The Trouble with Austin, a story by Josh Terrence


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A Boyslut Wants His Panties~

At 6:45 in the morning, the mood in the house was incredibly stressfull. Sheila had to rouse her little boy out of a deep slumber and found herself dealing with a very cranky Austin. After guiding him to the bathroom so that he could drain his morning bladder, the single mother took him back to his room, where an unpopular revelation triggered a full blown meltdown.

But I don't want to wear white undies!” Austin protested while Sheila tried to reason with him. “I'm not going to school without my panties on!”

Honey, your panties won't be dry before you get on the bus,” she explained in a somewhat flustered voice, but the willful 12 year old wouldn't hear it.

Why did you wait so long to put them in the dryer?” he demanded, clearly frustrated that his only option at the moment was to leave the pair of white briefs he was wearing intact and carry on with his morning routine.

I'm sorry, sweetie, but you're the one who keeps wetting and messing your clothes,” she told him, prompting him to cross his arms and pout up at her. “Now I need you to get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast.”

I'm not hungry,” Austin wept, his eyes filling with tears and his expression one of frustration. Seeing that her little boy was in the midst of a morning tantrum, the concerned mother tried a different approach.

Baby, I'm sorry you don't have any dry panties to wear to school,” she said gently, kneeling down to place herself at eye level with her son. “What can mommy do to make it better?”

Nothing,” he cried, then he threw his short, skinny arms around her neck and gave into his tantrum with an extended series of sobs while she hugged him and rubbed his bare back. Sensing that he wasn't going to calm down anytime soon, she secured his legs with her right forearm and stood up, lifting him into a bear hug while she planted a kiss on his tear streaked face. When he started to calm down, she slowly rocked his little frame from side to side while she talked softly to him.

Okay, honey,” she said, her voice soothingly gentle. “You know, you're getting to be a big boy for mama to have to do this with you. I'm sure Jimmy doesn't want to see you crying this morning when you get on the bus with him.”

I wanted to wear my panties, mommy,” Austin whined, then he sniffled while his mom wiped the tears from his face.

I know you did, honey,” she said softly, giving him another kiss on the cheek. “Let's get you dressed, and tomorrow you'll have a clean pair of panties to wear to school, okay?”

Can I change into my panties after school?” Austin asked in a small voice, and Sheila nodded with a loving smile.

With that, Austin slid down to his feet, then he crawled back into his bed and sat cross legged while Sheila went to his dresser and fetched an outfit for him to wear. Cooperating with his mom, the puffy eyed little scamp raised his arms when she rolled his shirt up so that she could slide it over his head. When she produced a pair of jeans, the cute little boy laid flat on his back and let her pull them up his legs, then he lifted his midsection and she snapped his button and zipped his fly. He watched from his prone position in his bed while she rolled his socks onto his small feet, then he smiled when she helped him sit up and offered to hold his hand while they went downstairs for breakfast.

With less than five minutes before they both had to be out the door, Sheila placed their dishes in the sink and instructed Austin to put his shoes on and go to the bathroom. While he was stepping into his sneakers, a buzzer went off in the laundry room, alerting him to the fact that his panties were dry. Giving his mom a hopeful gaze, the little scamp's hopes were dashed when she told him, “We don't have time for that, Austin.”

Why not?” he demanded, but she held firm.

You're going to miss your bus, honey,” she told him, but he wasn't backing down.

I want to wear my panties,” he said, giving her a willful pout while she looked expectantly down at him. Instead of continuing to tie his shoes, the naughty boy stepped out of them and started to the laundry room with his mother hot on his heels.

Austin, I said no!” she shouted, grabbing his shoulder and turning him so that he was facing her way. As soon as he turned her way, he gave her a challenging look, then he looked down at the front of his jeans. Following his gaze, she set her eyes on his crotch just in time to see a large wet patch forming, then it spread rapidly down the insides of both pant legs. While he was wetting his pants, he looked back up at her and met her gaze while he finished his act of defiance, seeing the disbelief on his mother's face.

I said I wanted to wear panties!” he exclaimed while a yellow puddle formed on the tile floor around his feet. Taking a deep breath and shutting her eyes for a moment, Sheila went to her purse and took her cell phone out so that she could call her job and let them know that she was going to be late. Her next call was to her brother, who was working a rare day shift for someone else at his own place of work. Realizing that she was out of options, she got on the phone and called her dad.

