The Trouble with Austin, a story by Josh Terrence


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A Willful Boyslut~

Sheila was watching with a tired smile when Stanley's car pulled into the driveway at 6:15pm. Austin was sleeping in the back seat with his head propped against the window when they pulled into the driveway and didn't stir at all when his grandpa put the car in park and shut the engine off. Seeing that his exhausted little sex pot was sound asleep, the doting man scooped him up and carried him inside while his daughter stood to the side to let them in.

Thanks dad,” she said with a smile, planting a kiss on Stanley's cheek as he stepped into the house.

Don't mention it, princess,” he said with a warm smile, then he planted a kiss on Austin's warm cheek. “This little guy's all tuckered out. He fell asleep as soon as we backed out of the driveway.”

When Sheila set her eyes on her little boy, they grew wide and she blinked. Aside from the fact that he was shower fresh and wearing a different set of clothes than she'd packed for him that morning, she immediately noticed that his lips were swollen. Almost out of reflex, she reached out with her right hand and ran a fingertip gently over his deep red lips, silently cringing as she considered how many cocks he must have sucked throughout the day. A look of dread washed over her face that Stanley saw as he watched her surveying Austin's condition and he immediately felt a tinge of guilt that he hoped she wouldn't pickup on.

I had to make him take a shower when he got home from school,” Stanley reported, clearing his throat and composing his story before continuing. “He was a wreck when he got home, honey.”

Did he go next door again?” Sheila asked with a knowing frown. Much to her surprise, Stanley shook his head no.

He got off the bus and walked straight to the house with his little buddy,” Stanley told her. “He was in quite the state already when he got home. I let them go upstairs and get it all out of their system, then Jimmy left and I sent Austin to the shower. I put his clothes in the wash because they were so bad.”

I'm sorry you had to deal with that, dad,” Sheila said with a remorseful frown, rubbing her son's warm back through his shirt.

Don't worry about it, honey,” Stanley reassured her. “I'm just glad that you didn't have to deal with it. His drawers were pretty much ruined when I picked them up from the floor.”

Did he have another accident?” she asked in an exasperated tone, and the man nodded. “Did he pee again?”

Stanley shook his head no and told her, “Let's get him up to his room and tucked in. I'm sure he'd like to lay in his bed.”

With that, the man carried Austin up to his room and laid him down. With an affectionate smile, he sat on the side of the bed and petted the boy's forehead while Sheila removed Austin's pants and his shoes. She folded his jeans and laid them at the foot of his bed and put his shoes on the floor, leaving him in his tee shirt and undies. Pulling the covers up over the boy's chest, Stanley gave him one last kiss on the forehead before leading his daughter to the washing machine, where Austin's cum matted panties lay in a heap with the rest of his school clothes. Sheila took site of her son's lavender panties, noting that they were sopped with sperm that her son had expelled from his bottom, and sighed. Lifting them out of the washing machine, she examined them closer while shaking her head with worry, prompting Stanley to rub her back.

I should have run them through a wash cycle,” he lamented, his eyes fixed on the brown mixture of cum and ass juice that was starting to dry out.

It's alright,” Sheila sighed, smiling up at her father as she dropped Austin's panties back into the machine and added a scoop of laundry detergent.

When Stanley left, Sheila went back upstairs to check on her son. Peaking her head in through his door, she smiled when she saw that he was awake. Indeed, the little boy was out of bed and standing at his window, staring in the direction of Steven's driveway with a look of longing. Realizing that she hadn't spent any time with him since dropping him off at her brother's house that morning, the doting mother went into his room and kissed him on top of the head.

Hi sweetie,” she said softly, prompting Austin to smile up at her and pucker his lips for a kiss. When Sheila brought her face down, the youngster kissed her on the cheek with a sweet smile and said, “I missed you today.”

I missed you too, baby,” she said, rubbing his back tenderly. “You were out like a light when grandpa brought you home.”

Because I had to get up early,” Austin said, turning his attention back to Steven's driveway. When Sheila looked in the same direction, she saw that Steven's car was gone but both of his parents' cars were parked in their usual spots. Silently celebrating the fact that her son's young stud wasn't home, she gave her son a sympathetic smile and ran her fingers through his light brown hair.

I'm glad you woke up, baby,” she said warmly. “Maybe we can visit for a little bit.”

