This posting describes an intense sexual scene between a nineteen year-old and his eleven year-old brother. If you are offended by homosexuality, incest, and inter-generational relations, or if it is illegal for you to access or read such material wherever you are, please do not read any further. The sex in this story is important to the plot. The story is a fantasy. Please understand the difference between fantasy and acting on fantasies. The author does not condone the violation of any laws or the harming of children in any way! The setting of Springfield in the story does not refer to any actual city by that name, but is used as a generic name, which is often used in television and fiction.

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The Way We Are
by Montag

Chapter Two

Blaring guitars and someone screeching like a cat with it’s tail in an mixer woke me from a really nice dream in which I was lying naked with my sexy big brother.

You say you want a revolution, Well you know, We all want to change the world...”

I looked over beside me and saw that I was lying naked with my sexy big brother. He was sprawled on his back on the bed beside me, with one leg hanging off the bed and an arm thrown over his head. His dick was thick and long, but it wasn’t hard. It was lying like a big sausage over his hip. Even soft, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen; well, except for my brother’s face. Thad was the most beautiful person in the world, with his thick curly hair, his blue eyes, his boyish face, his puffy lips. Sound asleep, he looked like an angel. I wanted to cry, he was so beautiful. I thought back to the previous night and I couldn’t believe that my hero, my Thad had gotten naked with me and we’d done it! We did it! Together! With each other! And, we had kissed, really kissed, hard and deep and... well, really kissed.

I wanted to kiss him again. I wanted to touch him. I wanted to do it again.

You tell me that it’s evolution, Well, you know, We all want to change the world...”

Thad must have forgotten to turn the stereo off before we went to sleep. I carefully crawled off the bed, my morning boner, (man, I loved that word! It sounded so much hotter than ‟stiffy”), stiffly leading the way, and padded naked to the living room area and turned the stereo off before I walked into the bathroom and fought with my dick to get it down low enough that I could pee. When I was finished, my dick had gone down about halfway, but was still pointing outward and wagging back and forth as I walked back to the bed.

The sun was shining into the windows on the east and south sides of the room. A blue jay sat in the maple tree outside the south windows, squawking like some obnoxious bully. The sounds of the morning traffic on University Avenue came in through the windows on the north side of the room, but Thad was still passed out cold. It was so sexy to look at him sprawled naked across the bed. It was then that I noticed that his dick had moved a little.

I crawled up on the bed and sat cross-legged beside him and watched. His big, fat balls were hanging a little lower this morning than they had been last night and were lying against his thighs, but they were moving slightly. They were churning! And, his dick seemed to be getting thicker and then thinner and then thicker again. It was fascinating.

Slowly, I reached across and lay my hand gently atop the soft, thick red hair around the base of his dick. I loved feeling it. I looked down at my own stiff boner and the smooth skin above it. I wanted to have soft, thick red hair there, too. Then I remembered how, at one point last night, Thad kept running his fingers over the bare skin above my dick. It was almost like he liked it smooth, as if he liked the fact I didn’t have any hair there. I would have to ask him about it.

Meanwhile, I noticed that Thad’s dick had started to plump again. I wondered what he was dreaming about and, then, I had a wicked thought! I would play with Thad. I would make him have a sexy dream!

His dick had gotten thicker and it had started to move up his hip, but it stopped and started back down again. Carefully, I put my index finger on it, trying not to make it too noticeable and wake him up. I touched the thick red cone at the end and then ran it under the cone, over the really sensitive area inside that wide pink circle behind the cone. I ran my finger around in a circle and immediately, I felt his dick pulse and start to plump up again, only this time, it didn’t stop. It kept going, getting wider and thicker at the base and then spreading upward until it started sliding across his dick hair and then rising upward, thicker and harder until it was lifting up off his tummy and sticking up in the air as it pointed rigidly toward his chest.

I was feeling so sexy again. What was the word Thad had used last night? Horny? I guess I was feeling horny. I scooted over so my left hand could feel his dick and my right hand could rub my own, beat my own dick. Rapidly, I became so horny that I was no longer worried about waking him. I was feeling and rubbing and loving his hard boner with abandon and I rapidly jacked my own boner.


I looked up and Thad was watching me through sleepy eyes and smiling.

What a wonderful way to wake up,” he said softly.

I smiled and said, ‟You’re dick was so beautiful that I just had to rub it.”

It feels good,” he said softly, giving his beautiful smile. ‟I love the way your hands feel on my dick.”

I grinned proudly. No one ever spoke to me so nicely, with so much love, and the way Thad spoke to me made me so full of joy that I almost wanted to cry again.

I ran my hand over his balls, which had by now, pulled up tightly again against the base of his dick, marveling at how how big they were and how they felt like they were alive, moving around the way they were. And, then, I ran my hand up his dick again, feeling it throb and pulse against my hand. I loved it. I loved Thad’s big man dick.

Come here,” Thad said, holding his hands out toward me.

I grinned, knowing what he wanted. I let go of both our dicks and crawled up aside him. He rolled over on his side and we were facing each other, front to front. His arms wrapped around me and held me tightly as my legs wrapped around his bigger, stronger, thicker thighs. Our dicks poked stiffly into each other’s tummies as he gazed into my eyes, his lips just an inch from mine.

I love you, Chrissy,” he whispered.

I love you, Thad,” I replied, my heart so full I wanted to cry.

He leaned forward and our lips gently touched. He kissed my lips several times and then pressed down more firmly, pushing his tongue forward. I know we both had morning mouth, but I didn’t care and it was pretty clear he didn’t either. Thad took over my mouth with his tongue and loved my tongue, loved my lips, loved me. His hands gently slid over my bare skin, feeling me all over as he broke the kiss and then moved to my cheek and forehead and nose and throat.

I love you,” he kept whispering over and over.

I cried out as his lips touched my sensitive throat, and then cried out even louder as his tongue began to lick it. I wriggled around and he held me tightly as he loved my throat, moaning softly as his thick curls tickled my face.

