The Trouble with Austin, a story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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A Remorseful Boyslut~

At 2am, Sheila was sitting alone in the living room with a drink in her hand, staring at the wall with a look of desperation on her otherwise flawless face. The 35 year old single mother was trying her hardest to process what had taken place just an hour earlier, when her Friday night party was in full swing. Unfortunately for the lovely brunette, she couldn't wrap her mind around what she witnessed.

Out of nowhere, a small voice at the bottom of the staircase snapped her out of her spell.

Are you mad at me?”

She cast her worried eyes on her 12 year old son Austin, and her heart melted. The little boy was dressed in his pajamas and chewing on his right pinky with an insecure look on his young face. His own eyes were filled with regret as he looked at his mother, who he knew was in a state of duress at the moment. So when her look softened and she opened her arms, the remorseful little boy quickly went to her for a hug.

No baby, mama's not mad at you,” she said in a soft, motherly tone. “I just don't know what else to do. I've tried everything I can think of, but nothing seems to work.”

I'm sorry, mommy,” Austin sobbed, resting his small head on her shoulder while she rubbed his back. She planted a kiss on his cheek, then she released their hug and patted the cushion beside her. The short, skinny boy snuggled up to his mother's side, letting her hold him close by wrapping an arm around his slight frame while he nuzzled his cheek into her shoulder.

I see you took a shower, Austin,” she observed in a warm tone, running her fingers through his damp hair. He smiled up at her and nodded, then he curled his legs beneath his body and contemplated the close moment he was sharing with his mother. Just 15 minutes earlier, she seemed furious with him, and he knew why. But while 12 year old Austin knew exactly what he was doing to give his mother so much angst, he had no intention of stopping.

Ten hours earlier, Austin was sitting on the side of his bed, sharing a long, tongue filled kiss with 13 year old Jimmy Smith. The house was quiet now, but for 30 straight minutes, it was filled with the naughty giggles and horny moans of two middle school boys. As soon as the boys stepped off of the school bus, they made a beeline to Austin's house, knowing that his mother wasn't due home until 5:45pm. As he dug around his pocket for his house key, Austin took the opportunity to survey the sidewalk for any potential onlookers. When he was sure that the coast was clear, he leaned in and stole a quick kiss on the lips from his cute companion, then he unlocked the door and the boys went inside.

As soon as they were inside, the boys locked lips again, then their tongues started to dance. While they kissed, Austin fumbled with his lover's fly, anxious to unfasten his pants. Realizing that the cute 12 year old was having trouble, Jimmy giggled into his mouth and took over for him. As soon as Austin knew that his lover's pants were loose, he broke their kiss and fell to his knees, anxious to peel them off. With a look of sheer lasciviousness in his young eyes, the cute brunette hooked the waistband of Jimmy's pants and underwear, then he hastily pulled them down to his knees.

As his trousers and briefs came down, Jimmy's 13 year old boy boner sprung free and its slimy head made contact with the tip of Austin's pert nose. With a naughty smile, Austin took the opportunity to lean forward and affectionately rub his lover's piss slit with the end of his nose, sending a shiver through both boys. Jimmy drew in a sharp breath, his naughty smile framed between two deep dimples that pierced his full cheeks. Seeing the expression of joy that his older companion was wearing, Austin planted a series of firm kisses along the length of Jimmy's four inch erection until he found himself with a mouthful of warm nuts.

While he was sucking on Jimmy's hairless, boyish ball sack, Austin wrapped his paw around his lover's hard as steel dick and gave it a few sensual strokes. Jimmy could feel goosebumps popping up on his face, spreading across his cheeks and overtaking his scalp. His little lover was working his cock and balls like a pro, and the 5'3” cutie was sure he was going to blow a fast load. Before he could, though, the 12 year old pulled off and pulled Jimmy's pants and underwear back up. When he was back to his feet, Austin stood up on his toes and planted a kiss on Jimmy's lips. When their lips parted, the boys shared a sweet smile and held hands as they made their way to Austin's bedroom.

When they were upstairs, Austin and Jimmy quickly disrobed and fell into another long French kiss. When they broke their kiss, Austin went into his nightstand and retrieved a bottle of lube. Making a show of it, he poured a liberal amount in his hand and turned to face away from his lover while he looked over his shoulder. Letting go of a soft moan, he licked his lips with a wanton gaze, keeping eye contact with Jimmy as he parted his feet and pushed his bubble butt out. Seeing that Jimmy's hard as steel boy cock was still sticking straight out, Austin slid his lube coated middle finger straight up his butt. Biting his lower lip, he used his other hand to part his plump cheeks so that his lover could see his pucker while his finger worked back and forth.

