Uncle Bob: The First Time, pt 2

by Richard Stuffer <cockstuffer50@yahoo.com>

The next morning I woke up to discover my uncle lying under the blanket on the sofa. I went to start breakfast and coffee. After about ten minutes, I went to wake up Uncle Bob and discovered an empty sofa. Just about then I heard the bathroom, I raced back to the kitchen and placed the breakfast on the table.

Uncle Bob appeared in the doorway and said, “ Sorry about konking out on you last night, Phil. I was tired to begin with and having those beers didn't help.”

I said, “That's okay, Uncle Bob, I know you were tired, It's no big deal. Sit down and have some breakfast.”

He took a sip of his coffee and said, “ I must have been really out of it last night. I had the craziest dream.”

I smiled as I sat down and sipped my coffee, I said, “ Uncle Bob, that was no dream!”

It looked like Uncle Bob became stricken. He froze completely with his coffee-cup filled hand stopped in mid-air. He face became white and blank. I felt like I was watching a movie and the film hot gotten stuck and came to a complete stop. He just looked at me, fixedly, for what seemed an eternity and then his face seemed to redden. His facial expression changed to one of complete disbelief and he said, “ No dream? How do you know it was not a dream? I didn't tell you what I remember of the dream. How can you say that I am not talking about a dream? , he said nervously.

“Because, Uncle Bob, I was there!”, I said, “ You said you remember the dream made you feel 'real good', right? Well, I know you were feeling 'real good' because you moaned out loud during your 'dream.' Those moans gave me the courage to go farther than I thought I could. What you remember as a dream is a memory I will keep for the rest of my life. I enjoyed your 'dream' immensely, too!”

His face turned deep red. I wasn't sure if he was boiling with rage or just intensely embarrassed. Finally, he said, “So , what I remember actually happened? What I felt was real? You....you made me feel that way? Is that a sick joke, Phil? Tell me honestly, Phil. Are you having some fun with your uncle? Are you pulling my leg? “

“No, Uncle Bob. I am not joking. What you 'dreamed' last night actually happened. It happened and I am glad it did! I loved every minute of it. I came during your dream at the same time you came in your pants and I jerked off before bed and upon awakening this morning from the hot feelings I got from your 'dream.' I want to feel that way again and again and again!”, I exclaimed.

I couldn't believe what I had just done. I got so caught up in talking about last night that I couldn't stop myself. Uncle Bob seemed a million miles away at this point. He was now looking down at his coffee with a look on his face that I could not figure out. He sat like that for about a minute and then stood up and walked about aimlessly in the kitchen as I sat and watched and waited. Then he took a deep breath and stood across the table from me.

He said,, “So Phil, what you're telling me is that my dream was not a dream at all, but was real. Is that right? It actually happened? “

I looked at my uncle nervously and sheepishly said, “Yes, Uncle Bob, it actually happened,” and then looked down at the table. I didn't know what was going to happen next. I now felt the impact of blurting out the facts of last night. I was afraid that my words would cause a rift that my uncle, my favorite uncle whom I've always loved so much, would not be able to get past. Now I was feeling very guilty for having taken advantage of my tired and drunk uncle the night before.

“Ohhh geez, I can't believe it! That dream was real! Everything I imagined and felt actually happened! Oh lord, what's gonna happen now? What do I do, now?”, Uncle Bob said nervously.

“Do?”, I echoed. “Uncle Bob, you don't have to do anything! You didn't do anything wrong! If anyone did something wrong the blame is mine. To be honest, Uncle Bob, the only thing I did 'wrong' was taking advantage of you under the circumstances. At the time, I didn't feel it was wrong in any way but only that it was very hot and exciting. Your moans excited me and I went farther than I would have imagined. You have nothing to feel guilty about. Sad thing is, I don't feel guilty for what I did, but I do feel bad that it has made you feel the way you do! I guess I didn't think beyond the moment. I let myself get carried away. I am sorry, Uncle Bob, that what I did is making you unhappy and nervous. I should have thought about the aftermath of what I was doing at the time but the thought never entered my mind!. I am so sorry, Uncle Bob, for what I did and how you feel about it!”, I said pleadingly.

“Phil, I don't mean to make you feel bad. I am the adult here. You are a young man and at the mercy of your hormones. If anyone found out about this there could be serious repercussions. Repercussions that go beyond the family, I could be in very serious trouble”, Uncle Bob exclaimed.