Suddenly, he cried out, ‟Oh, crap!”

He was looking with horror at the alarm clock on the nightstand. It read 8:47.

In a panic, he jumped up from the bed and ran naked into the living room. As he began frantically to put on the clothes he had worn last night, I asked, ‟Thad, what’s wrong? What’s happening?”

I’m gonna be late for class!” he cried as he pulled his shirt over his head.

I looked at him as if he were crazy and said, ‟Thad, it’s summer. You don’t have class.”

Yes, I do!” he replied as he slipped his loafers on. ‟I’m taking a summer school class, Intro to Anthropology.”

Why?” I asked. ‟You got straight A’s this year.”

He ran to the dining room table and picked up a textbook and a spiral notebook.

You don’t just take summer school if you flunk something. You take it when you want to pick up extra credits. Look, I’ll be back after twelve. You stay here and don’t leave. Okay? When I get back, we’ll go to the sub shop and get some lunch and then I have to go see your mother. But, promise me you will not leave until I get back. Okay? Promise.”

I promise,” I replied. He ran over and kissed me on the lips and then hesitated.

God, you make it hard to leave,” he said.

Yeah,” I replied with a cheeky grin, ‟I can see how hard it is!”

He glanced down at the front of his shorts and grinned, too, as he said, ‟Brat,” and ran to the door. He called, ‟I love you,” as he ran out and closed the door behind him, leaving me alone on his bed, naked and hard.

I spent the morning naked, beating my boner and then napping and the waking up and beating off again. I took a shower as the time came close to noon and a few minutes later, I heard the unmistakable chugging of a Volkswagen as it pulled up on the side street under Thad’s east windows. A minute later, some keys jingled outside the door and Thad entered with his books. He grinned as he saw me sitting on the couch and reading a copy of Rolling Stone from the giant wooden spool coffee table (‟Janis Joplin: The Judy Garland of Rock?”).

Lucy, I’m home!” Thad yelled, imitating Ricky Ricardo.

I grinned and threw the magazine down before I ran to hug him at the door, the way I used to run to greet my Daddy at the door when he came home from the office every night.

You didn’t go anywhere, did you?” Thad asked after he kissed me.

No way,” I replied. ‟I promised you I wouldn’t.”

He smiled and kissed me again.

Cool. I need to take a quick shower and change clothes,” he said as he dropped his school stuff on the dining room table. ‟I smell like I’ve been having sex with some hot dude all night!”

I giggled and said, ‟Can I watch?”

If you do,” Thad said as he walked toward his closet and whipped his shirt off over his head, ‟we may never get out of here to go to lunch. Besides, I’ve got to see your mother this afternoon.”

He pulled off his shorts and stood naked before me with his half-hard dick arched outward in front of him, and said, ‟Which reminds me.”

He walked over to the painting of the naked teenager and pulled it off the easel and slipped it behind several canvases on the floor. He looked at me and asked, ‟Is there anything else around here that you think your mother shouldn’t see?”

Mother’s coming here?” I asked, suddenly feeling sick.

Thad shrugged and said, ‟Maybe. She might want to see where you’re going to be living.”

I stared at him dumbstruck and he chuckled.

Chrissy, would you like to live with me?”

I couldn’t respond for several seconds and then, in a complete state of confusion, asked, ‟How?”

Well, I’m nineteen now, as of last week and I’ve got a trust fund from my grandmother on my mom’s side and Dad’s attorney said he could send me a check from Dad’s estate and...”

But, what about Mother? She’s never going to let me live with you! She hates you!”

Thad smiled and said, ‟Oh, I have a few tricks up my sleeves.”

I raised an eyebrow and replied, ‟But, you’re naked. You don’t have any sleeves!”

Brat!” Thad yelled as he suddenly grabbed me and started tickling me. I screamed, ‟No! Stop!” in between laughs and cries as I struggled and writhed and twisted on the floor. Thad wouldn’t quit and I was getting desperate until he finally relented, sitting on my legs and gazing down at me with wild eyes.

Thad was hard as a rock by now, his rigid dick pointing outward over me. But, more surprising was that I was hard, too. Thad’s tickling had turned me on so bad I couldn’t see straight. Tickling! I couldn’t imagine it, but I was... horny!

He looked down at me and saw the rise in my shorts. He raised an eyebrow and said with surprise, ‟You got off on that! Oh, my God, Chrissy, you got off on that! You’re a bigger perv than I thought. We may have to explore this issue in greater depth... like when you least expect it!”

He looked fiendishly at me and held his hands out as if he were going to attack again as he gave a monstrous laugh. I screamed, ‟No!” and tried to get away, though not too hard. He chuckled and got up and walked, with his boner leading the way, to the bathroom. In seconds I heard the shower.

I followed him in and watched him through the translucent plastic shower curtain as he bathed. I pulled my shorts down and sat on the toilet to rub while I watched him and brought myself up to the Big Feeling just before he turned off the water. I grinned sheepishly as he pulled the curtain back and looked at me with surprise.

I couldn’t help it,” I muttered. ‟You’re just so sexy.”

Thad looked at me with the same hungry expression I had seen so often last night and this morning, his dick rising rapidly and plumping up until it was completely hard- boned up as he put it. Suddenly, he grabbed his dick and, as he stood naked and damp and hard in front of me, he started pumping on it really hard. I took my shirt off and pushed my shorts off the rest of the way, sitting on the toilet in front of him. I spread my legs wide and started rubbing myself. We both beat off gazing at each other.

It never took long for me to make the Big Feeling, unless I wanted it to, and Thad must have been really sexy because we both reached the Big Feeling pretty quickly and at the same time. Well, actually, Thad did it first and then me. Thad’s face scrunched up like he was in some serious pain and he started whispering, ‟Fuck, oh fuck, oh, my God, Chrissy, oh, fuck!”

And, then, his hips pushed forward and it was like he was aiming his dick right at me and... it started shooting that white, creamy stuff again, spurting it all over me, hitting me in the face and landing on my chest and tummy and legs and some, even on my dick while I was rubbing it so fast.