Dad, I need your help,” she said, her voice filled with angst. “Austin isn't going to school today because he just peed his pants.”

Did he have an accident?” he asked in a concerned tone, and Austin watched his mom give him a neutral look and shake her head.

He didn't have an accident, he's throwing a tantrum,” she explained. “I'm getting ready to put him in the tub right now, but I have an appointment in an hour and I can't afford to be late.”

I'm on my way, honey,” he assured her, then they hung up the phone and Sheila began the process of sorting out her son's wet pants.

Without a word, the frustrated young mother peeled her son's soaked socks off of his feet, then she lifted him up under his arms and held him away from her body while she transported him up the stairs. Setting him down in the bathroom, she ran a bath while Austin stood by and watched with a naughty pout. While the tub was filling up, she began stripping him down to his birthday suit. Instead of waiting for him to cooperate this time, she manually guided his arms and legs so that she could get his clothes off, then she led him to the tub and let him soak while she bundled his wet pants and underwear in a towel and carried them out of the bathroom. After wiping up the puddle downstairs, she rejoined her son in the bathroom and took a seat on the closed toilet lid.

Austin, honey, why did you pee your pants?” she asked in a calm, collected voice that she had to struggle to find.

I told you I didn't want to wear my white undies to school,” he muttered, sensing his mother's angst.

You couldn't have waited until you got home to wear your panties?” she asked, and he shook his head no with a pout. “Honey you're not always going to get your way. You can't just throw tantrums like this when you're upset with mommy.”

But the dryer was ready,” he whined, watching as his mom took a deep breath and exhaled while she shook her head in disapproval. “Am I going to get in trouble?”

You're going to spend the day in your room,” she said matter of factly, and the little boy gave her a distressed look. “You made mommy late for work and you're missing a whole day of school. I want you to think about what you did.”

That's not fair!” he whined, then tears started to form in his eyes. “I don't have to think about what I did!”

Are you sorry?” she asked, and he willfully shook his head no, crossing his arms again. “Then you need to think about why you did it and what you should have done instead.”

The reason I only peed my pants was because I didn't have to poop!” he challenged her with a sob, then he gave into his crying again while she put her head in her hands and massaged her temples. Finally she stood up and walked out of the bathroom to Austin's room, where she laid out a dry set of undies and pajamas for him to get into after his bath.

When Stanley arrived, Austin was in his room crying while Sheila was gathering her purse, cell phone and laptop case for work. The two of them went upstairs, where the inconsolable little tart was laying in his bed with tears streaming down his face. Sheila tried to kiss him goodbye but he turned his head so that she would miss, so she planted a kiss on his forehead instead and got up while her dad followed her to the door.

I want him to stay in his room, dad,” she instructed him. “And I don't want him having Jimmy over this afternoon, either.”

Aren't you being a little rough on him, honey?” Stanley asked, and his daughter flashed him an angry look that caught him off guard.

He's in trouble, dad,” she said slowly but clearly. “Please do not let him leave his room unless it's to eat or to go to the bathroom.”

That's fine, honey,” he said in an even tone, watching as she collected her stuff.

She planted a kiss on his cheek and told him, “When I get home from work today, I want to sit down and talk to you about something else.”

Something else?” he asked, and she once again flashed him an angry look that sent a chill down his spine. Disregarding her demeanor as aggravation from her encounter with Austin, the man nodded and said, “That's fine, honey. Have a good day at work.”

It's already ruined,” she said coldly, then she walked out the door without another word and drove off.

As soon as his daughter's car was out of site, the older man went back inside and closed the door. Upstairs, Austin could hear his mother pull away and then heard his grandpa close the front door, so the youngster gathered up his favorite teddy bear and cuddled it close as he made his way down the stairs. Seeing Austin's sad expression melted the man's heart, and he quickly gathered the emotional boy up in his arms and rocked him like a baby on the couch.

You know, your mommy's just frustrated, buddy,” Stanley said in a tender tone, and Austin nodded slowly. “Tell grandpa what happened.”

I wanted to wear my panties to school but she wouldn't let me,” he sobbed, prompting his grandpa to kiss him on the cheek. “So I got mad at her and peed my pants so that she would have to change me. But instead of giving me my panties she made me wear white undies again.”

With that, the little boy fell into another set of sobs while his grandpa held him close and rubbed his back with a soothing touch. While he was hiding in his grandpa's arms, the gay youngster went on.