While he was fingering his boy hole, Austin gave his older companion a cute smile that was quickly reciprocated. Jimmy could feel his desire swell as he watched the puckered entrance that he was already so familiar with stretching and conforming to the workout that it was getting. As the solo act played out in front of him, he could smell Austin's pheromones getting stronger and realized how badly he wanted to fuck his young lover.

After a full minute of watching the 12 year old finger fuck himself, he knew that Austin's boy pussy was lubed up and ready for penetration. He got up from the bed and planted a kiss on Austin's lips while the boy slowly expelled his digit, then he felt the warm sensation of Austin's palm wrapping around his hard on and sighed.

It feels good,” the older boy practically whispered when they broke their lip lock.

I want to make it feel better,” Austin whimpered, his strokes slow and sensual as he turned to face his lover.

Oh yeah?” Jimmy said with a naughty smile, and Austin nodded in kind. “What would you do first?”

This,” the 12 year old said in a soft tone, leaning in and planting a tender kiss on Jimmy's luscious red lips. With a moan, he slipped his tongue into the older boy's mouth, his own boy rod standing at attention. When they broke their kiss, Jimmy smiled approvingly.

What would you do next?” he asked with a knowing grin, and Austin responded by kissing his way down Jimmy's pale torso until he was face to face with his raging boy cock.

I'd do this,” Austin declared, then he slipped his warm mouth over the end of Jimmy's boyhood and began a slow, enjoyable suck that gave both boys chills. When Austin pulled off, he smiled up at Jimmy for approval and was rewarded with another naughty smile.

Tell me what you'd do after that, Austin,” Jimmy said softly, watching as Austin bit his lower lip and gave him a wanton stare.

Eat your butt,” the younger boy admitted, then he took his older lover by the hips and encouraged him to turn so that he was facing away from him. With a hot moan, Austin took sight of his partner's pale bubble butt, feeling a strong shudder roll through him as he leaned in and nuzzled it with his cheek. Using his hands, he parted Jimmy's plump cheeks and stared at the wrinkled pucker that sat tucked between the two luscious buns that comprised the whole of his ass. As he sat mesmerized for a brief moment in time, the powerful aroma of Jimmy's rear end rolled into his nose. Filled with nothing but desire, he hastily buried his face between Jimmy's soft buns, eager to begin feasting at his back door.

A minute later, Austin was back on his feet, wrapped in Jimmy's embrace as the boy's kissed hungrily. While he was being kissed, the 12 year old was eased onto his back and felt his legs being lifted into the air. With his head spinning, the cute boy assisted by placing his ankles on Jimmy's shoulders, then he felt the slimy head of his lover's prick pressing against his horny entrance. He was moaning hotly as he accepted Jimmy's teen rod, feeling the sparse patch of pubic hair that surrounded it scrubbing his taint. His own three inch boy cock was standing straight up from its hairless base while he moaned into Jimmy's mouth, eager to have his bottom serviced by his lover.

When it was over, Austin and Jimmy cuddled closely under the blankets and kissed. Jimmy's cock was glistening with saliva from the licking and sucking that Austin gave it in the immediate aftermath of their union. Austin's boy rod was still rock hard, tingling all over and slimy at the head. His gaping boy hole was oozing cum onto his sheets, tingling just as intensely as his hairless little cock while his chest heaved up and down slowly.

I love you, honey,” Austin sighed, feeling especially romantic after making love with Jimmy.

I love you too, Austin,” Jimmy said with a sweet smile, tightening his embrace around his younger lover.

Are you still spending the night?” Austin asked, and Jimmy nodded quietly.

My mom said it was fine as long as my homework's done before I come over,” the 13 year old said, making Austin sigh with relief.

Good, because I need more of this,” he said, playfully grabbing Jimmy's cock and balls and giving them a gentle squeeze. Shaking his rear end for emphasis, he added, “I want to give you a lot of this, too.”

With that, the boys got up and shared a long kiss as they sat on the side of Austin's bed, then they dressed and Jimmy went home.

Twenty minutes later, Austin was at the house next door, removing his pants with a sense of urgency. He had his lips wrapped tight around the long, thick cock of 19 year old Steven, a fresh faced cutie with straw blonde hair and a thin layer of baby fat that gave him an endearing look. Standing at 5'10”, the teenager was always happy to see 12 year old Austin, who stood a full foot shorter. He began fucking the boy shortly after moving to the neighborhood with his mom and dad, after then 10 year old Austin made a blatant pass at him. Since then, Austin's reputation as a cock hound has grown by leaps and bounds while Steven's teenaged cock has developed in a way that keeps Austin coming back for more.

As soon as he saw Steven pull into the driveway, the horny brunette made a beeline across his lawn and greeted the 19 year old with an offer to bend over for him. Just home from community college, where he was rounding out his freshman year, Steven was horny and welcomed Austin's advances. With no one home, Steven let the little horn dog in and the boys went straight to his room. Giving Austin unfettered access to his equipment, Steven laid back and let the boy have his way. Soon, he had all seven inches of his erect member down the boy's talented throat while he ran his fingers through Austin's soft brown hair.

