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The story continues on:

The weeping boy.
- or how I became what I am today.

Chapter 13.
End of life?

When we returned home from the school, I was sent to my room. For the first time in my life I was grounded. I wasn’t to leave my room except for going to the toilet. And even that I’d have to ask permission for. My parents were to have a long discussion of what to do with me. I guess Tom was right. I was really no good. After three and a half hours, most of which I spent crying softly into my pillow, my mom knocked on my door and asked me to come to the kitchen.

I walked the short distance like a man walking to his execution. I tried to keep myself composed, but it was hard to stop the waterworks. And my nose was running like crazy. I’ve always hated crying. It’s something that just can’t be controlled. I liked control. I’ve gotten better at just letting go, realizing that crying is just another emotion like being happy is. That being able to show emotions is a force, not the opposite.

But back then, you always heard crap like big boys don’t cry. My bullies in school also loved making me cry, probably part of my resentment towards it. Anyway, my mom sat down next to me and hugged me. That’s when I really started bawling. My dad just sat there, he wasn’t mad at me, at least it didn’t look that way. He had a worried look on his face though. I saw all that in a glimpse of a second before casting my eyes down.

Teddy, listen to me,” he said loud enough for me to hear him over my crying, but not yelling at me, “Your mom and I aren’t mad at you. Maybe a little disappointed in you, but we’re not mad. No. no, Teddy! I’m not trying to make you feel any worse than you are. Try to stop crying. This is really important.”

I tried to stop crying, I really did. I couldn’t though. Every time I thought I had succeeded another sob or hiccup forced its way out of me, restarting the whole thing.

Okay, Teddy. Just pay attention to what I say. Can you do that, even while crying?”

Ye-es,” I acknowledged him.

Good. Mom and I have been talking this over. We don’t think it’s wise for you to go back to school here in this town. We don’t know why you haven’t been to school, no… Teddy, don’t get more upset. We’re not asking you to explain it to us.”

He got up from the chair on the other side of the table and walked to me. He bent his knees bringing his head level to mine. Then he put a hand under my chin gently pulling my head up. I didn’t want to look at him. How could I? I’d betrayed his trust in me. I hadn’t done the one and only thing my parents ever really wanted of me. Go to school and do my best to learn what was being taught there. Instead I had wasted time.

My dad put his head right next to mine, so we were cheek to cheek. Then he whispered in my ear.

Your mom and I love you. No matter what. We will always love you, son.”

Then he put his arms around both me and my mom. That didn’t really make me feel any better. I still knew nothing about what was to happen. We just sat there until I finally managed to stop crying. At least for a while.

What now?” I managed to ask in a weak, hoarse voice.

That’s what we need to talk about. Mom and I have an idea, but if you don’t like it, we may be able to think of something else.”


He pulled back from me, I immediately put my chin on my chest again, eyes looking towards my lap, but not really focusing on anything.

Please look at me,” he said as he lifted my head up once more.

I can’t,” I started crying again and cast my eyes down.

Why not?” he was still talking softly to me.

Why couldn’t he just yell at me, even slap me? ‘Spank me!’ I wanted to scream at him. It would be so much easier for me to understand and cope with. My parents didn’t really get physical with neither me or Tom. Corporal punishment was simply not something they practiced. I had gotten a few good swats on my naked rear end by my mom, but that was for trying to steal money from my dad’s wallet. And she caught me doing it. But that was just that one time.

I was confused. I’d done something I really shouldn’t have and needed to be punished for it. Severely too. Instead they were just smothering me in love and understanding. It was fake. It had to be. I just knew it. They were just waiting for me to say the wrong thing, then I’d get the thrashing of my life. Why not just get it over and done with? Why prolong my misery? Were they really this cunning and evil?

I just can’t.”

I think you’re embarrassed of what you’ve done, maybe even ashamed?”


Good, I think you know what you’ve done wrong and won’t do it again. Am I right?”

YES!” I nearly shouted.

Relax Teddy. We won’t punish you,” that was my mom.


There’s no need for it,” my dad said.

I looked at him, shyly, just a quick glance. Just to see if he was sincere. My eyes found his again. Held his gaze for a little longer. Cast my eyes back down.

But I’ve disappointed you,” I sadly whispered with tears starting to run down my cheeks again.

I used the wrong word. Sorry. You haven’t disappointed us, not in the true meaning of the word. You upset us, yes. We still trust you. But you better not make a habit of this.”

I had to smile at that, just a little. Even with the tears still flowing, my mouth curled up on its own. Really. It wasn’t fun. But it apparently wasn’t the end of the world either.

Now. Mom and I think it would best if you,” my dad said while standing back up, “get out of this town. No, not for good, heavens no.”

My sudden fear must have shown in my face as he said they wanted me gone.

We think it will be good for you, if you get to meet some new friends. You don’t have many friends here. I haven’t seen Casey here in ages, and you used to be best friends with him,” my mom said.

I still see him,” I tried.

Not as much as you used to. I know you see Henry and, oh well, at least Thomas, but you’re not as close to them as you were with Casey. Besides, after the fire… I just don’t know what to say.”

Shit, I had nearly forgotten that. We had been at Henry’s house. Me, Thomas and Henry. Thomas had come by looking for me. Fortunately Henry and I had finished our sex stuff ten minutes prior to Thomas ringing the bell. I still felt very uncomfortable. Here Henry and Thomas were together, with me. Both of them I had sex with, but none of them knew that I had sex with the other. It was confusing to say the least. I really didn’t want either of them knowing that I did stuff with other kids than them.

Sure Henry knew about me and Casey, but he probably thought that was over long before he came onto me. And Thomas never knew that I had done anything with anyone else. I had to watch my every move and every word around them together. I suggested that Henry show his model airplane to Thomas. Model airplanes is something all kids are interested in. And I knew it would make Henry want to talk about it for years.

Hopefully it would make Thomas forget why he had come looking for me in the first place. I didn’t think I would be able to fuck him so shortly after Henry had fucked me. That day he hadn’t been holding back on me either. He had almost forced himself into me and plowed me like there’d be no tomorrow. I really needed to stop doing stuff with Henry. Which was about to happen, without me having to do anything. By pure, but very gruesome accident. Or stupidity really.

We were in the shed where Henry had his plane stuff, but it was also where his dad kept the lawnmower. It ran on gas. So there was also a 5 liters plastic gas can in the shed. Henry was a boy’s scout. Not in nature, certainly not when plowing my butt or plugging my mouth. But he went to meets and camps and all that. Other than model airplanes, most boys are fascinated by fire. I’ve no clue how we ended up out in the garden next to the old wooden play house that Henry had.

It all happened so quickly. Henry poured some gas onto the sloping roof of the house, lit it with a match like he had done at scouts meetings. It was only a tiny bit of gas so the fire died down quickly. Thomas thought it was so cool, he egged Henry to pour a little more gas on the house so the flames would last longer. And the idiot that he was, Henry did that. More gas on the roof, another match to it and the flames were dancing yet again.

No harm done really, but cautious as I was, I suggested we stop now while everything was still cool. I don’t know if I had a sixth sense alerting me, but I thought this wasn’t cool at all. I’d been taught well by my dad. Never play with fire. But Henry wanted to show us this trick he had seen one of the scout masters do. That you can safely put more gas onto an already lit fire. I knew it could be done, by squirting gas on it.

Henry however poured the gas from the can onto the fire. And I can still see it to this day. In slow motion, almost frame by frame. How the flames suddenly increased violently in size. How they in the next millisecond were inside the gas can. Hearing Henry screaming to watch out, that the can might explode. How he swung it to throw it away. How burning gas flew out of the can, hitting Thomas. How Thomas lit up like a bon fire. Thomas screaming in pure uncontrolled angst.

It still fills me with terror thinking back to that point in time. I stood there, panicked, like my feet were frozen solid to the lawn. I’ve got to give Henry credit though. He tackled Thomas, who by then had ran in a narrow half circle. He got him down on the grass, and killed the flames by rolling Thomas around. I only woke up to life when Henry yelled for me to get help from his sister inside the house. She and her boyfriend had heard Thomas screaming and were already on the way out to see what was going on.

The boyfriend quickly carried the howling Thomas into the shower stall, both fully dressed and got the cold water running over him before removing their clothing. Meanwhile, the sister was on the phone trying to get in touch with the medical center, while telling me and Henry to go hose down the wooden play house. And the still burning gas can. That by the way didn’t explode. The house got a few burn marks and a bit of the hedge, in which the gas can ended up, died.

All five of us got in the car after that and had to go to a medical center in the next town. Thomas was still sobbing of course, Henry’s sister used a wash cloth to keep his hands and face wet. I was really scared, so was Henry. Both of us had ashen gray faces. I cried softly in sympathy for Thomas. He was taken into a room with a sink and the rest of us had to sit in the waiting room. I sat so I could see into the room where Thomas was now being sprayed with water by a nurse.

