The Trouble with Austin, a story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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A Boyslut Spreads His Legs~

In the still downstairs of the two story house, rays of mid afternoon sun brightened the living room, shimmering off of the wall clock that read 3:30pm. The steady ticking of the second hand seemed to echo through the unoccupied level while a dormant TV sat, presently unused. The cool breeze of the air conditioner fluttered through the floor vents as the unit hummed on the side of the house.

All of that serenity was broken by the breathless moans of 12 year old Austin, who was presently on his back with his feet resting against Steven's chest. The small brunette was gazing up at his 19 year old lover with a look of helpless wonder as his long, thick shaft ran fluidly in and out of Austin's boy pussy. It looked to Steven as if Austin couldn't believe how good it felt to have his rear end serviced so thoroughly, but he knew better than that.

Almost an afterthought, Austin's own hard rod was curved like a little plantain, burning with the same pleasure that was gripping his boy pussy. The friction generated by their afternoon intercourse stimulated the nerve endings in and around Austin's moist boy pussy, stirring up the sharp pheromones that flow from within. At the same time, the dark aroma of unwashed 12 year old boy butt was filling the room, a sure indicator that Austin had come straight from school to be butt fucked. As dense as the smell of anal sex was at the moment, though, neither Austin nor Steven wanted to abandon their pleasure filled act.

To Austin's right, 13 year old Jimmy Smith was watching with a look of sheer hunger as Steven's pole ravaged the little boy's senses. He watched Austin reach between his legs and use his small fingertips to rub the tingling lips of his pucker. As his soft digits rubbed the spines that encircle his hot, horny entrance, he felt a powerful tremble that threatened to consume his young body all at once. He could feel his tight sphincter stretching and contracting as he pressed his fingers into it, adding to his unreal bliss as he luxuriated in the feel of every bump, vein and contour that lined his lover's cock.

All of the sudden, Steven pulled his cock out of Austin's hole and the boy sat up to wrap his lips around it. Smiling up at his top with eyes filled with joy, the boy sucked lustily on his long shaft until Steven gave him a new order.

How about letting me hit it from behind?”

With the swiftness of a well practiced pussyboy, Austin pulled off of his lover's cock and scrambled to get into the doggy style position. With the side of his head resting on the bedspread and his ass sticking straight up into the air, he moaned with satisfaction as the hot shaft slid back into his horny boy snatch. Soon, his young body was rocking back and forth with the momentum of his pleasure filled ride. When Jimmy ran his fingers through Austin's dark hair, the little boy smiled and sighed, then he used his forearms for support so he could lift his torso and share a kiss with his boyfriend. Soon, Austin and Jimmy were locked in a deep, tongue filled kiss that worked in concert with Steven's shaft to generate a powerful tornado inside of the 12 year old.

His climax came on in such a fast, punishing fashion that the gay youngster barely had time to prepare for it. He and Jimmy were still enjoying their kiss when it hit, sending him into orbit as his hot to trot rear end began to grab Steven's long shaft with tight contractions. Breaking his kiss with Jimmy, the little cock hound reached back and rubbed the tender skin around his flexing anus while he cooed over his shoulder with persed lips. The frantic tidal wave that had beset the boy was making his rear end sizzle with more pleasure than he could handle. Still rubbing his hot entrance, he experienced a second boygasm while his top was thrusting deep. With his pleasure filled gaze fixed on Steven's cute face, the boy rode his climax out to its glorious end, then Steven pushed all the way in and his cum load erupted. As his rear end filled up with a hot load of spunk, Austin's hands fell to the bed and he moaned like a bitch in heat.

When the top pulled his long, cum coated shaft out of Austin's gripping rectum, Jimmy pounced like a tiger. Austin hadn't even coped with the powerful sensation that traveled up his spine as the massive prick was pulled out of his hole by the time Jimmy had his moist red lips around the base of Steven's magnificent cock. As he blew his older beau, the smell of Austin's deeply fucked rear end was wafting into his nostrils, filling him with desire and he dreamed of his own back door service courtesy of the 19 year old stud.