With a sleepy yawn, Austin smiled over his shoulder at his mom and nodded, then he offered her his little paw. Sheila took his hand and they walked over to Austin's bed, where she took a seat on the edge while he opted to climb back in and rest his head on the pillow. Wanting to cuddle her son, the young mother laid down beside him and he instantly snuggled into her side while she wrapped her arm around his small frame.

You had a long day today, didn't you Austin?” she noted, and the boy nodded. “Grandpa told me that you dirtied your pants today.”

I did, mama,” the boy admitted with a yawn. “It happened when me and Jimmy got off the bus.”

You couldn't hold it until you got inside?” she asked, and he shook his head no.

It wasn't poop,” Austin explained, then he gave his mom a guilty look before continuing. “It was cum.”

I saw that, honey,” she told him. “Your clothes were still in the washing machine.”

My butt had too much cum in it,” the boy revealed, looking at his mom's face for her reaction. “I dirtied my panties and it went into my pants, too. Grandpa made me take a shower because I was so stinky.”

How did that happen, honey?” she asked with a look of concern on her face, prompting Austin to admit to his dirty deeds at school.

I did it with a lot of boys,” he told her. “I felt really sexy today.”

Is that what happened here?” she asked, running her fingertip over his lips, which hadn't lost their puffiness since Stanley brought him inside.

Austin nodded his answer, then he reached back and rubbed his bottom through the white cotton fabric of his underwear and added, “It's what happened back here, too.”

How many boys were you with today, honey?” Sheila asked, and the boy bit his lower lip as he contemplated the answer. Realizing that he lost count, the youngster finally shrugged with a deep blush.

I don't remember, mom,” he said sheepishly.

How many men were you with today?” she asked guardedly, hoping that the answer was none. Unfortunately for Sheila, she knew better than that, so when Austin's blush deepened, she knew to brace herself for the answer.

Seven,” he told her, prompting her to sigh resignedly. “I felt horny when I woke up this morning, mommy.”

I see,” Sheila said in an even tone. “I supposed that's why you were so messy when you came home.”

I wanted to give head really bad,” Austin confessed with a boyish tone. “My butt was really horny, too.”

I know it was, sweetie,” she said in a sympathetic tone, stroking her son's soft head of hair. “I hope you got your fill today, Austin.”

I did everything today,” the boy said, nuzzling his head into the pillow.

It sounds like you enjoyed yourself,” Sheila noted, smiling at her son as he nodded his answer.

I was in the mood to lick buttholes,” he admitted, watching his mom's expression change. “That's why I was so stinky when I came home.”

Honey that's not a good idea,” she told him, but he only countered her argument by nodding his head.

I started licking buttholes in the morning and did it all day,” he said in a taunting tone that Sheila decided to ignore, but Austin didn't relent. “I like how they taste and how they stink.”

You can get sick doing that, sweetie,” she said in a neutral tone, but Austin shook his head in disagreement.

I never get sick when I eat buttholes out,” Austin challenged her. “It makes me feel sexy.”

I see, Austin,” she said, trying not to engage him, but it was too late.

The buttholes I ate today were dirty and stinky,” he boasted, watching her expression go from neutral to agitated. “I licked them until they were clean and didn't stink anymore.”

Well I hope you got it all out of your system, honey,” she said, trying to compose herself, but Austin shook his head no with a challenging look on his face.

I wish I was licking a dirty butt right now,” he declared, then he licked the roof of his mouth with a naughty smile and put the finishing touches on his shameless revelation. “The last butthole I licked out was my favorite of them all. It was the stinkiest and the dirtiest butt that I ate today. I can still taste it, mama.”

That's enough, Austin,” Sheila said in a short tone, giving her son a long, contemplative stare while he maintained eye contact. With a remorseful sigh, she steered the topic away from sex by asking him, “Are you hungry for some supper?”

Realizing that his mom was trying to change the subject, Austin responded by shaking his head no with a challenging expression and said, “My tummy's full of cum.”

Did you eat anything today?” she asked, once again trying to move on from the topic at hand, but the boy only seized the opportunity to taunt her with his answer.

Nodding his head with a naughty grin, the boy said, “I ate stinky buttholes today.”

Planting a kiss on her son's forehead, Sheila opted not to entertain the conversation any further and said, “Well, I know you're cranky because you had a long day. If you want something from the kitchen, let me know, baby.”

I'm not cranky,” Austin whined, aggravated that his mom wasn't responding to his taunting.

Are you sure, honey?” she asked, watching as he pouted her way. “Do you want to tell mommy what's on your mind?”

Maybe,” Austin pouted, looking at Sheila with puppy dog eyes.