Thomas’ parents were the first to arrive. Then Henry’s. They had a huge fight over who was to blame for what had happened. They couldn’t reach my folks. So I went home with Henry and his parents where I got my bike and my coat and was told by his father that I was not welcome at their house anymore. Not ever. That my parents would be informed of that too. And to stay away from Henry.

I was enraged as I rode my bike as fast as I could back to my house. Tears running down my face. How the hell was I to blame for what had happened? I tried to fucking stop them for fucks sake! My parents were at home, when I got there. My dad had just gotten off the phone with first Henry’s dad, then Thomas’ mom. She said that Henry had been so quick to kill the flames, that Thomas only had some first degrees burns on his thumb and index finger; first degree burns on his forehead, that he had lost part of his eyebrows and would need a serious haircut.

But all in all, he got out of it real lucky. Dinner that night was postponed while my parents listened to my side of the story. Of course Henry’s dad had made it sound like I was the instigator; that his son would never have even thought of doing something so stupid and reckless. But my parents heard what I said, asked questions when they were unsure of what I meant and finally cleared me of all charges. They did tell me to stay away from Henry.

Not because I was to blame in any way, just that they thought his dad was a real prick. That’s my words, not theirs. I didn’t set foot in Henry’s house ever again. But he did come over to mine after about a month, wanting to pork my ass. I wouldn’t let him. I had finally understood what an uncaring idiot he was. He came over about a year later, on a Sunday just after lunch.

He had cracked open his dads gun safe and had taken his dads service pistol with him to my house. Not because he wanted to threaten me to do anything, but because he was so stupid he thought he could impress me with it. I threw him out telling him never to return. That he was an idiot stealing his dad’s gun. And if I as much as heard of him carrying it again, I’d tell mine and his dad.

Thanks, mom, for making me relive that fire. She was right about Henry, but not Thomas. We were still close after the fire. His parents weren’t real keen on my friendship to their son, they had probably been even less so, if they knew the true nature of it. But at least they didn’t forbid us from spending time together. He was kept out of school for two days, the fire happened on a Wednesday, and when he returned to school the following Monday, it was with a crewcut.

He was still a bit red, but didn’t look too bad. Of course all the other kids wanted to hear the story, but in the end our teacher put a stop to it. She had been informed of what happened and didn’t want me or Henry to be made into the bad guys. She just said that there had been an accident, in which no one was to blame and that was it. Put simple, a case of boys being boys.

He, Thomas that is, came home with me not that Monday, but the day after. He wanted sex. What he had wanted since Wednesday when he came looking for me. I wasn’t about to let him down.

We went to my room where we took off our pants and underoos. He stood there, waiting for me to tell him what to do. His dick was already hard as a nail, or more like a rod of steel, it was really no longer just a little boy’s dink. It was nearly the same size as my own just slimmer. Probably around 13 cm long. He was after all 14 years old by then. I was 15.

Lie down,” I told him.

Like this?”

No dude, turn over, I’m not gonna fuck you. Not today.”

Why not?”

Wait and see.”

With him properly situated on his back, I had him put my pillow underneath his ass making his midsection push into the air. I made him spread his legs enough for me to kneel between them. Getting comfortable myself, I lay down with my legs hanging off the bed. It wasn’t long enough for both of us. I had my arms over his thighs and it was only a matter of opening my mouth to let in his slightly salty tasting nuts. The musky smell emitting from his groin and inner thighs filled my nostrils.

It wasn’t an offensive smell, nor was the taste. Thomas was a very hygienic boy. So he had probably taken a shower that same morning and the taste was from what sweat he had managed to build up during the day at school. The smell came mostly from his dick. It was a mixture of a slight pee smell and sweet sweat. What I’ve since taken to call the “Pure Boy” smell. It would make a real good aphrodisiac. At least I get fiercely turned on when I smell that or something resembling it.

Knowing that Thomas was always careful to be clean is probably what possessed me to do what I did next.

Lift your legs up and back,” I said after I got up in a kneeling position still between his legs.

He did so without questioning my order. He held his knees close together which wasn’t what I wanted though. That made his important bits hide underneath his thighs. So I told him to spread his legs out. He opened the gate for me, holding onto his legs under his knees putting everything I was interested in on display.

I didn’t waste much time by just looking at him. Even if that was pleasing by itself. I briefly imagined myself shuffling closer to him and sinking my cock into his splayed out center, remembering all too well the feeling of his tight and oh so hot ass choking my dick. But I had done that so many times already. I forced the thought to the back of my mind, I had told him I wasn’t going to fuck him. Also, I had to do what I wanted before I considered it for too long. If I did, maybe I would have changed my mind. After all, it did sound a little, well, unpleasant. For me, not for Thomas.

Bending forward, I placed the tip of my tongue directly onto his rosebud of an asshole. I don’t know how I ever came up with the idea to do so. But I wanted to. It had to feel great having it done to you.

Isn’t that dirty?” Thomas said while giggling.

Nuh-uh,” I said with my face surrounded by his bum cheeks. I had moved my mouth closer effectively kissing his bum hole. Yeah, if he didn’t want to kiss me with his mouth, I’d make out with his bum instead. It tasted, I’m not sure how to describe it properly, nice. Great. Awesome. Nothing like a fart or shit would taste like. More kind of like dirt might taste like. I used the word before, musky. That’s what it tasted like.

But to really understand what it was like, you’d probably have to find a butt to lick yourself. I don’t think they’ve made an artificial boy butt taste yet. I really liked Thomas and that incident with the fire really scared the hell out of me. I think I loved him. Had times been different, maybe we would have ended up as boyfriends. As it was, we were only able to enjoy having sex with each other. But that was cool too.

The skin around his butthole was quite different to any other skin on his body. I hadn’t really noticed that before I felt it with my tongue. It was completely hairless too. I’m not sure I would have licked him if it had been full of hairs. But at that time he only had a small patch of hairs sprouting on top of his dick. His balls were hairless too. I had a grand view to his balls the way I was smooching his bum. My nose was pushing into his ball sack.

Thomas wasn’t giggling anymore, he was enjoying what it felt like to have my tongue circling his tight hole.  If I had to judge from the way he was moaning and trying to push his ass closer against my mouth. I made my tongue firm and pushed it against his hole. Not really trying to enter it, just testing his muscle. It was tight but Thomas had learned how to relax it. God knows, he had had my prick, substantially larger than my tongue, deep inside his ass many times before.

I pushed my tongue deeper in, figuring in for a penny, in for a pound. I couldn’t get it in real far, I’m neither a dog nor snake, and my tongue was every bit as normal as any other boy’s tongue out there. But I could make small fucking motions with it, which had Thomas grab his dick and start jerking it off. Yeah, the proper way like I taught him, not the starting a fire in your loins method. There had been one too many fires already.

Don’t!” I stopped him, forcibly moving his hand from his dick.

Aw,” he pouted.

You’ll go blind,” I said to him every bit as seriously as a 12th century catholic priest could have said.

No, that’s just a lie.”

Yeah, but I’m gonna make you squirt. Don’t worry.”

I need to do it like now.”

So much for taking it nice and slow. I understood him perfectly well. After all, he wasn’t the only one who hadn’t had sex for 5 days. So substituting my tongue in went a finger all the way into his ass. I circled my thumb and index finger around his dick and squeezed it tight but not so tight that it would hurt. Setting off at a slow pace, I matched the speed of which my finger poked into his bum to the speed of my hand jerking off his dick.

Okay, that feels great, but it’ll take ages,” Thomas whined.

You’re soo demanding,” I said with a fake sigh, “What’s a boy to do?”

Suck it!”

Oh, so now you’re the boss?”

Please, just do it!”

I hadn’t stopped my manipulation of his body while we had the small talk. But I had to stop doing one of the things if I had to suck him too. I chose to stop jerking him. Bending further over him, I placed my left hand on the bed next to him to balance myself. Now I could suck him, but I didn’t have enough room or control to keep poking into his butt with my forefinger.

But, there’s this special place deep inside your butt. That I knew from when Henry fucked me. I also knew that if a dick poked into that place, it felt good. I didn’t know if you could reach it with a finger, but sort of decided to try it now. Heck, Thomas’ asshole was already loosened up, so it was only a matter of taking out one finger and put in another. So I did. In went my middle finger. I wasn’t fully aware of where that spot was exactly. So I sent my finger on a search mission.

Thomas finally seemed happy now that I was sucking his dick. I kept hearing sounds that either came from a small dying animal inside of him or more likely came from his mouth.

Oh fuck! What was that?” Thomas jolted his body.

 ‘Bingo! Coordinates 6655 dash 4325, fire for effect, over,’ I thought to myself while doing the best I could to keep sucking his dick while smiling, ‘Roger, over.’

