Uncle Bob: The First Time
by Richard Stuffer <cockstuffer50@yahoo.com>

Here I was again.....in my favorite spot, in my favorite position, doing my favorite thing! My eyes viewed the sight before me: a field of pink and dark brown filled my field of vision. I was savoring the taste of my favorite thing to eat.....cock! My mouth was filled with the hard, thick, long pole of a cock attached to my most beloved uncle: Bob. Uncle Bob and I have done this a countless number of times. Every time I do it, it is as hot as the first time.

Aaaah, the first time! I remember it as hotly and clearly as if it were yesterday. Uncle Bob and I have been together plenty of times since that first time and both of us love it just as much each time. The first time was quite some time ago. Uncle Bob and I were alone at my house. It was during summer and my family had gone away for an extended weekend at the shore for sun and fun. I begged off going because I had gotten a summer job and didn't want to jeopardize it by taking time off. My family tried to convince me to go along with them and was disappointed when I held out, despite their insistence..

Uncle Bob was two years older than my dad. I had been having lusty thoughts and dreams about my dad for a few years by this time. Uncle Bob was as sexy as my dad, if not more so. Both were hairy-bodied men which I found an immense turn-on. Dad was 2 years younger than his brother. While Dad was 5'11”, Uncle Bob was 6'1” , about 220 pounds and had a bigger frame than his younger brother. It wasn't long after I had lusty dreams about dad that I noticed Uncle Bob was like Dad, but more so. He had a heftier body, a barrel-shaped chest , densely haired arms, and I imagined a chest that was as hairy as my dad's....if that was possible. I've always loved my Uncle Bob but not like I did this day. The sexiest thing about this day is that it happened totally spontaneously.

I was home alone and was surfing the net. Of course I was on the porn sites. I was searching for pics and vids of sexy, hairy men as I'd done so many times before. I was enjoying the solitude and the fun of freely watching the porn and not having to worry about my parents or siblings interrupting me. After spending several hours viewing net porn and wanking a few times, I decided to go downstairs and play some video games on the big screen family TV. I 'd been playing for about an hour when I head the doorbell. It was Uncle Bob. He looked a bit tired and sweaty and was carrying a brown paper bag.

We greeted each other and went into the living room. I went back to my video games as Uncle Bob went in the kitchen and returned with a can of beer. Apparently, that is what he brought with him feeling uncertain there would be any of my parent's beer in the refrigerator. I switched to TV and let Uncle Bob surf the channels for something to watch. He clicked through the channels as he leaned back on the sofa and sighed. He looked tired, He said he'd had a busy day and the heat had tuckered him out. We chatted a bit about his day. Uncle Bob was a truck driver and often would be on the road for overnight trips. This was a weekend that he did not have to work and he was glad because he said he just wanted to rest and 'zone out.' We looked at TV and continued to surf the channels. I was lying on the floor in front of the TV ( my favorite viewing spot) while Uncle Bob was on the sofa behind me. I was wearing just a pair of shorts delighting in the solitude since my family left.

I must have dozed off after a while since there didn't seem to be anything interesting on TV and I guess all my cumming a few hours earlier had tired me out some. I must have dozed off for almost an hour when I started to waken . As I became conscious , I realized I had rolled over in my nap and was now facing the sofa. Behind me on the TV I heard some moans and groans. When I looked up at Uncle Bob , he was watching the TV as if in a trance and he had unbuttoned his shirt. His barrel chest was thickly carpeted with dark brown hair. I couldn't remember the last time I had seen his chest but seeing it now was giving me an instant boner. I then noticed that Uncle Bob had undone this belt and jeans waistband. The thick carpet of dark brown fur covered his chest and belly and continued down below the waistband of his briefs. I was so caught up in seeing Uncle Bob like this that I forgot about the TV sounds behind me. When I heard the moans and groans again I casually rolled over to view the TV pretending to do so in my sleep. Uncle Bob had not noticed me open my eyes because he was entranced by the TV. Once I saw the TV screen I knew why he was so caught up in it. The moans were coming from a man who was having his dick sucked by a woman. She was sliding down the whole length of the guy's cock. Obviously, she was doing a good job on him judging by his moans. My dick went hard instantly seeing this. I was lying on my side with my back to Uncle Bob and slowly began to stroke my cock through my shorts. I was already starting to leak some precum when I remembered Uncle Bob was behind me watching this as I was.

