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Tim and Matt

Tim and Matt were tiptoeing their way out of the house and going into the backyard. The bright light from the full moon high above illuminated their silhouettes. The crickets' chirping was predominant on this warm summer night. The boys did not want to make a sound until they were far away enough from the house. It had to be further than usual because all of the windows were open in the house during this night. The only sound the boys made was their footsteps on the pavement and grass. When they were far away enough, the silence was broken and the boys held each other's hand.

"What do you think about being out here?" Tim whispered into Matt's ear.

"This is incredible, dude," Matt said as he looked around at the shadows that were created by the moonlight.

The scene was picturesque. The older farmhouse stood on a property that had a large field behind it that had patches of tall and short grass. Thick, tall evergreen trees lined up at the back to make the not so subtle border of the property line. The moonlight reflected off the canopy of the trees, casting shadows below. Matt was still amazed with the scene that he looked around. Tim stared into Matt's wandering eyes until the two pairs of eyes locked. Tim and Matt smiled at each other.

"Tim, this is such a beautiful spot," Matt said as he continued to look at Tim. "There's no better place for you and me."

Tim's lips slowly approached Matt's. Matt's mouth opened to accept his long-time companion's tongue. The boys closed their eyes as their hands guided up and down their bodies. Since it was such a warm summer night, the boys were just wearing a pair of flip-flops and a tight pair of shorts. This caused the boys to touch each other the way they desired without being impeded by their clothing. Matt's hand lowered onto Tim's tight abdomen and caressed it softly while Tim lightly touched Matt's developing chest with his left and gently pulled on Matt's shaggy hair with his right. Tim placed his hands on top of Matt's shoulders and raised himself to kiss him from above. From far away, the two silhouettes looked like they came together into one but they were far enough from anyone that nobody could notice. The boys were temporarily enclosed in their own world to enjoy their passionate lovemaking session.

Tim backed his mouth away from Matt for a moment to say, "You're right that this place is so good for us."

The boys looked at each other's brown eyes twinkle with the moonlight. They went back to embracing and making out with each other to the tune of the crickets' chirping. Tim's tongue left Matt's mouth and was left to explore Matt's neck and ears. Matt moaned when Tim lightly sucked on his protruding Adam's apple and the rest of his neck. Tim lowered his mouth just above Matt's shoulder blade and started to bite and suck on it. Matt tensed to Tim's actions but was feeling exhilarated from Tim. When Tim let go, a hickey was left to remind Matt of his love.

Matt moved so he could suck and gently bit on Tim's ear, which caused Tim to moan. Matt then slowly moved around to different parts of Tim's neck to suck on them. Matt glided his tongue up and down the front of Tim's neck. Tim's breathing shortened when he felt the overwhelming pleasure from Matt's mouth licking on his own Adam's apple. Matt decided to back his mouth away and eyed Tim from head to foot in the moonlight.

Some could describe Tim as cute or gorgeous with his clothes on. However, with his clothes off, almost everyone would agree he is Adonis, particularly Matt. Tim had shaggy blond hair that had its ends fan out below the ears. His face had a nice egg shape and also had a light complexion to match his hair. Tim was several inches shorter than Matt but he could still compete with him in a fight. He was thin but his muscles were toned and developed. His biceps, triceps and forearms were bulging out of his small frame. His chest was chiseled and his six-pack abdomen had a tight v-shape. It formed a nice cut where his hip bones poked out. There was not even a trace of hair on Tim's chest and abdomen except for the beginnings of a treasure trail that ran down into his shorts. The bottom of the shorts exposed Tim's thighs that were in a shape of a teardrop, clearly showing he has worked them out. Like his chest, Tim's legs were almost free of hair. The shorts prevented Tim from being completely naked but they covered his tight cheeks. However, Matt was licking his chops when he noticed Tim's shorts were tenting from his hard cock. Matt would have to wait to see the prize.

