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The story continues on:

The weeping boy.
- or how I became what I am today.


Chapter 10.
Is he the one?

So Thomas stood there, naked from the waist down, save from his socks. His hands by his side, giving me an unobstructed view to his groin. His cute little penis standing proudly erect like it was saluting me. I wanted it in my mouth, to bring pleasure to it and its owner. But I mentally grabbed myself by the neck and held back. I remembered all too well what had happened with both Casey and Henry. That they almost took advantage of me.

I didn’t want Thomas to do the same. I wanted as much, if not more, out of it as he would get.

If I suck you, can I stick mine in your ass?” No need to beat around the bush I figured.

 “Will it fit?”

Sure it will. You’ve taken bigger shits than my dick?”

We can try.”

Damn, I hadn’t really planned this. First of all, I never thought Thomas would actually let me fuck him, let alone him being back inside my room. Not after the ‘Teddy is a fag!’ stunt he pulled on me. But here he was. Pants off, smirk on his face. He only had to bend over and I could stick it in him. Only I knew I couldn’t. I didn’t have anything to lube up his ass in my room. I knew from my times with Henry that spit didn’t work. Well, it did, but not for long.

Certainly not long enough for what I had in mind. A long slow fuck, it would feel good for him, but even better for me. So, I had to leave the room. We were luckily home alone and Thomas had no problem with me slipping into the bathroom. He just sat on the bed, still half naked. I nearly ran to get the trusted Nivea cream and a roll of toilet paper, fearing that he would have gotten redressed and leaving before I got back.

Instead he was still on the bed, with his feet on the floor but otherwise lying on his back.

Come, lean over the desk,” I asked him and patted the top of it for emphasis.

He got up, and put his upper body on the desk where I usually did my homework. I mean, the few times when I actually did homework. Right beside my Amiga.

Reach back and spread your cheeks,” I was slicking up my index finger with the cream as I told him.

As he spread his cheeks I took in the sight of his small pink rosebud. As of now, still virgin territory, but in less than a minute it would be full of dick. My dick. I was so ready for this. I got down on my knees behind him, put my right hand on top of his butt as to hold him steady. My left index finger approached the little dot that was so obscenely on display for me. I gently pressed my finger at it and then ever so slowly into it. I felt the warmth from Thomas’ bum heating up the cool cream.

His hole was so tight, too tight really.

You gotta relax some.”

I’m trying.”

Push out a little. Like taking a crap. Don’t strain too hard.”

I felt the hole give way to my finger a little easier now. Hoping I wasn’t going to poke into a turd, I pressed slightly harder and by then my finger was about a centimeter inside. The nail had disappeared from sight for sure.

How you doing?”

Feels funny.”


At least he didn’t flat out tell me to get my finger out of his ass. I pulled it back a bit before building up a little pressure again. This time I stopped when the first joint got inside the rim. I could feel the strong muscle enclosing my finger. It gave a slight spasm, but Thomas made no sound nor did he move. I kept the finger inside, not moving, waiting for him to get used to what little I had inside of him. I really didn’t want this to hurt Thomas too much.

Not just for his sake, actually more for my own. I wanted to be able to do this again. My prick was so hard inside my pants it nearly hurt. After waiting for an eternity, I pushed in to the second joint. Ever so slowly I twisted my finger from side to side and up and down, trying to stretch his tight enclosure just a bit more. I could feel the tip of my finger had entered past the muscle and was inside the void of his rectum. Hot rectum. Moist rectum. Nice rectum.

Okay, ready for two fingers?”

Think so. It still feels funny.”

I knew he meant it felt weird, but he was still game, which was more important to me. I slipped out my finger, quickly sticking the tip of my middle finger into the hole before it had a chance of shutting me out. Placing my index underneath the middle finger, I pushed in some more. That’s when I realized a butt hole isn’t a true circle. It’s more like an oval, with the widest part being the vertical side. As I pushed in my two fingers, it was like I had hit a switch.

His butt hole suddenly relaxed and I was able to push in both fingers to the hilt in his hot hole.

Ooh,” he gasped.

Just a little more, then you’re ready for my dick.”


I struggled a bit to unbutton my pants, I’m a lefty, and unbuttoning stuff with my right hand is a trait I haven’t really mastered. Getting frustrated, but not wanting to remove my fingers from where they were, slowly rotating and pushing in and out of Thomas’ ass, I managed to push down my pants without undoing them. Underwear with them. Getting them under and past my knees was even more difficult as I was kneeling on them.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Pants and underwear off of one leg, I stood up behind Thomas. Grabbing a lot of cream with two fingers I smeared it all around on my dick head. Holding on to my dick I shuffled even closer to him, making sure my dick lined up properly to his ass hole. My fingers still fully embedded in his ass.

I’m gonna fuck you now.”

Do it!”

Making sure everything was still aligned I quickly slipped out my two fingers before using both hands to guide my dick, I forced the head inside and past the ring muscle. Jesus! What a feeling.

Ow!” Thomas protested to my stuffing his backside like this.

Sorry. Easier on you like this. Trust me,” it wasn’t easy to talk without moaning.

I kept my dick exactly where it was, moving my hips in sync with Thomas’.

It bloody hurts.”

Try to relax. It’ll be much better soon.”

Fuck!” He sounded like he was close to crying.

