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I originally wrote this first chapter in 2007. I've revised each chapter of this ongoing story of two cousins and updated to HTML format.

The boys and setting in this story are real. Their love for each other is true. Even though I have known these two boys from their birth, I have no proof of their sexuality toward each other. The sex in this story is purely fiction derived from my imagination.


12 Year Old Cousins

Some history first:

The two boy's names are Jack and Tony. As I write this story they are twelve years old. ( Actually, since it's June and that the boys were both born in February it makes Jack twelve years and four months old, while Tony is three weeks younger. Jack being three weeks older has never played into their relationship. )

Jack is about four foot seven inches tall and weighs about eighty pounds. He has well kept short brown hair and has brown eyes. He wares braces and gold, wire-rimed glasses. Over the last year he has had a growing spurt. His arms and legs seem to be too long for his body. His longer legs have been awkward and he often stumbles or trips. The reach of his arms are off too, often over-reaching to catch a football or baseball. His complexion is smooth and unblemished. He tans nicely in the summer sun.

Tony stands an inch less than his cousin. He weighs about seventy five pounds. He has messy, long, curly, black hair. His eyes are a dark brown, near black. His complexion is also smooth and unblemished. He has a small scar on his tummy where he had to have surgery when he was born. He had to have some of his intestines removed because it had blockage and was growing closed. Other than that, he is the ideal, cute, little boy.

Their mothers are sisters. They coached each other throughout their pregnancy. The sisters have shared taking care of the boys. The two boys are cared for as if they are twins. The boys have grown up as brothers. They're best of friends.

They live with their respective families about three hundred yards apart. They live in the country. They are country boys. They go to the same school, are in the same classes and ride the same school bus back and forth. They seem to always be together. They play basketball on their school team, the `Tigers`. They are very fit boys. They have outgrown their baby fat and are looking more like young men. Their bodies are well toned from playing so hard. It's a pleasure to see them in their summer shorts without a shirt on, as this is the way they like to play.

They love playing outdoors in the yard or exploring in the woods and fields around home. Building forts, damming up creeks, climbing trees and fishing. Riding their bikes along the endless paths. Playing football, baseball and basketball in the driveway. Just being typical boys.

But they can get a little aggressive at times. Their playfulness normally winds-up with them rolling around in the grass, play wrestling and humping each other. But I think I know better. I think it's a sexual thing. No one says anything about it. Their parents think it's cute. It excites me to watch these boys grinding their little boy-boners against each other.

As I have watched these two boys grow up it has gotten more interesting. They have a lot of sleepovers. They sleep in each other's beds with each other often. Jack's dad has a camper set up down by the pond. They spend a lot of summer nights in that camper alone.

The boys have always known each other as a whole. You might think of them as soul-mates. If one gets sick, the other hurts for him. If one gets a new bike, they both share it. And when they started puberty a few months ago, they have shared this experience together as well.

The two boys enjoy much freedom living in the country. It's nothing for them to go skinny dipping together in the pond in the summers or walk around the house in there underwear or streak through the house naked from their bedrooms to the kitchen to get a snack. It's like this at both of their homes. They know no modesty.

They both have older sisters. Their sisters don't pay much attention to the boys. They're just a nuisance for them. The boys will sometimes spy on their sisters. Sometimes they eavesdrop on their phone conversations with their girl friends. The boys have heard their sisters talk about kissing their boy friends and their penis size. They have heard them talk about sucking and things about sperm.

The two boys each learned at a very young age, that it was pleasant to play with themselves sexually. When they were about ten they started exploring each other's bodies. Looking, touching, smelling and tasting each other.

Now the story:

Jack sits on the dock at the pond waiting, watching for Tony to come over the top of the hill. Tony and Jack are going to sleep-out in the camper tonight. Jack's dad has the two boys fixed up for the evening. He has a fire started near the camper and has pop and hot dogs in a cooler. Jack sees Tony crest the hill above the pond. He gets up and runs to his cousin.

"Dad got me a new fishing pole today!" Jack tells him excitedly.

"Oh cool!" Tony says, "Let's try it out."

Jack takes the gym bag of stuff off of Tony's shoulder to relieve him of his burden of walking from the bottom of the hill. Breathing hard, Tony tells him, "Thanks Dude. That thing's heavy."

"Man this thing is heavy." With a grunt Jack asks, "What do you have in here, bricks?"

