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Tim and Matt

Chapter 2

Tim and Matt were so quiet as they went through the house that they could hear a pin drop. They did not to make any noises to wake up their parents, particularly their mother. She always complained about the noise they made throughout the night. They definitely did not want her to see them half naked and glowing. They did not want her to catch on, ever!

The boys successfully made it into Tim's room. Tim turned on the switch for the fan as soon as he was inside the room because the heat was stifling. Tim was ready to turn on his desk lamp but the moonlight was coming in through the window. There was no need for any light on this night.

The boys looked at each other and could see each other's outlining with the moonlight. Tim was rubbing his hand on his flat abdomen, which caused Matt to become turned on. Matt walked over to his buddy as his lips approached Tim's. Tim willingly accepted Matt's tongue invasion into his equally submissive mouth. The boys moaned as their tongues fought their own battle. Tim's tongue explored the root of Matt's mouth and the back part of Matt's tongue. Tim slowly backed away from Matt and temporary seized the never ending battle.

"Let's make out in the bed, we don't need any sheets tonight," Tim said.

"When we're done, we can just cuddle and fall asleep," Matt responded.

"Now, you're catching on!"

Tim led Matt into his bed by extending his hand out. Tim took off his shorts and sprawled onto the bed. Matt looked at his older sibling and was still impressed at what he saw. Tim's marvelous body was for Matt's taking and Matt responded by walking over to Tim. Tim got the hint and placed his hands on the waistband on the shorts. Matt's shorts plopped down until they reached his ankles. Tim then rubbed the head of Matt's cock and proceeded to stroke the shaft.

"That feels so good, dude," Matt whispered as he felt getting horned up for some more action.

When Matt was ready, he got onto the bed and placed his knees around Tim's waist. Matt's rigid cock lined up with Tim's pole so that the boys' helmets were pointed straight toward Tim's head. Matt grabbed Tim's and his cock and held them. He slowly stroked both of them with just one of his hands. Tim squealed a bit from the pleasure. The boys were savoring the sensations until Tim stopped.

"I'm so hard, Tim!" Matt said.

"Me too, buddy, but I'm spent," Tim said. "I pretty much collapsed when you gave me that incredible blowjob."

"Yeah, I knew you liked it a lot," Matt replied with a playful punch to Tim's arm. "I'm just that good, you collapsed after only one of them."

Tim chuckled a little because he knew Matt was half-serious and half-joking simultaneously.

"You couldn't handle a second, right Timmy?"

Tim continued to laugh. He loved it when Matt called him by Timmy, just like when they were little.

"Let's wait `til we wake up and then we'll take care of it," Tim said when he recovered.

"Ok but let's still make out, then we can cuddle and fall asleep," Matt said.

Tim signaled Matt to come down. Matt responded by pretty much falling on top of Tim as he wrapped his arms around Tim's neck. Matt allowed his hands to roam on Tim's back, neck and head as the boys kissed each other.

The boys made out non-stop until their bodies gave up. They were sweating profusely from the summer night heat still radiating inside the old style farmhouse. When they were done, Tim laid on his back and Matt slid down the bed and fell to his side besides Tim. He then wrapped his arms around his buddy. The boys laid there with their eyes shut enjoying the time they laid next to each other.

After several moments, the boys rotated so that Tim was spooning Matt. Tim wrapped his arms so that his hands covered Matt's tummy. Tim kissed Matt on the lips and said, "Good night, Matty."

"Night, Timmy," Matt whispered as he returned the kiss.

Tim latched onto Matt for what he was worth for the rest of the night. The moonlight spilled from the window facing the southwest onto Tim's bed later that night. Their beautiful boyish bodies basked and illuminated in the light.

Tim and Matt were fortunate that their parents had to leave the house so early that they never walked into their rooms in the morning. This allowed the boys to sleep in each other's beds every night without the parents ever knowing about their underground and controversial relationship. The bond between the boys radiates whenever they embraced each other or had sex.

