This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any existing people or events is coincidental. If a story involving sexual contact with minors bothers you or is illegal where you live, stop reading now. This is Part 2. Please read Part 1 first.

Tommy's Coach, Part 2

The ride home from Coach's house was pretty awkward. Dad was really quiet at first and didn't even want to look at me. I guess I felt weird too, but not in a bad way really. My nuts still hurt but I wasn't thinking about that so much.

Finally Dad started talking but it was about normal stuff. "What do you want for dinner? Do you think your team can make it to States this year?" Things like that. We talked some and it was kinda nice cuz I thought he was really listening to me. It got quiet again and I dunno why but I just had to say it.

"Dad?" He swallowed and looked at me. "Dad... ummm... you... you know... you sucked... my dick."

He got all red again and stared at the road. Finally he said, really softly, "I had to, Tommy... you saw... he made me."

I shrugged. "I guess so. But... I mean... it was weird but I didn't mind so much. And I almost thought... when you were doing it... I dunno..."

I was gonna say that I thought he looked happy, but I didn't want to make him feel bad.

Dad looked sad when he started talking again. "The thing is, Tommy... I guess your Coach is right about one thing. I've... not been a good father, since your mother left." I almost thought he was going to cry. He looked at me and it made me feel like I was gonna cry too but I only did a little. "I should have gotten you the... thing... and I haven't paid attention to you and I've been too worried about myself. So... maybe... I deserved what he did." He swallowed hard. "But things can be better now. I'll be better... I-I promise." He smiled a little and I did too. Then he got serious again.

"You know, Tommy... you know you can never say anything to anybody about... that... about what I did... right?" He looked worried but I totally got it. I wasn't gonna tell anybody for sure, cuz that would just be way too weird to even think about. I rolled my eyes. "Duh. I knowwwww Dad. I would never." He seemed to relax after that, until I said, "So... are we going back tomorrow like Coach said?"

Dad chewed his lip for a minute. I could tell he didn't want to but maybe he was worried about the pictures Coach took. Finally he nodded. "Ya... I mean... if you want to, Tommy. Do you... want to?" I wasn't sure what he wanted me to say but I didn't want to make Coach mad for sure. "Ya... I guess so, Dad." He took a deep breath and said, "Ok."

When we got home Dad was in a good mood almost. He made dinner and we talked about school and baseball we ate and then we watched TV on the couch together. It was the first time in a long time that he didn't just shut himself up in his room. Finally I remembered I was supposed to put ice on my bruise. I told Dad and he went to the kitchen to make up a bag of ice. I guess what happened at Coach's house made me less shy cuz I took off my pants and underpants right there in the livingroom. Dad came back and we sat next to each other. He put his arms around me and held the ice between my legs and we stayed that way watching TV for like an hour. My dick got wicked hard again and Dad looked at it but he didn't do anything about it. It just felt nice to be with him that way. He even tucked me into bed like he used to do when I was little. I don't want to be babied anymore since I'm nine now but I didn't mind this one time.

Dad didn't talk much at breakfast the next morning. Finally when it was getting close to 10 he said, "So... should we... go?" I could tell he wasn't looking forward to it, but I thought we had to cuz the way Coach told us to. "You said we'd go, Dad." He just nodded and went to get the car keys.

Coach was in a good mood when we got there. He put his arm around me and led me into the house, but he didn't pay much attention to Dad at first. I think Dad was happy about that. Coach asked me how I felt and if I thought I could pitch on Wednesday, and I said ya, it was better and I probably could. He swatted my butt and said, "Well, let's check you out to be sure. Strip from the waist down, Tommy." The way Coach said stuff it was hard to not do what he said. Something about how he looked at you and the sound of his voice I guess. So I dropped trou and laid on the couch. Dad was across the room looking nervous.

Coach talked to me while he was checking me out. Of course I got wicked hard again with him feeling around down there. It was hard to pay attention to what he said but I remember he talked loud enough for Dad to hear too. "It's a funny thing, Tommy. I figured it out when I was about your age. Some people are born to be in charge, and some people are born to be... well, taken charge of. It's that way with packs of animals, and with tribes of people... I think it's just how things are. I guess I always knew that I was one of the in-charge types. I think you might be that way too, Tommy." He smiled down at me with my nutsack in his big hand.

After a minute he went on. "There's nothing wrong with being one way or the other, really. The world needs both types. But I think people are happier if they know what type they are. It just makes everything simple and easy. Let the in-charge types lead and the others can follow, and it works well. But if you're trying to act like something you're not, it makes you unhappy in the long run." I guess I understood so I nodded. He was rubbing my stiffy.