"Just some clothes and stuff." Tony replies.

"What kind of stuff?"

"I have a box of cupcakes and some apples. My tackle box, my baseball, my mitt, some clothes and two beers."

"BEER ?"

"Yeah. I took them from my dad's cooler. He'll never know they're gone. We can drink them after it gets dark."

"You Shit. We'll get in trouble!" Jack warns him.

"No we won't. Let's try it."

Jack shrugs his shoulders and they walk on toward the camper. When they get to the camper Jack hands Tony back his gym bag.

"Here. You do something with it. You'll get us in trouble!" he warns again.

"Oh, you sissy." Tony says, as he takes his bag and puts it under the camper. "No one will know. We can drink them after your mom and dad go to sleep."


The evening went as expected. The boys fished, swam, and ran around chasing each other.

It was starting to get dark when Jack's dad walked down to the camper. He stoked the fire and got out the hotdogs. The boys roasted dogs over the fire and filled their bellies with hotdogs and potato chips.

After the boys were full, Jack's dad put things away and told them, "You boys are filthy. Take a shower before you get in bed and make sure you lock the door when you go to sleep."

The boys thanked him for dinner and Jack's dad went back to the house.

The boys had waited all day for this time to come, when they were both alone... together. Out of sight from their parents.

They sat beside each other at the picnic table watching the fire and talking. The frogs in the pond were singing and the crickets were loud with fireflies blinking on and off in the dark of the night.

"Do you know why fireflies blink at night?" Tony asked.

"No. Why?"

Tony giggled. "It means they're horny."

Jack laughed. "How do you know that?"

"I read it on the internet."

"Oh yeah. Like... everything you read on the internet is true." Jack chide.

"No. Really! The ones that blink two or three times in a row? That's the ones that are horny."

"There must be a lot of horny fireflies out tonight than." Jack said laughingly.

Tony reached over and lightly started to feel Jack's wiener as it lay under the cloth of his shorts. He gave it three gentle squeezes. Jack giggled and reached over and squeezed Tony's little willie in return. They both got little boners right away. The two boys sat and fondled each other in the light of the fire for several minutes without speaking.

Tony broke the moment. He pulled his hand away and said, "Let's drink the beer now."

Jack turned his head and looked up toward the house. The only light he saw on was the kitchen light. This was normal at Jack's house during the nights. He could see a corner of his parent's bedroom window. It was dark.

"Okay." Jack said reluctantly, "But let's go in the camper and lock the door. I don't want to get caught."

They stood up from the picnic table and walked to the door of the camper. Tony stopped and picked up his gym bag from under the camper.

Once inside, Tony sat his gym bag on the seat at the table. He rummaged through it until he found the two cans of beer. "Oh Yeah!" he said, with a giggle.

Jack shrugged his shoulders. He didn't know why Tony wanted to drink the beer. But he thought he would humor his cousin, since it appeared his parents were asleep.

They walked to the back of the camper where it was the darkest and sat on the edge of the big bed. Two beer-can tabs were broke open. `TISH --- TISH'

"Cheers!" Tony said, as he lifted his can upward.

Jack, half-heartedly lifted his beer-can up to meet Tony's.

Jack lifted his can to his lips and took a sip. He choked and said, "Man, this stuff tastes like warm goat piss with a fizz."

Tony gagged and spewed a mouth full of beer onto the floor. "How do you know what goat piss tastes like?" he asked, choking and gasping for breath.

"Shut up... Nerd! Just drink your goat piss."

Tony laughed as he took another swig of his beer. The boys sat and shot the shit as they drank their beer. Talking about school and stuff. Stuff like the girls at school that they thought were cute and what they would like to do with them. They started to fondle each other again. By the time they had finished drinking the beer, they both had boners again. The boys took off their sneakers and shorts. They laid back onto the big bed and started to feel each other's young, naked bodies. Tony said, "Man you stink!"

Jack replied, "Oh yeah? Well you don't smell like a bed of roses yourself." Along with puberty came the smells of maturing. "I'm getting tired. Let's take our shower now."

Tony agreed. They both got up and went into the small bathroom. Jack started the water. When the water was just right they both stepped in and competed for the small stream of water. When they were both wet and comfortable Jack handed Tony the shampoo. He put a gob in his hair and started to clean his head. With shampoo running down his face and his eyes tightly closed, Jack turned off the hot water.