Despite Tim being slightly shorter than Matt, he is still Matt's protector. Tim has always had the notion that his duty was to always be looking out for his younger companion. Tim was like the guinea pea for the siblings. It was his way of making sure anything he did would not harm Matt. Only being 14 months apart, the boys became more like twins when they were toddlers. Whatever Tim could do, Matt could do soon afterwards, sometimes immediately by mimicking Tim. This was true when Tim was learning to ride a bicycle. Matt wanted to learn as well, so they were both riding bicycles on their own at the same time. Tim captures the elder status by default but would treat Matt as an equal and he would do anything for his stunningly beautiful, younger sibling. Tim and Matt's relationship is like having a best friend who lived with you ever since you could remember.

Tim woke up as he felt his arms still latched onto Matt. Tim could hear the birds chirping and the various insects flying just outside his window. Tim looked at the clock stating it was 10:14. Tim started to feel adventurous because he knew it was way too late for his parents to be still home. The boys could do whatever they wanted, which was fine by Tim. There was not much more that he wanted to do on this lazy, hot summer day than having sex with his boy Matt.

One of the few downsides of having Matt as a sleeping buddy was Matt being a heavy sleeper. Matt could sleep through almost anything but Tim was about to perform one of the exceptions. Since they did not sleep with sheets and underwear the night before, Tim easily slid down to the foot of the bed and got off. He then kneeled onto the rug so that he was facing Matt's feet. Since Matt could sleep through an airplane flying just overhead, he pulled Matt down by the legs until his feet touched the rug. Matt was still asleep as his cock was about to change from soft to hard. Tim lowered his mouth onto Matt's outie bellybutton and licked it thoroughly. Then he slid his tongue down the beginnings of Matt's treasure trail and rubbed his face in Matt's relatively sparse pubes. He licked the base of Matt's growing pole and eventually reached his nuts. Tim swallowed one at a time as he gently bit each of them. That did it. Tim was not planning to lick up the bottom of Matt's cock when he sucked his nuts.

Matt was startled, "What the fuck is happenin'?"

Matt was in a daze until he noticed that Tim was not lying behind him. After a moment, he realized that his head was not lying on the pillow and his legs were hanging off the bed. Matt was about to lie up when he felt something incredible traveling up his dick and gasped from the surprise. He looked up and saw that Tim was licking up the head. Matt groaned as Tim slowly slid his mouth up and down Matt's helmet.

"Good morning..awwww╔.Tim," was all Matt could muster between the moans.

Tim acknowledged Matt's comment by sliding his mouth deeper down Matt's cock as he hummed Matt's head. Matt was overwhelmed with the pleasure and groaned. Tim continued to hum and purr as he took more of Matt's cock into his mouth. Matt did not know how much longer he could hold on.

"Oh fuck, Tim! This is fuckin' incredible!" Matt was almost screaming.

The boys did not care about the noise since nobody was home. Tim became successful at getting Matt's cock down his throat and humming at the same time without gagging. Matt just about lost it at that moment.

"Awwwww.. fuck, Tim! I'm going to blow, awwww! awwwww! Awwwwww!" Matt exclaimed.

Tim could feel Matt's head expand so that it could barely fit into his throat. He backed away so that he sucked just on the head to savor the taste. Matt could feel the pressure building as he became more aggressive with his grunts and comments. Just before Matt was going to shoot his load into Tim's mouth, Tim backed away completely for a second. He saw Matt's cock pulsing and ready to explode.

" god Tim," Matt said as he was moaning from the anticipation from his climax. "Why the fuck did you do that?"

"I wanted to make you enjoy it more, you'll see," Tim said grinning.

"It better bb..," was Matt could say because Tim went back down on Matt's cock, swallowing it completely.

"Holy shit dude," Matt said moaning as he could feel his helmet was dancing in Tim's throat.

