Tristan and the Twins

****Please be warned that this is a gay diaper love story between two boys. If gay sex between consenting boys or diaper use offends you, or you are not looking for this type of story, then please leave now. To all else, please read on, I hope that you enjoy. I do not know the laws where you are, only you can say whether or not you should be reading this, so I only say use your top head, not your bottom one when making decisions, stay safe. Should you wish to contact me, you ay do so at erich5748 at Thanks.****

Tristan was working in the yard when he heard something that he had never heard before, a vehicle arriving. When he saw the vehicle though, his blood started to boil, it was a police car. He hated police officers, they had tried their damnedest to ruin his life several years ago, and now he distrusted them and universally hated them all. He was working with his pitch fork at the time and walked to the only place the car could possibly park, and waited for it to park.

As soon as the police car was parked, the officer inside wondered if this was such a good idea. He could see Tristan standing there, holding the pitch fork and he did not look at all happy to see him there. Still, he had a job to do, so gathered his nerves and climbed out of the car.

“What the hell do you want?” Tristan snarled.

“I'm sorry to bother you Sir, and I won't take much of your time, you can call me Mike if you care, but I was wondering if you've seen a pair of boys out this way?”

“No, but I live a hundred kilometers from town, no one ever comes here, why would they come anywhere near here? Besides, I know what you people in town say about me.”

“I don't know what you think we know, but I sure the hell don't know anything. All I know is that I was asked to come out here and ask if you've seen them. They ran away a while ago and wrote in a letter, saying that they were going to disappear into the land. There seems to be some speculation that they knew you were out here, so my boss thought maybe you'd have seen them. All we ask is that if you do see them, give us a call, we need to know where they are and if they're okay.”

“Who are they running from and why?”

“I'm afraid I can't answer that Sir.”

“And you expect me to call you if they do show up here, without knowing the reason why?”

“We don't expect anything, we're simply asking. My boss may know the reason you're out here all alone and why you seemed so upset to see me, but I don't, and I don't wish to cause you any grief. All I ask is that you call us, though I have no idea how they expect you to call, I see no power or phone lines.”

“I have emergency contact equipment should it be needed, but I've never used it, and I sure hope to never call the police. Police are not at all welcome out here and I'm upset that your boss sent anyone out here to talk to me, he should know the reason. The courts said I was a monster, he probably agrees, though I have no idea why he never told you. Now, if you wish for me to contact you should the boys arrive here, tell me the reason you need them?”

“They ran away, that's all.”

“What makes you think that they knew I was here?”

“I don't know Sir.”

“Why would they come out here instead of heading to the city?”

“I don't know Sir.”

“Then good day to you, please never come back.” Tristan said and turned and walked away.

Mike got back in his car, knowing from Tristan's stance that it would be futile to ask further questions, and he certainly did not want to infuriate the man. As soon as he pulled away, Tristan gave a sigh of relief.

Mike though went right back to the office to talk to his sergeant, he wanted to know what that was all about. As soon as he asked, the sergeant pulled him into his office.

“So, what exactly is Tristan's story then Sir? You said he probably wouldn't be happy to see me, but that was an understatement. He was holding a pitch fork, and I had to keep well away from him, I was sure if I pushed him that he'd use it on me. He even asked me why I didn't know, that everyone in town would and that the courts called him a monster.”

“That's what the judge called him, but the fact of the matter is, the judge was actually demoted and punished further for doing so because of it.”

“What the hell for?”

“Tristan was accused of raping a thirteen year old boy and the police in his city pretty much fabricated the evidence that they needed and the judge knew it. They put him in jail for it even, where he was raped and beaten repeatedly 'til he was able to get pardoned. A rather sizable amount of heads rolled for that one.”

“No wonder he hates police then.”

“Yeah. He got the land out there in the deal that he made and moved out here more than ten years ago now and comes to town maybe once a year. He thinks everyone knows, but the fact of the matter is, almost no one knows he's even out there.”

“More than ten years ago, but he's at best twenty five years old!”

“Closer to thirty five actually. That's part of the problem and how he was jailed. I don't know all the details, but apparently he had serious medical conditions as a child and doesn't grow or age like most do, he still looks very young. From the information I have, he was eighteen when he was charged, but looked no older than the average twelve to thirteen year old. He had pictures of himself, but given his condition, apparently he had either just started or had yet to start puberty, so therefore the pictures were looked upon as being illegal child porn. He was then charged with luring a minor and having sex with him, which of course had it happened would have constituted rape because of their ages. The boy was pretty much forced to lie and Tristan went to jail. The boy killed himself, but not before recording an entire confession of everything, even what he was told he had to say by a lawyer and a police officer, and then did it.”

“No, how come I never heard of it?”

“It was kept pretty hush hush, Tristan made some pretty hefty demands and the government was pretty much forced to accept his terms or he was gonna go to every news outlet there was and bring down the entire government in his rage. The only reason I know this much is because I had to know, because he was moving here. The only reason you now know is because you had to know. I was told to never contact him, he doesn't like me at all, and the higher ranked the person, the more he dislikes them, hence the reason I sent you. Sad but true, but had he have killed you, he probably wouldn't go to jail for it, he was given immunity on his land, no one's allowed on it, or off it without his permission.”

“I didn't even know that was possible.”

“Normally it isn't, but these were special circumstances.”

They continued talking, mostly about Tristan and what he had gone through, but what he had gone through was far more than they could ever know.

Mike wanted to go back out and visit Tristan, so did so on his next day off, but this time not in his police car or uniform. Tristan was once again outside when he pulled up, and Tristan recognized him right away.

“What do you want now? If I wanted you out here, I would've called. No, I haven't seen the boys, they'd never come out here, I'm a monster don't you know.”

“I'm sorry, I don't wish to intrude, nor do I wish to cause you any trouble. Today I'm not here as a police officer, but as someone who understands. The other day you said we'd all know all about you in town and how much of a monster you are, but I'm here to set that straight. Almost no one knows you're out here and no one even knows who you are or what you were charged with doing. I found out the other day because I asked my staff sergeant and he knew most of the story, though he admitted that he probably knew less than half of it. If you want me to leave, I will, but before that, could I ask that you at least try and trust me, even though I know that's far more to ask than it should be.”

“I trust no one. I don't believe you either, everyone must know who I am and what I did. I caused that boy to die because of what I am.”

“No, you didn't, you were trying to be a friend to him, offer him a strong shoulder to cry on, you were being a big brother and a mentor to him, others killed him. Though I might say that from the pictures I found, he was bigger than you were.”

“Yeah, he was. I'm gay though, he thought he was gay, he wanted me to teach him and I told him I couldn't, that it'd be wrong, so I never did, but he wanted it, emailed me every day, asked for it, begged for it, but I kept pushing him off and telling him no. He created a new account and used some mens pictures he found on the internet and pretended to like me, got me to post pictures of myself, and then we were busted, because I looked so fucking young. The rest they fabricated, even the doctors report said I'd fucked him, but he'd been playing with himself, I never touched him. Because I knew him, he's dead, he was a beautiful boy, so much life and potential to him, and now he's dead.” Tristan said, crying.

“I'm truly sorry that that happened to you, it never should've, but it did, and there's nothing anyone can do about it now. Your story though does remind me of me though when I was younger. I'm gay as well, and when I was twelve, I was really messed up, my parents were garbage; drunk and drugged at almost all times, my dad cooked and grew and dealt, my mother slept with anyone, and I do mean anyone for a few bucks or for a good hit. I met someone though and he was very nice to me, helped me to grow up to be who and what I am today. He was twenty five, I was only twelve, he tried to say he wasn't into kids, he said no to me countless times, but eventually I got him and he taught me what love and tenderness were. We made love to each other, we were together for more than ten years when he was killed in the line of duty. He was a police officer as well, we lived in a very rough city and he was killed during a drug bust. I was crushed, he was my only reason for living. I was just finishing police school when it happened, and I almost didn't stay to graduate, but a letter that he had for me should he ever die said that no matter what, I had to go on with life, and that he was very happy to have helped me to become someone great. So I did, and when a posting came up for a nice small town, I decided that that's where I wanted to be.” He said softly, crying a little.

“So, you think that I did have sex with him then?”

“No, actually I don't, I think that what's eating you up so much is that you didn't, but that you wanted to so badly, but never got the chance, because of all that happened, and then he killed himself. Maybe you're even upset that you can't kill yourself. I don't know.”

“What makes you think that I wanted to.”

“Just a hunch, same hunch I had about my adult lover, you would've in a heartbeat had it been legal, but you were playing the responsible adult. And had you have actually made love to him and then been caught, you both would've held your heads high and said yes, we're lovers, so what, jail me if you must, but it doesn't change how we feel about each other. You see, my lover dealt with the same things, it was insanely illegal what we did, but once we'd made love to each other, that was it, he'd have gladly accepted it had we been caught.”

Tristan had nothing that he could say to that.

“Look, I know that I've said a lot to you and that you still don't trust me, so that's all I'm gonna say, for now. If you wish, I'll never come back, and I won't come back for at least a couple weeks to give you some time.” He said and then turned and walked away.

Tristan ended up going inside and just sitting there, thinking for the longest time.

Mike though started searching another area that he had yet to search for the boys, he wanted now more than ever to have them find Tristan. He had not known why the sergeant had thought the boys might head his way, but now he thought maybe they might too, because it was an easy search of the boys' computer to find that they had found out about Tristan and where approximately he lived. He had no luck finding the boys where he was searching, but he did find traces saying that they had been there, but probably days ago now. This meant he was now on the trail and would keep on it. Over the next several days, he kept searching, and finally he picked up their trail good and strong, at most a day old, and as expected, they were heading right for Tristan, but not knowing exactly where they were going, they appeared to be doing a patterned search.

Going by foot now to try and sneak up on the boys, he started following the trail, and when he smelled smoke, he knew he was close. He was in his camouflage gear that he used for tracking and hunting, so the boys never saw him coming. He also had no markings of being a police officer, so when he appeared in the clearing where two very dirty young men were currently camped, they would hopefully not panic and run.

“Who are you?” Both boys squealed in fright, but both had jumped up and grabbed long pointed sticks that would make very effective spears.

“Whoa, no one that wants to hurt you boys.” He said, jumping back and putting his hands up. He very nearly peed himself in fright.

“Then get lost, we ain't done nothin wrong.” One of the boys said.

“Are you searching for Tristan?” He asked softly.

“How'd you know that?” The other boy gasped, lowering his spear slightly, as if he was going to charge with it.

“I know lots. Do you have a compass with you?”


“Good, and from the patterned search I've seen you boys following, you must know how to use it, so one or both of you are very good at map reading and wilderness survival, as well as evading hunters. I'm a very good hunter though, but I must say, you boys sure were hard to find. Now, to find Tristan, keep due north from here about ten more miles, once you get to the lake, follow its stream down to your east, that'll be your easiest trail. If you follow that, you could be there as early as tomorrow afternoon with a good brisk walk, which you seem capable of doing. If you wish to trust me though, I can take you there.”

“Why should we trust you, how do we know you're not just trying to get us back, or maybe with you for whatever reasons?”

“I'm a very good hunter, had I wanted to take the two of you, I have tranquilizer darts that'd drop both of you in less than a minute, then I could've had you for any reason whatsoever, either for myself or to take you back. Granted, I wasn't expecting you guys to spear me the second I walked into your camp, but I suppose I should've, it's what I would've done. Now, either way, that's how you get to Tristan, with me or on your own.”

“Okay, fair enough, but how do we know you're not just trying to gain our trust so that you still get what you want?” The other one asked this time.

“Wow, you boys have less trust than I did at your age, and almost as little as Tristan has. I'll go now, you boys have your direction, take it or leave it.” He said and then walked away.

The boys stood there staring for several minutes at where the strange man had just gone, both of them wondering if he was for real, and to make sure that he did not come back and try and sneak up on them. Once they were sure that he was gone for good, they sat back down and talked it over, deciding that maybe they should at least try the direction that they were given, figuring that they could sneak up on the location at the very least and scope it out to make sure that it was where they had been heading.

The next morning that was exactly what they did too. They made good time, the strange man had given them the easiest way of getting to Tristan's home, making sure that the only hill was on their way down from the lake, and even that was relatively tame. As they came near the bottom, they found a structure with a culvert leading up into the creek and then going to several other structures, leading all the way down the creek as far as they could see. They could see into the culvert and could see that the amount of water rushing down it was pretty substantial, and wondered what it could be for. They were told to follow the stream though, so they ended up following the aqueduct for more than a kilometer before they came to a clearing.

What they found when they entered the clearing though was anything but just a clearing. They found a nice little log cabin, a log barn, what had to be a chicken coop, considering there were chickens inside its pen, and another fairly large building, where the aqueduct was leading. That particular out building had a very large water wheel on it and it was turning at a steady pace. On the other side of the aqueduct was a water tower and some of the water was flowing from the aqueduct into it, and any extra was flowing back out and into the creek. The water tower was fairly close to the house.

There was also a large paddock next to the barn where there were several animals milling about; four horses, three cows, four goats, and even a pair of sheep. Next to the cabin they saw a large pile of cut wood, where the owner was working, splitting lots of it into fire wood and stacking it into neat piles. They stood there for several minutes, looking at everything and wondering if this really was Tristan. They could easily see that whoever it was sure looked like the description of Tristan, very small and fairly young looking, but that did not mean anything. Now that they were there, they were nervous. They knew almost all there was to know about him, they had found all the old reports and some of the information, they found out all they could and decided that they would go to him and see if he could help them, but now that they were there, they were nervous. What if he did not help them, what if he threw them away because they were faulty as well. Then the decision was made for them.

Tristan was splitting wood, he had to make sure that he had lots for the up coming winter, so he worked hard during the summer to make sure he always had a lot. He also needed it for cooking, so he used it all year round, but winter was most important. He suddenly felt as if he were being watched and surreptitiously started looking around him, trying to see without being noticed as looking, to see who was spying on him. Then he saw them, and he saw that they saw that he saw them as well. He set down his axe and sat on a stump. He then just watched the boys, letting them make the decision as to whether they came to him or not.

He now was convinced that the odd police officer had in fact been telling the truth, because these boys were not only there, but they were dirty and clearly very scared, and no kid could act that well, so they could not possibly be a plant to try and lure him in somehow. He watched them watch him for several minutes before they finally got the nerve to proceed forward. They walked the few hundred meters slowly, alert to any possible dangers, ready to run in a heart beat if necessary. Though Tristan had to wonder how two boys who looked to be half starved and small could possibly run very fast with such large packs on their backs. Once they were near enough, he could even smell them, a very strong odor of sweaty boy and urine.

“Good afternoon boys. I admit I wondered if the police officer was lying to me, but clearly he wasn't. So, you ran away and were searching for me huh?”

“He was a police officer?”

“So, he found you and pointed you in the right direction! I wondered if he'd do that somehow. Yeah, he was. You boys need a hot bath and some food, you stink and you're starving.”

“You're not gonna turn us in are you?”

“No, but I don't even know what you ran away from, not like I care any mind you. Clearly you know far more about me than I know about you. So, why exactly did you come here anyway?”

“Because, you're like us.”

“How so?”

“We're gay and need diapers as well.”

“And you think that I want kids?”

“No, but we hoped you'd let us live with you and we'd help you out.”

“Let's get you fed and cleaned, then we'll talk.”

“Thanks.” Both boys said.

Up until then only one of the boys had spoken, he was dirty, then so were they both, but he looked more so, as if he had recently taken a bath in a mud puddle, which was actually not far from true. Tristan had no idea what either boy even looked like because they were so dirty and unkempt. He led them to the cabin and inside. When they went in, both boys were surprised by what they found. It was a very large space inside, all open, the only thing that marred it any was a staircase leading up to what had to be the bedroom. The chimney was right in the centre of the room and went up right next to the stairs. There was a large wood fired cook stove that clearly provided all the heat for the cabin, as well as the cooking capabilities. The stove was not currently going though because it was too warm outside for that. Tristan grabbed a large metal tub from the end of the counter and handed it to the boys, who took it, and then he grabbed some stuff from a cupboard and led the boys outside.

Once they got outside, Tristan told the boys to set the tub down on the porch, so they did, and then he grabbed a hose and started filling the tub. The water steamed lightly and the boys wondered about that.

“Why does the water look hot?”

“Because I heat water on the roof. You see the water tower there, I have two lines coming from it, one that gives me cold water, and then the other goes through black hoses on the roof and heats the water in the summer for me. It won't be completely hot by the time the tub's full, but it'll be almost perfect. Here's some soap and a couple cloths and towels. Do you have any clean clothes?” He asked, handing them the things he had grabbed from the cupboard.

“No, we have almost nothing left.”

“I have a couple shirts that you can put on to hide your modesty then, I'll grab them for you and then while you're bathing, I'll make us some dinner.”


Tristan left them at that time and went in and grabbed a couple shirts and was back before the tub was completely full.

“Okay, here you go, you're both pretty small, so you'll probably fit in there together, it won't be spacious, but you'll get clean. I assume of course that you don't mind being naked together.”

“No.” They both said.

“Good, go ahead and have a good bath and get yourself good and clean. I'm gonna go make some dinner then, just come in once you're done.”

As soon as the boys nodded their heads, he turned off the water and went back inside. Once there, Tristan started a fire and then started making some dinner for all three of them, taking his time, knowing the boys would probably enjoy their bath a great deal, so would therefore take a good amount of time in doing so. Almost an hour later, the two much cleaner boys came in.

“How do we empty the tub?” One of them asked.

“I'll take care of that after we eat. You two clean up nice, that's good. Come eat, dinner's pretty much ready.”

They nodded and went and sat down. There was only one chair, so Tristan had went and grabbed a couple logs that the boys could sit on and they happily took their seats. They had stew for dinner that Tristan had only had to reheat, and the boys ate heartily, but not greedily. They were hungry, but they knew from experience that with as hungry as they were, if they ate too much too fast, that they would only make themselves sick, so once they felt that they were good, they stopped eating. Tristan ate only about as much as the boys did.

“That was very good, thanks.” One of the boys said.

“You're welcome. Let's go sit outside and talk. It's far nicer outside and we need a serious talk.”

The boys nodded and followed Tristan from the cabin. He took them down to the edge of the lake and they all sat down in the sand. Once they were all seated comfortably, Tristan started.

“I'm not sure what you boys are looking for, but I can't offer it. I won't even give it if asked, it'll never happen. If you have no idea what I'm referring to, then good, but if you do, put it out of your mind. I don't know if I'm comfortable with you living here, I've lived alone for a very long time and I like it like that. Most people think I'm a monster, that I'm a freak, or worse. I also have nothing here for you boys, so living here won't be easy, though I'm still not sure why you came here.”

“All we're looking for right now is someone who'll understand us.”

“What's there to understand?”

“We're freaks, that's what our foster parents called us all the time.”