I very quickly piped in and said, “Yes, what you say is true, Uncle Bob, but that's if someones finds out about what happened. I won't tell anyone what happened. Are you planning to tell my Mom and Dad what I did?”

“ Are you crazy, Phil?! Why would I tell your parents? What good would come of it? No good for you and certainly even worse for me. No, I won't tell anyone but I have to ask you to swear to me you will not tell anyone, and I mean anyone, what happened last night. Will you do that for me, Phil? Do you think you could keep this our secret ? “, he asked pleadingly.

“Uncle Bob, why would I do anything to cause you pain? I don't want to hurt you....ever! I will keep this secret just between us. After all, I am the cause of it and I don't regret what I did. I only regret that what I did has made you unhappy. You have always been my favorite uncle and I love you so much. I would never, knowingly, do anything to cause you pain. I am sorry I caused you pain this time. It is my fault, not yours!”, I emphasized.

Uncle Bob seemed taken aback by my last words and hesitated a bit before saying, “Wait a minute. You don't regret what you did? That's what you said, isn't it? You're serious? You like what you did? You meant it when you said, “ again and again and again”?

“Yes, Uncle Bob, I did like what I did and I meant it when I said I would like to do it again and again and again! My only regret is that what I did has made you feel so bad. While I was doing it I was so hot and horny and your moans only made me hotter and hornier and more daring. I had never felt that hot and horny before. I just lost control. I'm sorry that what I did has caused you so much grief. No one will ever hear of it from me. I do not want you to stop being my uncle or from visiting us. Please say you will keep this secret and not let it affect our relationship or your relationship with the family,” I pleaded.

“Of course I will keep this secret. If anyone found out about this it wouldn't be good for anyone. But Phil, I have to ask you something. Boys your age are slaves to their hormones and sex drive. Have you ever done anything like this before? Have you ever had sex with anyone before last night? “, he asked.

“Well, Uncle Bob, I do find lots of porn on the computer. I do jerk off a lot to the hot pics I see. I have played around with some of my friends, also. Last night was the first time I ever experienced anything sexual with an adult. I was very excited, Excited to be doing it with an adult. I was especially excited to be doing it with you, Uncle Bob”, I said.

“ Wait a minute. Let's back up a bit. You have played with some of your friends? Tell me about what you've done with your friends. After all, we are keeping a secret and now we can be honest with each other. I would like to hear about what you and your friends have done. Tell me what you have experienced, Phil. Please?”, he asked.

I was feeling a bit embarrassed but decided it would be best to be honest and tell my uncle anything he wanted to know. “Well, Uncle Bob, we undress each other. We feel each other in different places. We hold each other's cocks. We jerk each other off. Some of my friends and I even lick and kiss each other in different places. It feels real good, Uncle Bob. We have been doing it for months, now. It makes our cocks grow and thicken and harden . It is exciting to see another guy's cock get excited. It is also very hot to see another guy shoot his cum. It is very exciting to feel another cock and feel another hand on your cock”, I said. I think my face must have reddened some judging by the slight grin that appeared on my uncle's face.

“Okay, It is natural for boys your age to be curious and experiment. All boys your age do it, in one form or another. I remember doing it myself at your age. But you said something else that has me curious. You said last night was the most exciting sex you had. Could it be because it was your first adult, or was it more than that, Phil? Be honest. Nothing you tell me now will go any further or affect how I feel about you, You can trust me, Phil. So, tell me, what was so special and exciting about last night?”, he asked.

Again, I felt my face redden and I stammered, “W-w-well, I think it was the most exciting because of two things at once. It was my first sex with an adult and that adult happened to be you. I have been having sex dreams about my dad for a long time, now. I could never tell anyone about it but every time I would see Dad partially undressed I would have to hide my hardon from anyone's view. At first, I felt ashamed about my feelings. At night, though, I would fantasize about Dad and what it would be like to have sex with him, I often jerk off in my bed thinking about having sex with Dad. It got to the point where I got most excited about fantasizing about sex with Dad or another man that my sex with friends didn't excite me as much anymore. Before you arrived yesterday, I was on the net looking at pictures of naked men. I had jerked off 3 times and then decided to play video games on the family TV. Soon afterward you rang the bell. I never had any plans for what occured. When you felt asleep with the porn tape playing, I rewound it and watched my favorite part and saw you with your shirt partially opened. That made me more excited and I guess I let my excitement get the best of me”, I said and put my head down a bit.

