Date: January 21, 2001 8:28 P.M. EST
Subject: From the Files of Tommy's Mind

This story is true only the names were changed and some details altered to protect the people involved. It contains Male sex so if you are under 18 PLEASE DO NOT continue.

It also tells of Tommy's first encounter with sex at 7 years old if this morally offends you please leave. I wrote it to help others who have a hard time when they realize their 1st time may have been rape! I survived this incident and thank the powers that be I did! But others may not be so lucky. It will also help teens come to grips with another reason why we become gay or bisexual. For some it's a biological or chemical imbalance reason and for others it was a learned behavior, such was my case. You will be getting future chapters, which will also include elder teen-young teen situations. This was very therapeutic for me and I would suggest some men write of their experiences. The effect is very cathartic and healing.

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From the Files of Tommy's Mind

I have received much e-mail asking me to write again since it's been a while since I last wrote for Nifty.

Some have asked if Tommy is real -- HE IS!

Some have asked how Tommy got his start. The stories I will tell in "FROM THE FILES OF TOMMY'S MIND" will hopefully answer all your questions.

These are pre-aids stories so NO safe sex practices were around then.

They are stories of young incestuous relationships between first cousins so if young kid stories and incest stories aren't your bag you can move on. These are real stories and aren't meant for judgment just your enjoyment!

TOMMY AT 7! (or Tommy's 1st Time!)

In my very large Italian-American family there were many cousins. The strange thing about these cousins was that there were clearly marked age groups. Since this story occurs when I was 7 -- I'll tell you of the age groups from my standpoint at 7. The first group was 20 and had all the cousins almost born within months of each other, the next was 14, only one male cousin was 12 and the rest of us were 7! It seamed all our mothers were pregnant at the same time! I was the last born of the first cousins!

My parents were going to a wedding of a cousin in Perth Amboy, New Jersey and would be away from Friday to Sunday and since children weren't invited my 14-year-old cousin Willie would be watching me. I later found out he pushed his older sister Liz out of this chore and he had his reasons.

My parents reminded him to make sure I took a bath each night and that we'd go to church on Sunday! And I could only stay up to 9!

They left at 5!

Willie and I were alone.

We watched T.V. and played rummy he warmed up our dinner and then cleaned up and we sat in the living room and watched some more T.V. and had pop corn!

Then he said, "Bath time Timmy! Get your clothes off while I run your bath and get your pajama's laid out on the bed! I sleep with none so I don't have to worry!"

If only I could have remembered that was a lie! Each time we slept with them in Manhattan he always wore pajamas!

I was surprised when I got to the bathroom because he was naked and I never saw anyone naked except myself!

"I didn't want to get my clothes wet when I bathe you and I'll be going to bed afterwards so why not just stay nude?"

It sounded like a good argument so I didn't pursue it further.

He then said, "Now how are you going to take a bath wearing that (he was pointing to my cotton boxers)?"

"I thought I should keep them on after all no one ever seen me naked since I started taking baths by myself except my father when he came in to check all was O.K. and even then I had a towel on!"

"Hey Tommy, we are both boys right? And we are first cousins right? So why be ashamed?"

He then grabbed my shorts and pulled them off me.

The water was nice it was lukewarm and was just the right temperature.

So in the tub I went.

He started out nicely, I am an only child so I didn't know quite how to react. He washed my back and my chest, under my arms, which tickled and washed my hair.

Now all the time I tried to avert my eyes as not to look or stare or gawk at him.

I couldn't even remember what he looked like nude when I entered the bathroom I was so innocent!

Then he got in the tub with me telling me, "This will take forever want to take a shower instead?"

"Wow a shower! Sure I've taken a couple with my father and when he thinks I'm ready he'll let me take them by myself!"

"Does he wear his underwear when your shower together?"

"Yes, how'd you know?"

"Mine did the same, after all they are brothers! They have the same ideas!"

We stood there waiting for the water to go down the tub.

This time I caught a glimpse of him!

He had hair all around his pee-pee (my word for cock then) and it was so big! He even had some hair on his chest and under his arms I noticed when he went to adjust the shower head.