"OHHHHH!... YOU ASS HOLE! Turn it back on!" Tony cried out.

Jack laughed about as hard as he could, then turned the hot water back on. He couldn't stop laughing.

Tony told him, "I'll get even... you brat!"

Finally Jack got his breath back and said, "I'm sorry... that was mean... let me wash your back for you."

Jack soaped up the rag and started to wash his cousin. He started at his neck and worked his way down his back to his butt. Paying close attention to his butt-crack.

"Ok... turn around." he told him. Tony obeyed.

"Close your eyes and I'll wash your face and ears."

"NO. You'll turn off the hot water again!" Tony accused.

"No I won't... I promise."

"You better not!"

Jack snickered to himself for the mean trick he had just played on his cousin. But it was funny to see Tony jump like he did.

"I promise." Jack assured him.

Tony closed his eyes tight and Jack washed his face and cleaned his ears.

"Okay... now rinse." Jack told him.

He did and could now open his eye lids and see.

Jack continued to wash Tony's throat and started down his chest. He washed his tummy and then his sides. He re-soaped the rag and took hold of Tony's right hand, pulling it up so he could wash under his armpit. Tony giggled. Jack washed his arm to the tip of the boy's fingers, then he did the same to his left arm.

"Okay... give me your foot." Jack ordered.

Tony lifted one foot while holding onto the side of the shower. Jack washed his foot and in between his toes, then washed his way up his leg to his groin.

"Okay... now the other one." Jack told him.

Tony lifted his other leg and Jack washed it in the same manner.

"Okay... all clean." Jack said. "Now rinse."

"Hey... you missed a spot." Tony debated.

"Where?" Jack questioned.

"The best part... right here." Tony took hold of his little, twelve-plus year old wiener and shook it at him.

"Oh yeah... I forgot about that. We better make sure that's clean." Jack replied, giggling. Knowing what they would soon be doing. Jack willingly avoided his cousin's private area just to see what Tony's reaction would be.

Jack turned Tony around and reached around to the front of the boy and started to wash his little boner with the rag. He pulled what little foreskin he had left back and cleaned all around the sensitive skin and the glan of his penis. He used both hands to move his penis and smooth, hairless scrotum around as he washed, so all parts would be cleaned. This special, playful activity made both the boy's toys get even stiffer.

Jack got some more soap and started to masturbate his cousin as he laid his chin against his shoulder. Jack reached back with his soapy hand and rubbed some of the soap-foam on his own boner and some in Tony's butt-crack. Jack reached back around to masturbate his cousin some more, then leaned against the boy and pushed his hard stiffy against Tony's butt-hole.

Tony moaned. "Ummm... that feels good!" Jack humped his boyhood up and down his cousin's butt-crack as he slowly jacked him off.

Jack nibbled on the boy's earlobe as he made love to his twelve year old cousin.

"OH dude I'm ready!" Tony grunted.

Jack stopped his masturbations and backed away. "Not yet." he said, "Let's wait till we're in bed."

"OH... dude.. I was so ready!" Tony whined.

"It'll be better later." Jack assured him.

"Now... you wash me."

With that said, Tony took the bottle of shampoo and squirted some on Jack's head. "Close your eyes." he told him.

Jack leaned forward and gripped the valves to the water so Tony couldn't play the same trick on him.

Knowing Jack had beat him to the punch-line, he ruffled his cousin's hair as he washed it. He continued to wash his best friend as he had done to him. From head to toe. But instead of using the washcloth to clean Jack's butt-hole, Tony used his fingers. He rubbed his soapy fingers up and down Jack's crack and massaged his tight, tiny sphincter. Jack enjoyed this. This was becoming a regular part of the boy's sex play.

"Oh dude. That feels awesome. I like that!"

Tony pushed his finger harder against Jack's puckered hole as Jack began to push his butt back against his cousin's finger. Then, as neither expected, Tony's finger slipped into Jack's butt. "Ohhh!" he squealed as he stiffened up.

Tony thought he had hurt the boy and quickly pulled his finger out. They had rubbed each other there many times but had never penetrated the ring of muscle.

"Are you alright Jack?" Tony asked with concern. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"You didn't hurt me. I just wasn't expecting it to go in." Tony leaned against his cousin and hugged him with love. "Finish washing me and we'll get out of here." Jack told him.