Maybe?” she asked, raising an eyebrow at her boy.

Steven wasn't home today,” he complained. “I need to see him really bad.”

With that, Sheila rubbed her son's back and kissed his forehead while he let loose with a heavy sigh.

I don't think that's going to be a good idea tonight, honey,” she told him. “It looks like his mom and dad are home.”

Can't he come over here, mommy?” Austin asked in his sweetest voice, making his mother's heart melt even after his vicious display just moments earlier.

That's not a good idea either, baby,” she said quietly. “He probably won't want to come over while mommy's here.”

Maybe we can go in the garage,” Austin reasoned, looking at his mom's face for a reaction. “Or maybe we can go in the backyard. It won't take a long time.”

Instead of answering, Sheila once again kissed him on the forehead, then she got up and went downstairs to start supper for her son.

“Is Steven home?” Austin asked timidly, looking up at the tall man who had opened the door.

“Hey Austin,” Gregory said, stepping to the side to let the boy in. As soon as Austin was inside, he shut the door and knelt down to speak to the short 12 year old. “You just missed him, pal. He went to the store with his mom.”

With that, Austin felt his heart sink and he gave the man a distressed look. Just moments earlier, he'd looked out his bedroom window and spotted Steven's car in the driveway. Even more promising was the fact that the car belonging to Steven's mother was now gone. In most cases, this is his signal that the 19 year old is home alone and that it's safe to knock at his door. Seeing that the conditions looked optimal, the horny boy lubed his rear end up and stepped into his jeans. With a haphazard lace of his shoes, the youngster hurried to Steven's house, anxious to bend over for the teenager.

“Is everything okay, buddy?” the man asked, wrapping an arm around Austin's slumped shoulders with a look of concern.

“Yeah,” Austin said in a small voice, trying to mask his disappointment at missing his opportunity to see his stud. “Do you know what time Steven will be home?”

“Probably in about an hour, buddy,” the man said, smiling warmly at the boy. “You're really close to my Steven, aren't you?”

“Yeah,” Austin said, nodding at the same time while he cast his gaze on the man's concerned face.

“I can tell that you really wanted to see him,” Gregory noted, kneading Austin's boney shoulder with affection. “You were looking forward to spending some time with him, weren't you?”

“Yes sir,” Austin admitted, watching as the man smiled approvingly. “I guess I can come back tomorrow.”

“You know, you can stay and hang out with Mr. Longwood if you feel like it,” the man offered in a friendly tone, feeling his cock stiffen in his sweat pants. “Maybe we can get to know each other a little better.”

“Okay,” Austin said with a cute smile that sent a shiver through the man's loins, then he leaned into his older companion's embrace. “I'd like that a lot, Mr. Longwood.”

“Would you like to come to the garage with me, Austin?” the man asked, and the boy nodded eagerly. With a wink, the man stood up straight and took the youngster's hand, leading him through the house. Austin glanced at the massive erection that was sticking straight out through the man's black sweat pants and shivered hard, then he smiled up at his host. Without acknowledging the reason for the boy's smile, Gregory took Austin out to the garage, where the parts of his lawnmower engine were strewn about his work bench.

“So I understand that you and Steven are really, really close,” the man said, letting Austin walk ahead of him as they approached the work bench. Placing his hands on the boy's shoulders, he steered the 12 year old to a clear section of the bench and massaged him gently while Austin nodded his answer.

“I like spending time with him,” Austin admitted, letting the back of his head rest against the man's toned stomach.

“You two have a lot of fun, don't you?” Mr. Longwood observed, then he let his hands explore Austin's lithe torso.

“Yeah,” Austin said with a sigh, feeling his young body shiver with passion as the man's strong hands slipped under his tee shirt and slid up his chest.

“Would you like to have the same kind of fun with Mr. Longwood?””

“Uh huh,” Austin answered breathlessly. “I'd like that a lot.”

“So would I, buddy,” the man said, using his hands to grab the tails of Austin's shirt and pull it up over his head. Austin lifted his arms up so that his shirt would come off, then he felt the man's fingertips at his fly. Soon, his pants were unbuttoned and he tilted his head back, smiling up at his soon to be lover.

“Tell me what kind of fun you were looking for tonight, Austin,” the man instructed him as his jeans fell from his waist and bunched around his knees.

“I want to have fun back here,” the boy panted, reaching back with his hands and running them all over his underwear clad bubble butt. Taking his hands away from his rear end, the boy used them to fondle the man's throbbing package through the front of his sweats with a moan and added, “I want to suck this for you, too.”