He went on. "When I was about your age, my dick started to get hard too. And somehow I found I could recognize the people that really wanted to be taken charge of. And that some of them... well, some of them were cocksuckers." He smiled big when he said that, but he didn't sound mean. I always thought 'cocksucker' was the worst thing you could be called, but he said it like he'd say something normal like 'mailman.' "Some of them already knew they were cocksuckers, and others didn't know it yet but figured it out if you made them suck your dick. You could tell by how they looked when they were doing it... they looked happy, like they'd found the freakin' meaning of life." He chuckled a little. "Needless to say, once I understood all that I got my dick sucked a whole lot."

I think I looked a little confused, so he said more. He didn't look at Dad, but I kinda felt like he was really talking to him. "Let's take your Dad, Tommy. He thought he didn't want to suck your dick yesterday. But I think he just needed somebody to tell him to do it. I had that feeling about him from the start, that he wanted to be taken charge of. And I'm pretty sure that when he was blowing you he had that happy look on his face, like he'd discovered his purpose. Tommy, I think your Dad is a cocksucker, and I mean that with... well, all due respect." He chuckled again.

Coach slapped my thigh playfully and got up. "You look like you're healing well, Tommy... so great to be young! I think you'll make your scheduled start on Wednesday against the Giants." I thought maybe we were done so I started to reach for my underpants to put them back on. Dad stood up and looked like he wanted to get out of there as fast as he could. Coach held up his hand.

"Bob... your son is over there with a hardon that looks pretty painful. I think he needs some attention, don't you?"

I saw Dad try to stand up tall. "I-It's not right. I shouldn't have done it yesterday. I won't do it again." Coach rolled his eyes and put his hand on Dad's shoulder. "Nice try, Bob. Tommy, do you want your Dad to blow you?" I shrugged a little... but I was so hard I really did need it and it felt so good the last time. I was thinking about how Dad did seem happier last night, so maybe Coach was right. Finally I said "Ummm... yes Coach." Dad looked down. Coach smiled at Dad. "Bob, I have pictures of you fellating your nine year-old boy. I bet you wouldn't want them seen by anybody else, am I right?" Coach waited for Dad to shake his head, then just gave him a little push in my direction.

Dad looked at me like he was apologizing for something. I felt a little bad for him but mostly right then I just wanted another blowjob. "It's ok Dad. It's no big deal. I liked it a lot so just do it, ok?" Coach smiled big. "That's my boy, Tommy. Take charge. Say what you want." I felt weird but I was so horny the words just came out. "Suck my dick, Dad." He seemed kinda shocked and maybe a little sad, but he got down beside the couch. He looked back at Coach who was just watching with a grin. I saw Dad close his eyes. Then I felt his warm mouth on me. It was the best thing ever, even better than the day before. I guess I wasn't so weirded out by it this time. Pretty soon I couldn't stop my butt from moving and I was humping Dad's mouth like mad.

Coach said, "See your Dad's face, Tommy? Has he ever looked happier? I mean, sure, he's ashamed right now. It's hard to admit that you're a cocksucker, but once he does I bet he'll be a much more contented person. Oh and... one other sure sign of a cocksucker... Bob, pull down your pants." Dad shook his head and looked sort of desperate. Coach nudged him with his foot. "Bob. Pants down. We know what you're hiding, cocksucker." Coach winked at me, even though I didn't really understand what he meant. Dad made this little whimpering sound but he undid his pants. "Don't stop sucking, Bob." Coach was using that voice again. Dad pushed his pants down his legs and his face as red as I ever saw it. I guess it was because he had a hardon too. His underpants were like a little tent cuz his was sticking straight up. Coach laughed. "Cocksuckers get hard when they suck, Tommy. It's tough to argue that you're not enjoying yourself when it makes your dicklet stand up, isn't it Bob?"

Dad didn't answer but I think I felt him sucking harder. That sent me right over the edge and I had that feeling like I was gonna pee and then the stars and my dick jumping and dancing like crazy. I held Dad's head tight and could hardly breathe. Coach seemed happy and so was I. Dad sort of held me in his mouth and looked back at Coach. "All done, Bob? Did you get your boy to cum?" Dad nodded slowly and lifted his head. "So now we know, don't we?" Coach was watching Dad really close. Dad shook his head. "You made me do it," was all Dad said.

"Actually Bob, Tommy made you do it. He told you to suck his dick and you did. And it gave you a pretty big hardon, which I see you still have. It's only a matter of time before you really understand. Time for your next lesson, I think. Watching you work got me all riled up too." Coach started to unzip his pants. Dad swallowed and shook his head again. Coach kept going til his zipper was all the way down. He tapped my feet and I pulled them up to give him room to sit on the couch. Dad watched with this helpless look on his face when Coach sat on the couch.