Tony finished washing his cousin, stopping only to play with his soapy boner. Tony put extra soap on his hand and began to masturbate the boy. Jack started to hump his cousin's hand. It felt so good for someone else to touch his little pecker. He felt his tiny testicles start to tingle. "That's enough... stop!" Jack cried.

Even though the two boys hadn't started to ejaculate semen yet, they were still capable of having dry orgasms.

"Lets get out of here and dry off." Jack said. He turned the water off and the boys stepped out of the shower. They took turns drying each other off. They both ran to the back of the camper naked and jumped onto the bed. They started rolling around on the big bed trying to tickle each other. Tony got Jack a good one in the side. Jack started to giggle and pissed himself a little.

"Stop it Tony! I have to pee."

Tony let him up and they both went outside to relieve themselves. The night air was cool. They got goose bumps and shivers. The boys stood beside each other and peed into the weeds. Tony turned and peed on Jack's leg.

"You Dick!" Jack squealed.

Tony started laughing. "That's for turning the hot water off... Ass!"

"You'll pay for that!" Jack warned him. Tony just kept laughing. Jack lifted his wet leg and rubbed it against Tony's leg.

The boys shook the last piss drops off the end of their wieners and Jack said, "Come on... It's cold out here." The boys went back into the camper where it was warmer. They went back to the bedroom again and both crawled onto the bed and hugged each other. They cuddled closer and began to kiss. Their warm young, naked bodies touching. Kissing each other was something they had just recently learned that they liked to do. It was so intimate for them. It made them feel closer, if that were possible.

Their little willys turned into little boy-boners and they started to grind them against each other's. Their preteen wieners were small. About three and a half inches erect. They were just starting to get some pubic hair above their penises. Not much, just a little peach fuzz. They were both circumcised.

Tony broke their kiss and said, "I love you Jack!"

"I love you too Tony!" Jack replied.

Tony started licking Jack's neck. Jack liked the sensations that his cousin was implementing upon his young, naked body. Tony licked and kissed his way down his cousin's body. He licked and sucked the boy's small, hard nipples. He licked his chest and tummy. He tongued at his belly button. Jack giggled, he was in heaven.

Tony licked down to Jack's pubic area. He licked all around his little boner, feeling the little hairs at the top. It excited Tony that they both were starting to get hairs down there. He liked to rub his fingers in them. Even though they were very short and not very many.

Jack spread his legs open further to give the boy full access to his groin area. Tony licked the insides of his smooth legs. He licked the skin of his small, tight, puffy scrotum. Tony sucked one of Jack's small testicles into his mouth and felt the shape of it with his tongue. Jack gasped. Tony then licked up farther to his cousin's boner. He licked the length of it like it was a sucker.

Jack pleaded. "Suck me Tony... Please?... I'm so hard!"

Tony was more then happy to please his cousin. He took the young boy's little stiffy into his mouth and started to suck on it. He rolled his tongue around the glan of the boy's penis.

"Oh yeah... that feels so good Tony. Oh yeah... Oh yeah."

Tony started to suck his cousin up and down. Sometimes losing suction on the way back up, making a slurping noise. He reached down and started to roll the boy's small testicles inside their protective pouch with his fingertips. They where just two small nuggets in the boy's sack.

It gave Jack great pleasure when his cousin played with them as he sucked his hard, little boner up and down.

After a minute or two. No more than two. Tony stopped sucking the boy and started to masturbate his saliva coated erection with two fingers and his thumb. Jack lifted his hips up off of the bed and started to hump his cousin's hand.

"Oh... Tony. Don't stop! Don't stop!"

There was something about his oncoming orgasm. Somehow it felt different then the others he had had. He felt his testicles ache for the first time. So much so, that they almost hurt. They seemed to pull up and hide under the base of his boner as they twitched and jump.

"Oh Shit... Tony! Oh Shit!" Jack felt as if his penis was on fire. Burning from the inside out.

Tony watched as his cousin squirmed under his manipulations. He felt something wet on his fingers. It was slippery.

"Oh... Stop Tony. Stop. It tickles too much. Jack relaxed and rested his body back down on the bed panting for breath. His tummy and chest heaving.

Tony let go of his cousin's penis and rubbed the slippery wetness between his fingertips. Like a burst of light, it hit him. Jack had made sperm.

"Jack... Jack. You just made sperm."

"Huh? What? What do you mean?"

Tony jumped up off of the bed and turned on the light. He jumped back onto the bed to show Jack the wetness on his fingers.

