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Tim and Matt

Chapter 3

Matt was laying on his back looking up at the hazy blue sky. Matt then looked at Tim and stared into his brilliant eyes. He was so excited for the fuck that he was about to get from his older sibling. Tim kneeled in front of Matt and picked up Matt's feet so that they arched back over Matt's chest. This caused Matt's glorious teenage hole to be exposed. It was hairless, clean and pleading for Tim's cock to fuck it. Tim warmed Matt's hole by going down and licking all around and rimming the edge. Matt moaned in ecstasy following Tim's motions with his tongue. Tim dug his tongue deeper into Matt's hole, causing Matt to squirm and pant.

"Tim, I want your tongue in there! Don't stop!" Matt said.

Tim listened to Matt's pleads and blew into his hole. Tim inserted his tongue deeper into Matt, causing a great sensation to shoot up his back. He backed off and then placed Matt's legs down. He started licking Matt's stomach and continued up to his chest. Tim bit and tugged a little on Matt's nipples and proceeded up to Matt's neck. He nibbled his throat and ear. Matt opened his mouth and Tim went into and engaged in a loving open-mouthed kiss. The boys could feel each other sweating from the heat that was building outside and between them.

Tim had enough. He grabbed the bottle of lube and placed a liberal amount of it on his fingers and spread it over Matt's pucker. He placed one finger in and Matt almost jumped from the pleasure. Tim was slowly warming up Matt for the fuck. Tim slid in two fingers and continued to push deeper into Matt, causing more moans to be emitted from him.

"Oh god, Tim, I can't wait until you fuck me," Matt said in between the moans.

"You won't have to wait too long, here comes number three," Tim said with confidence as he inserted his ring finger into Matt's pucker.

"Damn, Tim this is so good," Matt wailed. "I can't wait for your cock to be inside me, aw, fuck!"

Tim reassured Matt to relax his sphincter some more and Matt followed, pushing his fingers up further. Matt was ready with several more strokes. Tim pulled out his fingers and placed the lube all over his rigid cock. It was ready to encroach the inside of Matt's asshole.

"Dude, fuck me now!" Matt said anxiously.

"Slow down there, Matty. You're lucky I'm your brother and I'll take it slow and easy on you. It's going to take some time."

Tim went down and laid on top of Matt to plant a kiss on Matt's lips. The boys entangled their legs as Tim sucked on Matt's neck. He made love to Matt's protruding Adam's apple as Matt gasped from the inexplicable pleasure. All while doing this, Tim lifted Matt's legs again and positioned his cock over Matt's pucker.

"I just want you to fuck me," Matt said.

"I can tell," Tim chuckled. "If you want it, you got it!"

Tim inserted the head of his throbbing cock into Matt's hole. Matt took a deep breath in from having Tim's cock slowly encroach inside of him. He was enjoying the feeling of his older brother dominating him. He looked up and saw that Tim's eyes were closed from the pleasure. Matt got off from seeing his brother's tight chest and abdomen, knowing that it was all for him to take every night.

"Come on Tim, fuck me!" Matt pleaded.

"I'm trying, I'll rip you in half if I go too fast."

Tim finally had his dick completely inside of Matt's hole. Matt could feel Tim's head press against his prostrate. He needed to hold in his pain and pleasure so that the neighbors did not hear. He was controlled by only letting out moans only Tim could hear. Tim pulled back so that only his head was inside and pushed his whole cock back into Matt. He repeated this process and loved the incredible sensations coming from his dick. Matt's hole was squeezing all around Tim's cock; it caused Tim to desire fucking his sibling even more.

"Matt, you're so tight. Aw…fuck! This is so awesome!" Tim said as he was pounding Matt.

"Oh..Tim..don't stop..I love getting fucked by you!"

Matt spat a loogie onto his hand. He grabbed the base of the cock with his free hand and rubbed the head with the lubricated hand. He loved the sensation he received when jacking solely on the head. As soon as he started, his pleasure escalated onto a whole new level. The feelings he was getting from being fucked traveled up his dick.