“Is that what you do for my Steven?” the man asked, and Austin nodded.

“I like it a lot,” the boy admitted.

“Well, why don't you show Mr. Longwood how it's done?” the man encouraged him, and Austin's smile deepened as he turned to face the man. Reaching into his sweats, the boy pulled out a thick nine inches of man cock, shuddering visibly as soon as he had the meaty treat in his hand. With a look of hypnotic pleasure, the young cock hound squatted down far enough to put himself at eye level with Mr. Longwood's erection and wrapped his deep red lips around the head. His young body was burning with passion that registered on his face as he used his tongue to give the mushroom a long French kiss that made the man's toes curl.

“Oh, that's nice buddy,” the man encouraged him, prompting Austin to smile up at his lover before sliding his lips down the pole. From above, Gregory could hardly believe what he was witnessing as his shaft was swallowed in one fluid motion by the moaning 12 year old who looked enamored by the act. He reached down and ran his fingers through Austin's soft hair, earning him a purr of satisfaction from the cute boy whose nose smashed straight into his pubic mane.

As soon as Austin felt his nose press into his lover's man bush, he flexed the muscles in his throat by swallowing around the pole he had taken so deeply. Feeling Mr. Longwood's fingers tousling his hair filled him with pure desire and he responded to this by bobbing his head so that he could facilitate a deep throat fuck while his young body sizzled. He loved how long and thick the man's cock was and soon, thoughts of sucking it on a daily basis filled his naughty imagination. Using his hands, he cupped the man's heavy balls with a soft moan and started massaging them while he continued to deep throat the massive prick he was enjoying so much.

“You suck a really nice dick, buddy,” the man complimented him, making him beam inside as he cast his glistening eyes up at his lover's face. “I bet you'd like to do this all the time, wouldn't you?”

“Mhm,” Austin purred contentedly, his eyes trained on Mr. Longwood's gorgeous face.

“Do you want to stay where you are and suck cock or would you like to have Mr. Longwood tend to your other end?”

Feeling a horny swell of desire in his boy pussy, the 12 year old reluctantly pulled the long, thick pole out of his throat and slurped on the end while the man watched from above. As soon as it was out of his mouth, the gay youngster stood up straight and dropped his undies, letting them fall to a safe landing on top of his jeans. His hard little boner was standing straight up, pressed tight into his hairless pubic bone and tingling with pleasure as he turned to face away from Mr. Longwood and bent over.

Realizing how hot the boy was to be fucked in the ass, the man quickly placed his hands on the boy's naked rump. Using his thumbs to part Austin's buns and expose his horny boy pussy, the man felt a strong shiver roll through him when he caught site of the winking pucker.

“I'm lubed up already,” the little pro said, smiling over his shoulder when he saw the man's massive cock moving in the direction of his derriere.

With the lick of his lips, the man lined his pole up to Austin's hole, taking note of how much bigger the head of his cock was in comparison to the diameter of the tight looking sphincter he was pressing into. It seemed almost impossible to the man that he would be able to penetrate the undeniably boy sized pucker that was splayed before him. But with Austin biting his lower lip and moaning with desire, he was unable to stop himself from pressing forward. So, giving a firm push with his pelvis, he felt the high temperature of the boy's anus engulf the head of his cock. Through a shudder, he watched with disbelieving eyes as Austin's sphincter bloomed and his glans disappeared through the bright red ring. At the same time, an oven like heat encased his shaft as inch by inch, it was swallowed by the horny orifice.

The man's spell was broken by the sound of a deep sigh of relief that escaped Austin's lips and it suddenly dawned on him that his full length was buried up the boy's ass. He reached out and rubbed the small of Austin's back with a tender set of strokes while the boy's anal canal flexed continuously around his shaft. Letting his eyes wander up the boy's body, he saw that Austin's face was fixed with a dreamy smile that he knew well. It was the same dreamy smile that his wife gave him in bed when they enjoyed marital relations.

Knowing what to do next, the man began to slowly pull his shaft back, causing the sharp ridge of his crown to scratch the moist lining of Austin's boy pussy. When he felt the head of his cock drag across the boy's hard as steel prostate, he felt Austin's little body shake with pleasure. When he was close to pulling all the way out, the man reversed course, thrusting his length back inside of the boy and catching his prostate again. He felt Austin's bottom throb hard as he made his pass over the pleasure button, then the boy sighed again as Mr. Longwood's cock stimulated the nerve endings that lined his boy pussy.

