by Stash

Part III

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PART III - Whatever It Takes

The next four days went by and nothing happened. And when I say "nothing", I really mean NOTHING!

Billy did not talk to me at all, even left the room when I came in, and me, I was feeling guilty as hell. Maybe I had overreacted when he had hit me. Maybe I should have just let him do whatever he wanted to do with me. I mean... it had hurt, God knew it had, and he had embarrassed me before the eyes of his best friend, Matt, but after all, there had been the promise of me BELONGING to him. Of him taking CONTROL over me. Now that he didn't seem to care anymore, I realised that I had been only inches apart from my biggest dream coming true... and I had let it slip away. Damn, how much of a joke could I possibly be?! I tried to talk to him about it, to somehow tell him how much I hated myself for having offended him, but he wouldn't even listen to me. All he only said were things like "Back off!" or "Don't care!" I had even gone down on my knees before him, in order to open his jeans and give him a blow, but he had just turned around and left without word. I REALLY didn't know what to do anymore. All I could think about was how to get him to take me back.

So, on the fifth day, I finally decided to do something that had been whirling around in my mind all the time. I had really, really hoped that this "desperate measure" wouldn't become necessary, but by now, I was SO damn desperate that I knew no other way anymore. I decided to go over to Matt's house to tell HIM, what I had done and how sorry I was for it. Besides... Matt was Billy's very best friend, and he would surely tell him about my visit. At least, Billy would listen to HIM. No matter how humiliating and embarrassing this would turn out to be... if there was only the slightest chance to get Billy to not be THAT angry at me anymore, it sure was worth my best try!

As I stood before Matt's house, my knees almost gave in with nervousness, and I felt the strong, urging need to just turn around and leave again, when suddelny he opened the door even before I had the chance to ring the doorbell.

"Now, who do we have here?" he said, smirkingly.

"Look, Matt, I really need to talk to you." I answered weakly. "It's about Billy."

Matt's grin got even brighter as he told me to come in and led me the way into his room.

"Undress!" he ordered as soon as we had walked in.

So I took off my jacket, lay it over a chair and sat down on his bed in await of him to listen to my problem.

"Now, about Billy..." I started, until he interrupted me with a harsh and demanding tone.

"I didn't mean just the jacket, bitch!"

"Hey Matt, I thought we were going to talk here." I was completely shocked about him obviously expecting me to have sex with him in a situation like this, although I had to confess that the familiar sound of the word "bitch" made me rock hard in an instant.

"Look, sucker!" he said with a bright, devlish grin on his face. "Whatever it is that you want from me... now, you don't really expect to get it for free, do you?!?"

It was SO embarrassing to realise that he seriously intended to make me obey his commands before he was even willing to listen to me! But what should I do? Matt was my one and only chance to make Billy see that I still was his, even though he didn't seem to want me anymore. And, worst of all, I had the clumsy and once again embarrassing feeling that Matt knew it! So I decided to just do what he ordered. Whatever it would be.

When I finally stood before him, naked to the bone, with my cock relentlessly pumping, he made a sudden move in my direction and fiercely pushed me back on his bed.

"And now you're fuckin' gonna jerk off for me, pussy boy!" he snapped.

"No Matt!" I shyly replied.


"Please Matt," I said quickly. " Billy ordered me not to jerk off without his permission, you know."

He paused for some seconds, obviously thinking, and then the smile on his face brightened up again.

"Well Lukie" he calmly said, shaking his head in what looked like some sort of amused disapprovement. "You're about the lowest cock-sucker I've ever seen! Your little cousin does obviously not want you anymore, but you STILL keep obeying to what he said like a damn little puppy. Well, how fuckin' poor's that?!"

I lowered my head in shame, knowing that he was right. I really WAS obeying to Billy's words. After all, there was nothing else I could do in order to show how I still felt for my cousin, and I gladly realised that Matt at least seemed to respect this.

"Okay then... I guess you'll have to blow me instead!"