She was really mean to me last night, too,” he tattled. “She wouldn't let me eat my supper because I got laid in the garage and ate Steven's butthole out.”

Mommy told you that you couldn't eat supper?” the man asked doubtfully, raising an eyebrow while he waited for Austin to expand on his story.

Well, maybe she said that I had to take a shower first,” the youngster admitted in a small voice. “But I didn't want to!”

With that, the cranky little boy gave into his crying again while Stanley rocked him back and forth, planting sweet kisses on his face and trying to calm the youngster down. Finally, as Austin's crying began to subside, Stanley took a tried and true approach with his grandson.

You're a cranky baby today, aren't you honey?” Stanley noted, and Austin nodded sadly. “But you know what? You're grandpa's cranky baby, and I love you.”

I love you too, grandpa,” the boy said, still a little teary eyed but still offering his grandpa a smile that melted the man's heart. “Are you mad at me for being naughty this morning?”

No sweetie, I'm not,” he assured the little scamp, wiping the remaining tears from his eyes. “Would you like a little kiss?”

Uh huh,” Austin nodded, watching as Stanley puckered up, then doing the same so that he could accept a kiss. As soon as their lips met, Stanley's tongue slipped into Austin's mouth and the boy cooed, his eyes fluttering as he luxuriated in a deep French kiss. When the two broke their kiss, Austin sighed and said, “Thank you, grandpa.”

Do you feel better now, sweetie?” he asked, and Austin nodded with an adorable smile. “How about if grandpa gets you out of those jammie bottoms and those boy undies? Would you enjoy that?”

Yeah,” Austin said with a shy grin, gazing up into his grandpa's eyes while his little body was rocked from side to side.

Leaning down and planting a tender kiss on the end of Austin's nose, the man stood up and carried his grandson back upstairs, gently laying him flat on his back while the boy smiled with a wondrous gaze. Seeing Austin's expression of marvel and love filled the man with pure lust and he responded to this by leaning down and planting a deep, tongue filled kiss on his grandson's mouth that made them both moan.

While he was accepting his grandpa's deep kiss, the resourceful 12 year old reached under his pillow and produced a bottle of lube that he had stored for just such an occasion. Handing the bottle to his grandpa, Austin lifted his short, skinny legs and encouraged the man to pull his jammies and his boy briefs down. As soon as he was naked from the waist down, the little boy broke his kiss with Stanley and pulled his knees to his chest, watching with hungry eyes while the man popped the cap on the lube and poured some into his hand.

Austin let go of a long, boyish moan when he felt the familiar touch of his grandpa's finger pushing through his experienced anal ring. Seeing the blissful smile that his grandson was giving him, the man felt compelled to plant another long kiss on Austin's mouth while he finger fucked the boy. While he was treating the boy to a thorough strumming of his boy pussy, Austin's little dick stood up like a statue, pointing at the ceiling while his eyes sparkled with life.

When Stanley pulled his middle finger from Austin's hole, he unbuttoned his trousers and unleashed his man cock while the boy watched with animated eyes. As soon as it sprang free from the confines of his boxers, Austin's mouth started to water and he instinctively pulled his legs further back, exposing his horny hole for penetration. Seeing that the little guy was hot for it, Stanley crawled into the bed and placed the head of his prick right at Austin's gaping entrance, then he slipped in with one effortless push.

As Stanley's man shaft slid into his tight rectum, Austin let loose with a deep, satisfied sigh and his expression melted into a smile. When his pubic bush smashed into Austin's crevice, the man felt the boy's incredibly tight orifice throb around his manhood and let go of a sigh of his own. Seeing that the little boy was smiling up at him, Stanley lovingly petted the youngster's soft forehead, then he caressed his cheek and spoke to him.

Is that better, honey?” the man asked, and Austin nodded with stars in his expressive young eyes. “How about another kiss before grandpa starts?”

Okay, grandpa,” Austin practically sang, then he puckered up and accepted his grandpa's deep kiss. Soon, he was moaning softly into Stanley's mouth while he let his heels come to rest against the man's chest, loving how the heat of his shaft radiated against the walls of his boy pussy. When they broke their kiss, Stanley began to thrust with gentle but meaningful strokes.

Is this what my cranky baby needs?” Stanley asked in a soothing tone while Austin gazed up at him with a dreamy smile.