I never thought the stuff was gross. In fact, I thought it was pretty cool and exciting and that’s when I made the Big Feeling. With my legs spread out wide on the toilet, I leaned forward and whimpered and then cried out as my own Big Feeling hit me.

We both looked at each other with grins and Thad shook his head.

I don’t know if it’s going to be good for me to have you living here or not, Chrissy. You’re like a drug to me. I just can’t get enough of you! You are just so beautiful and sexy and cool!”

You are, too,” I replied breathlessly and grinning.

Then I looked down at the creamy stuff all over me and asked, ‟What is this stuff?”

It’s called ‘cum,’” Thad replied as he walked over to the sink. He started putting toothpaste on his brush and explained, ‟it’s also called sperm and semen. It’s the stuff that makes babies.”

What?” I asked incredulously.

Thad looked at me as he brushed his teeth and he raised an eyebrow.

Didn’t Dad have The Talk with you?”

I nodded and said, ‟Yeah. He told me that a cell from the man and a cell from the woman merge and make a new cell and that the new cell divides and divides and makes a zygote and a then a fetus and then a baby.”

Thad spit and then rinsed and then spit again.

Well, how do you think the cells get together?”

As he reached for his Right Guard and sprayed under his arms, I replied, ‟Well, I asked, but he kept getting around that. Well, Daddy had given me a microscope for my birthday a couple of years ago and we used to put die in the samples of water and stuff we’d look at so we could see them better and he said that the die was absorbed into the cells by osmosis. So when he didn’t tell me how the man cell and the woman cell got together, I just said, ‘Well, I guess its osmosis and... he started laughing like you are now.”

Thad was laughing and I felt like an idiot.

Hey, I’m not stupid,” I declared feeling hurt.

Oh, Little Dude, you aren’t stupid! Actually, that’s not a bad answer. It’s just that if you knew the real answer, you’d think it was funny, too.”

I frowned, not at all satisfied, and Thad leaned over to kiss me on the lips. In spite of my irritation, I smiled and he said, ‟Why don’t you jump in the shower and get cleaned off and then I’ll tell you while you get dressed.”

I did as he told me and when I emerged in the sleeping area, naked and damp, he explained, ‟Well, you know guys get hard when we’re feeling horny. Well women don’t have dicks, as you know. They have vaginas, or what we call pussies. Well, the man slides his dick inside the pussy and pushes it in and out and makes it feel good until he cums, or orgasms. That’s when he squirts his semen, his sperm inside the woman. Then the millions of little sperm cells in the semen swim up to the woman’s egg and fertilizes it and that’s how babies are made.”

Nuh, uh!” I declared firmly as I slipped my underwear on. ‟You’re just messing with me! How’s it really happen?”

Thad chuckled as he sat down on the bed, now fully dressed in a pair of blue Bermuda shorts and a plaid button-down sport shirt, once again with his penny-loafers and no socks.

I swear, Chrissy, I’m not pulling your leg. This is really how babies are made.”


I scrunched my face and said, ‟Daddy put his... his... you know, (I couldn’t say the words ‘Daddy’ and ‘dick’ in the same sentence), in Mommy’s... you know... and then squirted into her?”

Thad nodded and replied, ‟Yeah. At least four times. Once for you and once for each of the other kids, and from what I understand from my mom, he probably did it a lot more. Dad was a really nice, really conservative, really hard-working and responsible and dedicated man, but I understand he was um, well, he was really one for the ol’ razz-ma-tazz with the ladies!”

Oh, my God!” I cried. ‟That’s... Man, I don’t want to hear about Daddy doing that stuff!”

Thad laughed and said, ‟Little Dude, I told you, there’s nothing wrong with liking sex. Now, I doubt that Dad ever cheated on your mom. Dad wasn’t that kind of man. But, I’m guessing he inherited the Keaton sex drive from his dad, though probably not as much.”

He paused a moment and asked, ‟Chrissy, did Dad ever...”

Oh, my God!” I cried again. ‟No! Daddy would never do anything like that.”

Thad had a wistful look on his face and said, ‟Too bad. He never did with me, either. But, I think if he had, it probably would be really nice and beautiful and loving. Not like when Grandad did it or my stepdad.”

Actually, the thought of Daddy doing something like that had never occurred to me. Daddy was like... well, he was like God to me. Daddy was perfect. He was wise. He knew everything and... well, Daddy was... Daddy! That just wasn’t something I would ever connect with Daddy. Now, Grandad...

Suddenly, Thad stood up and said, ‟Okay. We need to get this show on the road. Come on, Little Dude. We’re going over to the sub shop and then you can hang in the bookstore downstairs while I go have a conflab with your crazy mother.”

I followed Thad down the stairs and out the front door onto the sidewalk along University. We stood in front of the bookstore and waited for an opening in the traffic before jaywalking across the street to the sub shop.

While I ate my turkey and Swiss and he ate his Super Italian Mega-sub, we chatted about the neighborhood and the various shops and bars and restaurants along ‟The Avenue.” I looked around and saw an eclectic mix of people in the shop, some with really long hair who looked like hippies, some who looked like businessmen, and some who looked like Thad, just ordinary college kids with slightly longer hair than I was allowed to wear. There was a sign on the wall for a protest against the war in Vietnam that night outside the library on campus. There was a band called ‟The Maniac Peaceniks” playing at someplace called Grouchy’s Grotto. And, another flier denounced ‟The Moon Landing Hoax.” It was all so strange and weird and stuff I had seen on TV before but hadn’t ever actually run into in real life.

Thad looked at me and asked, ‟Are you freaking out?”

I grinned and shook my head, replying, ‟No. I think it’s cool.”

A man with shaggy hair and a beard came up to Thad and they nodded.

Dude, you need salad?”

Yeah, Derek. I could use some,” Thad replied. ‟How much?”


Twenty?” Thad exclaimed quietly.

It’s hydroponic!” the hippy said. ‟This dude grows it in his basement scientifically. It’ll kick you on your ass!”