When his pants were down, Austin pulled off of Steven's rod with a loud slurp and crawled onto his bedspread, presenting his rear end for a doggy style fuck. Anxious to bury his pole in the little boy's chute, Steven lined up and pushed in, disregarding the trickle of boy sperm that was running out of it. As soon as his cock was buried to the hilt, he took a firm hold of Austin's slender hips and began to thrust long and hard. Right away, Austin's 12 year old body was seized by a powerful anal orgasm, causing his rectum to clamp down around the thick member that had invaded it.

While Austin was finding ecstasy in the doggy style position, Steven was holding on for dear life. The earlier deep throating of his cock, coupled with the rhythmic, nonstop squeezing of Austin's tight rear end was working in concert against the teenager. Austin's boyish moans were carrying into his ears like a sweet song while his own moans rang out in unison. The result was a pleasure filled duet that could have been heard by anyone who might have been in the house at the moment. Five minutes later, after giving the horny 12 year old another hard climax, the 19 year old pulled out and shot his load all over Austin's plump ass cheeks. When the shots of cum stopped splashing against his bubble butt, horny little Austin wrapped his lips around Steven's teen rod and sucked it clean with a grateful smile.

When he walked out of Steven's house, he spotted his mother's car in the driveway. With a contented sigh, he walked across his grass and up the steps of the porch, his rear end brimming with pleasure. He knew that the stink of anal sex was pouring off of his body. It was rolling off of his face, a byproduct of the deep rim job he had given to Jimmy after school. It was also swirling off of his boy pussy, which was still throbbing and flexing from the deep lay he'd indulged in with Steven. He could see his mom watching him as he made his way from Steven's yard and figured that she knew why he was there.

Indeed, Sheila was looking through the front window when she spotted her little boy walking across the grass. He had a glow on his face that was unmistakable and his pants seemed to be riding up his ass. His hair, which was normally parted to the side, looked messy. He seemed to be floating from the house he had emerged from and the smile that was fixed to his face was one of sheer satisfaction.

In an act of defiance, Austin went inside and wrapped his skinny arms around her midsection for a hug that he knew she wouldn't deny him.

Hi mom,” he chirped, grinning up at her with flushed cheeks.

Hi baby,” she said, leaning down and sniffing his face, which reeked of cum and hot, 13 year old butthole. She gave him a neutral but knowing look, then she said, “Did you have a good day?”

Yeah,” the little boy said quietly, watching his mom's expression closely. “Jimmy's still going to spend the night tonight.”

That's fine, honey,” she said, releasing her hug. “Did daddy come by and put the tent up?”

I didn't check yet,” he told her, then they walked to the back window and peered through it. Sure enough, Austin's camping tent was assembled on the lawn, bringing a smile to both of their faces.

Having long ago divorced, Sheila and David remained close. Not just for Austin's sake, but because they had a genuine respect and love for one another. So when his ex-wife called him with the news that Jimmy was having a sleepover in the backyard while she threw a party, David dutifully agreed to come over and put the tent up for his son.

Mommy wants you two to stay out there this evening, honey,” she told him, and he nodded obediently. “This is a party for adults, so I need you to promise.”

I do,” he swore, then he grinned up at her. “Me and Jimmy are going to have our own fun.”

With a sigh, she swatted his well serviced rear end and told him, “Go wash up, baby. I'm going to make supper while you do that.”

When he was freshly showered, Austin got dressed and bounded down the stairs for dinner. He spotted his mom at the computer, so he joined her at the desk to see what she was looking at. It was a celebrity gossip site, with a story about a young actor who was caught in a gay scandal. The young man's picture was splashed across the screen, sending a shiver through young Austin's prepubescent body. Leaning into his mom, he sighed at the site of the hunky actor and unconsciously said out loud, “I want to get laid tonight.”

In reply, his mother rubbed his back through his shirt and said, “Behave, honey.”

Two hours later, Jimmy arrived with his backpack and sleeping bag in tow. Austin had been climbing the walls in anticipation of his arrival, so as soon as he let his older guest in, he took him by the hand and practically dragged him through the garage to the backyard. When their sleeping bags were laid out and their snacks were in place, Austin and Jimmy went back into the garage and sat on an old love seat that was being stored there by his father. Still holding hands, the two cuties shared a sweet smile that led into a major makeout session. When Sheila walked out to the garage in search of a few extra chairs, she was greeted by the site of Austin and Jimmy kissing deeply while they gazed into each others' eyes.

Spotting Austin's mom from the corner of his eye, Jimmy respectfully broke their kiss and blushed deeply. Realizing that his cute lover was wary of any negative reaction that his mom might have, Austin took him by the hand and announced, “We're going to go makeout in the tent, mom.”