Again, I pretended to be sleeping as I rolled onto my stomach and laid my head to the right in the direction of my uncle. I slowly cracked my eyes open a slit to see what my uncle was doing since I heard him breathing rapidly as he watched the TV. Through my slit eyes, I saw that Uncle Bob had spread his pants open and his hand was on his crotch. He looked as if he was a bit nervous. I slowly opened my eyes and Uncle Bob hurriedly closed his pants. He was buttoning his shirt as I coyly asked him if he'd found anything interesting on TV. He blushed and got up to go the TV before he finished buttoning his shirt. I quickly rolled over as he was going to the TV and just as he was about to stop the tape , I said , “Don't !”

He froze for a second and then stopped the tape. He looked at me nervously and shyly said, “ I am sorry, Phil. I shouldn't have been playing that with you in the room. I was sitting here having some beers and couldn't find anything interesting on TV. I decided to play a tape I brought with me, I figured you'd get bored with your uncle after a while and go and surf the net in your room and I'd be alone here to watch it. I guess the few beers I've had made me suffer a lapse of judgment while you were sleeping. I am sorry, Phil. I will just take my beers and tape and go home and let you enjoy the run of the house while your parents are away.”

I said, “ Uncle Bob, you don't have to leave. You said you had a bad day and you look exhausted. Why don't you just relax here and do what you want. I don't mind if you watch your tape. I would like to see your tape, too.”

Uncle Bob said, “ Oh no, Phil! If your parents ever found out I exposed you to porn they would ban me from ever visiting this family again. You guys are the only family I have and I don't want to risk that. Besides, I know you think you're grown up but this is not right. If I weren't outcast from the family , your dad would kill me if he found out. “

I jumped in and said, “Uncle Phil, don't you think I have seen porn before? Now that it is summer vacation what do you think I am doing in my room? I don't have homework so I am not doing research on the internet. I have been surfing porn sites on the net for almost as long as I've had the computer. “

“ There's porn on the internet?” , he gasped. “ Your parents know you're watching porn on the internet? How is it you can find this stuff ? Isn't there supposed to be come preventions to keep kids from finding that sort of stuff?, he asked incredulously.

“ Of course there are safeguards against porn on the net, Uncle Bob. I learned how to get around the safeguards from my friends in school. That is what all the guys talk about. That is how I found the first sites I went to and discovered more sites on my own . As long as I make certain I keep my grades up, my parents don't check on what I am doing on the computer. So far, there has been no problem. My grades have continued to be as good as they ever were, so it is only my siblings who sometimes bother me to play with the computer.”

“ I can't believe this, Phil “, he said. “ So, what you saw on the TV just now is something you have seen before?

“ Oh sure , Uncle Bob, I have seen lots of that stuff before”, I said. Of course, I wasn't about to tell him, nor had I told my friends, that I particularly liked to watch the guys in the porn. I had even gotten to the point where I sought gay sites because I was interested in seeing the guys' dicks, hairy chests and gay sex than I was watching a cunt get plowed. I felt one revelation for my uncle this night was enough. I didn't want to push the issue or risk disapproval or disappointment from Uncle Bob. I loved him as much as my father and didn't want to risk that close relationship.

Uncle Bob stood there as if frozen. I said, “ So, Uncle Bob, you can go back to watching your tape. I don't want you to stop because of me. Don't worry! I won't tell a soul about this, It will be our special secret. After all, this will not be the first time I have seen porn” I assured him, He seemed a bit dazed but pressed the play button to resume the tape.

“ Sit down, Uncle Bob and relax. You've had a hard day and need to unwind and enjoy yourself. I will enjoy it also”, I said.

With that, he shook his head a bit and sat on the sofa. In spite of our talk, I realized he was a little inhibited and noticed that there were 3 beer cans on the table After a minute, he took a long swallow and I could hear that it was the end of that can. I said, “ You sit and relax, uncle, and I will get you another beer.” He was a bit hesitant but finally agreed to another, When I came back from the kitchen I noticed he had taken his shoes off and the top 3 buttons of his shirt were again undone. The sight of that dark brown hair showing on his lower neck and chest started a tingling in my dick which had softened during our talk, I didn't have to hide my stiffy when returning from the kitchen and thereby making him uncomfortable. But, the sight of that chest hair showing through his open collar got me horny and I devised a plan.