Now I knew where that spot was, it was time to see just what I could do to it that would make Thomas feel good. Judging from his reaction just then it wasn’t just a matter of poking it hard. So I approached it with caution. Trying to visualize the inside of an ass is hard when you can’t just google a picture of it. But it seemed to be at where the end of his dick had to be.

Oooh! Ah, what… Shit, oh maaaaan.”

He said that last word really drawn out. I didn’t know you could get someone to squirt so quickly just by sucking their dick and touching this unyielding spot inside their ass. I had to experiment further with that later on. Right then, Thomas was trying to drown me with his sperm. Okay, exaggerating again. But his orgasm did last a lot longer than earlier times. I kept his dick in my mouth as he shot off into it. Just holding on to the ridge of his head with my lips.

I think he was using my uvula for target practice as more than one of the ropes of sperm shooting into my mouth hit it. When his balls had finally drained I moved my mouth off his dick while holding up a vacuum. That way I got most if not all of his sperm into my mouth and left his dick head only slightly moist. I’ll admit I swallowed his cum quickly, I didn’t exactly enjoy the taste of it to the point where I’d swish it around my mouth like it had been fine wine. Which I believe you spit out after you’ve tasted it anyway.

It left me with an after taste of, well cum. Not entirely unpleasant, but not great either. Fortunately I had a pack of gum so I quickly started chewing on a piece of it. Thomas was all but knocked out on the bed.

This chapter however, was really meant to be about me going to boarding school. My parents really took their time explaining it all to me. That if it was what I wanted, they’d do anything they could to find the best school for me. One with teachers that would be able to teach me the stuff I needed to know to pass my exams at the end of the school year. They also said that it would be really tough starting so late in the year.

Mostly because everyone would already know each other having been at the school for close to four months. But also because I was really far behind in the curriculum. I gave it some thought, asking questions and getting truthful answers. If there was something they didn’t know, they told me they’d find out for me. Finally making up my mind, I said yes. It kind of made sense to be moved into a whole new setting.

It also sounded kind of cool to be sort of moving away from home at 15 years of age. Convincing me to go to a boarding school was to be the least of the problems in that process. Finding a school willing to take me in, with my school records, this late was much harder. My parents must have called twenty schools in total of which only two were interested in meeting me and having a look at the problems I’d be facing.

The first one I downright refused to attend. Just the description of it sounded like pure hell to me. It was a school focusing on sports. Running, athletics, swimming (which sounded okay), handball, soccer, dancing (hell no?!). And more, just naming it all is too tiring. But no cycling. Which if anything, would have been my choice, closely followed by swimming. But the thing is, you’d have to do at least three of those things.

On top of that, there were all the normal school subjects to do. I’d never be able to pass my exams if I had to wear myself out doing sports too. The other school sounded better. Not by much, but at least some. It was much further away, nearly three and a half hours trip by bus, ferry, train and car. So I’d only be able to come home on the weekends every third, maybe second week. My parents wouldn’t be able to afford more trips.

I said that I’d keep that school in mind, but if they could find one closer to home I’d prefer that. They tried. They really did. My dad stayed home from work the next day and spent all morning on the phone. It wasn’t only that I was so far behind, nor the reason why, though that also played a big part of the problem finding a school for me. The major problem was to find a school that actually had an open spot too. Boarding schools were and still is really popular.

At least those for the 9th and 10th grades. There aren’t many that teach lower grades, but they do exist. Some even accept 8 years old kids. I can’t imagine what that must be like, leaving home at such a tender age. It was tough enough for me at age 15, nearly 16.

When we sat down for lunch, my dad shook his head.

Sorry, Teddy. It seems like it will be Carter or none at all.”

It’s okay dad. Let’s go check it out.”

Both my mom and dad went with me, they even offered Tom to come along too, but he couldn’t care less of where I was to be stowed away. As long as it was far from him. That was all that mattered to him. It was a Thursday we drove to the school. Well, we had to go by ferry too, one hour crossing. I had butterflies in my stomach. I was excited, but mostly preparing for a huge letdown. Carter Boarding School, as was the full name, was in a very small town, maybe all of 30 houses in it and a couple of farms outside it.

It did look really nice to me, a small parking lot with maybe 4 cars, one of which was a van with space for ten people. Then there was this nice glass enclosed walkway with paintings obviously done by kids, probably pupils at the school. A sign pointed us to the office, where a really heavy woman sat in front of a computer. She looked nice enough and completely ignoring my parents, she greeted me and asked who I might be. I introduced myself and she smiled at me.

Henning will be ready to see you in just a minute. He’s on the phone right now, but as soon as he hangs up, I’ll let him know you’re here.”

She pointed us to a sofa and asked us to take a seat. Next to the sofa was a table with some information flyers. I took one and leafed through it. Mostly studying the pictures in it really. Henning, who was the school principal, though he told me he liked the word manager better, came into the front office and asked us into his private office. He was a really nice man, elder one at that, with white hair that made him look like a monk.

His hair was receding, really just a half circle around his head. He told me that he had looked my file over and discussed it with the teachers at the school. In particular with the two that were to be my group teachers, if I wanted to attend the school. He said that I’d probably want to take a look at the school first, before making up my mind. He had one of the kids show me around while he talked to my parents.

I didn’t see all of the school during the tour, but I did see the building where I’d stay. The school had a main building and six smaller buildings scattered on the school property. In all the buildings there were rooms where the pupils or students lived two per room. I didn’t know before then, that I’d have to share a room with someone. Yet another thing to worry about. There were also class rooms but I didn’t get to see them as classes were in session.

We ended up in the dining hall just as the school was getting ready for lunch. I felt so lonely standing there amongst all these loudly chattering and laughing kids. I didn’t know any of them, save for the one who I’d spend the last hour or so with. And he was talking to a girl, I presumed was his girlfriend. Well, I know now that it was his girlfriend, but back then I could only guess. At 11:45 on the dot, the door into the dining hall was unlocked from the inside and the kids immediately started pushing to get inside as quick as possible.

An adult stuck his head into the hallway from inside the dining hall and loudly told everyone to be quiet and stop pushing. It wasn’t until the kids shut up that he moved aside from the door and allowed us to enter. Inside there were about 20 tables, each with chairs for eight people. One of the tables had extra chairs placed at it. My parents sat there. I thought I’d be sitting with them, but the teacher who had let us in, pointed me to a table in the other end of the hall.

I went there, but not knowing where to sit, I just stood there next to it. Two boys had already sat down and one of them said I could sit next to him. I’d be facing away from my parents then. The boys made me feel welcome, quietly asking me questions as the hall and my table slowly filled up. A strict looking 50ish years old lady teacher came over to the table and sat down. She told us to zip our mouths as we knew to be quiet until we were allowed to eat.

I thought that at least now I knew. Nobody had told me to stay silent until she did. It seemed pretty strict and old fashioned to me, but I was soon to understand why. Henning stood from the table where my parents sat and went to the middle of the hall. Then he cleared his throat really loud and the near silence that had been in the hall until then, immediately turned into complete silence. He then asked the cook what was on the menu that day.

I don’t remember exactly what it was, the day had been full of new inputs that my mind had yet to compute and it wasn’t over yet. It probably means that whatever we had, wasn’t really good nor really bad. Just something edible. When the cook, who by the way was a really slim and not very tall young woman had finished telling us what we were about to eat, if we couldn’t tell by taste or appearance, Henning said to enjoy our meal.

The silence was immediately replaced by a hum of low talking and utensils scraping bowls placing food on plates and cutlery being used. The woman whom I learned was named Marjorie, was to be one of my group teachers. Flemming, the one who had let us in, was the other of my to-be group teachers. After we had finished eating, Henning did a mail call, naming the kids who got a letter or package waiting for them. Then we cleared the tables and the kids left the hall.

My parents and I went with Henning to his office and he asked me if I had any questions. I didn’t at the time, having all these impressions to consider. I didn’t exactly need more information then. So he saw us out to the car, but before I got in it, he said that I should think it over and not make up my mind until after I’d slept on it. But he would need to know soon, as both the school and I had a lot of work to do.

I sat in silence nearly all the way home. I didn’t start any conversation and only responded with one word sentences when my parents asked me something. They didn’t push me, probably knowing I had a lot of think about.

When we got home, I went to my room and sat on my bed. I looked at the things I had there, almost as if trying to store mental pictures that I could pull up and look at, when I was no longer there. I remember dwelling at my Amiga. The most prized possession I had then. Not being able to use it for weeks at a time was something I hadn’t really considered earlier. Now I’d have to consider it. I thought of what life would be at the school.

The kids seemed to really enjoy being there. The dude that showed me around had been really nice. So had the manager. The lady teacher had been strict and kind of frightening. Not being able to hug my parents, or to seek out advice or consolation from them would be really hard. I’d be able to talk to them on the phone of course, but that seemed like a poor substitute for the real thing. But going away from them, to stand on my own two feet was an exciting thought.