"Look Jack. Look. This ain't pee." he said. "Feel it. It's sperm."

Jack touched the tips of his cousin's fingers. Indeed, the fluid was slippery. He lifted his fingers to his nose and smelt them. There was an unfamiliar smell to the wetness.

Tony giggled then looked at Jack's wilting boner as it lay on his pubic bone pointing up toward his belly button. The tip of his penis glistened from the dampness. There was a small spot of fluid on his tummy. "Look Jack. Look on your tummy. It's more sperm. Jack raised his head and looked down to see the small dollop of semen. It was mostly clear with a few white streaks blended through it. He thought it kind of looked like snot. He reached to rub his fingers through it. It was also slippery. He rubbed his fingers through the mess until it dissipated into his skin. Jack laughed. He though to himself, ( Now I'm a man. Yes! )

Tony crawled up beside his cousin and rubbed his hand over his smooth, firm chest.

"Congratulations! he said, with a giggle. "How was it? What'd it feel like?"

"Awe... Dude, it was awesome. It's nothing like I've ever felt before. Now I know why all the older boys at school talk so much about it. It was like when you suck me and I get the tickles, but this time it seemed to be a lot more. It seemed to last a lot longer too. I felt it clear down in my nuggets."

"That's so cool." Tony said. "I can't wait till I can do it."

"You will. Just remember... I'm a little older than you. Besides, in health class they told us that every boy is different. I'm sure you'll do it soon. You get the feelings already, you're just not ready to shoot yet. I didn't know that I could. I guess it just happens when it happens."

Jack laid his arm out for Tony to lay his head on. He put his head on Jack's upper arm and cuddled up closer to his cousin. Jack reached over and pulled him tighter and gave him a big hug and a kiss. He started to rub the back of Tony's head and ran his fingers through his long, curly, black hair. He rubbed his hand over the boy's smooth face letting his fingers softly trace the young boy's lips. Tony puckered his lips in an O and began to suck on the tip of his cousin's finger.

Jack continued to rub his young cousin's body. He slowly rubbed him all over. He lightly rubbed his fingers over his chest. He stopped and played with the boy's little tits, running his fingertips around the areolas and lightly pinching his hard, tiny nipples. Tony purred with delight.

Jack worked his way down his cousin's body, softly rubbing and massaging his smooth, tender body. He lightly rubbed his side and hip with his fingertips, then reached back to feel the boy's butt. It was so soft and smooth. He rubbed his fingers up and down Tony's butt-crack. It was warm and moist. He touched the boy's butt-hole with his finger tip. It contracted as he rubbed it back and forth.

Tony moaned. These feeling sent streaks of excitement to his little boy penis which spread like fire throughout his body. Jack then rubbed all around Tony's inner-legs and around his hard, little boner, playing with the little nuts in his sack. Tony was as hard as he was going to get at twelve years old. ( twelve years and three months )

Jack started to lick his cousins throbbing little boner, just as Tony had done to him.

"Oh man... just suck it Jack. It's so hard it hurts!" Tony's little wiener was thumping from all the sexual stimulation his cousin had applied to his young body.

Jack took his boy cousin's hard boner into his mouth and started sucking him. He was very careful not to hurt Tony with his braces. He whimpered from the feel of his cousin`s warm, wet mouth sucking up and down on his short, ridged shaft. Tony was so worked up he started to get the feelings right away.

"Oh damn, Jack. That feels so awesome. Don't stop!" Jack toyed with Tony's small testicles as his mouth worked its magic.

Tony started to shake and convulse. His head was flopping from side to side. His fists clutching at the blanket on the bed.

"Ah... Ah... Ah... Oh God!" he cried, as his orgasm overcame his young pubescent body. After several seconds he couldn't take any more of his cousin sucking his wiener. "Stop Jack. That's enough. I can't take it anymore. It tickles!"

Jack pulled away from his cousin. He tasted something a bit salty on his tongue. It felt a bit slimy as he moved his tongue around in his mouth.

"Tony... I think you just made sperm in my mouth. It tastes funny and it's kind of slimy."

"Really? Tony asked, with surprise."

"I think so. I never tasted you like that before." Tony smiled. Had he come of age also this night?

Tony giggled. "Next time I want to watch. I want to see it squirt out.

Jack crawled up beside his cousin and they cuddled together. Holding each other tightly. The boy's sex play was an extension of their love they shared for each other.