As Matt was looking at Tim's gorgeous body, Tim was eyeing on his buddy. Matt's body was not as impressive as Tim's, but it was gorgeous. Matt's light brown hair completely covered his eyebrows and ears while just sitting above his eyes. They covered his eyes at time and Matt would have to slide his hair to the side. His face was more round and his complexion was slightly darker than Tim's but it was still cute. Like Tim, Matt's chest and abdomen were completely hairless. His muscles were in the middle of their development but had a toned look to them. They did not appear to bulge as much as Tim's because of Matt's slightly larger frame. Matt's abdomen was flat and toned but was not muscular like Tim's. His legs were just as smooth as Tim's but not as chiseled. Matt's calves were shaped and curved down to his protruding Achilles' heels and ankles. Like Tim, Matt's cock was sticking straight out in his shorts, waiting to be released from its captor.

Matt went back to sucking on Tim's neck as Tim released a sound of pleasure. Tim wanted to kiss Matt again but Matt decided to venture lower this time. Matt's tongue did not stop licking Tim's body as it lowered onto Tim's nipples. There, Matt sucked and delicately bit on one of Tim's nipples as he fondled the other with his hand. Matt oscillated between the two nipples and would lick the space in between them when switching to the other one. Tim moaned from the sensations he was getting from Matt as he rustled with Matt's hair and caressed the back of his neck. Matt decided to venture even lower on Tim's finely sculpted body as he was almost squatting. Matt licked Tim's belly button and caressed Tim's six-pack with both of his hands. Tim instinctively tilted his back, closed his eyes and almost silently wailed because of the enjoyment.

Matt decided to be more adventurous and lowered his hand to the top of Tim's shorts. His fingers were brushing against the skin just above the shorts then lowered them to contact Tim's hard pole. Matt used his palm to rub the head of Tim's cock through the shorts as Tim moaned. Tim could not take it anymore! He wanted his cock to be inside Matt's warm mouth. Tim bent over and signaled he wanted to kiss Matt. Matt obliged by standing up and leaning over to kiss Tim. Tim's tongue encroached into Matt's and played with Matt's tongue as Tim's hands held the back of Matt's head. They released the kiss and Tim sucked on Matt's ear as Matt moaned.

Tim took a break from sucking Matt's ear as he whispered, "Suck me, Matt."

Tim went back to sucking on Matt's ear as Matt slowly fell to his knees and eventually landed on the long grass. As Matt looked up to Tim's face, the moon was brightly shining just ahead of Tim. It provided enough light for Matt to see all of Tim's marvelous body.

In the back of this vast field, Tim and Matt were the only souls. Tim was pitching a huge tent in his shorts as he was standing in front of Matt. Matt was savoring for this moment almost all night as he grabbed the top of Tim's shorts, pulled them slowly down until they fell around Tim's ankles, exposing Tim's cock. It slapped against Tim's stomach as his shorts were pulled down but it pointed straight out just above the horizontal in front of Matt's mouth. Tim's dick was spectacular. It was above average in both length, at about seven inches, and girth. It was circumcised and had a large helmet-shaped head. Tim only had a few pubes that ran up to his treasure trail. His nuts were smooth to the touch. Matt was awestruck by how beautiful Tim's cock was and could not believe it was all his for the taking.

Matt just stared at Tim's beautiful cock and started to gently rub Tim's helmet with his fingers. Tim finally noticed Matt's inaction and said, "Ya know…I would rather have my cock in your mouth than having it just sticking out."

Matt held Tim's cock with his right hand and started to slowly stroke it. Tim moaned as Matt directed Tim's cock into his wide-open, warm mouth. Matt sucked on the large head and Tim slightly gasped from the anticipation being released. Matt licked around the head and tongued along Tim's sensitive underside of it. Tim slowly lowered his hands and placed them on the back of Matt's head. He was disheveling Matt's hair as Matt slowly took Tim's cock in and out of his mouth and stroking it with his hand. Matt lowered his head to take in Tim's large nuts into his mouth. Matt sucked on each ball, one at a time, so that each ball was completely in his mouth. Matt let go sucking on Tim's balls as he tongued his way up Tim's marvelous cock. The hanging pair were glistening in the moonlight with Matt's spit after he was finished sucking on them.