I placed the beer on the table and again lay down on the floor watching the tape. It was a tape of a few different straight couples and , thankfully, some of the men were hot. One of them had a hot, hairy chest that really turned me on. I got so caught up in watching the movie that I forgot about Uncle Bob behind me,. I changed my position to lay on my left side and face the TV but in doing so made it a point to casually look at my uncle.

He shirt was halfway unbuttoned. His belt and pants were undone but his head was laying back on the top edge of the sofa. I suspected my uncle was dozing off. I hoped I was right, He had had a hard day and looked tired when he arrived. This was going well, I thought. I often jerked off to fantasies of sex with my dad and here was my uncle dozing off in front or me with his clothes partially undone. The tape had moved on to another couple and the hot guy was not in this segment. I lay there for a while and pretended to be watching. After about ten minutes I got up and collected the 3 empty beer cans and felt the fourth still half full. I threw the empties in the trash and noticed that my uncle was snoring some when I returned.

I sat down next to my uncle. He snorted a bit, but soon went back to his snoring. I took the remote and rewound the tape to the hot guy in the earlier segment. As I watched this sexy guy plow the woman's cunt and watched her suck his hard cock, I got hornier. I decided to take a chance.

Slowly and carefully, I pulled back the halves of my uncle's shirt. More of that dark brown forest appeared, I then unbuttoned more of his shirt so I could spread the halves wider, I was able to spread the halves and fully expose his chest with the bottom of the opening narrowing in his jeans to about an inch on either side of his navel. My God! I thought my dad was hairy. Uncle Bob's chest hair was much thicker than dad's.

I pulled my legs up on the sofa and sat back on them as I ran my eyes over my uncle's hot chest. Oooh, I was in heaven! I was even hornier now looking at my uncle's sexy chest than I had been all day with the internet porn and the sexy guy in the tape. I could smell my uncle's chest hair and that only added to my excitement. I slowly placed my hand on the edge of his open shirt. I slowly ran my finger up along the shirt edge and lightly brushed the hair from his belly up to his pec. He didn't react. I again ran my finger down the shirt edge loving the feel of that coarse chest hair. I looked at his navel and saw that it was filled with his body hair. My mouth was watering. I wanted so much to feel and see and taste my uncle. I got bolder as I got hornier. I lightly brushed my hand over my uncle's chest and belly, Then I let myself get carried away , and started lightly feeling up my uncle and then noticed his nipples. There were like two pink islands in a sea of dark brown.

I had been playing with my own nipples for years now and loved the feeling. My uncle's nipples were bigger than mine, They were bigger in diameter than many mens' nipples I had seen in my internet porn. I wanted so much to lick and kiss and taste those hot nipples of my uncle. I was enjoying this immensely but didn't want to risk waking my uncle. After running my hands lightly over his chest and nipples, my uncle moaned softly. I stopped and waited for fear he would awaken. I got down on the floor and knelt between his legs. I stood on my knees and again started running my hands over my uncle's hot , sexy chest. When I got to his nipples, I ran my fingers over both of them at once. They looked and felt so sexy. I ran my fingers over the nipples lightly relishing the feel of the nib in my fingers. The nibs hardened and stood out. My dick was now hard as a rock .

As I continued to lightly finger my uncle's hardened nipples, I bent my head down and lightly started licking his hair-filled navel. The smell and taste of his body hair ,and the feel of it against my tongue, was making me leak precum profusely. I couldn't remember the last time I had been so horny and leaked so much precum. I was in heaven! That hot, hairy chest, those big pink stiff nipples, that hair-filled navel. My precum had already soaked through my briefs and made a wet stain on the shorts I was wearing. I took my finger and stuck it in my underwear to scoop out some of my precum and brought it to my lips. I've always liked the taste of my precum, but loved the taste of my cum. I continued to finger my uncle's nipple with my right hand as I scooped up precum from my dick and continued to lick it off my finger. My uncle moaned and turned his head. I immediately stopped dead still. He then seemed to doze off again and I went back to enjoying his body and tasting my precum. I decided to coat his navel hair with my precum and lick it off,