That's fine, sweetie,” she said, carrying on with her party preparations as if nothing were the matter. With a final set of instructions to stay outside unless it was an emergency, the boys walked hand in hand to the tent and resumed their makeout session. Soon, both boys were out of their clothes and Austin was on his back with his legs spread wide, eager to be pleasured by his lover.

Jimmy quickly took up the challenge, picking Austin's legs up and pushing them back to his chest for easy access to his boy pussy. After spending a pleasure filled five minutes with his tongue working in and around Austin's delicious brown eye, Jimmy used his fingers to lube his little lover up. After working his way up to three digits that slid in and out of Austin's eager entrance, Jimmy gave his hard fuck stick a few strokes, administering the remainder of the lube along its four inches. With his stiff boyhood coated with lube and Austin's hole eager for action, Jimmy slipped into his little lover and made sweet love to him for the better part of three minutes.

When his boy pussy was seeded, Austin sucked and licked his lover's prick clean with lust filled purrs. When Jimmy's boy rod was too sensitive for stimulation, Austin got on his knees and pushed his face into Jimmy's rear end, eating it deeply while he moaned into it. After a long, delicious feast, the horny 12 year old reached around and felt his lover's cock for stiffness. When he was sure it was as hard as he could get it, the young bottom straddled Jimmy's boy rod and took a slow, satisfying ride that ended with a thick wad of cum being shot into his bottom.

Needing a bathroom, the boys donned their undies, smiling lovingly into each others' eyes as they strolled hand in hand to the bathroom nearest the laundry room. Making their way through the garage, the boys could smell marijuana smoke and hear loud music. Sharing a knowing smile, they opened the door that led from the garage to the laundry room and were greeted by the site of four men, naked as the day they were born. Two of them were in full coitus, kissing deeply as they fucked on the floor. The other two were laying in the 69 position, each of them sucking the others' cock hungrily.

As soon as the underwear clad boys appeared in front of them, it was like someone flipped a switch and all of the action ceased. All four men looked stunned at the site of 12 year old Austin and 13 year old Jimmy, standing hand in hand in nothing but white briefs while they looked on with shocked eyes. Time seemed to stand still for everyone as Austin and Jimmy tried to process what they had walked in on. At the same time, the four men were coping with the shock of being caught red handed by two cute little boys whose tidy-whiteys were tenting right before their eyes.

After a moment of awkward silence between the men and boys, Austin snapped out of his spell and a naughty smile spread out across his face.

They're sexy, aren't they honey?” he said to Jimmy, who still looked like he was in a trance as he slowly nodded his answer. Austin licked his lips, then he told the men, “You don't have to stop if you don't want to. Me and my boyfriend are just going to the bathroom.”

With that, he leaned over and planted a deep kiss on Jimmy's mouth while the men watched with wide eyes. When their tongues disengaged, the boys went into the bathroom, leaving the door wide opened, and peed side by side. Knowing that the men were watching, Austin made sure that his bubble butt was pushed out, then he intentionally pulled his briefs up into his crack with a naughty moan.

When their bladders were empty, Austin gave Jimmy a daring smile and dropped his briefs. With a mischievous grin of his own, Jimmy did the same, letting his briefs fall to the floor, then stepping out of them. The boys held hands as they walked out of the bathroom, then they shared another tongue filled kiss in front of their audience.

I feel like sucking dick,” Austin announced, grinning at Jimmy, then at the men, who were still watching in disbelief.

So do I,” Jimmy told him, then he bit his lower lip and eyed one of the men. “I like sucking big dicks for sexy guys.”

I wish there were some guys who wanted to get their dicks sucked,” Austin lamented, letting Jimmy wrap an arm around his naked frame. Rolling his bare bottom around, he reached back and parted his cheeks, revealing his cum drooling hole to the men and added, “I need a big dick for this, too.”

Seeing the cum covered pucker that belonged to the suggestive 12 year old was too much for one of the men, who felt his cock jump at the site. Realizing that their show was having its intended effect, Jimmy put the icing on the cake by leaning in and planting his nose in Austin's boy pussy, taking a loud whiff and smiling sweetly. The stunned and aroused group of men watched as Jimmy squatted behind his accomplice and began feasting on his brown eye, eating it with horny moans of desire. Austin bit his lower lip and moaned wildly, trying to stay quiet so that his mother wouldn't hear him.

As they hoped, Austin and Jimmy found themselves in the garage with all four men. Austin was sharing a deep kiss with a tall, hairy man while Jimmy wrapped his tender lips around the thick shaft of another. As he was making out with his older lover, Austin felt a strong set of hands part his cheeks, then a tongue began devouring his hole. As the tongue worked its way into his horny bottom, he felt his anonymous lover's 5 o'clock shadow scrubbing the insides of his cheeks. Austin could feel his young body climbing the mountain of anal ecstasy fast, and he knew that he wanted to be mounted and fucked by all four men.

