fiction by S. O'Malley

My big brother started working out when he was about 14, [I was 10 at the time]. In addition to lifting weights, he also ran 6 miles a day. Very quickly he became addicted and couldn't go a day without his routine: lifting for an hour then running, back home for a protein shake followed by more lifting and eventually a shower. Seeing him after his run was the best part. His abs would be tight and covered with sweat that ran through the channels of his 6-pack.

It was around that time that I discovered I was into guys. I never told anyone and wasn't sure if it was just a phase; something that I would eventually grow out of. By my 15th birthday, I knew it wasn't a phase, and I knew that I needed sex...BAD. [We lived in a rural area so it wasn't like there were other kids around, it was pretty much just me and brother.]

By that time my brother had transformed into a 19 year old stud... to say the least. We still shared a bedroom in our small house, which afforded me the occasional glimpse of his soft cock. Some nights he would do crunches and push-ups next to his bed. I used to watch him, and pretend that he was doing it to try to turn me on, maybe even seduce me. He wasn't, of course, but I loved the fantasy and would play it out in my head as I watched him and rubbed myself under the covers.

On the few occasions I got to see his flaccid cock--he didn't like to be nude very much--I remember being amazed at its thickness. It didn't hang all that low, but its girth always impressed me. The head was fat and round--slightly lighter in color than the rest. Oddly enough, at that age I was much more interested in his chest, which he had built up very thick, and the dark red nipples that lay on top. [I always have had a thing about a nice chest..must have something to do with not being breast-fed as a baby. But, I digress...] he was 19, I was 15. It was summer and he had injured his shoulder, lifting weights, for about the 5th time. That night he asked me if I would rub his shoulder and back to help the pain. I don't know why, but he asked me to use lotion too. He had stripped to his shorts and laid down on his bed. I crawled over him and knelt by his side, between his lower back and the wall.

My hands were shaking as I squirt some of the lotion onto my palm and warmed it in my hands. They steadied when I put them on his back and began to rub. He would call out different locations (shoulder blade, lower back, neck, etc.) and my hands would move to that spot and start to massage the thick muscle. After about 10 seconds touching his body, my cock was hot and hard, throbbing in my pajamas. I thought about pulling it out and jacking myself but I knew if he looked back and saw me he would be pissed (his rage was boundless at times).

20 minutes into the massage, I thought that he had fallen asleep. My hands had been working their way down his back as I gently pulled his shorts off his ass a half-inch at a time. When I saw the very top of the crease, I knew it was "go time". As I watched the side of his face, I let one of my hands slide under his shorts and rub lotion on his hard bubble butt. This was my first time touching another guy--it was a moment I had dreamed of for years, and my brother's ass lived up to every expectation. My slick hand wandered over each hard mound, feeling the fuzz that covered them. It felt soft and hard at the same time. My cock began to spasm in my shorts as I laid my middle finger in the crevasse and let it slide up and down a few times.

Just then he woke up. He was slow enough that I had time to remove my hand and get it back to his shoulder. He told me that was sufficient and said he was going to sleep. I said "OK" and went over to my bed, where I silently jacked off under the covers (which in summer was just a sheet) at least twice.

The next night, he asked me if I would rub his back again. All of the blood in my body instantly rushed down to my crotch and, of course, I said "YES". I asked him if he wanted me to do his front that time (hoping to get a chance to feel his pecs and abs and of course, that fat cock) He just kinda looked at me and said "No". (At least I gave it a try.) We assumed the same positions as the previous night and I went back to rubbing his back. He seemed to fall asleep rather quickly this time and I went straight for the round muscular flesh that lay just under his shorts.

This time I let my hand stay there for a long while rubbing the lotion over each bun?taking time to gently knead the hard flesh and letting my finger wander over the crease. All the while I had an eye on my brother's head to see if he would wake up. I think the whole danger aspect greatly contributed to the excitement of what I was doing.

My middle finger slid down the crease, and for the first time, I felt the head of his cock which he had pushed back. My hand just froze--half of me said "go for it" while the other half said "pull back now!". The question was answered when my brother started to raise his hips off the bed, giving me access to all of his manhood. My hand slid down and wrapped around the top of the throbbing meat. I just held it for a bit in disbelief--this was a million times better than touching his ass. It was so warm and, in my hand, it felt thicker than I had ever seen it.

My brother raised his hips a bit more and I wrapped my lotion covered hand over its length. The room was completely silent as I pleasured him, except for the wet sound of the lotion between my hand and his beautiful cock--it's one of those sounds I'll never forget. He reached back and pulled his shorts down onto his thighs exposing his ass, which was shiny from the lotion. I saw his cock hard for the first time. It must have been about 6 inches and incredibly thick. The head was completely engorged and a dark purple color. He had raised his ass quite far up and it pointed down at the bed like an arrow.

My arm was between his thighs as I continued to stroke him from behind. His beautiful ass was so close to my face, I just leaned down and started to kiss and lick the fuzzy skin. The feel of his cock in my hand and the taste of his flesh caused me to cum. I remained quiet as my cock erupted in my shorts. I felt like I wanted to scream. It was the most powerful surge of energy though my body I have ever felt. My brother heard my quiet gasps and knew what was happening.

He began to fuck my fist, drilling his cock through my slick grasp. With my other hand, I rubbed the back of his hairy thighs paying special attention to the part that meets his ass. The hardness of his body was fascinating and very arousing to me. As he got closer and closer to his orgasm, his muscles grew even harder and veins popped out all over his legs. I couldn't see his face, but I heard him quietly grunting into the pillow. My middle finger went back to the fold on his ass and I dug it in deep touching his hairy hole with the tip of my finger. The top of my finger rubbed against his opening as his cock slid through my fist.

I was hard again, well more like still hard. It seemed like he was getting close. My finger "accidentally" slid into him, causing him to moan for a few seconds. He let out one more grunt and then froze, his ass in mid-air. [I froze too.] The head of his cock was throbbing in my hand--and then the best part. I felt his cock swelling in my hand. He put his face into his pillow and let out a muffled yell, as I felt the cum racing though the shaft. Reaching the head, it shot out in a long stream of pearly fluid that went onto his bed. He started to fuck my fist again, as stream after stream shot out covering my hand. Beneath my other hand, I felt his ass turn to steel, trapping my finger. A large puddle quickly formed on his sheets.

He pulled my hand off of his cock and, to my surprise, laid down in the puddle. His arms reached back and pulled his shorts back up. He said "Thanks. That's enough for tonight" and I knew that was my cue to go back to my bed. I had to jack off again before I went to sleep.

That was the only time anything ever happened between us. He was weird for the next few days and I could tell he had a problem with what we did. He ended up spending the next few nights at his girlfriend's apartment and after, when he did come home to sleep, he made it obvious that nothing was going to happen. Well, at least I have the memory of those 2 hot summer nights...