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To Grandmother's House We Go

By Paul S. Stevens and Billy'sStories

"Ho Ho Ho" Dad said, as he and Mom left for Granny's on Wednesday morning.

They were leaving two days ahead of us because Granny needed Mom and Dad to take her Christmas shopping and buy a Christmas tree to get the house ready for Christmas. My brother and I had two more days of school left before we would begin our Christmas break. It was a 15 hour trip from our house, so they would drive for about eight hours and then stop for the night. Then they would drive the remainder of the way the following day.

The two of us were home alone until we would follow them up on Friday. Our parents left us money for food, gas for the car and a credit card for the motel room as we would be joining them after school let out on Friday. It sounds simple enough, right?

Here's how it was supposed to work out:

It was my brother Tom, who is 2 years older then me, who was going to do the driving. It was arranged that my cousin Jay, who is 2 years younger then me, would be tagging along with us. School was almost out, and we were about to begin the majority of our Christmas vacation at Granny's.

I have a wonderful boyfriend named Steven, who I'm really going to miss, big time. Since we both knew I was going to be away for Christmas, we exchanged our Christmas presents during our lunch break earlier today.

At the end of the day, I walked Steven out to his car to say `goodbye' and to wish him a `Merry Christmas' before I would be leaving. I looked around the parking lot to be sure I wouldn't be observed and then gave my wonderful Steven a loving goodbye kiss before he got into his car and drove away. I turned to go and wait by the school entrance where Tom was to pick me up. My suitcase and everything I needed for the trip had been pre-loaded in the trunk of his car since we were going to head off directly after school let out for the day.

I waved to Steven as he exited the parking lot and took a deep breath. God, I was going to miss him! I turned to walk back to the parking lot entrance and was startled by a car horn. I thought perhaps it was another friend I hadn't noticed, honking to say goodbye. I turned to look and got the shock of my life I couldn't believe I just got busted! It was Tom and my cousin Jay who I hadn't noticed were parked two rows behind Steven's car. When I looked around before I kissed Steven, I was looking for other students who were walking to their cars. I really didn't think that someone might be sitting in a parked car. I couldn't believe that Tom and Jay had seen my passionate kiss in silence. I looked through my brother's windshield and he had this evil smirk on his face, and Jay was sitting next to him, laughing his ass off. Now they both knew my secret. I was out to a few close friends, but not to anyone in my family, especially Tom.

I turned red with embarrassment. All I wanted to do was run in the school and hide somewhere, but I knew there was no way around this. I was just going to have to confront it sooner or later and suck it up. So I went over to his car, threw my back pack and the Christmas present I had just received from Steven along with my books, on the floor of the back seat. Then I got in and closed the door. Jay was still giggling as he turned and stared at me from the front seat. Tom, on the other hand, was silent as he backed out of the space he had parked in and drove off school grounds. We drove for about a mile and then got on the interstate, heading to Granny's, in complete silence.

After we got on the interstate, it was still deadly silent, except for the CD player turned down low, playing `Over the River and Through the Wood'. The longer we traveled in silence, the more the tension grew. I knew that Tom was deep in thought, deciding what he was going to do. After about 15 minutes of apprehensive silence, my brother finally spoke. I expected him to call me a faggot or something like that, but he surprised the hell out of me and just said one word.


"Who are you talking to?" I asked as I acted all nave.

"I'm talking to you, asshole!" Tom snapped.

Jay burst out laughing again as he continued to stare at me from the front seat.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I said.

"Do I have to spell it out for you, dick breath?" he growled. "Strip! Right Fuckin' Now!"

Again, I played it off, but I was starting to get scared and oddly horny. "Why?"

"Do you want Dad and Mom to know that they've got a faggot son?" he clarified.

"Oh, please don't tell them that. You know that they'd go ape-shit on me," I said to him. "You wouldn't do that to your own brother, would you?"

"Well, no. I won't tell them as long as you obey me and Jay and do everything we tell you to do for the next twenty-four hours," he explained. "So... Now Strip!"

I was now in a kind of panic. No, not a panic, more like petrified.

"Here? In the car?" I stupidly asked.

Jay, who had done nothing but laugh at everything my brother said, finally spoke for himself.

"No! Out on the hood of the car, dork," Jay chided. "Are you really this stupid?"

Now it was my brother's turn to laugh.

"So, do you want me to pick up my cell phone and call Mom and Dad right now or what?" Tom threatened.

"No, I'll do what you said," I told him. "You don't have to call them, but do I have to take off my sneakers and everything?"

"Everything asshole," he sneered.

So I sheepishly put my left foot up on the back of the front seat and started to untie my Air Jordans. Jay stopped staring and turned around, but would still glance over at me every once in a while. Tom just kept his eyes on the road. I took my shoe off and peeled off my sock. Then I did the same to my right foot.

"Hey man, turn up the heat," I complained. "It's freakin' cold in here."

I saw him concede and turn up the thermostat and fan motor, but only just a enough to stop me from complaining.

Then, I started to take off my jacket. We lived where it stayed in the upper 50's to lower 60's for most of the winter, so I just had on a light jacket. After that, I started on in on my shirt. As I was pulling it off, Jay started staring again as I got closer to being completely naked. At this point, even Tom started taking glances at me in his rear view mirror. I had a quick thought and wondered why they were so interested in me getting bare-assed. As I started in on my pants, Jay's eyes became glued to my half naked body. Tom and I had seen each other naked all the time since we shared a bathroom, but of course he didn't know I was gay at the time. On the other hand, Jay had never seen me naked at all before, so this would be a new experience for him. I started giving Jay a dirty look, but decided to play it cool instead. I quickly lost my boxers, being cool and trying to make it look like it was no big deal. Unfortunately, because I was nervous and in an embarrassing situation, I was rock hard as my boxers came off. Jay burst into giddy delight once again.

"Now what's so funny?" Tom asked.

