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Tim and Matt

Chapter 4

Tim woke up well after his parents left the house for the day. He looked next to him and saw Matt laying next to him cuddled in the fetal position. The sheets were not used for another night because of the heat, so Tim saw Matt sleeping naked. Matt's almost hairless body had Tim fixated on him. Matt smooth skin was soft to the touch and was flawless. He smiled as he caressed Matt's back and ass with his hand back and forth. He cupped his hand and patted Matt's tight bubble butt. Tim woke up with morningwood and still was sporting a raging hardon. He wanted Matt to take care of it so bad but he knew better since they were going to be with Colin and Dylan soon. Tim laid back down on the bed and cuddled with Matt, facing him.

Tim closed his eyes and laid on the bed, listening to nature's sounds coming from the outdoors. Tim could also hear Matt breathing through his nose but it was faint. Tim caressed Matt's arm, chest and side enjoying his time holding him. Tim lied with his brother until he decided to get out of bed. He went to the kitchen to get breakfast without even thinking of putting on any clothes. No one else was home and it was a hot summer morning so Tim decided to walk around naked just for the sake of it.

Tim grabbed cereal, milk and strawberries and sat at the table. A few minutes after he started eating, Matt walked into the kitchen disoriented naked, still rubbing his eyes. His mop of hair was ruffled from his night's sleep. He grabbed a duplicate bowl of cereal and sat down in the chair next to Tim.

"Hey," Matt muttered in between bites.

"Hey," Tim said.

"When do you want to go to Dylan's?" Matt asked groggily.

"After breakfast, we can shower, dress and go."

"Oh man, I can't wait to go since I left their house yesterday," Matt said with slightly more enthusiasm.

"You're telling me," Tim said in between bites. "You've been off the hook talking about it. I can't wait either..I love having sex with you but we're going to have sex with two hot brothers."

"We can tag-team them," Matt said.

"Uh...yeah, that's I want to do.."

Tim lied and gave away a little bit of his true intentions with the hesitation but Matt was too oblivious for it.

Tim had another plan in his head. He called Colin yesterday when he was on his lunch break and told Colin to team up and dominate their younger sibling. Tim could just imagine Dylan and Matt on their knees and sucking them off at the same time. Tim had a fantasy sometimes that him and Colin controlled their siblings and have them do whatever they desired. Tim also thought it would be great to have Dylan do whatever he desired. He never really had sex with him before on his own. Dylan had sex with Tim, but it was part of a group or a threesome. It would be interesting to find out what Dylan can do straight up.

Tim for the longest time never thought of Dylan as nothing more than Matt's friend and Colin's little brother who was a skateboarder for several years. Tim rarely talked to him unless they were part of the group. Tim always had thought Dylan was just a punk who was too young for him. Tim liked guys at least his own age and Dylan is almost two years younger than Tim. It did not help Dylan's case that he was not mature for his age and constantly was a brat when Tim first knew him.

During the last few months, though, Dylan suddenly just blossomed both physically and emotionally. Dylan seemed to mature quickly during the last few months such that Tim admired him more as time progressed. The previous time Tim saw him, he seemed to progress as a more mature punk, if that makes any sense. Dylan probably realized that he should not be such a jerk to people and act like a badass anymore. Dylan did not have to change his punk look or his favorite pastime for people to like him. Tim now admired his boyish good looks that matured enough to pass as someone he would not mind hanging out with now.

Matt scarfed through his cereal and  got up to go to the bathroom to get the shower ready. Tim finished eating his breakfast and followed Matt. Matt already turned on the water and the boys hopped into the shower. They washed each other from head to toe like the day before. Matt cleaned Tim first. When he was on his knees in front of Tim, he played around with his semi-erect cock. He jacked it a few times as he licked the ridge of the head. Tim could never resist the feeling of Matt's mouth on his dick. He released light moans as Matt was jacking off it off and licking the helmet tightly with his lips. Matt standing up was Tim's cue for his turn. He kissed Matt down the front of Matt's body as the water was spraying them. He swallowed Matt's cock and massaged it in his mouth. Matt moaned as Tim slowly jacked it, giving Matt a great feeling to wake up to. However, he knew that finishing him off would have to wait. He stood up and the boys washed their hair. When they were done, Tim turned off the water and dried each other off.