I massaged his butt cheeks while just enjoying the hot tight elastic band of muscle pulsing around my dick head. It felt like my dick head was being forced into another shape. Not hurtfully so, not to me at least. Thomas was still being cross with me. Wanting me to take my fucking cock out his ass. I didn’t though. I knew from firsthand experience if given enough time, your muscle will surrender. Only then you’re able to enjoy the sensation of being stuffed like a roast chicken. Or turkey, if you’d rather that.

One thing is to know this and being able to explain it in detail using words you’ve picked up during 35 years of living. It’s a whole different thing being thirteen, trying to convince your balls not to cum too soon. While having a wriggly thirteen years old boy in front of you, one you have your dick stuffed into. Try to explain to him that he’ll have the time of his life if he will just settle down and wait for the pain to disappear. I opted to just let him experience it for himself and held on to him like it meant life or death.

Slowly he stopped his little trashing about and his ass, although still mighty tight, was relenting its deadlock on my dick head. I gave him another full minute to come down before asking if he was okay.

I still think you’re a fuck head. Damn it hurt like hell.”

Does it still hurt?”

I feel like I’m taking the shit of my life.”

I giggled at that. I waited impatiently for another 30 seconds or so, then I pushed in more of my dick. Just an inch or so. And not in a jab, but increased the pressure just enough for it to slide slowly in.

Ow. Damn, there’s more of it?”

Sorry, only the head’s in now.”

Fuck, I thought you had all of it in me.”

Oh no, not yet.”


I hope not,” I giggled a bit more then withdrew until I felt the head was back at the muscle. I pushed back in, slipping a little more inside which resulted in a gasp from Thomas and a low moan from me. Still going slowly, but not really pausing at either end anymore, I started to fuck my dick in and out of him. The cream made squishy sounds, I guess I put too much on us. I don’t remember those sounds when Henry or Casey fucked me. It sounded really gross, but it was too nice a feeling for me to consider stopping, even if only for the briefest of moments.

I got into a nice steady rhythm that my dick really enjoyed and that I estimated would be best for the long fuck I had in mind when Thomas farted.


I do that too. Forget it.”

 “It doesn’t hurt so much now.”

I know. Like it?”

It’s not really super fantastic. But I’ll live.”

It feels pretty damn good to me.”

The desk is cutting into my hips.”

Sorry. We should do it in the bed next time.”


Did he just agree to be fucked another time? Oh my. Bingo! Out of curiosity I reached around his hip and sought out his dink. It was small and flaccid, like mine was when I got fucked. It quickly rose to the attention I gave it as I kept fucking his really nice ass. I didn’t exactly jack it off, that would have taken more of my attention than I was willing to give. Focusing on keeping my dick thrusting in and out in even strokes. I fondled and gently pinched his dink though as I kept fucking his asshole.

Can I finish in your butt?” Slowly approaching that point I thought it best to ask first. I wouldn’t mind pulling out and sliming his butt cheeks and back, but I’d rather just do it inside of him. To claim him as mine. Or whatever I was thinking. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say, ‘hey, that’s MY ass, I came in it as the first!’

Yeah, I don’t want your sperm all over me.”

I know, I know, always wear a rubber, that’s what they told us in grade 7. And you really should. But first of all, rubbers don’t work with oily cream. Second, Thomas was a virgin, and I hadn’t had sex with anyone that had sex with others than me. Well, I guess I didn’t really know about Tom, but fat chance of that. Third, I had tried wanking wearing a rubber I stole from my dad, and either rubbers were just too big or my dick was still too small. It didn’t fit me very well.

So the only real option was to just shoot off inside of Thomas. Which is just what I did after a couple more minutes of thrusting increasingly faster into him. I really slammed him quite hard in the end until just before I came. I couldn’t keep going it just felt overwhelmingly good. No beyond good. So when I did cum, I was moving in irregular thrusts, until finally I felt it start to pummel out my dick. That’s when I buried my dick all the way into Thomas’ ass, in turn pushing him firmly up against the desk.

My dick didn’t lose its hardness and I wasn’t in any state to pull out. Even thinking of moving my dick sent panic signals to my brain. If you move, you’ll surely die!

Are you done?” Thomas asked in a strained voice.

Yeah. Phew. That was great. Thanks.”

Get off me! Please. You’re crushing me.”


I carefully pulled my slowly wilting dick out of his by then even moister ass. I guess the proper wording would be cum slicked creamy asshole. I sat on the bed, letting myself fall back to relax a bit. Thomas sat down more gingerly, after having wiped his ass with the toilet paper.

Christ, you really messed me up back there.”

I know, fucking always seems so messy. But it’s so good,” I said, and after examining my dick, “And no crap,” I smiled at him.

No, but it sure felt like I was going to shit myself.”

I’m so happy you let me fuck you.”

It fucking hurt when you stuck your dick in.”

Sorry for not telling you. If I had you wouldn’t have let me do it.”

You’re right.”

Do you regret it?”

Don’t know.”

Want to do it again?”

Not now!”

Noooo, but another time?”

Maybe. Gonna suck me now?”

Yeah, alright.”

I rearranged myself so I lay perpendicular to his body with my head above his groin. His little morsel of a dink was sticking up, not really erect, but too little to be drooping like bigger dicks do when flaccid. I vacuumed it into my mouth, working the foreskin down in the process.

Fuck! That tickles like crazy.”