"Sam's got a hardon!" Jay giggled, sounding like a kid.

Tom maneuvered the rear view mirror downward to take a look for himself.

"That's all you got?" Tom laughed. Of course Tom had never seen me hard before. I had to wonder if he had much more than me since he was my brother and we probably had the same equipment.

"I'm a shower, not a grower" I said in my defense. "I doubt yours is much bigger."

"Shut the fuck up, asshole," he shouted, while Jay just started laughing harder.

I'm about three inches soft and about five and a half inches hard. My boyfriend Steven was always cool about `little Sam'. Even though Steven has almost seven inches of plump boymeat, he never complained about the size of my equipment.

So I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to become Tom and Jay's live entertainment for the trip. I know it must have looked funny seeing a guy with his shirt off at this time of year, but that was okay as long as, for the most part, other passing cars couldn't see into the car to know I was naked and hard as a rock. Of course there was always the occasional trucker.

"Okay now," Tom ordered. "As long as you're hard and horny... Wank Yourself!"

Well, I was through playing coy. I wrapped my hand around my solid column and went at it fast and furiously. Jay, of course, laughed again without moving his eyes off of me for even a split second. I was surprised his neck hadn't broken by now with him continually twisting around like a pretzel. Then he surprised me by taking off his seat belt so he could hop into the back seat with me. He moved my back pack over and strapped himself in next to me in the back seat to be up close and personal. Then he stared fixedly at my hand as I pumped my cock into submission.

"Now I want to see you catch it in your hand," Tom instructed.

Jay laughed even harder and started licking his lips. It literally started to freak me out. I was so nervous that it took me about twenty minutes to coax my cock into cuming, since I went from hard to soft and then to hard again. Just as I was ordered to do, I caught my flying wad in my hand and then squeezed the remainder out of my cock as I pulled and yanked out every drop. I had a pretty good idea why Tom had ordered me to catch it. I was hoping it was just because he didn't want my jizz messing up his car's upholstery, but I knew it wasn't that. I was just waiting for him to say it.

"Okay you horny ass," Tom stated. "Eat it!"

What Tom didn't know was, I already knew what my own cum tasted like, plus I'd eaten gallons of Steven's homeboy brew since the time we became secret boyfriends nine months ago. Jay watched in awe as I joyously licked my prize off my palm and then licked my fingers clean. I put on a good show and slurped and sucked until my hand was clean. I was surprised that it didn't get another laugh from Jay. He probably didn't think I'd really do it and was in total shock to watch me devour it without flinching.

"Did he do it?" Tom asked Jay, since he wasn't able to take his eyes off the road to know if I had.

"Um, yeah," Jay answered dumbfounded. "I think he loved it!"

"No way!" Tom exclaimed, expecting Jay to tell him I hadn't.

"I know!" Jay said. "I can't believe it either, and I was watching him do it!"

Well, anyway, we were all pretty hungry by then and I sat naked in the back as I watched Tom exit the interstate. As we came around the off-ramp I could see that we had a number of fast food places to choose from.

"Hey Tom," Jay suggested. "Let's do Burger King!" Tom took Jay's request and headed for BK.

"Should I get dressed now?" I asked.

"No, that's not necessary," Tom calmly stated. "We're just going to use the drive-thru."

I started to get angry that Tom was going to humiliate me so thoughtlessly like that, in a public place no less. So, into the Burger King take-out line we went. There were four other cars in front of us at the menu board. Jay took the opportunity to jump back into the front seat. As we waited for our turn to order, Tom told me to get hard again. Jay naturally laughed once more. I don't think he ever stopped laughing. I was going to say something to him when I remembered that I was only a quick phone call away from being snitched on. So, I ignored him and got myself hard by the time we got to the pick-up window, as I was told to do.

The girl at the window was handing Tom our order when I saw her look into the backseat and noticed that I wasn't wearing a shirt in this cold weather. Then her eyes followed my naked body down to my hard cock and saw me in all my glory. She turned red, frozen in a compelling stare.

"Do you like what you see?" Tom asked.

"Yes," she meekly answered.

"Consider that your tip!" Tom told her and then drove away.

I know I must've been red as a beet myself after having been humiliated like that. Jay fell into another fit of laughter, this time, spewing Sprite out his nose. At this point, I was too hungry to care anymore, so I ate my dinner in silence. Luckily, I was left alone as we all ate in peace. Tom and Jay finished their meals quickly as I began to eat my turnover dessert. Before I knew it, we were back on the interstate again.

"Hey, Jay," Tom said. "Why don't you get in the backseat with Sam again? I have an idea."

Jay looked at Tom and then he looked at me. I guess he still hadn't seen enough of my naked body yet, up close and personal, so he un-buckled his seatbelt and jumped in the back seat with me again without even needing to be talked into it.

"Good," Tom said to Jay. "Now cousin, I'll give you a fantastic surprise if you strip naked along with Sam."

Jay looked a little confused as he wondered if he was being double crossed and tossed to the other side.

"What?" he said. "No fucking way!"

"Its okay, go ahead," Tom told him. "Strip and you'll see, I promise!"

Up to now, Jay was led to believe that he was an equal partner with Tom when it came to ordering me around, but he was about to find out differently. My cousin Jay was always a little on the wild side anyway, so he shrugged his shoulders and conceded to strip. I guess Tom wanted both of us to know that he, and he alone, was in total control of things, a lesson that Jay was about to learn. I looked over at Jay and watched him voluntarily strip off his shirt and then his black Doc Martens. I found it interesting that he decided to keep his socks on though. As he slipped off his pants, I was kind of surprised to see that he was wearing a very sexy pair of tight fitting, black Calvin Klein briefs. This time, it was me who was doing all the staring.

"Okay faggot," Jay snarled at me. "I hope you like it!" Then, he pulled them off too, revealing his semi-hard boner.

"All right, Tom, I stripped. Now what?"