Thad thought a moment and then nodded.

I’ll bring it by tomorrow afternoon. How’s five?”

Thad nodded and the hippy left. I looked at Thad curiously and asked, ‟Man, this must really be a special salad. What all does he put in it?”

Thad grinned and said, ‟I, um, well... we’ll talk about it tomorrow night.”

I wanted to ask more about this special salad, but Thad got up at that moment. So, we threw away our trash and then jaywalked back across The Avenue to the bookstore and entered.

The air conditioning felt wonderful! Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto was playing in the background, (I recognized it from Daddy’s record collection), and the store was full of expensive wooden shelves and elegant leather chairs and antique side tables and lamps. A chubby man with strawberry hair and a bow tie was standing near a big desk with an adding machine on it and a brass lamp with a green-glass shade. He had a pair of reading glasses hanging on a gold chain around his neck. He smiled at me warmly and I got a really good feeling from him. He was talking to another man, also chubby, with blond hair, wearing a white short-sleeved shirt. They were both sipping something I figured was sherry from tiny glasses.

Thaddeus!” the first man cried as we approached. ‟Where have you been, my boy? I rent you the upstairs, hoping I can be blessed with the sight of your golden locks everyday and you just abandon me. I haven’t seen you in days! I am heartbroken.”

Thad grinned and said, ‟Well, Teddy, things have been a little complicated and they’re about to get more complicated.”

Ooh! How exciting! I love intrigue and suspense. What’s happening? You been recruited by the CIA? Or even better, the KGB? Or have you found a beautiful young thing that has smitten your heart and you’ve been lying naked in the grass lovingly plopping grapes into each other’s mouths and reading Keats? Yes, that must be it.”

In spite of my confusion and natural shyness, I giggled and the two men looked at me with what could only be described as adoring looks. Thad grinned more and replied, ‟Well, it’s sort of closer to the last.”

The men’s eyes opened wide with delight and with voices full of innuendo, the both said, ‟Oh, really?” as they looked at me with looks that seemed to imply whatever their voices were implying.

Down boys,” Thad said with a raised eyebrow, though still grinning. ‟This is my brother, Chrissy.”

I was pleased that he had introduced me as his brother and not his little brother. It gave me a feeling of equality, though ‟Little Brother” would have been nice, too, though I wasn’t sure why. It did surprise me, however, that he had called me ‟Chrissy” instead of Christopher or Chris. ‟Chrissy” was what The Vermin called me. It was what people who wanted to be mean and cruel called me, though it was also what Thad called me when he wanted to be nice and loving to me. No one ever introduced me as ‟Chrissy.” I thought it was a little strange.

Well! Chrissy,” the strawberry man whom Thad had called ‟Teddy” declared with enthusiasm, ‟I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled to meet you!”

Chrissy, this is Teddy Fischer. He owns the bookstore and the building, and...

I interupted with excitement and asked, ‟Are you the Teddy Fischer, the Teddy Fischer who wrote The Prince of Atlantis?”

Teddy beamed and held his head up high as he declared, ‟I am, indeed, the one and only Teddy Fischer.”

Oh, God, now you’ve got her started...” the other man declared dramatically with a grin.

That’s my favorite book in the whole world!” I declared with amazed enthusiasm. ‟I can’t believe this! Prince of Atlantis is the best book ever written!”

Teddy smiled warmly as his friend rolled his eyes indulgently. The blond man said, ‟Well, I wouldn’t say he’s Tolstoy, exactly...”

Shut up, Philistine,” Teddy replied with mock severity to the man. ‟I’m listening to my adoring public.”

The other man winked at me as Teddy continued, ‟Thank you very much, Chrissy, for those enthusiastic words. A writer is always gratified to know that his work has moved a reader. I’m so glad you liked it.”

It’s great,” I replied. ‟I love the way Prince Alex stands up for what he believes and won’t give in just because everyone else thinks something else.”

Teddy beamed and said, ‟You are exactly the kind of reader I was hoping to reach. You understood what I was saying. I could kiss you!”

Of course, there are a lot of people,” his friend said, ‟who think that thinking for yourself and not blindly accepting what everyone else thinks is subversive.”

Well, then I suppose I’m a subversive,” Teddy replied, holding his head up again.

What’s a subversive?” I asked.

Teddy looked at Thad and asked, ‟Would you like to define it, Thaddeus?”

Thad smiled and said, ‟A subversive subverts society or a country. He is someone whom the majority accuses of wanting to bring down the system. Usually, that’s not at all what they want to do. They just want to bring about an end to some injustice, but the sheep are always afraid of people who don’t conform, people who don’t think just like everyone else or say the right things or listen to the right music or read the right books and magazines.”

Just like in Prince of Atlantis!” I added.

Thad and Teddy both smiled and nodded.

Teddy’s friend then reached his hand out and said, ‟Well, if no one else is going to be polite enough to introduce me to his delightful little angel, then I shall have to. Chrissy, I’m Scott Fletcher and I am Teddy’s closest friend and the only person in the entire world who can pop his balloon when his ego is too... egotistical.”

Well put,” Teddy said dryly as I giggled and shook Scott’s hand.

Teddy, I um... I need to talk to you for a moment,” Thad said softly.

Scott stepped back and declared, ‟Teddy, it’s time for me waddle my ample butt out of here. I have an appointment with my voracious attorney and his sidekick, my treacherous accountant. Thaddy, it was a delight to gaze upon your boyish countenance again and a thrill to meet you precious brother. Chrissy, I hope we can have the pleasure of your wit and wisdom and beauty again.”

I giggled and smiled and when Scott had gone, Thad turned to me and said, ‟Chrissy, why don’t you look around. Get whatever turns your fancy and I’ll settle with Teddy when I get back. Okay?”

I nodded, feeling a return of my anxiety as I remembered, where Thad was going and why. I forced a smile and walked to the nearest shelf and perused the titles as Thad and Teddy spoke in muffled tones. A few minutes later, Thad came over to me and kissed me on the forehead.