I uh huh’ed not letting go of his dick. It was quickly filling with blood making it stand like the little trooper it was. I opened my mouth wider and let his balls join in the party. Lashing my tongue all over the dick and balls Thomas nearly ended up in fits of laughter. He reached for my head with both hands trying to push me off, but I put my hands on top of his. I slowed down my tongue movement and spent time on his balls and he settled down somewhat.

Every now and then I let my tongue wander the distance from his balls to his dick. Traced the ridges around his head, licked at his frenulum and at the same time his pee slit. It was hard not to lick at both at once. I thoroughly enjoyed having this bite sized dick and balls in my mouth. If I had been between his legs, I could have held all of his genitalia in my mouth and you wouldn’t have been able to tell if he was boy or girl.

Knowing that Thomas would have to be on his way soon, I decided to stop toying with him. Even if both of us enjoyed it immensely we just didn’t have the time to do it slow that day. So I let his balls drop out of my mouth and firmed my lips up around his dick. Making quick short up and down movements with my head, while keeping my tongue firmly pressed against his dick head he shortly after gave a cute little squeal.

He pushed my head into his groin, effectively mashing my nose into the side of his pubic bone, blocking my airflow. He held my head tight there while he went through his dry cum. It was only 15 seconds or so later when I could move my head and look up into a sweetly blushing face smiling tiredly down at me.

I don’t know how I’m ever going to make it home,” he said.

Want me to ride with you?” I offered.

You’d do that?”

Sure, it’s only 4km. I’ll take my race bike.”

Ok, but don’t ride too fast. My butt is really sore.”

It should be, it had a visit by the monster I have in between my legs.”

We both giggled at that.

It is big,” he said. Well compared to his I suppose it was, “but nice.”

I like it. I like yours too.”

It’s so small it’s pathetic.”

Hey, it’ll grow big when it’s time.”

I wish it would start now.”

As we were having this conversation we were getting dressed. Thomas put his underwear, padded with some toilet paper, and pants back on. I got into my bicycle pants and vest. When we got into the garage, where mine and Tom’s bikes were, I noticed my helmet was on top of my saddle. I remembered the talk my dad had with me to always wear that stupid thing when I took out my race bike, even if it was only for practicing or exercising.

At that time, bicycle helmets were nothing like todays helmets. And they weren’t even mandatory for racing. Well for juniors they were, but not seniors. They weren’t even that safe, only made up by strips of leather, sometimes with metal inside the leather. I quickly moved the helmet over to a shelf, where it could rot for all I cared. I made a mental note of making sure to put it back on the saddle when I got back home.

My dad really wasn’t just being an overly careful parent. A car had actually hit me while I was riding on the sidewalk in the wrong direction of traffic. I fell off my bike, but only got a chafed knee and a bruised elbow. But the way my dad droned on and on about traffic safety and crap, you’d think I had almost gotten myself killed. Heck, I took worse when some idiot kid crashed into me in a sprint in one of the few races I’ve been in. But I was wearing the helmet back then.

So helmet-less but otherwise properly attired I escorted Thomas home. It was about 5PM, when I left his house after quickly seeing his room. Feeling really happy and excited, I decided to take a detour back home. I rode a route I knew was around 15-16km, and that I should be able to easily complete in less than 45 minutes. I knew I could do up to 50km/h on my bike, but that was of course mostly in sprints and no longer than maybe a kilometer. But to ride at 20km per hour for 45 minutes was easy peasy. It really was. At least on my race bike.

I got home without any accidents and put my bike in the garage, forgetting all about the helmet. I debated with myself if I should take a shower before dinner or take a bath after. I had worked up some sweat after the bike ride, probably also from the in and out action I had with Thomas. Just thinking back to that now, stills make me hard. It was the first time I had fucked someone. And not just a little. Thoroughly fucked.

Okay, when I think of the times with Casey and Henry, I can get hard too. But that first time Thomas let me fuck him was even more special to me. I ended up spending an hour and a half in the bathtub after dinner. I kept draining some of the water as it cooled and topped off with hot water. Yeah, I looked like a wet prune when I got out, but damned if I didn’t sleep great that night.


Chapter 11.
Vacation in Yugoslavia.

Mentioning looking like a prune, reminds me of one of the summer vacations we were on in the old Yugoslavia. I was only eleven years old then, so I’m jumping a bit back in time, please bear with me. It isn’t as if I’m telling you my story in chronologic order anyway. Back then I had only recently started sucking off Casey and getting sucked by him, remember? Well, picture this, you’ve been given this really awesome game. You play with it all of the time for about six weeks, getting to know a lot of the secrets to play it well.

Now as you’ve found out how to really play it, the game only gets more fun and exciting. Then your mom steals the game from you. Out of the blue and for no reason at all. She tells you that you can have it back three weeks later and to just go play with something else until then. What a letdown right? Well, that’s pretty much the way I felt, when I was told we were going to Pula for three weeks during that summer. I was actually taken out of school two weeks early, so I missed the end-of-year school play.

It did save me from making a fool of myself, as I had been picked out by my teacher to be some character in the play who did a silly song on viola. If there’s anything I don’t have any sense of it is music and singing. Well I can sing, but I can’t carry a tone. But other than missing the play, I couldn’t see anything thrilling about going away for three weeks. What was my poor dick to do? I just knew I would miss Casey terribly during all that time.

He wasn’t even there to wave me off, as we left in the middle of the night to drive to the ferry crossing between Denmark and Germany. I don’t even remember how I got in the car. I remember going to sleep in my bed and then I woke in the back of the car as the sun rose somewhere over the state of Holstein in Germany. I had even slept through the one hour long ferry ride. I was comfy though. The backseats had been turned down and both me and Tom lay with our legs in the boot of the car.