"Have you ever gotten a blowjob before?" Tom asked Jay with all seriousness.

I knew what was coming next.

"Well," Jay confessed. "There was this one girl who had given me one once, but when I started to get close, so she stopped and jerked me off the rest of the way."

"Well then," Tom said. "Now's your chance to see what the real thing is like, from a real gay boy no less!"

Just the thought of getting a blowjob caused Jay to flush with excitement and made his semi-erect cock pop into a column of rock solid readiness. I could even see a little bubble of pre-jizz shine on the tip of his cockhead.

"Tom," I forcefully complained as I felt this kind of strange feeling start to grow in the pit of my stomach at the thought of having to blow my own cousin. I had mixed emotions about this. Part of me wanted to do it and the other was totally disgusted.

"Just Do It!" Tom growled.

So I took a deep breath, licked my lips and closed my eyes and then bent over to take my cousin's rock hard cock into my mouth. I felt the tip of his dick enter my mouth and willed myself to suck him. I sucked him lightly at first, and then more deeply. I was happy that his cock wasn't any bigger than five inches. I was relieved to know that I had Jay beat by at least a half an inch. It would have been far more humiliating for me if his dick had been bigger then mine.

I made up my mind that, since Jay had done nothing but laugh at me from the time we left the school parking lot until now, I was only going to give him a generic blowjob and maybe even scrape my teeth a little on his sensitive glans. I wanted to save my newly honed cock sucking skills for Steven. It only took a couple of minutes of me putting in the smallest effort into it before Jay started moaning away. I did swirl my tongue around the head of his dick once or twice, mostly because it turned me on and gave me one hell of a hardon. Besides, I wanted him to blow and get this over with as soon as possible. As I sucked harder, Jay started breathing more heavily and I felt his body begin to tense up. His legs started shaking as I clamped down on his five inches of teen meat. I siphoned out all the air around his dick and it grew and swelled up in my mouth.

Only after a few moments of that, Jay lost all control. He threw his head back and drew in a deep breath. His hands and arms started shaking next and his stomach muscles quivered. Even though I hadn't intended to, I had made his entire body stiffen as I catapulted him over the edge. He was so horny that I had easily made him cum in less than four minutes. It must have been quite a while since the last time Jay shot off a load this big because he un-loaded a massive gusher into my mouth that almost choked me. Even so, I swallowed every drop he had to offer and drained his balls until there was nothing left to suck out. Once I had milked Jay dry, I sat up again without saying a word. I left Jay so overwhelmed that he appeared to be in a trance and unable to speak. After a couple of minutes of stillness from both of us, Tom finally shattered the silence.

"Well, Jay," he asked. "How did you like being sucked off by your cock-sucking cousin?"

"Oh man, it was freaking fantastic!" Jay exclaimed. Then he realized he was still naked and pulled up his sexy black briefs and sighed with deep satisfaction. After a period of lingering afterglow, Jay finally put the rest of his clothes back on, leaving me naked.

The next three hours were kind of interesting. Tom decided that we were going to play a game. We each had to confess something sexual about ourselves. I had to confess to Tom and Jay, who I had given my first blowjob to and other stuff like that. Tom and Jay also had to confess their experiences as well. Jay had almost nothing to tell. It was no wonder why Jay had been laughing from the very beginning. He had virtually only one experience worth talking about, and it wasn't even all that exciting. He had fingered a girl and sucked on her tits. This was the very same girl who had given Jay his semi blow job. That was it.

As for Tom, I already knew that he was a fuck hound, but he had a surprise up his sleeve that I found pretty revealing. He told us that there was this one girl that he talked into letting him do it up her ass. Then he really surprised me when he told me that they fucked one time in front of her little brother.

We all were starting to get a little tired of that game and I was getting very tired and bored of being the only one in the car that had to stay naked. I was ready to return to the world of clothing, plus, I was starting to get cold.

We had already made reservations to stay at this National-chain motel that was coming up on the next off-ramp. It was going on nine o'clock at night when we pulled into the lot. Tom had us stay in the car as he went in to register. Once again, I asked if I could get dressed and once again, Tom rejected my plea.

The motel was one of those places that you park right in front of the door to your room. Tom came out of the office with our room key and got back into the car. We got room number eighteen and Tom drove to our assigned room and parked.

Tom decided to continue being a wise ass and made me get out, butt naked and unlock the door for the two of them while they both watched from the front seat. I raced to the door and fumbled with the key in my haste to get inside. The faster I tried to go, the more trouble I was having and even dropped it on the ground once. I was mortified when I looked down the parking lot and saw some people walking, but they were pretty far away and I don't think they saw me. At least I hope they didn't. Once the door was open, Tom and Jay slowly followed me in and I took a quick detour into the bathroom to take a wicked piss. Now that the three of us were alone in a private room, I started to worry what more was in store for me. Looking at the two beds, I started wondering if I would be sharing one of the queen sized beds with Jay or even Tom for that matter. The real question became, what were they going to do to me next?

We knew when Mom and Dad made the reservation for us that the motel had an indoor pool, so we made sure we had our swim suits with us. We were already expecting to take advantage of the opportunity and do some swimming.

So the first thing out of Jay's mouth was "Let's go for a swim!"

As soon as he said that, I started to open my suitcase to take out my swimsuit.

"Oh, you won't need those," Tom told me.

"What am I suppose to swim in then?" I questioned.

"You can go swimming if you want to," he told me. "You just can't wear those. You can put on your sweats and sandals, just no swimsuit. If you want to do any swimming, you'll just have to do it naked. It'll be your choice, naked or nothing!"

I didn't know what I would end up doing. I just knew that I didn't want to get stuck sitting in the room all by myself or sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else have fun, so I put on my sweats and sandals just like he said and took it from there. When we got to the pool, there was a family of five still swimming, surprisingly even this late at night. It was a mother and father with two young kids and a guy that looked like a high school senior. Tom and Jay immediately jumped in and I was left, unhappily sitting in a lounge chair. All I could do was watch as everybody else enjoyed themselves. After about ten more minutes, the father got out of the pool and started drying off.

