Tony's Rain Check

    Uncle Gus, crouched in front of a toilet, his calloused hands working hard to get a rusting pipe loosened. Normally, his stubby fingers were skilled as a surgeon as he operated on his specialty, nuts and bolts; but this morning he was all thumbs. He knew that he was preoccupied and that preoccupation was making it difficult for him to concentrate at the task at hand.

    His cell phone rang and he reached behind him into his overalls and he brightened when he heard Tony's voice.

    "Uncle Gus," It's me, Tony. He heard his strong masculine voice and he listened, his ear pressed against the receiver. "I'm just reminding you about our date tonight and my rain check."

    "How come if I was stranded in the desert, I would know it was you calling to remind me," Gus answered. "As if you would let me forget. Let me see, this is your third call today. Tony, I love you, but Mrs. Amonte has a toilet that won't flush and my phone hasn't stop ringing with hysterical women who need me. Can't we make it another time? Kid, I'm up to my ass in crappers and clogged pipes." Gus couldn't understand how Tony could be so at ease with the situation while his stomach was churning so bad that he had already taken two antacids that morning.

    "Don't try to weasel out of coming tonight," Tony argued. "I know you and I know how your mind works. You keep thinking that our being together is wrong because I'm your nephew." Gus, thought he lost the connection but Tony was back on.  "Well, it's not! I'm a consenting adult and so are you. So stop putting yourself through a guilt trip when there's no need for it. Go with what your heart says and not your mind. Let your emotions take you where you mind is afraid to travel. It's what you and I think and not others. I know how and what I feel. You promised, and Uncle Gus you always kept your promises when I was a little boy. I don't expect you to stop now. I'll see you tonight."

    Tony hung up and just sat in front of the porcelain bowl. He ran his hand through his stubble. Gus's word had always been his bond. That was why he had a thriving business because people trusted him. He lingered over the sweating pipe thinking of what Tony had said. "Go with you heart, and not with your mind." Gus had always done the opposite, using reasoning, logic and common sense. Over the years he had learned that there were times when he should have listened to his heart. How many missed chances of happiness had he let slip by because he reasoned when he should have reacted.

    "Will, the toilet be fixed?" he heard Mrs. Amonte say as she popped her head into the bathroom. "Gus, I have company coming tonight."

    Gus wrapped his large, beefy hand around a wrench and twisted the pipe and it turned. "It'll be ready in a few minutes. What are those wonderful smells coming from your kitchen that's making me drool with hunger. "What's for dinner?" he said and smiled. "Whatever it is your company will be happy."

    "Orso Bucco over cheese polenta,"  she said proudly. "Nobody, not even your sister  Margaret, may she rest in peace could make it better then me. I'll be right back." She left Gus and returned a minute later with a large spoon. "Taste this sauce," she commanded. "Those tomatoes are from my own garden along with the fresh parsley. It's my secret recipe but I'll tell  it to you because bless your heart, you were a good friend of my dead husband Joe, may he also rest in peace." She crossed herself. "I know you're thinking it's the anchovy, but you're  wrong. Most people use lemon rind but I also use  orange rind and some butter at the end to make it smooth."

    He tasted the sauce, took another taste and licked the spoon clean. "Will you marry me?" he said. "It's fabulous," smacking his lips in appreciation.  "It's better then Margaret's and she was some cook."

    Mrs. Amonte smiled with satisfaction. "If I wasn't seventy years old, I'd marry you just so I could flush the toilet and know that it worked. You're a good man Gus. Come tomorrow for supper. I've made enough for an army."

    "If I wasn't so dirty and greasy, I'd  kiss you." He winked at her.

    She began to laugh.

    Gus replaced the pipe and it was fixed. He turned the water back on and flushed the toilet a few times and it was fine. As he headed toward his truck he thought about last night and how magical it was.  As he drove along the streets of Brooklyn to his next job, his cell phone ring.

