Date: January 26, 2001 1 :58 P.M. EST
Subject: From the Files of Tommy's Mind

This story is true only the names were changed and some details altered to protect the people involved. It contains Male sex so if you are under 18 PLEASE DO NOT continue.

It also tells of Tommy's first encounter with sex at 7 years old if this morally offends you please leave. I wrote it to help others who have a hard time when they realize their 1st time may have been rape! I survived this incident and thank the powers that be I did! But others may not be so lucky. It will also help teens come to grips with another reason why we become gay or bisexual. For some it's a biological or chemical imbalance reason and for others it was a learned behavior, such was my case. You will be getting future chapters, which will also include elder teen-young teen situations. This was very therapeutic for me and I would suggest some men write of their experiences. The effect is very cathartic and healing.

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From the Files of Tommy's Mind -- Chapter 2

I have received much e-mail asking me to write again since it's been a while since I last wrote for Nifty.

Some have asked if Tommy is real -- HE IS!

Some have asked how Tommy got his start. The stories I will tell in "FROM THE FILES OF TOMMY'S MIND" will hopefully answer all your questions.

These are pre-aids stories so NO safe sex practices were around then.

They are stories of young incestuous relationships between first cousins so if young kid stories and incest stories aren't your bag you can move on. These are real stories and aren't meant for judgment just your enjoyment!

Larry and Jerry

Larry and Tommy age 7:

Larry was Tommy's father's younger brother. He was married quite young and had three children; Jerry, Tina and Larry Jr. They lived in Greenpoint in a six family railroad room apartment. The street room was the children's bedroom, the next was the parents, it was followed by the living room and then the kitchen.

It was the kitchen where Tommy's parents and Larry's parents were playing cards.

Jerry was a handsome 14-year-old, he had Jet black curly hair and the strongest set of arms and legs from helping his father do deliveries on his truck. He had the warmest smile and the women on the block loved him and the girls lusted after him. His chest was smooth and his nipples large as were his hands.

Tina was a 13-year-old knock-out inherited her mother's Jewish looks, she was from Barcelona, Spain. She had long flowing curly hair and without any make up she was any guys dream date and boy could she dance and had a temper!

Larry was the angel face in his household he looked like one of the models you saw in a Sears Catalogue. His body was just like mine then well built no baby fat and slender. He too had jet-black hair but his was wavy not curly like his fathers. He had the look of the devil in his blue eyes and the smile of an altar boy. He was a scamp and trouble and him went together. He was only 7 months older then me but we stood the same height 4'8" tall. He wasn't as god as me in school and loved to go exploring.

That exploring is what caused him problems when Willie moved to New Jersey from Manhattan. But that's giving part of this chapter away!

As I said our parents were playing cards, I was invited to spend the night and Jerry and Tina were out visiting friends. His mother put on the TV Set for us in the kid's room and when back in. She brought in soda and chips and said scream if we need more.

Larry and I set ourselves in using the pillows from the bed as back rests as we leaned them up against the bed and started to watch "Leave it to Beaver".

Larry and I were in our pajamas and were laughing up a storm.

Just then Larry asked me something strange.

"Hey Tommy, do you think Jerry Matthews has a big one. I bet Tony Dow does!"

"A big what, Larry?"


Cock, how does he know that word? I decided to play dumb and not let him know that Willie taught it to me and that he might ask too many questions.

"Cock, Larry what's that?"

I expected him to answer instead he just undid the top snaps of his pajamas and then the other snaps and he folded back the flaps to reveal a stiff little boner (a bit bigger then mine)! He pointed to it and said: "THIS!"

"Oh, Larry yours is so hard! And yours is so big!"

"Nah, Tommy Jerry's cock is bigger way bigger!"

Bigger??? I wondered if it was as big as Willies????

"How do you know that, Larry?"

I loved to play naive!

"We sometimes shower together, to save time!"

"It's O.K. to shower together?" I asked.

"Sure it is, Willie told me he showered with Jerry so I asked my dad if I could!"

"When did they shower together? (I thought to myself Willie has done this more then once!)"

"At McCarren Pool that's where Jerry and I shower together! Wherelse did you think I meant?"