As he took his lover's cock to the back of his throat, it suddenly dawned on the 13 year old that Austin was still in the doggy style position, moaning like a girl. With a naughty smile, the cute 7th grader pulled the massive prick out of his mouth with a slurp, then he placed the bulbous head back up to Austin's winking pucker and encouraged Steven to push back in. When Austin felt the long shaft sinking back into his pleasure filled rear end, he felt a strong shiver take him over while he looked back with disbelieving eyes. Soon, his top was thrusting deep while Jimmy watched with a transfixed smile, enjoying the infused aroma of spicy pheromones and after school boy butt as it wafted into his nose.

Out of nowhere, Austin's small body began to shake uncontrollably as a third boygasm rocked him to the core. Seeing that his little lover had once again achieved anal ecstasy, Jimmy licked his lips and encouraged the 19 year old to pull out. Once again, the boy was on Steven's cock like a common whore, sucking it with a dreamy smile as he swallowed the cum and ass juice that coated it. For Steven, Jimmy's mouth felt amazing, but he wanted to slide deep into the 13 year old's talented ass and take it for a spin. Taking control of the situation, he eased his rod out of the boy's mouth and prompted him to get in the doggy style position.

Seeing this as his opportunity to enjoy an extended lay, the horny boy quickly obliged his top. With his hot to trot boy butt in the air, he felt the bulbous head of Steven's cock as it pushed through his anal ring. He moaned with pleasure as the massive prick slipped in, then the long pole got hot as it slid deep inside of him. Soon, he was panting and moaning with uncontrollable passion as he accepted a deep ass fuck. Steven was moaning too, because fucking the hot, tight rear end of little Jimmy Smith was always a treat for him.

As he pleasured the boy, Steven felt his rod pushing into a thick pocket of cum that was tucked in the deepest corners of Jimmy's boy pussy. Realizing that the cum was left there by someone else, Steven focused on massaging the warm sperm into the silky tissue that was contracting around his pole. When Jimmy felt the hot jizz that had been squirted into his ass by his English teacher being worked into the walls of his boy cunt, he experienced an immediate anal orgasm. His rock hard boy boner, which was pointed down at Steven's sheets, fired off a trio of cum shots and his climaxing rear end began squeezing Steven's rod with even more pressure.

Are you cumming?” Steven panted, and Jimmy nodded his answer with a blissful smile on his face. “I'm ready to cum too. Where do you want it?”

Put it in my butt,” Jimmy panted, his longing to keep Steven's load with him too great to deny.

Doubling down, Steven began thrusting harder and faster, adding to Jimmy's pleasure. He knew that he was about to be seeded by his top, and this knowledge only made his passion flourish more. He felt his rear end closing hard around Steven's thick pole as it punished his boy button with constant thrusts, then his little body shuddered hard and his hard little dick fired another rope of boy cum on the sheets. As his bottom grabbed the glans around Steven's cock, the 19 year old couldn't hold off any longer and buried his rod all the way up Jimmy's ass. With a groan, his load heaved forth, filling the youngster's bottom with a bounty of spunk that gave Jimmy one final set of shivers as his anal orgasm continued to play out.

Steven pulled out and Austin made his move, sucking and licking thick goblets of cum from his well developed shaft with horny moans. While Austin was enjoying the leftover cum and ass juice that lined Steven's rod, Jimmy got beneath him and ate his ripe boy butt out with a greedy smile. When Steven pulled his sensitive pole from Austin's mouth, Jimmy reluctantly ended the feast he was enjoying so much and the boys fell into a deep kiss. While the two middle schoolers made out on his bed, Steven hiked his boxers and jeans, then he enjoyed the show.

Before Austin could get dressed, Jimmy spread his ass cheeks and ate his rear end out again. Austin was moaning like a girl all over again as his boy pussy was serviced by his considerate boyfriend. When Jimmy's delicious feast was over, he helped Austin into his clothes and the boys were escorted to the door by Steven. Before they left, Steven knelt down and the boys gave their top a tight hug that he was pleased to accept. With satisfied boy pussy's, the youngster's walked out the door hand in hand, promising to return the next day. As he watched them walking, Steven noticed that their rear ends were both switching from side to side, almost as if they were in a trance.

From the window of Austin's house, his grandfather Stanley was watching as he held hands with Jimmy. He noticed the way his grandson's bottom was swinging, just like Jimmy's, and he knew why. His daughter let him know about Steven, the 19 year old stud whose cock Austin bends over for in a flash. He knew that his grandson was keen to be with the teenager, and he figured that this was the reason for his seductive walk. When Austin and Jimmy shared a kiss on the front lawn, he saw the look of tenderness in both of their eyes as they prepared to say goodbye.