“Because we're gay and we need diapers. They accuse us all the time of just liking diapers, so pee our pants to get what we like, but we don't do it on purpose. Even the doctors told them that, but they didn't believe them. When they found out we were gay though, they separated us and never let us be close together, just in case we played. Didn't matter any, because we still did, just not nearly as often.”

“Okay, so we at least have those two things in common. Why'd you run away though, couldn't your social worker find you a new home?”

“No, and he wouldn't listen to us either. He was a real jerk, he hated us. Finally we decided what we had to do and left.”

“So, how'd you find out about me then?”

“We were researching something one day and came across your story and read it. We found out that you lived near here somewhere, but not where exactly, so we decided maybe you could help us.”

“Okay, but what made you think that I'd help you any at all?”

“We don't know, we were hoping, because we're the same that you wouldn't kick us out.”

“Yeah, but the foster system has to know where you are.”

“Why though. We sent a letter to the police saying that we were running away and why, that we'd never go back to foster care no matter who did what, that we'd kill ourselves first and to never come looking for us. We have no idea how the police knew to come here.”

“Well, they did. They musta looked at your computer and found all the info there and came here. He actually came quite a few days ago now, so how long ago did you run away?”

“Not a clue. Don't know what date it was. It was the end of May though when we left.”

“It's the end of June, so about a month, that makes sense.”

“Wow, we were really gone for a month looking for you, you must really live a long way away.”

“Almost a hundred kilometers from the nearest town, and it's a small one.”

“Nice. Exactly where we wanted to be, really far away.”

“The problem, though, is, I still can't just keep you, the police will be back, he has to know you're here by now, I bet he's here tomorrow.”

“Then we run away again, or we'll hide, he can't know we're here.”

“I won't hide you.”

“We'll hide ourselves.”

“I won't lie for you.”

“You won't even say you haven't seen us?” They asked aghast.

“I can't lie, I blush when I lie, anyone can tell the second I lie.”

“But if they find us, we'll be separated.”

“Look, I can't lie, but maybe tomorrow morning you can take off again, I won't know for how long, because I bet that he's back tomorrow, but really, you should leave here, this isn't where you should be. I have nothing here for you. We even had to pull up logs for you two to sit on. I don't have a bed for you, I don't have dishes for you, I have nothing here for you, and I don't know if I even want kids.”

“We don't need anything, just someone around to help us out.”

They ended up sitting there for almost an hour longer going back and forth, but Tristan was being surprisingly stubborn with the boys. The boys were getting frustrated, because all they wanted was to live somewhere where they were accepted for who they were and they had really hoped that Tristan would be that for them. Tristan was getting frustrated, because the boys would just not take no for an answer.

Finally he said that he had to go feed the animals and do some other things, so went and did that, but the boys came and helped. Before too long though it was time for bed and the boys grabbed their sleeping bags and asked Tristan if they could at least sleep on his porch, he offered them the living room floor and they all went to bed. Tristan went right upstairs and got ready for bed, pretty much ignoring the boys for the rest of the night.

The next morning was mostly quiet, Tristan made a good filling breakfast for them all and then he told them that they should be on their way. The boys both got teary eyed at that, but nodded their heads and packed up their things and headed out. They went into the woods and stayed there, they could see the cabin, but no one would see them.

It did not even take long for Mike to show up, and once again he was in his own vehicle and in plain clothes. He parked and got out and waited for Tristan to come to him.

“I wondered if you'd be here today. The boys got here yesterday afternoon and I sent them away.”

“When will they be back though.”

“Hopefully never. I gave them good full bellies and allowed them to clean up, and I also packed a bunch of food into their packs when they weren't looking, as well as some more clothes that'll keep them warm. I told them they don't belong here, that I can't keep them, because you'd be back and that you'd probably want to take them back in with you.”

“Wow, not only are you stubborn, but you're incredibly stupid as well. I have no interest in taking those boys back. You have any idea what the system does to kids like them? They're gay, they're gonna be separated, they're twins, do you have any idea what happens to twins that get separated? As well they have to wear diapers twenty four seven due to faulty bladders, no one wants to take care of that, no one will adopt them because of either, I was hoping that you'd actually break open that buried heart and take them in. Once you did, I was gonna go back to the ministry and say that if they're still anywhere near here, they're better at hiding than I am at finding, but that they probably only laid a false trail so that we wouldn't be able to find them and say they probably went and got themselves lost in a city somewhere. I'd hoped that you'd at least be able to figure that out.” He said in shock and more than a little disgust.

“How was I to know that's what you had planned, and besides, how can I trust you, I trusted the police once, a long time ago and look where that got me. You know for three fucking years after I got out of jail I couldn't even hold my shit, they brutalized my ass so much. I was gang raped, they fisted me even, so yeah, trust me, I don't trust the police. Not to mention, what makes you even believe I want a couple kids hanging around here.” Tristan asked angrily.

“It's what they want, it's what they need, and you said it yourself, you have a soft spot for kids and will help them any time they're in trouble. Granted, that was at the beginning of your farce of a trial, but a leopard doesn't change its spots.”

“I've been alone out here for as long as those boys have been alive, I don't even know how to deal with kids any more.”

“Sounds like you might not have to and I'll have to continue looking for them. I don't know what we're gonna do with them now though, I can't take them, it's too small a town, everyone would know instantly, and I don't know anyone anywhere that could take them and keep them safe and mostly hidden. Here was perfect, and they knew it. Maybe they'll be back, god I hope so. I brought a few things though to help, because I know they need diapers, and I doubt they had any with them, so I brought them several cloth diapers and a few dozen waterproof pants. As well I grabbed a few other things that I figured you wouldn't have for them. Should I just leave it all here, in case they do come back, because I have a feeling that they'll be back?”

“Do what you want, they're gonna do what they want and it seems that everyone's conspiring against me.” Tristan said and walked away.

Mike offloaded all that he had brought and left it right next to where his vehicle had been parked. There had been quite a bit, so it took a while, but he left with only calling out to Tristan that he would be back in a week or so. Tristan made no reply and pretty much ignored him.

The boys came strolling back in about half an hour after he had left.

“You really didn't want us to come back, did you? You put food and clothes into our packs, you hoped we wouldn't come back.” One of them said.

“No, I told you that already. I'm not set up for kids, I don't know anything about you, I have nothing here for you.” Tristan said in frustration once again.

“Looks like maybe you do now. What'd he say?”

“That he was hoping that I would've taken you, because he knew what'd happen to you in care, that you'd be split up, but that no one would want you anyway. He asked me if I knew what happened to twins who were separated, but I don't. I didn't even know you were twins, you don't look alike, other than just close brothers.”

“We are, we're not identical, but we're both really alike. If we were separated, it'd kill us. They were talking about having to ship is to different cities even, because there were no homes that'd take us anywhere near there, and they wanted us apart. We can't be apart, we've never been apart in our lives.” One of them said.

“Sorry, I had no idea. I still can't help you though.”

“Fine, but what all did he leave and why?”

“Not a clue, other than it sounds like he brought you cloth diapers and waterproof pants for them.”

“Oh thank god, you have any idea how horrible it is wetting your pants so often?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Yeah, I suppose you might. But you had great parents growing up, they died while you were in prison, they helped you as best they could and gave you everything you needed, so why would you know what not having diapers was like?”

“You really read all that about me?”

“Yeah, took a lot of searching though once we found the main story.”

“Oh. Well, they gave me nothing in prison, I was left to piss myself all the time, and after the rapings, to shit myself as well.”

“Oh, you were raped in prison?” They both gasped.

“Yeah, brutally, I was gang raped, I was a virgin before that, still am really if you count the fact that it wasn't willingly, or pleasurable in any way. For two years, every chance those monsters had, they raped me. I was seen as a monster there for raping a child, you have no idea what they do to child rapists there, some of them claiming to have been raped as a child as well by monsters like me. I wasn't even supposed to be in general population, I was with the murderers and the drug dealers, the gang bangers, I was thrown in there like a bone to a pack of wild dogs. Not only that, but I was still so very tiny and young looking, I was tender chicken to those big men. The first time was the first night, my cell mate looked at me, licked his lips and said, 'oh yeah, I can work with you.' I was scared shitless, I had no idea what was about to happen, he raped me for more than four hours, and beat me too because I pissed on him, but like I could control it. Every day after that was a repeat, and the guards just let it happen. They had to know, and they just let me be raped. They even rammed their fists up me and fucked me like that, that happened on my third day. It got to the point where I just stopped feeling any more. So yeah, trust me, I'm never going back, I'll kill anyone or anything, I'll kill myself before they drag me back there, so no, you can't stay here, if you're here, they're gonna think I'm raping you too, and that'll be it, they'll drag me in, but I won't allow it.” Tristan said, tears pouring down.

“Oh Tristan, we're so sorry. They sure never said anything about that in the papers, or anywhere for that matter.”

“No, of course they wouldn't. When I was finally able to prove that I did nothing wrong, with the help of course of my young friend killing himself, because he couldn't live with what he'd caused, he said, they let me out, and I ripped the police and the government a new hole, several of them in fact. I told them that unless they wanted the entire story splashed all across every news media in the world, they were gonna give me anything I asked for. First and foremost was this, second was several million dollars, third was privacy, I wanted no one or nothing to ever bother me again, fourth was to clear my name completely and wipe it from any and all records, but I know they didn't, child rapists never get their names cleared, no matter if they're innocent or not, and last, I wanted all persons responsible for what happened to me to be punished. I promised them that if they did all this that I'd go quietly into the night and never be heard from again.”

“Wow. You're not on any registry though, your name's nowhere at all, other than in old articles. Once we found the original story, it was really hard to find anything else. The final article said that you'd been cleared of all wrongdoing and that you were moving out here somewhere to live in peace and quiet, and the judge who had done that wished you a happy and healthy life after being wrongfully jailed.”

“Yeah right.”

“No, it's true, really.” Both boys said.

“Whatever. So how old are you and what are your names anyway?”

“We're thirteen, turned thirteen just before we ran away actually. I'm Colton and this is cretin.......Ouch.”

“It's Creighton.” He said, smacking his brother on the shoulder.

“Cute. Brotherly love.” Tristan had to chuckle.

“Yeah, he's forever introducing me like that, but he's the real cretin.” He giggled.

“So, tell us about you then, the part that they didn't tell in the papers, what's wrong with you, why do you look so young, that sorta thing?” Colton asked.

“There's nothing wrong with me.”

“No, maybe not now, but you had serious medical problems growing up.”

“Yeah, I did. My parents were old, they were already into their fifties when I came along. They weren't supposed to be able to have kids, and of the five pregnancies that they managed to get before me, three of them were still born and the other two miscarried. The doctors told my parents it would be kinder to themselves to just abort the pregnancy early to save the grief of yet another still born, but they refused, saying that maybe this time they'd be granted their baby, and they were. But I was born severely premature, the doctors said I probably wouldn't even live to make full term, and if I did, the chances of me being mentally and or physically handicapped were very high. I don't remember exactly how early I was born, but it was more than three months.”

“Clearly I survived, but as the doctors warned them, I had physical disabilities. The first one showed up just as I was almost two, my legs didn't want to work properly, I was almost four before I learned to walk. The second one was trying to potty train me, they found that my bladder never developed, at all, so I had to stay diapered. The next one they didn't figure out for years. I wasn't growing, I was forever sick, I was tested and retested hundreds of times, trying to figure out why I was always sick and never grew. I was seventeen when they finally figured all of it out.”

“I had food allergies, they knew that, I was five when they found out I was deathly allergic to shell fish and peanuts, and they tried figuring out what all I was allergic to, but nothing else I reacted harshly to, but they eventually found the problem. My body can't process wheat, at all, it won't even come back out, so I'd bloat up hugely until it had no choice but to exit, usually via enemas, and the doctors had me taking at least twice a week enemas to keep me clean. I also can't process meat fully, so I can only eat ground meats or very tender meats, so I try not to eat too much meat. I also can't process processed foods, it has to be all natural or nothing at all, for instance, margarine binds me up like I ate cement, and most candy, oh my god, stomach pains like you wouldn't believe. The doctors just thought I was allergic to sugar, but my mom could bake certain things and I'd be fine, and they always had lots of sugar. Once they figured all that out and I started eating properly, I actually started to grow, I finally started puberty, and I was feeling good. Then I ended up in jail.”

“Wow, how was school growing up, having to wear diapers?” Creighton asked.

“Actually, I was never teased. I was always so tiny and clearly sick that most of the kids just felt sorry for me. I had a couple friends while growing up, and they stuck up for me at school, I actually had not too bad a childhood, all things considering. I mean I was in grade one before I realized that not all kids wore diapers to pee in, it never came up, so how was I to know. I remember coming home and asking my mom why none of the other kids wore diapers, and she explained to me that I was special and that I had to wear diapers, and why, whereas most children no longer needed diapers by my age.”

“Wow, we were teased mercilessly for having to wear diapers. No one would come near us except to taunt us, we were completely and totally alienated, and that was before everyone found out we were gay.” Colton said.

“Sorry, kids can be so cruel. I'm sure that there were things said behind my back, but it was very clear that I was handicapped, and most people knew better than to tease a handicapped person, I mean, how low can you go right. So, tell me about you boys, why do you wear diapers, how did you know you were gay, how'd you get found out?”

Colton said, “We actually don't know anything really, other than what the doctors have told us. We were put into foster care when we were two apparently, but no one would tell us the reason why, we think that our parents saw us as faulty because we couldn't hold our pee and just got rid if us. Whatever, if that's the case, if they didn't want us, then we don't want them.”

“We sorta always knew we were gay I guess, we've always slept together, even though the families always gave us separate beds and tried to get us to use them, we always ended up together. I think we were eight the first time we started playing around and it just flowed from there. Now, how we were found out, from a foster brother who hated us. Oh man he hated us, we were tortured by him like you wouldn't believe, we'd been there from the time we were seven 'til we were eleven. He was their natural son, so he could do no wrong, and he was forever saying anything he could to get us in trouble. He was a year younger than us, but one night he caught us having sex, we were fucking, and the very next day at school, he told everyone, even the social worker found out, because he told the parents, who then told him. The parents demanded we be moved as soon as possible, that they didn't want us raping their son. Yeah, that was laughable at best, we hated him so much, granted, he was nice to look at, but like we'd rape him. Besides, he stood and watched for long enough that we think he's gay anyway.”

“Finally we were moved to the new place we ran away from, yeah, they treated us so much better, we were nothing but slaves to them. We cooked and cleaned and took care of everything, got fed poorly while they ate well, and they refused to buy diapers for us, even though the ministry knew about it and paid the families back for the diapers we needed. I personally think they were actually buying them and getting the money and then returning them or selling them somehow, because that would've been extra money to them. We of course had to wake up every morning soaked and freezing, so we washed our bedding every day, and of course were made to wet our pants all the time. It got to the point the school told the foster parents that we needed protection during the day or we wouldn't be allowed to attend school, so they bought us each a pair of training pants and plastic pants. They at least worked, but we had to wring them out at least a couple times a day. In fact, that's all we still have.”

“Wow, no wonder you ran away, can't say's I blame you. I guess we should go find the diapers the officer brought then and let you boys get changed.”

“So, does this mean we can stay then?” Creighton asked.

“No, it means that you should probably get into some fresh diapers, and they'll hopefully be thick enough to hold up for a while without having to always change them. Mine are super thick, but I made them myself.”

“You're not gonna let us stay?” Colton asked.

“No, it means right now I don't know what the hell to do. Look, don't be asking to stay, just accept that I'll let you two stay here for a few days to figure things out and leave it at that. Remember, I'm not used to this, I didn't want anyone out here at all, this is a huge change for me and don't go pushing me.”

“Okay.” Both boys said meekly.

As they were saying this, they found the box of clothes and decided to get out of the shirts that were too big on them and put on some shorts and a tee shirt at least, because that was all that they had found to start with. So, without even thinking at all, they whipped off the shirt to change. Tristan blushed and turned away as soon as they started stripping.

“Why'd you turn away, not like we have anything different than you do?” Creighton asked.

“Because it's not right for me to see you naked.”

“Why not, adults and kids see each other naked all the time in change rooms, it's no different. Besides, we're all boys, so what does it matter, no one's really any different.”

“Just because.” Tristan grumbled.

The boys both shook their heads, but started going through the rest of the pile. There were lots of clothes, a couple folding chairs, a couple pillows, more blankets, several pairs of shoes and boots, lotion, powder and cream for diaper changes and lots more. The boys started taking everything inside the cabin so that it was in, and Tristan did start helping them, eventually.

As soon as Mike made it back to the station, he asked the sergeant to go sit and talk once again. He was not officially on duty, but that did not matter, and a few minutes later, they were seated.

“So, what's up Mike?” He asked.

“I think the boys are there and will hopefully stay there. Tristan's being surprisingly stubborn about it though, so who knows really. I'm gonna start the report for the ministry of children stating that the boys are nowhere to be found, and that as the local tracker, I can find no traces of them anywhere.”

“Sounds good to me. Of course, should Tristan send them away, we'll just have to nab the boys and see where we can send them where they'll be treated properly, because clearly here isn't gonna work for them.”

“That might be a bit difficult.”

“Why's that, was there more to report?”

“Nothing official of course, but when I found the boys, they nearly killed me. As soon as they saw me, they grabbed crude spears and didn't look afraid to use them. If I have to go about that, I'm doing it with a high powered rifle and tranquilizer darts, I won't be getting near them.” He chuckled.

“Wuss.” The sergeant laughed.

“Hey, I value my life, thank you very much. Still not too happy with you sending me to see Tristan with no warning as to how he was really gonna react, had I'd a known, I would've worn my Kevlar vest, then he might not have been able to pitchfork me to death.”

“Yeah, well it was a calculated risk. I don't think he's violent, and I was certain he wouldn't hurt you, just put a bit of fear into you.”

“Yeah, he and the boys did that well enough.”

“Wuss. So, how hard was it tracking the boys anyway?”

“Surprisingly difficult, one or both of them apparently have done a lot of research into mountain survival and possibly evasion. I had to use every tracking skill I had to find a trace, but once I caught their trail, I had em.”

“How is it you had tracking skills anyway, you grew up and were trained in a city?” The sergeant asked in confusion, he had never thought of it before.

“My lover was an expert in tracking, he worked with the Navy and search and rescue before becoming a police officer. I met him actually only a couple weeks after he moved to the city and became a police officer. So yeah, he taught me everything he knew and every day off he had me out in the woods, we hiked everywhere and camped with just what we could carry on our shoulders.”

“Sounds nice actually. I'm glad that I have a tracker here now, granted, just having someone else here is nice. 'Til you came here, I was by myself for almost five years. I know it's a very small town and all, but still, only one police officer for five hundred kilometers is pretty silly.”

“No prob, this is where I wanted to be, somewhere nice and quiet. Somewhere small.”

“So, what's your feeling about Tristan, is he gonna keep the boys, and should he keep them, do you think that it'll end up sexual? Oh, and how was he talking to, the few reports I have from the store say he hardly talks at all?”