Realizing that he knew exactly what to do with the boy, Gregory began a rhythmic in and out thrusting that made Austin moan gutturally. He could feel the boy's ass getting hotter and hotter as he fucked it deep. At the same time, a moist flow of ass juice began to course around his stalk just as the boy's legs started to shake. The realization that the boy was having an anal orgasm hit the man like a ton of bricks and he watched in awe as the boy came hard. It was the same way his wife always climaxed, but he could hardly believe he was seeing it in this 12 year old boy. Realizing now that he could make Austin shiver the way he made his wife shiver, Mr. Longwood used his pole to touch the deepest corners of the youngster's love tunnel.

As his top ravaged his boy pussy, Austin felt his body roaring with the flames of gay passion. His first climax happened in a matter of less than a minute, then it abated just long enough for a second tidal wave of orgasmic bliss to smash into the shore and carry him away. He could feel his rear end juicing with so much volume that he was sure there would be a puddle of ass juice on the floor, but he couldn't give up the cock that was making him moan like a harlot. Mr. Longwood's cock was working like a high powered machine, running back and forth along the walls of Austin's horny bottom with relentless strokes.

As his second climax began to wane, the hard cock in his ass strummed his boy clit again and set off another gusher in the 12 year old. The inward thrusts seemed to be gaining strength as he welcomed each one, plumbing deeper and deeper each time. The outward thrusts felt like they were building in intensity, punishing his juicing sphincter as it wrapped tighter and tighter around the hot, vein covered wand. His head was spinning with a brand of pleasure so delicious, so sinful that he found himself unable to focus on anything but the massive rod that was punishing his boy pussy. The heat and friction in his bottom felt wickedly decadent as he accepted thrust after luscious thrust.

Three minutes into their buttfuck, Mr. Longwood felt the unmistakeable pangs of his own climax. His balls were drawing tight to his body and his dick was burning with urgency. The cum was rising straight up his shaft at an unstoppable rate of speed and he knew that this was it. He looked down at Austin's face again, taking note of the boy's expression, which was frozen with a smile. Austin's eyes were shut tight and his arms were limp. The side of his head was resting on the surface of the man's workbench and his skin was covered in goosebumps.

Realizing that his work was done, the man tightened his grip on Austin's hips and quickened his pace, eager to feed the boy as many strokes as he could. When he felt his load beginning to erupt, he slid his pole all the way up Austin's ass and froze. Austin's lips seemed to curl into an even more satisfied smile while he pumped shot after thick, gooey shot of man sperm deep into the boy's rectum. He could feel his entire body shudder with almost uncontrollable pleasure, then he exhaled while his load began to run out around his cock. Looking down, he noticed that Austin's pucker was winking spasmodically around the base of his dick while it forced frothy spurts of cum from its depths.

“I'm pulling out now, buddy,” Mr. Longwood said, but Austin still seemed to be floating on a cloud. Placing his hand on the small of Austin's back, the man slowly slid his length out until the head emerged with a moist squelch. When he felt the massive prick slide out of his clutching chute, the satisfied boy quickly dropped to his knees and wrapped his lips around it, eager to suck it clean. His eyes were fixed with the same bedroom quality that they'd had all day as he sucked lustily on the pole that had brought him off over and over again. When he was sure that his top's cock was clean, he sucked on the man's balls with insatiable moans of desire while he smiled gratefully up at him.

“You're a horny little fellow, aren't you?” the man asked, and Austin nodded with a naughty grin. “You certainly know what to do with a cock.”

Pulling off of the man's balls, Austin sat on the backs of his legs and smiled up at him obediently and reached out with his hands, pulling his boxers and sweats back up. When Mr. Longwood reached down to help the boy to his feet, Austin grinned and accepted his top's gesture.

“Mr. Longwood?” the boy asked with a shy smile as he hiked his pants and underwear.

“Yes buddy?”

“Can I see you everyday now?”

“I think we can work something out, buddy,” the man said, making the boy beam outwardly.

“Mr. Longwood, can I see Steven tonight?”

“You really have the hots for my Steven, don't you?”

“Yeah, he's really cute,” Austin admitted shyly.

“How about if I let him know you were here to see him, buddy?” the man said with a warm smile. “Maybe I can send him your way.”

“I can see him in my garage,” Austin said with a hopeful inflection in his voice.

“I'll bet he'd like that a lot, kiddo,” the man said, gently running his fingers through Austin's hair. “You'd like that too, wouldn't you?”