Yeah,” the boy sighed, watching with the same wondrous gaze that he had just moments before as Stanley reached down and picked up the boy's pink teddy bear and handed it to him.

We're going to get you in a fresh pair of panties that you can run around in all day, sugar,” the man assured him. “Will that make you a happy baby?”

Once again, the boy was taken with his grandfather's show of love and affection for him, and as he cuddled his teddy bear to his chest, the little guy could only sigh, “Yeah.”

That's all grandpa wants for you, Austin,” the man told him, feeding him stroke after deep stroke of hard, satisfying cock. “I love you so much, baby.”

I love you too, grandpa,” the little boy cooed, his head spinning with so much pleasure that his anal orgasm snuck up from behind and gripped him before he could prepare for it.

From above, Stanley watched as his little grandson climaxed hard. His cock was being punished by the boy's rectum, which was clenching down almost violently as the youngster achieved his ecstasy. His miniature sized boner was twitching erratically while he gave the man a labored, almost helpless look from the pillow. His little chest was heaving up and down and his toes were curling so hard that they were bunching up the man's shirt and pulling it away from his chest.

Undaunted, Stanley kept his pace up, eager to pleasure the pint sized cutie he loved so much. He knew that his own orgasm was just around the bend, but unlike Austin, he could see it on the horizon. Driven by his intense feeling of love and devotion to the gay 12 year old, as well as the lust that was stirring in his loins, the man leaned down and planted a final kiss on Austin's mouth. As soon as his grandfather's tongue entered his mouth, Austin gave off a high pitch whine and wrapped his small arms around Stanley's neck. His eyes were fluttering with joy and his face bore the evidence of his ultimate rapture. The man's shaft seemed to be growing bigger and getting hotter in his boy pussy, adding to his bliss as he reveled in the deep butt fuck he was taking.

As he neared the end of his rope, Stanley took care to make the experience as pleasurable as he could for Austin. Knowing his grandson's penchant for having hot cum loads planted in his bottom, the man dutifully obliged by feeding the boy deep strokes right to the very end, then he buried his long shaft all the way in the youngster's chute and let his orgasm erupt. As his load spewed forth, he spotted a smile in Austin's eyes that melted his heart and he responded by kissing his grandson with even more vigor.

For his part, Austin loved taking his grandpa's load up the butt while at the same time, accepting his romantic, delicious kiss. As the hot, gooey love potion filled his sated rear end, the little boy felt his ecstasy erupt all over again and a second boygasm flowed through his system. Stanley's tongue was dancing in his mouth the entire time, adding to the feeling of gay romance that was sweeping him off of his feet. With a moist, delicious tongue in his mouth and a cum firing cock in his bottom, the 12 year old felt so much love for his grandpa that he never wanted the moment to end.

When the pair finally let their lips and tongues disengage, Austin smiled up at Stanley and declared, “I love you, grandpa.”

I love you too, baby,” Stanley said, then he planted a kiss on Austin's lips while he eased his still rock hard prick from the boy's rectum. When Stanley collapsed beside Austin on the bed, the devoted bottom quickly scrambled to get between his legs and wrapped his lips tight around the massive pleasure stick with a smile. The man watched with pride while his horny grandson deepthroated the massive prick that had just been up his ass. Realizing that his erection wasn't going to wane anytime soon, the loving grandfather reached out and ran his fingers through Austin's light brown hair, earning him a grin from the sated boy.

You love sucking on grandpa's pole, don't you baby?” the man observed, and Austin nodded eagerly. “Would you like to stay where you are and suck a load from grandpa's balls?”

Once again, Austin nodded eagerly, so the man lovingly caressed his grandson's bulging cheeks and let him carry on. Ten minutes later, Stanley's load erupted and Austin was treated to a thick mouthful of cum that he savored and swallowed with a satisfied sigh. With the load now in his tummy, he collapsed in his grandpa's arms, his young body shivering with pure pleasure while he snuggled into the man's chest.

Are you ready for those panties now, baby?” the man asked, and Austin nodded while he grinned at his grandpa. “No more cranky baby, huh?”

No more cranky baby, grandpa,” Austin assured him with an adorable smile. “Grandpa?”
“Yes, sugar?”

Am I still in trouble for peeing my pants?” he asked in a small voice.

You're not in trouble with grandpa, buddy,” Stanley told him.