“At first he didn't say too much, and boy was he gruff, but once he started talking, spilling his feelings to me, he actually opened right up. It's almost as if he wanted someone to know and understand that he wasn't a monster. As for the boys, he'll keep them, he's not totally heartless, it's just buried, he just needs the time. As for sexual, that's gonna depend on the boys. He won't start it, and even if they do ask, he'll refuse. If they want it bad enough though, eventually he'll cave, trust me, I know.”

“Yeah, you told me, he had more resistance than even I'd have, and I'm straight.” He laughed.

“Yeah, well he was really afraid of what'd happen to me if we got caught.”

“You, I would'a been more afraid of going to jail.”

“He was afraid of that, sure, he certainly didn't wanna end up there, especially being a police officer. Police officers that end up in jail aren't very well liked, for obvious reasons. Anyway, he knew what'd happen to me if we were caught, warned me even, urged me to use my top head and stop begging him, but eventually he caved. Took several months, but it was worth it.”

“No kidding.”

The two of them sat there talking for quite a while longer before Mike said that he was going to head home for the rest of the day. Both were happy that it was all working out for the best. The sergeant knew it was what was needed as well, and he was happy that his officer took the hint, even though he had been unable to officially say anything. He was not gay, but he too had come from an adult youth relationship, he being the youth, so he understood well and agreed that in most cases it was beneficial.

Chapter 2

After getting everything inside that Mike had dropped off for them, the boys found their diapers and happily changed. Tristan had disappeared the second he saw the boys find their diapers. He did not want to in any way see them in only diapers, naked would be bad enough, but he could not see them diapered. Once they were dressed once again, they went in search of Tristan and found him in the barn tending to the animals. They helped him wherever they could, but other than small sentences, usually one or maybe two words, Tristan hardly said anything at all to them. The boys did try and help out as much as they could though and tried to stay out of Tristan's way as much as they could. They were smart enough to know that Tristan was very uncomfortable, and it almost made them feel guilty.

That night they all went to bed just after the sun set, Tristan went up to his bedroom and stayed there until morning, while the boys got themselves ready for bed and slept on the floor in fresh clean blankets for the first time in what felt like forever. They all slept well.

The following morning, the boys woke up first and decided that since they were very well versed at cooking, and even enjoyed it for the most part, that they would get some breakfast going. The problem that they found was that they had no idea where anything was. There were several cupboards, but there was no fridge, they found lots, but nothing to really make. They got a fire started first of course, so that they could cook at least once they figured out what to have, and finally they figured out where the milk and eggs were. There was a cooler type thing on the porch that had water running through it, and that was where they found the dairy.

The boys knew more than enough about cooking to know that even though they wanted to make pancakes, but could not use wheat flour, that they could modify the recipe they liked to use the oat flour they found, so that was what they did. Tristan came down the stairs almost half way through the cooking process.

“What are you boys doing?” He asked grumpily.

“Cooking of course, what's it look like!” Creighton said happily.


“To eat of course silly. We're not gonna make you do all the cooking, and besides, we like to cook.”

“Where'd you get flour to make pancakes, and besides, I can't eat wheat remember?”

“It's the oat flour we found in the pantry. We just modified the recipe we like and used it instead. They might not be quite as thick and fluffy, we don't know, since we've never tried this before, but they should taste good. We both love oats, so we'll be fine, even if they're not perfect.”

“Never tried it before either.” Tristan shrugged.

“Should be interesting then. Could you set the table please, and how do you like your eggs cooked, oh, and how many as well?”

“Two, hard yokes.” Still with the short brusk answers.

Tristan did grab the dishes though and set the table. He then grabbed the two new chairs and unfolded them and set them at the table and then sat down to wait, since there was no point in helping further.

Just a few seconds later breakfast was served and they all dug in. They did enjoy their breakfast, but the boys admitted that they were going to need to perfect the recipe to make it work properly, but figured they knew what they needed to do to do just that. They did enjoy the wild berry jam, that Tristan made, on their pancakes though and praised him for such a nice tasting jam. Tristan grumbled a thanks, and then grumbled another thanks at the end of the meal, saying that it was good.

The boys were pleased that they at least seemed to make Tristan somewhat happy, though it was sort of hard to tell for sure. They all helped to clean up, and then went out to start on their chores. The boys went about doing what they could once again, and then once they were done, they went and sat on the porch.

“So, Tristan, what's in the building where the water wheel's attached?” Colton asked.

“All my machinery.”

“Neat, can we see it?” Creighton asked.

“I guess so, but touch nothing, if you put your hand in the wrong place, that's the last time it'll be attached to your body.” He said gruffly.

“Okay.” Both boys said happily and followed Tristan at the brisk pace he set there. They crossed the stream over a small bridge.

“So, who built all this for you?” Creighton asked curiously.

“I built it all myself.”

“Wow, really. How long did it take you?” Colton asked.

“Little over five years.”

“And you did it all yourself?”

“Yeah, of course, I just said I did. There were certain things I had to buy, but I made the rest and put it all together.” He said as they were entering the machine house.

“Wow, would you look at this. What is all this?” Creighton asked in awe.

The building was rather large, easily larger than most houses were, and the shaft that the water wheel turned went from one side, clear to the other end, almost fifty feet away. On the shaft were several gears or pulleys, some were in use, others were pulled to the side, ready should they ever be needed. The boys were correct in thinking that this was because it would be rather difficult to add or change any of them, so extra were there for just in case. Underneath the shaft were large work stations, some of them had machinery on them, others did not, while others just had tools on them. They could also very clearly see that this doubled as a large workshop, because there were hundreds of tools for nearly any sort of work that might need to be done.

“Everything I need.”

“Clearly, but talk to us, please, we're just trying to be nice, we're genuinely interested in how you did all this.” Colton said softly.

“Sorry, I'm not doing it on purpose. You have to remember that I've talked to next to no one in more than ten years now.”

“We know, but you can talk to us, we're all alike here. Outside here we're all hated, though you not as much as you think you are, if at all.”

He did not respond to that, just started pointing out things and explaining them.

“This is my grinding mill. I use it to grind down my oats and rice to make flour, I've also ground corn and other grains, except of course wheat. Here's where I put all my tools that require rotary power, and with the gears I can get things moving pretty damn fast if I need it. Over here's my meat grinder, never get near this thing, because it's usually moving at least a little and it'll suck your hand in without even thinking. This is where I make all my sausage as well, because I love sausage, and it I can eat. And down here on the end is my power generator. I don't really use much power, I have a couple lights in the house for the winter time when it gets really dark, but most often I use oil lamps. The generator though powers a large walk in freezer, which then cools a larger walk in cooler. Those are through the door there.”

“Wicked, how could you do all this on your own though, just putting that shaft in had to take at least a dozen people.”

“I had help.”

“But you said you did it by yourself.”

“That's right, but I had help too. First is this,” He said, pointing at his head, “next are these,” pointing at his arms this time, “and finally my horses. You'd be surprised at just what you can do with applied physics, good pulleys, strong rope and some brute force. I hardly had to use any of my own muscles to do the big jobs, but I still used a lot. Granted, I'm not very big or powerful, but it's a good thing my brain is. This shaft though weighs almost a tonne, and you'd better believe that it was hell to install. The rest of the building was built around this, this was the very first thing I did, followed very quickly by the aqueduct that you see running to it. I knew if I wanted to make this work, I had to have fresh water and power to survive. By the way, never drink from the lake, in fact, you're probably best not to swim in it. This is the only fresh intake to the entire lake, it's very nearly stagnant, and it's full of beavers. It's actually more a swamp than anything. The beavers more than likely created it by damming it, in fact it's a pretty impressive dam they've made. I don't know if it was smaller before they dammed it, or if it was here at all, but either way, I wouldn't swim it or drink it.”

“Wow. This is all amazing. We saw where the water enters your water way, it's pretty cool, and it carries a lot of water.”

“That's why it's put exactly where it is. That's where there's the most water for me to be able to channel and use. The water's pretty clean and clear, and I've never gotten sick from it, but if you're used to the chlorinated town water, then it might make you a bit sick at first, because it's not gone through a killing process first.”

“We were always on well water anyway, and we've been drinking from streams and creeks for as long as we were gone anyway, as well as whenever we went out in the woods, so we're good. Besides, we've been drinking the water here since we got here, so why bother saying it now?” Colton laughed.

“Just thought of it actually. No matter.”

“So, how do you get your meat and stuff, as well as all the rest of your supplies?” Creighton asked.

“I have cows that I raise for meat, only one per year, but that's way more than I need, but I never let them get too big, I need tender beef, not old and stringy. I also raise and eat a few rabbits, in fact the stew you had was rabbit. I also eat chickens that I raise, and sometimes even turkeys, but my last one died and I haven't replaced it yet, and I do go get wild grouse every so often. I've also been known to go out and hunt, usually a small deer, or maybe an elk, I love elk. As for the rest of the stuff, I either forage or grow the majority of it here, what I can't, I buy in town once or twice a year. That's mostly the grains and stuff that are too difficult to grow here with just one person, assuming they'd grow here at all, such as the rice. I also have to get things like salt and yeast and vinegar and spices and several other things that I just can't make here.”

“Wow, and you kill and clean the animals yourself?”

“Yeah, of course, I'm all alone out here and I don't have other people do my dirty work for me, so if I want to eat, it's them or me.”

“Fair enough. What's that door in the floor for?” Colton asked.

“That goes to my root cellar, that's where I keep all my preserved foods. As soon as my gardens are done, and as soon as I collect enough forage stuff, I make things with it to last me the year. Some things I freeze, most things I preserve. I have lots of canned vegetables and fruits, preserved meats, mostly sausage, all my potatoes and onions are down there, well except a few I keep in the house for ease when I need it. That sorta thing.”

“Cool. And should we stay here, are you gonna have enough food?”

“That I don't know about. I haven't made my annual trip to order supplies, so if I have to, we won't starve. I still don't think it's a good idea though.”

The boys left it at that.

“So, what did you build next then, the house?”

“No, the barn, but it actually went up even before the rest of this did. I slept in the hay loft for more than four years, I had an actual room where I slept and I had a wood stove in the downstairs to keep it heated, still do, so that the animals don't freeze during the winter. I finished this, and then started on the house. Oh, and the chicken coop was built as well while I was building the barn, because they needed somewhere to keep safe from animals.”

“That's great. You know though, once you do start talking though, you're very nice.” Creighton pointed out.

“Thanks, I guess.”

“You are, and you smile nice too, you should do it more often, especially instead of that scowl.”

“Yeah, well remember, I never had much to smile about.”

“We didn't either.”

“No, I guess you didn't.”

“Can we see the barn and meet the animals next?” Colton asked.

“Suppose so.”

He then led the boys to the barn and showed them everything that they wanted to see and they went and pet the animals. Most of them were friendly and allowed the boys to come right up to them and pet them easily. They were quite impressed by the actual barn though. As they had been able to see from outside, it was quite large, but it was very well built as well, the craftsmanship had been superb.

“You did a very nice job on everything, it's all so very nicely built. Who taught you all this anyway?”

“No one, I read everything I could to learn all that I had to do to survive out here. Before I went to jail, I was almost over protected, my parents hardly let me do anything. I did read a lot before that, even about nature and wilderness survival, stuff like that, but once I was in jail, every spare second I had that I was able to read, I was reading about doing just this. I knew that the second I got out of jail, this was where I was gonna be, I wasn't gonna be around people any more. Once I got out, I bought hundreds of books, not all of them to help me build this mind you, but more than enough. I still have all of them as well. Anyway, I'd never built a thing in my life before coming here, which is probably why it took me so long, because I wanted everything to be done just right, so that caused me to be slow. It didn't really matter how fast it was done though, so I wasn't worried.”

“Wow. We've read a couple dozen or more books on wilderness survival, how to track and how to evade predators, all that sorta thing. We've been going on forest treks for a few years now, perfecting our skills, so that when we could finally run away, we wouldn't die or be caught. Still not sure how the police officer found us.” Creighton said.

“Clearly he was better than you, or you made a mistake, either way, it doesn't really matter. Did you hunt and kill your food as well?”

“Yeah, we had to learn how to do that, just small game; rabbits, grouse, we've even had squirrel, actually they're pretty tasty, things like that. It was really gross doing it though, but we knew we had to.”

“And you were surprised that I killed my own animals!”

“Most people wouldn't do that, and in your court stuff you said you'd never hurt anything, well we would. We promised each other a couple years ago that once we were finally ready to escape, that we'd kill anyone that tried to stop us. When the officer found us, we almost speared him, and had he tried to get us, we would'a too. All he said though was where to find you and left. Of course he asked us if this was where we were heading and if we wanted a ride, but we didn't trust him.”

“Yeah, but that was then, I learned a lot after that, and none of it good or pleasant. I learned not to trust anyone, and that if they get the chance, they'll fuck you good and hard, and they sure had the chance, plenty of it in fact. I'm talking both literally and figuratively of course, because the police and the lawyers and judge, oh and the prison staff, they all fucked me every bit as good and hard as the inmates did, just in a different way. Trust me, when that police officer drove in here that first time, I was holding my pitch fork, and I was going to use it on him if he tried to get near me. He'd a had to shoot and kill me before he ever took me in again.”

“I guess that's true. I guess we never thought of that. We really are a lot alike then, we'll do anything we have to to stay out of their hands, all they want to do is fuck us.” Colton said.

“Yeah, but what about me, if I say no, are you gonna just kill me?” Tristan asked.

“No, first of all, you wouldn't harm us, so why would we harm you. Second, we're not cold blooded killers, if you don't give us the reason, we won't kill. If we have to, we'll just find somewhere else, but we'd rather stay here, just because we can all help and be there for each other. Admit that it gets very boring out here all alone all the time, and that it'd be nice to have someone there with you just in case something happened. For instance, let's say a bear attacked and you couldn't call for help, or you injured yourself doing something, you'd die out here all alone.”

“Plenty better than dying in prison.”

“Maybe so, but admit that you're all alone.”

“Yeah, but it's what I wanted, it's what I like.”

“But you've missed talking to people.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Because, once you start talking, you almost can't stop.” Creighton giggled.

Tristan really had no way to respond to that.

“It's okay.” Colton said. “So, what do you do around here for fun then?”

“I don't have fun, I have to work pretty much all day every day just to survive. During the winter when I don't have as much work to do, I read a lot, otherwise, nothing really fun.”

“Well then, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy as they say, and more hands makes less work too, so if you let us stay out here with you, there's no way we'd make you do everything, we'd help with everything, so you'd have more time to have some fun too.” Creighton said.

“While you're here, whether it's temporary or if I lose my mind and say okay, you'd have to help anyway.”

“Well, personally, I think you'd have to lose your mind to send us away, but that's just me and Creighton, but, no pressure, don't worry, we're not gonna keep pestering you. Can we at least stay for a week or so, to learn more from you, because clearly you know everything that we'd need to know?”

“I can agree to a week, for now, but no more.”

“Thanks.” Both boys said.

“My room above the barn is still there, it's dry and stays pretty warm, so that's where you boys can sleep. I don't have a bed for you here, but you can use your sleeping bags and the blankets and maybe even some hay to make a pretty cozy bed. While you're here though, I do expect that you'll help out with everything, and in exchange, I'll try and teach you everything that I can.”

“Thanks Tristan.” Both boys smiled warmly and went and hugged him.

This totally shocked Tristan, he had not been hugged, or shown any sort of affection in more years than he cared to admit or even remember. He did not hug the boys back though, he was shocked too much to be able to do that. It did however do what the boys had intended for it to do, it helped to unlock just a bit more of Tristan's locked up heart. He even had to wipe a stray year away, but as soon as the boys let him go, he turned away and gruffly started walking, making a show of being the troll, he did not let the boys see that he had to wipe away a tear. What he did not realize though was that they did in fact see it and knew exactly why he did what he did. They smiled to each other.

For the rest of the day, the three of them worked around the yard, Tristan telling the boys all sorts of things that they did not already know. He was a veritable fountain of knowledge and the boys were drinking it up. They had just a snack for lunch and stopped come dinner time and the boys helped Tristan to cook and then they all sat back and ate. After dinner, they sat on the porch and read until it was too dark to do so any more, and then headed to bed. Tristan went upstairs without saying goodnight to the boys, though they called out goodnight to him, and then they headed up to their sleeping loft in the barn.

This was the first night in what felt like forever that the boys played around though, and for well over an hour they made love to each other, sucked each other and just generally made each other feel as good as they possibly could. It felt nice to almost think that they had a proper home, and even though they knew that eventually Tristan would come around, they knew that day was a long time in coming. As soon as they were finished making love to each other though, they diapered each other nice and thickly and then fell fast asleep.

For almost a week more, that was their regular schedule, they would wake in the morning, have breakfast together, do morning chores together, have a light lunch, do more work around the yard, have dinner, read and or talk, and then bedtime. It was definitely a meager life, and the boys loved every second of it. They were learning so much more than they ever had before, they were enjoying the company, even though Tristan could be overly gruff, and they finally felt as if they belonged somewhere for once. Every time that they had the chance to do so though, the boys would hug Tristan and tell him how great he was, all sorts of things like that to boost his self esteem or confidence, though he would say he was good there.

It was one week to the day though that Tristan had told the boys that they could stay for a week to learn, when after breakfast Tristan started a new conversation.

“Okay boys, you've been here a week, I've taught you everything you could possibly need to know, now I think it's time for you to head out.”

“Really, you just can't do it, can you?” Colton asked, shaking his head.

“What?” Tristan asked, gruffly once again.

“See what's so clear in front of you.”

“And what exactly is so clear in front of me that I need to see?”

“We could answer that for you, but until you realize it on your own, it's no use. Okay, fine, thanks for the things you've given us, thanks for the knowledge, but we'll be on our way. We'll pack up everything that we need and go.”

“I'm not letting you leave empty handed. I have a small horse drawn cart, I made a newer bigger one, so you can have the small one. I'm giving you boys one of my horses and some chickens, because I have more right now than I need, and I have plenty of stocks that you can have to get started. I also have a good sized canvas tent that I had for when I first came out here, so you boys can use it, it's even got a wood burning cook stove in it. I'll help you load up and then after lunch, you can head out.”

“No thanks, we don't want any of your things, we'll just grab our things and leave now.” Creighton said.

“No, I can't have you boys here, but I can't let you go away with nothing to help you. I'm sorry, I know what you boys want, I know what you need, but I can't give it to you. Every day you're here tortures me so, you can't begin to know what your being here is doing to me. It's all I can do for you, so please, at least take it, use it, but please, just don't look at me like that any more.”

“Fine, but you know, until you dig out your heart, you're never gonna be happy. As for what we want, what we need, only what you've given to us so far is all that we ever asked for, kindness and caring, a helping hand, being talked to like real people instead of horrible abominations, as we were called several times I might add. You say you were fucked horribly for a couple years, well, we've had that for longer, just not physically like you had it. We'll accept your gifts, knowing exactly what they are and what it's gonna do to you later.” Colton said this time, softly, sadly.