“Yeah,” the boy nodded, smiling up at his top with stars in his eyes. “What time can I see you tomorrow?”

“How about if you meet me right here tomorrow at 7:30?”

“I'd like that,” Austin said with a grin. “Thank you for seeing me tonight, Mr. Longwood.”

“It was my pleasure, buddy,” the man said, kneeling down and wrapping an arm around Austin's frame.

“It was my pleasure, too,” Austin gushed, batting his eyes at the man.

“How about a little kiss before you go?” the man suggested, and Austin nodded furiously in agreement.

Wrapping his arms around his top's neck, the boy leaned in and locked lips with Mr. Longwood, then he tilted his head and opened his mouth. As soon as his lips parted, he felt the man's strong tongue snake into his mouth and he moaned femininely while he reciprocated the kiss. His head began spinning all over again and he felt his boy pussy quiver with delight, then Mr. Longwood dipped his body back and Austin's young body was gripped with an anal orgasm that struck without warning. His hot sphincter throbbed uncontrollably and a torrent of ass juice streamed along the lining of his love tunnel. Austin could feel the remainder of his top's load spurting from his bottom while he climaxed in his little boy ecstasy, then it all collected in the seat of his briefs and he panted with unchecked pleasure.

A minute later, they broke their kiss and Austin was starstruck. The smell of his boy pussy was powerful in the air while he gazed into his new lover's eyes, his expression one of sheer bliss.

“Such a sexy boy,” Mr. Longwood gushed while he petted Austin's smiling face. “You better get home and get yourself ready for my Steven. I'll have him text you when he gets home, okay buddy?”

“Okay,” the boy sighed with a dreamy smile. “Mr. Longwood?”

“Yeah kiddo?”

“I can't wait for next time.”

“Me either, buddy,” the man assured him, then he saw Austin to the front door with a soft peck on the lips.

Sheila had her arms crossed and a stern look on her face as Austin gave her a willful pout. The frustrated mother tried to keep her temper at bey but Austin was pushing her buttons.

“Austin, I want you to go to the laundry room and strip, then get upstairs and in the shower right now,” she said in an even tone, but the naughty 12 year old shook his head no. “I don't want to have to ask you again.”

“Why do I have to go now?” Austin demanded, looking up at her for an explanation. “I'm hungry for dinner.”

“You can have your supper when you get out of the shower, Austin,” Sheila said firmly, but the boy wasn't budging. “Austin, I want you to do what you're told before I have to ground you for the rest of the night.”

“But I didn't do anything wrong,” the boy said with a frustrated, almost pleading look. Seeing that his mother was holding firm, the boy sobbed and gave his mother a hurt expression as he cried out, “Why do you hate me?”

Austin and Sheila had been locked in this current battle of wills for nearly five minutes. It started when Austin emerged from the garage after a satisfying 15 minutes with his 19 year old lover Steven. True to his word, Mr. Longwood instructed his boy to text Austin upon his return. Seeing that his window of opportunity was now wide open, the horny boy went to the garage and greeted his top. Much like he had for Mr. Longwood, Austin eagerly dropped his drawers and bent over for his stud. After a three minute butt fucking that gave him two boygasms and made his boy pussy queef loudly, Austin was seeded deep and spent a luscious afterglow licking and sucking Steven's talented cock,

Much to Austin's delight, the virile 19 year old didn't protest at all when he posted up at his back door and gave him a deep rim job that made them both shiver. Indeed, it simply hastened the moment that Steven was able to once again rise to the occasion, which was Austin's plan all along. Of course, he took nothing but pleasure in licking the hot sphincter of his stud, grateful for the opportunity to eat another delicious ass.

When the horny 12 year old sat on the old couch and pulled his knees to his chest, Steven wasted little time in pummeling his gaping boy pussy for a second time. Five minutes later, Austin's stud pulled out and the boy opened wide, taking the bulk of his top's load down the throat. The naughty 12 year old treated himself to the last of his lover's load by taking it on the face, then he painted cum trails across his forehead and massaged strands into his hair.

When he went back inside, Sheila was exasperated at the site of her son covered in sperm. Even more distressing to the young lady was the fact that the seat of Austin's jeans were soaked with cum and ass juice that he expelled into them at the conclusion of his earlier romp in the Longwood's garage. Dinner was on the table but Austin was in no condition to sit down and eat, so the concerned mother instructed him to go clean up. Defiantly, Austin shook his head no and the battle was on.