Of course I didn’t sleep much that night, but when I woke the next morning, my mind was set. I’d go. It couldn’t be any worse than what my life was like then. Maybe I’d finally make some real friends who weren’t just out to screw me. Yeah, Henry was still on my mind. Or someone that wouldn’t just abandon me like Casey had. I’d hate not being able to be with Thomas, but I figured we’d be able to at least meet for sex on those weekends where I’d be home.

At breakfast I told my parents I wanted to go to Carter. That started a flurry of activities. My dad was on the phone to the manager, saying that I would be arriving there Sunday afternoon. My mom had a list with required clothing and other items I had to bring with me to the school. It was massive. When speaking of clothing, at least they didn’t have a school uniform. But that didn’t stop my mom from dragging me out the door to go shopping.

Fortunately we didn’t have to get much, I really just needed some more long pants, like jeans and a new coat. While we were gone, my dad had a look at my bike. Not my race bike, but my normal school bike. The race bike wasn’t exactly road legal, lacking reflexes and no places to put lights on it. It also didn’t have wheel guards, making it a bitch to ride in the rain. But I think the main reason was simply because it was bloody expensive.

My school bike had all the legal equipment including a lock to prevent theft. But it had been a while since the last time it was serviced, which is why my dad spent a couple of hours oiling the chain, changing brake pads and making sure all the nuts and bolts weren’t loose. When we left that Sunday morning, the car was really packed and my bike on the rack behind it. I was headed off towards new adventures.


Chapter 14.
Starting a new life.

When we arrived, I got a key for the room I was to share with a kid I hadn’t even met yet. My mom and dad helped unpacking but much too soon they left to go back home. I really wanted to go back home with them, now second guessing my decision. It felt as if I was the only kid on the school premises. I only left my room when it was time for dinner. The door to the dining hall was open and there were some, but not many, kids in there.

I think maybe 13 were there along with two teachers. I had only talked to one of them shortly when I got my key. We were to talk more after dinner was over. Dinner was nothing like the lunch had been, this was a buffet style, mostly cold stuff, but with some warm dishes made up by leftovers from lunch. I sat at a table by myself, just wanted to loathe in my self-pity. It wasn’t long until first one of the teachers and then three kids sat at my table.

The kids first of all wanted to know where I was from. When I named my small city, none of them knew where it was, so I had to name the region. Coming from so far away led to some murmurs of respect from the other kids. Most of the students came from cities 30-50 km from the school, easily allowing them to go home every weekend and even Wednesday afternoon and early evening. Others like me, had so far to travel that they only went home every other weekend or even less frequently.

We made small talk for about 40 minutes, and after dinner was over for me, I left to go outside to have a smoke. Yeah, I’d picked up that nasty habit, it had been frighteningly easy too. Only after ten cigarettes or so, I was so deep into it, that I’ve since smoked daily. I’ve tried a few times to quit, but only made it last for three months one time. After my smoke, I went to talk to the teacher. He told me of the routine for returning to school after a weekend away.

Then he talked a bit of personal hygiene. That we were expected to shower regularly without having to be told, to brush our teeth morning and evening and of course wash hands after going to the toilet. I didn’t really need to be told that, but it was just part of the welcoming package I guess. He also said that he knew I would probably feel homesick and that I could always come to a teacher and have a chat. Even if it was in the middle of the night.

As we were talking, kids started returning to school and got their keys, some of them said hi to me and wanted to know my name, they told me theirs but I couldn’t really remember any of them. The teacher told me there were 128 students, now that I had joined, making for a full house.

There were 14 full time teachers, 2 student teachers and 2 part time teachers. One matron, and 4 on the kitchen staff. Two janitors as well. And the nice secretary. The manager was also a teacher and he was married to one of the other teachers.

Mind boggling information, I know, it was even worse for me, I’ve left out of what I was told. I left for my room when it was around 8:35PM, I needed another smoke and a pee. Back in my building, there were kids sitting in the lounge area. It was pretty cozy with sofas, armchairs and sofa tables. But when they saw me coming in, and when I unlocked the door to my room, they asked if they could come in and hang.

My room was the biggest room in that building and as we weren’t allowed to smoke in the lounge, but only in our rooms, they wanted to come in to smoke. I wasn’t sure if my roommate would approve which I told them, but they soon convinced me he wouldn’t mind. And when he came in 15 minutes later to a by then really smoke filled room, he only laughed as he opened one of the windows.

I didn’t really get a chance to talk to him until after one of the teachers had been by at 10:30PM and told the last remaining visitors to go to their own room. The teacher said good night to us and went on with his round. I sat on my bed, while my roommate, Pat, sat in an armchair. I was a bit shy, but soon opened up to Pat. He was just so outgoing, a true opposite to my introversion. He made me feel at ease where I had mostly been tense when the room was full of kids I didn’t know.

When we got ready for bed at around 11:30PM, I wondered how I was going to sleep. Not how to fall asleep, but if I was going to sleep naked or not. I waited to see what Pat did. He came back from a visit to the can and shuck his clothes off. He kept his underwear on though. So I thought it best to do the same. As we both turned out our bed lights and I was shaping the pillow to my liking, out of the dark I heard:

Do you wank at night?”

Uh, yeah.”

Cool. Let’s wank now then.”

That night started our nightly competition to see who could finish off first. I usually won to his utter astonishment, frequently asking me how I could shoot so damn quickly. His orgasm was almost always a few minutes later than mine. We jerked off in our own beds, always with the lights out. It was a new experience for me. I silently wished for him to suggest we do each other or even more. Dreaming of that while jerking off was what made me cum so quickly.

The first day at my new school started okay, I kept close to Pat for most of it. He had set his alarm clock to go off at 6:30AM, which was earlier than I was used to from home. I was far too excited to be grumpy from the lack of sleep. Even the smallest of things had to be done differently than I was used to. The morning routine of peeing, brushing teeth, getting dressed, combing hair and all that, had to be done in another order than I did when living at home.

I followed Pat out the hallway and into the toilets. It was a room with three cubicles on one side, four sinks with mirrors on the other. On the opposite wall of the entry door, was a lockable door leading into a shower room with two shower heads. We went into each our own cubicle, it sounded like Pat sat down on the can in his. I only had to take a piss, but really had built up a lot of it during the night. That was nothing out of the ordinary.

But, with Pat sitting only a couple of feet away, albeit shielded by a partition wall, I knew he would be able to hear me pee. I knew, because I could clearly hear him grunting from the other side of the wall. My bladder was full, but I just couldn’t relax enough for the flow to start. I stood there holding my dick with the foreskin pulled back. End of dick pointed towards the bowl, all ready to go. And I couldn’t. I tried to block out the sounds Pat was making.

Imagining that I was all alone in a place far away from anyone. I thought back to when I was at the waterfall in Pula. Remembering the sound of the falling water. And suddenly my pee started spurting.

Damn your dick must be huge,” Pat said bringing me back to the present time.

It really wasn’t, I was just pissing straight into the water in the toilet bowl and I guess the sound of it was pretty loud.

Nah, not really,” I said while doing my best to just keep the flow going. It would hurt like a bitch if it cut off.

You’re pissing like a race horse!”

I guffawed at that. The stream of pee went all over, but fortunately it still went into the bowl, not all over the floor.

With my pee done, I went out to the sink where I had hung my towel and placed my toilette bag. While I was washing my face after having washed my hands, Pat came out from his cubicle. He stood next to me and started on his washing. It was kind of nice, standing there doing stuff next to an age mate. We chatted about what was going to happen during the morning. I was brushing my teeth while he explained the routine.

We have to be in the dining hall before 7:30,” he said, “That’s when they start clearing the food away.”

He then told me that there would be two teachers in the dining hall, that they had a list with all the names of the pupils and that we had to get ticked off on that list. It was their way of making sure everyone was out of bed. Then we could do what we wanted until 7:45 where we had to be inside the “cave”. There, everyone from the school would assemble and sing two songs. That was one of the things I had disliked about the school, when I had considered if I wanted to join.

It actually wasn’t so bad. Quite cool in a way. We went and had breakfast, for that we had to leave our building, walk around 50 meters outside, enter another boarding unit, go down a flight of stairs before walking inside the glass enclosure with all the paintings made by kids. From there I knew my way to the dining hall. After a quick breakfast, we went all the way back to our room and had a smoke.

When we entered the “cave”, which turned out to be quite a big room, with a large lowered sloping half circle in the middle of it. The curved part of it had eight shelves with mattresses on them. It was like an indoors amphitheater. The straight wall had a couple of whiteboards on it, along with two impressive looking speakers. I later found out there was a huge TV hiding behind the whiteboards.

Pat took a binder from a pile of them and told me to take one too. Then we went to sit on one of the shelves. We had to sit in a designated place. There were already quite a lot of kids there and it was quite a ruckus. Some scaled down the shelves like it was a huge stair case, bumping friendly into kids already sitting there. Others used the proper stairs at the wall. When everybody was situated and hushed at, Henning went into the small half circle at the bottom of the amphitheater.

