Trifecta in the Hallway, a short series by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Conquest Two – Mark's Bed

It was pitch dark again in the hallway when I slipped out of daddy's room, so I felt along the wall by his door for the light switch. As soon as I turned the light on I made a beeline to the bathroom and unleashed my once again full bladder. When I was done, I followed my tingling boy boner to my brother Mark's room. When I opened the door and the light from the hallway shined in, he blinked and pulled his covers back.

“What's wrong Skeeter?” he asked in a groggy but gentle tone as I got into his bed and snuggled into his side.

“I had to wake up to go pee,” I whined as I nuzzled my head into his chest and felt his left arm encase my shoulders. “Now I can't sleep.”

With that, I let my little paw roam under the covers where it found his teen rod. Wrapping my fingers around it with a moan, I began stroking it. I examined his expression as the light from the hallway cast a glow across his face, and took note of the fact that he was enjoying the handjob I was giving him. I wanted him to know that I was enjoying it too, so I spoke up.

“I've been thinking about coming to see you,” I told him with suggestive eyes, and he rewarded me with a sweet smile. “I got up earlier and came to your door. I could hear you sleeping.”

“How come you didn't come in?” he asked tenderly, and I responded with a mischievous smile.

“I was about to open the door but you farted really loud,” I said, prompting him to return my mischievous grin with one of his own. “So I went and visited with daddy instead.”

“Did you suck some cock for him?” he asked knowingly, and I nodded with a warm smile.

“I want to suck some cock for you, too,” I told him, and he responded by caressing my right cheek.

“Do you feel like sucking cock right now?” he asked, and I nodded slowly, still enamored with the handjob I was administering. “You're about to make me cum, Skeeter.”

Hearing those words brought out a long, horny moan that emanated from deep inside of me, and I decided to move things along by going down on my brother. Before I slid under the covers, I planted a quick kiss on his lips, then we shared a sweet, silent smile. Finally, I scooted under the covers and found his big boy boner. In a fit of horny passion, I nuzzled its length with my cheek, so grateful to be able to access it at such a late hour.

As it turned out, my brother wasn't exaggerating when he told me that he was about to cum. Because I barely had time to wrap my lips around the head and take all six inches to the base when his teen rod twitched, jerked and heaved forth a bounty of rich, thick and delicious spunk that I swallowed with a naughty smile. It was three shots in all, and I was filled with gratitude as they hit the roof of my mouth in rapid succession while I swallowed.

When it was over, I took my time, licking and sucking him clean, then I bathed his nut sack for an extended amount of time. I felt like the luckiest little gay boy in the world to have a big brother willing to spunk off in my mouth and let me swallow it all. I felt even luckier to have a brother who loved me enough to let me worship his cock and balls after presenting me with such a luscious load. Realizing that I was the happiest 12 year old in town, I planted a trail of kisses all the way up my brother's body, taking the time to nurse on his right nipple before finally snuggling back into his side.

“Give me a kiss goodnight, Skeeter,” he encouraged me, so I puckered up and planted my lips to his.

With a soft moan, I let my lips part and was rewarded when his strong tongue slipped into my mouth. It didn't take long for our French kiss to turn into a full blown makeout session, and soon I found myself on my back with my short, skinny arms wrapped tight around my brother's strong neck. In the midst of our kissing, I felt his strong hands running up and down the sides of my torso. His fingertips were tracing along my rib cage until they made it to my waist, then they would move back up to my hairless arm pits.

When his hands traveled down to my waist for the final time, he used them to reach back and grab me at the backs of my knees, then he lifted my legs from the bed. His tongue seemed to grow stiffer and stiffer as our kiss lingered while his saliva poured into my mouth like a running faucet. Soon, the soles of my feet were resting against my big brother's teenaged chest and my knees were almost perfectly lined up with my shoulders.

I felt Mark's middle finger slip into my hole, then he twisted it from side to side in an effort to gauge my moistness. I knew what he would find there as soon as I crawled into his bed, but I wanted him to feel it for himself. As soon as the tip of his digit pushed into the pocket of cum that had been planted there just moments earlier, I moaned into his mouth with a naughty grin while he massaged it into the walls of my horny boy pussy. Finally he pulled his finger from my tingling hole and pressed the glans of his 15 year old cock through my opening.

As soon as he had all six inches buried in my hole he broke our kiss and hissed, “You're so damn tight, Skeeter.”

Instead of a verbal reply, I simply grinned up at him while I gazed into his green eyes, which were illuminated by the light that was shining in from the hallway. His messy dark hair and his long eye lashes that were crusty with discharge caught my eye while I enjoyed his hot shaft resting in my horny pooper. Seeing the look of pleasure on my grinning face, Mark responded with a labored expression and began to thrust.

At first I was quiet, loving how close I felt to my big brother while he plumbed my yearning boy snatch with his teenaged rod. I had a hard grin glued to my face as I absorbed the special feelings that were running through my body. The pleasure that was racing through my body seemed to be working in concert with the overwhelming feelings of love and affection that I feel for Mark. I could feel the endorphins roaring through my body, their momentum creating a powerful energy that was flowing through me.

My 3 ½ inch boner was sticking straight out from my body while my nut sack sizzled with sex. The constant friction of Mark's rigid pole running along the moist walls of my horny boy pussy was lighting a fire in me that I was sure would turn into a full scale inferno in no time flat. As I was coping with the pleasure of my ride, my horny poop chute started contracting over and over again while my head swam with unchecked passion. My toes were curling hard against the skin on Mark's chest and I began to moan; softly at first, then my moaning grew more and more frantic while I gazed up at my brother with helpless eyes.

Out of nowhere he leaned down and planted a deep, tongue filled kiss on my mouth and I felt a powerful surge of juices course along the walls of my boy pussy. At the same time, Mark picked up the pace of his thrusts and my body started to shiver hard. Just when I thought I might burst with the pleasure that was being fed into my bottom, my brother shoved his rod all the way up my butt and froze while his load erupted, filling me with a thick helping of his adolescent seed.

When his orgasm subsided, we broke our kiss and smiled lovingly at each other for a few moments. Finally, he treated me to one more brief French kiss, then he carefully pulled out of me and collapsed by my side. Still in a trance, I eagerly went down on him, wrapping my lips around his spent shaft and sucking it clean with lust filled purrs while he petted my messy head of hair. When his shaft was thoroughly serviced, I kissed my way up his body until we were face to face. We shared a long kiss, then he held me close and fell asleep.

I was still basking in the afterglow of our love making when I heard a door open in the hallway and a familiar set of footsteps walked to the bathroom. I heard the fan turn on and knew that it was my brother James. Planting a soft kiss on Mark's lips, I carefully extracted myself from his embrace and beat a hasty path to the bathroom, eager for my next conquest.


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