Tim could feel Matt's sphincter tightening from Matt's jerking. Tim had a great view of his cock sliding quickly in and out of Matt's tight ass. It was such a sight to see for both of the brothers, but for different reasons. Matt loved getting fucked by Tim because it was one of the few times when he feels like he is the younger brother. Tim taking advantage of him and exercising his older brother status had Matt feel overpowered. Tim looked like an Adonis to Matt and watching his legs and torso acting like a high-speed piston going in and out of him got him off. Tim loved it because they only fuck occasionally, so Matt was still almost as tight as when he was 13. Matt had a great mouth and serviced his cock like an expert. However, Tim also liked a good fuck from his little brother once in a while.

"Oh god, Matt! I can't hold on much longer!"

"Just fuck me, Timmy! Shoot deep inside of me."

Tim continued to fuck Matt's ass hard. He was growling and moaning from his cock being milked by Matt's tight sphincter. He could feel his cum being squeezed from his balls. It only caused Tim to fuck Matt even harder, deeper and faster. He wanted to shoot his seed into his sibling.

"Aw..fuck! Come on and cum inside of me," Matt said. "I want it so bad!"

Matt was moaning even louder because he could feel his balls tightening and about to shoot his load. Matt's face became red and drenched with beads of sweat. His dick was throbbing and could feel the purple head expand. He could feel his cum jet through his pipes. Tim was set to witness an incredible orgasm.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum, awww, awwwwwwwwww.." Matt said as quietly as he could.

The first shot of Matt's load made a splat onto his chest when it touched down. Several more large shots followed and landed right below his ribs. Smaller pools of cum formed on Matt's hairless tummy and sparse pubes. Meanwhile, the orgasm caused Matt's sphincter to spasm uncontrollably around Tim's cock. He moaned about as loud as he could, he held most of it in and Matt could see him holding in his true feelings. He could feel the orgasm coming though.

Matt wanted to taste the cum that was on him but he decided to just lie on the ground because of his afterglow and still being fucked by his brother. Tim was ready to explode by just witnessing his younger brother cum all over himself while being fucked by him! The tightness in Matt's ass was too much for Tim to hold on.

"Fuck, Matt, get ready! it comes!"

Matt could feel Tim's cock expanding and pumping his load into him. Tim moaned and shot his seed into Matt. Shot after shot poured into Matt while Tim was feeling only pure ecstasy. He looked up at the sky and swore he saw stars, even though it was still early afternoon. The situation was total bliss and Tim felt it weave throughout his entire body. After the final shot, Tim pulled his cum soaked cock out of Matt's ass and collapsed on top of Matt.

"Oh god, Tim, I loved it so much," Matt said.

"Yeah, me too, that was sick," Tim tried to say while catching up his breath.

The boys could feel their sweat and Matt's cum forming an adhesive bond between them. Tim's afterglow stayed strong for several minutes while both boys relaxed as they came back to Earth. The hot summer sun was starting to take a toll on them even though it was shady where they were. Tim opened his eyes and looked into Matt's. The boys looked at each other's eyes and then kissed each other. Tim's hands were on the sides of Matt's face, holding it while they were passionately open-mouthed kissing each other. This kiss was for their love. The boys released from their kiss.

"Let's go in, I want to take a shower," Tim said. "With you."

"That would feel great after feeling gross."

"I'm gonna soap every square inch of your body, including your cock," Tim said lustfully.

The boys got up on their feet and took in the towel, gloves shorts and lube. Matt followed Tim into the kitchen. Tim grabbed two glasses from the cupboard and poured water from the faucet. He handed one to Matt.

"Fuck Matt, between the heat and having sex with you, I started to feel lightheaded, like I'm in a trance or something," Tim said as he drank his entire glass quickly.

He drank another glass as Matt finished his first. Tim grabbed Matt by the arm and dragged him into the bathroom. Tim shut the door, turned on the shower faucet and embraced Matt once again with a huge and a kiss.

"That was fuckin' amazing," Tim said as he looked into Matt's eyes with a deep lust. "I want to do that again so bad, lightheaded and all."

"Not right now, you horny bastard," Matt said walking to the shower, I gotta clean you dirty boy up."

The boys hopped into the shower and got rained on by the showerhead. Tim grabbed the bodywash and loofa. He squeezed some and lathered it. He started with Matt's back and scrubbed his way down to the small of it. He turned Matt around and scrubbed his arms and chest. Then he proceeded to move down to Matt's stomach. Matt took the shampoo and applied it; it was efficient since he was getting clean two ways simultaneously.