I’ll be back after awhile. Don’t worry. I love you.”

I love you, too, Thad,” I replied as my stomach grew tight.

After he left, I found a giant book full of beautiful and colorful photographs of Paris and I took it over to one of the big leather chairs and opened it while Teddy chatted with a couple of wealthy ladies and other customers as they came in. It was awhile before he was free and came over to sit next to me as a slim young man with wire-rimmed glasses and wearing a long thin tie took over behind the desk. Teddy sat down in the chair beside me.

So, I hear you and Thad are very close.”

I nodded and replied fervently, ‟I love Thad. I love Thad more than anyone else on earth. He’s the coolest, smartest, nicest guy in the world.”

Teddy nodded and said, ‟Yes, he certainly is. I’ve known Thad since he was younger than you are and he is definitely one of the finest young men I know.”

He’s... he’s going to talk to my mother right now to see if I can stay with Thad and live with him.”

Teddy nodded and commented, ‟You seem worried. Are you afraid she won’t allow it?”

I looked down and nodded. Teddy reached over and placed a gentle hand on my arm. I felt an instant surge. His hand was soft and warm and felt so nice and I like Teddy so much. He was so nice looking and so gentle and kind and I couldn’t believe he was the author of my all-time favorite book.

Chrissy, I knew your father, too, and I’ve met you’re mother and... well, I understand why you would want to live with Thad, and, to be honest, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem for you to live with him.”

I looked up.

You know my mom.”

He nodded with a frown.

You know what she’s like.”

He nodded solemnly and said, ‟I think for an intelligent and sensitive and beautiful boy like you, living with someone as kind and compassionate as Thad would be the perfect situation. There’s no one who would be a better role model for a boy like you, Chrissy, than Thad.”

I smiled and nodded, but it seemed to me as if Teddy’s words had a deeper meaning. From the deep look in his eyes, I began to get the feeling that he knew about me, about The Problem. That was silly, of course, but then, I was getting the feeling that maybe Teddy was a sissy like me and so was Scott and maybe if they were sissies like me, maybe they were... what had Thad called it... sexually combustive, compulsive? Or whatever. Maybe they were the way we were. Maybe Teddy knew. Maybe Teddy was one of us. Maybe... maybe Teddy would like to cuddle.

I looked up and smiled at Teddy and felt my wiener, my dick suddenly stiffen up all the way in my shorts. We silently looked at each other and Teddy’s full lips, looking so much like Thad’s, smiled at me.

You like Thad a lot,” I whispered.

Teddy nodded and whispered, ‟He’s a very special and a very beautiful young man.”

You like him in a special way, don’t you?”

Teddy smiled and nodded.

Yes, I do. And, I think you do, too.”

I swallowed, feeling flushed all over, as my hands began to sweat profusely as I breathlessly nodded.

You’re very fortunate to have a brother like Thad to love you and teach you,” he said softly in a voice that was making be breathe so hard.

Suddenly, Teddy leaned over and kissed me on the forehead before sitting back in his chair. Just as suddenly, his mood changed and jovially asked, ‟So, you really liked Prince of Atlantis?”

Confused and surprised by the sudden turn, I looked around and then replied, ‟Um, yeah. Like, I said, it’s the best book I’ve ever read.”

Teddy nodded and said, ‟One of these days, when I have you and Thad over for dinner, I’ll show you something special. How would you like to see the original draft of the story?”

My eyes grew wide and I replied, ‟Really? The original?”

Teddy nodded and said, ‟Complete with all my notes and corrections and my editors’ comments.”

Oh, man, that would be way cool!” I declared.

Teddy chuckled and said, ‟I might even let you read the first draft of my sequel.”

My jaw dropped and I said, ‟The sequel? You’d let me read the sequel before it’s even been published?”

Teddy chuckled again and nodded, adding, ‟You’d be only the second person in the whole world to read it.”

Wow! Who’s the first?”

Teddy smiled and replied, ‟My grandson, Timothy.”

Oh, wow. That would be great! I would love to read it. Timothy is so lucky to be your grandson!”

Teddy chuckled and said, ‟I don’t think his stepmother shares your enthusiasm.”

At that moment, Thad entered the front door of the bookstore with a huge grin on his face. I set the book aside and jumped up, running to him and throwing my arms around him.

She said yes?” I cried.

I told you she would,” Thad replied with a huge grin and he hugged me back.

Why” I asked, thrilled that I got to live with Thad now, but hurt that it seemed to be so easy for Thad to persuade her.

Thad kissed me on the forehead and replied, ‟I’ll tell you about it sometime. Just don’t worry anymore. You’re going to live with me, now, and you don’t have to worry about all the craziness and yelling and screaming at home anymore.”

Thad kissed me on the lips and I closed my eyes, melting into him, until I realized we were standing in the front of Teddy’s bookstore. I broke away and looked around nervously. Thad chuckled and said, ‟It’s okay. The only person who saw us was Teddy and he’s not going to complain.”

Teddy chuckled and winked.

It was later that day, when Thad and I were walking back to his place from a diner down the street that my brother told me that Teddy would have some workmen come over the next week to build a bedroom for me.

But, I don’t want my own bedroom!” I objected. ‟I want to sleep with you!”

Thad chuckled and said, ‟I do, too, and you still can. But, you need to have your own place, someplace where you can go to be alone and have your own things. Besides, there may be times when I have someone over and I need a little privacy.”

I nodded, though I wasn’t sure if I was happy with the idea of Thad ‟needing privacy” with someone else. He grinned at my expression and added, ‟And, there may be times when you have someone over and you might need privacy.”

Oh. Yeah,” I replied, surprised at the idea, but immediately seeing his logic.

Besides, if your hateful mother ever does come over, we don’t want her to think that you and I are perving around with each other all the time, now, do we?”

I giggled and replied, ‟No.”

Speaking of which,” I added as he came to the door beside the bookstore, ‟can we perv around some more tonight?”