Five minutes later it ended with Austin's fractured feelings and Sheila felt incredibly guilty. Trying to reason with her son, she followed him to the laundry room and made her case.

“Honey I don't hate you,” she pleaded, but the tearful little tart didn't speak to her as he kicked his shoes off and pulled his shirt off over his head. “I know you've had a long day and you're feeling cranky. I want you to get cleaned up and sit at the table like a well behaved boy.”

“I'm not a well behaved boy!” Austin demanded, unbuttoning his jeans and letting them fall to the floor. As soon as the seat of his cum matted briefs came into view, Sheila gasped and a shocked expression crossed her face while Austin pouted over his shoulder. Seeing his mother's dismay at the site of his soiled briefs, he taunted her again. “A well behaved boy doesn't dirty his pants with cum!”

“Take those off honey and we'll get you showered,” she said in a soothing tone, but Austin wasn't done.

“I have another big cum load up my butt,” he said in a cruel tone, pointing his sopping rear end in Sheila's direction. “Maybe I'll save it for later so I can dirty my pants again.”

“That's fine, honey,” she said in a soft tone, not wanting to escalate the fight with her son. Unfortunately, Austin was ready to push her buttons with another taunt.

“It felt really good to have Steven pump it up my butt,” Austin said with a naughty inflection in his voice. “It felt so good that after he was finished I licked his dirty butthole out.”

“That's enough, Austin,” Sheila said, but the defiant little boy shook his head no.

“Guess what it smelled like and tasted like,” he challenged her, frowning when she shook her head no.

“Just get undressed, honey,” she said in a neutral tone, but once again Austin disregarded her attempt to diffuse the situation.

“It was poop,” he said with a naughty smile, watching Sheila's face register dismay. “I'm licking more dirty buttholes tomorrow.”

“I asked you to finish undressing,” she told him, her face now betraying the angst that she was experiencing. Almost satisfied, Austin pulled his cum and ass juice soaked undies off of his hips and let them fall to the floor while he continued his cruel taunt.

“After I ate Steven's stinky butthole I took it up the butt again,” he bragged, then he reached back and pulled his buns apart, revealing his cum coated sphincter to his mom while he smiled mischievously over his shoulder. “It felt good and he did me for a long time. Instead of pumping his cum into my butthole he took his boner out and I sucked it for him.”

“Step out of those underwear Austin,” Sheila said with a short tone while her son continued to taunt her.

“That's how I got cum on my face and in my hair,” he boasted, still holding his buns so that his crevice was wide open. “His boner tasted like my butthole and I loved it. Even after I swallowed his cum I could taste my dirty, stinky butthole.”

With that, the boy let his buns close and stepped out of his briefs. He picked them up off of the floor and held them up for his mom to see, then he planted his nose in the cum matted seat and shivered while his hairless little boner stood straight up. Finally, he handed them to his mom and watched her toss his clothes into the washing machine, then she took him by the arm and led him up the stairs to the bathroom like a toddler.

“You do hate me!” Austin cried as she guided him to the bathroom.

“No, I don't,” she insisted as she steered him into the bathroom and started the water. “I love you very much, honey, but I don't like the way you're behaving right now.”

“I'm saving the other cum load for later!” Austin wept in a final show of defiance as Sheila manually led him to the tub and watched him get into the shower.

When Austin got out of the shower he made a beeline for his room and slammed the door while a visibly shaken Sheila poured herself a drink. Thirty minutes later Austin appeared before her in the living room with red, puffy eyes and a quivering lower lip. He was dressed in nothing but a pair of white briefs and was holding his pink bear tight to his bare chest. The site of her sobbing boy was too much for Sheila to take and she quickly gathered him up in her arms and held him in her lap while he cried on her shoulder.

“I'm sorry mama,” the boy wept. “I didn't mean to be so bad today.”

“It's alright, honey,” Sheila said in a soothing tone while she rocked her boy back and forth. “I know you have a lot of feelings inside of you that you can't help.”

“Are you ashamed of me?” Austin asked, then he felt his mom kiss his cheek while she shushed him gently.

“Mommy would never be ashamed of you, honey,” she told him.

“Even though I licked dirty buttholes?” he asked with an anguished whine. He felt his mother's embrace tighten around his small frame and listened while she spoke.

“Even though you licked dirty buttholes, honey,” she assured him. “Do you know why you did that?”

“I wanted to do it, mommy,” Austin said in a small voice. “Sometimes I think about it a lot and I feel horny.”