Is mommy still mad at me?” the boy asked with a searching look on his innocent face.

I bet if we called her and let you talk to her, she'd be very happy to hear from you, Austin,” the man surmised, ruffling his grandson's hair. “How about if we give her a little bit of time to get some work done, then we'll call her on her cell?”

Okay grandpa,” Austin smiled, then he puckered up and planted a kiss on his grandpa's lips. “I love you.”

I love you too, baby,” the man said affectionately.

Can I go see Steven this morning?” the boy asked hopefully, then he felt his grandpa kiss him on the end of his nose.

Of course you can, baby,” the man told him. “I bet you can't wait to show off your tight bottom in a pair of sexy panties.”

Can I have my pink panties, grandpa?” the boy practically pleaded, and the man couldn't deny his gay grandson what he wanted.

When Austin was dressed in his pink panties, he put on a show for his grandpa by prancing around the living room with a naughty smile. He was sure to let his hips sway from side to side in an enticing manner while he reached back and grabbed a handful of his own buns, making them jiggle in his panties. When he saw his grandpa's amused smile, he sauntered over and hung his satisfied rear end out toward the man, then he grinned over his shoulder and used his tongue to make a wet fart sound. Stanley responded by giving the boy a playful swat on his pantied bottom, then he lifted Austin onto his lap and they cuddled close while they watched TV.

Austin's panties were rolled up around his knees, which was as far down as they could go at the moment. That was because the horny little boy was in the doggy style position on Steven's bed, watching over his shoulder with a breathless look of desire as he accepted deep strokes of his lover's cock. His hard little pecker was standing straight up, pressed so tight against his hairless pubic bone that it looked embedded in the skin. His fists were bunched tight around two handfuls of Steven's bedspread and his toes were curling over and over again.

His bare bottom was sticking straight up in the air as he received Steven's hard prick over and over again. His young body was reeling with the pleasure that he was feeling at the moment, a pleasure so intense that he could barely process it all. His much sought after butt fucking was currently in its ninth minute and showed no signs of abating anytime soon. In fact, Steven seemed to have an extraordinary level of endurance this morning. The beneficiary of that increased level of endurance was 12 year old Austin, whose rear end was in a heightened state of arousal when he knocked at the front door of the Longwood residence at 10am sharp.

As soon as Steven let him in, the horny little scamp made a play for the 19 year old's cock by fishing it out of his sweats and wrapping his plump lips around its crown. For five uninterrupted minutes, the pint sized sex pot moaned around Steven's long, thick shaft with an indulgent smile while he took its full length in his throat over and over. While he was sucking dick for his teenaged stud, the naughty little truant could feel his boy pussy aching for penetration and was keen to drop his drawers by the front door and bend over. But his lust for Steven's cock was so strong that he found himself unable to pull himself away from the blow job he was giving.

When the promise of a thick, potent load filling his mouth was realized, the gay 12 year old swallowed every drop of his lovers teen sperm with a satisfied sigh. Anxious to have his bottom flooded with a load of its own, the horny tart put the moves on his stud and quickly found himself in the doggy style position on Steven's bed. With an eager smile, Austin watched his stud place the bulbous head of his prick up to his pucker, causing his small frame to shiver with desire.

When Steven pushed his glans through the already lubed up entrance of his young lover, he felt the boy's anal muscles clamp down hard while a moist sensation gripped his cock. Before he could come to terms with what was happening, Austin's sphincter opened up and his cock was swallowed whole. His pubic bush smashed into the boy's deep crevice with force, then he took charge of the situation by grabbing onto the boy's supple buns and holding them tight. When he began to feed the youngster thrusts of his hard rod, he felt Austin's bottom squeeze his shaft with a set of contractions that never ceased. Realizing that the boy was in the midst of a sudden climax, the 19 year old met the challenge with a determined effort and a series of unrelenting cock strokes that sank deep in Austin's tight bottom.

Ten minutes later, after having given the boy multiple anal orgasms, Steven could feel the pangs of his own climax signaling the end of their union. Austin's expression was one of sheer hunger as he luxuriated in the thorough back door service that he was receiving. When he arrived, the young bottom still had the pleasant aroma of soap from his morning soak in the tub after wetting his jeans and underwear in defiance. But with his deep butt fucking almost a fait accompli the boy's rear end was filling the room with a dark, rich stink that was dancing around Steven's head. Austin could smell it too, but he was far too enamored with the performance of his stud to concern himself with the odor at the moment.