Tristan said nothing further, he was not sure what to make of what he was told, so he just turned and led the boys to where everything was and started loading everything up. He taught the boys how to harness the cart behind the horse and then they all loaded it up. By the time they were finished, it was quite full. There were a couple bags of oats and rice, a couple more of both that were ground into flour. He gave them several other provisions as well, and even several spare tools that he had. The boys then went and grabbed their things from the sleeping loft and loaded it into the cart, and then before lunch time, they were ready to go.

“Okay, we're gonna go now then, thanks for the stuff, I truly hope that it helps to ease your guilt for sending us away.” Creighton said, and then before Tristan could say anything, the boys started walking, leading the horse and cart.

Both boys had tears in their eyes as they walked away, but they did not turn around to look at Tristan. Tristan also had tears in his eyes, though he was full out crying by the time the boys were out of sight, whereas the boys wiped their tears away and kept on walking. Tristan ended up falling down right there and cried away years of pain and loneliness. By the time that he cried himself out, which caused him to fall asleep, the boys were already almost two kilometers away. By the time he woke up, they were four.

Chapter 3

The boys followed a trail that looked like it was pretty clean and clear and just kept walking until they came to another stream and a small clearing. Once it was determined that this was good enough for now, though neither said anything, they had not spoken once since they left Tristan, they started to unpack everything. Finally though they could stand the silence no more.

“I can't believe that he actually made us leave.” Creighton said, bursting into tears and crying. This had been the entire reason for not talking, they knew that when they did, they were going to cry.

“I know.” Colton said, also crying. They ended up standing there, hugging each other and crying on each others shoulders for a good hour.

“Come on, we better get our camp set up and get some food.” Creighton finally said, pushing his brother away.

“Yeah, we better.”

They got to work right away unloading everything, and because the tent was pretty much right at the bottom, they had to do so in order to get their tent set up. It took more than an hour for them to do so, not only was it quite large, but it was heavy as well and not at all easy to put up. They ended up using the horse to pull it taut for them though, so that it was not sagging in the centre so much, but finally it was perfect. They got the wood stove installed next and then found some good wood and started a fire in it to get some lunch. They were both very hungry, so they needed to cook something a little more filling. After a good filling lunch, they went about getting the rest of their impromptu camp set up.

“What are we gonna do with the horse at night though, he'll probably be attacked by wolves or coyotes if we just leave him tied up?” Colton asked.

“Not a clue. He's too big to come into the tent with us though.”

“Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. We shoulda just left the horse and took the cart ourselves. It wasn't that heavy. It would've taken longer, but we would've made it and we wouldn't have to worry about killing a horse.” Colton sighed.

“It would've taken us days to get this far probably, that cart was a lot heavier than that.”

“Yeah, you're probably right. I guess all we can do is hope that we hear if he gets spooked and come to his rescue. Then again, we're pretty good wolf bait ourselves if it comes down to it. We need to make more spears, they worked the last time quite well against the wolves.”

“Very true, and all we can do too.”

For the next several hours they got their camp all set up and got it as functional as they could, all things considering. They at least had it a thousand times better than when they had ran away at first. They had had a small tent, but it had been a very cheap tent, it was all they could afford, and it fell apart after only the sixth or seventh night of using it. They had also had nowhere near the provisions that they now found themselves with. They made and ate a simple but filling dinner and then continued working right through until bedtime.

Both were so tired from working so hard over the past few hours that they all but crashed into their bed and passed out cold, only just barely remembering to change their soggy diapers. They did have an amazingly good sleep though, they had worked themselves near to the point of exhaustion and they slept the sleep of the dead for probably ten hours, if not more before they finally woke up.

Colton went and collected the eggs that their chicken had laid and they had a pretty decent breakfast, and then continued on on setting up their camp. This day was another long hard day of working for the boys, they both felt that they would have to make sure they knew where everything was, as well as where any possible animals might be, so that they could hunt them. They found a good grove of trees that was standing dead, so this was where they would get the majority of their firewood, they found a bush that still had some wild currants on it, they picked what they could take, and they found some wild potatoes as well, which was a very welcome find indeed. On their hunt for where to find food, they did scope out several areas that would be excellent for trapping small game, so they laid a few simple string snares that would hopefully get them some rabbit or something.

Once they had found all that they needed to find in the area they felt, they knew that they needed to get as much firewood as they possibly could, because not only did they need it for cooking, but they were going to need to start collecting large amounts in order to survive through the upcoming winter, and they knew that was going to take time. Using the horse, they went and fell four of the standing dead trees and pulled them back to their new home and started bucking them up. They each had a good quality bow saw to use, but still, they only managed to get one of the trees cut up and split by the time they called bedtime.

Tristan though, as soon soon as he pulled himself together, he got up off the ground, brushed himself off and went about what he knew he needed to do. He went about his chores like he had every other day, but for some reason, it just was not the same. Every time he got started on something, he got bored and miserable and went and did something else instead. He was really missing the boys, he knew that, but how could he be wishing they were there again, when he knew that they were the reason he had been so miserable in the first place.

Seeing the boys, but not being able to touch them, hold them, be free with them was making him miserable, they had to go. He knew that. But the longer the boys were gone, the more he felt that he made the wrong choice. That night when he went to bed, he had had the most miserable nights sleep he had ever had, and that was saying an awful lot considering what he had went through in prison.

The following morning, Tristan was on total auto pilot, he did everything that he was supposed to do, only he never even thought about it once. It was probably for the best that he did not use any of his machinery, because as spaced out as he was, he probably would have lost a limb, or worse. That nights sleep, if at all possible, was actually worse than the previous nights sleep, and deep down Tristan knew what he had to do, only now, he wondered if the boys would even want to come back. He had thrown them out, pretty much told them that he did not want them, sent them to live on their own, even though they were only just young boys, no, he would not want him if it were he, but maybe, just maybe the boys would come back.

All this was decided before Tristan even made himself breakfast, he had just gotten cleaned and changed his diaper, then decided what he had to do. He quickly made himself something to eat, ate that, then packed some food to take with him, not knowing how long it would take to find the boys, and then headed out to the barn to saddle up his horse. Once ready to go, Tristan followed the trail that the boys had taken and followed it. When there came a split in the path, he had to search long and hard to try and determine which way the boys had went, but eventually he was certain as to which way they had gone, and followed that trail. Given that Tristan was on a saddled horse and could go far faster than the boys had gone, he found them in only a matter of a couple hours, and only because he had had to stop a few times to try and figure out which way the boys had gone. Finally he found them though, and both were working heavily, cutting wood into firewood. Neither boy heard him as he approached, and finally he coughed to alert them that he was there.

“Oh, it's you.” Colton said.

“What do you want?” Creighton added.

“I made a mistake. Look, I know this isn't gonna come out right, I've spent so many years not being around people, not talking to anyone, that I have a hard time expressing myself. You have to understand how hard this all is for me. I sent you away, that was probably the biggest mistake I've ever made. I thought I was miserable because you were there, I thought that when you were gone, that I'd get back to normal again, but I was wrong. The fact of the matter is, I was miserable because, well, I'm a miserable person. I miss hearing you talk, I miss hearing you laugh, and most of all, I miss your hugging me. I can't and I won't be anything more than a mentor to you boys, but if I haven't fucked up too badly, and you'll agree to it, I'd really like for you to come back and stay with me.”

For the longest time, both boys stood there looking at Tristan, they were letting him sweat, and he was sweating buckets too, they knew what their choice was going to be, long before he even started talking, it had always been known. They knew eventually Tristan would realize what he had done and come looking for them. They had not expected it so soon, but that was probably for the best too.

“Please, say something, anything?” He begged after almost five minutes.

“We're thinking.” Colton said softly.

They left it at that for another ten minutes at least, and finally they nodded to each other and looked to Tristan. Creighton took it this time. “Okay, we'll agree, but on a couple conditions.”

“Sex can't be one of them, if it is, then we have to part ways.”

“To tell you the truth, as much fun as it sounds to have you, we've really only ever wanted each other, but if there comes a time when maybe you do want to, then we might be able to share. No, we have other needs.” Colton said.

“Oh. Um, okay, what are they then.” Tristan stuttered.

“Well, first and foremost, treat us like people, or even better yet, like people you like. We like you, we know you've had to deal with a lot of crap, so have we, clearly you're not healed from it yet, maybe you never will be. We're the same though, we were raised hated all the time, we were just a lot of work for little money. Second, we'd really like to come live in the house, there's way more room downstairs than is needed, we can help to make an actual bedroom in there, so that we have our own personal space as well. Third, let us in, laugh with us, cry with us, play with us, teach us, just be there with and for us like we will for you. That's really all we've ever wanted from you, we don't want or need much, we really don't want or need much, but just that, to feel like we belong. That's the reason we came to you, we thought you'd understand us, because in a lot of ways, we're the same.”

Tristan hopped down from his horse, went up to the boys and gathered them in a very large hug and all three of them cried for several minutes. They stayed standing there hugging each other though for a lot longer than their tears lasted, it felt so nice. Finally Tristan pushed away from the hug.

“Well, should we pack everything up and head home then boys?”

“Sure, and since we've already cut the firewood, we may as well take it with us.”

“May as well.”

It took a few hours for them to tear down camp and pack it all up, but before too long, they were headed out. Both horses were hitched up to the cart and the three of them walked along leading the horses back. By the time that they made it back, it was nearing dinner time and they were all quite hungry. Tristan said he was going to go in and make dinner, while the boys stayed outside to start unpacking everything.

The boys were called in for dinner a little while later, and once they finished eating that and cleaning it all up, they headed back outside to continue on the chore of getting everything put away. It did not take that much longer, but they stayed outside doing other chores, talking and learning even more about each other until bedtime.

Come bedtime, the boys set up their bed in the living area, where they would eventually make their own bedroom, Tristan wished them a good sleep, and headed upstairs. The boys got down to some loving, because once more, it had been too long for them, and they sucked each other once, while preparing each other at the same time, and then made love to each other once. Once they were sated, the boys changed each others diapers and fell fast asleep.

Colton and Creighton were up first once more this morning, which was normal for them to wake up so early, so they once again decided to get breakfast started. They got the fire going, and then worked once again to try and make pancakes using the ingredients that Tristan could eat, trying to see if they were correct in what they needed to do in order to make them even better. By the time Tristan came down to see what was smelling so good, the boys were very nearly done.

“Mmm, smells good in here boys. What are you making?”

“We're trying the oat pancakes again to see if we can fix what we did wrong with them last time, as well we're having some sausage and eggs.”

“The pancakes were fine the last time, there was nothing wrong with them.”

“They tasted fine, sure, but they were flat and dense, pancakes are supposed to be thick and light and fluffy, or nothing, but we think we figured it out, they seem to be rising better this time and they seem fluffier, so hopefully we did it right.” Creighton answered.

“Oh, I see. I was never much for cooking anyway, to tell you the truth, so had you not said anything, I would've just thought that was how they were supposed to be.” He laughed.

“Yeah, well we had to learn how to cook at a fairly early age, since we were pretty much forced to do everything, including cooking, and boy did we get in shit if the food tasted bad, yet not once were we ever thanked for a good meal.” Colton said.

“That's pretty bad actually, you were pretty much slaves, but without the obvious benefits.”

“Yeah, at least the slaves were treated better.” Creighton smiled wryly.

“Anyway, would you set the table please, breakfast's almost ready.” Colton asked.


Within a few minutes the table was set and ready to go, and so was breakfast, so they all sat down and enjoyed the great meal.

“Ah, much better, and even better than with wheat flour if you ask me.” Colton sighed.

“Mmmhmm.” Creighton said.

“They really were good, thanks boys. You're really quite good at cooking.”

“Thanks.” They both said.

The mess was cleaned up in short order, and then all three of them went to change their diapers and get dressed and ready for the day. They all met by the door shortly thereafter.

“So, what's on the agenda today?” Both boys asked.

“Well, if we wanna build you two an actual bedroom, then we have to cut some wood that'd work for that, but before we do that, we have to tend to all the animals.”


So that was what they did. All the animals were cleaned, fed, their pens cleaned as well, the cow was milked and the eggs were collected too. This only took the three of them a little more than an hour, so they had plenty of time left.

“So, how are we gonna do this then, build actual walls, or should we just do some sorta partition that can be moved?” Colton asked.

“The easiest would be a partition, but the most private would be a true wall with a door.” Tristan said.

“It's not like we need a huge amount of privacy, your bedroom's upstairs anyway, so let's just go with a partition then.” Creighton said.

“Okay.” Colton and Tristan said together.

They decided, that since the entire cabin was rustic anyway, that they would do a simple branch frame with smaller branches woven into it to make a nice partition wall. They got started with making six frames, they would be more than enough to put up and hide the boys' bedroom. Once they were all done, they started by going out and collecting as many small branches as they could get their hands on. They realized though that this was going to take a while, but they were not worried about that. By the time a late dinner rolled around, they only had two of them completed. The following day though they got the rest of them done, because they did not first have to make all the frames. So after only two days, the boys had themselves a respectable bedroom of their own.

“That looks pretty nice actually.” Tristan said once it was all done.

“Yeah, it does.” The boys said.

“It's getting late, so we should probably get dinner and then relax for the rest of the day.”

“Okay, and then tomorrow, can we make a proper bed do you think?” Colton asked.

“Sure, I don't see any reason why not. We kinda don't have a mattress here though, so we'll have to improvise 'til the next time I go into town.”

“Okay, that's fine. When are you gonna go, and can we go with you?”

“I usually go near the end of summer, so that I can stock right up for winter, but I'm afraid you can't. Not only does everyone in town know I have no kids, but you boys were supposed to have run away and are trying to hide.”

“Ah, good points. I guess we'll have to stay here then, but that's okay.”

“Yeah, I'm sure you'll be fine.”

They started getting dinner ready then and continued talking as they did so.

“Hey, how do you go into town and get your things, you have no vehicle around here that I've seen?” Creighton asked.

“The old fashioned way, horse and buggy. That's why I built a bigger one that can more easily be covered and get to things, for my annual trips into town for supplies. Granted, it's not very fast. It takes me three days to get there and then another three to get back, and then it's usually a good couple days in town as well.”

“Oh, cool.” Both boys said.

“Yeah, I suppose it is.” Tristan laughed.

They continued making their dinner and talking and shortly after, they were sitting down to eat. Once done and cleaned up, they relaxed out on the porch for the rest of the evening. The next day they started out with tending to the animals as they normally did, and then got started on making a really nice bed for the boys. It too was rustic in that it was made all out of peeled and smoothed logs and put together using mortise and tenon joinery, it was very nice, but took them the better part of two days to make. They got it put together in the boys' bedroom and then a layer of straw was put down and then several layers of fir and fabric, and the boys declared it a very comfortable bed. Tristan said he would still get them a proper mattress when he went into town, because their current one would not last long and would probably not stay very comfortable for long.

After the bedroom was finished, they continued on with the rest of their chores as normal, wood cutting and splitting being one of the largest of them. They had gone out and fell a few good sized trees and had dragged them back with the help of all the horses. The hardest part was cutting them into burn sized pieces, and all three of them used saws to do this.

“Oh man, what we need is some sort of powered thing to do this, I don't know what kind of wood this is, but it sure feels like iron wood right now. This is killing me, and we haven't even got one tree done yet.” Creighton grunted after getting only his second piece cut.

“It's hard work, but I don't have anything else to use, and this is all I've ever done, and I've always managed. This is the hardest tree I've ever cut before, I think it's a maple, or something hard like that, but we'll make do.” Tristan said.

“I have an idea, could we build something that's powered by the water wheel that'd cut this for us?”

“Not sure how we could do something like that. Not only do I not have the stuff here to do so, but no clue how to build it either.”

“Well, I think I know how to do it. You already have all the gears and wheels on the shaft, if we transfer one of them to an offset gear, similar to the ones that drive a steam powered train, we can get that sawing motion. All we'd have to do then is make a frame that'd hold a saw that's powered by that, have the saw weighted so that it can cut, make a holding platform for the wood to be cut, and then all we'd have to do is put the wood in and let it do all the hard work.”

“That's not a bad idea actually. I already have a gear here somewhere that we could use for that, and I even have a saw that we can use for it, but it was always too big for me to use on my own. It's a two person saw, not even sure why I bought it, nor why I never got it out for two of us to use.”

“Just never thought of it.” Colton laughed.

“Guess not. So, let's stop this work then and see about building this contraption and see if it works then.”

“Okay.” The boys said excitedly.

For the next four days, they worked on that project solely. They did their morning chores of course each day and then got to work on that. It was a fairly simple thing to make, but required a lot of work and patience. They started on the frame itself first, after finding the saw of course, because they had to make the frame to fit the saw, and of course they had to find the offset gear they needed so that they knew what the throw on it was, so they got them and then made the frame to suit. Then they made the carriage that held the saw and moved it, this is also what was to be weighted, but they also made an arm for raising it up for ease of loading. Next they built the platform for holding the wood while it was being cut, and then they made the gear system. This had a nice feature so that they could essentially turn it on and off at will by pulling a lever. Finally they connected a chain to the offset gear and ran it through a hole that they had had to cut into the side of the workshop and through to the main shaft. A gear was moved into place and the chain was attached, a difficult chore considering the thing never stopped spinning, but Tristan had done this enough that he knew exactly what to do without losing any limbs. Finally it was complete.

“Well boys, let's test it out, and since it was your idea, you get to pull the lever once we have the first piece in place Creighton.”

“Okay.” He said excitedly.

They got the hard tree onto the platform and moved into place. The saw carriage was raised to its highest point already, so they slid the tree into place, and then they lowered the saw so that it was resting on the wood and Creighton activated the saw and it started cutting instantly. In only four or five minutes, the first one was cut and the unit was shut down and the carriage was raised.

“Wow, that was fast, and easy too.” Tristan whistled.

“No kidding.” The boys said as one.

They moved the tree down and reset the saw so that it could cut the next length and got it started. The entire tree was cut up in only forty minutes more. They loaded the next tree on and got it started. This tree was clearly a softer wood, because it cut far faster and only thirty minutes later it too was done. As that one was done, they got started on splitting and stacking their wood and one of them would stop once the saw was done and reset it, while the other two would continue on. The entire day was spent like this, and when their trees were all finished cutting, they still had far more to split and stack.

“Wow, never before have I gotten that much cut and split in one day, that's awesome. Good thinking Creighton.”

“Thanks.” He smiled brightly. He was all for making life far easier.

They removed the saw from the unit and sharpened the blade so that it was ready for the next time they needed it, and then went in and made and ate a good filling dinner, because they were all good and hungry.

