire. His whole body tingled as they kissed slowly and wetly, and when Jaden rolled onto his side and placed his arm over him he responded in like and soon they were crushed together front to front as they kissed.

Jimmy could feel Jaden's hard cock pressing into his own and the feeling was amazing. He moaned as Jaden began to grind against him, and the kiss got wetter and nastier. 

Then suddenly Jimmy pulled away, What is happening to me? He wondered. This is wrong, I've never been with anyone before. It's all moving way too fast. I can't do this....not yet. I'm not ready.

"I...I'm sorry," Jimmy said rolling over and sitting up, "I...can't do this....I...I've never...."

"It's okay, I'm sorry. I moved too fast. It's okay," Jaden said rubbing Jimmy's back soothingly, "I just like you so much, more than anyone I've ever met," Jaden said softly letting his feeling come out at last. He had never felt so vulnerable and if Jimmy rejected him at this point he just knew he'd never get over it.

"I like you too, but...I don't know what I'm doing...."

"It's okay, we'll take it slow. You liked it...right?"

Jimmy nodded, "I don't know what to do though. I've never been with anyone...."

Jaden laughed softly, "Well, I have enough experience for both of us, but I'll let you lead from now's that."

"Can we just watch the movie and maybe hold hands?" Jimmy said blushing.

"Yeah, that sounds great," Jaden said smiling.

When Aidan returned the two were laying side by side but barely touching, their joined hands laying between them as they watched the movie. In a way Jaden was glad the pressure was off as much as Jimmy was. It was a lot of work seducing a guy and he'd been almost as nervous as Jimmy. This way they could take it slow and when the time was right it would happen and they'd both be ready for it.

Aidan gave them a curious look but he was just glad they seemed to be getting along so well. He'd halfway expected them to be making out when he returned, but this was nice too. He liked holding hands a lot too, and he and John did a lot of hand holding. In some ways, kissing and holding hands were more intimate than sex was. Sex was more about getting your jollies, but the other two were more about showing how you felt about someone. And from the looks on their faces, Aidan was pretty sure their feeling for each other were pretty intense.

The boys feasted on chips and cookies and drank sodas as they watched the rest of the movie then took turns peeing and brushing their teeth. Jaden gave Jimmy a spare toothbrush and told him next time he stayed over it would be right there in the rack along with theirs. For some reason that touched Jimmy in a way nothing ever had. He was beginning to feel like he was part of the twin's lives and that made him feel very special.

They settled into bed, Aidan in his own bed leaving the two new lovers to share Jaden's bed, and Jimmy didn't seem to mind. In fact he was glad to sleep next to Jaden even if he wasn't quite ready for sex yet. They tried watching another movie but soon they were nodding off and Aidan turned the TV off and they settled into the dark quietness of their room.

Yawning Jaden rolled onto his side and kissed Jimmy on the cheek, "Goodnight."

"Night," Jimmy said blushing.

They settled down then and soon they were snoring softly. Jaden woke sometime later and discovered he was snuggled up to Jimmy's back side with his arm wrapped around the boy. He felt so warm and soft and wonderful and sighing he went right back to sleep.

Jimmy awoke next and when he felt Jaden snuggled up to him he smiled. He loved the feeling of being held and for the first time in his young life he felt happy and loved. He still wasn't sure if he was ready for sex yet, but he was getting there. He liked the kissing and the hand holding and the intimacy, he just didn't want to make a fool of himself by not knowing how to please Jaden.  Soon he drifted off to sleep and slept like a baby the rest of the night.

End of Chapter 8

Well, it took a little work, but they managed to get Jimmy back in the fold. Poor Jimmy is so conflicted right now though. He wants what Jaden has to offer, but he's afraid he'll embarrass himself with his lack of experience. He loves the intimacy, but he's not sure about the sex yet. Although Jaden doesn't usually back down when he goes after something, he likes and respects Jimmy enough to slow down and let him lead in this new and strange relationship.

Thanks for hanging in there and being patient. As usual I have more going on than I can handle and juggling two series is keeping me busy. Next I will add a chapter to Tween to Teen, the sequel to My 11th Summer. Voyagers, the series I'm collaborating on is up at Nifty and at Story Lovers. Nifty is one chapter behind however and my first chapter is not up there yet. However it is up at SL and includes pics. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Thanks once again for your support over the years and I value your emails and your input. Please address all emails to I promise to answer all of them in a timely fashion.

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Did God give some little boys dimples to make us love them even more?
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