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Twelve Year Old Cousins chapter 2 / Things You Catch Fishing

My friend had told me I could come and fish anytime I wanted to. I didn't even have to ask. He has a real nice pond. He keeps it up nice, better than a state park. The water is spring feed and clear. His pond is stocked with catfish, bluegills, crappies and largemouth bass. I went fishing yesterday and caught more than I would have expected.

I parked my truck under the trees like I always do. The shade there keeps my beer out of the sun. I hate warm beer! I gathered my fishing poles and my tackle boxes. As I walked down to the pond I looked up at the house and didn't see any sign that anyone was home. No cars were in the drive. All four garage doors were down. The dog sat and just looked at me wagging its tail so I figured I had the whole place to myself.

It was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining and about 78 degrees. The pond was nice and clear. I could see several feet under water. My friend had cut the grass around the pond the day before. I could still smell the fresh-cut grass.

I settled in to fish from the bank. I wanted to fish for bluegills first, then try to catch some catfish and bass. I did pretty well. I caught 24 nice bluegills in about an hour and a half. If I didn't catch another fish today I would still be happy.

I picked up my spinning pole and headed toward the other side of the pond. I was just getting ready to start fishing again when my gut turned. I decided I had better start thinking of a good place to take a dump. And soon!

I looked up into the woods but I didn't have any toilet paper with me. I looked back over the pond and saw the camper. I wondered if it would be unlocked. I gave great consideration as to hit the woods or make a break for the camper. I chose the camper.

I made it just in time! As I was wiping my butt I heard voices outside. It was the boys. Jack and Tony. They were thirteen years old this summer. I didn't know they were home. I didn't think anyone was home.

Their voices got louder and I heard the camper door open, then the clumps of feet on the floor. I just sat there being quite. I heard and felt through the floor below me footsteps walk past the small bathroom where I was still sitting on the toilet with the door closed. They continued on toward the back of the camper. I heard them jump onto the big bed that takes up most of the back-bedroom. I heard them tussling around, giggling. "Come on Jack let me play with your peter."

I knew I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I knew if I made any noise the boys would hear me and spoil their fun. Or, I could stay quiet and see what the boys would do. I chose to stay quiet.

After a few minutes of just sitting there I heard more noises coming from the bedroom. "Oh... yeah. That's it. That feels good." Jack seemed to be enjoying something.

I heard slurping sounds, grunts and moans. It sounded like Tony might be sucking Jack's dick. I was getting a boner imagining what was going on just six feet away from me. I just had to try and see. I slowly cracked the door of the little bathroom open. I could look backwards and see through the crack. Sure enough, Tony was sucking Jack's prick. This was just too much for me to see as my cock grew to full mast. Both boys were totally naked. Jack was laying on his back and Tony was knelt between his legs blowing him. Tony's firm, little, white ass was in plane view of my eyes. His small, hairless scrotum dangling between his legs, swaying to and fro as he bobbed his head up and down on his cousin's young, teen cock.

I could see a small bush of brown pubic hair above Jack's dick. I couldn't see much of his cock because most of it was in Tony's mouth. Tony pulled off of his cousin's cock, turned around and crawled over the top of him to make a 69.

Son of a bitch! This was better then any porn I had ever seen. This was live! Kiddy Porn, if you will. I could feel the lust of boy-sex in the air. I started to stroke my cock. It's hard to discribe the scene. Two young boys sucking each other in a 69. Their moaning and slurping noises filled the back of the camper. Both of their heads were working up and down the other's hard, teen boners. Their smooth, tight, little, white butts slightly working up and down. Their hands caressing the other's butt, back and sides.

Tony pulled off of Jack's bone and started licking his smooth scrotum. Jack followed Tony's lead as they scrunched up tight into a ball. They truly looked like a human 69.

I saw Tony's fingers rub through the crack of Jack's ass. He must have touched the boy's butt-hole as Jack released a loud, satisfying moan. They resumed back to sucking each other's dick. Tony's head was bobbing up and down on his cousin's hard, young cock.

I was stroking faster. I knew I would cum soon. I got some tolet paper ready to blow my load into.

Their moaning became louder and quickened. Their sucking became more forcefull and deliberate. Jack was bucking his ass up off of the mattress plowing his boy cock into his cousin's sucking mouth then rose his hips up and held still. I'm sure he was blowing a cum-load into Tony's mouth.

Tony made quick, little grunts as he pumped his prick in and out of Jack's mouth. He was cumming too. I joined the boys and blew off into the wad of tolet paper that I held ready in my left hand. Fuck!!

Tony collapsed on top of Jack. Both boys were breathing hard and fast. So was I.

After a moment Tony rose up off of Jack and turned around to face him. With his face just above Jack's, Tony opened his mouth and let his cousin's sperm string from his lips into his Jack's open mouth. `God damn`... these boys were nasty! Hot and Nasty!

They fell into a deep French kiss. I quietly closed and locked the bathroom door. I heard them giggle and talk to each other like little girls. Cutesy-cutesy shit. "I love you... I'll always love you. You're my only love. We'll be together forever." I found that very exciting and childish of the thirteen year old boys. But then, I believed that they were in love with each other. How sweet of them.

I heard them stir and fumble around putting their shorts back on. I heard them walk past the door that I was sitting behind. I heard the camper door open and two sets of footsteps exit. The door was closed with a snap of the latch. I couldn't believe it!

I waited a minute, stood and pulled my jeans back up. I slowly opened the bathroom door. I got a good wiff of boy sex from the air. I tip-toed to the front of the camper and looked out of the window. Fuck! They were sitting at the picknic table just right outside the camper. What was I going to do? I couldn't stay there forever. I could wait for them to leave, but that might be an hour or more if they decided to hang out near the pond. Or at worst come back into the camper. Or, I could just go out and supprise them. I thought that was the best idea, just get it over with. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

When they heard the camper door open they both snapped their heads back to look as I stepped out of the camper. The look on their faces was a sight to behold. Their mouths hung wide open. They looked as if they had just seen a monster. Fright was painted over their faces. They both started with the, Ah... ah... ah bit. They couldn't speak a word. They were both dumbfounded that I had just came out of the camper.

"Nice show boys. I watched what you did. I was in the bathroom when you came in."

They both looked down as if in shame. Jack looked up at me. "Please don't tell our parents!" he pleaded. Tony looked up at me also with those big, sad, puppy-dog eyes of his.

"I won't tell anyone.' I told them. "I did the same things when I was a boy too." I saw relief spread across their faces. "You guys really love each other don't you?" They both turned to look at each other, smiled and nodded their heads. "You know, being gay is not a very cool thing. Your parents and friends might not understand." They both nodded their heads up and down.

"But we love each other Steve. What's wrong with that?" Peter cried.

"Boys, it's a shitty world. Some people don't know real love like you do. They have no love and judge others that do. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there."

My little speech didn't seem to help much. They both still looked dazed and confused.

"Hey. Help me clean some fish?" I asked them.

Our new-found relationship was growing. We all had a secret to keep amongst ourselves.