Over the course of the next week, they went out and fell more trees, hauled them in and cut, split and stacked it all, and by the time that was done, they were almost fully ready for winter. Tristan was amazed, because never before had he had so much good firewood ready for the winter so early. It would also have far more time to dry out, and he still had plenty left from the previous year, but that was likely to all be used up within the next few months for their cooking. They decided though that they would get even more cut and ready, for just in case, so decided that they would do at least another weeks worth of work on that. Before they got started on this though, Mike showed up, it was Sunday afternoon, or at least that was the day they all figured it was, and Mike confirmed it for them during their conversation. As he pulled up, the three of them stopped working and went to meet him.

“It's good to see you guys again. Is all going well out here?” He asked when he hopped out of his car.

“Yes.” They all said.

“That's good to hear. I found a used mattress that was in excellent condition, and thought you guys might have some use for it, so it's in the back of the car. It's a queen size, so it should be nice and comfortable for you boys.”

“Oh thanks, that's the size we built our bed to, so that's great, thanks.” Colton said happily.

“Perfect. I see you're working hard to get your firewood ready for the winter. The weather channel says it might be a long cold winter, so that's a good idea.”

“Yeah, I always make sure to have plenty, and with Creighton's great idea, it's making our life a lot easier out here.”

They then had to take Mike over and show him the saw mill and how it worked, he was suitably impressed.

“That's really neat, and so simple too.”

“Yeah, it is. It only took us a few days to build it, so that's good. It's all made of wood too, so if and when a part wears out, we can easily replace it without having to go get parts or anything, which considering I go to town only once or twice a year, that's important.”

“Too true. Now, as for weapons, I had no idea what, if any, you had, so I took the liberty of getting a couple good compound bows that the boys could use, and brought out more than a hundred arrows for them as well. I figured you'd have something Tristan, but the boys should have more than just the spears I caught them with when I first met them, not that they weren't good and effective, they certainly scared the piss outta me.” He chuckled.

“Yeah, well had you come any nearer, you would've found out just how effective they were, we would've killed you.” Colton smiled serenely.


“As for weapons, I have a shot gun and a rifle for just in case, and I also have a compound bow, it's how I do most of my hunting when I decide to do so, so that I don't waste bullets.” Tristan said, trying not to laugh.

“Good to hear.”

“Why exactly are you doing all this for us though?” Tristan asked curiously.

“Because, the boys deserve it and I don't want them to end up like I almost did, dead in a gutter somewhere. It was a caring adult that rescued me and I vowed that I would never let a child suffer the same fate that I was bound to suffer had I not been saved. Call it paying it forward.” He said, and then had to tell the tale of his childhood.

“Well, we do thank you then, even though technically we saved ourselves, and we're glad that you received the help that you needed as well.” Creighton said.

“Yes, you did decide to save yourselves, which is great, hence the reason I'm doing what I can after the fact. I suppose that's the good thing about living in such a small mountain town, there's not many children here that get into serious trouble and need real help. I do what I can though.”

“That's true. We don't want you spending a bunch of money on us though.” Colton said.

“Believe it or not, I hardly paid anything for the things I brought today. The bows and arrows were confiscated items during a bust several years ago apparently and I was told I could take them, since they were doing no good anyway, I took the third that was there and gave you boys the other two. I only bought new cables for them and the quivers for the arrows, since I had no idea how old the cables were and could be weak and there were no quivers. The mattress I got I grabbed from a thrift store, so it was only twenty bucks, so hardly anything at all. Besides, if I don't spend the money on you, who will I spend it on, I have everything I need already.” He smiled.

“Oh, cool.” The boys said.

“Yeah. You might want to get more arrows for actual hunting though, because most of the ones that there were are just basic training arrows, but at least they have pretty decent carbide tips so that they don't get easily damaged and are pretty good quality aluminum shafts as well. Sure, they'll kill an animal or an intruder, but that's not what they're designed for. I gave you boys all the arrows there were for practicing and I bought myself new good ones for hunting.”

“Okay, thanks, Tristan has to head into town soon anyway, so maybe he can pick up a bunch while there.” Colton said.

“I can.” Tristan said.

“Good. I also grabbed from the thrift store a bunch of good sturdy fabrics and clothes, so that you guys can repair damaged clothes, make your own, or what have you, and I also grabbed a few other things that I know are always needed out in the wilderness. It's all in a box in the car as well.”

“Thanks.” They all said, not one of them used to having people give them things.

“I know, it's overwhelming, and from a cop as well, and believe it or not, but you do all deserve it. And just so you know, even if your relationship does or does not turn sexual, like I know the boys would love, because I can see in their eyes the way I felt for my adult lover, way out here, ain't no one gonna care, and certainly never know. I am not asking now, nor will I ever, if it has or not, I am just saying that you don't have to be afraid.”

Tristan tried to say something, but Mike just held up his hand and shook his head, saying he did not want to hear it at all.

“No, not ever Tristan, I don't want to hear it, just come help offload the car, there's a bit of stuff and then I have to get going. I bagged a doe on the way in and it's hanging to bleed out, so I wanna go get it taken care of before a bear comes along and takes my well deserved deer. Oh, by the way boys, how do the diapers fit that I got you anyway, I don't remember if I asked?”

“They fit great and work really well as well, thanks.” They both said, more or less.

“That's good.”

They all helped to unload the car and within fifteen minutes they had it all in the house. Mike liked the small bedroom area that the boys had, but before too long, he headed out. As soon as he was gone, Tristan and the boys looked through the box of goodies to see what all Mike had brought them. There were some handy things to be sure, but the most useful had to be the yard or two of denim material, they could do a lot with that. Almost as soon as they had that done though, the boys gave Tristan a hopeful look and asked if he could teach them how to shoot their bows. He laughed and said yes. He grabbed his own and told the boys to grab all their stuff and they headed outside.

For the next two hours, he taught them both how to fire their bows properly and safely, and they did surprisingly well with it. At first their aim was a little off, but before their arms got to the point of nearly jelly like, their aim improved to very nearly perfect.

“You boys do very well with that, it took me weeks of practice to use my bow properly.”

“It helps when you're taught properly I'm sure.” Creighton smiled.

“Possibly, but I had a very good book that told me everything I told you, so I think skill has more to do with it than anything.”

“Maybe, but we've never done this before.”

“Clearly that doesn't matter. Well, should we continue on getting firewood cut then?”

The boys agreed that this was a good idea and they went and got back to work.

They decided that with Mike's news that the winter was possibly going to be long and cold, that they should get even more wood prepared, so for the next two weeks, they cut, split and stacked even more than Tristan had ever had before, but that was a good thing. The boys also practiced with their bows almost every evening just as the sun was going down, and they were getting deadly accurate with them as well, and Tristan said they were very much ready to hunt very effectively.

“Now that we have all the firewood we could possibly need, could we go hunting today?” Creighton asked after eating breakfast the following morning.

“I don't see any reason why not, and then once we have something to fill the freezer with, we should probably start gathering fruits and nuts, as well the gardens are pretty near ready to be harvested.”

“Wicked.” Both boys said.

They all went and got dressed, changing their diapers and putting on some good natural coloured clothes so that they would be more camouflaged. They each grabbed their bow and their quivers full of arrows and headed out. They did not want to hunt too near the cabin, so they loaded up some supplies in a pack and hiked out and up to an area Tristan knew to be good for deer. They hiked for nearly two hours just as the sun was coming up, and before too long, they entered the area that Tristan said was often the best place. The boys saw why almost right away.

They entered into a beautiful meadow, the grass was tall and healthy looking, and there was a small stream running through it, so it had everything that a hungry and thirsty animal could possibly want. They separated slightly and hid, they could all still see each other, and they were in a line, so that there was no chance that they could hit each other if and when they fired. Once hidden, they waited. The wait was not long before a lone buck roamed into the meadow and headed for the stream for a drink first. After a good drink, it started munching on some grass. Tristan gave the sign for no, telling the boys to leave him, so they did, though both wanted to take him down. After he left, the boys crept back to where Tristan was.

“Why didn't you want him?” Colton whispered.

“He was too old and tough, remember, I can't process tough meats, and the bucks this time of year aren't gonna be very good anyway. No, what we want is a nice tender young doe, don't worry, she'll come, now go get back into place so that we don't scare any of them off.” He whispered back.

The boys nodded their heads in understanding and then headed back to their hiding places. Not even an hour later though, the doe they were waiting for arrived, she was perfect in every way, and Tristan nodded to the boys. They all prepared and fired, not one of them missed. Tristan had proper hunting arrows, whereas the boys still had their training arrows, Tristan's caused it to start bleeding out right away, whereas the boys' just caused huge amounts of pain. It staggered for a few minutes, trying to get away, but it was too badly wounded for that, and as soon as Tristan could safely do so, he ran up and ended her suffering by slitting her throat.

They hung the doe up to let her bleed out and then once that was done, they prepared for their long journey home. They made a sled to strap the deer to and then started the hard task of pulling it all the way home.

“Why exactly didn't we bring the horse and the small cart to do this for us?” Creighton asked after almost half an hour.

“I never have before, so never bothered to. Small deer like this aren't very heavy and we're doing fine. At least I have you two here to help me this time, we're making far better time than I normally do.” Tristan laughed.

“Yeah, well I think we should've brought one of the horses to do this for us.”

“The problem though is that horses and carts make noise, we didn't want any of that.”

“Yeah, but we could've tied the horse a ways away and then went and got him once we were ready, so that he could've done all the hard work for us.”

“Yes, we could've, but like I said, they make noise, and the animals around here aren't gonna know the sound of a horse and they'll spook because of it.”

“Oh, so by having it anywhere near here, we might never have seen a deer.” Creighton said.

“Exactly. So, we make due, and besides, it's not hard.”

They continued on their trek back home, this time taking almost twice as long to get back because they were pulling a good sized load. They were all very hungry though by the time they made it home, because other than breakfast, they had not eaten at all and it was starting to get late. Tristan said he would start skinning the deer if the boys could go get dinner going and they agreed.

By the time dinner was done, Tristan had the deer skinned and cleaned and was working on quartering it. He cleaned himself up and then went and ate with the boys and then they all headed back outside to continue getting the deer ready for the freezer.

“Hey, are we gonna grind any of the meat for sausage and stuff like that?” Colton asked.

“We probably should, and then tomorrow we could do a whole bunch of sausage up as well. Deer meat's one of the few meats I can stew nicely though and not affect my stomach, so I like to keep most of it in chunks, but I do like the deer sausage I make.”

“Oh, okay. Why is that?” Creighton asked.

“Red meat is the worst possible meat for me, and the only way my body can process it is if it's pretty much already processed, so it has to be cooked long and slow or ground. Deer meat is so tender already, and is such a fine texture too, that it doesn't seem to bother me as much.”

“Okay, and what happens if you don't prepare it properly?”

“Stomach pains the likes of which you hopefully can't imagine. Basically it's like I'm trying to pass a brick.”

“Ouch.” Both boys said.

“So yeah, I no longer do that to myself.”

“No wonder, I'd hate that.” Colton said.

“Yeah, growing up wasn't very much fun. When I wasn't throwing up constantly, my stomach was cramping and aching. The pain some days was so bad, I just wanted it to end, in any way possible. The doctors tried everything, but of course, with me being allergic to so many things, it took them forever, because they could never make me feel better long enough to find out what was and was not affecting me. Hell, the one time I was fed only via IV and it still happened, they were flabbergasted, they couldn't figure it out, then it hit them, that's when they started to find out all my problems. The main protein base they had been using was beef, the same one that causes me troubles, so they switched me to soy, that was almost as bad, so they switched me to something new, and they figured it out. From there, they started testing me on every food to find out what all I was allergic to. I had to stay in the hospital the entire time, that was a six month stint, because they had to know. Puberty had already been delayed more than they said was safe, I was still far too small to be healthy, and if they didn't get me fixed up soon, they might not ever be able to. I told them, do what you have to, I just want to live a normal life, so they did. I didn't care that I was in the hospital for so long, finally I wasn't puking or cramping all the time, though I had many bad bouts too, but they couldn't be helped.”

“Oh wow.” Both boys said. Then Creighton said, “How is it that if you're allergic to a beef protein, that you can eat beef at all, and if that were the case, wouldn't deer be totally different?”

“Yes and no. The proteins of all mammals are close enough that it doesn't matter, at least to my sensitive stomach, and cooking reduces most of them enough that I can consume them. I have to grind the meats though in order for them to be small enough that they can pass through easier, and of course I can't eat a lot. Deer though, I can seem to eat a fair bit before it bugs me, same as rabbit actually, I can usually eat a fair bit of it.”

“Oh, okay.” Both boys once again said.

For the rest of the evening, the three of them helped to prepare the deer meat, about half of it was cubed and packaged for the freezer, while the other half was ground so that they could make sausage the next day. By the time that was done and in the fridge to keep safe for the night, they were all tired, sweaty, dirty and sore. They all knew that they should probably have a bath to clean up, but instead they just washed as well as they could before heading in to go to bed. The boys changed each other, while Tristan was upstairs diapering himself, and at almost the same time, they all crashed into bed and stayed there for almost ten hours.

Over the course of the next week, they got a fair bit of their winter stocks taken care of. They got the rest of the deer meat made into a couple types of sausage, they pretty much emptied the gardens of everything that was still in them and or was ready to go and got it preserved in some form or another, and they even spent a couple hours a day after tending to the animals foraging for wild fruits and berries, which there were several.

“Well boys, that's about as much as we can do for now, so soon I'll heave to head into town and get the rest of the stuff that we'll be needing. I'll probably go in about a week, so over the next week, the three of us have to try and make a shopping list of everything that we'll be needing.” Tristan said after yet another long hard day of labour, but they had a huge amount to show for it all at least.

“Okay, we still have at least an hour before bed, why not grab some paper and we get started on it right now.” Creighton suggested.

“Sure, may as well I suppose.”

He grabbed some paper and a pencil and they all sat at the table. “Okay, what do we need boys?”

“Well, first and foremost, all the food staples that you usually get, so the grains, seasonings, vinegar, yeast, that sorta thing.” Colton said first.

“Yeah, but we should probably add more things as well, things that'll help us out a bit more too.” Creighton said.

“Like what?” Tristan asked.

“I don't know. I really hate washing our clothes by hand, so how about a washer and a dryer, that'd be real nice.”

“Not sure the generator has the power to do that sorta thing really.”

“I think it does. I was looking at it the other day, and it's a pretty big unit, and it does say two twenty, one hundred amp, so I'm sure that's more than enough for it.”

“Yeah, but it already runs the freezer don't forget, and that takes fifty amps already if I'm not mistaken.”

“If that's all it takes, then you should have plenty of power. I've never seen a dryer that requires more than thirty amps, and we don't use power for hardly anything else, so I think it'd be fine. It'll also make drying our clothes a lot faster, because I can't imagine you can dry clothes all that easily in the winter time, and when it rained the other day, we had to hang them inside, that sucked.”

“Okay, fair enough. Let's say I do get them, how the hell would I get them here, you've seen the buggy, there's no way I'd get them both in and get the rest of our supplies as well.”

“Hmm, there is that. I suppose you could have them delivered.”

“No, as it is, Mike knows where I live, that's more than enough.”

“Then ask him to deliver them for us.”

“He has a car, I doubt he could do it any easier than we can.”

“Actually, that reminds me, I wondered that the last time he was here, he said he'd bagged a deer and was gonna pick it up on the way home, how'd he do that in a car?” Colton laughed.

“Probably tied it to the roof. You see that sorta thing around here all the time actually.” Tristan said, because, while he did not go into town a lot, he had seen it done a few times before.

“Hmm, okay. Maybe he has access to a different vehicle, certainly wouldn't hurt to ask anyway. That reminds me though, we're getting low on soaps.” Creighton said.

“Already added to the list, it's one of the staples that's pretty much always on the list. What else?”

“How about more cloth to make more cloth diapers. Mike brought good cloth, but not for diapers. We'll also all need more waterproof pants for them, because two of mine and Creighton's have already gotten worn out, it's pretty tough on clothes and stuff what we do around here.”

“Okay, what else?”

“Well, Colton and I are gonna need some decent winter gear. We had some stuff, but it was pretty useless crap that the foster parents bought us last year. We're pretty sure it was from the bargain bins in the thrift store. It barely kept us warm after we ran away, and it wasn't anywhere near winter yet.”

“Okay, that was also on my list already, so no worries there. What about other foods that you'd like, even stuff that I can't eat?”

“No, nothing that you can't eat, it wouldn't be fair to you.” Both boys said.

“Trust me, I'd have no hard feelings should you boys wish to enjoy a nice bowl of cream of wheat cereal or even a can of pop, I can't have them, I don't want them, and I'd never make someone feel guilty for enjoying them.”

“Fair enough, but no, nothing really that I can think of. Wheat flour would be nice, but really, when we cook, we all cook for all of us, so there's no point. Actually, you know what you can do though, find good recipe books for no wheat cookery, I know there's lots of those types of cook books out there. And get us a bunch of other food stuff that you don't usually get but can eat, so that we can cook with more variety.”

“Good idea actually, but what more could you need?”

“Wow, you haven't been to a store in a long time, have you?” Creighton giggled. “You only have an allergy to a few things really, there's thousands of items in an average grocery store. Actually, can you eat beans?”

“Yes, never found one I can't eat.”

“And you don't have any?”

“No, I get some every year, but not a lot, I don't eat a lot of them, I get sick of them.”

“Ah, we love Mexican food, and we can make refried beans that are so good, they'll knock your socks off, so definitely get a bunch of them.” Colton smiled.

“Okay, will do.”

They ended up sitting there for the rest of the night, until it was well passed their bedtime, going over things, Tristan was adding a lot of things, several of which he had never got before, but that was good too. Finally they all headed to bed and had a good nights sleep all around.

Two days later the three of them were working in the barn, tending to the animals as they often had to do, when they heard a car approaching. They figured that it must be Mike, because he was the only one that came out there, so they headed out to meet him. By the time he parked in the only place he could, the three of them were there to meet him.

“Hi guys, you're all looking better, that's great. How's things going?”

“Good.” All three answered together.

“That's good.”

“Um, what brings you here today?” Tristan asked.

“Just came out mostly to tell the boys that the ministry now lists you boys as runaways and that you had to have lost yourselves in a city somewhere and have no hope of finding you. I'm happy to say that I helped in that endeavor. Being the tracker for the area, they knew if I couldn't find you, that no one could. I told them that there were no traces of you anywhere that I could find at all and that you must've just laid a false trail, hoping that maybe we'd look for you out here, all the while heading the opposite direction. They bought it, so you shouldn't have to worry about anything more at all.”

“Really, you did that for us?” Creighton asked.

“Of course I did. Look, I know I'm a big bad police officer and all, but believe it or not, you two and I grew up in the exact same place. Maybe the circumstances were different, but in the end, we all were heading for a train wreck. You boys escaped, I was rescued, you found the man that understands you and loves you, though I know that he still hasn't shown that love in the way you boys want him to, and maybe he'll never be able to, my man found me and loved me the way I needed. I vowed to myself that I'd never get in the way of that for anyone else, ever, and I won't. When my staff sergeant told me about you boys and what he suspected, I knew I had to help you. And just so you know, he understands just as well as I do what you boys truly needed. I also wanna say that if ever you guys need help out here, I want you to call me, okay.”