Thad looked back as he unlocked the door and we entered the hallway.

How about we love each other tonight?” he asked.

I smiled and nodded as we started up the stairs, replying, ‟That sounds even better.”

You know,” Thad said, ‟there’s two kinds of sex. Well, actually, there’s lots of kinds of sex, but for the point I want to make, there’s are two kinds: sport fucking and making love.”

I gasped and whispered, ‟Thad! You said the ‟f” word!”

Thad looked down at me and blushed a little as he said, ‟Sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

He was unlocking the apartment door as I said, ‟Oh, I don’t mind. It’s just that Daddy told me once that that was the worst word in the world and that you can never, ever say it, especially in front of a lady.”

Thad smiled and as we walked into the apartment, he replied, ‟Yeah, I know, but sometimes, I break the rules. Like when I get naked with my cute little brother whom I love more than anything and anyone on earth and kiss him and love him do all sorts of wicked and naughty things with him!”

I giggled and said, ‟Yeah, I guess so.”

Thad walked over to the stereo and turned it on down low as he changed the station. He stopped when he came to a station playing Andy Kim singing, Baby, I Love You.

I love this song!” I declared as I stood in the center of the floor and sort of danced around to the rhythm. Thad grinned as he turned on the air conditioner in one of the windows and started closing the others. I continued to dance to the song as Thad moved to the bedroom windows. When the song was over, a Pepsi commercial came on.

Taste that beats the others cold! Pepsi pours it on!”

I was in a dancing mood and as continued bopping to the music in the commercial, Thad came up behind me and suddenly grabbed me under the arms. I screamed in surprise as he threw me to the floor and started tickling me like crazy. I had rolled over on my back and desperately tried to shield my sides and my underarms as he relentlessly tickled me.

Stop it” I screamed between hysterical laughter. ‟Stop!”

You don’t really want me to stop,” Thad said as he hovered over me with a maniacal grin on his face. ‟I think you like to be tickled!”

No!” I screamed. ‟I hate it! Stop!”

Oh, no?” Thad teased as he tickled and tickled. ‟Then how come you’re little dickie is getting such a hard, stiff boney?”

It’s not!” I replied, starting to fear I might wet my shorts. ‟Stop!”

Oh, no, I don’t think I can stop. I want my little brother to be happy and I think getting tickled is what makes my little brother happy!”

He kept on tickling me and I was going insane. I could barely breathe as I laughed and cried and begged him to stop, yet I knew he was telling the truth. I could feel my dick was hard as a nail in my shorts and it was turning me on. I hated being tickled, but to be honest, I really was getting off on it. There was something about being so helpless and Thad hovering over me and being in control and...

My shirt was moving up my body and my tummy and chest were exposed by now. Thad kept tickling me and I was beginning to get light-headed as he just kept on and kept on and my dick was so hard and stiff and...

I made the Big Feeling! I could feel it along with the tickling. I screamed and bucked and twisted as he tickled and struggled and then...

He stopped and I lay there gasping and crying, my arms tight against my body to protect my underarms and sides and Thad sat above me with a strange, hungry smile on his face, watching me in amazement.

I don’t believe it,” he whispered in awe. ‟You came. You just came from me tickling you.”

You wouldn’t stop!” I gasped accusingly. ‟I was begging you to stop and you wouldn’t!”

But, you liked it,” Thad replied with a hint of uncertainty in his voice. ‟You came.”

No, I didn’t like it!” I yelled angrily, refusing to admit the truth. I knew he was right. I did like it, but for some reason, I just couldn’t admit it to Thad. ‟I told you to stop and you wouldn’t!”

Then, I said something I knew I shouldn’t. I don’t know why I said it. I suppose I was so angry at that moment and so embarrassed about the obvious truth that I couldn’t control myself. I looked at him furiously and declared, ‟You’re just like Grandad!”

Thad flinched as if I had just slapped him. He sat back with a shocked look on his face and seemed unable to reply for a moment. I immediately regretted what I had said, but I just couldn’t give in. I had to stay mad.

The look of regret and shame on my brother’s face broke my heart. He opened his mouth several times as if to speak, but said nothing. Finally, as I continued to glare at him, unable to soften my outside, even though I hated myself on the inside, Thad swallowed and whispered, ‟I’m sorry, Chrissy. I’m...I’m so sorry.”

My wall began slowly to crumble. My glare softened and I could feel tears forming in my eyes. Thad was looking down in shame and he mumbled, ‟I really thought you wanted me to tickle you. I’m... sorry.”

I sat up and threw my arms around my big brother and as I began to cry, I muttered, ‟I did. I did want you to tickle me. I was just too embarrassed to admit it. I guess I really am a pervert. I’m sorry, Thad. I love you.”

Thad wrapped his arms around me and sighed with relief. He held me tightly and whispered in my ear, ‟I love you, Chrissy. I love you. I never want to hurt you. Never. Ever. I would kill myself if I ever hurt you, sweet thing. I love you.”

We clung to each other for I don’t know how long, kissing and whispering into each other’s ears how much we loved each other. Eventually, Thad rose to his feel while still holding me, my arms and legs wrapped around him, and walked us over to the couch. He sat down and we began to kiss on the mouth, lightly at first, then with growing passion. It took several minutes, but Thad’s tongue finally pushed through my lips and I welcomed it into my mouth.

Once again, I’m not sure how long we made out on the couch. Thad’s tongue explored my mouth and loved my tongue, as I tried to push into his mouth, too. My hands ran all over his head, my fingers twining through his beautiful, lush curls. Finally, we broke our kiss and I pulled away from his face.

Wow,” I whispered. ‟That was awesome.”

Thad smiled and his eyes gleamed with love as he said, ‟You are so sweet and beautiful, Chrissy. I love you so much.”

So,” I asked with a cheeky grin, ‟was that sport-fucking or making love?”

Thad grinned as he replied, ‟That was making love. Sport-fucking is when a couple of guys want to get down and make each other feel good and have some fun. Making love is a whole different thing. That’s when two people love each other very much and...”