Matt's cock was lodged down there until Tim backed off. Tim bathed the helmet with his saliva and tongue as he jacked Matt off. Matt's nuts tightened and his cock exploded in Tim's mouth. Matt buckled his hips up and Tim almost swallowed Matt whole again. Tim was issued his morning feeding of Matt's hot cream. There was no better way for Tim to wake up than sucking on Matt's cock and having it pulse in his mouth and ending with it feeding him with Matt's delicious spunk. Matt was speechless and continued to moan and pant.

Tim backed off as Matt groaned and experienced the afterglow of his incredible orgasm. Tim was just mesmerized with Matt's rigid cock.  Tim thought it was so beautiful because of its large circumcised helmet and the veiny, long and thick shaft. Tim wanted it in his mouth so bad, he swallowed Matt's rod whole again and Matt almost yelped because his helmet was sensitive. He backed off when Matt whimpered. He then got onto the bed and licked up Matt's hairless stomach, chest and neck. They kissed then exchanged what was left of Matt's cum between their mouths. Matt hummed when he tasted his own cream and they released from their kiss.

 "Shit, dude! That was so fuckin' awesome," Matt said between his pants. "I can't believe you did that, there's no better way to wake up!"

"Yeah, well you just looked so hot lying next to me naked that I wanted to suck you off," Tim responded.

"I think it's even hotter laying down on the bed and having a good view for seeing a hot stud like you sucking me off on his knees."

Matt then rubbed against Tim's hard stomach and slid his hand down the treasure trail. Matt's hand approached Tim's rigid cock and proceeded to slowly rub Tim's helmet. Tim loved what he felt but he had a better idea and stood up to the middle of the room.

"Kneel in front of me Matt and suck my cock," Tim demanded.

"Yes, Tim," Matt obliged without hesitation.

It might seem like an obligation at times, but Matt got off being Tim's cockslut because Tim normally treated him as an equal. Matt's idea is Tim's domination was one way to show how much he loves his only sibling. He liked when Tim got control and used it on him.

Matt stood in front of Tim as the boys began to kiss each other on the lips. Matt caressed Tim's body with his hand. Tim could not wait to get sucked so he pushed down on Matt's shoulders. Matt got the idea as he lowered himself down. Matt licked Tim's abdomen and ran his tongue along Tim's waist. Tim moaned in pleasure but was anxious for Matt to swallow his cock.

Matt went down on his knees with Tim's hard cock right in his face, waiting to be serviced. Matt started his duties by licking the underside of Tim's cock as he looked up to see Tim looking down at him in lust. Tim loved seeing his younger sibling sucking him off because he looked so hot. Matt then grabbed the base of Tim's cock with his hand and held it as he licked the underside of Tim's helmet from side to side. Matt could feel Tim's cock pulse from the incredible pleasure it was receiving from his tongue. Matt then released Tim's cock and opened his mouth as much as he could. Tim took a hold of his cock and slapped it against Matt's face several times. Matt was hoping for Tim to drive his cock into his mouth, he wanted it so bad.

Tim slid his entire cock into Matt's hungry mouth. Tim moaned and said, "Do you like my dick in your mouth, Matty?"

Matt could only manage to spit out a garbled, "Uh-huh" since Tim was in his mouth.

Tim wanted to fuck Matt's throat and accomplished this by holding the back of Matt's head and thrusting his hips towards Matt's mouth. Matt had to adjust to the situation by relaxing the back of his throat. This allowed Tim's member to easily slide in and out. Matt placed both of his hands on Tim's smooth and muscular cheeks and squeezed them, causing Tim to moan. Just to make things interesting, Matt placed his finger near his brother's pucker and attempted to penetrate it. Realizing a great opportunity, Matt stopped the blowjob for one second, to Tim's dismay.

"What's the freakin' hold up, dude?" Tim said as he was frustrated that his pleasure had stopped.

"Hold on, dude. Relax," Matt replied. He laughed inside because he was getting revenge on Tim for temporarily giving him blue balls earlier.