Tom was gently snoring on his side of the car, well if you ask me, he was getting dangerously close to my side, but I let him be just that time. I scooted my body more to the front of the car so I could sit up and look out the window. I was wearing underwear and a vest. I had stopped wearing anything at night, so now I knew I had been out cold when we left home. My parents had literally kidnapped me! That was worth a snigger or two.

I quickly decided the scenery wasn’t really worth watching, I mean if you’ve once had a look out the window while driving on a freeway, you’ve pretty much seen it all. Besides, I had more pressing issues at hand. More precisely my bladder was acutely sending distress signals to my brain. I looked over my shoulder to see if my mom was awake. Yeah, I was sitting up against the back of her seat, in my bed made up by some old foam mattress.

Can we stop?” I asked her.

Can you hold it for another 30 minutes?”

Sheesh, my bladder was full now. Almost at bursting point or so it felt like.

No. Gotta go now. Right now!”

How far is the next stop over?” She asked my dad. Yeah, you didn’t think she’d ask me that right?

We just passed the last one. The next one is where we’re going to have breakfast.”

I gotta go now! I’ll piss all over the car,” I was getting desperate.

Teddy! Language,” my dad said.

Sorry, but it is really urgent.”

So my dad did a cool and very illegal stunt. He pulled over on the hard shoulder of the freeway and I darted out the car wearing only underwear and that silly little boy’s vest. I scaled the crash barriers and right on the other side of them I pulled out my dick and let go of a strong stream of darkish yellow pee. Normally I was really pee shy, but right then I’d forgotten all about that. The stream eventually slowed and I shook my dick a few times.

Back in the car we drove on to the stop over where our usual breakfast place was. Standing in the open door of the car getting dressed was nothing out of the ordinary for us boys. Well, it didn’t use to be anyway. Tom got dressed inside of the car, even if it was a lot harder than to just step outside and get your clothes on where you could stretch your arms and legs. I got dressed a lot quicker than him and we all had to wait for him to get done.

After breakfast and back in the car I tried closing my eyes to see if I could nod off. That only made my thoughts wander and Casey kept popping into them. Mostly the memories of how his mouth felt on my dick. So now I was sitting in the back seat of a slow moving car on the German freeway, feeling horny and couldn’t do much anything about it. I found the duvet I had over me during the night and put it over my lap.

I knew I couldn’t jack off for real, but I could at least sit and pinch my boner and slowly work the foreskin up and down. And that’s what I did. Not even Tom noticed me and he was sitting less than a meter away from me. He was listening to music on his Walkman, I could hear some of it too. My parents were talking to each other, but with the open windows I couldn’t hear a word they were saying. Probably talking about traffic or something boring like that.

So I kept pinching my boner. Two hours later my fingers were getting tired and my boner was more than just a little red. Besides my bladder was once again about full. I had a lot of juice to drink at breakfast and three cans of Coke I’d sipped in the car, while playing with myself. But it was almost time for our next stop anyway. My boner went away quickly after I stopped torturing it, but returned as the sensations from my bladder got stronger.

I don’t know why it does that. Maybe the brain gets the signals mixed up, because I really don’t think it’s exciting to have a full bladder. I didn’t really want to go next to the car again, so I held it until we at long last made it to the stop over where we’d have lunch. After getting a 10 pfennig coin (About a nickel) for the toilet, it hurt quite badly. I had a real hard time getting started once I was finally situated in front of the toilet.

I was just starting to worry that I had broken it somehow, when pee finally started to drip out. Soon after the stream gushed out. Satisfied yet again, I solemnly swore to myself that I’d never hold onto my pee for so long ever again.

We ate lunch, then was back on the roads until around 4:30PM, when my dad drove us to a caravan site. We’d only stay overnight, so he didn’t want to unhitch the caravan, didn’t even want to pay for electricity so we had to suffice with the 12 volts from the car and caravan battery. We only really needed power for the lamps and water faucets, which ran on 12 volts anyway.

We ate at the restaurant and after a bit of playing board games went to bed early. I slept in the top bunk bed in the rear of the caravan. Tom was below me and my parents in the other end of the caravan. I was tired from the many hours in the car, so fell asleep quickly. I’m sure the long time I spent in one of the toilet cubicles prior to going to bed, had something to do with it too. Let’s just say I wasn’t particularly horny when I went to bed.

On the road again the next day, I had found one of the novels my parents had brought for them to read. So I started reading it. It was actually quite good, more interesting than the stupid books written by adults for children. Of course there were words I didn’t understand the meaning of, but then my dad got activated too. When I came across a word that made no sense to me, I’d ask him what it meant, and he took his time to find a word that I knew to explain it to me.

By the third day, we finally made it to Pula. The caravan site was really large and it was bustling with activity. My parents had booked a plot for us to place the caravan and a tent that attached to the side of it. It made the indoor space twice as big as it was without it. While my parents and Tom were busy getting the caravan to sit just right, putting logs and stuff under the wheels to raise it, I went exploring. A great thing about these caravan sites is that there is always something to do.

And there are always a ton of other kids to play with. Not always some from Denmark, but it was more fun to play with kids from other countries anyway. The language barrier wasn’t annoying to me, rather it made for some hilarious moments trying to explain or to figure something out by hand signals or drawing in the sand. At eleven, I had been learning the German language for exactly one year in school. I didn’t really understand English so well back then, as we were only going to start learning it after that summer.