Taking a seat on the couch, Stanley waited for his grandson to come inside so he could get to the bottom of what happened at Steven's house.

Hi grandpa,” Austin chirped when he came inside, making a beeline for the couch so he could give his grandfather a hug and kiss.

Hey buddy,” the man said, wrapping his arms around Austin and hugging him tight. He rubbed his grandson's back tenderly, giving him a whiff as the smell of hot boy butt rolled into his nostrils, then his hands traveled down to Austin's well serviced bottom and he kneaded it with his fingers. Austin let loose with a soft moan as his grandpa manipulated his buns over and over again, then he lifted his head from the man's shoulder and planted a French kiss on his mouth.

As they kissed, Stanley reached down and unbuttoned Austin's pants, letting them fall around his ankles. As the aroma of Austin's boy pussy permeated the air, the man took another handful of his buns and squeezed them through his white cotton briefs. Breaking their kiss again, the man said, “How about letting grandpa have a taste of that yummy rear end, buddy?”

Okay,” the boy quickly agreed, watching with animated eyes as the man slid his briefs down.

As soon as they were around his knees, his hard little boner sprang up at a 45 degree angle. Leaning forward to kiss his grandson on the lips, the man smiled and said, “Turn around, sweetie.”

Following his grandfather's instructions, the boy was rewarded when the experienced tongue of a well practiced ass eater began probing his pucker. All around them, the sharp pheromones of his boy pussy danced with the afternoon odor of unwashed ass that seems to linger with every boy who's just home from school. Austin was only slightly cognizant of his own aroma, but Stanley found himself weak at the knees as it poured into his nose. There was a thick pocket of cum that had collected right at Austin's anal ring that he found with his tongue, and he greedily licked it away.

Finally, he could wait no longer. His manhood was raging with fury that needed to be unleashed, so he freed it from his trousers and ended his feast by placing his grandson on the couch. Austin's jeans and underwear were bunched around his knees and his shoes were still on, but the man didn't care about that. He grabbed the boy's ankles with one hand and lifted his legs into the air, then he pushed his knees back to his chest. Austin's boy pussy was on fire as he felt his body being positioned by his grandfather, whose cock was raging at 10 full inches between his legs.

When the boy's anus was in position, Stanley pushed in with ease, burying his entire length in his grandson's hungry hole. Austin reached up and grabbed his legs with both arms, holding them in place while his grandpa hammered his boy spot. His pants and underwear were hovering near his nose, and he could smell the aroma of hot ass drifting into his olfactory senses. As the sharp stink rolled into his nose, he found himself longing for an ass to eat and resolved to feast as soon as he could. He fantasized about feasting at his grandpa's back door first, then seeking out a stranger whose name he would never know. He didn't care about knowing their name, or even what condition their anus would be in. His only thought was about how badly he wanted to eat ass, and how delicious it would be. Then he would bend over and take a thick cock up the butt while the taste of the stranger's ass lingered in his mouth.

As this naughty scenario ran through Austin's 12 year old mind, he felt his boy pussy catch fire and an explosive boygasm ripped through him. His grandpa was punishing his spot with deep thrusts that pulled the climax right out of him, using him as a glory hole while the seat of his jeans and underwear filled his nose with their essence. His pleasure spot was being caught again and again by the mushroom shaped head of his grandfather's fuck stick and he loved it, but the accelerated rate of his strong thrusts told the little boy that his ride was about to end.

All of the sudden, Stanley pulled out of the boy and pushed his legs back down. Sitting straight up, Austin opened wide while his grandpa slipped his rod into his mouth, then the boy sucked with lust filled moans. When he was ready to cum, he pulled his dick out of the boy's mouth and jerked off over it. Austin was moaning like a boy possessed as he waited for his reward, his mouth watering and his boy pussy humming wildly. When it spewed forth, the 12 year old wrapped his lips around the end and let it fill his mouth, then he swallowed furiously to make room for another thick mouthful.

When it was over, the man pulled his pants up while Austin grinned up at him from the couch, his pants and underwear still bunched around his knees. Taking a seat beside his grandson, the man patted his lap and the boy quickly crawled into it, letting his grandpa hold him close while they recovered. Stanley rubbed his little grandson's back and stroked his hair, listening to his panting as it persisted, then they shared another French kiss. Noting that Austin's little cock was still stiff as a board, the man ran two fingertips over it and spoke to him.