By this, he unzipped his jeans and, without further hesitation, forced his big, hot cock right into my mouth. It felt warm and extremely stiff, and I had to admit that I really started to enjoy my lips moving up and down his meat, and my tongue wildly caressing every little drop of pre-cum that my mouth eagerly got to swallow. It was a taste of strong and somehow definite male power. Gee, it was SO hot! But nevertheless, here I was, kneeling on the bed, blowing my way to become my 21 year old cousin's little boy-toy again. If I wasn't so DAMN horny, I surely would have cried with embarrassment and shame. Matt grabbed my hair to ecstatically pull my head back and forth time and time again, and I could tell from the uncontrollable shaking of his legs that he was ready to shoot any second now. Then suddenly, he pulled his pumping dick out of my mouth, and I managed to close my eyes only an instant before the first splash of his hot and strong semen hit my face.

Splash... the second load was wetting my upper chest, and... splash... the third one caught my face again. The smell of Matt's 'gift' was all over me now, making my face and breast warm and awfully sticky. I felt like being 'marked' as his sexual property, but somehow this just didn't seem right. I belonged to Billy. Not to Matt. But, once again, what should I do?

I raised my arm to wipe myself clean again, but Matt, who had already kind of recovered from the action, caught my wrist even before I could touch my face.

"Did I tell you to clean it up, sucker?" he snapped.

My head sunk down again, dripping with both semen and sweat.

"No Matt!" I slightly mumbled. "You didn't. I'm sorry."

Without reacting to my excuse, he stood up from the bed, got dressed, and finally reached me my jeans. Of course, I understood that he wanted me to put it on, and I was still far too caught up with my embarrassment, so that I preferred not to ask him if I was allowed to take my briefs, too. As soon as I had closed the last button, Matt handed me a white, S-sized tee shirt and told me to put it on carefully enough to not let it touch my still wet face. I did as he told me, and I was quite shocked that this tight, white shirt was clearly showing big wet spots from the load that I hadn't been allowed to wipe away from my torso, as soon as it touched the skin of my hairless breast.

"Know what, sucker?" Matt had put on his boxers again and turned around with a knowing smile. "Why don't you get us a coke from the shop at the corner?"

I looked myself up and down, my face and shirt full of his cum. Did he really expect me to go out like THIS?!?

"Matt, look, I can't..."

"... what, bitch?!" he snapped back with a fierce expression in his eyes that instantly made me bow my head in submission again.

"Nothing." I whispered.

Matt started to smile again and grabbed around my neck to pad the back of my head in approval. "Good boy!"

So what choice did I have? I slowly headed for the door and left without a word.

The way to the shop was pure hell. Sure, it was just around the corner, but the streets were stuffed with people coming from work - no wonder, at 6 pm, actually. The worst thing was that EVERYONE who passed me, no matter who it was, gave me that questioning and disgusted look. Of course, me, I didn't even dare to look back. I was far too concerned about the sticky spots on my shirt and face - and, of course, about the smell. That awful, disgusting smell of Matt's slowly drying cum, that clearly gave away just what had wettened me all over. I slipped into the shop as quick as I could and almost hurried my way to the coke shelf. And there I was, hastily grabbing one of the bottles and then turning around again to...

"Can I help you, Sir?"

I froze in surprise and shock. Someone was talking to me. I mean: someone was talking to me NOW that I wanted nothing more than to invisibly get past each and every person as fast as possible. Why now? Why here?

Looking over my right shoulder, I saw a boy of about 18 years, 19 at maximum, who was leaning at one of the shelves with his arms crossed in front of his chest. He really looked kind of cute with his short brown hair, those shiny blue eyes and that wicked smile he was showing me. Under 'normal' circumstances, I would have been more than pleased to be addressed by someone like him, but now, I just blushed in both shame and confusion.

"Man!" he continued with a more than obvious laugh in his young voice. "You sure DO need something to drink, don't you? After all, you seem to have spilled everything you got before."

This was SO embarrassing, and it became even worse as he slowly stepped towards me and reached out for the cum in my face. His smile grew with excitement when he finally licked his finger cup to get a taste of the fluid.

"Gee!" he shouted, loud enough for at least 5 or 6 nearby passengers to anxiously turn and look at us. "It's cum, isn't it?"

God, PLEASE make him disappear somehow! Please put an end to this horrible nightmare! My face covered with dark shades of red, and I just stood there with a bottle of coke in my left hand, staring at that kid in pure disbelieve.

"I gotta go." I just whispered, prepared to turn around and walk away, as he quickly grabbed my arm to hold me back.

"I know you do, Luke." he said.