"Okay gang," He said to his family. "It's getting late and we need to get up early tomorrow. Let's go!"

The two younger kids, who looked like they were around ten years old, started to get out of the pool with their parents. The other guy, who I guessed was their son too, didn't seem to want to get out.

"Can I stay out here for a little while longer?" the teen asked.

"Okay, but not anymore than another hour," his mother told him.

"Okay, thanks!" he answered.

The rest of them dried off and then headed back to their room for the night.

"Hey Sam," Tom asked me now that the four of them had left. "Are you coming in, or not?"

I really wanted to go swimming from the time our parents booked our room, since we didn't have a pool at home, and here I was, sitting on the sidelines. I decided that Tom wasn't going to ruin my whole trip to Grandma's, so I decided to go for it. I took advantage of the fact that I didn't have a hardon and took my sweats off to dive in. After I surfaced to take a breath, the cute, muscular, virtually hairless guy, swam over to me.

"Forget your swimsuit?" he asked me.

I was afraid to lie in front of the others. Tom might decide to punish me and I didn't want to start any trouble and make things any worse than they already were.

"I was forbidden to wear one," I answered.

"Really?" he snorted. "Why not?"

"I'm being blackmailed by my brother and cousin over there," I said as I pointed to the two of them.

The dude looked over at them as they just laughed.

Now that there was just the four of us left, and the dude had broken the ice by talking to me, I felt much more at ease. He seemed nice and was merely curious and didn't care if I was naked or not. The fear of being naked in a public pool faded away and the water started to feel great on my naked body. Tom and Jay had no idea that I loved going skinny dipping whenever I got the chance. Steven and I did it almost everyday at his house when his parents were at work. In fact, we did much more then just swim in the nude that entire summer.

"Hi, I'm Tom," he began. "This is my cousin Jay and you've already met my brother Sam over there."

"Hi," the guy acknowledged. "I'm Dave."

"Hey Dave." Jay said as he waved from across the pool.

Now that everybody was introduced, Tom felt safe enough to put me through my next series of demands.

"So Dave," Tom began. "I'll make a wager with you."

"What," Dave cautiously asked.

"If you get out of the pool, loose the suit and then swim one lap across the pool and back again, I'll give you a nice surprise."

Dave understandably hesitated for a few seconds. His only concern was that one of his parents might catch him misbehaving and he didn't want to be in trouble with his family during the holidays.

"All right," Dave accepted. "I love challenges!"

So, he got out of the water, lost his swimsuit and dove back in. He swam the length of the pool and back again, completing the assigned task quickly.

He was incredibly beautiful to look at. I could hardly take my eyes off of him. In fact, all three of us had transfixed our gaze upon him shamelessly, me much more than the others.

"So, what's the big surprise?" he asked.

At first, he may have thought that he was being `pranked', but I knew what was coming.

"First off, are you straight or gay?" Tom crudely asked.

"Well, to tell you the truth," Dave confessed. "I'm bi. I love the human body, male or female."

"Really?" Tom said sarcastically. "Male or female you say? I'd like to see you and Sam demonstrate that for us. You just tell Sam to do anything you could dream up, and he'll do it!"

Dave's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Anything?" Dave asked in disbelief. "Seriously? You're not messing with me are you? I can ask for whatever I want?"

Tom nodded his head `yes' and smirked knowingly.

It was as if Dave had just been handed the best Christmas present ever.

He looked around the pool to see how feasible it would be to pull this off. Because this was an indoor pool, there was a short hallway between the entrance and the pool. He saw that anyone sitting at the far end of the pool would hear the doors open and have at least a few seconds of warning if someone were to come in. Dave got out of the pool and went over to that far end and sat down, putting his towel next to him to use to cover himself if needed. He suggested that I do the same and I put my towel next to me. Then I sat at the edge of the deep end along with Dave and prepared myself to fulfill Dave's deepest, darkest fantasy.

Dave quietly confided in me that he didn't have much experience with boy-on-boy sex and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to try some things he had often fantasized about.

"Okay," Dave said. "I think I'm ready. Please don't hate me for the things I'm about to make you do."

"Don't worry," I told him. "I wouldn't. What do you have in mind?" Dave and I were both rock hard as we sat even closer to each other.

"I know what `around the world' is, but I've never done it," Dave confessed. "The only thing I've ever done was jacked a friend off and got a hand job in return."

"No problem," I chirped. "I've done that too."

I lifted his left arm up a bit and stuck my tongue out to lick his left pit. He had just the right amount of hair and he didn't taste all that bad having been in the water for so long. I slobbered away on his pit for a few minutes as Tom and Jay looked on. I could see their boners tenting up in their swim trunks.

After a few minutes of that, Dave requested I move on. I finished up there and lowered Dave's arm and slowly worked my way over to give some attention to the other side. He groaned with delight as I gave it some gentle nibbling.

I went back around to the other side of Dave to work on his right side. I took the opportunity to take a quick glance over at the guys. Jay's mouth was literally wide open and my brother's eyes were bugged out, as if he were watching a bona-fide gay porno, live and in person.

Then Dave got up, bent over and spread his legs, using his hands to spread his cheeks, displaying his extraordinary man pussy to the guys. I knelt down on my towel and stuck my tongue out as I took another quick look at the guys to bask in their expressions of amazement, not to mention double checking to make sure no one else was around.

I didn't go for the prize right away. I licked his nice bubble butt cheeks first. I would tease Dave by continually going deeper and deeper as I worked my way inward. By the time I was all the way in Dave's crack, I had him exquisitely moaning in ecstasy.

"Oh, that's good. Oh that's great. Keep doing that!"

I heard a burst of laughter and instantly knew it came from Jay.