“Wow, okay.” Both boys said.

“Thanks.” Tristan said.

“Um, there is one thing that we could use help with, something that we can't easily do ourselves that we're sorta hoping that you might be able to help is with.” Creighton said.

“Sure, almost anything you need, if I can do it, I'll see what I can do.” He smiled.

“We want a washer and dryer. Washing clothes by hand is hard work and we wanna spend our time doing other things, but we have no way to get them. We can run them, that's no problem, just no way to get them here. You only have a car, but is there any way that you could deliver that sorta thing out here for us?” He asked hopefully.

“Wouldn't be too hard actually. I also have a truck, but normally I bring the car out here because it's a pretty long way here and the truck takes so much more fuel. How would you pay for it though is my question?”

“That wouldn't be hard to do, as long as you'd take a cheque and I'd write it in your name, so that you can cash it and use that to buy them for us. I'll give you more than enough to cover your fuel as well, because it's a pretty long haul out here, that's for sure.”

“The fuel really isn't necessary, appreciated, but not necessary. The problem is, I have no idea what that sorta thing costs, and I doubt you do either.”

“No, so I'll leave the total blank and you can fill that out once you know, which means I'll have to place a lot more trust in you than I actually have in me, but the boys want this, and it's the only way.”

“That can work, and you can trust me, I know you're still having a very hard time with that, and I know the reasons why, as well that it may never come, at least for me, but you really can. It's still pretty early in the day and I have tomorrow off as well, so I could probably have it out here sometime tomorrow for you as well.”

“That'd be awesome, thanks.” Both boys said.

“Is there anything else you need while I'm doing that?”

“No, not really, I'm gonna be coming into town in a few days anyway to do my annual stock up, so I'll just get it all then.”

“If you give me your list, I can just do it for you, since I'm already getting other stuff.” He offered.

“As much as I appreciate the offer, no thanks, I think I'd rather do it myself. Besides, unless you have a moving van as well, there's no way you'd fit a washer and dryer and all the things we need any better than I was gonna be able to in my wagon.”

“Fair enough, because, no, I don't.” He smiled.

“Already I'm trusting you a fair bit more than my brain's telling me I should, and I really do need to do most of it myself anyway, so that I can absolutely ensure that I'm getting all that I need.”

“And that's fine too. Trust takes a long time to earn, but far too short a time to lose, you had more than long enough to have it eradicated from you, so it's gonna take even longer for me to gain it back, and I'm fine with that.” He smiled warmly.

“Thanks. Let me go grab my cheques.”

A few moments later Tristan was back with a pen and his cheque book and asked Mike for his last name and filled out all that he needed to. Once he tore the cheque from the book, his mind and arm had a small battle, and he kept handing the cheque out and then pulling it back, finally Mike was able to take it. The boys laughed.

“I hope I'm doing the right thing. Oh, and just so you know, that account only has a small amount of money in it, most of my money I keep in a few savings accounts, so while there'll be more than enough, if you plan to swindle me, you won't get too much.”

“I understand, and that's wise on your part as well. Never leave all your eggs in one basket they say.” Mike smiled, ignoring the rest of the comment.

They stood around talking for a few minutes longer, but before too long, Mike took his leave, saying that he would be back some time the following day. As soon as he was gone, the boys congratulated Tristan, he just grunted, they just smiled. They got back to their work and continued where they left off and worked for the rest of the day.

The next day was much the same once more, and at almost the same time in the morning, they heard a vehicle coming, so knew that Mike must be there, so went out to meet him once again. This time they had been in the workshop working on stuff, mostly just playing, because the boys, as it turned out, were quite handy with wood. They met Mike at the parking spot, Tristan having brought his dolly.

“Hi guys, I have a couple things for you. First though, this is for you Tristan.” He said, handing over a few papers.

“What's this?”

“A photocopy of the cheque, then a bank tellers stamped slip for the same amount being deposited into my account and then the receipt for your new washer and dryer. I did some research when I got into town, found the best one for the best price, found out how much it was gonna be with taxes, and I even got a pretty good deal on them for you, and then went and took care of the money, before going back and buying them. Truth be told, I probably coulda made it back here yesterday, but I didn't feel like making the drive again.”

“Oh, okay, thanks.” Tristan said, sounding relieved, none of the others said anything about it.

“No problem. I see you have a dolly, so let's get it taken care of. Where are we putting them?”

“I was thinking in the shop would be easiest.” Tristan said.

“In the shop will be easier for wiring maybe, but for doing laundry, in the kitchen would be best. Not to mention, you don't have plumbed water in the shop, so we'd have to do that there, whereas in the kitchen we won't have to.” Colton pointed out.

“True enough, but water is easier to run than electricity, especially considering I probably have only enough wire to run maybe half way to the house.”

“Okay, well you'll be heading into town pretty quick, so why not grab more wire and we'll just do it when you get back.” Creighton said this time.

“I suppose I could, because I admit it'd be a bit silly to take all our clothes out to the shop to clean them, when we're supposed to be doing this in the first place to make life easier.” He smiled.

“Yeah, it would.” Both boys said.

“So, in the house then.” Mike said.

“We'll just set them on the porch for now, no point in taking up space in the house, when I have no idea where we're even gonna put them to begin with.”


“I also took the liberty of grabbing the stuff that you'll need to duct the dryer out of the house, figuring that you wouldn't have that sorta thing kicking around here.”

“Good idea, thanks. How much was that?”

“I found them laying around my house actually, the previous owner never threw anything out, and I still haven't got anywhere near all of it cleaned up, so I grabbed it when I remembered last night that I'd seen that sorta thing in the shop.”

“Oh, that's good. If there's anything that's useful out here, bring it here, we're always making things.” Colton said.

“Will do, and what you don't want, I'll take back. I've just been taking a load or so once a week to the local thrift store, since most of it's in good condition, or in some cases brand new. I've lived there for a few months already, and already I've taken probably fifteen to twenty loads, and there's still way more than that left, so anything you guys can use out here I'd be happy to bring you.” He smiled.

“Cool.” Both boys said.

They got the washer and dryer offloaded pretty quickly after that and then they stood around talking for a few minutes longer before Mike said that he should be heading out. Before too long he was gone and Tristan and the boys were all alone once more. They went back to their chores and continued where they had left off.

Chapter 4

The next couple days went by quickly, and before they knew it, it was the day that Tristan had decided that he was going to head out. They had added more and more items to their list of things to get, and Tristan only hoped that he would be able to fit it all, not to mention still be able to fit himself, because he was supposed to be able to sleep inside the wagon as well. He figured though that if worse came to worse, he would just grab a small tent for sleeping in. All the supplies that he would be needing for the three day trip into town were already loaded into the wagon and ready to go, so all he would have to do once ready to go was hitch up the horses and go.

“Well boys, have a good time while I'm gone, don't get yourselves dead or something stupid like that, and try not to burn it down either, I'm kinda partial to this place. I'll be gone a minimum of a week, but probably closer to nine days with as much stuff as I have to get.”

It was still dark out, they had all just waken up, the boys were still in their night diapers and pajamas, since Tristan still would not allow the boys to show themselves in just their diapers, whereas Tristan had gotten dressed and ready to go before even coming down.

“Thanks, we'll try, but with you gone it'll be boring. We'll make the best of it though. Anything in particular you want done though while you're gone?” Colton asked.

“No, nothing that I can think of at any rate.”

“Okay, we'll see what we can come up with. If we think of anything that we need that we haven't already thought of though, we'll call Mike and he'll be able to find you I'm sure.” Creighton said.

“If you have to. Heck, probably wouldn't be a bad idea to at least test out the communications system since I've never tested the blasted thing, never had the need to.” He laughed.

“Then maybe we should. We'll wait 'til we know you should be either there, or just about there and we'll call.” Colton said.

“Okay boys, have fun.” Tristan said, turning to walk away.

“Hey, where do you think you're going without at least a hug.” Creighton asked.

“Oh, um, yeah, okay.” He stuttered, still not used to it, even though the boys tried to hug him at least once a day.

The boys came up to him and wrapped him up in a nice big hug and held him for a few minutes. After about a minute, he wrapped his arms around them and held them too. Finally a few minutes later he let go and turned and walked off. He waved to them at least as he was pulling away.

“Well, what are we gonna do now?” Creighton asked.

“Not a clue. All we really have to do is watch over the animals and that's it. We certainly don't need any more fire wood cut, we have two winters worth already for just in case. We also don't have any food stuff to prepare in any way, so nothing there. I suppose we could go hunting and get some rabbits and other small game, but really, we already have lots of meat with the deer already done. Oh, I know, Tristan doesn't smoke his sausages because he doesn't have a smoke house, how hard do you think it'd be to build a smoke house?”

“Shouldn't be that terribly difficult, but out of what and how do we do it?”

“I suppose we'd want it pretty much fire proof, so maybe outta stone or something. Only problem though is what do we use for a door and a roof.”

“Forget the door and the roof, how do we hold all the stones together?” Creighton laughed.

“Clay of course. Haven't you noticed the type of soil around here, it's mostly clay, so I think that'd work just fine!”

“No, I hadn't really paid that much attention to it. Okay, so let's say we do this, how are we gonna get all the rocks?”

“We still have a horse and the small wagon for it, and we can just pick up any that'll work and throw them in and bring them back.” Colton said.

“Okay, sure, why not. Let's get dressed and get to it then.”

“After tending to the animals first and getting breakfast.”

So that was what they did. They went out and got the animals all taken care of, came back in and had some breakfast, and then went and hitched up the horse to the small wagon and started looking for rocks that they could use. They mostly kept to the edge of the stream, because that would yield the largest amount they figured, and they were not wrong. Within two hours, they had the wagon loaded more than they thought that it was probably supposed to take, and the horse had a hard time pulling it at times, but he managed it and they got back. They cleaned and groomed the horse and gave him a nice meal of hot oats and a long cool drink to thank him for his hard work, and then he went and stood quietly in his stall for a good few hours and probably slept.

Leaving all the rock in the wagon, thinking that it made no sense to take it all out and then pick it all back up again, they got started. They made it reasonably close to the stream and the firewood pile, so that they had both wood and water, and got started. They started with a good base of the flattest stones they could find and laid them out. They then headed down to the water and started digging for good clay that they could use. They found lots, and grabbed far more than they would be able to use within the next couple hours they figured, but that was fine, they knew they could add water if and when they needed. They filled in all the cracks in the base first, and then started stacking stones and adding clay.

After only the tenth course, they were very dirty and hungry, and seriously needed a diaper change, so they headed to the stream and got cleaned up first, then headed into the house and got their diapers changed. They decided to just stay in only their diapers, since Tristan was not around to tell them otherwise and they would be more comfortable, and then they got some lunch.

“I was thinking, Tristan used sheet metal for all the roofs, what are the odds that there's some laying around somewhere around here that we can use for both the roof and the door to the smoke house?” Creighton said as soon as they were finished lunch.

“Probably pretty good actually, and we know where the tools to cut it is, so let's look around. There's lots of stuff in the upstairs of the barn Tristan said, so let's check there. We've never even gone up there, so it'll be the first place I check.”

“Good idea. I haven't been behind the barn or the shop much either, so we should check there too.”

“Me neither, but we've gone by both enough to know there's not much in either place, but there is some stuff, and neither piece we need's very big, so it could be there.”

They finished cleaning up their mess and then headed to the barn first, figuring that that would be the most likely place for it, and they were right too. They found all sorts of neat and interesting things in there, mostly just excess building materials, but they found a stack of sheet metal no problem. They searched through the pile and found two pieces that were already very nearly perfect, so they would just leave them as they were and use them as is.

“There we go, perfect. You think we can get it finished today?” Colton asked.

“Hard to say, but I'd like to, so that we can get a good strong fire going pretty much all day tomorrow to bake the clay so that it can harden, and hopefully not fall apart.”


They headed back down and got back to work. They ended up having to add more water to the clay they had, and then a little while later go and get more, but before too long, the new smoke house was just a little taller than the boys were. The roof above the door was higher than the back side, so it sloped to shed rain water, they had a vent above the door and a loading bay for firewood on one of the sides. The door had been attached with some metal hinges that were pinned right into the clay, so would hopefully be quite strong once it was fired. They even grabbed a small hunk of the sheet metal and made a door for the access hatch, and then drilled a few air holes right in the bottom in the clay so that their fire could breath. They did figure that plugs could be inserted to help control the fire. Their only concern was that the door was not exactly air tight, but it was not too bad. Inside they had put metal rods into several of the courses of clay, these would be used to hold the racks or rods used for smoking their meats. Once done, well passed dinner time, the boys looked at their piece of handiwork and smiled.

“Well, I didn't honestly think we'd get it done in one day, especially with having to get the rocks as well, but that was pretty easy.” Colton said.

“Yeah, well the gathering didn't take long, because there's so many rocks around, and the structure itself was real easy. It's not like it's overly large either. It's what, maybe three feet by three feet and only about five feet high.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Well, I'm tired, hungry, dirty and very wet, and I know you are too, so let's go take care of all that.” Creighton said.

They grabbed hands and walked into the house and took care of everything that needed to be taken care of. Once they were well fed, they headed right to bed, because they were very tired. It was still early, even for them when they did go to bed, but they both passed out right away without any playing whatsoever and slept in the following morning as well.

“Wow, it's late and I'm starving. Let's get up.” Colton said, yawning and stretching, matching his brother.

“Yeah, but if you're anywhere near as wet as I am, we'd better change each other before we get too far.”

“Yeah, I am, so let's do that.”

Even though both boys were hard, they were too hungry to care about that for the time being, but both knew that they would be back before too long to take care of that too. As Colton was starting the fire to get a good hearty breakfast going, Creighton was busy gathering everything that they wanted for a good filling breakfast. A short time later they were sitting down to a nice breakfast and they ate it all, even though there was probably enough for four normally.

They left the dishes, knowing that they had already left the animals for too long and went out to take care of all their needs. They also still had their dishes from the night before, because they had not cleaned up, so they were taken care of next once they were done. Finally they had time to take care of more personal matters, so went to the bedroom and took care of those needs, four times in a row in fact. It was the most amount of time they had ever been able to spend pleasuring each other, and they enjoyed it a great deal. With Tristan there, they tried to not let him know that they were having sex, even though they knew he knew, they knew he did not want to hear it, so they always tried to stay very quiet and discreet. They did not have to this time, and they did not want to either, so did not.

“Wow, now that was the best ever.” Colton sighed out once they were finished.

“Mmmhmm.” Creighton sighed even deeper still.

“Well, should we get up baby bro and get into fresh diapers, then go start a fire in the smoke house?”

“Okay baby bro, that sounds good to me.” Creighton smiled brightly.

They diapered each other, and then once again just staying in only their diapers, they went and put on their shoes and then headed outside. They grabbed all that they would need to get a good strong fire going and then set a pretty large fire inside the smoke house. They had all the vents open, because they wanted this fire to be as large and hot as they could get it, and they also used only the cedar and the oak that they had, because the two together made for a very hot fire they found.

Even though they had the door closed, smoke was still coming out of it pretty strong, and they knew that even though they would be making far smaller fires, that the amount of smoke would normally be close to the same, so they were both thinking of ways to seal it at least a bit more. The heat though was staggering, because every time they opened the door to load more wood into it, they had to stand well away, but it was going good. They kept the fire going in there all day long, and even stayed up a little late, to make sure that the fire was out completely before going to bed. They had their lunch and dinner out there, and pretty much just stayed cuddled up almost the entire day, talking and laughing.

When they went to bed, they decided to relieve a little pressure once more and then changed each other into fresh dry diapers. They fell fast asleep and slept well all night long. When they woke up, they kissed and cuddled for a bit before even speaking. When they did finally do so, it was to say they were getting hungry and needed to get up. They smiled at at each other, changed each other, and then headed to the kitchen to get some food before going and starting their chores.

“So, what should we do today you figure?” Colton asked as they were eating.

“After taking care of the animals, wanna go hunting and see if we can get a few rabbits and see what rabbit pepperoni tastes like?”

“Okay, sure, but we'll have to use some of the pork fat that Tristan has in the freezer or it'll be so dry we'll hardly be able to chew it. The only problem though, is do we have a recipe?”

“I think I saw a recipe book on meat preservation, and sausage making's one of the best ways to preserve meats, so there's probably one in there somewhere. If you wanna check for that, I'll clean up once we're done.”

“I think I remember seeing that book, so sure, if you don't mind.”

They finished eating and then they did what they needed to do. Colton found the book right away, since Tristan had everything on his bookshelf very well sorted, and when he searched the book, he found that sure enough, there was a good recipe for pepperoni. He then checked to see if they had all the ingredients necessary to do it, and found that they sure did.

The boys practically ran through their chores, feeding, cleaning, milking and collecting, because they wanted to go hunting right away. As soon as they were done they went back inside and got dressed, then went and grabbed their bows and arrows and headed out. There were a lot of rabbits in the area, so they were hopeful that they would be able to sneak up on some and make quick work of it. Sadly though, rabbits are fast, and they run the second they see something they do not like, so it took far longer than the boys had anticipated to get all the rabbits that they wanted. They had five rabbits though, and it took three hours to do, so they would still had plenty of time to get it prepared. They knew from the recipe that they should let the meat cure for at least eight hours before smoking, so they would be able to stuff it and smoke it the following morning. They both took care of the rather nasty chore of dressing the rabbits, burying the visceral out in the woods, so that it would deter larger animals from coming around, and once they were done, they headed back home.

“So, I guess we get to try our hands at the meat grinder now huh?” Creighton said.

“Yeah, just remember what Tristan said about that thing though, that it'd happily take our hands and anything else it could pull in, so we have to be very careful.”

“I remember, no worries.”

They cut up the meat and cubed it, then took it out to the shop to grind it. They got all the grinder attachments out and got it put together, activated the grinder and then started feeding the meat into it, catching it in a bowl. It took no time at all, and before too long, they had somewhere around eight pounds of meat. Colton went and grabbed a small hunk of pork fat from the freezer, it was only a few tablespoons at most, but it was sent through the grinder as well to chop it all up, and it too was added to the meat. Finally they headed into the house to add all the rest of the ingredients. Creighton had the meat, Colton had all the grinder parts that needed to be cleaned. Colton got some hot soapy water started, while Creighton started gathering the ingredients that they needed, and then they had fun getting it all added and then mixed up. They spread the meat out on a pan and then took it out and put it in the fridge like the recipe said they should, and then they were done for the day. Now all they had to do was stuff it and smoke it the following day.

For the rest of the day, since they still had plenty of time, they just sat back and read. The following day after getting their chores done, a fire was started in the smoke house, it was kept very small, because they wanted very low heat, but they also wanted lots of smoke. The recipe they had said stay very clear of any soft wood, it pretty much said very bad things happen when using them, it suggested a few different woods that they could use, but they only had one, maple. They figured that would work just fine, so that was what they were using.