I felt you get off, buddy,” the man said, and Austin smiled up at him. “Are you still horny, kiddo?”

Yeah, but that's because I've been thinking about something, grandpa,” he admitted, looking into his grandfather's eyes for approval.

What's on your mind, honey?” the man asked tenderly, using both hands to cup his grandson's cheeks and kiss his lips.

Eating stinky buttholes,” the boy admitted, and his grandpa smiled. “I started dreaming about it while we were making love.”

What brought that on, buddy?” he asked, and Austin blushed.

When I was getting laid with you, my pants and undies were in my face and I could smell them,” he revealed. “It made me think about eating butt holes out for anyone who wanted me to do it. I wouldn't care what their butt smells like because it would taste good.”

Your butthole was very tasty this afternoon, Austin,” his grandpa complimented him. “And I could smell it as soon as you came inside.”

Sometimes when I'm eating buttholes, I sniff them too,” the little boy admitted, resting his head on his grandpa's shoulder. “I like it when they stink.”

It sounds like you really enjoy yourself when you eat buttholes, baby,” the man observed.

I do,” Austin said, sighing with contentment. “Grandpa?”

Yeah buddy?”

Are you babysitting me tomorrow?”

I'll be babysitting all week, kiddo.”

Can we go to the park after school?” Austin asked hopefully.

Planting a loving kiss on his grandson's cheek, the man asked, “What would you like to do there?”

Eat buttholes for strangers,” the boy admitted, giving his grandfather pause.

I'll tell you what, kiddo,” the man said, knowing that he needed to present a compromise to the boy so he wouldn't seek out a dangerous encounter with a stranger at the park. “How about if one day this week you and grandpa take a ride somewhere?”

Where to?” the boy asked listlessly, snuggling into his grandfather's shirt.

What if grandpa arranges a few buttholes for you to enjoy at his house?” the man asked.

Really?” Austin said with an excited smile, prompting his grandpa to rub his warm back and nod. “I love you, grandpa!”

I love you too, honey,” Stanley gushed, hugging his grandson tightly. “How about if grandpa takes you upstairs and tends to your horny bottom?”

Okay,” the youngster smiled, then he was scooted out of his grandpa's lap. With his pants still bunched around his knees, he offered Stanley his hand and was escorted up the stairs.

Watching his grandson waddle with his pants bunched around his shins, the man smiled with amusement. The little boy was dripping with desire, his hard little rod sticking out from his hairless pubic bone as he climbed the stairs. When Austin offered him a cute smile, the man ran his fingers through the boy's brown hair and swatted his plump rear end. When Austin moaned, he knew that the insatiable boy was too horny to care about the mechanics of his pants as they approached his room.

Looking around Austin's room, the man thought about the moment that he embraced the fact that his youngest grandson was gay. The plush dolls and posters featuring cute boys that adorned his walls weren't always there. In fact, it had been Stanley who purchased most of the items that surrounded him at the moment.

Do you still love me, grandpa?” 10 year old Austin asked, breaking Stanley's heart.

Of course I do, buddy,” the man said, lifting the little guy into his lap. “Why would you ask that?”
“Because mommy wanted you to make me not be gay anymore,” the boy said.

That's not what mommy wants, Austin,” Stanley assured him. “And I would never try to make you stop being gay.”

You wouldn't?” the boy asked with a little pout. Leaning down to kiss his little grandson's lips, the man shook his head no.

I like being gay, grandpa,” the boy revealed, leaning his head into the man's chest.

I know you do, sweetheart,” Stanley said in a soft voice. “But just because you're gay, it doesn't mean that you should be doing things with men.”

But I like that, too,” the boy countered, his eyes filled with hurt as he looked up at the man. “Does that make you ashamed?”

No baby, it doesn't,” he assured the youngster, then he combed through Austin's hair with his fingers as the boy tilted his head back and smiled up at him. With his cute grandson grinning up at him in a rare moment of childlike wonder, the man leaned down and planted a kiss on his forehead.

With his daughter's blessing, Stanley took the ten year old for the weekend with the intention of spoiling him rotten. They went to the movies, where he loaded Austin up on plenty of soda, liquorice, candy and popcorn.