Matt slobbered two of his fingers and placed them near Tim's pucker. Matt opened his mouth again, about to take in Tim's helmet but stopped.

"I know you'll love this," Matt said.

"We'll see, Matty," Tim said. "I hope I'd love this.or else!"

Matt went back to sucking Tim. Matt attempted again with penetrating Tim, but this time Matt was successful with Tim's wailing as evidence. Matt's penetrating fingers struggled to push deeper into Tim but the muscles tensing thwarted the plans.

Matt gave up with pushing further and decided to finger him instead. Matt was slow at first even though Tim was already exploding with pleasure between fucking Matt's mouth and his ass being fingered. He was smacked into another world when Matt increased the pace.

"Awww..fuck, Matt..tthhhiiiissss.. issss .. soooo.. gooooood.. ooooohhh.. goodddd," Tim said in between his pants.

Matt is usually hungry for Tim's sausage when they woke up, but he was craving for it particularly on this day. Matt had an almost unparallel lust and desire for Tim dumping a big load into his mouth.

The overwhelming pleasure caused Tim to suddenly moan like an animal at one point and didn't stop. His dopamine levels were skyrocketing.

Matt looked up at Tim and could see the sweat glistening off of his now red face, straining for his cock to release. Tim wanted to blow his load into Matt's mouth so bad.

Tim was going to get more than he bargained for soon because his cock felt ready to erupt. The helmet increased its size and Tim's nuts moved up and into his body as Tim could feel the pressure build in them.

"Oh god, Matt! Don't stop!"

Matt wanted it so bad that he took over by slapping away Tim's hand and completely swallowing Tim's cock. Matt could feel Tim's head pulse in his throat. Matt slid his mouth up and down Tim's cock, with an occasional deep throat, as he bathed his tongue around it. Tim moans became so loud that the neighbors could have heard some of them, but the boys didn't care at that moment. Matt was so lustful for Tim's cock that nothing could stop him.

"Fuck, Matt, I'm gonna cum..oh god!" Tim wailed.

The intense pressure in Tim's rigid cock caused Tim's orgasm. This all occurred one second before Tim's nuts blasted several wads of cream onto Matt's tongue as Matt savored the sweet taste. The orgasm was so high in intensity that Tim's legs collapsed a bit. Matt responded by stopping his fingering and temporarily supporting Tim's weight.

"Awww..fuck.." Tim yelled as he continued to shoot little spurts onto Matt's hungry tongue.

Tim's afterglow was so gratifying and relieving. He was awestruck by Matt's oral performance and felt that he was drifting. Tim finally opened his eyes after enjoying several moments coming back down and saw Matt still leaving his mouth hungrily open for his cock. Matt grabbed the base and tapped the engorged helmet onto his tongue.

"Damn, dude, that was so fuckin' good," Tim said as he smiled at Matt and stroked his hair. "You're a good boy for sucking my cock like an expert."

"Dude, that was so sick," Matt replied. "I love it when you shoot your warm load into my mouth."

"Oh man, I'm spent," Tim said as he was trying to catch up with his breath. "Let's chill on the bed."

Tim laid on the bed as Matt obliged with Tim's wish. Matt laid right next to him and could feel the sweat coming off of Tim's body and onto his. Tim used his hand to caress Matt's smooth back. Matt closed his eyes and laid on his side facing Tim, using his arms to wrap around Tim's chest. Tim continued to caress his buddy as he closed his eyes as well, daydreaming about his beautiful younger sibling.

The morning suckfest temporarily drained both boys out but were enjoying holding each other. The sunlight poured into the same southwest window that the moonlight did the night before. The room cooked with the intense summer heat, causing the boys to sweat. The sweat acted as a glue between the boys, making it difficult to separate. However, the boys did not want to move from their current positions.