Tim went down on his knees released the loofa and tongued the rim of Matt's head. He swiveled his around until Matt's cock was all the way down. Matt's pubes were tickling Tim's nose while the cock was held tightly deep down his gullet. Matt moaned in pleasure as he looked down and saw his cock was devoured entirely into Tim's mouth. Matt was almost in pure ecstasy. The drops fell onto Tim as he continued sucking up and down Matt's pole. He grabbed the base and jacked it firmly as he continued oscillating up and down it. Matt couldn't hold on much longer. He was still horny from being fucked.

"Damn, Matt. That's so good, just keep doing it," Matt said in between moans.

Tim continued to go wild on Matt's cock. Tim used the back of his fingers to tap on the bottom of Matt's nuts. Matt used to hands to hold the back of Tim's head and fucked his sibling's willing mouth. Matt was soon over the edge and ready to blow another load. It snuck up on him and could feel the pleasure radiating throughout.

"Oh fuck, here's another one," Matt warned Tim.

Tim ignored his warning and was ready for yet another one of Matt's creamy loads. Matt tensed his cheeks and shot another serving of his seed into Tim's mouth. It sprayed onto Tim's tonsils and slid down his throat. Tim continued to milk the last drops out of Matt. He released and scrubbed the cock thoroughly with the loofa. Matt tensed up from his sensitive head being scrubbed by the rough surface. He moaned loudly, "aaaaaaaahhh..fuck! aaaahhhh!"

"Now, that's one clean cock," Tim said looking up at Matt smiling after being tortured slightly by Tim.

Tim went between Matt's legs, opened Matt's check and tongued Matt's pucker one more time. He finished the job by scrubbing it and progressed down the thighs, calves and feet. Tim stood up and the boys kissed.

"Now it's your turn," Tim said as he handed the bodywash and the loofa to Matt.

Matt kissed Tim and tongued his throat and neck. He scrubbed both and continued to wash the rest of Tim's body. He was so exhausted from his orgasm that he just kissed and tongued the head of Tim's cock. Tim just fucked and sucked off Matt; he was already satisfied.

Matt grabbed the Noxzema and spread it over Tim's face while Tim reciprocated. When it rinsed off, Matt placed his arms over Tim's shoulders and planted a big kiss in Tim's mouth. Tim willingly accepted without much of a fight and made love to Matt. The hot water and steam felt so good. Tim finally turned off the water and grabbed a few towels to dry off.

The boys went into Matt's stifling room. The hot afternoon sun radiated the room despite having the curtains and blinds drawn. They were exhausted from the morning activities, so they decided to plop onto Matt's bed. They held each other and use their hands to caress up and down each other's bodies. They grinned when they looked at each other's cocks at half-mast. They knew that it would be taken care of later. Matt laid his arm and feet over his brother while Tim laid on his back, looking up at the ceiling. The boys closed their eyes and drifted off into their nap.

A while later, Matt woke up and noticed that Tim wasn't around until he looked to see Tim with his back turned away and putting on a dress shirt. Matt stood up and placed his hands on Tim's shoulder and licked the back of Tim's neck. Tim moaned because of the pleasure.

"I guess you're going to work," Matt said when his mouth loosened its grip.

"Yeah, it sucks working," Tim sighed. "But I need money for gas, food and pot."

"What time are you getting home?"

"I get out at 9:30 but I'm got to go make a deal," Tim said. "I'll be back hopefully by 10:15."

"You mean we're gonna smoke tonight?"

"No, you jackass!" Tim said and paused. "Of course, we are. I'm not going on a small trip tonight for nothing."

Matt's expression became excited like a little boy, "Really?"

"Uh huh. I always love getting high with you."

"We can have some real fun afterwards," Matt said slyly.

"What are you going to do when I'm gone?" Tim asked. "Jack off 20 times?"

"Nah, that's another time," Matt retorted. "I'm actually going to Dylan's for a bit and come back for dinner."

Dylan is Matt's friend who lives down the road ten minutes away from walking. They are in the same grade and have been close friends since sixth grade. Dylan's brother Colin is Tim's friend and they're both in the same grade. Over the years, the boys hung out a lot and got to know each other. A little too well..

"So you don't think that I'm not good enough for you?" Tim asked. "Huh?"

"Dylan can suck a cock like it's nobody's business," Matt retorted.