So I had a very rudimentary knowledge of German, and my Danish. Danish can only really be understood by other Danes, and I even have trouble understanding some of the Danish dialects. My German was just strong enough to order French fries with ketchup and a coke. Of course I could say ‘My name is Teddy’ and stuff like that too, but with my shyness and insecurity I was better at playing with someone without talking to them.

When we had been in Pula a couple of days, I was by myself at the beach, playing in the sand building a large sand castle. My parents were back at the caravan and Tom was just gone. Which for me was good. I was a good swimmer and the water was really shallow and kid friendly. No real waves to speak of for at least 200 meters. The water only just started getting a little deeper out at that point.

While I was concentrating on getting the details right on part of the wall of the castle, something suddenly blocked the sun. When I looked up there was this boy looking down at me. He was my age, maybe a year younger, but more importantly he came with tools in hand. A decent sized bucket and a good shovel. So I invited him to help me build. I found out his name was Jeroen and that he was from Holland. He knew even less German than me. He was quite good at English, not that it was worth much as I really wasn’t.

But we didn’t really need to verbally communicate to have a great time together. Over the next two weeks, we talked more and more in a mix of Dutch, German, English and Danish. And we got to understand each other quite well too. And know more of each other. Including our private places on our bodies. The last bit wasn’t until after nearly a week of daily playing with him. We both had to pee, so we went to one of the toilet buildings.

Inside there was a trough, but neither he nor me felt comfortable peeing in one of those. So we went to where the stalls were. As we went down the row, I saw one of the cubicle doors was open. Thinking it meant it was vacant, I just walked in while turning my head to tell my friend to come to me. And I nearly stepped on this little cute fellow standing there with his skimpy bathing suit around his ankles and wearing an oversized cowboy hat.

Okay, he must have been about 5 or 6, so I didn’t exactly step on him, but I did bump into him. When I realized there was someone in there already, I quickly backed up while excusing to him. And then Jeroen came over and had a look inside the stall too. The little boy had by now finished peeing and actually turned around facing us, before he squatted down and pulled up his little suit. He left giving us a toothy smile and a wave.

So we both bustled into the stall, closing the door and broke into giggles because that had just been so fun. Since we were, where we were, and we both had unfinished business to attend to, we peed over cross in the toilet. That was fun too. When I had finished and was about to put away my stuff he stopped me. He looked at me with his eyebrows raised and nodded while pointing at my dick. That was one of our ways of asking for permission.

I smiled at him and nodded my head too. He took my dick in between two fingers and carefully rolled my foreskin back. I was still soft, but not for long. When it was fully erect he let go of it, smiled at me again and thrust his hips towards me. His dick was inflating without manipulation, but I managed to grab hold of it before it turned into a full-fledged stiffy. I skinned his foreskin back too, but didn’t stop rolling it back and forth.

He looked at me quizzically. I didn’t stop what I was doing, I just smiled at him and thrust my hips towards him as he had done. He smiled and took hold of my dick again. We were standing in front of each other just slowly wanking each other and it felt super great to have another person’s fingers on my dick again. I wondered if he would be up for more. So I caught his attention, he had been watching my fingers on his dick.

When he looked me in the eyes, I raised my eyebrows, pointed at his dick and stuck my finger in my mouth. At first he didn’t get what I meant, but then he stared wide eyed at me and cocked his head. Like asking me if I was serious. I nodded and when he enthusiastically nodded back, I quickly sat on the toilet. Sucking this Dutch dude was great. It was in complete silence, as the toilet building was quite busy and the door didn’t really had much to offer in way of protection.

It was just a thin board of tree or maybe plastic, about 180 cm high, sat with a 20 cm gap from the floor and even greater gap from the top to the ceiling. And the side walls were like that too. So we could hear other people talking from time to time. Fortunately, no one was taking a dump in either cubicle next to us. I’m not sure I would have enjoyed it as much, if I had to suck off my friend in a stench of you know what.

He reached his peak quickly, quicker than Casey for sure, and I wasn’t really trying super hard to get him to orgasm. It seemingly just happened out of the blue even taking him by surprise. Other than a few sharp intakes and exhales of air, which might have come from someone having a hard time going, nothing came out of him.

But he tensed up like I use to do myself. So I knew he had the great feelings. As the good friend he was, he returned the favor. What he lacked in experience he more than made up for in willingness. And just having a warm mouth around my dick again was enough to bring me off quickly too. When we were done, we flushed the toilet as if we had only just finished peeing and left the building after washing our hands. We held hands as we skipped along the narrow road towards the beach searching for new adventures.

The next day we played at the beach and in the water all morning and almost missed lunch. We only wore a speedo style swimming costume which gave Jeroen a super tan. I, with my reddish blonde hair and fair skin, ended up with second degree burns on my neck and shoulders. I didn’t realize just how badly I got burnt until years later when I took an extended course in first aid during my time in the National Guard.

I got water filled blisters that my mom under much protesting and crying from me punched holes in using a sewing needle. It was worst when I went to bed, taking ages before I finally passed out. The next day, I was allowed to go out, only if I wore a sun hat and a white shirt with long sleeves. I was forbidden to go into the water, and told to stay in the shade.