Then I went for it! My tongue was poised at the entrance of Dave's man pussy and I pushed my tongue slowly past the barrier. Dave let out an erotic sigh as I took him into new and uncharted territory. As I licked away at Dave's puckered hole, he began to squirm. There was no doubt he was enjoying this completely. Then he kind of surprised me.

"I would really love it if you would tongue fuck my ass," Dave asked vehemently. Really stick it in there."

Shit! I hadn't even done that with Steven, but I figured it would be a learning experience that I can surprise Steven with someday, and besides, it was kinda hot. So, I took a deep breath and stuck my tongue in as deeply as I could.

"Oh yeah, tongue fuck that ass real good!" Jay said, laughing again.

Although his body tasted great, his hole was a little bit tart and musty tasting, but not bad. It was really warm, and I could feel the folds of his dark cavern. I only tongue fucked Dave for about a minute or so, but licking and tonguing him was so hot that I began thinking how much Steven was going to love this. I already couldn't wait.

"Don't worry about doing my feet," Dave said. "Instead, if you can spend some time on my dick and balls, that would be really nice right about now."

Dave turned again as he repositioned himself to give me access to his manly goods and give the guys a birds eye view of what they were missing by just watching. I looked over at the guys and they were still as memorized as ever. Jay was even slowly rubbing the front of his trunks while Tom was glassy-eyed and red in the cheeks. So, I started in on Dave's balls, again, slowly at first. I was going to do some normal licking, but I decided I liked Dave and so I did some of my special tongue twirling technique that I liked to do with Steven. It was obvious that Dave was totally into it. I took his balls into my mouth a few times and rolled them up into my cheeks, playing with them tenderly. Then I slowly worked my way up Dave's shaft, giving both the front and back of his shaft some extra attention. Then Dave gave me the signal to `go for it'.

With Steven, I would keep working on his cock until I could swallow all seven of his monstrous inches. Over the last nine months, I slowly lost my gag reflex and could deep throat him as much as he wanted. I loved having his wonderful rod in my mouth all the way in until his cockhead tickled my uvula. Well, I did the same to Dave, who I guess was a little bit more then six and a half inches, easy. I also did my usual routine of suction sucking and swirling that I've become quite good at. As he started to reach his climax, I kept his cock totally engulfed down my throat for longer periods of time as I pulled him over the edge. I was rubbing and squeezing Dave's ass cheeks as I held his cock deep down my throat until he started moving his hips into me, basically fucking my face. Dave didn't hold out for long after that. I felt his cock begin to swell and his cockhead pulse, becoming an even bigger mouthful. Strangely, I was really getting into it, not only with Dave but putting on a show for Tom and Jay. Suddenly, Dave put both hands behind my head and pulled me even deeper as he pushed his hips into me. His entire body clenched and he held his breath. I put both my hands on his chest to give myself some space so I could at least breathe and felt the muscles in his six pack quiver under my palms. I started breathing rapidly through my nose so I wouldn't choke to death. Dave was so hot that I didn't want to miss a second of it. Even though he was trying to hold his breath, a small high pitched squeal escaped his lips and he released his first massive blast of cum that bypassed my tonsils and flew straight down my gullet.

I managed to push myself away a little bit and caught his second surge of cum in the center of my mouth where I was able to savor the texture and flavor of his home grown brew. Then I pulled his cock out of my mouth and licked the underside of his cockhead, allowing his third rope of cum to fly out of his cock and land in the pool water, just inches away from Tom and Jay. Jay laughed again and both of them backed away from it as if it had come alive and started chasing them. The rest of Dave's load landed on my face, which felt awesome. I turned to face Tom and Jay as I wore it proudly. Jay laughed some more and Tom just continued to watch in awe. Dave slowly came down from his euphoric high as his breathing returned to normal. Just like Jay, Dave must not have jerked out a load in a real long time. I assumed that he couldn't jack-off while sleeping in motels with his family being all together in the same room. Then Dave himself confirmed it.

"My parents are so freaking cheap that they always get a room with a single bed," Dave explained. "I have had to sleep on the floor with my little brother and sister for a whole week. I guess there was an abundance of cum built up inside my balls. I'll tell you, I really needed that, man. Thanks to you, I should be able to sleep good tonight!"

I looked over at the guys and they both had giant smiles on their faces. Dave and I had really given them quite a show. I went back to Dave for a courtesy slurp-and-suck cleanup. When I was finished, Dave lifted me to my feet and gave me a great big hug. Then he thanked me with a heartfelt kiss on the cheek.

Jay laughed again but Dave and I just ignored him as we hopped back into the water for a little washing off and a lap or two around the pool. I liked the fact that Dave stayed naked in the pool with me. I guess he felt some pity for me, or maybe he just liked skinny dipping as much as I did.

"Let's head back to our room now," Tom suggested.

"Hey Dave," Tom said as we were toweling off. "We've got two queen sized beds in our room. We've got room for one more if you don't mind sharing a bed with Sam. Why don't you join us for the night? We're in room eighteen."

"Great," Dave enthusiastically said. "I'll go ask my parents."

So I slipped on my sweats and sandals and we went back to our room, stopping at the vending machines for some sodas and snacks. We got back to the room and once the door was closed, Tom just looked at me. I understood that stare to mean that I was to immediately strip out again. Then, to my surprise, I got a little worried as Tom started to strip too.

"Who here in this room has totally missed out on getting their cock sucked by Sam, so far today?" Tom sarcastically asked.

I knew what he was getting at and now it was perfectly clear why he suggested we come back to the room. He was as horny as hell, watching Dave and I perform out in the pool, but he was too chicken to strip out in front of all of us. As far as I'm concerned, I had a spineless worm for a brother.