"But you always come back to me because you know you love it," Tim said. "Admit it. You come back for me because I'm better."

Matt laughed, "Yeah, true. I like hanging out with them though."

"Me too with them, we haven't chilled so far this summer," Tim sighed.

Tim looked at the clock, "Oh shit. I gotta go."

Tim and Matt eloped in a slow kiss that seemed to freeze. They didn't want to part, but they had to.

Tim released, "Later, gator."

Tim rustled Matt's hair and left. Matt put on his underwear shorts and t-shirt. He left for Dylan's house.


Tim quietly came back and opened Matt's door. He walked into a dark, stifling room that was music quietly playing in the background. He saw Matt sprawled out on his bed in his boxers asleep. He smiled and went to Matt's desk and turned on the desk light. He got out two joint papers from the package and his bag of freshly purchased pot. He opened the bag and broke it up. Matt was startled, rubbed his eyes and watched Tim. He noticed that he changed out of work outfit to a t-shirt, his tight soccer shorts from the night before and flip-flops. Matt enjoyed it because he got to see Tim's beautiful calves and arms.

"Hey, sleepyhead," Tim said.

Matt was caught off-guard because he was gawking at his hot sibling. "What's going on?"

"What do you think is going on? We're gonna smoke some tree," Tim said as he started rolling the first joint.

"Are mom and dad asleep?" Matt asked.

"Well, let's put it this way," Tim replied nonchalantly. "When I walked past their room, the TV and the lights were off. We're fine."

"Sick, I can't wait to smoke," Matt said sitting up on the bed.

"Yeah, me too," he said as he was rolling the second one. "Put some clothes on, we're going outside."

"The same spot as last night?" Matt asked while he was putting his shorts and shirt on.

"Yup, this is going to be so good," Tim said with a grin. "Hey, what happened at Dylan's?"

"We just chilled and played Halo."

"Did you guys smoke?" Tim asked.

"No, but they're getting some tonight."

"They're doing the same thing we're doing?" Tim asked.

"Uh huh. But their parents left the house tonight for a couple of nights. They're smoking out on the porch while we're way off here."

"Yeah, this kind of sucks that we have to go this far out."

"Guess what?" Matt said with added excitement. "They told me they want us at their house tomorrow and stay over."

"Sick. I don't have work. Are mom and dad alright with it?"

"Yeah I told them during dinner," Matt said excitingly. "We can go there whenever tomorrow."

"I'm excited for tomorrow but I'm excited with what's about to happen."

Tim finished rolling both joints and quickly lighted them on the side to seal them. He presented the two joints in his hand to Matt. Matt's eyes were fixated on them because they were nicely rolled, like a cigarette.

"Those look so beautiful," Matt said.

"That takes some skill, I gotta say," Tim said impressively.

"You have to teach me how to do that," Matt said. "I'm tired of smoking out of my pipe."

"We will, but not tonight," Tim said as he walked Matt out of the room. He placed his arm over Matt's shoulder. "Let's get totally baked but let's be quiet."

Just like the night before, the boys snuck out of their house quietly. They were excited for the festivities to begin and could not wait to arrive at their private spot. As they were walking, the boys looked up at the sky and saw high stratus clouds being highlighted by the moon rising from the southeast. The long streaks of clouds stretched across the horizon from that direction. The boys could see their well-casted silhouettes facing the northwest.

The boys arrived at their spot. Tim reached into his pocket and took out one of the joints and a lighter. Tim lighted the tip of it and brought the mouthpiece to his mouth and sucked in the burning pot. He inhaled the smoke and the drug immediately permeated into his bloodstream. Within seconds, he felt the incredible drug rush radiate throughout his entire body. He took another hit and gave it to Matt.

"How is it?" Matt asked inquisitively.

"It's so good, take a big hit."

Matt didn't need to be told twice. He sucked hard on the joint and inhaled. Just like Tim, the drug infiltrated throughout his body and had a taste of ecstasy. He took his second drag and handed it back to Tim. Matt opened his eyes and stared at the tops of the trees. The pot manipulated his perceptions just enough for him to see different shapes from the shadows that were forming he did not notice before. He looked up into the sky and thought the clouds were moving and changing shapes faster than he ever noticed before. He looked around and heard the insects and grasshoppers making noises all around them. He focused on every sound that surrounded him.