He said that a new student had joined the school today, and asked me to stand and wave to the students. I’ve never enjoyed being the center of attention, never liked the feeling of having a spotlight on me, baring myself. I got it done quickly, blushing from shyness and awkwardness. Just got up on my knees and did a really brief wave with my hand, before slumping back down.

I suppose that’s all we get,” Henning said to the sniggers and a few whistles from some of the kids.

He then told them what my name was, where I came from and to make sure I felt as much at home as they did themselves. To my great relief, he then went on to say what song we should sing as the first. The kids sitting close to me, both those sitting below and in front of me as well as those behind and above me greeted me as we all started leafing through our binders to find the page with the lyrics for the song.

Flemming, my group teacher, started playing on an acoustic guitar and another teacher joined in on a viola. When I looked at the one playing the viola I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. He was huge! Probably more than 2 meters tall, about the same across his shoulders. He had a really big red beard and long red hair. If you gave him a sword, shield and helmet he would be the splitting image of what I imagined a Viking would look like.

We sang two songs that morning, which we would be doing every morning from Monday to Friday. Mostly they were popular Danish songs, but also English songs like Stairway to heaven, House of the rising sun, Beatles songs, and the most popular one: We will rock you by Queen. Yeah we slowed it down somewhat to make the lyrics easier for us to sing, but if you change some of the words (which we did), it is hilarious and with 128 kids and a number of teachers all clapping it sounds really bloody amazing.

The lyrics we sang went something like this:

Buddy, you’re a boy make a big noise
Fuckin’ in the streets gonna turn you gay some day
You got blood on your face
you big disgrace
Kickin’ your cat all over the place

We will we will fuck you

Of course, some of the teachers didn’t really appreciate the new lyrics that one of the kids had composed and taught the rest of us. One of the students was great at playing the piano, so some mornings he was the one who accompanied our singing voices. It actually turned out to be a really cool way to start the day. It woke you up for sure. Particularly when we were allowed to sing that modified Queen song.

After assembly Pat and I went back to our room, having a smoke while he got the stuff he needed for the first period of classes. I really only had to get my pencil case to get ready. That’s where we parted ways for the time being. He was in the year above me and of course had other classes than I was to attend. One of the other kids in our building took me to the class room where we were meant to be. That first class really opened my eyes to just how far behind I was.

It only got worse during the next classes. English and Danish were the only subjects where I was close to being up to speed. The teachers quickly realized this and Flemming, my group teacher had a talk with me one afternoon after the classes were out for the day. He was really nice to talk to and we agreed to me getting some extra homework so I could catch up. I had to teach myself by doing assignments for the subjects I was behind in.

I was adamant to get to the point where I’d be able to pass my exams, but not only passing, to get the best grades possible too. After a week of being bogged down in homework that I couldn’t manage to do all of, I ended up bawling my heart out to Flemming. I was at the point where I’d just want to give up, have my parents come and get me.

But, what are you going to do then?” Flemming asked me gently, “You know you need to pass the exams to get a good job. To make a future for yourself.”

I can’t. I’m an idiot. I don’t get the stuff,” I was really depressed.

You’re not an idiot. You’re actually really smart!”

No, I’m not. I’m the dumbest boy here.”

That’s not how I see you. Nor is it how any of the other teachers think of you.”

Marjorie hates me!”

She doesn’t. She has taken quite a likening to you.”

But she’s always so mean to me.”

Is she? She speaks remarkably of you when we discuss our students.”

I shook my head, not believing him.

She does though. We’re all really pleased with the progress you’ve been making so far.”

He placed his hand on my shoulder and pulled me closer to him in a sort of sideways hug. He kept his arm around me as we talked further. Step by step I got more relaxed and was able to explain in more details what my problems really were. Instead of just saying I hated everything, I was starting to understand that I was putting too much stress on myself. That’s what Flemming told me. I found out that the homework assignments I’d gotten, weren’t to be handed in at a specific time.

Of course I’d need to do them sort of quickly as to sooner catch up to the other students in my classes. But I wasn’t to stress doing them. I ended up having a daily half hour private study session with which ever teacher was on duty that particular day. It helped me a lot as I had a fixed time in which to concentrate on the extra work. I got on the fast track to learning and finally managed to catch up with the rest of the kids in my classes.

It didn’t happen overnight. But steadily I improved my schoolwork. Got increasingly better grades for the assignments I handed in. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t become a straight ‘A’ student. But I actually got to the point where I almost enjoyed being challenged academically. Math was still proving difficult and I never got to appreciate having to learn it. The day when my last private study session was over, my student group had a small party. No not with booze, but we had cake and sodas. It was well cool.

As it was, I got to enjoy the routines at school, my nightly jerk off session with Pat, interacting with the other kids at school. I had my favorites of course, mostly sticking to the group of friends that Pat had made before I joined the school. But I also spent time with other kids not part of our “gang”. And suddenly Christmas was fast approaching. It was the first time I had to make the journey home since being sent off to school.

I couldn’t believe the first month had passed so quickly, but I signed out of the school, lugging two big sports bags with dirty clothing and presents for my mom and dad, and yes even one for Tom. It was a one and a half kilometer walk from the school to the bus stop, but I didn’t have to walk it alone. There were eight of us travelling to the island where my home was. We got on the bus and then switched to the ferry.

It would have been much cooler had I had any spending money, but I was broke as a church rat. I’d spent the money my parents sent me on cigarettes, candy and sometimes sodas, mostly a cheap variation of cola. So I only had exact money for buying the tickets I needed to get home. When we got over on the other side of the sound, the group had dwindled to just five of us. The rest were going in other directions, one even being picked up at the ferry terminal. My now smaller group entered the train headed for Copenhagen.

I got off the train at the right stop, exiting the train station hoping to be able to find my dad. There were so many people who all seemed to be in a hurry. It was the start of the weekend before Christmas, a really busy travelling day. The ferry had been packed so full that it was miracle it didn’t sink while crossing. And we had to stand up in the train for the entire hour as it brought us closer to home. So it was no easy trait to find my dad and go home.

Home. I didn’t really feel at home when I got there. Of course Walter nearly made me trip when I entered the house, because he was so excited to see me again. He jumped up at me and with the weight of the sports bags I nearly lost my footing. I quickly dropped the bags before I got down on my knees and hugged Walter. He was really happy, trying to lick my face and couldn’t stop barking. After a couple of minutes of petting him, trying to answer my mom’s questions, I finally got back up on my feet.

Shooing Walter off, my mom embraced me in a hug. My mom is very short, I was at the time towering over her so it must have looked really funny. She told me that she had missed me so. Of course I said I had missed her too. Which I had, but mostly I had been too busy to have the time to realize just how much I had missed my parents.

Later that evening when I was getting ready for bed, the feeling of not being at home got stronger. Sure, I could see my Amiga sitting there. Turned off, untouched. There was a thin layer of dust on it. It used to be my favorite toy. No, much more than just a toy to me. Now it just sat there, I knew I could turn it on and play a game if I had wanted. It used to be the first thing I did upon returning from my old school. But I didn’t really want to now.

Over the course of the ten days I was away from school during Christmas and the New Year I only sat in front of it maybe twelve hours all in all. Before I left for boarding school, I’d spend 12 hours a day sitting in front of it during holidays.

It felt strange laying in my bed not having Pat talking my ears off. I was waiting in the darkness for the night duty teacher to knock on the door and tell me good night. Of course I knew that wouldn’t really happen, but I was kind of expecting it. I fell asleep in my bed that felt somewhat familiar, but still so very different from the one I had grown used to. I didn’t even wank my dick that night.

The next morning I was on my race bike rather early. My school, or every day, bike being back at the boarding school. The sun hadn’t even risen yet, so it was earlier than 9AM. I was just riding around the once familiar streets, even went to my old school. It was understandably deserted now. School was out all over the country, including this. I left it quickly, not liking the memories it brought to mind. Nah, I decided, my new school was in so many ways so far cooler than that hell on Earth.

Before I really realized what I was doing, I was headed towards Thomas’ house. I wondered what he had been up to, if he might be up for something. If he was home at all. I hadn’t talked to him since I was so quickly whisked away from home to the school. He might have found someone else. Maybe even gotten himself a girlfriend. If so, it would be a really long and boring Christmas holiday for me.

When I rang his doorbell, it was his mom who answered the door. Thomas was still in bed. What laziness. However she said I could just go to his room and get him up. So I took off my heavy winter coat and my shoes. Sneaking into Thomas’ room while trying not to wake him up was rather exciting. I closed his door really carefully, not making any sound at all. Then I turned to see him sprawled out on his back under the duvet. He looked so peaceful and cute laying there. There was a smell of sleeping teenager in the room.