The boys returned to Tim's room and dressed, although they did not put on that much clothes. Tim decided to go commando and put on a t-shirt and shorts. Matt decided it was a good idea to use Tim's idea. Wearing more than that would be senseless within context.

"This will make it easy for them," Tim said grinning as Matt laughed to the comment.

Tim grabbed his bag of pot as the brothers walked out of the house. They could feel the oppressive heat as soon as they opened the door. Basking in the bright, late morning summer sunlight did not make it any better. The brothers walked along the side of the road so that the shadows from the trees above could shade them.

"It's so hot outside," Tim said. "It's only going to get hotter with you, Colin and Dylan naked and having sex with me."

"Dude, I cannot wait until we smoke and fuck," Matt replied.

"You can never wait until we smoke or have sex," Tim said after laughing his ass off. "That's the only two things I have heard you talk about since last night."

"Tim, you know that the only things I love to do are sleeping, having sex, eating, smoking pot and playing video games."

"I already knew that, those are the only things you have done since school's been out."

"You're jealous since you've had to work."

"You wouldn't even be able to smoke anything if it isn't for me."

Matt playfully fought with Tim as Tim tried to fight back and regain control. He could not get shown up by his little brother. The fighting at least helped pass the time walking in the sweltering heat.

The boys decided that they needed to take a break from the heat so they walked to the side of the curb. They eloped into a hot openmouthed kiss as they stroked each other's hair and held each other's head with their hands. Just when they thought they were safe from anyone seeing them and really getting into their makeout session, they heard the familiar sound of skateboards rolling on the pavement getting louder. They released from their grasps and saw their long time friends Dylan and Colin quickly riding up towards them. Tim and Matt gawked at Colin and Dylan since both looked hot riding on their skateboards. Dylan grinded his broad against the edge of the pavement for his last trick. Tim and Matt both thought seeing Dylan skateboarding was the best thing to watch since he was good looking and he skated so well. Dylan won a few local skateboarding tournaments over the years.

"Sup?" Dylan asked coming off his broad and holding it up against his leg. He used his hands to part his almost shoulder-length chestnut brown hair from covering his spectacular blue eyes. Tim was fixated with Dylan since there was something that Dylan did to get Tim flustered.

"Nothing," Matt said. "It's going to be sick, I'm totally psyched."

"No shit?" Colin said sarcastically.

"He's been talking his head off about it," Tim sighed. "What have you guys been doing?"

"We've been blazing and skating all morning," Colin said. "Nothing like waking up and going to the skate park baked."

"That's so amazing," Matt said. "I would be totally d for that."

"Maybe when we wake up tomorrow," Dylan said. "Want to get going?"

"Yeah, dude, I thought you would never say that," Matt said.

Tim was thinking about Dylan during the entire time they were walking to the house. Tim could not stop thinking about him since he just never noticed him for some reason. Yeah, they would be together in a foursome but there was something different going on this time. The boys arrived at the house and walked up the long driveway.

"Chill on the patio while I get our stuff," Colin said as he separated from the group.

Matt, Tim, and Dylan walked to the patio, located at the back of the house. The patio was shaded by the trees that were overhead. There was nothing but trees out in the distance. They were great for screening them from the neighbors. It was perfect for smoking pot without any fear of being caught. Dylan sat down at the table as Tim sat right next to him and Matt sat opposite of Dylan. When Colin came back, he came back with a large Ziploc bag of pot and a bong that had ice on it. It was the perfect way to smoke pot on this day.