    "It's me again. Tony, that's who. I know you're trying to figure out a way out of not coming tonight but it won't work. You're coming if I have to drag you. I've just booked a restaurant that I know that you're gonna love and don't give me any crap, Uncle Gus, we have a date. Before you try to snow me, with I went to confession this morning, don't even try. I know you didn't go to church today or confession, because you haven't been in a church since you were baptized. I bet you told Aunt Joan to light a candle for you? That's for the dead and we're alive. Uncle Gus, face the fact that I want you, and we're two consenting adults. I have to run. I'll call you at home and tell you when and where to meet me."

    "Son -of-a-bitch," Gus muttered. That kid is hotter then a firecracker. Thoughts of last night flooded Gus's brain and he felt himself getting hard as he drove. He grabbed his groin and squeezed it feeling the bulge in his pants rise. "What, the hell, we aren't going to have kids," he said and laughed out loud.

    Gus did his best thinking in the tub letting the warm water caress his body as he relaxed. The only sound was running water as it filled the tub. He closed his eyes lying still as steam enveloped the room in mist as he soaked. He stretched out in the oversized tub as the hot water soothed him.  He poured a special oil that smelled of pine and scents of the forest that left his skin moisturized and the pleasant aroma filled the air. He closed his eyes and thought of Tony, his little Tony who was now a man and how much he loved him. "Go with your heart," Tony said and Gus repeated the words as a yogi recited his mantra over and over in his head and he knew that Tony was right. Elation swept over Gus and he soaped his hairy chest, running his hand over his belly that rose out of the water and gently cleaning the day's grime off. His broad shoulders ached from the lifting and carrying equipment and he hunkered down into the water so the heat penetrated into his flesh. His small transistor played classical music, a carryover from when he was a boy and opera played on the radio and they listened to Caruso. He took a finger brush to his hands and fingers until they were spotless. He lifted his leg and soaped his thighs and muscular calves and smiled thinking that his legs looked pretty good for a heavy guy.  Gus paid special attention to his cock, pulling back the hood letting the warm warm fill the head and he milked it back and forth until it was thoroughly clean. His was a large cock and Gus noticed a blue vein that ran the lenght of his shaft. He held his balls in his hand and inspected them. The dark hairs glistened with soap as he carefully rinsed them making sure they were kissing sweet. After the bath, he showered cleaning himself once again until he was immaculate.

   Dinner with Tony was fun. The restaurant was crowded and it was a display of ostentation that Gus would never be a part of but this was Tony's world and he was sharing it. It was handshakes, kisses and Tony said it was all bullshit but part of the game of one-upmanship,  a game that needed to be played and Tony was very good at it. Over the years, Tony acquired a sophisticated palate and suggested things that he knew that Gus would enjoy. They tasted each other's food delighted in what they had ordered. The wine was excellent and Gus had a Martini for a cocktail and he hadn't had one in years. As the evening wore on Gus felt loose and easy and was enjoying himself. They talked about Tony's career and his next film project and about Mrs. Amonte and the ladies whose drains and toilets that Gus cared for. "Plumbers are like doctors and we're expensive because when you need us, you need us." He laughed with that mischievous grin that Tony adored and always made him smile. Gus could always do that to him. He remember that first day and how frightened he was coming to live with that big, gruff, looking bear and how Gus took him in and loved him as he was his own son. Tony always sought out Gus's counsel and advice as he had common sense, listened and heard what you said.

    "How come me?" Gus asked. "You're a handsome guy and men would be thrilled to have you. They're attractive heavy men who would idolize and adore you, and yet you choose me. Have you ever asked yourself why?"