Right beside him, Jimmy also felt a set of hands grabbing him from behind. And like Austin, he was treated to a deep rim job from the stranger who had taken up the task. But less than a minute into his pleasure filled ass eating, the man pulled his tongue out of Jimmy's rear end and slid a lotion coated finger into it. After a shiver inducing finger fuck that made the 13 year old moan around the cock he was sucking, Jimmy's experienced rear end accepted eight inches of hard, horny man cock. With his tight bottom accommodating a hard dick, the youngster moaned with desire, anxious for his ride to begin. His four incher was hard as a rock, pointing straight at the floor and dripping precum as he prepared to be fucked deeply by the stranger who had entered him.

Austin watched as Jimmy took a hard cock at both ends and felt a little envious. He was enjoying the kiss he was sharing with the older man, and he was really enjoying having his ass eaten so deeply. But what he wanted was a hard cock to slide up his ass while he sucked a load from the end of another. So once again, he took the initiative, breaking his kiss with the man whose mouth he had been moaning into and announcing his need.

I want to start sucking dick,” he told his makeout partner with a hot moan. “I want to take it up the butt, too.”

Giving into the little boy's needs, his two lovers watched as he crawled onto the love seat and assumed the doggy style position. His arms were folded on the arm rest, his bottom sticking straight up in the air in an enticing manner. Soon, he was accepting a hot shaft through his moist, red lips while his boy pussy bloomed around the head of a thick pole that was gaining easy entry. He felt breathless with pleasure as the two dicks he was accommodating thrusted in and out of him. The man whose cock he was sucking had settled into a deep throat fucking of the little horn dog, giving him chills of delight as it ran back and forth. At the same time, the dick that was filling his rear end was thrusting deep inside of him, its full nine inches bringing him to a quick and explosive anal orgasm.

While Austin's dry orgasm was playing out on the love seat, Jimmy found himself in the throes of his own climax, courtesy of the double dicking that he was being treated to. The floor beneath him was splattered with hot cum shots that were shooting from the end of his untouched dick with the force of a cannon. He had spots forming in front of his face and the hair on the back of his neck was standing up, as if drawn by static electricity. His rear end was grabbing and squeezing the massive prick that was running back and forth, treating his top to a pleasurable ride. At the same time, his continuous moans were adding to the bliss of the man he was blowing, vibrating around the long shaft as he bobbed his head up and down with devotion.

While his boy pussy filled up with a hot, thick load of spunk, 13 year old Jimmy Smith stayed where he was, blowing his lover with hot moans and a decadent smile on his cute face. When his top pulled out of his talented ass, the little cock hound pulled the dick out of his mouth with a loud slurp. With the dedication of a well trained pussy boy, he stayed on his hands and knees, adjusting his shivering body like a sundial so that he could lick and suck his top clean while he accepted the spit coated prick in his hungry boy hole. Soon, he was enjoying a mouthful of hard, cum coated man cock while he got laid by a total stranger for the second time in a row.

While Jimmy was taking it at both ends on the cold floor of the garage, Austin was grinning naughtily up at his lovers from the missionary position. Seeing that the little boy had achieved a strong climax, his top pulled out and instructed the boy to get on his back. Soon, he reinserted his shaft while his partner fed the boy hard dick from above. As soon as his top began to thrust, Austin felt his young body erupt with the ecstasy of another overwhelming anal orgasm. His hard little cocklet was on fire as his senses overflowed with the sheer power of his climax. Realizing that once again, the horny boy was being consumed by the flames of passion, his top began to thrust harder. Feeling the powerful burn grow even stronger and his sense of pleasure growing more chaotic, Austin responded by sucking furiously on the hard prick in his mouth.

When he recovered enough to open his eyes, the sexed up 12 year old saw his two lovers sharing a deep, tongue filled kiss and another orgasm ripped through his small frame. His jittery legs were being supported by the weight of his lover's torso, but they were shaking uncontrollably as his head spun with pleasure. He could feel the breaths being driven out of his lungs by each hard stroke of cock that he took in his boy pussy, which was contracting violently around the massive fuck stick that was making it feel so good.

In the middle of his climax, the horny little cock hound realized that his mouth was filling up with hot, gooey cum. Somehow, he found a way to swallow, eager to take it all down the gullet without losing a single drop. Just as he gulped what felt like the last strand of man sperm from his lover's delicious prick, his bottom filled up with a large, satisfying load that ran into its deepest corners. Sighing around the still rock hard prick in his mouth, he felt his top's load start to overflow, then it ran out around the the man's shaft and poured down his crack.