"This one holds ice?" Matt asked as he was inquisitively looking at the piece. "I've never seen that one before."

"Yeah, it has a catcher," Colin said proudly as he held his toy up for the group to awe. "It goes down cool and smooth."

"That's so awesome dude, I'm so jealous," Matt said.

"Yeah, I love this bong, it gets you so high," Colin said as he broke up the pot. "You can just keep breathing in the smoke until you're totally fucked up."

Colin packed the bong with his pot and initiated the day's festivities. He pulled and sucked in the THC for all that it was worth. Colin blew out a large cloud of smoke without much of a cough.

"That was a sick rip," Matt said.

Tim was surprised with how well it worked and was just as excited as Matt to smoke, "I really can't wait to try this bong out after seeing you take that."

Colin handed it off to his sibling and Dylan took a hit. He spat out a cloud of smoke as he slightly coughed.

"You're missing out right now," Dylan said to Matt as his cough persisted and he passed it to Tim. "It's so nice."

Tim lighted it and inhaled the smoke. He let out a plume of smoke and coughed as well. He placed the bong on the table and laid back against the chair. He looked up at the hazy sky as he could feel the drug permeate throughout his entire body. Matt grabbed the bong when Tim released it and lit. As soon as Matt exhaled the smoke, he sank back in his chair, feeling completely relaxed. The boys continued to pass around the bong and smoked from it until they got messed up from it. Tim packed a bowl for the bong when Colin's bowl was exhausted. The boys were laughing at the most trivial of things that those who are not on the drug would simply not understand.  Tim shut his eyes and could hear the laughs coming from Dylan, Colin and Matt.


"Want to head inside?" Colin asked.

"Yeah, I thought you would never say it," Matt said excitingly as he got out of his chair.

The boys picked up their mess and headed into Colin's room. Tim and Matt were greeted by Colin's wide variety of alternative, indie, and punk band posters, CDs, and t-shirts when they entered his room. Tim and Matt always thought that Colin had the most random tastes for music as they never heard of the bands Colin loved the most. Dylan had different likes but kept the theme of listening to relatively unknown punk and hardcore bands. Then again, Dylan and Colin were huge stoners as they smoked everyday. Teenagers who listen to Colin's and Dylan's genres of music were more likely to be potheads.

"You still like this music we never heard of," Matt asked.

"Yeah, I would never listen to anything else," Colin responded. "Listening to top 40 pop on the radio is music sacrilege."

Colin walked over to his cluttered desk to place his bong and pot into his safe. He locked it and placed it under the bed. Dylan and Matt laid down on Colin's bed right next to each other as they watched their older siblings interact with each other. Colin turned his music on and burned some incense. The potent smell of the incense slowly traveled throughout the room and eventually reached Tim and Matt.

"That smells so good, too bad my mom wouldn't let me have it in the house," Tim said.

"Yeah, I only have it out when they're asleep or away," Colin said. "It makes the room smell great, especially when we're in here."

Colin looked up at Tim, who was standing beside him.

"Ready?" Colin asked.

"More than ever," Tim said.

Colin and Tim walked to the bed where their younger siblings were. Colin stood in front of Matt while Tim stood in front of Dylan. Dylan and Matt stopped talking to each other and looked up.

"Are we ready to go, Tim?" Matt asked.

"Tim and I are," Colin said.

"What does that mean?" Matt asked looking up at Tim, still confused from the pot.

"Well, Matt," Tim said. "Colin and I have decided that we are owning your asses this time."

"That's right," Colin added. "Dylan is going to be with Tim while you're with me."

Dylan and Matt looked at each other with an astonished look. They knew they were in for a new adventure. The four boys have had sex together multiple times but Matt and Colin along with Tim and Dylan were as rare as rain and the desert. It just didn't occur since the boys paired with their own sibling or same-age friend.

"What are you waiting for?" Colin said with much more assertion than usual. "Get on your knees and take care of us!"