"You're going to take off all of your clothes, Bob. Good cocksuckers do their work naked. Then you're going to take my cock out of my pants and you're going to blow me, Bob. You're going to blow me until I cum, and you're going to swallow it all. And so that you really know who's in charge, I'm going to play with your son's hairless balls while you do it. You didn't protect his nuts properly for baseball, so I think that gives me a claim on them." Coach winked at me. He said all that in a really calm way, like he was talking about the weather or something. Dad was looking down and shaking his head. He didn't move right away. Coach started to look impatient.

"Bob. Imagine yourself in a courtroom. Imagine that your wife is suing for full custody of Tommy. Imagine that the pictures on my phone are Exhibit A." Dad looked up. He swallowed hard and then looked down again. Coach smiled. "Now suck the cum out of my penis, Bob, and do it like a proper cocksucker." Coach kept his eyes on Dad but reached over and felt my nutsack. I thought Dad was going to say something but he just stood up and started taking off his clothes. I almost told Coach that maybe Dad really didn't want to, but then I saw how hard he was. I never saw Dad's boner before that but I could tell it was really stiff. The end of it looked shiny and there was a wet spot on his underpants. Coach laughed. "Not only hard but leaking, Bob. This isn't your first rodeo, is it? Don't fight it, Bob... you've known what you are for a long time, I think. Tell me the truth -- how old were you when you sucked your first cock? I'll know if you're lying."

Dad looked daggers at Coach, then looked at me, then back at Coach. It was weird seeing him stand there naked and hard. I heard him whisper something but I didn't make it out. Coach prodded him. "Speak up, Bob. Don't be ashamed. There's nothing wrong with being a cocksucker, it's just your nature. You can't help it." Finally Dad said, loud and clear, "I was nine, ok? I was nine years old. Just as young as Tommy. But... he made me... he made me do it." Coach just smiled. "Of course he did, Bob. He was older than you, I guess? Who was it?" Dad was all red. "My brother. He was 12. He made me." Dad sounded like he was trying to talk himself into something. My eyes got big when I figured out who he was talking about. "Uncle Matt?" I blurted. "You sucked Uncle Matt's dick, Dad?" I knew Uncle Matt all my life cuz he always visited in the summer and at Christmas, but I never imagined anything like that. Him and my Dad went fishing sometimes.

Coach looked at me. "You see, Tommy? I know them when I see them." I nodded. I had to admit it was pretty cool how Coach had guessed everything. He wasn't done with my Dad though. "So Bob. You blew your brother when you were nine. I bet you were giving him hand jobs even before that. And I can't imagine that it was a one-time thing, once he'd been able to use your little mouth to get off." Dad was looking at the floor. "No. It wasn't." Coach went on. "I bet he wanted to stick it in your mouth whenever he had the chance after that, didn't he?" Dad just nodded a little. "And did he make you every single time, Bob? Did he tie you down and force your mouth open? Or did he just tell you to get busy? And how long was it before you started asking to blow him, all on your own initiative? You followed him around like a puppydog and yanked on his zipper whenever you were alone with him, didn't you?" Dad didn't say anything. Coach chuckled. "Get busy, Bob. Blow me." Dad glanced over at me. "Yes, Tommy gets to watch, Bob. He knows what you are already, but I want him to really understand."

So I watched my bare naked Dad get on his knees and take Coach's dick out of his pants. It was a lot bigger than Dad's for sure. And I saw Dad suck on it for a long time. Coach told him what to do. He even had Dad lick his balls. Dad did everything Coach said. Then Coached grabbed Dad's head and pushed all the way in and held him there, and he grunted and made weird faces. I guess that was him cumming, cuz I saw Dad's throat moving. Coach finally pulled out of his mouth and wiped his cock all over Dad's face. Dad stayed hard the whole time, so I started to think Coach was right about all of it.

When Coach was done he let go of Dad's head but Dad stayed where he was, like he was waiting for something. Coach said, real quiet and in a nice voice, "What are you, Bob?" Coach waited.

Finally Dad dropped his head and kinda whispered, "A c-cocksucker." He sounded sad. Coach smiled.

"There Bob... didn't that feel good? To just say it?" Dad shook his head no but looked confused. Coach chuckled. "We'll work on that, Bob. There's nothing wrong with what you are, and you'll be a happier guy when you accept it. Now take Tommy home and take good care of him, Bob. If I hear that you're not taking care of him, in any way, you know what I can and will do to you. Do you understand?" Dad nodded.

Coach turned to me. "Don't tease your Dad or make him feel bad, Tommy. He is what he is. Goodness knows the world needs cocksuckers, don't we?" I giggled and nodded. We got dressed and Dad drove us home. On the way I told him I wanted Chipotle. I guess before the whole Coach thing I would have asked him, but this time I just said I wanted it. He said ok and turned the car to go there. I think Coach would have liked that.

To be continued, I think...

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