With the idea of Willie and Jerry together and the Beaver question still on my mind I popped a boner as well! Larry could see it tenting my pajamas.

"Hey, Tommy open yours like mine!" he said as he was playing with his.

"Here let me help you!" With that he started to undo all my snaps and folded them back like his!

"There let it out!"

There we stood our little pricks standing up in the air, with out a care and forgetting our parents were in the next room!

"Willie says it's good to let them out when we can."


"Yes, Willie, I know about you and him in the shower at your apartment in Ridgewood before he moved to New Jersey! You calling him a liar?"


"You didn't know he taught me the same stuff he taught you? I thought he told you."

"No, Larry he didn't! Do you want to tell me?"

"Sure it was so neato!"

He began to explain.

"Willie and I were riding our bikes near his house in Jersey when we came upon a large field covered with woods. We rod our bikes in and Willie said let's stop. He stopped his bike and I did mine. He got the suitcase untied from the basket in front of the bike and began to open it! There was a blanket and two tribal masks from his bedroom wall."

"Let's strip like the naked savages and have a dance and maybe we have the power to make it rain -- O.K., Larry?"

"I told him it sounded good -- you know I love adventure and I love being nude, Jerry and I are always nude when our parents are out ever since he and and Willie spent the week-end together the first week Willie moved to Jersey. So I said what the heck! I stripped and so did he. Now then I didn't know it but Jerry's cock is definitely bigger soft then Willie's, I bet it's even bigger then his when it's hard!"

Now mind you we are getting harder and harder and we are still playing with our little pricks!

"Willie said that we needed to hug a lot and rub our bodies together a lot. So we did. I noticed his cock was getting hard and I thought I did something! Did I hurt you, Willie?"

"Oh no, Larry that felt real good. Here let me rub yours!"

"I let him and before long we were on the blanket we removed our masks and Willie was kissing my body. He said it was part of the ceremony. He told me to do the same."

"Now comes the part where I give the Holy Juices to the Gods, but I may need help to get the juice out? Do you want to help me, Larry, it's O.K. we

are first cousins after all."

"Sure thing, Willie what do I have to do?"

"You have to blow the ceremonial horn!"

"I looked for a trumpet or cow's horn but here was none, so I asked him what horn?"

"The big one from my belly. Just open your mouth and stick it in, Tommy did and he got a surprise!"

"Tommy!!!!! Tommy did it????"

"Yes and he was so good, show him you are better after all you are older."

"Then he told me about you and he and the shower and the next two times you did it at his place in Manhattan and the next time in Jersey. I wasn't going to let you win his favor so I closed my eyes and I blew his "horn" till the magic juice came out! He loved it but he said I have a lot to learn I wasn't as good as you!"

He then took my head and put it on top of his prick and said please show me, I won't tell anyone and before long I sucked him off to a dry cum!

He was writhing in such pleasure and then he did me!

He came up with the idea to tell our parents we were going to take a shower together to save time and then go to bed!

I couldn't believe they bought it!

My dad even said: "Good maybe he can make sure Tommy does it right!"

So there we were naked in front of each other in the shower the door locked, Larry said he didn't want my mother or his or God forbid Tina to see us naked!

But that's what we were!

We rubbed our bodies next to one another and rubbed our little pricks up against each other's cracks and touched our holes with the tip of our cocks (we didn't know you could enter them yet -- Willie never got that far so far)

And sucked each other with the shower water dripping all over us and then we dried off and went to bed.

I kissed Larry good night and he touched my cock And gave me a wink saying: "We must always do this to one another and never stop! (We did when we turned 24!) We never got to answer if Jerry Matthews or Tony Dow had the big one!



Jerry at 14!

Jerry loved to play sports and he and Willie were raised together but one weekend in New Jersey would change their relationship forever and mine with Jerry as well!

Jerry was invited to spend the 1st weekend in Jersey with Willie as his parent's moved their items from Greenpoint back and forth to Jersey.

The move was a big one they had a lot of furniture in Manhattan and since they now gained 3 more rooms Willie's aunt in the Bronx and one of my other aunts in Greenpoint were giving them more furniture to take with them.