    "I don't know and I really don't care," Tony answered. "If I knew, I would tell you. That's a question for your friend Bernie, the psychologist, to answer. I look at you and all I know is that I want to be with you. Call it chemistry, the X factor or give it any name, but I could look at a thousand men and it would still be you.  Even as a kid you made me happy. I was always comfortable with you. Then one day, I saw you naked and from that day on, I lusted after you. I couldn't say anything because I didn't know how to express my feelings and I never suspected that you were gay. I was frightened that if I revealed myself to you, you would be angry and I would lose your love. We are products of a Catholic upbringing and in many ways it has hurt us all. The first time I jerked off, I thought that I would be struck dead. So, I know the turmoil that you feel but also know that what we do, we do for us and that is all that matters. That said, did you like the meal?"

    "I have to admit that the food was delicious, The place threw me with its hoopla but once I got past the glitz and everyone on cell phones, I was fine.  You're Aunt Margaret spoiled me with her cooking but this was terrific. It must have cost you a fortune?"

    Tony smiled and his teeth were straight and even. His face was strong and masculine and his features were chiseled. "Seeing you enjoying the meal was worth it for me. Now it's time for my rain check."

    Tony drove his sport scar through the crowded streets of Manhattan with skill as they headed towards his apartment. He reached out and put his hand on Gus's knee and massaged his leg from the knee up and Tony felt the heat emanating from Gus's leg. Tony's hand crept up towards Gus's basket and gently settled there. He squeezed it and Gus put his hand over Tony's and held it.

        "Now tell me? Did you call your friend Bernie, the psychologist and ask him about me and you?" Tony asked. He turned his head and faced Gus who smiled. "I know you did."

    Gus laughed and his brown eyes twinkled. "Who made you so smart. Me, I'm a plumber. I work with my hands and bust my hump every day. You write and direct films and also read minds. Yes, I did call Bernie."

    "And what did he have to say?"

    "I'm here aren't I. He said that we're consenting adults and are attracted to each other and have a good time."

    "Bless Bernie's heart."

    "I still have this knot in my stomach over this but I look at you and my dick gets hard and it you keep rubbing it, there won't be any rain check."

    Tony reached out and brushed his cheek lovingly and smiled. "Everything is going to be fine."

    The lights of the city were spread out before him as Gus stood on the terrace and could see Central Park and the city beyond. "It's a different world from up here," Gus said. "It's beautiful."

    Tony came up behind him and put his arms around him and kissed his neck gently and licked at Gus's ear lobe. He felt Gus grind his ass into him and Tony felt his organ spring to life. He opened a few buttons on Gus's shirt and reached in and held his fleshy pec and rubbed it. He turned Gus around and kissed him on the lips and just held him tight.

    "How come in a world of men, you want me?" Gus asked. "You could have anybody you want."

    Tony kissed his nose and cheeks. "But I want you. Isn't that enough? Now let's go inside." He led Gus into the bedroom. At the bed, Gus pushed Tony down onto it and kissed him with a hunger that Tony knew were feelings that Gus had been repressing. Their lips parted and their tongues touched and they kissed holding and touching each other. Gus undressed Tony and planted kiss after kiss on his face and body as he admired his magnificient torso. When Tony was naked, Gus undressed and he lay beside him and touched him tenderly. Gus kissed his nipples and sucked them as his tongue roamed his body tracing a line down the fine hair that ran from his belly button to his public hair. The hair was soft and silky and smelled of expensive cologne. Gus inhaled the aroma as his face nestled there. He kissed the small beauty mark in the side of crotch. His hands reached out and tweaked both of Tony's nipples and massaged them and they grew in his finger tips. Gus lifted his head and saw Tony's magnificent piece of meat that was rock hard and he kissed the head running his tongue around it until it was slick with his saliva. His mouth was hungry and he devoured Tony's organ into it and the warmth made Tony moan as Gus began to suck him with what could only be described as love. They weren't having sex but making love and there was a difference. It was magical as Gus concentrated on the head, his tongue and mouth working in unison as his lips were firmly placed on the head to cause friction and tightness. Gus moved slowly from the head licking the underside of the shaft and slide his mouth up and down on Tony's cock. He moved towards Tony's balls and licked at them with a hunger as he caressed and fondled each one. He slithered up Tony's body and kissed him.