I planted my mouth on Thad’s again before he could finish and pushed my tongue into his mouth. He moaned and we were off again.

After awhile, we broke apart again and I rested my head on my brother’s shoulder as he held me. I could feel his warm breath on my neck and it made my dick throb.

Thad, is Teddy like us?”

How do you mean, Chrissy?”

I thought a moment and then replied, ‟Well, he and Scott act kind of like sissies. Does he like men instead of women?”

Oh, I would say that’s probably a ‘yes,’” Thad replied with a chuckle.

Does he like me?”

Oh, definitely. I could say he loves you. You see, Teddy not only likes men, he also likes boys, especially cute, sweet boys like you.”

I grinned and said, ‟I think he wants to do it with me.”

Thad chuckled and replied, ‟I think he does, too.”

Have you ever done it with him?

I raised my head and looked at Thad, who nodded and smiled and said, ‟Lot’s of times. I was younger than you are the first time I did it with him.”

My eyes grew wide with surprise as I asked, ‟Really?”

Thad nodded and said, ‟He’s a wonderful person to make love with. He’s so gentle and understanding and loving. You know, I like doing it with older guys because they take their time. Younger guys just get so horny and crazy and want to get off so fast. But, older guys... it’s like they’re savoring the experience, like a gourmet enjoying fine cooking or a wine expert enjoying an expensive French wine, and they’re much more interested in making you feel good than in them feeling good. And, Teddy’s like the best.”

Do you still do it with him?”

Thad nodded and said, ‟He makes me feel like a little boy again. I love it.”

I thought for a moment and asked, ‟Do you wish you were a little boy again?”

Thad nodded and said, ‟I’m like Peter Pan. I don’t ever want to grow up!”

I giggled and asked, ‟What do you and Teddy do?”

Thad looked dreamy and replied, ‟Oh, we snuggle and cuddle and kiss and he touches me everywhere and loves me so nice and kisses me all over and when he sucks me, it’s like the best feeling in the whole world. I’ve never known any man who can suck me the way Teddy does!”

He sucks you?” I asked confused.

Thad grinned and suddenly grasped me. As he stood up, holding me tightly, he said, ‟I think it’s time for little Chrissy to graduate from beating off to sucking.”

I couldn’t imagine what he meant, but I was trembling with excitement as he carried me to the bed. He lay me down and the front of his shorts was really tenting outward. Quickly, Thad stripped off and stood naked in front of me. With his hard dick pointing outward and upward, he leaned over and lovingly took my clothes off, leaving me naked on the bed with my boner pointing stiffly toward my face. Thad lay down next to me and we embraced again, front to front, our arms wrapped tightly around each other, our legs entwined, our stiff boners pressing tightly into each other’s tummies. Thad’s puffy lips came to mine again and we kissed softly for several minutes until he pushed his tongue into my mouth again. He rolled over on top of me again and I whimpered, feeling trapped and like Thad was in control again. I kind of wanted him to tickle me again.

Thad was moaning as he kissed me and his tongue roamed around my mouth. I tried to imagine Thad and Teddy together, Teddy loving Thad and treating him like a little boy. Thad was too much like my big brother for me to see him as a little boy, even though he sure looked a lot younger than nineteen. He was my big brother, my hero, and he was on top of me and he was heavy and I had trouble breathing and I couldn’t move and... I loved it.

Thad’s mouth moved to my right ear and I squealed as he breathed into it and then inserted his tongue. It tickled and my dick was throbbing up against Thad’s tummy as I tried to jerk my head away. Thad’s head wouldn’t let me move. His mouth was firmly loving my ear and I squirmed and twisted and whimpered as he whispered, ‟I love you, Chrissy. Am I making you feel good? Does that feel good, Little Dude?”

I could only whimper and whine as his tongue washed my ear and then explored my throat. He licked all up and down my throat, making me squeal more and sending massive chills all through me. I was sure I was going to make the Big Feeling- that I was going to cum, as Thad called it, if he kept this up. My head twisted around and Thad was almost growling as he kissed and licked all over my throat. Every once in awhile, he would mutter, ‟Oh, God,” while he was kissing and licking me, or ‟I love you, Chrissy.”

He moved down to my chest and I felt as if he was bathing me with his tongue, licking all over my thin chest and circling around my titties, though he didn’t touch them with his tongue... yet.

Suddenly he rose up and lifted my arms above my head. Holding them with his left hand, my underarms exposed, he looked down at me with a hunger greater than I had ever seen in his face. I was certain he was going to start tickling me again and it frightened me. I wanted to be tickled. I wanted it badly, but I was afraid!

With an animal-like growl, Thad’s mouth swooped down on my right underarm and I cried out as his tongue started licking. I cried and twisted and fought to free myself, even as I wanted to die from the ecstasy. It tickled worse than anything I had ever known, but it felt so good! He was crazily licking all over my underarms, all over my chest and...

Lightening bolts exploded all through my body. He started licking my titties! I had never imagined anything could feel so good! Never! It was magnificent! His tongue licked over the stiff, hard nubbins of my titties and then licked all under my arms and then up and down my ribs, then back to my titties again, first one and then the other. I was babbling incoherently, crying out, screaming, loving every wild, sexy, wonderful sensation of his tongue, Thad’s incredible tongue, licking me everywhere!

Then, he partially rolled off me, exposing my jumping, pulsing dick. I felt almost empty in a way. I wanted to feel Thad completely on top of me, making me feel trapped and completely under his control.

He was still holding my arms above my head and still wildly licking and kissing over over my underarms, my chest, my titties, my ribs, but now his right hand was sliding all over me, feeling me everywhere! It would slide down my sides and across my thighs and over my knees. He was feeling my knees! And, then it would slip inside my thighs and slide up in between my balls and my butt. That felt so good! Once again, as I had last night, I wanted his fingers to go to my butt. I didn’t know why, but it just seemed natural. Instead, he cupped my little boy balls as he licked my titties. I whimpered again and twisted around in delight. Thad was making me feel so good!