While Austin was being bred at both ends at the same time, Jimmy was basking in the afterglow of his second lay. His rear end was thoroughly seeded while the floor beneath him had collected another series of cum shots that were fired from the end of his untouched boy boner. After taking his top's man sperm, the lucky little boy fell into a deep kiss with both of the men whose cocks had pleasured his horny back door. As they kissed him up, he wrapped his hand around one of their cocks, noting that it was rock hard, then he batted his eyes at the man. With a suggestive smile, the horny 13 year old led his lover to the back yard, where the sun had long ago disappeared and moonlight was setting a romantic mood for the pair. Still not knowing the name of either top, Jimmy found himself lusting after them both, and was eager to take either one of them to the tent for gay romance.

With Jimmy off to the tent with his chosen lover for the evening, Austin quickly re-assumed the position on the love seat, hanging his rear end out while he held onto the arm rest for leverage. Much to his delight, he was quickly mounted from behind by the man whose cum load he'd just swallowed while he wrapped his lips around the prick that serviced his horny behind. While he was sucking his anonymous lover off with needy moans, he wrapped his little paw around the base of the man's cock, loving how warm it was. When he felt his rear end filling up with the long shaft that had penetrated him, Austin sighed contentedly and began thrusting with his hips, eager to hasten his pole ride.

Once again filled at both ends with hard cock, the randy little boy felt insatiable, even as another strong climax began to build in his body. Setting his eyes on the man who had pleasured his 13 year old lover, Austin reached out and started stroking him while his indigent moans filled the garage and carried into the house, where his mother first heard them ringing out. Dawning her robe, the previously naked lady excused herself from the full on orgy that was in progress all over her house to check on the noise.

When she stepped into the laundry room, the familiar moans of her 12 year old son filled her ears and she took a deep breath to compose herself. When she opened the door and looked into the garage, she caught site of her son on the love seat, his lips wrapped tight around the cock of a man she had invited to her orgy. At the same time, his right hand was administering long, steady strokes to a cock that belonged to a second guest in her home. But the scene that gave her the most angst was the fact that her son, her little boy, the 12 year old who she tucked in every night with a kiss, was using his hips to ride the long, thick shaft of a third man, also a guest at her party. He was forcefully working his rear end up and down on the pole while he smiled decadently at no one in particular. His moans were getting louder by the second, but it was the look on his face that told the real story. As she watched his pleasure soar, his unintentional confession earlier in the evening played back in her mind.

I want to get laid tonight.”

Unfortunately for Sheila, the scene that was unfolding in her garage was a scene that she was very familiar with. It had played itself out over the years, over and over again. No matter what she did, how many times she tried to reason with her son, how many concessions she made. Concessions like looking the other way when she comes home to find him in his bed with his legs in the air, taking the cock of an older boy up the ass. Or the concession that she made when 10 year old Austin began dropping his drawers and bending over anytime he could for then 17 year old Steven. Or even the concession that she made when he admitted that he was sucking dicks in the locker room at school after being caught red handed by a teacher with a boy he was about to blow.

It was always Austin who pushed the envelope with his mother. When he was nine, she caught him making a pass at her new boyfriend, Jason. The boy had somehow procured a pair of panties and put them on, then he waited for what he thought was his opening. While his mother was in the shower, he pranced into the living room with nothing but his panties on and settled himself in the man's lap. He offered Jason a blow job, but the virtuous man not only declined, but went the extra step in ratting the boy out to his mother. When she and Jason went their separate ways, she found herself in the company of a man named Louis. Austin quickly discovered that he was much more inclined to accept the horny boy's advances than Jason had been, and soon, the boy was swallowing his loads on a daily basis.

Weeks into their affair, the nine year old found himself being babysat by Louis for the duration of his mother's shift at work. And for the nine hours that she was out of the house, Louis treated Austin to more than just a slice of heaven. In fact, by 11am, the eager boy had accepted Louis' full length into his tight, virginal boy pussy. After a lengthy resting period that involved plenty of kisses and lots of praise for the horny nine year old, Austin felt comfortable enough to begin an up and down ride that brought the pussy boy in him to life. After several mind blowing climaxes in a row, Austin was treated to the joy of being bred by his top while he accepted a long French kiss.

As soon as Sheila discovered that a coupling had taken place between her lover and her son, she disgustedly cast Louis out of her life. Being a determined and dedicated bottom for the man, though, Austin still found ways to meet him. When Sheila found out that her son was actively seeking anal sex with Louis, she felt defeated, but Austin felt empowered. During one argument in particular, Austin promised his mother that if he couldn't have his bottom serviced with Louis' cock, he would just steal another one of her boyfriends, then see Louis anyway. Realizing that her son was devoted to riding her ex boyfriend's cock, Sheila relented while she regrouped and tried a new approach with her son.

This involved Austin coming home from school to find his Grandfather, his uncle and his dad sitting in the living room with Sheila, all of them wearing serious expressions. Receiving the news that one of them would be waiting for him after school was discouraging for the boy, especially when he considered the glorious feelings he felt the last time he rode his lover's prick. Being the resourceful cock hound that he is, though, Austin found a work around for his dilemma and soon, he was taking pleasure filled cock rides in Louis' bed.