The boys laid right next to each other, loving each other's body pressing against the other, for a long time. The lazy summer day provided the right attitude for the boys to spend time together doing whatever they pleased. Matt had his eyes closed and listened to what was happening outside. Matt had a vision to be out there enjoying the sun and play catch with his beautiful brother. He wanted to see his brother's hot body glisten in the sun and show the ball who's boss. He loved seeing Tim's muscles flex and show his dominance despite being average height. Matt wanted this to occur but desired to lay there for a little bit more, enjoying Tim holding him.

Matt interrupted the silence, "Hey Tim."


"Let's go outside and play catch, we haven't done that in a while."

"That sounds like fun," Tim said as they got up. "I love to see your cute body wind up to throw that ball as far as it can go."

"I can see your hot body sweating in the hot summer sun," Matt said with a grin.

The brothers put on their skimpy soccer shorts they had on the night before since it was the first thing they could find. The idea of going outside naked crossed their minds but they knew the neighbors could see them during the daytime. The consequences could lead to compromising their current relationship. They also put on their flip-flops and went to grab their mitts. Tim's mitt was much nicer than Matt's and envied Tim for having it. Matt decided to swipe his sibling's mitt, as usual.

"You asshole, give me that," Tim said as he snatched his mitt.

"Dude, you should have let me keep it," Matt said with that snide remark.

"Umm. Fuck no," Tim responded. "Buy a better mitt."

"Nah, I'll just keep taking yours, you'll crack someday."

Tim and Matt went into the same area that they used as a scene for last night's love making. Tim and Matt were relatively close to each other as Tim threw the ball first to Matt as a warm-up.

"I can definitely throw much farther than you, dude," Matt said in a way that the younger sibling typically does to show his dominance.

"No way, I own you and you know it," Tim retorted because he knew he had the better arm.

The boys threw a few warm-ups as their arms were accustomed to the throwing. After a few throws, Tim threw a quick pitch to Matt.

"Hey Tim, tell me if you're throwing a fastball to me," Matt said. "Asshole."

Matt decided to walk back so they progressively got further apart after each throw for a few throws. The wind-ups were more taxing and required more strength from the boys.

Despite only playing catch, the boys were sweating profusely. Matt could see beads of sweat reflecting off of Tim's almost hairless body. Matt could also see Tim's muscles at work as he threw the ball to him. This caused a stirring in Matt's shorts and a tent started to form in them. He also got off to seeing Tim's hot body at work. Tim was becoming a man and what he does with athletics enhances his masculinity. Matt felt a surge in passion for an Adonis that is his brother and wanted something more.

Tim and Matt have fucked each other before and enjoyed each occurrence, but they only do it sparingly. They just enjoy sucking each other off because of the frequent, long-term training leading to consistently incredible orgasms.

Today was different because Matt wanted to feel his brother's dominance over him. He was the younger brother but never really felt like one because of their lack of age difference. Today, Matt wanted to feel Tim's cock encroach his hole and fuck him good. Whenever Matt got fucked, he felt overpowered by his older brother's muscular and strong body and now he desires for that same sensation. Matt walked over to Tim and stood about a foot away.

"Dude, I want you to fuck my ass," Matt whispered into Tim's ear.

"No shit?" Tim said looking into Matt's eyes.

"Yeah, I really want you to," Matt said. "But I need you to follow what I tell you."

"Yeah? I'll do anything. I haven't fucked you in a few months."

"Get the lube and a blanket."

"Ugh. Fine, I will," Tim said. "I would have made you do it but I'll make an exception to fuck you."

Tim ran to get the supplies as fast as he could. He came back with a raging hard on but couldn't find Matt.

"Dude, over here," Matt said as he was close to the back of the house where nobody could see anything.

Tim walked over and Matt laid out the blanket. Matt looked down at both of the tents.

"Looks like we're going to have to take care of this," Tim said.

"Yeah, I guess," Matt said as he sprawled on the blanket and stripped off his shorts. "Come get it."

"Oh, I will," Tim said taking off his shorts. His hard and big cock was exposed and ready to fuck his boy Matt.

End of chapter 2

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