I was kinda grossed out to do it with my brother, but I guess it was time for me to do some real hardcore incest and suck my own brother's brains out. Sucking on my lame cousin was one thing but doing my own brother revealed something about him that I could never had guessed. He must have been horny after all the sucking he'd been watching me do because he was rock solid when he slipped off his swimsuit. I wasn't expecting to be impressed, but I was. Tom's dick usually hung at around four inches when he was soft, which I had seen many dozens of times at home, but unlike me, it looked like he was able to almost double that and grow to over seven inches. I found myself shamelessly staring at this point and he was definitely getting off on it.

"So, are you going to be able to handle my monster?" he asked somewhat seriously as he grabbed and waved his cock at me. I wondered if he meant, in my mouth, or if he was referring to my ass. He stood and motioned me to go over to him and pointed at his dick with both hands, silently implying that I enrapture him. I was going to drop to my knees and suck his knob when he stopped me cold.

"Wait a second. Now that I think about it, I want you to give me the same job that you gave Dave at the pool," Tom demanded.

This was a little unexpected. Dave had a nice, smooth, hairless body. I loved that. My brother Tom, on the other hand, was a hairy beast. So I started licking his pit and spent most of my time licking hair. Even though I didn't care for it, I just kept licking away. I was just starting to get the area wet enough to actually get to the skin when he told me to start on his other pit. Just then, there was a knock at the door.

Tom told me to go answer it as he pulled a blanket over himself. I was going to hide behind the door myself, but I decided to be bold and pray it was Dave. I walked over and flung the door open, unashamed of being totally naked. I was thankful it was Dave. He acknowledged my nakedness and reached out to give my dick an affectionate tug as he came in wearing a big smile. He had a small suitcase with him that contained a change of clothes and a few other essentials. He set it down in the corner and then sat on the bed opposite Tom and me. We didn't chat right away because I was made to go right back to Tom and pick up where I had left off.

When I did his tits, he didn't let me spend much time there. That meant that he wanted me to get to his ass quicker. As I pulled his cheeks apart, his overgrowth of hair shocked me. It was `Hair City'!

As unpleasant as his hole was, when I fucked it with my tongue, it was actually better then licking his hairy crack. Then he surprised me again. He sat on the bed and put his feet up. He wanted me to work on his toes next. I was so glad we had been swimming. They weren't that bad, but again, even his toes were quite hairy.

After watching us for a couple of minutes, I saw Dave start to strip down. He really wanted me, but then he started to understand the blackmailing thing going on and knew he'd get his chance to spend more time with me later. So he turned to Jay who wasn't doing anything but watching and decided to get the party started. Since Tom and I were busy, Dave turned to Jay.

"Would you like a blowjob?" Dave asked him.

"Sure!" Jay told him quite enthusiastically.

"Alright then," Dave told him. "Get naked."

Jay was out of his swimsuit in no time and got comfortable and ready to receive his blowjob.

"Hey Dave," Tom said. "Go ahead and suck Jay, but don't let him cum."

So as I licked and sucked on my brother's toes while Dave slowly sucked and licked Jay. I finally started on Tom's balls. He loved to have his hairy balls in my mouth. I actually couldn't wait to get to his cock. It was about the only place on his body that wasn't covered with hair. Even if I should bury my nose in his bush, he always kept that part neatly trimmed. I know, because I was the one who usually cleaned up the slob's trimmings off the bathroom floor. Just as I detected that I was getting Tom close to cuming, he pulled himself out of my mouth. He then picked up a little bottle that had been sitting on the nightstand by the bed. I noticed it was one of the ones little motel samples they give customers. As I looked more closely, I noticed it was a bottle of hand lotion.

I already knew what was coming next. Tom told me to lie down on the bed, facing up. He stood on the floor and pulled my body to the edge of the bed toward him. Then he took my legs and propped them up on top of his shoulders. He opened the bottle and put some lotion on his finger and lubed up my ass. After he got 2 fingers in, he lubed up his rock hard cock. I let out a yelp as my brother started to shove his engorged cock into my tight ass. Dave stopped his gratuitous blow job on Jay to watch us. It wasn't real bad, but it did hurt and burn for a while. He started pumping away on my ass, slowly fucking me at first, then much faster and harder as he progressed.

Even though I had already brought Tom close to cuming with my blowjob, I was surprised that he climaxed so quickly. I guess he was really horny from making me his sex slave all day. I think he also hadn't been serviced by his girl friend in several days. He started taking several quick, short breathes as his knees started to buckle. He stood on his tippy toes and thrust his hips into me. He threw his head back and made this lustful grunting noise as his cum filled my ass. He moaned loud enough that I'm sure the people in the neighboring rooms knew what we were doing. I felt him pump his heated brotherly cream into me as it spread across my bowels, warming my entire body. After about four or five blasts, he heaved his hips into me a second time and delivered another six to eight dry heaves as he exhausted his entire load into me.

Once Tom delivered his entire payload into me, he pulled out and told Jay that it was his turn. Now Jay understood why Tom didn't allow Dave to let him cum. Jay's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and he jumped off the other bed and rushed over to receive Tom's early Christmas gift. Jay stood right where Tom had been standing and eagerly took his place. He put my legs on top of his shoulders in the same manner as Tom had done and stood poised at my puckered hole. Tom squeezed some lotion across the top of Jay's cock and Jay spread the lotion on in haste. His arms and legs were already shaking from the anticipation. I guess he just couldn't help himself. He couldn't wait to shove his ridged cock into me and have his first official fuck. He had never fucked a girl before and shoved his cock into me like the sex starved teenager he was.

It didn't matter to me. His smaller cock didn't hurt at all. In fact, his cock was hitting a spot inside that felt so good, it was starting to bring me close to cuming. Tom watched closely as Jay gleefully took out his lustful desires on me.

Tom must have felt that he accomplished what he set out to do because he finally excused himself and a minute later, I heard the shower start. I looked over at the other bed and saw Dave stroking himself as he watched the spectacle with desire in his eyes. I was glad that Dave was able to join us. He seemed like a really great guy and with Tom occupied in the shower, I passed Dave my invitation.

"Would you save your load for me?" I offered him.