With this major victory under his belt, Austin made his next move. This involved finding pleasure in the arms of Sheila's new boyfriend, Sammy. The man was a construction worker with a hard, tanned body and a head of dirty blond hair that drove Austin crazy. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, Austin outed himself to the man, announcing out loud that he was gay and that he took it in the ass. Sheila blushed profusely as the proclamation of her ten year old rang out, then he blurted out that he gave hand jobs and sucked boys off after school. When the man smiled politely and explained that everyone was different in their own special way, Sheila breathed a sigh of relief. Austin licked his lips, knowing that the seed had been planted and hoping that the invitation had been received.

Happily for the little cock hound, the message was delivered loud and clear. Under the guise of spending time with the boy in the backyard, Sammy would take the football outside while Sheila decompressed from her day with a martini in the bathtub. While she was relaxing her day away, her little boy was bending over with his pants bunched around his knees, hanging onto the side of the house while Sammy treated him to a long, satisfying butt fucking that never failed to bring him off. When they could get away with it, Sammy would let the horny boy kneel between his legs and suck a load straight from the end of his cock.

As was the case with Louis, Sheila discovered that her son had seduced her boyfriend and hit the roof. Once again, she turned to the men in Austin's life for assistance, and once again, the fix was only temporary. Before long, the horny boy was alternating between his mother's former beaus, as well as the cute boy who had moved in next door. Sheila was alarmed, but realized that there was nothing to do about it but give him the latitude he needed to sate his sexual appetite.

Over the next two years, as Sheila would learn about yet another man who her son had seduced, she would respond the same way. First came the anger and the ranting. Then the pleading with her son that he was too young, too small, too immature. She tried to appeal to his fragile build, warning him that he could be injured if he took too big of a cock in his ass. But none of it worked. When she went the other way, allowing him to date boys from school and even looking away while he had sex in his room, she saw a slight change in his behavior. But then his need to be with the men who normally pleasured him became unbearable and he found himself on a veritable Ho-Stroll, his yearning for anal sex too strong to overcome.

A change in the pitch of Austin's tones brought Sheila out of her thoughts. She blinked at the site of her son, who had spotted his mother watching him take on three cocks at once. When they locked eyes, Austin responded by bobbing his head up and down on the cock he was sucking with even more fervor than before. At the same time, he tightened his grip around the massive prick he was stroking and pressed its spongie head into his cheeks. As a final act of resolve, the horny 12 year old began an even more ambitious ride on the hard prick that was bringing him so much pleasure. He tightened his already throbbing rectal muscles around the massive pole and felt his whole body catch fire.

Seeing that her boy had essentially doubled down on the sex act that he was participating in, the 35 year old gave in and watched as the flames of his orgasm consumed his naked body. His motions were rhythmic, even as he began shivering and panting with the tell tale signs of climax. Hoping that he would at least get it all out of his system for the evening, she opted to leave him alone for the moment with the intention of addressing the matter the next day.

Leaving her son to his vices, she wondered to herself what Jimmy was doing in the tent. Wandering out to the back yard, she was greeted by the site of an illuminated tent that was bustling with sexual intercourse. In the light that shined through the thin walls of the tent, she could see the silhouette of a man and a boy having anal sex. It was clear to her that Jimmy was laying on his back in the missionary position, taking it deep from a man she undoubtedly knew while they kissed passionately. She could see his size eight feet rocking back and forth with the momentum of his fuck, and she could hear the moans of the 13 year old pouring into the night air. With another long sigh, the defeated lady went back inside with the thought that the worst had passed, and there was nothing left to do but enjoy the orgy that was taking place in her living room.

But as she walked through the garage and spotted her son rolling his freshly seeded rear end around with an urgent moan, she should have known that the night was too young. Indeed, as horny little Austin sent the signal that he was in the mood for more anal sex, even as his mother walked through the garage, she should have realized that he would push the envelope again. Instead, she chose to believe that three well endowed men were more than enough to satisfy his appetite for sex.

Which is exactly why she took exception when, at 11:30, just an hour and a half after she left him with his lovers, her naked son strolled hand in hand with Jimmy's top up the stairs to his room. His plump, well serviced bottom was swinging gayly as he walked, sending the signal to every man in the house that they could have easy access to it if they wanted it. He even reached back with his free hand and gave his tingling entrance a sensual rub with two fingers while they watched. When he pulled his fingers out of his crack, they were coated with sperm that was oozing from his hole. Licking every strand away, he smiled up at his new conquest and continued up the stairs.