"Alright," Dylan said as he shrugged his shoulders and smiled at Matt. "This will be fun."

Dylan slid down the bed and kneeled in front of Tim. Matt soon followed Dylan's lead, obviously not as excited as his partner in crime was. Matt had a pouty look, disappointed that his plan was slashed by his older sibling. Matt obliged anyway, scooted off the bed and kneeled in front of Colin. He looked up at Colin and saw his beautiful blue eyes, just like his younger brother. Matt just never noticed Colin's blue pair until now. Dylan looked up at Tim and smiled when he reached for the belt buckle and began unbuckling it.

"Wait a minute," Colin interrupted as he and Tim took a few steps back. "I want you to take off your clothes first."

Dylan and Matt followed Colin's command by standing up and started to take off their clothes.

"Put on a show and take each other's clothes off," Tim said, following Colin's assertiveness.

The younger pair faced each other and grabbed the bottom of each other's shirts. Tim and Colin were in for a display of teenage boy hotness when the shirts were removed and could see their younger brother's shirtless body. Dylan unbuckled Matt's shorts and allowed them to plop on the floor. Dylan as well as Colin were surprised that there was nothing under it!

"You didn't wear any underwear?" Dylan asked.

"I didn't either," Tim said.

"You guys really wanted to get down to business, eh?" Colin asked.

"Yeah, we wanted to be prepared," Matt said with a chuckle now completely nude.

Matt grabbed Dylan's shorts and pulled them down with his boxers all in one motion. The shorts fell around Dylan's ankles and he kicked them off. The younger set of brothers were completely naked from head to toe as the older brothers' cock perked up in their shorts.

Colin stared at the naked boys standing before them, but he focused more on Matt. Colin enjoyed how Matt's body, like Dylan's, was incredibly soft and smooth to the touch as well as only having a few sprouts of hair. Colin caught a glimpse of Matt's rear and enjoyed what he saw. Colin could not resist looking at Matt's smooth white mounds and the nicely developed smooth thighs and calves. When Colin caught a peek of Matt's hard rod, he could not take his eyes off of it.

Tim, on the other hand, was focusing on Dylan's naked body. Even though he just turned 16, Dylan was just growing some peach fuzz on his face. There was no need for him to use a razor. Like his facial hair, Dylan's body had only a few whisps of light brown hair scattered throughout it. The only major source of hair on Dylan's body was the sparse treasure trail running down his bellybutton to his pubic hair. Dylan's body was built solid from his years' worth of intense skateboarding. The muscles in his calves, thighs, forearms and biceps were well-developed. His chest and abdomen were tight, flat and in good shape; nothing spectacular but it was still a great sight to witness. Tim's eyes eventually got a peek of Dylan's cock and kept staring at it. It was just above average in size, the shaft had some girth to it, and the circumcised helmet was quite prominent as it naturally curved slightly above the horizontal. Tim was able to recall what it was like to suck it and licked his chops as he could not wait to wrap his lips around it!

Dylan's had youthful good looks with his unblemished face and shoulder-length hair that was parted to the sides. His skater and punk attitude compounded all of his characteristics into a hot and amazing boy that had many of the girls (and even a few of the boys) to crave. Tim thought that he would have fun with Dylan more than ever. He just never admired his sibling's longtime friend as much as he did now.

"Since you're now naked, kneel in front of us," Colin said with an assertive connotation.

Dylan and Matt complied, even though Matt was incredibly hesitant about the whole plan. He was not up to Tim's plan. He also felt disappointed that Tim knowingly lied to him about what they were doing during breakfast. Tim said to him that he would team up with him against Dylan and Colin. Maybe later it would happen. What really irked Matt was that Tim never mentioned that the arrangement had him on his knees in front of Colin and sucking him off on his own. Matt liked Colin but rather would have went with the plan his sibling and him made beforehand.