"You are very lucky to have a bathroom in your apartment!"

"I know, you don't and some of our cousins in Greenpoint don't! I guess we in Ridgewood are lucky -- all my friends have bathrooms in the house!"

In those days most bathtubs were in the kitchen and the commode was in the hall in a small very dark room, which was shared by the two families on either side of it!

"Good now I can get your legs better, and that cute little ass of yours"

He knelt down and began to soap up my legs and my thighs and inner thighs and then my ass. He grabbed the wash cloth put it under the water and began to remove all the soap.

"Now we have to get that little prick of yours!"

"O.K. Willie -- but what's a prick?"

"He laughed out loud!"

"A PRICK is your cock, silly kid!"

"A cock -- Willie I'm not being silly -- but what's a cock?"

"Boy your dad taught you nothing!"

"A cock, my dear little cousin, is your wee-wee or do you call it pee-pee?"

I pointed to mine and said, "This?"

"Yes, THAT!"

"O.K. Willie I have another question for you. Why is yours so much bigger them mine and why do you have hair there?"

"As you get older it grows and you get hair all over your body! I know you know men have hair on their chests, you've seen all our older cousins and uncles and your father's chest on the beach!

Well once a man turns 13 or so they also get hair on their stomachs and groin area."

To be sure he knew I understood he pointed to his, which forced me to look at his cock again!

"I'll never get your bath finished if you keep talking, aren't you enjoying the shower?"

"Oh yes -- I am!"

He took the soap in his hands and lathered it up and then went straight for my "prick" and began to lather it and massage it and my tiny walnut balls!

It felt so good and I popped a wee little boner!

"Willie what's that -- it never happened before, maybe you rubbed to hard, am I sick, do I have to go to the doctors? Can you make it go down?"

"Tommy don't be scared -- I'll show you something. Lather up your hands with the soap and wash my prick! You'll see what happens."

I did and before long I stood in amazement as Willie's "prick" began to grow before my eyes! It nearly doubled in size and then I could make out his large balls!

"Wow does it hurt like mine?"

"Yours hurt Tommy?'

"Yes it is pulsing and throbbing!"

"That's not pain silly kid that's a sexual reaction -- let me explain the private parts of our bodies that our dad's NEVER talk about are sexual parts, like my prick, cock, wee-wee, pee-pee or whatever you want to call it is one of them. The little sac under them is our balls, in Science class we learned the right word for them and our pricks -- the balls are called testicles and the pricks are called penises!"

"Boy so many new words! Should I stop rubbing the soap on your "prick" or should I call it a penis?"

"HELL NO, Tommy it feels so good, let me show you how good! I'll be rubbing yours as you keep rubbing mine."

By now all the soap was gone and only our red raw pricks were exposed to the delightfullly lukewarm water.

"I can give you a treat if you keep rubbing my prick, Tommy. Do you want a treat? But first let me tell you I can do the "trick" which will be your "treat" but you can't and won't till you turn 13! Do you want it, Tommy?"

"Oh yeah!"

"You have to pinkie swear you will tell no one this is our little secret, or else no trick and treat"

"I swear"

We locked pinkies and then he instructed me just what to do!

"Keep rubbing my prick and if you want you can soap it now and then it feels so much better that way."

As I lathered up his prick he purred like a kitty and his face lit up and he smiled! He was 5'8" then compared to my 4'6" and his chest was so developed -- he was on the wrestling team in High School, his arms were so strong yet gentle with me. His legs were like rock pillars from wrestling and track team! His hair was jet black and eyes were so blue. He had a bit of hair on his nipples and under his nose (he bragged that he's be the first in our family with a moustache)!

He grabbed my hand and said, "Tommy, enough with the soap and just water, do you want to see how it tastes?"

"Our "pricks" have a taste? How would you know that Willie?"

"Oh, the man in my building who taught me about sex let me taste his and I had Markie my cousin on my mom's side in my mouth as well as some of my pals in High School! I'd also like to taste yours if you want me to! The treat will come even faster this way! Don't be scared, If you can't handle it just say stop!"