I really wanted to take off all my clothes and wake him by sucking on his cock. But with his family home and a door that couldn’t be locked I wasn’t going to risk it. Instead I called out his name in a loud sing-song voice and jumped onto his bed, probably scaring the crap out of him.

What the hell?” he yelled, then said in a more normal but tired voice, “Oh, it’s you.”

He yawned and stretched his limps then scratched his nose.

Where have you been?” he asked while yawning some more.

I went to a boarding school,” I explained, while my hand snuck itself under the duvet. It was warm under there, particularly since I had been out in the cold morning for an hour or so without gloves. It found a naked, warm thigh but before it could reach his groin, he wriggled away from my hand.

No man, your hand is too fucking cold!”

Spoilsport!” I ripped the duvet off from his body and launched myself on top of him, “So you think my hands are cold?”

Thomas shrieked like a little girl as I started tickling every part of his body that I could reach.

NOOoh,” he laughed while trying to fend for himself, but I didn’t let up that easily, not until he after a few minutes, all of a sudden shoved me making me fall to the floor.

Sorry, but I really have to pee now,” he said and scurried out his door.

After Thomas did his morning business in the bathroom, we had breakfast with his mom and dad. They (his mom and dad) were going Christmas shopping, so asked us to behave ourselves while they were gone. Thomas and I went back to his room.

Open the window and let in some fresh air, dude!” I said when my nose was confronted with the stale air inside his room. The one month at the boarding school had changed me. Before I could have sat in my smoke filled bedroom all day and night without caring one way or another. If there was a lack of oxygen, I didn’t really pay it any mind. Now, I felt like suffocating. Stale farts and bad breath smell sure isn’t nice. But an open window for all of five minutes did wonders. It also made it rather cold in Thomas’ bedroom.

We ended up sitting close next to each other with his duvet over our shoulders.

So, what’s boarding school like?” He wanted to know.

It’s really different. There’s always someone you can hang out with. I got this really cool roommate and a lot of new friends.”

Oh,” he sounded almost disappointed.


I miss you.”

I missed you too. But I’m here now.”

I didn’t have anyone to you-know-what with and school has been so boring without you.”

We talked more, for like half an hour. I couldn’t do anything to make Thomas’ school life more interesting, but I think he already knew that. I told him that I would be home from school on the weekends. Well, not all of them, but at least once every month maybe more frequent. I didn’t know the schedule, not having worked it out with my parents at the time. You see, there were also activities at school during the weekends too.

And some of the activities were really cool. That was one of the reasons for the school to have that van. One of the two teachers who had weekend duty would sometimes take whatever kids that wanted to go, to see a movie or a play. To play paint ball games or maybe canoeing on the fjord. And if the teacher didn’t want to go anywhere, we’d make popcorn and lemonade in the kitchen and watch a movie or two on the big screen TV in the cave.

One of the teachers even agreed to let us do an all-nighter. So five of us kids stayed up the entire night and watched horror/splatter movies. It was downright cool. So I hope you can understand why I was having a hard time choosing between travelling to my home for the weekend or stay at the school. At home, there was Thomas, who I had a lot of pretty good sex with. But we’d only really have a couple of hours on the Saturday to be together in.

Friday night I’d arrive home at around 8 PM all knackered from the long travel. And I’d get in the car to be driven to the train station Sunday at 4:30 PM, in order to be back at the school before 9 PM. My parents wanted to spend time with me too, of course.

I didn’t tell Thomas of all the activities at school. I didn’t want him to envy my new life. Mostly I didn’t want him to know that I had found something I’d rather do than have sex with him. I was confused with that realization myself and didn’t want him to think I didn’t care much for him anymore. I did care a lot for him, I just didn’t have the damn time for everything I wanted. I couldn’t be in two places at once after all, damn it.

Thomas interrupted my thinking by putting his hand my thigh. We were still sitting close to each other under his duvet. I let him fondle my thigh and didn’t object to his hand moving over on top of my dick. I couldn’t be in two places at once, but I was with Thomas right then, which is where I really wanted to be at that time. If he wanted to get dirty with me, so be it. We could always talk afterwards. Or another time. My dick started stiffening. Maybe we’d never talk. It didn’t seem quite so important anymore.

Thomas took charge for a change. I guess it was either because we were in his bedroom or maybe he was too horny to wait for me to do it. He pushed me onto my back, my head hitting the wall next to his bed. It hurt momentarily but he didn’t even notice it happen. He was busy working my jeans off of me and my underoos with them. I lifted my butt up from the bed to help him. He kneeled in front of me and in no time at all was slobbering all over my dick. He paused momentarily and looked up at me.

I hope your butt is clean, I wanna fuck you!” he told me before attacking my dick again.

What the hell has happened while I was gone’ I thought to myself. This wasn’t Thomas as I knew him. But I went with the flow, it was kind of funny seeing him like this. A nice change of pace too, just being able to relax and do what he wanted. If you can relax with a boy you really like between your legs doing all sorts of wonderful things to your dick with his mouth. He stopped far too soon.

Pull your legs up,” he commanded me.

This was a first, we hadn’t done anything face to face other than the few times where I licked his ass. It was something for special occasions. I secretly hoped for him to do that to me, but knew he’d never go that far with me. I did as he wanted, hefting my legs up and held onto the back of my thighs. It wasn’t the most comfortable position, it put some strain on my stomach muscles.

He didn’t have Nivea cream, but he had something almost as good, namely body lotion. He slathered some on my hole.

Work it in yourself.”

I fingered my own butt, nothing entirely new for me, but the first time I did it with someone else present. Thomas shucked off his own clothes, save for his socks, then he squirted some lotion onto his dick. The plastic bottle made a few farting noises as he pushed on it to get the lotion to come out. His dick had grown to a respectable 16 cm now. Exactly 1 cm longer than mine that had by then reached the size it was meant to be.

It had gotten thicker too. About as thick as my own. I knew the tool was able to provide me with a great fuck if only Thomas would take it slow and make it last. It wasn’t the first, nor the last, time Thomas fucked me. It was just the position that was a first. I could see when his dick made first contact with my hole. I felt it too of course, but the visual along with the sensory information made it like watching a movie in stereo. Or surround sound now, if you like.

Where I previously had to rely solely on what my nerve endings could tell me, I could now see. I could easily tell that Thomas wouldn’t be able to get into me like that. He was too low for it to happen like that.

You gotta get up on your knees higher,” I advised him.

He looked up at me like he had forgotten I was in the room. But then he did as I suggested. His first few tries ended in failed entries, that didn’t feel good at all. Like being stabbed in your ass. But then he got it worked out. He pushed his head inside, in pretty much the same fashion as I had when I did him that very first time so long ago.

It made me appreciate the fact that I had loosened my hole with two fingers before the main course of the meal. I winced some, this was no baby dink sinking itself into me. It hurt, but not unbearably so. I also knew it would stop hurting quickly and turn into this awesome sensation of being full. I had put my hand on his stomach to keep him from pushing any deeper inside of me. When I felt ready, I moved my hand out of the way and back to my thigh.

Thomas sank deeper into me, further than ever before. This position let me see it all, him looking down at where his dick was disappearing from sight. I didn’t have the best vantage point to see the action, but I checked with the fingers of one hand. His pubic bone was up against my perineum. His dick as far into me as it would go. I had never had this much meat inside my ass before. It felt weird, but more importantly I had felt the sweet sensations from my happy spot inside my rectum.

As he started slowly long dicking my hole, his head was moving across that spot. On the in stroke, it would glide into me, get in contact with the happy spot and move beyond it. Then the reverse as he pulled out. I closed my eyes to be able to better focus on the feeling of magic spreading throughout me from the center of my body. It felt massively better than with Henry. Henry had just really wanted to get off as quickly as possible.

Thomas on the other hand took his time. At least this time. He might have been missing our sex, but apparently he had finally realized his orgasm would be so much more powerful and satisfying if he took his time to reach it. He changed the speed of which he fucked me. Repeatedly. Started out by going super slow, then like he was the energizer bunny on speed he pummeled me for about a minute. He stopped suddenly with his dick all the way inside.

I opened my eyes and when they were able to focus I saw him looking at me. Smiling. His breath was quick and shallow. Like he had just done a 100 meter sprint on the track.

I missed this,” he whispered to me. He pulled out a tiny bit before slamming back into me.

Ooh,” I gasped, it forced some air out of my lungs.

Like it?”

Ye-aaa-aah.” As I started acknowledging he made a couple more short rapid thrusts into me. I wanted to tell him it felt great, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to. Not when he kept doing me like that. Unfortunately nothing last forever, nor did Thomas. He shot his load inside of me. He recovered for a bit while we both lay on the bed next to each other, bringing us up to speed of what had happened when I had left. Then I got to fuck him.

Just the usual way, nothing real fancy about it this time. Thomas on the bed facing down, me on top of him with my dick buried in his hole. I didn’t last very long, the assault on my happy spot during the onslaught by Thomas, made sure of that. But I gave him about as much sperm as I had received from him. Deep inside his ass. I hadn’t wanked since Thursday night back at the school.