Matt stopped and looked up to him as he said, "I'm gonna make you cum so hard Tim."

"Do it, your cock sucking skills are so good," Tim replied softly.

Matt's tongue went up the underside of Tim's cock, and Matt could feel the tube expanding underneath. Matt knew what he had to do. He went up to the head and completely swallowed Tim's cock as he grabbed Tim's nuts with his hand. Matt's mouth did not move as he tongued the entire underside of Tim's cock. At the same time, Tim's cock was fucking the back of Matt's throat.

"Awwww…fuck, Matt, this is so goooooddddd….," Tim moaned.

Matt laid off deep throating Tim for the moment and focused on Tim's prominent helmet. He tongued all around the head again as he was stroking the shaft. Matt looked up to the boy he was sucking on and could see Tim's eyes were shut as he was experiencing his personal ecstasy. Matt went back to sliding Tim's head in and out of his mouth as he was firmly stroking him. Tim's instincts took over as he was thrusting his hips back and forth into Matt's mouth. Tim's hands on the back of Matt's head controlled Matt from backing away…there was no turning back.

Matt oscillated between deep throating Tim and sucking and stroking him. He could feel Tim's helmet expanding as Tim's breaths became more shallow and shorter. Tim managed an occasional, "aww…fuck!" between his moaning.

Tim was getting tense as he said, "Matt, if you don't stop, I'm gonna cum."

Matt ignored Tim's commands, which was what Tim wanted anyway. Matt continued to stroke Tim's throbbing cock and tickle his nuts as he was sucking and tonguing the helmet. Tim was ready to release his cum as he wailed to Matt to finish him off. Tim grunted a few times and painted Matt's tongue and tonsils with his warm teenage spunk. Tim gasped, panted and thrust his cock into Matt's mouth as Matt was savoring the taste and eventually swallowed Tim's entire load. Tim was in complete ecstasy and Matt allowed him the time to experience the great pleasure of the orgasm and afterglow. Tim eventually came back down to Earth as he opened his eyes and saw his buddy Matthew, on his knees in front of him, with his cock in Matt's hot mouth.

"Aww…fuck, Matt! That was SO awesome, dude!" Tim said as Matt continued to suck on Tim's helmet.

Matt eventually let go and got up to his feet and looked at Tim.

"I love you, Matt. You're so good at sucking me off," Tim whispered into Matt's ear. "No one else could do as good of a job as you."

Tim then tongued Matt's ear as his hand slid down to Matt's shorts where he could feel Matt's woody. Tim used his palm to stroke Matt's helmet through Matt's shorts' thin layer. Matt purred and released a sigh with the pleasure. Tim and Matt embraced in a kiss while Matt's cock was still being attended by Tim's hand.

Tim let go of the kiss as he said, "It's now your turn to get sucked, Matt."

Matt replied with a cheerful, "Yay!" Matt loved when Tim sucked him off because he was so good at it. Tim knew the tricks to getting his buddy to come. Just like Matt not too long ago, Tim slowly went down to his knees as he was licking Matt's chest and flat, smooth stomach. Matt respired short, shallow breathes due to the slight breeze and Tim's cautious, wandering mouth tickling him. Tim stroked Matt's cock through the polyester fabric of the shorts until his face was level with it. Matt's boner looked like it was going to explode out of the shorts until Tim pulled them down and fell to his ankles. Tim was in complete awe seeing Matt's cock bounce and returning to its normal state. Matt, like Tim, had a rather large cock, but was slightly smaller. Matt's dick also was cut and had a similar shape to Tim's. He had a prominent helmet that looked great on top of the long and thick shaft. It was begging for Tim's mouth to suck on it.

"I always loved to see your cock Matt, because it almost looks like mine," Tim said as he stroked Matt's shaft. "You've got such a nice one."

"Thanks," Matt said. "As you know, I like it…a lot."

"Yeah, but it still looks as cute as when you were little," Tim said as he started to really go for it.