Once the fire was going, they went and got the meat and got started on stuffing the pepperonis, using the grinder and the sausage stuffing attachment that it had to make life a lot easier. It took a while to do this, mostly because they had to learn on the fly, but before too long, they were ready to go. They actually realized that they had not thought of how to hang it yet, they had not made anything to do so, only made the holders inside the smoke house, so they had to quickly do that as well. They did add a little more wood to the fire though to make sure that it kept going. Finally they got the pepperoni in the smoke house to smoke.

They knew that it would take eight hours or so to fully cure, so they went about doing odd chores around the yard. Their first though was of course to go clean the grinder once more, and then they cleaned the shop and the house, and then finally the yard. They were very careful to always watch the smoke output, so that they knew when to go add more fire wood, and by the time dinner time was rolling around, they felt that it was done. They let the fire die down completely and just left the sausages to cool in there, knowing that they would be more than fine until the following morning.

“Well Baby Bro, I guess we're done for the day, I'm not really tired yet, but let's go to bed anyway.” Creighton grinned.

“Okay.” Colton smiled brightly.

They headed to bed and made love to each other for very nearly two hours before they were finally very satisfied. They got each other into fresh diapers and passed out for the night. They slept well all cuddled up to each other as they normally were, and woke the next morning feeling very refreshed. In fact, they felt so great, that they wanted a repeat performance of the night before, only this time they spent only an hour making love to each other.

“Mmm, so nice. I hate to admit it, but I think I like Tristan not being here, we've never been able to truly make love to each other like that before.” Colton sighed.

“Yeah, but you know what, no more, even when he's home, we just gotta do that more often, who cares. He knows we're gay, he knows we're having sex anyway, if he can hear us, so be it. I don't wanna skirt around any more, especially like we always had to before.”

“Yeah, I suppose you're right, and besides, this has been too nice to stop now, and really, what does it matter if he does hear us right.” Colton smiled.

“Exactly. I suppose we should get up and get our chores done. We have shit loads of laundry to do too, so I suppose we should probably get it done.”

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, but about the laundry. We have a washer here, there is a power outlet in the kitchen, we can hook water up to the washer easily, so let's do that so that we don't have to wash it all by hand anymore. We can hang the clothes to dry, that's not a problem, but washing it by hand is getting so eighteen hundreds, and I'm just not that old.” Colton smirked.

Creighton just started laughing. “God, you're so impossibly corny at times. No wonder I love you. I suppose we can give it a try anyway, what's the worst that could happen.”

“With my luck, I'd be the first person to ever have a washing machine explode into a giant ball of flames or something stupid like that.”

“Yeah, well my luck wasn't any better than yours, but I think that's finally changing.”

“Thank any god that'll listen.”

They got up then and changed each others very wet diapers, dressed each other and then went about doing their chores. Almost two hours later, once they were done tending to the animals, they figured it was time for breakfast. Because they had spent more time in bed that morning than they were normally supposed to, they had to get straight to the animals instead of feeding themselves first, so they were getting pretty hungry.

“Should we grab the pepperoni and maybe make some eggs and sausage for breakfast to try it out?” Creighton asked.

“Sure, why not. We have to try it anyway, and we're hungry, so we may as well.”

They swung by the smoke house and looked it over before opening it up, checking to see how well it stood up to it, and it still looked just as good as when they finished it. It was of course darker now on the outside, but that was okay. When they opened it though, they were greeted with the unmistakable smell of well smoked sausage, and it made both boys even more hungry than they had already been.

“Wow, that smells good. I sure hope it tastes as good.” Colton sighed.

“Mmmhmm.” Was all Creighton could come up with.

They each grabbed a couple good hands full, they would have to come back later to gather and store the rest, and then headed to the kitchen. When they made it there, they set their prize on the counter, and then Colton grabbed a stick and broke one in half, taking one half for himself, he passed the other to Creighton, and at the same time, they took a bite. The first was tentative, just testing the waters as it were, mostly tasting it to find out how well, or possibly how badly it had turned out. They each took another bite and did the same thing, really going over all the tastes.

“Not bad, not bad at all. We could've actually used half the fat and it wouldn't have hurt it at all, but it's damn near perfect. Maybe a little more spicy next time, but I say rabbit worked just fine for that.” Colton smiled.

“I agree, for the most part. I think it needs a little something more as well, just not sure what.”

“I think I know what you mean. It's almost like it needs another stronger flavor, it's not quite as meaty.”

“Yeah, we'll have to play around with it, but if we added some actual pork meat to it, it might be fine. This is good though, so I say not bad for our first attempt.”

“That's what I was thinking as well.”

With that out of the way, they made themselves a good helping of scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni, and some cheese. They ate heartily and then cleaned everything up once they were finished.

“Okay, so I guess the next thing on the agenda for the day is the washer, so there's no time like the present, let's see what we can do.” Colton said.

Creighton just nodded and they went out to the porch and started by unpacking the washer from it's box and all its packing materials. Once it was unpacked and pretty much ready to go, though it was still sitting in the tray of the box, they realized that it was too heavy for them to actually move by themselves, so Colton ran down to the shop to get the dolly. When he came back, they were able to get it on it and wheel it into the kitchen without breaking anything. There was only one place in the kitchen that the washer and dryer would even fit, so they got it as close to there as they could get and set it down.

“Um, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the sink and the only power outlet are on the opposite side of the kitchen. Neither the water or drain hoses are long enough to reach, and while I know there's power extension cords in the shop, I doubt seriously that there's anything for them. So how are we gonna hook it up?” Creighton asked once he realized their dilemma.

“Shit, good question. Well, this is a front loading machine, what do you think the odds are that we could put it in the cabinet next to the sink?”

“They look pretty modular, maybe we could remove it and not damage things, but what about the counter top. It looks like Tristan probably spent days cutting and sanding these large slabs of wood to make such nice counters, I doubt he'd appreciate us cutting holes in them for the lines and stuff.”

“Shit, you're right. Okay, we know that it has to be by the sink, because that's where it has to get water and power, as well it's the only place we can drain it to, but who says it has to stay there all the time. I saw a box of casters and assorted wheels in the shop, why not make it portable. We can make a base for the washer to move around easily, so that we can move it to the sink when we need it, but back and out of the way when we don't. The dryer could easily stay here no problem, because we have to bring the power in anyway, so we can bring it wherever we want, and it won't matter.”

“I hope there's locking casters then, because I bet the washer would move all over during the spin cycle.”

“Only one way to find out, come on Baby Bro.”

They headed out to the shop and found the box of casters and found four really good heavy duty locking casters. They then scrounged up all the wood that they would need for the rolling base and spent almost an hour building that. They certainly went overkill on making it strong, but they figured that they would have to to make it last. When it was brought into the house, they had the hard chore of getting the washer into the base, but finally they got it, and it was a perfect fit. They had wanted a nice tight fit so that it did not vibrate and make noise, and they certainly got it.

“Wow, it worked. I was worried we weren't gonna do it right or something, we're not exactly used to making things.” Creighton chuckled.

“You and me both, but it wasn't all that hard to do, and besides, we can do anything we set our minds to. Just look where we are now.”

“Yeah. Well, let's hook it up and test it. Oh crap, how are we gonna hook the water line to the tap?”

“Oh for crying out loud, it's just gotta be one thing after another.” Colton smacked his head in frustration.

“No shit. Okay, who says it has to be hooked to the tap. The water lines are under the sink, maybe, just maybe there'll be a way to hook it up under there.” Creighton said, hoping that they could do it.

As luck would have it, Tristan had plumbed the kitchen with future expansion in mind, for just in case he ever needed anything, because there was a shut off and a pipe sticking out for both hot and cold water. They did not have the right ends on them, but the boys knew where all the plumbing stuff was kept, so they headed back out to the shop and gathered up a few things that they thought they might need. They were not worried about the hot water line, they only cared about the cold for now, and they hoped that they had the right things. They were friction fit fittings, so all they had to do was put them on and tighten them up, which meant all they needed were wrenches to install them, of which they also grabbed. They grabbed enough stuff to extend the fitting to right near the top face of the cabinet, so that they did not have to get inside the cabinet every time they wanted to hook up the washer and turn the water on, and when they went inside, they got to work on it. Considering the boys had never even seen plumbing work done before, they did an amazingly good job at it, but they used their heads and took their time and eventually they got it done. When the main shut off was turned off, and they tested the new line, they were pleased to see that it did not leak.

“Holy shit, we did it.” Colton laughed.

“No kidding. Well, the last thing then is to get the drain line into the sink, but how are we gonna hold it in so that it doesn't come out?”

“Gravity and a heavy weight, nice and simple.” Colton shrugged.


They got the washer all connected and the drain line situated, and then decided that there was no time like the present to test it out. The washer was moved into place, a good sized load of laundry was put in, and then the detergent was added, it was the specially formulated stuff for front loading washers and for use with cold water, Mike had brought a few jugs of it as well, so they knew they were good. Once it was turned on, they both watched and listened with baited breath, and both were happy to see and hear it filling with water. A few minutes later it started washing as well, and they were ecstatic.

“Well, that was certainly a lot less work than it would've been had we done it by hand.” Colton laughed.

“No kidding, even with having to spend all that time and effort on making it work it took less time and effort than washing it all by hand.”

They decided that for the first time at least, they should not wander far, so that they could ensure that everything worked as it was supposed to, so they sat at the table playing cards and talking for the next hour as their laundry was washing. Once it was done, they took that load out, put in the rest of it, and then took the wet stuff out and put it on the clothes line to dry. This at least was easy to do, and they did not mind this.

“There we go, we done good Baby Bro.” Creighton smiled.

“Yes, we did. I think Tristan should be pleased when he gets home.”

“I sure hope so anyway.”

They headed back into the house and continued their card games and talking, and that was pretty much where they stayed for the rest of the day. When the last load of laundry was done, they got it onto the line, disconnected the washer and moved it into its home. They made and ate dinner, and finally they headed to bed when it was time to do so. Once more they spent a good hour making each other feel very good before they diapered each other and fell fast asleep.

For the rest of the time that Tristan was gone, the boys kept themselves busy doing all sorts of little things around the house and the property, but by the time a week was rolling by, they admitted that they sure did miss Tristan and hoped he would get back soon. They knew that the soonest that he was likely to be back was eight days, but like Tristan had told them, it was normally ten by the time all was said and done, so they were not expecting him back for at least another two days.

Tristan though had been missing the boys a great deal as well. The trip that he had always enjoyed before, felt abnormally long and boring without having the boys there to talk to and laugh with. He had come to be really attached to them, and now he missed them greatly. Every night he would stop and set up a light camp, make and eat dinner, tend to his horses' needs, whatever, and then the following morning after breakfast he would take off once more. He made it to town in the normal amount of time and headed right to the store that he did most of his dealings with and placed the very large order for everything that he needed. As usual, they told him that his order would be ready for him sometime late the following day, because it always took that long to get everything, as well there was always a couple things that they had to order in. Once that order was placed and paid for, because he always paid for it up front, he went about going to the other stores in town that he needed to visit.

Because it was a small mountain town, seeing a horse and buggy was actually not as uncommon as city dwellers would imagine, so Tristan never had a problem going over town in that manner, not that he would have cared any anyway. On that day, he hit all the rest of the stores that he wanted or needed to hit and gathered all the supplies that they needed. Just as he was pulling away from the final store, Mike pulled up beside him in his police car.

“Hey Tristan, made it to town I see?”

“Yeah.” Tristan answered curtly.

“Good grief Tristan, just because I'm in uniform, doesn't mean I've changed any. I should think that you'd at least be able to talk to me somewhat more kindly by now.” Mike laughed.

“Sorry.” He mumbled.

“It's okay, I understand, really, I do, but I was on duty today and I wanted to come see you before you headed back home. When are you leaving?”

“Morning after tomorrow likely. The store should hopefully have all my stuff ready by tomorrow afternoon, so I leave the next day.”

“Okay. Are you gonna have enough room for everything?”

“Yeah, it'll take some creative packing as usual, but I've always managed before.”

“Yes, but that was before, you probably have more supplies this year than usual.”

“Actually, not as much more as you'd think. I always had extra room, for just in case, I knew the amount of space I needed before making this wagon, and then added about twenty percent. I should have no problems fitting it all.” He said, still quietly.

Tristan was aware that there were a couple people that were watching him, wondering why the strange man was talking to the police officer.

“That's good to hear, but if you need help getting anything home, just let me know. Oh, and by the way, I've loaded a crap load of stuff into my truck from my house that I wanna get rid of, I was planning on bringing it out in a few days once I finish going through it all, so that you and the boys can go through it and see if there's anything you can use. How long will it be before you get home?”

“Okay. If I leave the morning after tomorrow as planned, then I'll be home three days after that. I could make the trip in two days if I pushed the horses, but I don't like to do that unless I had no choice.”

“Okay, then I'll come up the day after then. Well, I should probably get going, I'll see you later.” He smiled and waved and then headed off.

The gawkers wandered away, seeing that there was nothing happening, but then in such a small town, they would have been shocked, the police almost never did anything there. Tristan headed out to where he was camping and rested for the night, and then at around two the next afternoon he headed to the store to see if his stuff was ready for him, and it was, so he started on the lengthy chore of getting it all stored away. Once that was done, he headed back to his camp site for the night, and then the following morning he headed out as bright and early as he could.

He was really bored though and missing the boys, so decided to see if he could make the trip home in just two days. He did not push the horses hard, but he did ask them to go a bit further each day than they normally did. They were not laboring hard, so he felt they were good. He ended up pulling in late on the second day of his trip home.

Chapter 5

The boys had not been expecting Tristan until sometime the following day, so when they heard a strange noise outside, because they were now in for the night, they each thought the same thing, either animals or unwanted visitors. They grabbed their bow, knocked an arrow, and then went out onto the porch. Both boys came around the porch, arrows aimed at where they heard the noise come from, and found Tristan coming up.

“Well, hello to you too boys. I hope those aren't for me?” Tristan actually laughed.

He knew the boys would protect themselves with deadly force if they had to, and the looks on their faces said they were ready, and maybe even itching for it. The funny thing though was that they were both in only their thick cloth diapers and plastic pants, nothing else. It was some sight. He had to wonder though what the looks on some peoples faces would be if they saw the same sight, because to most, boys in diapers would not be scary at all. Tristan though liked what he saw, it was officially the first time he had seen the boys in only their diapers. They looked good like that, real good he thought, then had to shake his head.

“Oh, Tristan, you're home.” Both boys screamed as one, dropped their bows and arrows and ran to where he was.

As soon as they were there, they both hopped up onto the wagon and slammed into Tristan, one on each side, and they hugged him tightly.

“Yeah, I'm home. I pushed the horses harder than I would normally because I was bored without you and missed you two a great deal.” He smiled, a tear leaking out from the beautiful way the boys greeted him.

“Yeah, we missed you lots too.” Creighton said.

“But we tried to keep as busy as we could, and there's some changes we hope you'll like.” Colton continued.

“All that'll have to wait 'til tomorrow. We need to get the horses in and get them fed, watered and cleaned, they deserve it. The stuff in the wagon can wait 'til tomorrow, but they can't. So come and help me boys.”

“Okay. You can go ahead and strip down to your diaper too if you'd like, so that we're all the same, because we're not getting dressed.” Creighton said.

“No thanks Boys, as much as I appreciate the offer, I just can't.” He smiled sadly.

“Yeah, we know, but it won't happen again if you let your guard down, you know that right?” Colton said.

“No, probably not, but that doesn't mean I can, I just can't, and you know why.”

They nodded and helped to unhitch the horses and then they all took them to the barn. They were given a good drink of water first, while all three of them worked on cleaning and brushing them, and when they were finished drinking, they were given some hot oats, then some nice clover and a couple apples. They enjoyed their treat, as well the very nice brushing that they were getting, neighing contentedly, happy as any horse could possibly be. Finally they were done, so they said goodnight to the horses and headed into the house. All the while, they hardly talked any at all, mostly just to the horses.

“So, what'd you boys do then while I was gone? You said you kept good and busy.”

“Made rabbit pepperoni, which meant we had to hunt some rabbit and then make a smoke house to smoke it all. We also got the washer hooked up and working so that we could do our laundry easier. The dryer still needs to be done, but the washing's the hard part anyway, so we just hung it to dry still. Then with the last couple days, because that actually took a fair bit of time, we've mostly just puttered around, cleaning, organizing, little stuff.” Both boys said, alternating every few words or so.

“Really, how the hell'd you make a smoke house?” He asked in shock.

“Easy, we'll show it to you tomorrow, and you can try a piece of the pepperoni tonight as well if you like. We still have to tweak things a bit to make it perfect, but we think we have it.” They grinned.

“And the washer, how'd you do that at all, I needed to change plumbing, and I had no idea where it was gonna even go?”

“Took care of it all. We'd never done plumbing before, but it was easy enough to do. You'll have to check it out when we get inside, which is now, so check it out.” Colton grinned, because they were just walking in.

The boys proudly showed Tristan their handiwork and how it all worked, and he was impressed. It was a very simple straightforward fix to a very complicated problem, one even he had been having a hard time trying to figure out how to solve, but this worked and was easy as well.

“Well, I'll be. I like it, it's simple and effective. And you say it works well?”

“Sure does. We've done two good sized loads already, and we'll need to do more tomorrow as well.” Creighton said.

“Now, for that pepperoni, break out a piece and let me give it a shot, I wanna taste it. I'm pretty hungry actually, so I gotta get some dinner.”

“Okay. Had we've known you were gonna be home tonight, we would've had some dinner ready for you, but we didn't and we don't, so you'll have to make something.”

“That's okay. I wanted to surprise you, only I should've suspected you boys wouldn't take to being surprised too well. I remember what Mike said you boys almost did to him when he found you.”

“Yeah, well had he'd come one step closer, we would've turned him into a pin cushion for sure, and had you been anyone or anything else, the same thing would've happened to you too.” Colton grinned brightly, Tristan knew it was because he was telling the complete and total truth.

“Glad I wasn't someone else then.” Tristan laughed.

“Same.” Both boys said.

“Hey, this is pretty good actually.” Tristan said, because Creighton had passed him a piece of the pepperoni.

“Thanks. Like we said, we need to tweak it a bit, it's just not quite right, but we think we know what to do to make it perfect.” Creighton said.

“Actually, I think it's good as is.”

“Sure, it's good, but pepperoni can be great if done right, and like we said, we think we know how to do that next time.” Colton said.

“I'll leave that up to you boys, you're for better at that stuff than I am. I did grab another dozen cook books for you though like you asked, all of them for my eating problems, so we should have lots to chose from.”

“Thanks.” They both said.