So there was Bill, Willie's dad, Toni, his mom and Liz (Willie's 14 year old sister) going back and forth.

My Uncle Larry felt sorry for them and when it got to be 10:00 and it was raining out he told them to stay the boys would be O.K.

My Uncle Bill agreed and they called the boys and told them they'd be there in the morning and take them out to the White Castle on Route 1-9 for breakfast!

Willie loved this, I always wondered if he arranged it to rain!

"Willie it's O.K. that they trust us and I don't mind being with you but we have no pajamas the clothes were the last things we said we take! What do we do for that, I'm not sleeping in my clothes!"

"That's all right, neither do I and any way I always sleep nude! We have sheets and pillow cases, they set up the beds before they left, mom has food in the refrigerator, and nobody can tell us what time to go to bed!"

After an hour they were getting tired, Willie went up first to shower and then went to his new bedroom and told Jerry it was his turn.

Jerry came out of the bathroom to spot Willie laying on bed naked -- no towel just naked and felt silly just wrapped in a towel so he let it drop to the floor.

Now Willie was nicely shaped and wasn't fat but he wasn't Jerry who was a young god!

Willie's mouth fell opened at the sight of his dashingly handsome cousin! He was amazed that just soft he measured 5-1/2" to his 4" one!

"That's some cock you have Jerry!"

"And I know how to use it too! And I don't mean just jerking off, I had 6 girls on the block already!"


"Yea, Willie they all fall for me! I have them sucking me and having me putting it inside them one even likes it up the ass!"

So do I kept thinking, Willie, so do I!

"Can you teach me how to improve me cousin give me a few pointers to score with the girls?"

"Sure Willie, move over on the bed! Let me see how you hold yours and how big you get!"

Poor Jerry didn't know what was coming.

The both of them got so hot and so hard they could imagine what would be happening next!

"You hold it so tight, Willie, let up on it -- gentle, gentle!

Let me show you!"

With that, Willie's dreams would come true and he didn't have to do anything to get them to!

Jerry was slowly jerking him off ever so gentle and Willie had all to do but to control himself! He was getting to him quickly -- he jerked aside!

"So Jerry let me show you how the way I do it feels!"

He grabbed for his cousins massive now 8-1/2 in perfectly shapped cock unlike his mushroom head cock and jerked away!

"Hey, Willie if we keep this up we'll be cumming before long!"

"So what would be wrong with that? We are first cousins after all!"

"Yea, but we're guys!"

"Would you die if I told you I am gay and I already did so many of my pals on the basketball team back in Manhattan?"

"No it wouldn't, I set you up or so I thought, maybe you are the one who set me up, Willie! But I warn you I want the works from you and the moist you'll get from me is a hand job is that O.K. with you cousin????"

"We have all night do with me what you want!"

The first thing was he mad Willie get down on his knees while he sat on the edge of the bed and fed him his cock. He wasn't surprised that Willie could take him all in.

"Man, Willie you are so good, no girl ever used her tongue, it feels so super!

Keep it up man go deeper grab my whole cock! That's right play with my hot balls."

He then pushed his head off his cock and had him suck his nipples!

"I always wondered what it feels like when I do this to the girls. Oh man Willie it's super don't stop!"

He was playing with Willie's hair and felt below to play with Willie's nipples as Willie was playing with his won cock!

Jerry gently shoved him back down but opened his legs wide and said "Lick my hot ass! Let me see how it feels when I suck the girls out..."

He couldn't finish his statement he was jiggling all over the bed, he didn't expect Willie to curl his tongue and insert it up his ass!

"Oh, man, Willie don't stop keep going!"

He was now slowly and gently stroking his cock!

"Let me teach you a trick, Jerry (Willie stopped for awhile) wet the palm of your hand and continue to stroke it! You'll see the difference!"

Back he went and Jerry tried it and almost exploded!

"Get your head here now suck my white milk out of me and no teeth this time!"

Willie was rewarded with a steady stream of the hottest cum he ever had!

"Rest a while, Willie I want to fuck that ass of yours!"

They did as he got Willie to cum as promised!

Getting Willie to cum Got Jerry hard as rock and he turned his cousin over and fucked him good!

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