When they left the matinée, they went to the mall, where Stanley spent a mint on his grandson. With Austin leading the way, he was dragged in and out of various stores who happily accepted his credit card. He wondered what his daughter was going to say about the posters of cute teenaged boys that he had purchased for his grandson. Moreover, he wondered how he was going to explain the plush dolls with feminine features, clearly marketed to little girls, when Austin unfurled them to his mother. Even more concerning to the man were the pairs of tight jeans that the boy tried on, jeans that showed his bubble butt off in a stunning way.

As they walked out of the mall, Austin was beaming with joy while Stanley carried bags to the car and placed them in his trunk. On the way to Stanley's house, Austin bubbled over with enthusiasm.

Thank you for taking me to the movies and shopping, grandpa,” the boy said with a yawn that was brought about by his sugar crash. “I can't wait to hang my posters up and sleep with my new dolls.”

You're welcome, baby,” the man said tenderly. “Are you going to wear your new pants to school?”

I want to,” the boy said, smiling shyly. “I wish I had some panties to wear under them.”

Mommy said you had a pair of panties, kiddo,” the man said, and the boy sighed forlornly.

She took them away because I was wearing them the last time I got laid by her boyfriend,” the boy pouted, and the man felt his heart flutter. “I wish I could have some new panties to wear.”

Well, if grandpa takes you to get some panties, do you promise not to use them to steal mommy's boyfriends?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. The little boy looked away deceptively while he thought about what his grandpa was asking him to agree to.

What if I see him and he's really cute?” the boy asked in a small voice.

Well, I'm sure you see lots of cute fellows every day,” the man countered. “Does that mean you try to steal them from their girlfriends?”

No sir,” the youngster conceded, then he smiled up at his grandpa. “I promise to only use them to get laid with my own boyfriends.”

Buddy, you're not supposed to be getting laid at all,” he reminded the boy, who whimpered. “You're still a little boy, Austin. Grandpa doesn't want you to get hurt, pal.”

I don't get hurt, grandpa,” he whined, crossing his arms and sitting back in his seat.

Austin was beginning to crash hard from the candy and soda he had at the movies, adding to his frustration at the position that Stanley was taking. Seeing his grandson's deteriorating mood, the man offered him a compromise.

I'll make a deal with you, pal,” the man said. “What if grandpa buys you some panties today, but you keep them at his house?”

What if I just take one pair home with me?” the little boy asked, looking up at his grandpa for a reaction.

Why don't we see what happens this weekend?” Stanley offered, watching his grandson nod up at him with puppy dog eyes.

With that, Stanley drove to the nearest big box store, where Austin picked out six pairs of panties. When they got back to Stanley's house, he stripped down to nothing in the front room and tried on all six pairs of panties. He felt an erotic thrill as he strutted in front of his grandpa, letting his rear end sway naughtily with every step. Each pair was unique in their own way. Some had character prints, some had lacy trim around the leg openings and waistband and some were patterned with flowers. The one thing that they all had in common was the way they hugged his plump bottom so snugly. Their seats seemed to burst with the fleshy mounds that adorned Austin's posterior region, sending a thrill through Stanley that he could hardly mask. His cock stiffened as soon as the boy debuted the first pair of panties and never lost its rigidity.

When the little boy settled on a flowery pair of panties, he crawled into his grandfather's lap with a pink plush doll and snuggled into his chest. He settled his pantied bottom against the unforgiving lump in his grandpa's crotch and moaned softly, then he kissed his stuffed bear. It was only 4pm, but the boy was yawning more and more frequently, telling the man that he was in need of a nap. Rubbing Austin's bare back, the man spoke to his grandson in a soothing tone.

Are you ready to have sweet dreams, baby boy?” he asked, and the youngster nodded through a yawn. “You're enjoying those panties, aren't you?”

Yes, grandpa,” the boy sighed, enjoying the warmth of his grandfather's embrace as he felt his slumber upon him. “Grandpa?”

Yes, baby?”
“Do you think I look sexy in my panties?”

You look very sexy in your panties, Austin,” the man admitted. “I'm glad we stopped to get them for you, sweetie.”

I'm glad too, grandpa,” the boy sighed, enjoying the feeling of his grandpa's manhood raging against his bottom.

Go to sleep now, baby,” the man whispered, stroking Austin's soft brown hair. “When you wake up from your nap, we'll have a special talk.”