It had been a deeply satisfying Saturday morning for us both. That Saturday, the 21st of December 1991, I biked home from Thomas’ place as a very happy, recently turned 16 years old boy, without a worry on my mind. Thomas would be going to his grandparents to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve. But, I really hadn’t needed to worry about getting bored during the holidays. I had brought back not only dirty clothing but also school/home work.

I wasn’t about to stop learning just because of the holidays. After all, I had taken enough time off during the beginning of the school year. I also knew that it was pretty expensive for my parents to send me to boarding school. I didn’t sit with my nose in a book for the entire holidays. That would probably have been better for my grades. My mom however told me to stop working so hard, to relax a little. Spend some time with the family.

We didn’t get any snow that Christmas. So my dad took me and Tom out racing on our bikes. Both on country roads and on the inside track about 30 km away from home. Yes it was cold when we had to cycle outside, but tiger balm protected the exposed skin. And it wasn’t just riding slowly around. This was training. It was only when we had stopped and until the car got warm that we really got cold. Warm tea in thermos did wonders though.

A bicycle track looks cool, but it is fucking dangerous to ride it. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to ride on it safely. Once you start riding higher up on the sloped corners you got to keep the speed up, otherwise you will take a nasty fall. I didn’t have the courage to go all the way to the top, only Tom did that. Probably to show off. But it did look cool to see him race around at full speed. I only got about a meter up the first slope, before quickly pointing the bike towards the safe and level innermost part of the track. I’m not an idiot.

Flemming had said that and I trusted him.

Chapter 15.
Back to school and trip to Norway.

Sunday the 5th of January, I went back to the school. After boarding the train at one end, I walked through it until I found my mates also going back. We talked about what we’d been doing during Christmas and just a little about the presents we had gotten. As fifteen and sixteen year old young men and women, it was by then considered childish to discuss presents. We did talk about them on the train ride, but not back at the school.

It took me a few days to get back into the routines at Carter. But it was the same for everyone else. Even the teachers who must have had tried it a million of times. Eventually we all settled into the somewhat strict but caring environment that had been set up to not only educate us academically but also domestically. To help us through the transition from being children, and treated as such, to young adults. We were increasingly being treated like young adults too.

The teachers proved that when we were getting closer to our winter trip. The whole school would pick up for one week and travel to Norway. About a month after returning to the school, we were sat down in our student groups and told we had to make plans ourselves. We were going to be lodging in huts, one group per hut, no teachers. They’d be in their own huts, they weren’t even going to bother checking up on us before we went to sleep.

First we were told to make a plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What to eat and drink and figure out who should cook the different meals. When we had done all that, Marjorie told us the amount of money we had in our budget. Which was way less than what we needed for our first plan. We all were annoyed with her and told her so. Asking why she couldn’t have said that we had a budget upfront. But it was all part of the way the school taught us.

As to whom was going to cook, it was easy. One of the kids, a seventeen year old adoptee from Korea said he was going to cook every meal for us the entire week. He wanted to be a cook so that was that. But it didn’t stop at cooking, we had to plan who was going to do the cleaning of the hut, and who would do shopping for food. We got it all worked out fairly smoothly, everybody getting their fair share of chores.

Marjorie and Flemming didn’t have to help us at all. It was just that one time when she told our menu plan wouldn’t work out.

Finally the day arrived where we’d get on the busses and head to Norway. There were two busses both double decked. Pat and I had agreed to sitting next to each other on the top deck and preferably in the first row. To double our chances, we split up, him going into one bus, me in the other. There were already kids lining up at the still shut back door, so I pulled a dirty trick on them. I went to the front door where the driver sat. He let me in when he saw me standing outside.

I asked him if he could give me a little head start before opening the rear door. He thought that was funny so he waited until I had reached the little stair case leading up and then let the rest of the kids in. A few had followed me in the front door, but wanted the seats on the lower deck. As the kids waiting in line saw me already walking up the stairs they told me I had cheated. That I couldn’t have one of the front row seats.

I ignored them and sat down, blocking the seat next to me, telling the few kids who asked if they could sit there that I was saving it for Pat. I couldn’t leave my seat, if I had someone else would surely have stolen it from me. But fortunately Pat hadn’t been able to get the preferred seats in the other bus, so he came looking for me. Lighting up in a big smile as he saw where I was sitting.

It was so cool sitting up there, particularly when we went under bridges and underpasses on the freeway. As we approached them, it really looked like we wouldn’t be able to fit under them. So we held our breath until the solid concrete passed over our heads. It took us a couple of hours to get to the ferry crossing that would take us from Denmark to Sweden. And the crossing would take another four hours in all. The busses drove onto the ferry close to 8 PM.

We went into the cafeteria where we got a late night dinner, nothing spectacular, but enough to fill my empty stomach. That left us with three hours and 15 minutes to kill before having to be back in the busses. I went about on my own, checking out the ferry, even went out on the sun deck, but it was really windy and bloody cold. I ended up in the games room, where there were a few kids from my school playing the arcade style games.

I watched one of them playing, he was really good. I’ve never been any good at playing arcade games having to stand up in front of them. Nah, give me a computer with a keyboard and a mouse, that’s my thing. Plus, I didn’t want to spend any of what little money I had on it. After a while just watching I felt someone put a hand on my butt. At first I thought it was someone who had just brushed against me by mistake or something.

But the hand didn’t leave my butt, in fact it started caressing me. I was still really shy, even if I had come out of my shell around the kids and some of the teachers at school. So I didn’t really know what to do. I prayed for the owner of that hand to take it away and leave me alone. Trying to work up the courage to turn around and tell him or her off. I only really wanted to watch this kid play his game. Even if it was kind of boring.

The owner of the hand must have taken my silence as a way of consenting, as the hand went from just fondling my butt to trying to poke at my butthole. Which wasn’t really possible as I wore a pair of jeans. That didn’t discourage the person though. I made up my mind, this was truly a boring game. The arcade game that is. I was also getting a little horny and worried over getting caught with a stiffy by one of the other kids.

So I walked away from the games room and saw a door leading towards some cabins on the ferry. I went through it and waited in the narrow corridor behind it. I only really wanted my stiffy to go away. Not expecting whoever it was that had fondled me to follow me into the corridor. But sort of hoping for it. The sliding door opened suddenly and this man walked through it. He went past me, but when the door closed he was right back next to me.

I checked him out quickly, thinking if he was a freak I could always walk away. I didn’t consider the risk that he could have easily taken me somewhere against my will. He was a little taller than me and quite husky but muscular. He was clean shaven and had brown hair. I wasn’t really good at judging ages at the time but I thought he was somewhere in his mid-thirties. Not as old as my dad, but clearly not a really young man either.

He was checking me out too. Then he spoke to me. In Norwegian using words I had trouble understanding.

I don’t understand. English?” I asked him in English, of course.

Uh, okay. You a nice boy. Want to have fun? With me?”

Where? I don’t have much time.”

In my truck, on car deck, below. Understand?”

Okay, one of the things I’ve always liked is big rigs. The long haulers. If he wanted to show me his, uh, truck, then I was game. If we were going to have sex inside his truck, then fine by me. I was a bit curious as to how grownups had sex, if it would be different from what I had done so far.

Okay, but only half an hour,” I agreed.

Follow, but not close.”

He led the way down into the depths of the ferry. His truck was on the same deck as our busses, but on the other side of the ferry. It was a big white Volvo F16 Globetrotter with a big refrigerated trailer humming noisily hitched onto it. He unlocked the door and ushered me up and into the cabin. I’ve been inside trucks before that time, but they were just day trucks. This was bloody spacious with a big table like shelf over the instrument panels.

It looked a bit like the cockpit in a plane. So many switches and dials and a CB or HAM radio with microphone hanging from the ceiling. Next to it was a really small TV. Behind the two seats was a bed, which is where I went as the guy came up behind me. It was quite cozy back there, with some books and other less interesting items. He was pulling the curtains in front of the windows of the truck. I thought it was quite cool to have curtains in a truck.

It got rather dark inside the cabin, the car deck had already been kind of eerily dimly lit, but he threw a switch and a soft indirect light lit up all around the cabin where the walls met the ceiling. I quickly decided I wanted to have lights like that in my bedroom at home.

Come take off clothes,” the man told me.

Oh, oh yeah, I wasn’t here to get interior design tips. I took of my shoes, pants and my shirt. Briefly trying to remember where I had put my coat, but then I felt his hands on my body. More precisely at my hips. Where he grabbed hold of my underoos, the very ones he had tried so hard to make go up my asshole earlier. He pushed them down as I got up on my knees. He had shucked his own clothing, all of it, while I had been making notes of how to decorate my bedroom.

You kiss?”

Woah, what? He wants to kiss? Me? Hell yes!’ I didn’t say this, I gave him my answer by puckering up my mouth towards him.