"Oh, shit, this is unbelievable," Matt said with a blank look in his eyes.

"Yeah you took some deep hits, you're feeling good already."

The boys continued to smoke the joints until they were both finished. The boys got progressively higher and had really hazy and cloudy feelings. They couldn't think much. Tim had difficulty putting his lighter back into his pocket. They chuckled at the fact they had difficulty doing almost anything. The only thing that kept them from laughing uncontrollably for hours at nothing was each other's cocks becoming hard and wanted to get them sucked. There was nice tents forming in the boys' pants.

The pot profoundly impaired their judgment; it only caused them to lust for each other even more. Their inhibitions were completely stripped away. Matt and Tim's clothes were soon to follow. Matt walked up to his brother and lustfully looked into his eyes sparkling from the moonlight.

Matt opened up his mouth and Tim soon followed. Their tongues slowly merged together into one as they engaged in a romantic kiss with the moon shining in the background. Their silhouettes in the field captured their passion for each other. Tim took off his shirt as well as Matt's. Tim quickly dropped to his knees and rushed to open up Matt's cargo shorts. Matt got a kick out of seeing Tim racing to get to his cock. The pot caused him to go along for the ride. He felt more sensitive to whatever Tim was doing and enjoyed it so much. He had no desire to resist anything he could do to Matt's cock.

Tim pulled down the boxers with the cargo shorts. When they plopped to Matt's ankles, he kicked them aside. Tim looked up at Matt and had a look of lust for Matt's pleading pole. It was crying for Tim to suck on it. Tim started by cupping the balls with one hand. He caressed and kneaded them lightly as he wrapped hips around the ridge of Matt's cock head. Matt shuddered from the combination of the pleasure and the drug continuing to circulate its euphoric presence.

Tim had one hand on Matt's thigh and the other on Matt's nicely shaped cheek. Matt placed his hands near Tim's ears that were separated by his shaggy hair. He ran his mouth all around Matt's aching cock. He could feel the ribs where as it massaged his lips. Tim lapped his tongue along the underside of Matt's cock, particularly at the head. He could feel it starting to pulse slightly. Tim slid down on Matt's pole and licked both of the nuts and came back up. He was delightfully surprised by the large drop of precum that was on the tip of Matt's cock. Tim lustfully licked the tip of the head and proceeded to swallow it. Matt released a loud moan.

He held Tim's face and thrusted his cock into Tim's tight mouth. Tim was pretty much immobilized and was at Matt's mercy. Matt fucked Tim's mouth like it was a pussy, but this was better since it was his beautiful sibling Tim instead of some girl. It was warm and tight and knew where his favorite spots to be licked. Tim focused his tongue on those places while Matt continued to plow his mouth.

Matt tensed up and grunted as he could feel his cock straining for releasing its sweet nectar. Tim could feel Matt's legs starting to wobble. Tim felt Matt's nuts and they were tight. Matt was ready too erupt in Tim's mouth. Tim didn't make any attempt to stop from his job and finished Matt off. He grabbed Matt's shaft and stroked it vigorously while he rested Matt's head on top of his sliding tongue. Matt was getting ready to explode.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna shoot!" Matt said.

Matt grunted heavily a couple of times and exploded in Tim's mouth. Matt shot so hard that his cum sprayed Tim's tonsils directly. Tim had to prop Matt up; his legs almost collapsed from the incredible pleasure. Tim milked the rest of the cum out as Matt was relishing his orgasm.

"Aw, fuck, man. That was so sick," Matt said looking down at Tim who was still on his knees. "I'm so high too so it was just fuckin' incredible. Nothing better than pot and sex."

Tim stood up so that he was just inches in front of Matt.

"Now it's your turn to suck me off," Tim said in his friendly brother voice.

"My pleasure," Matt said as he stumbled down to his knees.

Matt pulled the waistband of Tim's skimpy soccer shorts (Tim chose to go commando this time) out and Tim's rigid circumcised pole was staring at Matt's face. From Matt's perspective staring straight ahead, Tim's cock had a large spongy head. The oversized helmet had a prominent ridge over its shaft. Matt was awestruck by its beauty and realized that his mouth was the only one that regularly dines on Tim fertile teenage nectar. It seemed like a privilege for Matt to suck his brother's incredible large cock.

"Tim, this is beautiful," Matt said worshipping Tim's cock by jacking it and licking the head.