By this, he took a deep look into my eyes, seemingly enjoying me asking myself where he could possibly know my name from. But before I was able to speak again, he let off of me and went away with his hands in his pockets and a hum of The Supreme's "Baby Love".

Me, I paid my coke in a hurry and left the shop as if the devil was after my very soul, trying to ignore all those looks and whispered comments of the people around me. It seemed like forever until I finally arrived back at Matt's house. I rang the bell and, no matter how hard I tried to fight it, felt my dick erect with excitement again. Of course, this was the first thing Matt noticed when he opened up, and a bright smile lightened up his face as he took the bottle out of my hand and closed the door behind me.

"Get rid of those clothes!" he ordered. "You look like a fuckin' whore, Lukie!"

I obeyed. Of course I did, stripping down my clothes until I was bare naked again. To my own surprise I realised that I was in a strange way getting used to being naked in front of him or Billy. The pure fact that I didn't wear any clothes seemed far less embarrassing now. Kneeling down on the carped in await of further instructions, I seriously started asking myself if this was a good or a bad sign. Didn't it mean that, finally, I was REALLY becoming some kind of bitch, whore, sucker or whatever Matt and Billy had called me in the run of the last week???

The last week! Oh God, it had only taken me one week to sink THAT low. Only one fucking week to shamelessly strip before a guy who was 6 years younger than me and called me names. What the hell had I gotten myself into? I thought of that kid in the shop, making fun of me and giving me his amused smile of obvious disrespect, maybe because he had felt or even SEEN that I, a 27 year old, quite good looking grown up man, wasn't in any way able to defend myself. Strange as it seemed, these thoughts made me hot enough to moan with lust, even without touching myself. Was I perverted? Was I sick?

"Hey Lukie!" Matt grinned as he came back into the room. "Now, look what we've got for our little boy!"

His hand fumbled through a normal brown plastic bag, the kind you're handed out in almost every sex shop I knew, and finally, he pulled out a rope and a pair of steel handcuffs.

"What are you gonna do?" I shyly asked.

"Well, how does it look, stupid?" he snapped, aggressive enough to instantly make my head sink down on my chest again.

"I don't know." I almost whispered. "Maybe you're gonna tie me up or something."

"Fuckin' right I am, sucker! We're gonna make sure that you will stay here for as long as I want you to!"

My eyes widened with both surprise and shock. As long as he wanted me to?!? He couldn't be serious. He just COULDN'T! What about Billy? And what about Matt telling him what a good boy I was? Could he really...

... ZOOM...

Suddenly, it all became clear to me, and the truth hit me like a bolt from the blue. Matt had never meant to return me to my cousin! Leave alone tell him about what I had done and suffered from in order to be his again. No, he was planning to keep me to himself as... as... some kind of SLAVE!

My eyes silently filled with tears, and the ever bigger growing, sadistic smile on Matt's face showed me that he knew exactly what I was thinking. My arms almost felt like breaking as he fiercely pulled my hands together behind my back, and the last thing I heard before I helplessly burst out crying was that little 'click'- sound that was to settle my doom - the handcuffs.

I was too caught up to pay much attention to him tying the cuffs to one foot of his bed with the rope, but still aware enough to freeze in fear as I finally saw him pulling his black leather belt from his jeans.

"And now, Lukie," he harshly announced, "I'm gonna beat that fucker Billy out of your little bitch-brains!!!"

epilogue in some chat room:

damon: boo-hoo, b-boy! how sad can one's story be?! :LOL:

B21: just shut it, will ya?!

damon: what's up, b? feeling a little... UNEASY today? ;-)

B21: where's luke?

damon: well, how should I know?

B21: don't play games with me, damon! what have you done to him?

damon: really,b! THAT's the way you think about old friends?!? I didn't do ANYTHING to him. PROMISE!!!!

B21: but you know where he is, don't you?

damon: maybe I do...

damon: ... maybe I don't

B21: PLEASE tell me, okay?

damon: you know, b, people talk bout lots of stuff these days. I'd advise you to just accept the fact that you've lost him.

B21: no, I won't! luke needs me, almost as much as...

damon: ...what?! as much as YOU need HIM???

B21: yeah

damon: well, forget him! he's as far out of reach as can be! you lost him.

damon: FOR GOOD!!!!!

>>>>>> 'damon' has ended the chat <<<<<<

...... to be continued

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