Hmmmmm! My precum tasted even better when mixed with the taste and feel of my uncle's pubic hair. As I feasted on precum-coated navel hair I played with my uncle's nipple and ran my hand through his chest hair. I was engrossed and in a sexual reverie. I got hotter and bolder. I started licking my uncle's navel in earnest. I was sticking my tongue in the dark hole as deeply as I could and running my tongue all around in it. I went back to fingering both his nipples at once as I seriously licked that hot hair-filled navel. His nibs were peaked and sticking out as I rubbed over the nubs of his nipples as I continued to lick and now suck on his navel. I must have feasted on his navel for ten minutes as he began to lightly moan. I was too far gone now.....I was caught up in a sexual frenzy, I was having a field day feasting on and feeling up my uncle's body. As I licked and sucked his navel I looked at my fingers playing with his nipples. I noticed his belly and chest rising with his breathing. It was too much seeing that hot, hairy body with those big pink, hot nipples in front of me. I had to have more.

I straightened on my legs so I was once again standing on my knees on the carpeted floor. My head was now level with my uncle's chest. I placed my arms on either side of him and supported myself against the back of the sofa. As I moved in closer to his chest, his legs were not spread wide enough so I gently moved my lower half closer to the front of the sofa causing his legs to widen easily. Now , my crotch was against the seat edge and I moved my head in closer to his chest I stuck my tongue out and very tentatively and gently ran my tongue over one of his nipples. The feeling of that hardened nib against my tongue was electric. My uncle again started moaning and this gave me courage, I threw caution to the wind and started running my tongue all around his left nipple. His moans increased and I continued to lick his nipple as I fingered the right one. Both nibs were now stiff and erect . As I licked the one nipple, my eye was riveted to the stiffened nib on the right nipple as I fingered it. After a few minutes, I decided to alternate and started licking the left nipple as I fingered the right. My nncle's moans were constant now. I knew he must be enjoying the feelings of my tongue on his nipple as much as I was, I then looked down at his crotch and saw a mound there. His cock had stiffened and tented his briefs and expanded the spread halves of his unbuttoned jeans . I took my hand off his nipple and ran it over his tented briefs. I felt the heat of his hardening cock through the cotton. I started rubbing his mound and squeezing his dick through his briefs as I continued to suck his nipple. This went on for about ten minutes as his dick continued to harden , thicken and lengthen in his briefs. His moans came faster and faster as I sucked and rubbed him, My cock was ready to burst, Then he gave this loud, long moan and started breathing very rapidly and I got so turned on it made me cum in my jeans. As he moaned long and deeply, and as I was cumming, his glazed eyes opened briefly . After shooting about eight spurts of cum in my underwear I continued to lick his nipples but his moaning had ceased and his cock seemed to lose its hardness in his briefs. It was then I noticed a warm, most feeling from his briefs. My God, I thought. My uncle came in his pants. I stopped licking his nipples, which now had lost their hardness, and leaned away from my uncle. I saw the mound in his crotch subside, I knew my uncle and I had cum at the same time. After about two minutes, I got up and cleaned myself in the bathroom and went back to my uncle. I slowly pulled his shirt closed and buttoned the front halfway up. Soon, I heard my uncle snoring and knew he had fallen into a deep sleep. I got a blanket and lightly draped it over him and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up to discover my uncle lying under the blanket on the sofa. I went to start breakfast and coffee. After about ten minutes, I went to wake up Uncle Bob and discovered an empty sofa. Just about then I heard the bathroom, I raced back to the kitchen and placed the breakfast on the table. Uncle Bob appeared in the doorway and said, “ Sorry about konking out on you last night, Phil. I was tired to begin with and having those beers didn't help.”

I said, “That's okay, Uncle Bob, I know you were tired, It's no big deal. Sit down and have some breakfast.”

He took a sip of his coffee and said, “ I must have been really out of it last night. I had the craziest dream.”

I smiled as I sat down and sipped my coffee, I said, “ Uncle Bob, that was no dream!”