"Sure," he said in a very enthusiastic way.

"Then don't let yourself cum yet," I said. "You can take your turn right after Jay finishes."

I don't know if Tom would have punished me for asking, or if he would have had Dave fuck me anyway. I wasn't going to take the chance. I was doing it for me.

Sure enough, Jay climaxed in less then five minutes. As his cock twitched and shuddered inside me, so did his entire body. He sped up his pace until he was pounding me like a jackhammer and then suddenly froze as I felt his dick spasm, releasing his much smaller load. His smaller cock danced around inside my ass as he pumped his second load of the day. It was just as hot as Tom's was, but there was much less of it. Still, in many ways, I enjoyed it more than I had with my own brother. Jay's cock felt good, but he was so quick that it just wasn't enough to get me off. Hopefully, Dave would fit the bill.

Just as Tom emerged from the bathroom, Jay passed him and took his place and began his shower. He got so high off the experience that he floated off to the bathroom, forgetting to even thank me. Interestingly enough, Tom didn't say a word either. He just sat and watched as Dave lined up his cock to the center of my rosebud. My ass was so sloppy from Jay and Tom's load that Dave didn't need any lotion.

Ever so slowly and carefully, Dave pushed himself in. I was surprised at how good Dave was doing, being a virgin and all. He was more like what I expected the others to be like, but weren't. He took his time and allowed both of us to enjoy every aspect of our lovemaking. I would guess that he took a good twenty minutes or so to fulfill our mutual passions and desires. After one new experience after another, trying different positions and techniques, we began to break down and succumb to our physical limitations. When he flipped me over on my hands and knees, we both lost our ability to hold off the inevitable as our orgasms began to teeter on the edge of a cosmic explosion. Dave started to slow down and began to take long, deep thrusts. He very nearly came out of me on his outward stroke, and then would plunge all the way back in on his inward stroke. He had built up such a pressure within his balls that he coated very inch of my interior with his most prized possession. To everyone else, he may have seemed like he was being dignified and quiet, but the fact was, he was filling me to the brim with delight. Beneath his calm exterior, his quivering muscles beneath the surface told me how deeply he was moved by the experience. Once Dave was completely spent, he collapsed on top of me. Then he rolled off of me and we literally fell into a warm embrace, sharing a few moments of peace and tranquility as he floated down from his climactic high.

When he finally came to his senses, Dave headed off to the shower. I was the last one to shower and the one who needed it most. When I came out of the shower, everyone was kicking back and enjoying themselves. We were all naked and freshly showered and ready for bed. I was feeling a little hungry and reminded Tom that we had purchased some sodas and stuff, so we all gathered around and enjoyed a midnight snack. We all talked for a while and got tired enough to finally say goodnight. Dave and I shared a bed, and as part of my blackmail sentence, I had to stay naked. Tom didn't know it, but I would've slept like that anyway. Dave was kind enough to try to make me feel comfortable and stayed naked along with me. My brother and cousin, on the other hand, put their sweat bottoms on and shared the other bed, facing away from each other.

Once the lights were out, I tried to go to sleep, but I was too turned on and restless. Everyone had gotten off except for me and my pent up frustrations were causing my balls to ache. I was facing away from Dave and took the opportunity to spoon up behind me. He rested his arm over my body and sweetly stroked my chest. A couple of minutes later, I felt Dave's arm slowly make its way down toward my crotch to fondle my forsaken cock. Dave withdrew his hand for a moment and when he brought it back, I felt something cold. Dave had gotten ahold of the hand cream and was liberally lubing me up.

"Turn over," Dave softly whispered into my ear.

He took my finger and brought it to his asshole. To my surprise, it was all lubed up. He turned away from me and backed up into my crotch. I instantly knew what it was he was trying to tell me. He was giving me the opportunity that Tom's blackmailing rules didn't allow me to have.

I slowly pushed my throbbing member past Dave's warm butt cheeks and entered his private domain. I very carefully and slowly started to pump my cock into my new found friend. I wanted to try to return the favor and make him feel the same erotic waves of electric tingles that he had induced in me. After all the fucking I'd taken and blowjobs I'd given, I was in seventh heaven. I was so damn horny that it only took a few minutes before I was feeling the surge of an oncoming orgasm.

As I slowly slid in and out of my partner, it seemed so effortless and natural. The feeling of my cock, surrounded by the smooth warmth of Dave's inner sanctum, bonded me to him in a very personal way. I had to be careful not to fall in love with him. In the morning, he'd be gone and we'd likely never see each other again. I started thinking about Steven, the one I was already deeply in love with, who'd be waiting for me when I returned home. I began to imagine that I was making love to him, and suddenly, my oncoming orgasm lurched forward and my balls began to dance, sensuously moving under their own power.

I had never been turned on in such a way before. The fantasy of fucking Steven along with the real world physical presence of Dave's hot body made for an explosive combination. I felt my balls fill my firing chamber with an extra large load of sperm. Then I felt the pressure in my balls begin to build as my cock prepared to ejaculate my load into Dave's unsuspecting ass. I suddenly realized my breathing had shortened and all my muscles tightened at once. I arched my back and pushed my cock into Dave as deeply as I could. Just at that moment, Dave's anal muscle squeezed my cock, pushing me uncontrollably over the edge. I was so wrapped up in my own climax that I hadn't realized that Dave was jacking himself off while I fucked him. We both shot our loads at exactly the same time. I felt my cock expand and grow inside Dave's bowels as my cockhead swelled and gushed repeatedly. I literally splattered the walls of Dave's rectum with my hot load, blasting him over six times until I totally ran dry. I even continued to spasm an additional four or five times, dry heaving for good measure. Dave and I both lay together motionlessly for several minutes until my softening cock finally popped out of Dave's ass on its own. Then I tugged on Dave's arm and he turned towards me. He knew what it was that I wanted. I put my arms around him and we gave each other a big hug that lasted several minutes. As we broke our embrace, he leaned in to give me a kiss on the lips, but I was still thinking about Steven, so I couldn't accept.