Meanwhile, Dylan was smiling at Tim when he looked up at him with Tim's hard cock ready to escape from it's captor. Dylan copped a feel of Tim's chiseled thighs by caressing up and down Tim's shorts with his right hand.

"Alright, boys," Colin said. "Go ahead..."

"You ready?" Tim asked Dylan as they continued to look into each other's eyes.

"Yeah, more than ever," Dylan said with anticipation.

"Well, uh, here you go," Tim said looking down at his belt buckle and started to unbuckle it.

Without any delay, Dylan touched Tim's hands as they finished unbuckling his belt and shorts. Tim relaxed his arms to the side deciding to watch Dylan instead. Since Tim was not wearing any underwear, his full-size pole fell right into Dylan's hands. It was throbbing and pleading for attention from Dylan's mouth. Tim was getting off thinking that Dylan was getting right to business.

Dylan lifted up Tim's shirt just above his finely developed chest. He felt Tim's fine abdomen with one of his hands while groping Tim's cock with his other. Tim finished taking off his shirt by lifting it up and over his head.

Matt was impressed with Dylan's eagerness as he watched his brother being stripped by his friend. Dylan continued by pulling down on Tim's shorts and they plopped onto the floor. Tim kicked them aside and stood there completely naked in front of Dylan.

Colin stroked Matt's hair as Matt looked up at Colin. At first, Matt was incredibly disappointed to suck off Colin but he looked up at him and reevaluated. He never really had sex with Colin on his own before. However, if he was anything like his younger sibling, it would be worth it. Matt still wanted him and Tim to team up, but he would still take this situation. He lifted up Colin's shirt up and over his head to expose his flat abdomen. Matt was surprised that there was not have much fat on it. Colin became more hard as Matt was stripping him. Before long, Colin's cock was poking through his shorts. Matt responded by rubbing the palm of his hand against the head of Colin's cock. Colin moaned and pushed Matt's head closer to his crotch. Matt pressed his nose against Colin's crotch to catch Colin's sweet and musky aroma. Colin gasped and conditioned Matt to progress by placing Matt's left hand over his belt buckle. Matt looked up and finally cracked a smile.

"You really want me to suck your cock," Matt asked maintaining that grin.

"Of course I do, Matt," Colin said as he continued to hold and stroke Matt's hair. "I like you, so just do it."

Matt thought that it might be fun to suck Colin off after almost objecting to it not long ago. Matt complied with Colin's command by unbuckling Colin's belt and stripped his shorts and boxers simultaneously. They fell around Colin's protruding ankles and Colin kicked them aside to join Tim's shorts. Matt was impressed with Colin's body as he studied it closely by looking up and down every inch of it.

Colin was quite lanky, as he did not have much muscle definition. However, Colin's skinny body was quite an adventure for Matt's hands and mouth. Matt could clearly notice his protruding Adam's apple, ribs, shoulder blades, hip bones and tendons. Almost like his younger sibling, Colin only some strands of hair scattered throughout his body other than his legs and arms. Colin's body hair was darker than Dylan's to match his darker brown hair on the top of his head. The most concentrated patch was around his nipples and down his treasure trail.

The four boys were in their positions completely naked. Friends Colin and Tim stood side-by-side with the other's sibling kneeling in front of them. Dylan was rubbing Tim's cockhead with the palm of his hand, causing his pole to expand. Dylan went underneath Tim's cock and sucked on his large globes. Tim looked down and could only see a crescent of Dylan's face as Dylan's hair covered the rest of it. Tim was getting off seeing this beautiful long-haired skater punk boy servicing him. Dylan licked up Tim's nuts and the underside of the cock. Dylan stayed when he reached the head and lapped all around the head. This caused Tim to moan louder.