An hour later I was happily frolicking in the water while wearing the shirt, with Jeroen. I’m not sure as to how we ended up in the water. My parents threw a fit when they came to the beach and saw me in the water. But the salty sea water actually did wonders to my burns. The blisters went away and just left my skin red as a lobster and a couple of days later begun peeling in large bits of dead skin. Not nice and damned itchy too. Not as bad as the measles had been though.

Tom was worse off than me, he really got burnt too, no blisters like me though. He had fallen asleep on a sun bed listening to his Walkman. My dad took him to a medical center, where the doc gave him an injection in his butt! Tom complained that it really hurt, I just thought it was hilarious he had to get a shot in his butt for a sun burn. And I could tease him about it without the fear of him hurting me. Our parents were quick to stop us before it got too crazy.

Jeroen and I only sucked each other two more times during the rest of our vacation in Pula, both times in a cubicle in that toilet building. We, my parents and me, went to see stuff, like old ruins and this motherfucking big waterfall. Well, it’s probably nothing compared to Niagara Falls or the ones at Lake Victoria in Africa, but I haven’t been to those places. There’s this poster sized photo of me, sitting on a boulder with the waterfall in the background, hanging in my parents’ house.

It’s by far the largest photo they have and I like to say that it’s because they love me the most. Of course Tom is always quick to say that it’s really the waterfall they wanted a picture of. Which I’m fully aware of, it just feels great to say they love me more. I have some scans of me from that time, also the picture of me and the waterfall, and it reminds me of happier times when I look at them.

As it turned out, I didn’t really get to miss Casey all that much during that vacation after all.


Chapter 12.
Thomas, Henry, yet another boy, and a… girl?!

As with Henry, Thomas and me didn’t have sex every day. He just lived too far away from me, but I got by. Mostly because I was still having sex with Henry. So it was like a rotation schedule. One day it was with Thomas, the next with Henry and then back to Thomas. Sex with Thomas was far better than it was with Henry. I still felt that Henry was mostly using me just to get off, but I had my reasons to let him continue to fuck me.

His dad was a pilot in the Airforce, not a fighter pilot, a cargo plane pilot. But a pilot all the same. You know those big C130s? With the four turbo prop engines? Kind of looks like an oversized bus with wings and a massive tail? That’s what he flew. He was my source of new games for the Amiga. Not directly, it wasn’t like I asked Henry’s dad to get me games. But he bought games in the states or in the UK and gave them to Henry. He would then make a copy of them for me.

I guess that kind of makes me a prostitute, but at the time it really worked out well. It wasn’t like I was getting hurt either. I mean, yes, it was uncomfortable when he stuck his dick in me and for the first few minutes. After that, it didn’t hurt. I just didn’t get much out of it myself. Just when I was getting to really enjoy his dick hitting my prostate gland every now and then, sending jolts of happiness through my body.

He would finish off, always pushing into me like he wanted to see if he could get his dick to poke out through my stomach. Leaving me hot and bothered. Sometimes I’d quickly jerk myself off, but I’ve always thought, if only he’d do it for a few more minutes. Maybe I would have gotten an anal orgasm. I never asked him to make it last longer. I didn’t understand at the time that the bottom guy has as much to say as the top, if not more.

At least not when I was the bottom. I want to think I was better at being a top than Henry was. Caring more for Thomas, or any of the other boys and guys I’ve been with over the years, than Henry did for me. Okay, I know that my first time with Thomas was a bit rough, maybe I could have slowly slipped my dick into him, instead of jamming the head into him. It was my first time though, and he had been a jerk. I think that counts for an excuse.

Anyway, sex with Thomas was more than it was with Henry. Not just because our sessions were longer, but I actually got to fuck, and eventually get fucked by Thomas, when his dick finally did grow larger. But that didn’t happen for the first 7 or 8 months. When it finally started, it seemed to be in a rush, almost every time we got together, it seemed to have grown a little bigger. It didn’t stop growing until it reached the 18cm mark on the ruler we used to measure it with.

My dick had started growing at an early age and stopped growing much too soon for my liking. Sadly it never got any larger than 15cm. Now, I’m not too disappointed by its size, although at times I wouldn’t mind having a few more cm to play with. Anyway, Thomas was probably happy it wasn’t bigger back then.

When we wanted to have sex, usually we started out by meeting at the public indoor swimming pool, Thomas rather enjoyed the chlorine taste and smell on my dick when we were 69ing. I guess it made it seem more hygienic to him. So we’d meet there, outside the ticket office, then go in and shower. There was one life guard in particular who was really strict and made sure we used the sponge with soap everywhere.

He was especially adamant about us kids soaping up our dicks and ass. Back then, I didn’t think anything other than him being real bossy and quite an asshole. But now as I write this and can look back at it with the knowledge I have today, I can’t help but wonder if he was actually perving on the boys going to the swimming pool. Back then, in the middle of the 1980s, there wasn’t the same level of hysteria towards pedophiles as there is today.

Hell, I remember the study book we had for sex education back then. There was a short chapter on pedophiles, where it said something like this: ‘A pedophile is usually quite amicable towards a child. He mostly only wants to look at the naked child or touch it, make it feel good.’ Basically it was a lot more positive towards child lovers than society is today. I’m not going to use this story to point out my own views upon this matter as they aren’t relevant. Suffice to say, times have changed quite a lot since then.

Anyway inside the pool, Thomas and I would frolic in the water, playing, splashing each other. See who could swim the furthest under water, who could collect the most items from the bottom in the deep end. Dive off the 1m diving board, making the most water splash out of the basin. But we also swam in between each other’s legs. Thomas got brave one day, pulling his dick out of the swimwear as I swam underneath him.