"It's more beautiful seeing you sucking it," Tim chuckled. "Come can do it."

Matt opened his mouth and swallowed the whole pole into it. Matt's nose and lips were buried into Tim's bush. Matt could feel Tim's head dangling in the back of his throat. Tim gasped with the unbelievable pleasure.

"Yeah, baby suck on that," Tim instructed lovingly. He loved to encourage Matt to suck him off since it made him more willing to enjoy it.

Matt really got into it. The pot caused him to relinquish all shame and reluctance. He tongued all around the rim while firmly jacking the shaft. Matt tightly squeezed and flicked Tim's nuts; the pleasure shot up all the way to his cock's tip. Tim moaned, he held Matt's head and stroked his hair. Matt released his mouth's grip on the head and tongued all the way down to Tim's dangling nutsack. He individually massaged each ball with his tongue, causing Tim to whimper. Matt tongued his way back up the underside of Tim's cock. Matt opened his mouth and bobbed up and down around the shaft as he caressed Tim's nuts.

Tim looked to the side to see the silhouette of him standing in front of Matt with Matt's head riding up and down his pole. The sensations were circling around in his head. The pot confused those thoughts and feelings he was sensing from all around him. It was quite an experiential time for Tim. He couldn't take it anymore. He held Matt by the back of his head and thrusted in as Matt attempted to swallow it all. He almost choked on having Tim's whole cock pushing against the back of his throat.

"Holy shit, Matt, don't stop," Tim said pleading and whincing. "I want you to taste and swallow my load.

Matt became a madman, giving all of his might to make his older sibling explode in his mouth. He rode his tight mouth up and down on it while tonguing the underside. Tim was in a whirlwind and could feel the tension growing.

"You're getting such a huge load," Tim loaned.

Matt hummed that he agreed, Tim urged him on and Matt massaged Tim's cock. That did it, Tim could feel his balls and tubes bursting. Tim grunted and moaned as he painted Matt's mouth with many shots of teenage cream.

"Holy shit, Matt. Oh god, I can't believe this. Aw..fuck," Tim wailed as his cock still spasmed in Matt's sucking mouth.

Matt jacked Tim's cock and licked at the tip to gather the rest of the load. He still had most of it in his mouth. He looked up at his smiling sibling and opened his mouth. Tim lovingly looked down at his younger brother and showed that he was impressed that Matt was able to hold tablespoons of his load in his mouth. Tim wearily crotch down until he was at the same height as Matt.

"Swallow it," Tim whispered.

Matt proceeded to swallow the entire load down his throat giving Tim a great view of it. He saw Matt's Adam apple bob up and down along with his load.

"Oh my god, Matt," Tim said breathing heavily. "That was exhilarating."

Matt kissed Tim on the lips and they intertwined their tongues together. The moonlight was the perfect backdrop to the brothers making out. Their love for each another runs so deep between them. They have there for each other since they could remember. Every kiss they do solidifies their relationship even further, even those many see it as wrong. Their relationship is stronger because of knowing that some see it as not right. They have defied almost everyone about their status.

Matt kissed and sucked on Tim's neck. He licked the front of his throat while Tim shuddered and moaned. This was not just sex, it was making love and they were enjoying it. The boys laid down on the grass still naked and did not stop kissing. They did not stop from sucking, licking or kissing each other for a long period of time. The pot had them easily lose track of time. They kissed one last time and looked each other in the eyes when they released. Each boy smiled at each other.

"I guess it's time to go," Tim said.

"Yeah, we should go cuddle," Matt replied.

"That was so sick, dude," Tim said.

"Yeah, it was so sick seeing my cock in your mouth and you going crazy on it."

The boys put their clothes back on and quietly went back into the house. They had to be careful every time because one misstep would certainly lead to their demise.

The coast was clear when they arrived in Tim's room and shut the door.

"Let's go to sleep, the pot kicked my ass to the ground," Tim said.

"Yeah, let me help you out with that," Matt said taking Tim's t-shirt and shorts off.

Tim took Matt's clothes off and led him backwards towards the bed. They were kissing when they were on the bed and continued when they were laying down. They released and Matt turned over to be spooned by Tim.

"Goodnight, Matt."

"Night," Matt muttered while Tim spooned him.

End of chapter 3.

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