Matt cupped his hands to caress Tim's ear and hair as Tim licked the head and stroked Matt's stiffy. Suddenly, Tim ducked his head and took both of Matt's nuts into his mouth. Tim's tongue lapped around both of Matt's balls. Because of Tim's actions, Matt shuddered a little bit. Tim was bringing Matt to the border between pleasure and pain but he knew Matt loved the mixture. Tim's tongue continued to explore the underside of Matt's nuts and then went to lick the crease between Matt's crotch and legs. This as well as Tim's hands massaging Matt's smooth ass contributed to Matt barely holding his excitement from conspicuously escaping his mouth. But he had to in order to prevent anyone from awaking.

Matt whispered as he stroked Tim's hair, "I love when you do that…feels fuckin' amazing."

Matt did not expect his sensations to improve significantly in such a short period of time until Tim licked up Matt's tightening nuts and rigid pole. Tim firmly held Matt's shaft with his hand, getting it into position. Matt gasped again when Tim's tongue slowly circulated around the head of his cock. Tim was working his tongue on the sensitive underside of Matt's helmet when Matt let out a soft, low moan and closed his eyes. He was feeling incredible at this point.

Thinking he was already in heaven, Matt was surprised again when Tim completely swallowed his cock and down into his throat. Since Tim did not have a gag reflex, his throat worked on Matt's pulsing helmet like a professional. Matt felt he could die happy at that moment from Tim's throat tightening around his cock. The feelings were indescribable.

Matt moaned and wanted to fuck Tim's mouth so bad. When his pole pulled out of Tim's cock, Matt held his hands on the back of Tim's head and started pulling Tim in as he was thrusting his hips. Tim wanted Matt's cock so badly, he did not refuse being facefucked by his long-time and gorgeous buddy. Their relationship is incredibly strong and is apparent during their lovemaking. These two boys would do anything to please each other.

Matt was overwhelmed with the pleasure he was receiving. He was losing his mind between Tim facefucking him and fondling his nuts and ass. Matt looked down to see his cock going in and out of Tim's mouth, which was a hot sight for Matt to see. He couldn't take it anymore. He could feel the pressure building from his groin. There was no turning back.

"Uhhhh…fuck, Tim! I love this, I'm gonna cum if you don't stop," Matt said as he was gasping for air.

Tim, like Matt, ignored his partner and continued giving pleasure to him. He was hungry for Matt's cock and load. Tim swallowed Matt for all he was worth. Tim could feel Matt's cock pulsing with his heartbeat; Matt was close to peaking. Matt was so excited that he kept his vigorous attack on Tim's mouth and throat. Tim could feel how close Matt was to his climax and retracted a bit on Matt's expanding cock so his tongue was on his piss hole. He wanted to taste Matt's creamy load.

Matt was whispering to Tim as he shut his eyes, "Ohhhh…fuck, I can't handle it anymore! I'm coming….awww, awwww….."

Matt tensed up as Tim felt his balls drawing up into his body. Matt grunted a few times and exploded. Matt shot his load several times into Tim's mouth as his knees collapsed from underneath. Tim caught Matt from almost falling down from his orgasm but Tim enjoyed the taste of Matt's load as he swished it around his mouth. Matt slowly returned to reality as Tim swallowed every bit of Matt's cum. Matt's load was always good until the last drop.

"Awww…fuck!" Matt grunted as he was catching his breath.

Matt opened his eyes and still saw Tim, on his knees in front of him sucking the now sensitive head of his fuck. Matt twirled Tim's lengthy hair with his fingers. Tim looked up as he licked Matt's cock for the last time…for now.

"That's a fuckin' incredible blowjob," Matt said. "I couldn't believe how good it felt when I painted your tonsils. Fuck yeah!"

"It was so hot seeing and feeling you come like that," Tim replied.

"Damn, we gotta do that again," Matt said.

"We will again soon, Matt," Tim said. "Let's go back inside quietly so we don't wake up mom."

"Good idea, I want to cuddle with you now, anyway," Matt said, "It's better than getting bit by mosquitoes."

Matt and Tim picked up their shorts and placed them back on. They went back into the house holding each other's hand.

End of chapter 1.

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