When I surfaced we giggled like little boys and then he dared me to do it as well as he’d swim in between my legs. When I did, he took me totally by surprise and sucked on my dick briefly before coming back up. Not to be outdone by him, I did it to him too. We only did it once, as we quietly discussed the risks of being caught either by one of the life guards or seen by someone wearing swimming goggles. We didn’t want that.

But we had both gotten horny and decided to cut our swimming a little short and go home to me to finish what we had started.

In my room we dropped our pants and underwear while avoiding looking at each other. I’m not sure why we didn’t want to look at each other, where this sudden shyness came from. We both wanted it, but didn’t want to seem too eager about it. I was the shy guy normally, the more passive one, but with Thomas I usually had to be the one who made the first move. Like when I had taken off my pants that very first time we did anything.

Yet again when I had to tell him to shuck his pants the second time, when I fucked him. Sweet memories. But I always had to work up the courage to tell him what to do. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have to spend minutes, but it just didn’t come naturally to me. Not like when I ordered to take off his pants. This time, I asked him to get on the bed on his side all the way up against the wall, so I could lay in front of him. His head close to my groin and mine to his. At least he didn’t need to be told to start sucking, but he didn’t start until I started sucking his dick.

We sucked for a long while, I got him off once and after he came down from his peak, I resumed sucking him. I didn’t try to suck him to another dry cum, just wanted to keep him horny. I nearly shot into his mouth but decided to pull my dick out before I came. I really wanted to plug his ass again. I got up and told him to turn around facing the wall. Then I had to move his hips back a little as he was pretty much trying to hug the wall.

I had finally decided to get a tin of cream for myself. Well, I told my mom my hands were dry and if she would get some cream for me. She did say something about her cream disappearing quicker lately, to which I could feel my ears burning. I don’t think she noticed or maybe she was just too polite not to say anything about it. Knowing my mom, she so would have used it against me, having fun at me being embarrassed.

But at least I had my own cream in my room. That and a roll of toilet paper. The paper for when I had to blow my nose officially. I think both my dad and mom knew what the paper was really used for. Well, at least to wipe off sperm from my dick. (They didn’t know about my fucking around with my friends back then. I know this as I’ve asked them myself not so long ago.)

My dad had after all been a boy himself back when dinosaurs were still walking. At 13 years of age I knew my parents had sex together, I just didn’t want to think of it. I knew there was a reason for why my dad kept condoms in a drawer next to their bed. And a lot of them too, now that I think of it. Of course Tom was also a lot older than me, so they’d probably been through most of it with him already anyway.

I got the cream and the toilet paper handy, got Thomas to lift up his right leg so his butt cheeks separated. By now I knew just how much or rather little cream I needed to make his butthole slippery enough to accept my dick inside. I took some time working cream into his still tight hole, but he had slowly learned how to relax it for me. Of course it was only really the outer part of his hole he could control. The innermost muscle still had to be convinced to let me in.

It seemed to be easier convinced for every time my dick greeted it. It always held up a brief fight like it wanted to tell me that although it wanted me to fuck it properly, I still had to show it how badly I wanted to. Thomas enjoyed when I finger fucked him slowly, he actually moaned quietly every time I spread the cream over the outside of his hole. If we were only 69ing, he would come out of his shell and ask me to please just caress his hole.

But this time, I wanted more than to just play with his hole. So did Thomas, at least he knew that he was in for more than just my finger painting in his lower regions. If he didn’t he surely would know when I slipped the tip of my middle finger in him. And didn’t stop at that but slowly pushed it all the way inside of him in a fluid motion. I removed my middle finger and put in my thumb instead.

Ugh, what is that?” He asked in surprise.

Just a finger.”

That’s wider than a finger.”

I had my thumb pretty far inside him now, almost to the point where all of it was in. If you look at your own hand and spread out your thumb you can see it gets wider real fast where it attaches to the hand. That was just about where the outside of his sphincter was located right then.

It’s my thumb.”

I don’t care what it is, it hurts.”

Damn, I took out my thumb and put in the usual two fingers instead.


Different. Not as bad.”

Great. Now shut up and enjoy,” I told him, but in a friendly, near giggling voice.

Sir, yes sir.”

After that he actually did keep his mouth shut. Sure he was breathing audibly and at times moaning softly too, as I did. But, I managed to fuck him and flood his asshole with the slime from my balls without us saying anything else. Of course I didn’t flood his ass, I’m not a fucking porn star that pumps out a pint of cum. But I did leave a healthy deposit as far into his core as I could get it.

At times when we were in the pool, there was this two years younger kid who played with us. He was the backdoor neighbor of Casey’s, so I knew who he was, having talked and played a bit with him earlier. And sometimes, when Thomas couldn’t go swimming, I’d just go by myself. Usually the kid was there too, so I’d play with him. No, not naughty play. Just the normal kid stuff.

Although, he did once point out the cock of an old man in the showers to me, whispering something about how wrinkly it was. We had just left the sauna, going to shower before heading back out to the pool. When he made me aware of the old man’s cock, I felt a massive boner starting to firm up. I quickly had to go hide in a toilet stall. Luckily the handicap stall was vacant and I got in there before it got too obvious. I wasn’t about to go into the shower, naked, all boned up. I was much too shy to pull a stunt like that.