They continued talking as Tristan ate his pepperoni and then got himself something a little more substantial for dinner. He told the boys all about his trip, how bored he was, what all he bought, the conversation with Mike, all of it. There was not really all that much to tell though, so it did not take any time at all. The boys filled the rest of the time by telling Tristan what else they had done, which was not a lot more.

“Well Boys, I'm tired, so I think I'm gonna head to bed now. I'll see you in the morning.”

“Okay, have a good night.”

“You too.” They said and hugged him, then they too headed to bed.

Once again the boys made love to each other for a little more than an hour, this time not actively trying to tone it down, and Tristan did hear them. He knew they played, almost every night, but this was the first time that he had ever actually heard them, other than the odd moan, sigh or whimper. This in turn of course made Tristan so very hard, a major problem since the boys had moved in, but truly hearing them was making it worse, and he ended up jacking off four times.

Finally they were all well and truly drained, they all changed their diapers, and they all had a great sleep. As usual they were all up at almost the same time. The boys came out of their bedroom in only their diapers, while Tristan was dressed.

“You boys should go get dressed.”

“No, not 'til after breakfast when we have to get to work thanks.” Colton said, and Tristan could tell from the way he said it that it was not negotiable, that the boys would not do it, so he just left it.

They all helped to make a good filling breakfast and then sat down and enjoyed it. Once it was done and cleaned up, the boys went and got dressed and then they all went and got started on their daily chores. When they were done those, they went about the long chore of emptying and storing all the goods from the wagon. The boys both whistled when they looked inside to see it all. The wagon was very nearly stuffed full, there was barely enough room left for maybe a bag of apples and certainly not much more than that. They ended up skipping lunch, which was not all that uncommon anyway, and by the time they were finished, it was getting very close to dinner time. There was a great deal to show for all their hard work though so that was good.

“Well boys, let's say we get in and settle down for the night.”

“Okay.” They both said and they all headed in.

They were all in need of diaper changes, so they went and did that, and the boys came out in only their diapers. Tristan said something once more, but they refused to dress more than they were, telling Tristan that he was going to have to get used to it. They made and ate dinner, and then they all grabbed a book and started reading. The boys each grabbed one of the new cook books and started looking through them. They found several really good recipes that Tristan would be able to eat, and they thought sounded really good too, so that was good. Before too long though they were all very much ready for bed, so they headed to bed and after relieving more pressure, they all fell fast asleep.

Just after their morning chores were done for the day, they were not surprised to see a truck pulling in, it was Mike, right on time Tristan laughed. When he pulled up, the three of them were there waiting for him.

“Hi guys, how's it goin'?”

“Good.” They all said.

“When did you get home Tristan?”

“Night before last.” He said and then gave the brief description, even telling of how the boys almost turned him into a pin cushion. He laughed, saying he once felt the same way. They all laughed at that too.

“So, as I said the other day Tristan, I already had a bunch of stuff loaded into the truck, and I got most of the rest of it put in yesterday. The rest at the house is pretty much just dump fodder now, but there's lots of good stuff in here that you guys could probably use. Anything you don't want or can't use, we'll put back into the truck and I'll drop it off at the thrift store in town.”


So for the next nearly four hours, they worked on unloading everything and going through it all. Like Mike had said, there were a lot of useful things, and they ended up keeping well over three quarters of it, because either Tristan or the boys said they could use it for some thing or another. As they had been doing this, they had been talking, and the boys proudly told Mike all about the pepperoni and the smoke house and the washing machine, and he asked to see it all. Tristan admitted that he had still not even gone and taken a look at the smoke house, because they had been so busy the day before that he had forgotten, so when they were all finished, the boys took them over and showed the men.

“Very simple, but surprisingly effective. And you say the pepperoni turned out well?” Mike asked in amazement.

“I think it turned out great, but the boys say it isn't perfect yet, but that they think they know how to do so next time.” Tristan said.

“Nice, could I try some?”

“Sure.” They all said.

They headed into the house, and they all got a stick, and as they were eating, the boys showed Mike the washer and how it worked. He was impressed with that as well.

“This is really quite good boys, but I think I agree, it's missing something. Could use just a touch less pork fat and maybe some of the meat to round it out, that and maybe a touch more spice, but then I like mine spicy.”

“That's exactly what we were thinking as well.” Creighton said.

“Do you make your own pepperoni as well?” Colton asked.

“Sure do. I can't even eat the store bought stuff any more, it's garbage compared to what I can make, at least if you ask me, and everyone who's tried it agrees as well.”

“Awesome, so you know what you're talking about then. What kind of smoker do you use then?”

“Just a small electric model, but it actually works quite well. Won't hold near as much as yours will, but really, I don't need to do too much at a time. I like the one you boys made, it's quite well done and easy to use.”

“Thanks. We just have to seal the door a bit better so that more of the smoke hits the food.”

“Probably won't matter any anyway.”

“Maybe not, but we'll try.” Colton shrugged.

“Well guys, I think I'm gonna head out now and leave you to the rest of your day. Oh, and Tristan, would you mind terribly if I come out this way in a week or so and hunt for an elk. I just got my tag, and I've never hunted this area before?”

“Sure, as long as of course you tell no one else. Didn't you say you bagged a deer a few weeks back though?”

“Of course not, and yeah, I did. Why?”

“Why would you need an elk as well?”

“I don't, but I was already part of the draw, and I got it, so I'm gonna get mine and then do what I did with the deer, donate a good portion of it to local families who can always use a little more meat in their freezers.”

“Oh, that's nice of you. Was it deer season then?”

“Thanks. I always try and help others, and yeah, it had been, but it closed last week.”

“Okay. Do you use a gun or your bow?”

“Depends on what I'm hunting. Deer I use a bow, bear is definitely a gun and elk and moose, usually a gun, because unless you're damn good, you can't take them down with only one arrow, and the bastards run real fast, even injured. I've lost a couple that way, so I usually use a gun, because I don't want them to suffer any more than necessary.”

“Fair enough. If the boys and I were to go with you, would you use a bow as well, we can team up, that way we can get two pretty easily, one for us and one for you.”

“Sure, why not. I prefer bow hunting, far more sporting if you ask me, it takes far more skill. For all small game it's what I use in fact.”

“Same. I have a couple guns, but I hardly ever use them, actually only for a couple elk that were wandering the area and I wanted them, so I used my rifle.”

“That's good. Never any bear problems out here then?”

“Sure, they come around every now and then, but a pot and spoon and some good loud noise usually chases them off fast enough. Can't eat bear at all, so no point in killing one, it'd go to waste.”

“Fair enough. If ever you do end up having to take one out, give me a call and I'll come and get it. The bears out here won't be fatty and gross like those that are closer to town and I like them, so if you have to, I can eat it.”

“Okay, will do. When will you be out then?”

“Probably a week from today, unless something else comes up.”

“Okay, we'll see you then.”

They all said goodby and then Mike headed out.

“Why'd you say we'd get an elk as well, don't we have lots of meat in the freezer already?” Colton asked.

“Yeah, but I love elk, I still can't eat a lot of it at one sitting, but it I truly enjoy, and as long as I take it easy, it won't kill me. Problem though, like Mike said, is that they're bloody hard to take down with just a bow. I've done it, a dead shot straight through the eye, but anything else, and they can run for two, maybe three miles before they finally drop. And they're fast too, so you never have time for a second shot.”

“Oh.” Both boys said.

“Yeah, so I usually have to hunt them with a gun, because I don't want to cause any more suffering than I have to, but I too don't see a gun as being very sporting. At least with an arrow, you have to have considerable skill, whereas with a gun you only need moderate skill to properly hunt.”

“That's true I suppose.” Colton said.

For the rest of the day, the three of them went through all the stuff that Mike had brought them and got it stored where they wanted it. There was a lot of really good materials there, and the boys were already thinking of a couple really cool things that they might be able to build.

Over the course of the next week, they just did their daily chores and did whatever they wanted to do. The boys usually had some good clean night time fun before bed, which in turn normally caused Tristan to have to release some pressure as well. Tristan was getting used to seeing the boys in only their diapers now, but still he would not exit his bedroom unless he was fully dressed. It was nine days later that Mike finally made it out. They were at the parking spot waiting for him as he stopped. It was just after five in the morning, and they had heard him coming, so went out to greet him. The boys were still in their soaked night diapers.

“Morning guys. Are you ready to go hunting?”

“Sure.” All three of them said.

“Good. Glad you boys aren't embarrassed to let me see you in your diapers.”

“We've never really cared about it, just hated the kids who teased us for it.” Colton said.

“Understandable. Well, you should go get dressed, we should head out pretty quick here.”

“Okay.” Both boys said and turned and ran into the house.

“And I should probably go get changed into something more appropriate for hunting. I wasn't expecting you today.”

“Yeah, sorry I didn't make it the other day, but I had to work, the boss was sick, so I took today off instead.”

“That's okay, it's not a big deal really, we have no pressing matters, other than we haven't tended to our animals yet.”

“Do you need to do that before we go?”

“No, I think they'll be fine for the time being.”


Tristan then headed into the house himself to get changed. The boys came out a few minutes later, and then Tristan followed a couple after that, all three of them having grabbed their bows and quivers on their way out.

“So, Tristan, where's the best place for elk around here you figure?”

“The last couple times I went hunting, the meadow about two kilometers from here was the best place. It's a fairly easy walk, so shouldn't take too long, and there's good cover there for us as well.”

“Excellent. Then lead the way.” He smiled brightly.

The boys already knew the way there, seeing as that was where they figured that they had got the deer from, so they led the pack, leaving Tristan and Mike to follow. It was a silent, yet very nice hike all the way to the meadow, and when they got there, Mike clearly saw the reason why it was so perfect.

“Very nice.”

“Yeah, and like I said, we have perfect cover, yet we'll still be able to see each other. So, if I nod, then we shoot, we all have to shoot at the same time or we won't get one. If we get lucky though, I don't know if we'll be able to get a second. Is there any chance you have tomorrow off as well, because otherwise we may not be able to get two.”

“Why?” Both boys asked.

“Because,” Mike said, “if we shoot one, it'll take far too long for us to dress it for travel, not to mention the traveling part. Even all four of us together there wouldn't be a hope to get two full grown elk out of here. Then there's the fact that all the animals will scatter from the area the second that happens, and it could be days before they come back. Elk do normally travel in small herds, but rarely are there more than one full grown male. I suppose we could take a female as well, but I'm not sure how they taste this time of year.”

“Exactly, and it'll likely take all four of us aimed at one just to bring it down. Maybe, just maybe, if we were lucky and we got the chance to aim at two, two arrows each could do it, but that'd be damned lucky.” Tristan added.


“As for your question, yes, I have four days off now, so if I had to, I could easily come back tomorrow and we could get the second one.”

“Or you could stay with us.” Both boys said.

“That's okay boys, thanks though.” Mike said.

“Okay, but it seems silly to me to go home for the night just to come back again first thing in the morning. Anyway, we should set up, because if any animals see us, they won't come here.” Colton said.

“You're right.” Tristan said.

So they all went to four different hiding places and established their lines of sight, so that they could all easily see each other, yet would not likely be noticed by any animals. They all had arrows at the ready, so that should an elk or more come into the meadow, they would be ready. The sun was now just over the mountain, and they knew that the animals would be very likely to start coming any time now to get breakfast and water. The wait was thankfully not long. The first animals were a small herd of deer, they were young and looked only as if they had just recently left their parents, but they were not what they were after, so the deer were left in peace. Almost as soon as the deer left, another small herd of deer came in, this one older but with some young does. Once again, they were left. They got lucky on the fifth group, almost an hour after they got there, and a good sized elk herd came strutting in majestically. At once they all took aim at the largest and with a nod from Tristan, they all loosed at the same time. As per usual, all the rest of the animals fled instantly, but the elk they all hit went down onto his front knees, and then a few seconds later he went down. There were four arrows in his skull, it was a fast, clean kill, something they were all happy with.

It then took the better part of four hours to clean and dress the elk, and then almost three more for them to drag it home on a sled that they had to make. It was a big bastard though, and even dressed, weighed a great deal and it took all four of them every bit of power they had to do it.

“Holy shit, that was a lot of work. How'd you ever do this by yourself?” Mike had to ask.

“When I went elk hunting, I always brought a horse as close as I could get away with. Usually they made it take longer for me to get one, but usually I'd end up with one. I usually take the smaller ones though, simply because I didn't need a whole lot for myself.”

“Fair enough. Why didn't we bring a horse today.”

Creighton took this one. “Because, the animals know the sounds of a horse, and know they don't belong here, so they'd spook and not come near.”

“Ah, good point.”

“Well, come on guys, we still have a bit more work to do before this is ready, so let's get to it.” Tristan said.

“Okay, but unless you have any complaints, I think Colton and I are gonna go in and get us some lunch, we're starving.”

“Sounds good to me, now that you mention it.” Tristan smiled and Mike nodded.

The boys headed into the house, and as soon as they made it there, they got started on making some lunch, as well as talking.

“I think we need to get Mike and Tristan together, he has to spend the night, and he has to spend it with Tristan.” Colton said.

“Yeah, no kidding. You saw how Mike looked at Tristan today too huh?”

“Oh god yeah, and especially when he was walking behind Tristan, he was so totally staring at Tristan's hot diapered ass.” He giggled.

“Can't say's I blame him any, like neither of us haven't ever thought of tapping him, but he won't let us near, because we're too young, but maybe he'd let Mike.”

“Mike's still a cop though, I think Tristan's still having a hard time with that.”

“I think so too, but I bet if Mike spent the night, they could both give each other a really hard time, in fact, I think they both really need it.” Creighton giggled.

“Pervert.” Colton said, sticking his tongue out.

“Yeah, and you know it. You'd only be upset if I didn't give you a hard time too.”

“Damn right.”

They continued talking the entire time they were making lunch, laughing a good portion of it as well. When they were finished, they got everything on the table and then went and called the guys in. Only, when they went outside to call them in, they found both men in quite the passionate embrace.

“Well, I guess our plan worked out, even though we didn't have to do anything.” Colton chuckled.

“No kidding.”

When they called the men, they both broke apart, Tristan blushed, Mike sighed, but they both came in the house.

“So, are you staying the night then Mike?” Creighton asked.

“Yeah, I think Tristan and I are in agreement that that might be for the best, it really is silly for me to come back out first thing in the morning.” He smiled brightly.

“That's good. So, Tristan, how was it, you're first real kiss that is?” Colton asked.

“It was nice.” Blushing once more.

“That's good, you needed it. You wouldn't let us, so I'm glad that Mike helped out.”

Tristan said nothing, just started eating, the other three could see that he was highly embarrassed. When lunch was done, Tristan excused himself, saying that he had to go get changed and went upstairs. The other three headed outside. The boys had changed when they came in to make lunch, so they were good. As soon as they got outside, the boys spun on Mike.

“So, how'd it happen?” They both asked as one.

“Believe it or not, it was actually Tristan that started it. He started off by saying that it really would be silly of me to go home tonight, just to come back first thing in the morning. I could tell that he wanted to say something for at least five minutes, because he was blushing, and was even more quiet than normal, which is hard to beat at the best of times.”

“Tell us about it.” Colton said.

“Yeah, so anyway, when he said that, I just smiled and said, 'okay, but where will I sleep.' He blushed even more and said, 'you could sleep with me.' You boys actually caught us only a few seconds later. As soon as he said that, I said okay, and then kissed him. He was shocked at first, but within a second, he was kissing me like you saw. Considering he said he'd never kissed anyone before, he was pretty good at it actually.” He chuckled.

“That's awesome. We saw how you looked at him, clearly he saw it too, and decided to take the leap. We were gonna try and set something up, but you two did it for us. Congratulations.”

“Thanks. He's so damned cute, and I can't wait to strip him down to his diaper tonight and show him what sex and love really are.”

“Good, he needs it, but he wouldn't let us, so hopefully he lets you in, and not just in the dirty, but so much fun way. We never thought that he'd go with you though, of all people, a police officer. All police are bad people remember, they hurt him just as badly as the inmates did, so I think this means he's healing.”

“I know, it's a bit of a shock for me though, but a good one. Oh, here he comes.”

They stopped their conversation then, knowing that Tristan would not want to be part of that. They all just got to work and worked through to dinner time. When they did finally break for dinner, they were done, they were tired and sweaty and dirty, and they all needed a bath something fierce, but they all wanted food more. As soon as dinner was done, the boys were urged to go out and wash up, so they did. They did not have a bath, but they did use a cloth and wash themselves as best they could. As soon as they were done, the men went and did the same thing. They ended up sitting back for the rest of the evening reading on the front porch, until they all felt that it was bedtime.

Once again, the boys made love to each other for the better part of an hour before they were totally satisfied, then they changed their diapers, kissed and cuddled for a few minutes, and then fell fast asleep. The men though were having a great time. They stayed up for almost two hours, both of them making love to the other a few times. Once they too were satisfied, they diapered each other and cuddled for a bit and then fell fast asleep.

The boys were the first to wake up, so they got a good hearty breakfast going, because they knew they all needed it. The men must have smelled it, because they came stumbling down the stairs almost half way through cooking it. This was the first time Tristan had ever come downstairs in only his diaper, the boys approved, they liked what they saw. They could not help but notice though that Mike was just as heavily diapered.

“It's nice that you're finally coming down in only your diaper Tristan, and how long have you been dreaming of wearing a diaper Mike?” Creighton asked.

“Actually, I've been a diaper lover for the better part of my life. My first lover got it out of me and then he diapered me, and I've hardly been out of them since.” He said happily.

“Oh, we never noticed before.” Colton said.

“Mostly because I make sure it doesn't show. I wear diaper shirts and thinner diapers during the day, and no one's ever noticed.”

“Cool. So, how do you feel this morning Tristan?” Creighton asked.

“Good.” He sighed. His first words spoken, and this time he did not blush, in fact it appeared that all was good in his world.

In fact, all was good in Tristan's world from then on, he now knew love and tenderness, he now knew what good sex was, and he loved every second of it. He never did let the boys have sex with him, even once they did come of age, he had Mike, and the boys had each other, so he said it would not be appropriate for them to do that. Mike ended up quitting only six months later, selling off all he owned and moving in with Tristan and the boys, and they all lived happily ever after.

****And there you have it, yet another gay diaper love story from my imagination. It had almost no sex in it, though it was mentioned, I am sorry if all you were looking for was a friction story, but to the rest, I hope that you enjoyed. Now, Tristan was in fact inspired by someone I once worked with. He was eighteen when he joined my team, but everyone thought he was thirteen, and I doubt very seriously that he had started puberty, because he had no visible signs, nor did his voice sound of it. He had so many medical problems, most of them Tristan shared, that sadly his body just finally gave up one night. I was pretty sure he was gay, and I know for a fact that he had bladder problems, he had free reign to leave his phone to use the washroom at any time he needed, and I saw the signs of a little leakage a few times. Sadly, I never truly got to know him, though I would have loved to. So, this story is dedicated to him, for he died far too soon. Should you wish to contact me, feel free to do so at erich5748 at Thanks for reading.****