Matt was still dazed from all the pot he smoked. He was just watching Dylan sucking his brother off the entire time as he realized that he had to do something to Colin. Matt looked up at Colin and decided to suck on his outie bellybutton that rested on a tight set of abs. Matt made his thighs perpendicular to the ground so he could reach it. Colin moaned as Matt stuck his tongue into the bellybutton as hard as he could and swished his tongue around it. Colin firmly held the back of Matt's head as Matt headed south. He slurped down Colin's treasure trail that consisted of sparse dark hairs running down into his pubes. Matt held Colin's pulsing cock with one hand and licked along the top of it. When Matt reached the head, he swallowed it and started to bob on it up and down slowly. Colin competed with Tim's moans as he loved the blowjob he was receiving from Matt.

Dylan did not want to get outcompeted by Matt's performance. Dylan felt the pot caused him to relinquish his inhibitions and enabled him to relax the back of his throat more than he ever thought he could. Tim's pole gradually slid to the back of Dylan's throat. When Tim's cock met the resistance from the back of Dylan's throat, Dylan pushed his head forward as he relaxed his throat even further. Tim's cock popped into Dylan's throat and Dylan's nose was brushing up against Tim's pubes. Tim could feel his cockhead completely wrapped around Dylan's gullet. The pot smoking and the magic coming from Dylan's mouth caused Tim to feel like he was in another dimension. He could barely stand up without tipping over in any direction.

"Aww...fuck Dyl!" Tim said as he moaned and wailed loudly in between his deep breaths.

Dylan slowly bobbed up and down with Tim's throbbing head lodged in his throat. The tight fucking action radiated intense pleasures throughout Tim's body. Tim's natural instincts caused him to grab the back of Dylan's head with his hand. Tim kept it there so Dylan could not pull out.

"That feels so awesome, fuck yeah!" Tim said between grunts.

While Dylan submitted to getting his mouth fucked by Tim, Matt was up to his own tricks. He tightened his lips around Colin's cock as he used his mouth to ride up and down it. Matt oscillated his tongue all over the underside of Colin's head. Colin had his eyes clenched from the great sucking action he was feeling. When he opened his eyes, he saw Matt's fat lips all surrounding his cock bobbing up and down. Matt looked up and their eyes met with a look of lust. Colin was getting off seeing his younger sibling's friend performing a wonderful blowjob on him.

"You like that, Matt?" Colin asked. "Do you really want to get your mouth fucked by me?"

Matt looked up and signaled that he agreed by nodding in between the bobbing. Colin strongly grasped the back of Matt's head and neck. He positioned the tip of his cock just out of the reach of Matt's tongue. Matt was attempting to tongue the tip of Colin's circumcised head, but to no avail since it was just far away enough.

"You want it?" Colin asked.

Matt nodded as he continued to try to get his mouth to contact Colin's cock. He stared hungry at Colin's pole as it bob up and down, matching Colin's heartbeat. Matt was willing to do just about anything for Colin's cock to go back down into his throat.

"Come on, I want it back in my mouth!" Matt pleaded.

"You asked for it!" Colin said slyly.

Colin held the back of Matt's head as he jammed his cock down Matt's mouth. Matt was fighting his gag reflex as Colin was moaning in ecstasy. He could feel Matt's warm and wet mouth massaged his entire cock. The only thing Colin wanted to do to Matt was fuck his mouth and shoot his load down his throat. Matt just allowed Colin's pole to invade and pound his mouth as much as Colin desired.

As all of this was happening, Tim steadily moaned louder. Dylan was using all of his power to suck on Tim's cock. Dylan's mouth finally lost contact with Tim's rod as Dylan licked on Tim's tightening nutsack. Dylan lapped Tim's balls side-to-side as well as up and down while jacking Tim off. Dylan held the base of Tim's straining pole and firmly tapped it onto his tongue. In between the tapping, Dylan would lick around the entire head and suck on it.

"Aww..shit, dude, it feels so incredible!" Tim said.