"Thanks, but that's the one thing I've been saving for my boyfriend Steven," I whispered to him.

"Oh, I understand," Dave said sounding disappointed and hurt.

"Here, like you did last time," I said as I pointed to my cheek, and leaned into him.

He smiled and kissed me sweetly on the cheek. I did the same to him and we both held hands. If I should happen to tell Steven about my blackmailing experience, I hope he'd understand. After all, my poor lips had been subjected to sucking on tits, pits, feet, asses, cocks and balls. The one thing I was saving for Steven was the all important kiss on the lips!

Early the next morning, we all woke up and Dave immediately got dressed. He needed to get going so he could join his family, who were ready to leave to resume their holiday vacation. I gave Dave my cell number so we could stay in touch. As we were saying goodbye and since I was still naked, Dave gave my balls a little farewell tweak.

Now that it was just the three of us again, I asked Tom if I could get dressed and he just kept up his blackmail sentence. We gathered our things together and Tom piled everything into the car for us. I was very fortunate that things were quiet and no one was around when I took my opportunity to race to the car. As I pulled the handle, I heard the doors lock. I looked back at Tom, who was standing at the doorway with the car alarm remote in his hand.

"Did I tell you that you could get into the car yet?" Tom sarcastically asked.

"Unlock the door asshole!" I yelled as I looked around again in a panic to see if anyone was watching.

Then Tom held out his hand and purposely pushed the panic button, which made the alarm start blaring. Suddenly, there I was, standing naked in the parking lot, trying to inconspicuously get into the car with the door still locked and the alarm drawing everyone's attention to me. Tom was standing at the doorway with a smirk on his face and Jay stood next to him, laughing his ass off so hard that he almost fell over.

"Oh, sorry about that," Tom yelled over the noise of the alarm.

Then he pushed another button on the remote and the alarm stopped but the door remained locked.

"Did you want to apologize for calling me an asshole?" Tom scowled.

"Sorry," I yelled.

Tom finally unlocked the car doors after several additional agonizing moments to teach me a lesson. Tom and Jay closed and locked the motel door behind them and got into the car with me. Tom drove to the office to get us checked out, and then we were on the road again. Of course, I had to stay naked in the car again.

Since we were all hungry, we stopped for something to eat before we got back on the interstate. Just like last time, Tom made me get hard again before we reached the drive-thru window at McDonald's. Of course, I was seen again by the drive up employee. This time, it was a cute guy. Just like with the last employee, I watched as his eyes roamed from my head, down to my crotch. Unlike last time, I was enjoying it as I continued to stroke my hard cock as he stared at me. The way he scrutinized me, I bet he was gay and getting off on it too, since he gave me a smile and a wink. As I continued to stroke myself, I imagined I gave him a great big boner.

After that, we left the McDonald's drive-thru and got back on the interstate. After driving several more hours, we would arrive at Granny's around three o'clock for a late lunch.

As we traveled, I had to give Jay another blow job. This time, I was made to wank myself so Jay would have something hot to look at as I blew him. After I made Jay cum, Tom really surprised me. He made Jay switch places with him and had Jay drive while he came into the back with me. Jay knew how to drive all right, but he didn't have a license.

With Tom and me in the backseat and Jay driving, Tom had me continue jacking myself off while I gave him his blowjob. It was touch-and-go for a while when Tom started moaning in ecstasy and Jay got distracted because he tried to see what we were doing while he was driving. After I made Tom cum, he immediately jumped back into the driver's seat and regained control of the car. It was a miracle that we didn't get pulled over the way Jay was swerving, or crash into oncoming traffic while he was trying to watch us and drive at the same time. If a cop had stopped us, he would have found an unlicensed fifteen year old kid driving the car with a nineteen year old adult in the vehicle, naked and in the backseat, engaging in an illicit act of incest with his naked underage seventeen year old brother. We would have been toast, to say the least. Jay's driving almost got us killed and if we had gotten pulled over, I imagine it would have meant jail time for all three of us. It was not one of Tom's greatest moments, even though we got away with it, `scot-free'.

Anyway, once we got off the interstate and were less than five minutes away from granny's house, Tom finally let me get dressed. When we got to our destination, hugs and kisses abounded and everything progressed as if nothing at all had happened out of the ordinary. We all had a great Christmas with granny and not a word was spoken about our adventures from that day forward. Tom and Jay surprisingly kept my secret well. There was still a little carryover the next morning though. Because the three of us shared a room the night before, I had to give Tom and Jay a blowjob the following morning and I got fucked by both of them later that night. After that, things finally returned to normal.

Two years later, when I turned nineteen, I finally got the courage to come out. My parents weren't pleased at all, to say the least, but eventually, they came to accept it and even came to love Steven.

Tom and Jay still made me service them from time to time after I came out. It was all right though, because when they did so, it was because I wanted to. After all that happened on that trip and many other times after that, I came to believe that Jay was gay. He never really came to terms with his sexuality and hid it from everyone but Tom and me. Tom, on the other hand, was at least bisexual. He loved his girlfriend dearly, but still sought out boy-on-boy sex on a semi-regular basis. I found out later that Tom and Jay hooked up several times when I wasn't around. The two of them never did admit to their true sexual preferences, even to this day. For me, everything worked out just fine in the end.

I would never tell them so, but as I look back on that incredible Christmas road trip, I grew more confidence in myself and learned to have more tolerance for others. I also learned some very valuable erotic techniques that I eventually introduced to Steven that drove him wild in the bedroom.

I'm now very happy to be fully and completely in love with my boyfriend and lover, Steven. When we graduated, Steven and I got an apartment together and began our new life as a couple. Someday in the future, when the opportunity presents itself, I'll get my revenge on Tom and Jay. Just for the fun of it, of course!

The End

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