Date: January 26, 2001 1 :58 P.M. EST
Subject: From the Files of Tommy's Mind

This story is true only the names were changed and some details altered to protect the people involved. It contains Male sex so if you are under 18 PLEASE DO NOT continue.

It also tells of Tommy's first encounter with sex at 7 years old if this morally offends you please leave. I wrote it to help others who have a hard time when they realize their 1st time may have been rape! I survived this incident and thank the powers that be I did! But others may not be so lucky. It will also help teens come to grips with another reason why we become gay or bisexual. For some it's a biological or chemical imbalance reason and for others it was a learned behavior, such was my case. You will be getting future chapters, which will also include elder teen-young teen situations. This was very therapeutic for me and I would suggest some men write of their experiences. The effect is very cathartic and healing.

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From the Files of Tommy's Mind -- Chapter 3

I have received much e-mail asking me to write again since it's been a while since I last wrote for Nifty.

Some have asked if Tommy is real -- HE IS!

Some have asked how Tommy got his start. The stories I will tell in "FROM THE FILES OF TOMMY'S MIND" will hopefully answer all your questions.

These are pre-aids stories so NO safe sex practices were around then.

They are stories of young incestuous relationships between first cousins so if young kid stories and incest stories aren't your bag you can move on. These are real stories and aren't meant for judgment just your enjoyment!


Vito moved away from the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn when he was 7. His mother and father (Tommy's dad's brother) moved to Mastic Beach, Long Island to start a new live for their kids, Tonianne and Vito.

Tonianne was plain and not that attractive but her brother Vito had all the looks. He looked like a kid actor in an Italian Film done by DeSica, Fellini or some other Italian Director. He stood at 14 years old 5'11" and had broad shoulders from helping his dad do deliveries on his trucking route. He had brown tight curled hair and green eyes. He sported one of those kid type mustaches and had side burns, he wore tight fitting T-shirts to show off his physique and his nipples always seemed erect! He always had on blue jeans. And wore sneakers. His smile was warm and welcoming. He was the sports hero of our family. He and Jerry, our other cousin, were like brothers.

They lived at the time in just he foundation basement of a house that seemed it would never get built! My aunt had curtains forming rooms. As I got older each time I looked at "Green Acres" it reminded me of Vito's home. I think they were better off in Greenpoint.

My uncle got most of his brothers together one summer and we all stayed over. Willie wasn't there he had to go on a camping trip with his friends. So when the beds were portioned out, I got to sleep with Vito since I was an only child and my cousins got to sleep with their brothers!

We had a real great day we went fishing and caught plenty of whiting and my uncle bar-b-qued them. We played a bit of bocci and scopa (an Italian card game) and went to bed.

In the middle of the night if felt the bed shake and rumble. Form the small basement window a bit of light shone through and fell on Vito's naked body!

His pecs and abs glistened in the moonlight and his arms were so huge and his hands as well. I couldn't believe it he was jerking off! He had a 8 " uncut cock!

Willie's was cut as was Larry's it was the first one I seen in person!

He kept up a steady rhythm and with each rise and fall of his hand his foreskin covered and uncovered his cock's head. His cock was beautiful, just as beautiful as he was.

He let out a small groan and shot a big load, which fell on his stomach and my face! Vito did or said nothing. He must have thought since I didn't wake up don't temp fate! After all what would he say to this 7-year-old cousin that idolized him!

The next day for some reason we were left totally alone. The women went into town in order too shop, our dads went fishing at 5:00 a.m. for lobsters and clams,

His sister took the girl cousins over to her girlfriends and the boy cousins went on a hike through the woods.

"Hey, Vito what do you want to play?"

"I don't have much time for play, champ I have to finish cleaning out the garage!"

"Can I help?"

"That sounds like a good idea, champ! It will help me get it done faster!"

We worked so hard top get it done when we were done Vito and I went into the side of the garage where my uncle hooked up a stall shower. Vito said hey let's both take a quick shower together to save more time and then we'll have all afternoon to play! You did good, champ and deserve some quality time from me!"

We did he was amazed that I wasn't shy to strip in front of him!

I said to him: "Vito why do you have that funny skin covering your penis? (I didn't want to say pee-pee in front of him.)"

"Cause that's what's called foreskin, my parents wanted me to stay intact. Most aof our cousins are cut like you." I never gave it any thought "most" how could he know?

"Does it hurt?"