Dylan rimmed his lips with Tim's cock. He looked up into Tim's eyes and could see that he could not hold on for much longer. Dylan went in for the kill as he put all of Tim's cock down his throat. Tim groaned as he could feel the back of Dylan's throat again. Dylan pulled out some to allow him to not suffocate. Tim held the back of Dylan's mouth again and fucked it. Dylan loosened his mouth up to give Tim deeper access.

Dylan grabbed the base of Tim's cock again and jerked him off while Tim was fucking Dylan's wanting mouth causing Dylan's hair to fly back and forth. Tim could see Dylan's long curtain of hair covering his face beyond his eyes, almost making his anonymous. Tim could also see Dylan's mouth, nose and chin buried deep into Tim's pubes. The pressure inside Tim's nuts grew extremely quickly as Dylan could feel Tim's head and rod expand in his mouth to a slightly larger size. Dylan wanted to finish Tim off by kneading his nuts with his free hand like dough. Tim felt like he could shoot at any moment when Dylan started his motions.

Tim was not able to hold on anymore. He stopped fucking Dylan's mouth and just stood there to let Dylan finish him off. Dylan jerked him off with a tight grip as he licked and sucked on the head. Dylan would occasionally deep throat him in between the licking and sucking.

Colin stopped fucking Matt's mouth and allowed Matt to blow him his way. They were both in disbelief from seeing and hearing what their siblings were doing with each other. Colin was amazed that Dylan completely let go of himself and gave Tim one of his best blowjobs. However, what Dylan and Tim were doing did not distract them too much.

"Aww..that was so good to fuck your mouth," Colin said panting. "You can finish the job, Matt."

Matt released Colin's pole from his mouth and looked up to smile at him. Matt made an effort to look like he was actually enjoying getting his mouth fucked. Matt spat on his hand and jacked Colin up and down his shaft.

When Matt was in rhythm, he started licking and bobbing up and down Colin's helmet. Colin grunted as he could feel his nuts tightening quickly. He was not going to last that much longer.

Dylan could feel the end was near and could not wait to taste and swallow Tim's load.

"Oh, god, Dylan, I can't take it anymore," Tim said in between his cries and moans from the pleasure.

Dylan opened up his mouth and stuck out his tongue as he guided Tim's straining pole to graze his tongue. Tim's sensitive head was overwhelmed by the continuous contact with Dylan's tongue and the intense jacking he was getting from Dylan's skilled hand. It was all too much for Tim as he was about to lose it.

"Aww.. fuck, Dyl! I'm gonna cum...awww....awwwwwww....!!" Tim cried out as he released more intense and loud moans and grunts that led up to his orgasm.

Dylan's hand and mouth milked Tim's cock as he could feel the cream traveling up Tim's tubes. Tim grunted heavily and shot his load. Everyone could see Tim's first shot of cream shoot straight back and painted Dylan's tonsils. The subsequent healthy shots landed onto Dylan's mouth as Dylan used all of his power to get all of Tim's mouth into his mouth. When Tim finally stopped cumming, Dylan licked the rim of Tim's head and kissed the tip of it as he released it.

After seeing his little brother getting a mouthful of his hot friend's cum, Colin became incredibly more horny and was about to bust his load into Matt's mouth. Matt used his tongue to massage Colin's cock as he opened his mouth as much as he could to allow Colin's more expanded cock into it. Colin moaned and grunted as he could feel his orgasm coming.

"Aww...fuck!!!" Tim moaned as he was basking in the afterglow. He tipped over and collapsed onto the bed lying there enjoying his two-way high. The pot continued to circulate around his body and Tim could feel the intense high throughout. He stared up at the ceiling and thought for a second that he was suspended in the air.

Dylan then laid on the bed right next to Tim and looked at the ceiling as well. Dylan's legs felt sore since they were used extensively when he was blowing Tim. Dylan could tell that having sore muscles was a sign that the sex was good. Despite his minor pains, Dylan felt he was on cloud nine since he was high and just earned a mouthful of cum from Matt's hot brother. Dylan turned his head to face Tim and smiled at him. When he finally noticed, Tim managed a smile of satisfaction for Dylan. They both looked up to watch the rest of the show.