Particularly with a grownup in the room. I don’t think he would have said anything, but I wasn’t brave enough to test that theory. So, instead I was in the handicap stall. The kid knocked on the door asking what I was doing. Not wanting to draw any unwanted attention to us, I opened the door and showed him my boner. He giggled at me, but came into the stall with me. We didn’t do anything but snigger loudly while waiting for the damn thing to go soft.

I didn’t get into any sex stuff with this kid. I tried a few times, but he wasn’t interested. I did notice him doing stuff to one girl in particular in the pool. He would covertly, actually cowardly, sneak up behind her and poke a finger inside her vagina. I saw it when he lent me his goggles, for that exact purpose. He quickly got his finger wiggled in underneath her swimsuit and actually inside her vagina! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Of course the poor girl was furious with him for doing it. But he had done it before and kept doing it to her. Until the day I told him I’d kick his ass if he didn’t stop it. I said it to him as we were near the girl and she overheard us. So suddenly I was kind of like a hero in her eyes. It wasn’t planned, I swear. I didn’t even want anything to do with girls.

Jessica was twelve and didn’t have a boyfriend. But she wanted one and now I was the boy she wanted. She persuaded me to come to her house after swimming. To say I was nervous, well, that won’t cut it. I had no idea what girls were into and not sure what a boy and a girl would do while hanging out. Sure, I knew of sex, but surely that wasn’t the only thing you could do. I’m not sure if I actually believed girls only played with dolls.

But I literally had no idea what all this boyfriend/girlfriend thing would entail. She treated me to lemonade and some biscuits and we sat on her bed Indian style in front of each other. Not too close of course, we had the tray between us. We just sat there talking about that obnoxious kid, then about school. She went to a different school than me so we compared them to each other. Time passed quickly and before I knew it, I was getting late.

I had to be home before 6PM, sharp, not a second later, but I knew it was much too late for that. Jessica lived close to Thomas, and there was just no way in a million years, that I’d be able to ride 3.5km in under 5 minutes. To make matters worse, she wanted to see me off with a kiss. Yes, a kiss! The thing I’ve desperately wanted since I was old enough to know what it was. But I wanted my first proper kiss to be nothing short of perfect.

My teeth weren’t clean, I’d had to skip the morning toothbrush session because I had overslept. And I didn’t think Jessica would like that very much. I tested with my tongue and flat out rejected the thought. I told her I didn’t have time for it that day. That we could kiss some other time. Then her older brother said from behind her, that we should remember always to wear a condom so she wouldn’t get knocked up. I actually started running with my bike beside me.

Shit, that was humiliating. So no, Jessica wasn’t the one I’d get my first proper kiss from. She didn’t want to talk to me after that, always leaving the pool to go into the female shower area when I tried to approach her. So I put her out of my mind.

I got home 4 minutes past 6PM and by overdoing my apology for being late, didn’t get into trouble. My parents just thought it cute that I was so worried. I never told anyone about what happened between Jessica and me, and the kiss that never happened, not until now.

What I didn’t really tell anyone about either, is the fact I was fiercely bullied by some boys in the year above mine at school. I won’t go into the dreaded details here either, but they really made my time in school tougher than it had to be. I was already bored at school. The stuff the teachers said we had to learn didn’t really interest me. Due to the lack of interest, I found it hard to grasp some subjects. Even basic mathematics was a struggle for me. Which, later on, really proved to be a major disadvantage, as my real interest was computers.

Computers and electronics. I don’t think that should come as a big surprise to you, me having talked about the crap I had at home. However, programming or writing code, was something I started doing when I was nine. Nothing major, I’m not Bill Gates after all. I started out just copying code examples from books written in English. Which I didn’t understand at all. So I had to type in all the code and then run it to see what happened.

Soon it wasn’t enough for me to just strictly copy the code from the books. I started changing bits and pieces, in the beginning just a single digit to see what that would do. I’ve since forgotten a lot of what I did back then, having written code in a lot of different languages over the years. I never became one of the top programmers because I didn’t pay enough attention to my math teachers back in school. I almost flunked technical college because of that.

But, due to the bullying and the school work getting increasingly harder to understand, I started skipping school. At first, just one class, then half a day. Gradually I skipped entire days, half a week. In the end, before I got bust, I’d maybe go to school one day during the week. The teachers of course asked into my absence when I actually was in school. I told them I’d been sick. When they wanted to hear that from my parents, I faked my mom’s hand writing and wrote a letter that I gave my teacher.

My parents eventually received a letter by mail from the school, summoning them to a meeting with the vice principal. And I had to come too. I was really nervous and tried everything I could not to go. But to no avail. The vice principal explained that due to my massive absence that year, they wanted me to take the 9th grade all over again. They weren’t confident that I’d be able to catch up to the rest of the class.

This was the middle of November. School had started in the first week of August, and I’d been in school for a total of 27 days. My dad tried reasoning with the vice principal, talking about getting a tutor or something, but he wasn’t convinced. If I was to stay at that school, there’d be no exams for me that year, but would have to go into one of the new 9th grades next year. That was kind of a problem as I had started school a year later than normal.

Something about me not being ready for school, not 100% potty-trained at age six, and not able to sit still for longer periods of time. Anyway, my dad really didn’t want me to retake that year. So he pulled me out of the school. Right there and effective from that very day. I was both excited and downcast. No more bullying, but what now? Life as I had gotten used to, was going to be replaced by something completely unknown to me.