"No, never I just have more to wash!"

With that he pulled the skin back and showed me his head.

"See now it looks just like yours!"

When he let it go it slid back covering his cock's head once more.

"Hey, Vito can I try that?"

"What do you mean, champ?"

"Can I slide it back and forth to see how it feels?"

"O.K. enjoy yourself! But let me warn you, you may get a surprise!"

"A surprise? What surprise?"

"You'll see!"

I knew what he meant, after all when I jerked Willie off he got hard and shot a big load! Now I could see if Vito could shoot more!

I gently grabbed his cock and let the skin slide back and forth over and over again. Before long it got to be so big even bigger then Willie's cock and it looked so much nicer like Larry's and mine. He didn't have a big head like Willie's at all!

It throbbed in my hand.

"Wow-wee, Vito is that the surprise?"

"Part of it, champ -- keep it going and you'll get the surprise. Hey look down I think you'll see you got a `surprise' of your own!"

He was right I was sporting my very own erection!

Vito suddenly stopped me from jerking him off and went down on me.

"Champ, pay attention to what I am doing to you because I want you to do it to me!"

Poor Vito didn't know all he had to do was ask me to blow him I've already blew Willie and Larry! But I enjoyed his hot moist mouth and great tongue!

"My turn! My Turn! Let me do you, Vito!"

He got up and I went to town, I never sucked a foreskin before, it was so exciting! I went crazy! I had his whole cock in my mouth and was pumping like mad! Weaving and bobbing my head. Using my tongue to go under his foreskin and to open his piss hole. I would every now and then raise my head and get off his cock to lick it. Then I got the idea to do his balls. Vito jumped and said to me. "Oh cuz, don't stop that feels so great! Keep it up!" I did and I licked his inner groins which made him purr."

This and the warm shower made me feel so great.


"Yes, Vito?"

"Want to play doctor?"

"How do you play doctor?"

"Well first I will check your pulse, look into your ears and eyes feel your farhead and then take your temperature!"

"That sounds like fun!"

He went about taking my wrist and taking my pulse. He opened my eye lids and looked in then my ears, he used his finger to hold my tongue down and made me say ah! Then he said now it's time for your temperature.

"How does your mom take your temperature?"

"She sticks the thermometer up my coolie, Vito!"

"O.K. then I will stick my thermometer up yours then. But first I have to get it ready since I bet my aunt uses Vaseline Jelly and we have none I have to do the next best thing. Bend down, champ!"

I did and I could feel his tongue licking all around my ass, he then curled his tongue and stuck it right in. Then he played with it with one finger then I think he switched fingers and used his middle finger -- it hurt at first! But soon with just he sound of his voice, which was so reassuring, it started to feel great.

"Does that hurt you champ?"

"No, Vito -- why?"

"Because now I'm going to stick my thermometer in!"

And in it went and before long I took almost all of his 8 " in my small ass!

He kept pumping me and pumping me and wiggled and took my ass in those strong hands of his and wriggled it as well.

"How does that feel, Champ?

"Oh, nice!"

"Better then when Willie does it to you?"

Willie!!!!!!!!! Vito knows?????? -- I thought to myself.

"It's O.K. Tommy I won't tell!"

He called me Tommy for the first time!

"Vito you mad at me?"

"No, Tommy why do you say that?" He kept pumping me.

"Because you called me Tommy instead of CHAMP!"

"From today on you are not a little boy you are a brave young man you are taking my cock which is bigger then Willie's and you are not crying! You deserve a young man's name not a kid's name like CHAMP!"

"You think I'm getting older?"

"Yes, I do"

With that he told me to stop talking and to concentrate what would soon be happening. He shot a big load in me and then he said; "Feel that, Tommy?"

"Oh yea it felt so hot and so very cool!"

"That's the last time I'll ever fuck you, Tommy, I just wanted you to see not all men will treat you like shit! I wanted you to have a great experience I'm not like Willie who fucks like an animal. Beside which I dig girls as well and have learned a lot from fucking them."

"So we could never play doctor again, Vito?"

"Oh yea, Tommy but from now on the thermometer goes in your mouth and when you get older I'll take yours in mine and that's a promise!

Another promise he kept was to tell me about his bad experience with Willie!

Vito and I became fast and furious friends that day and we always had sex each time we saw one another. When I turned 13 Vito kept his promise -- but that's another story!

NEXT CHAPTER - Tommy and Jerry discover one another!