He took a gentle hold of my head and pulled me closer, tilting my head a little in the process. Then lowered his head towards mine. I closed my eyes at this point. It was like electricity when his lips first touched mine. They were soft, a little moist. I guess he had licked his mouth just before touching lips with me. I felt them spread a little and his tongue coming out to play. The tongue moved slowly over my lips for a while, then firmed up and demanded access to my mouth.

I ordered my lips to relax, to allow this foreign object to pass. It moved over the inside of my lips, then I felt a hand move from my neck to my jaw bone. With the gentlest of touches it tried to get me to relax my mouth and let it open. I wasn’t forced into doing it, just shown the way. I opened my mouth, not like I was at the dentist, just enough for his tongue slip in past the last defense made up by my teeth. His tongue sought out mine.

Trying to coerce my tongue to join the fun. It wasn’t hard for him to get it to either. It was nothing like I had pictured my first kiss. It was so much nicer. It may have been with an older guy, a man. More than twice my age. But I’m quite sure if I had gotten my first kiss from let’s say Thomas, then it wouldn’t have been so nice. This guy really knew what he was doing. We swapped spit for five minutes or so. My lips felt almost bruised when he finally moved his lips from mine. He still held on to my head.

You smoke. Naughty boy,” he playfully scolded me.

I blushed. More than I had already. I knew my ears were burning hot. They always did when I had sex.

Naughty but cute,” he continued, “May I make love to you?”

That was the first time I heard that expression for fucking. It sounded so much nicer. I had a look at his dick. It was a bit bigger than Thomas, but not much. I nodded my consent.

He kissed me on my lips again. Even with his tongue. Had I mistaken his request for making love to me? Maybe it really meant to be kissing. But then he pulled away from me, getting some items from a small cupboard behind him. It was a flat cardboard box and a tube of something. When he opened the box I saw it contained condoms.

Want to put one on me?” He asked.

I’m not real good at it,” I said, remembering that time where I had tried to put one on my own dick.

No worry, I have many, you can try until it right.”

I took the box from him, it was like a book, with a strip of five condoms on one side and three on the other. I took out the three and ripped one of the foil enwrapped condoms from the others. It was a bit harder to rip open the foil, and then the annoyingly slippery, strangely smelling condom popped one half out of the foil. Finally managing to get a good grip on it I removed it from the rest of the foil. I examined the latex piece in my hand, trying to remember how to tell which way to roll it on.

We had practiced putting condoms on bananas back in biology class, when we learned about sex. The guy leaned back and let me pull back his foreskin. It was strange handling the cock of a guy I didn’t even know the name of. It wasn’t easy to get the condom to start rolling once I had gotten the head of his dick in it. The little tip of it was full of air too. There shouldn’t be any air in it. That much I knew. I got slightly frustrated and it must have shown as he gently took over.

He just whipped the condom off, rolled it up a bit then pushed the tip flat. He put it on the dick head, then started stroking his dick with downward movements only. It rolled the condom out enclosing his dick. He had to rearrange it when it got to the hairs not only covering his pubic bone but growing partway up the shaft too. He pushed a finger in underneath the condom and got it all the way on like that.

He gave me the tube. At least this part I knew well. But it wasn’t cream or body lotion this stuff. It was the real deal. Bloody slippery too. I couldn’t see the entire name of it on the tube, but I could read part of it. It said “Explorati” then the tube was wrapped up over itself, like a tube of toothpaste. Only this tube was somewhat bigger than toothpaste. And I’m not sure I would have wanted to put this stuff in my mouth.

Put on me then your ass,” he said. Right, I knew how this worked, the cap off the tube, squeeze the tube, oops, not too hard. This stuff was thinner than cream. That was for sure. As I smeared it onto his condom wrapped cock I could feel just how slick it made it.

That ought to do it,’ I told myself and reached behind me to get some of the stuff worked into my hole. I really did have a lot of that clear stuff on my fingers, probably a lot more than really needed. The man didn’t say anything, just sat there looking at my body. Perving at it, if I should stick to the truth. He waited patiently though as I first got one finger worked in and then a second. I considered a third, but decided I didn’t want to be too loose. I wanted to feel that beast going in.

How do you want me?” I asked when I figured the two fingers slipped in and out easily enough. My butt crack felt decidedly wet. Too much of that clear slippery stuff.

Turn around, on hand and knees,” came the husked reply.

This was new to me. Two new things in one day. Three if you consider the ideas for my bedroom lights into the equation. This was turning into a downright Kinder surprise chocolate egg. Which I’ve always loved.

I shuffled around on my knees, the bed really wasn’t large, but I managed easily enough anyway. My clothes lay in front of me. Minus my underoos which I hadn’t taken off myself. Not the time to check where they were, so I backed up a little, making room for myself to get down on my hands. Like a dog. I considered barking, but that would probably have been too childish for the guy. He had a hand on my left hip while getting closer to my butt.

He held my hip tight as he put his dick to my hole. I felt the tip of the condom touch my butt cheek first, then the warm slippery hard point of his head. It slipped down the slope of my cheek towards my crack and ultimately the hole in the center. It was like it knew the way. That it had been making this trip many times before. I was no novice to being fucked either. Just never thought of this position. I could feel the dick head at my opening. Pushing gently.

Too gently. It would take hours for him to get it in like that. So I pushed back at him. With a pop and a gasp from me, his head sunk inside. That “Explorati” whatever stuff was unbelievably good. I had to figure out where to get it from. Nivea cream, fuck you!

You want hard?” the trucker asked me.

I nodded. Not fully knowing what I was agreeing to.

Get on elbows and keep head down.”

When I did that, my face ended up in my shirt. I turned my head and looked back to see what he was going to do. With his dick still inside my ass, he got up into a squatting position and placed his hands on top of my shoulders. Bending over me like that, he started one of the best fucks I’ve ever had in life so far. I don’t know if it was because of the condom or if he just had so much experience and stamina, but it went on for a really long time. At least that is how I remember it.

He used his powerful thigh muscles to really lay into me. If I had thought Henry was rough, this trucker put him to shame. I couldn’t stop moaning and whining as he kept jack hammering into my butt. When I think back to it, I’m happy that we were onboard a noisy ferry with an even noisier trailer behind us. Otherwise anyone walking past the truck would have thought a rape was taking place inside the cabin. Not that anyone would walk by, the lower decks were off limits to passengers during the voyage.

As rough as I was being manhandled I also quite enjoyed it. His cock working like a piston in me felt like it had been molded exactly right for my ass.  It kept knocking into my happy spot, my prostate gland if you don’t know it, and without touching my dick I came on his bedding after a few minutes of being hammered. He must have felt it as my ass really gripped his dick in desperately tight spasms but he kept fucking me. That prolonged my orgasm. To the point where I really thought I’d pass out if he kept it up.

I could hear him breathing quickly, loudly in between my own moans. My mouth was getting dry from breathing so hard through it. But I couldn’t get enough air through my nostrils. I tried to work up some spit but it was hard to keep my mouth closed for a sufficient period of time. His hold on my body felt like I was in a vise. After I came down from my orgasm his undulation of my poor backside stopped feeling great.

He kept on going for a minute or so while I felt like I was being ripped apart. Then my happy spot had recharged. I didn’t reach another orgasm while he spent the next five minutes fucking me to his own orgasm. But he kept me on the point where it felt super nice. He gradually ran out of steam, slowing down, getting back down on his knees. Letting go of my shoulders, he held onto me on both sides of my hips.

He didn’t push it all the way inside when he came like I would have. And what Henry and Thomas had done to me, instead he pulled out his dick, then reinserted his dick head. Repeatedly. Like when a cum spurt shot out of his dick into the condom, his dick head would be just inside my quivering asshole. Finally he didn’t stick his dick head in me again, but slumped down on top of me, kissing my ear and the back of my head.

I thought we were done, but after a minute he got off of me and told me to turn over on my back. I wasn’t really ready for another orgasm or so I thought. Until he coerced a few spurts of cum out of my dick into his sucking mouth.

I left his truck as an extremely well-fucked boy. He had taken his time to wipe my ass really well and helped me into my clothing. I’m not sure if I would have managed to put on my jeans on my own. My butt really hurt. He had given me what equaled $100 and a carton of cigarettes. I didn’t want to take it, but he convinced me. I quickly sought out a toilet. I needed to get some water in my face and just sit and cool down in a stall, before going back to my mates like nothing had happened.

Oh my coat, I got it from Pat when I finally did go back to the cafeteria where the teachers had set up base. After sitting on the toilet for about an hour with my pants down. Sitting in the bus for the remaining nearly nine hour trip through the night wasn’t easy. But I had $100 in my pocket, a carton of smokes in my bag and some candy bought on the ferry. And a great experience richer. I fell asleep sitting in that seat next to Pat with a small but very happy smile on my face.