When he heard his grandson's soft, steady breaths, he smiled down at the sleeping boy and kissed his cheek. He rubbed the boy's warm tummy, then he let his hand travel down to the front of his panties, where his boyhood was stiff and pointing straight out. He dared himself to feel it for himself, but he knew it was wrong and changed his mind at the last minute. Instead, he opted to cradle the small boy in his arms and kiss him on the cheek, earning him a smile from his little buddy. Feeling a sleepy warmth of his own, the loving grandfather laid down on the couch, crossing his feet and placing Austin in the crook of his arm. Handing Austin his pink bear, the man closed his eyes and went to sleep.

When he came around, it was because he could feel a steady humping against his raging manhood. He suddenly became aware of a continuous set of boyish moans and a persistent, back and forth rubbing against the length of his torso. Opening his eyes, he realized that Austin was laying on his back with his ass settled against his crotch. He was humping his pantied bottom into Stanley's bulging crotch, his warm back resting against his grandpa's chest. His feet were flat on either side of the man, pushing into the couch cushions for leverage while his little body shivered.

Baby, what are you doing?” the man asked with a tone of alarm.

Grandpa I need to get laid,” the boy panted, then he changed his technique and began a circular grinding while he moaned with depravity. “It feels good.”

No baby, you don't need to get laid,” the man said weakly, but Austin was too far gone to be convinced.

I do, grandpa,” the youngster whimpered, then he reached into his panties and pulled his buns apart so that he could more effectively stimulate his pucker.

Stanley wanted to beg off, but the look of relief that was washing over Austin's young face was too overwhelming and he relented. Giving into his grandson's needs, he caressed the boy's adorable face and planted a kiss on his cheek.

Moments later, Austin let loose with a deep sigh of contentment when he felt his panties being eased off of his hips and his grandpa's moist cock sliding between his buns. His boy pussy was moist with desire as he used his thighs and his hips to push the mushroom head of Stanley's cock through its lips, then he rested the back of his head on Stanley's shoulder and smiled.

I love you so much, baby boy,” Stanley whispered in his ear. “You make grandpa feel very special.”

I love you too, grandpa,” Austin said in a soft voice, feeling his grandpa's cock get hot in his boy pussy. “I love my new panties, too.”

They're very pretty, sweetheart,” he commented, knowing that his climax would likely erupt as soon as he started thrusting. “They make your tight bottom look so sexy.”

With that, Austin planted his feet against the cushion and began a slow ride on his grandpa's massive fuck stick. He started moaning with pleasure right away, then he turned his head so that he could plant a tongue filled kiss on Stanley's mouth. Soon, both man and boy were lost in the pleasure of their carnal union, their heads spinning with pleasure for a full minute until Austin accepted his grandpa's seed. When the man pulled out, Austin dutifully sucked him clean, then he let his grandfather hold him in his arms while they basked in the afterglow of their fuck.

When Stanley recovered from his powerful climax, he eased Austin's panties back up and gathered his stuffed animal. Planting a loving kiss on his grandson's lips, he scooped the boy up and took him down the hall to his room, where he pleasured the little boy for the rest of the weekend.

Austin was grinning up at his grandpa with a hard grin when the man pulled his spent manhood out of his satisfied rear end. Looking down at the sweet boy, Stanley planted a loving kiss on his smiling lips, then he kissed each of the boy's dimpled cheeks. Holding his grandson's legs in place with both hands, the man used his experienced tongue to felch the cum from his winking boy pussy. He felt Austin's small hands come to rest on the top of his head, telling him that his little grandson was loving his ministrations.

As his feast moved into its second straight minute, he felt Austin's fingertips digging into his head, then the boy's skinny legs wrapped around his neck. Affectionately, the man reached out and rubbed the little boy's warm, tensing tummy while his tongue did its work.

Oh, grandpa!” he called out with a soft, horny moan. “It feels good!”
Endeavoring to take his little buddy over the edge, the man doubled down, letting his tongue probe deep into the recesses of Austin's boy pussy. The 12 year old began to moan with sheer, unbridled passion that rang out across the house. There was a guttural element to his call of pleasure that drove Stanley to eat even deeper, knowing that Austin was close. Wanting to finish his grandson off for the night, he placed the tip of his tongue against two swollen glandular nodes that he found just past the entrance to Austin's love tunnel. With his tongue now administering firm swipes against his pleasure point, he felt a torrent of ass juice inundate his senses.