“I see, honey,” she said, still rocking his frame gently. “What do you like about it?”

“What I told you earlier,” Austin admitted, looking at the wall while his mom rocked him to and fro. “I like how they taste and how they smell. Does that make you mad at me?”

“No baby,” she told him, kissing his forehead. “I'm sorry if I made you feel like mama was mad at you for that.”

“I thought you were,” Austin told her, sniffling loudly and wiping tears from his eyes. “Were you mad at me for seeing Steven tonight?”

“No sweetie, I wasn't,” Sheila said. “I just wanted you to get cleaned up before coming to the table.”

“I thought you were ashamed of me for being with Steven in our garage,” Austin said, nuzzling his head into Sheila's shoulder.

“I don't ever want you to think I'm ashamed of you, Austin,” she told him.

“Is grandpa going to babysit me again tomorrow? Austin asked hopefully.

“Yes he is, honey,” she said, kissing him on the cheek. “Do you like having grandpa babysit you?”

Austin nodded his answer, then he said, “I wish I could see grandpa everyday.”

“You love your grandpa, don't you honey?” Sheila asked. Once again, the little boy nodded his answer, but this time he purred contentedly in her embrace. “Tell mama what you like most.”

“I just feel special when I'm with grandpa,” the boy said listlessly, his eyes getting heavy while he rested his head on Sheila's shoulder. He felt her hug him tight, then she rubbed his back quietly for a moment while he started to drift off.

“Did grandpa lay those panties out for you yesterday?” she asked in a warm tone, and Austin nodded happily. “You enjoy wearing panties, don't you?”

“Yeah, but I went potty in my panties today and had to wear boy undies home,” Austin revealed in a half slumber.

“The panties you wore to school?” Sheila asked gently, but Austin shook his head no.

“The panties I wore to grandpa's,” Austin said, fighting for control over his eyelids while Sheila raised an eyebrow.

“Did you dirty those panties, honey?” she asked, and Austin nuzzled his head into her shoulder.

“No I peed in them,” he told her. “Grandpa said not to worry and he put them in the wash for me.”

“That's nice, honey,” she said, stroking his soft head of brown hair. “Did you and grandpa have a shower after that?”

By now losing the battle for consciousness, the little boy simply nodded his answer into Sheila's shoulder.

“Do you like taking showers with grandpa?” she asked him in a gentle tone, and Austin nodded with a contented sigh. “Tell mama what you like best about it, baby.”

Instead of a verbal reply, Austin moaned softly and Sheila knew that she didn't have to question her boy further. Taking a deep breath, she let the reality of what she was told sink in while she held her sleeping son close. Looking closer at his lips, she noted that they were starting to regain their normal shape less than an hour after Steven went home. She thought about the middle school dicks that her son admitted to sucking, knowing that they wouldn't have had the girth to cause his lips to swell the way they had. She was also painfully aware that there weren't seven teachers in Austin's entire middle school who were having sex with her boy.

“Let's get you to bed, baby,” Sheila said, taking Austin by the armpits and standing up so that she could carry him up the stairs. When he wrapped his little legs around her waist she kissed him on the cheek and rubbed his back while they moved up the stairs.

“You had a lot of fun at grandpa’s house today, didn't you honey?” she noted, and the sleeping little boy nodded. “Did you wet your panties while you were having fun?”

Austin nodded again, so she cupped the back of his head and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

“Did you get laid at grandpa's house?” she asked with a soft tone, watching as her son nodded. “Did you give head at grandpa's house, too?”

Once again, Austin nodded his answer while he snored lightly on his mom's shoulder with a sleepy smile. Knowing what the answer to her next question would be, she asked anyway.

“Did you lick buttholes at grandpa's house, baby?”

“Mhmm,” the little boy moaned, and Sheila kissed him lovingly on the side of his head as she carried him into his room. When he was tucked under his covers, she handed him his plush teddy bear with a rainbow that spanned its tummy and kissed him goodnight, then she smiled down at him and spoke.

“I love you, Austin,” she said softly.

“I love you too, mommy,” Austin sighed in his sleep. “Will grandpa be here when I get home from school tomorrow?”

“Would you like that, baby?” she asked, and the little boy nodded as he curled up into the fetal position and cuddled his bear. “Then I promise you that grandpa will be here tomorrow, honey.”

With that, Sheila got up and turned Austin's nightlight on, then she turned off the overhead light and went back downstairs for a nightcap.

To Be Continued? Let me know.


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