Giving into his own pleasures after a marathon session of anal sex, young Steven Longwood buried his pole all the way up Austin's clutching chute and let his sperm fill the boy's rectum. Realizing that his wish to have a hot load planted deep in his bottom was coming true, Austin bit his lower lip and moaned with the certainty of a true bottom boy. As his seed was squirting into the boy's tight rear end, Steven wondered to himself if Austin would be back for another coupling. Given his stellar performance this morning, Steven thought, the boy would certainly hurry back to see him as soon as the need arose.

When Steven pulled out of his boy pussy, the sated boy rolled over and sat up, anxious to suck and lick his top's equipment clean. He had a greedy smile on his face as he systematically sought out and consumed every single strand of cum he could find. In the process, he was treated to a sheen of ass juice that coated Steven's entire length while the scent of his well serviced bottom rolled off of his body.

When his stud's cock and balls were clean, the willing young bottom scrambled to get behind the 19 year old so he could eat at his back door. For his efforts, Austin was rewarded with a feast fit for a young prince. He used his eager tongue to lap away at the sweaty sphincter belonging to his lover while he enjoyed deep, satisfying whiffs of the rear end that his smiling face was buried in. Before abandoning his tasty rim job, the hot to trot 12 year old used three fingers to rub the outer layer of Steven's brown eye, then he dug back in for another full minute with his tongue.

When it was over, he pulled his panties up and stepped into his jeans while Steven watched from the bed. Anxious to show his lover how much he enjoyed their union, the cute little boy treated his 19 year old beau to a long hug and a kiss on the cheek. Steven was pleased to receive this gesture of affection from the young bottom and responded with a long hug of his own. When they separated, Austin blushed and gave his stud a shy smile, then he offered the teenager his hand for the walk downstairs.

As they strolled hand in hand, Austin's satisfied rear end was slowly swaying from side to side while its dark stink permeated his jeans. At the door, the gay 12 year old wrapped his arms around Steven's waist for one last hug, then he promised to return for more fun before walking home to report to his grandpa.

Stanley was seated on the recliner when a starry eyed Austin walked into the house with a hard grin on his face. When he spotted the youngster's sparkling expression, the man smiled with satisfaction and beckoned his grandson over to him. With his own indulgent smile, Austin made a beeline for the chair and leaned into Stanley for a hug while the man rubbed his back.

Did you enjoy your visit, honey?” the man asked, holding his sniffing nose up to Austin's brown bangs for a whiff while the 12 year old nodded in the affirmative. “Whose bottom am I smelling?”

Steven's,” the little boy said with a mischievous smile, then he reached back with both hands and gave his own plump bottom a soft squeeze. “My butthole stinks, too.”

I can tell that you got it worked out really good, Austin,” Stanley said. “Did you get your itch scratched?”

Uh huh,” the gay youngster said, his husky voice laced with a carnal inflection that Stanley could pick up on right away. “I hope I can go over there and see him again.”

I think we can work something out, baby boy,” Stanley assured him, planting a loving kiss on his cheek and running his large hands down to the boy's buns so that he could feel them up. “Are you all set for now?”

Feeling his grandpa's talented hands groping his well serviced bottom filled Austin with a new brand of arousal. He responded to the question by shrugging with an unsure but somehow naughty expression, then he let his expressive eyes roam to Stanley's crotch, where a prominent bulge caught his attention.

Well, maybe I need to have my bottom worked out a little more,” he suggested, then he bit his lower lip and batted his eyes at Stanley. Seeing his grandson's naughty disposition, the man smiled with satisfaction and gave his rear end a firm squeeze.

Did you suck your man off, honey?” he asked, and the boy nodded slowly, as if he were in a trance. “Did you swallow a nice load?”

Yeah, I swallowed a really nice load, grandpa,” the boy practically stuttered, then he felt Stanley's fingers start to knead his fleshy mounds. “I want to swallow another one when I go back over there.”

I'm sure you'll get to do that, honey,” the man said with a confident note in his voice. “Maybe you'll get to swallow a load or two before you go back over there. Would you like that?”

Yes,” the boy hissed, his boyish tone dripping with desire. “I hope I get to swallow more than that, grandpa.”

It sounds like you had a very sexy time over at Steven's house, honey,” Stanley noted, enjoying another long sniff while Austin nodded in the affirmative. “Did you have a tasty feast?”