When his bed began to creak and his boyish moans of pleasure rang out loud and clear, it became obvious that he had intentionally left his bedroom door wide open. This served to further accentuate the fact that he was hoping to open his legs for as many men as possible, and soon he had a string of visitors in his bed. After witnessing three different men leave her son's room with dripping, semi-erect penises, Sheila finally found the will to look into her son's room. Standing in the doorway, she saw him in the missionary position with his feet pressed into the chest of a very well endowed lover. In fact, as had been the case so many times over the years, she had already been on the receiving end of his ministrations. Now her son was on his back, his face fixed with a deep smile as he enjoyed repeated climaxes in his bed, courtesy of the same cock she had enjoyed so much.

When she returned to the party downstairs, she tried to forget about the action that was taking place in her son's bed. But then a reminder that was even more vivid than his moans and the creaking of his bed filled the house, and she was once again reminded that her son was taking it in the ass. Five minutes after she had taken a shot of scotch, the unmistakable sound of her son's queefing boy pussy traveled down the stairs, alerting everyone to its high traffic usage. When he asked for a dick to suck, it was once again heard by everyone in the house.

At 1:15 in the morning, the orgy was over and almost everyone had gone. The remaining two men were upstairs with Austin, whose bed was still creaking. She heard the groan of his top, pumping his load up Austin's queefing rear end, then she heard her son call out for the final man in his room to pleasure him. Soon, the boy was moaning through a deep kiss as he received one last ass fucking for the night. His climax was audible to his mother, and she was grateful that it had happened so quickly. She hoped that this would signal his top to finish as well, but the man had already seeded Austin's boy pussy twice and was in it for the long haul. So for fifteen unrelenting minutes, Sheila listened as her son's moaning, his queefing, his wet kissing and his calls for a harder, more forceful ride rang out.

When his bed finally stopped creaking, the grateful mother listened as her son shared a final series of kisses with his top, then the two came down the stairs, hand in hand. The man was fully dressed but Austin was stark naked, his three inch boy boner sticking straight out. With a lascivious smile, Austin beckoned his lover to kneel down, then they shared a long, tongue filled kiss while Sheila watched. When the man finally got up to go, Austin reluctantly let him break their kiss.

I really liked doing it with you,” the horny boy admitted with a smile as he gazed up at his top. “You can come back and do it with me again anytime you want.”

With that, the man said his goodbyes and thanked Sheila for a fun evening. When the door closed, Austin turned to face his mother, who he knew was upset with him.

Austin, I want you to get upstairs and take a shower,” she snapped, prompting her son to give her a defiant look.

You don't have to be mean to me, mom,” he huffed, but she wasn't having it.

I told you to get upstairs,” she said in a short tone, then she watched as the willful little boy stomped his way to the staircase.

In one final show of defiance and shamelessness, Austin stopped at the foot of the stairs and glared over his shoulder at his mother, who was giving him an expectant look. Knowing how to push her buttons, the 12 year old reached back with his hands and spread his buns wide, revealing his winking, cum splattered pucker to her. She stared at it in utter disbelief, watching as it spurted cum while it opened and closed on its own. The sharp stink of anal sex filled her nose again, then she looked at her son's expression, realizing that he was studying her face for a reaction. With a sigh, she turned and walked to the couch while Austin smiled triumphantly and let his buns close. Realizing that he had scored yet another victory, he scaled the stairs and got in the shower while Sheila wondered what to do.

Do I have to go to daddy's house after school?” Austin asked in an innocent tone that belied his horny disposition.

I don't know yet, baby,” she told him, rubbing his back gently. “It doesn't seem to matter anymore if mommy's home or not.”

I can't help it, mommy,” he whined, resting his head on her shoulder. “When I see a cute boy or a sexy guy, I get horny.”

With that, Sheila planted a soft kiss on her son's damp head of hair and reminded him, “You know, Jimmy's still outside. Do you think he's sleeping?”

Yeah, he fell asleep after he got laid in the tent,” Austin told her. “I wanted to get laid like that, too.”

Well, I'd say you had a better time getting laid tonight than Jimmy did,” she observed, and Austin smiled up at her and nodded.

I still feel like I need to get laid again,” he admitted, and once again, Sheila rubbed his back.

Then maybe you should go out to the tent and see about waking Jimmy up, honey,” she told him.

Okay, mom,” Austin said with a grin, wrapping his skinny arms around her neck and giving her a warm hug. “Mom?”

Yes baby?”
“I'm sorry I showed you my butthole tonight.”

It's okay, honey,” she said in a soothing voice. “I know you were upset with me.”

I'm not upset with you anymore, mom,” he assured her, and she tightened her hug.

That's good, honey,” she told him. “Now why don't you get out to the tent and see about getting laid again before you turn in.”

With that, Austin gave his mother a sweet smile and an excited nod, then he scampered out to the backyard and got in the tent with Jimmy, eager to lube up and take one last cock up the ass before his night ended.

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