In a flash, his still dripping cock raged back to life, raging at its full ten inches between his legs. Abandoning his feast, he unwound Austin's legs from around his head and sat up, prompting the boy to set his fiery young eyes on his cock. Licking his lips, Austin quickly sat up and wrapped them around the head, then he settled into a lust filled blow job while Stanley stroked his bulging cheek. When the man eased his tool out of Austin's watering mouth, he quickly plunged it back into the youngster's bottom. With his boy pussy in the midst of a full scale inferno, the little cock hound gave into his anal ecstasy. His legs were trembling and he was moaning with the same guttural intensity while his hard little cocklet released a stream of yellow piss that collected on his tummy.

Realizing what he'd just put his grandson through, the man reached over and collected Austin's briefs, which were laying right beside them on the bed. Using them to soak up the yellow mess before it could run into the sheets, the man leaned down and planted a deep kiss on Austin's mouth. As their kiss lingered, Austin's little body seized up again and his rear end clutched Stanley's rod with enough force to pull the climax from his balls.

I love you, buddy,” he told his grandson when their tongues disengaged.

I love you too, grandpa,” the boy sighed, his little body still shivering as his boy pussy experienced continuous contractions around his grandfather's shaft. “I'm sorry I peed.”

It's okay, baby,” the man assured him. “That just means my little buddy had a nice, hard cum.”

I did,” he sighed. “Thanks, grandpa.”

You're welcome, sweetie,” the man said affectionately. “How about if you hop in the shower while grandpa tends to your undies? I'll put your jammies out so you can be ready for bed when mommy gets home.”

Okay, Austin sighed, reaching between his legs and rubbing the distended lips of his boy pussy, which was still stuffed with Stanley's cock. “It feels really good, grandpa.”

Reluctantly, the man pulled out of Austin's boy pussy and the two shared a tender kiss, then Austin got in the shower. When he got out, he heard his mother's keys jingling as she set them on the table and thanked her dad for coming over to watch Austin.

He should be getting ready for bed in a minute, sweetie,” he told Sheila, kissing her on the cheek. “I put some clean undies and a pair of pajamas out for him. He had a little accident in the ones he was wearing.”

Did he pee?” Austin heard her ask, but he didn't hear his grandpa's answer and assumed he was nodding. “Was he wet when he came home?”

Again, Austin didn't hear his grandpa's answer as he padded down the hall to his room, where he found a pair of pajamas on his bed, along with a flowery surprise that made his boy snatch shiver with lust. He eagerly slid his panties on over his bubble butt, then he put his jammies on and pranced out of his room to hug his grandpa.

Hey little buddy, you smell better,” Stanley said, reciprocating Austin's hug. “I see you got into your jammies okay.”

Yeah,” the little boy said with a shy smile, then he gave his mom a hug and kiss. When they broke their hug, she lifted him into her lap.

Grandpa said you wet your pants, Austin,” she said in a soft tone.

I did, mom,” he admitted. “It happened while I was getting laid.”

I see,” she said, rubbing his back while he rested his sleepy head on her shoulder. “Did you and Jimmy stop at Steven's house?”

He nodded his answer with a yawn, then he told her, “We both got laid by him.”

Did you go anywhere else, honey?” she asked, and he shook his head no while she kissed his cheek with an approving smile.

When we left, Jimmy walked home and I came to see grandpa,” he told her, then he looked up at her with hopeful eyes. “Is grandpa going to babysit me from now on?”

Looking over at her dad with a grateful smile, she nodded, sending another shiver through her little boy.

Grandpa's going to be here everyday after school from now on, honey,” she assured him, making his boy pussy juice hard in his panties. “Maybe if mommy's lucky, he'll have you showered and all set for bed every evening.”

Reaching out and lifting Austin out of Sheila's lap, Stanley planted a kiss on the boy's cheek and cuddled him close while he told her, “No problem, sweetie. This little guy's going to be showered and in his pajamas every night before I leave. Won't you big guy?”

Uh huh,” Austin said, snuggling in his grandpa's arms.

I wish I knew your secret, dad,” she said with a warm smile, kissing her boy on the end of the nose.

Coming Soon... A Boyslut Visits his Uncle


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