“Well, I can't say I expected that, That part about your dad and me, I mean. It is not the first time I have heard of such things, but I am surprised to hear it from you. You are not the first to have those feelings and you will not be the last. But, can I ask you something, Phil? What is it about your dad and me that you find so exciting? Is it just because we are adults , or because we are related,? What is it? Tell me, Phil. This will be part of the secret between us”, he said.

I sheepishly answered, “ I have found older men attractive for a while, now. Something about them being older is a turnon. Also, I find their hairy bodies make me very excited. I prefer older men and hairy bodies to the young and smooth bodies of my friends. Since I couldn't find an older man to have sex with I started dreaming about Dad and his hairy body and how hot it made me. You are just like Dad but more so....you're bigger than he is, a bit older and I figured you would be just as hairy as Dad is. Last night when I saw your open shirt and waistband and all the hair on your chest and belly it made me very excited. The porn tape had some hot men in it but when you fell asleep I couldn't help myself. I just had to see and feel more of your hot, hairy body. I got very excited by the sight, feel and heat of your body and all that hair. When I started playing with you I was nervous but too hot to stop. When I heard you moan at some of the things I was doing that made me want to do more. I guess I couldn't help myself, Uncle Bob.”

“So you really enjoyed what you did last night, huh Phil? Well, I must admit that I don't remember everything but I do remember a dream. That dream made me feel real good. It felt so good that I came in my underwear. That hasn't happened to me in years. So , I guess I owe my good dream to you. I am in your debt, Phil. You made me feel very good last night. When I awoke and thought it was a dream that made my crotch feel gooey and sticky this morning, I must admit, I felt a bit disappointed. Somehow, knowing it was not a dream makes me feel better”, he said.

This made me feel better, My uncle liked how his 'dream' made him feel. That excited me. I decided to be very honest with my uncle and said, “Uncle Bob, I am glad you liked how I made you feel, You made me feel very excited, too. I was excited and nervous at the same time last night. Excited by your body but nervous as I played that you would wake up and be upset. At one point, your eyes opened for a brief time while you were moaning. I stopped for just a few seconds and continued what I was doing. I was too hot and excited to stop. Your moans made me hotter and gave me courage. I really enjoyed last night. I am glad you remember some enjoyment from last night, too. It was the best time I have ever had”, I said excitedly.

“Really: The best time you've ever had? Well, I guess that's something. I guess I should feel flattered that your old uncle gave you a really good time. Problem is, I don't know what we do about last night from this time forward”, Uncle Bob said.

Exuberantly, I exclaimed, “Why can't we do it again? We both enjoyed it! This is our secret. Why can't we enjoy this secret between us? “

“Is that what you want, Phil? Do you want us to continue this secret? You want us to have sex again?”, he asked with a strange tone in his voice.

Almost immediately I replied, “Sure, Uncle Bob! I want to have sex with you again! It will be hotter having sex with you while you aren't drunk or tired. You enjoyed last night. I am sure we would both enjoy sex again. Your moans make me so excited as I play with your hot body. I love the sight and feel and heat and smell of your body. It made me cum so intensely. I want to feel that way again and hear you moan like you did last night. I would really like that, Uncle Bob” I said excitedly.

“Well, maybe we can do something about that. But first, I really could do with a shower and shave. Maybe I should run home and freshen up, I will come back and we can see what happens then. What do you think about that, sport?, Uncle Bob asked.

“Uncle Bob, there is no need for you to go home and come back, You can freshen up right here. I will get you towels for your shower and anything else you need”, I said. “I can get you one of Dad's disposable razors for your shave. We have plenty of fresh towels. I am sure we can find something of Dad's for you to wear. He has lots of underwear and I can get you a fresh, clean pair of boxers from his room, if you don't have any qualms about that.” I said ,“Dad has so many pairs of underwear you can keep them if you want and he will never miss them, believe me!”, I continued.

Uncle Bob said, “ That sounds like a good idea, Phil. I feel kind of sleazy and seedy and a shower, shave and fresh clothes will do just the trick and have me feeling better.”

I said, “Go ahead, uncle, I will have fresh coffee waiting when you're done.”

I was feeling heady and excited. Just the thought of Uncle Bob and I having sex again was making my crotch tingle. My cock was already starting to rise. This was going to be a more memorable event than last night. I couldn't wait.

After about 25 minutes, I heard Uncle Bob humming softly and then heard him coming down the stairs. I think the bulge in my shorts was noticeable and completely expected.

Stay tuned for part 3 of Uncle Bob: The First Time.