Yeah, Steven's butt was nice and smelly, grandpa,” the boy revealed with a naughty smile. “I can still taste it in my mouth.”

Leaning in to take one more deep whiff of Austin's grinning face, the man picked up the sharp stink of Steven's 19 year old butthole and shivered. He silently pondered what it would taste like if he had the chance to dine at the back door of the cute teenager. Filled with pure desire, Stanley tightened his hug around Austin's slight frame and ran his nose all over the boy's face, then he slid his hands down into the seat of the boy's pants.

Grandpa's in the mood for a feast of his own, honey,” Stanley said, and Austin moaned hotly. “Would it be okay if grandpa eats your bottom?”

I'd like that, grandpa,” Austin said, nodding his head slowly while a tremble of desire gripped his boy pussy. Before he could consider the hot sensation that was making his bottom quiver, the boy felt his pants fall to the floor, then his panties were eased off of his hips. While he was still reeling from the electricity that was coursing through his boy cunt, the boy felt his little body being steered so that he was facing away from Stanley.

When he felt his grandpa's tongue forcing its way into his still gaping chute, the boy moaned naughtily and ground his bottom back into Stanley's face. Austin could feel his body exploding with pure pleasure while Stanley panted so hard that his warm breath tickled the soft skin that lined his crack. Austin's hips and plump rear end were gyrating with a continuous counterclockwise motion as the pleasure he was feeling grew more and more frantic. Soon, his body was on fire all over again, melting down while his grandpa settled into a deep, forceful ass eating that made his legs shake.

Austin was lost in the sinful pleasures of the rim job that Stanley was treating him to when he felt his grandpa's strong hands take him by the hips. When Stanley pulled his tongue from Austin's tasty chute, he stood up behind the little scamp and placed his palm against the back of his head. With one easy push, Austin found himself being bent over at the waist and eagerly parted his feet. Without looking over his shoulder, he heard his grandpa's pants hit the floor, then he felt Stanley's hard as steel rod slide into his bottom with no effort at all. Stanley tightened his grip on Austin's hips and began to feed him deep, forceful strokes for less than a minute, then he buried his dick in the boy's tight rectum and shot a hot load.

When he pulled out, he collapsed in the chair and Austin dropped to his knees, anxious to service his grandpa's cock by licking and sucking it clean. When his work was complete, the horny boy stood up and planted his lips to Stanley's, sliding his small tongue into the man's mouth with a moan. As they made out, Stanley lifted his grandson into his lap and held him close until their kiss was broken.

Finally, the man helped the boy back into his panties while Austin stepped out of his jeans. Sharing another kiss with his grandpa, the boy ground his satisfied bottom against the man's long hose with a hot moan, then he settled into his lap and let the afterglow of their sex carry him into a late morning slumber.

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The Persistent Trespasser

The Boy at My Door

The Coupling


Bobby's Thanksgiving Feast

The Birthday Boy

The Trouble With Austin

Saturday Morning Splendor

Taylor Made


Alan's Brown Experience

James' Secret

Kyle's Afterschool Snack


Simon Spreads His Legs

Short Stories:

Oliver's Eatery

Friday Night Delight

Spencer on the Prowl

The Rear Entrance

Justin's Peculiar Tail

Sticky Sweet Relief

At The Park

Ethan's Shameless Turn

Mason Gets Laid

A Package for Simon

A Ride Through the City

Andrew's Pajama Party

Keith's Guilty Pleasure

Corey in the Morning

Adam Needs a Ride

Sean's Day Out

A Curious Tug of War

A Stir in Ian's Bottom

Jason in the Men's Room

An After School Quickie

Short Stories:

Bobby Starts Christmas Break

The King and the Prince

Rite of Passage

The Family Seed

Daddy's Boy

Rearing Derick

Home for Lunch

Spare the Rod

Daddy Takes Control

Daddy's Little Prancer

Jimmy's Chaperone

Stuart's Insatiable Itch

Short Stories:

Tanner Orders a # 2

Kenny Reports for Doodie

Breakfast in Bed

Cooper's Naughty Craving

Hunter's Fetish

The Party Pooper

The Park Toilet

Phillip's Spending Habits

Short Stories:

Pleasuring Henry

A Quickie for Bobby

Mating Sason for Caleb

Saturday Morning Cruise