As I started to go down on him he stopped the water and sat on the toilet seat as I knelt on the floor.

I grabbed it with one hand and I began to lick it like an ice cream cone.

"That's so nice Tommy!"

"I don't taste anything yet, Willie!"

"Oh you will if you keep it up. As soon as my trick happens you'll get the treat and that's what tastes and it tastes different for every one I had!

"Why don't you try sucking it in between licking it?"

"Sucking how do you do that?"

With that question he pulled me up and stood me on the lid of the toilet seat and began to suck my still very hard prick! It felt so good. He could even get my testicles in his mouth and he used his tongue to do so many things while it was till in his mouth! He twirled his hot tongue around my now swollen cock head and then up and down my shaft! He bobbed his head up and down in a slow even movement. I felt so -- I couldn't explain it or find the words then and now I know I was having a dry orgasm one after the other. I felt weak yet strong, I tingled all over.

"Willie that feels so good! Is that the way you feel when some one "sucks" you?

"Yes, now can you do me?"

He was rubbing his cock while he was sucking me and grabbed it and pumped it up and down like the way we pumped the Rocket Ice Cream tube!

"Does that feel good too, what you are doing?"

"Sure do it on yourself!"

He was right it felt so great!

"Now can you suck me, or else you won't get your treat as I promissed!"

I went down on him and began to suck him with all my might. I tried to get as much of it in my mouth as I could (it measured 8 inches and was circumcised) since I wanted to get his testicles in my mouth at the same time as he did mine!

He was shocked I could get it all in and was even able to lick the bottom of his balls!

"Man, Tommy -- no one and I mean NO ONE, not any one of my pals can even do that! You are super!"

"I was so happy I made him very happy!"

I remembered how good his tongue felt around my pricks head that I tried to do the same, I even came up with one of my own moves I split open his piss hole with my tongue and licked it too!

I got off his cock cause I wanted to see if his balls tasted like anything, and they did!

"Hey, Willie your testicles taste of something, they taste so salty!"

That was from the sweat he was working up!

I went back and started to bob my head just like he did -- up and down as I sucked his prick.

I sucked it in and pushed it out like I was making a pop sound. I drove him crazy!

"Keep it up, KEEP IT UP he yelled!"

With that I did just that!

Then I felt something funny his prick pulsed in my mouth and his balls (I was playing with them as he instructed me to) suddenly got so hard! I pulled off and Before I could get out my question:

"What's happening?"

He came!

"Wow, Willie what's that stuff, is that my treat?"

"Yes but you missed it in your mouth!"

"Can I have it now?"

"Yes eat it up all of it!"

"With that I licked up all of it and since it was still coming out of his piss hole I began to suck the rest out. That made him wriggle and writhe. He gently removed my head off his "prick" and said: "Enough!" He was so beet red and he jerked and moaned and looked so weak!

"Man, Tommy that was the best blow job I ever had! And before you ask what's a blow job -- a blow job is when a man or woman sucks a guy till he cums! Oh yes I forgot to tell you that's just what came out of me the white milky sticky stuff is called cum, scum or semen as they taught us the right word in Science class."

"Can I share my semen with you, Willie?"

"As I told you not yet, you'll have to wait until you get to be 13!"

"Can I give you another "blow-job" right now? Can I see and taste more semen?"

"No, but if you are good we can do it after breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow and maybe before we go to bed!"

"Willie? When we go to sleep tonight can you sleep with me instead of my parents bed and can I sleep naked too?"

"O.K. kid, your wish is my command! But remember say nothing or our fathers will kill us!"

"You have my pinkie swear on that, Willie"

We had sex the rest of the week-end and every time we got to be in bed together alone as soon as he moved to New Jersey and had his own room. As time progressed he began to suck me less and pump my ass more! He also did this with 4 more of my cousins that were my age before he turned 15!

How I found out about that is another story: FROM THE FILES OF TOMMY'S MIND!

Next chapter:

COUSIN LARRY & his brother JERRY!

Please let me not only know if you enjoyed it but if it helped bring back either good or bad feelings!