Mmm, Chrissy,” he breathed as he moved his mouth back to my ear. ‟Am I making you feel good? Are you feeling good, Chrissy?”

All I could do in response was whimper louder and writhe about under my brother’s body.

Mmm, my sweet little brother. I love you, Little Dude. I love you so much.”

He started licking my throat again as his hand moved up from my balls to my dick. I cried out again as the feelings in my throat and my dick collided in my brain and sent me into a writhing, twisting frenzy. He was gently fondling my dick at first and then began to seriously stroke it.

That was it. As he whispered sweetly into my ear, ‟Do it, sweetheart. Do it, Chrissy. It feels so good, Little Dude. Do it,” I crashed over the top and came. The spasms were too intense, the feelings too great. It was all overpowering. I thought I was going to pass out. In fact, I think I almost did because everything was so blurry for a bit until I finally came back down from the sexual high.

Thad was still going, however, and that was when he did the unthinkable. He slid down my body, releasing my wrists and leaving my ears, my throat, my underarms, and my titties unattended. His mouth roamed down my tummy, making it tremble and spasm as his tongue bathed my belly-button, and then headed further south. He licked his way down my abdomen toward my dick, but instead of going there, he slide a little to the left and licked the sensitive area between my thigh and my dick, over and over. I could feel the side of his tongue against one of my balls and I cried out again. He moved on, kissing and licking the smooth, sensitive skin inside my thigh. He moved down to my knee and lifted my leg into the air, licking inside my knee. Thad was sitting back on his feet, his knees spread wide as he held my leg up in the air. He bent it slightly and licked and kissed the bottom of my foot, taking each toe into his mouth. I twisted and cried and laughed. It tickled almost as much as his kissing and licking my underarms.

He set my right leg down and repeated on the left leg and foot what he had just done, and, once again, I jerked and cried and laughed. But, when he lay my left leg down and started back up toward my dick and balls, I knew what was going to happen. It was unbelievable, it was impossible. Yet, I knew it was going to happen, and the thought filled me shock and horror and lust.

I grabbed my dick with my right hand and started beating off as Thad’s mouth reached the inside of my left thigh, licking and kissing the sensitive skin., but his left hand pushed mine away and left my dick throbbing madly as it stood stiffly over my abdomen. His tongue reached the sensitive area between my balls and my left thigh and he suck and kissed and licked the skin, driving me insane. I grabbed my dick again and, again, he pushed my hand away.

And, then, it happened. Thad’s tongue slid over began to lick my balls.

I thrust my hips up into the air and yelled, ‟Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Yeah. Oh, Thad, lick my balls!”

Not only did he lick my balls, but he ran his tongue over and over again from the sensitive area between my butt and my balls up to my balls. Over and over, he licked, sending me close to insanity.

He was groaning, almost grunting as he licked. His right hand reached down between his legs and he started madly beating off as his lips opened and he sucked my balls into his mouth.

Oh, God!” I screamed, ‟suck my balls! Oh, God, Thad, oh, suck, suck, feels so good! Thad!”

His left hand began to feel my dick while he sucked and licked my balls. His mouth felt so warm and wet and good on my balls and his hand was squeezing and rubbing and twisting around on my boner and I was going crazy, writhing and squirming under his hot mouth and his skillful hand.

He was pounding away on his own boner as I reached down and held his face in my hands. I gazed at my beautiful big brother as he sucked my balls and fell so deeply in love with his sweet face and his gorgeous curls that I thought I should die right then because nothing else could ever match how beautiful and wonderful and sexy and hot this moment was. And, then, something else did match it. Something else exceeded even this.

Thad released my balls from his mouth and ran his hot, wet tongue up and over my rigid boy dick.

He kicked it like a lollipop, a lollipop that would keep him alive. He licked and kissed all over it, running up the rigid shaft from my balls to the sensitive area behind the cone, to the hard throbbing cone, licking, licking, licking as I babbled incoherently beneath him.

And, then he opened his full, thick lips and plunged down on it, taking it all the way into his mouth.

His mouth. His tongue slid down the shaft and enveloped it. His hot, wet mouth enveloped my rigid, throbbing boy boner and sucked it all the way down. He even took my balls. The tip of my dick entered his throat and he sucked my dick and balls all into his mouth. His throat was spasming around the end of my dick, making it go crazy. His tongue was sliding in and out, over my dick and balls. I could feel his spit seeping out between his lips all over my thighs and abdomen. I grabbed his thick dark reddish blond curls and fucked, yes fucked my hips upward, forcing my dick into his mouth.

I came. I screamed. I bucked and twisted and squirmed and writhed and screamed and cried and bucked and screamed and... passed out.

It must have been for only a moment because I soon realized my dick was still inside his mouth as my arms lay limp and lifeless beside me and Thad was madly pumping his big, teenage boner between his legs. He was moaning, whimpering as he beat off and sucked me. It was too sensitive and I fought to pull myself out of his mouth. That just made him moan even harder.

And, then, Thad grunted loudly and sperm began shooting out of his dick and all over my legs and the sheets beneath, seeping down his hand and dripping onto the bed.

Nnng! Nnng Nnng! Nnng!” he whimpered as he came.

And, when his explosion was over, Thad slowly pulled off my still hard dick and wearily sat up, gasping for breath as he gazed down at me with glazed eyes. He shook his head as he looked down at me and finally muttered, ‟Fuck, Chrissy. Jeez. My God.”

Thad” was all I could say.

He took a deep breath and fell forward and to the side, halfway covering my hot, sweaty, spermy body, sprawling across me, with his arm thrown across me and his leg across my legs. I couldn’t move and his face lay on the bed and inch from mine, his hot gasps flowing over my throat and face.

Mmm, Chrissy,” he whispered.

I love you, Thad.”

My God, I love you, Chrissy,” muttered before he slipped off to sleep.

I smiled and closed my eyes, unable to move, sweaty, hard, half-conscious, exhausted, and even more in love with my big brother.

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