    "Will you fuck me?' Gus asked. "I want your love inside of me."

    Tony kissed him and felt Gus's dick that was leaking precum. "Is that what you want?"

    "Yes," he said. "More then anything."  In the dimly lit room, Gus hovered over Tony and he reached out with his hand and gently touched Tony's face. Whenever I close my eyes, I shall see you hovering over me," Tony said.

       Tony kissed Gus's chest and sucked on his large nipples, taking them into his mouth and sucking them until they were hard as cherry pits and Gus was moaning with excitement.  Tony moved down his body, his flesh touching Gus gently as he kissed him everywhere and each kiss was like a fire on his flesh. He licked at his bellybutton and snaked down his body touching and feeling as his tongue flicked out until it searched for and found Gus's meat. He licked the honey that had gathered milking back the magnificent hood exposing his large mushroom cap and tasted the ambrosia that was fit for the God's on Mount Olympus. He sucked Tony slowly lavishly love on his cock as his mouth took more and more of it into it. He loved sucking this thick piece of meat and the thought of fucking Tony was something that he had dreamed about since he was a kid. He lifted Tony's thighs and kissed them and then his tongue found his balls and washed them until they were slick with his saliva. The hair was matted down as he carefully took his ball into his mouth and held it there and with his tongue moved it all around until Gus cried out.

    "Oh, Tony, love me," he said. I want you."

    Tony's tongue entered the darkened crevice as he parted Gus's cheeks and he licked at Gus's ass as he moved side to side pushing his ass into Tony's face. His hips driving into his tongue as Tony tasted his ass and wanted the honey. He found the rosebud as Gus's ass puckered as Tony tongued it. His finger slid into Gus ass and he opened for him and he danced on one finger and then two as Tony licked and his fingers probed his ass. Gus was open and Tony lifted Gus leg's and put them on his shoulders. His hand reached and felt his belly as he reached down and kissed him on the lips and their tongues found one another. Tony guided his organ to Gus's hole. He pushed gently and waited, and pushed again and the head of Tony's dick was inside of Gus. Tony shuddered from the heat from Gus's ass and the wetness as he slipped deeper within him.

    "Oh, baby, it feels so good." Gus murmered as he moved his ass to take Tony into him.

    The warm smooth ass muscles gripped Tony cock as he moved slowly feeling his dick fill Gus's ass and knowing the pleasure that he had dreamed about. He called out Gus's name as he fucked him.

    Gus felt the thickness of Tony's cock and the thrill of him inside of him as he opened himself wide to take his slow thrusts. He squeezed his rectum tight around Tony's cock and felt his throbbing instrument inside of him. "Give it to me, he shouted as Tony held the cheeks of Gus's ass and looking at the joy on Gus's face as he was being fucked.

    Tony held Gus's hips and thrust deep within him as Gus spread his cheeks wider as Tony drove deeper and deeper within him. Gus's ass was like a machine on automatic as he moved with Tony as one. Tony watched as his dick entered Gus and then came out knowing he was getting ready to cum. Gus responded to each thrust crying out in pleasure as his rectum gripped Tony's cock tight.  Gus felt the tingling as his prostrate was being massaged and the sensations he felt was driving him wild. Tony began to suck Gus's cock as he plowed into him and Gus knew that he was going to cum as Tony moved quicker and quicker as he filled him with love. With a last thrust they both cried out, "I'm cuming," and Gus unleashed a load that flowed from him hitting Tony in the chest and face.  Sweat dripped from Tony as he moved quicker and quicker and gasped as he came inside of Gus, his juice filling him. Gus moved his ass until Tony was spent. They lay there and held one another and kissed.

    "Was your rain check worth it?" Tony said and laughed

    "I love you Uncle Gus," he said and kissed him.

    "And I love you," he responded as it began to rain.