"Awww..fuckin' eh," Colin said in between his grunts. "You're about to get my load."

Matt oscillated his tongue on the underside of Colin's helmet. Colin could not take it anymore and held onto the back of Matt's head. Matt could only lick the helmet and stroke up and down the shaft. It seemed like Matt was milking a cow to extract its juices but in this scenario these juices were much sweeter. The milking and sucking action was too much for Colin to handle anymore. He let himself go and could barely stand up under his own power.

"Fuck...I'm gonna come in your mouth..," Colin said wincing in pleasure.

Matt couldn't wait any longer; he had the majority of Colin's tool inside his mouth. He was doing everything to get to taste and swallow every drop of Colin's warm, tasty load. Colin could feel the great orgasmic pleasure spreading throughout his body from his groin. He tensed his muscles throughout, tilted his head up, grunted a few times and shot his cream into Matt's hungry mouth. The first several shots landed on the back of Matt's throat. Matt opened up his mouth so Tim and Dylan could see the last dribble from Colin's cock drip onto Matt's tongue. Matt continued to jack Colin's rod to extract the final drops. Matt sucked the head one last time and gave it a kiss.

"Oh god, ah, fuck!" Colin cried out the pleasure of his orgasm. He could barely stay up as he closed his eyes and feel the different properties of his climax. He felt good all over, almost euphoric with the drug interacting.

Matt got off his knees and stood up in front of Colin. He opened his mouth and showed Colin that he swallowed it all.

Colin opened his eyes and saw Matt's mouth and patted him on the back commending him of his excellent cocksucking skills.

"That was great, woo..shit!" Colin said. "Dude, I can't believe you're that good."

Colin walked to Matt's side and lazily plotted his naked ass on his bed next to his equally naked brother. Dylan caressed his sibling's smooth skin on his chest and abdomen, admiring its firmness.

"Yeah, Matt's a great brother to have at your dispense to suck you off," Tim laughed.

"I gotta say, you had me moaning and it felt great when you blew me," Dylan said looking at Matt with a smile.

Matt's face became beat red after hearing his brother, best friend and best friend's brother all complementing him of his oral sex skills and cumming in his mouth. Matt always had a tendency to become shy when praised on the spot. This was definitely sort of awkward, even within the context that it was occurring. However, he was proud that he could get his closest male friends to enjoy getting off and busting a nut with his mouth.

That thought made Matt horny again and realized that Dylan and him did not come yet. He signaled to Dylan that it's their turn.

"What about Matt and me, guys?" Dylan asked.

"Oh, we have something in store..." Colin said with the slyest grin as he wrapped his arm around his younger sibling's shoulders.

Tim, right on cue and still naked, got up from the bed and left the room to go downstairs. Matt and Dylan looked at each other surprised again; they really had no idea what was going on this time. Colin put on a show to reassure his sibling and friend but they knew his ultimate intentions.

"Don't you worry, nothing bad is going to happen," Colin said as he caressed Dylan's chest and abdomen with his hand. "It'll just get a little interesting..."

Tim came back with the mystery items behind his back. The anticipation was increasing as every second passed.

"What did you get?" Matt asked sheepishly.

"This," Tim said as he revealed the chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

"That's right, you two are going to put the syrup and whipped cream, then lick it off of each other," Colin said proudly. "When you're done, then we want you to do a 69."

"We're just gonna watch you guys to get horned up for later," Tim said.

Matt and Dylan had an astonished look when their eyes looked at each other. Tim and Colin's plans were coming way out of left field. This time, though, they kind of liked the idea of licking food off of each other. Tim and Colin could not wait to see their siblings getting off in each other's mouth so they are ready for what is coming up afterwards.

End of Chapter 4.

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