Uncle Bob: The First Time, pt 3 Getting Down to It. By Richard Stuffer<cockstuffer50@yahoo.com>

After about 25 minutes, I heard Uncle Bob humming softly and then heard him coming down the stairs. I looked up and saw him as he came down. Surprisingly, he had on the v-neck tee shirt and the boxer shorts I had given him, but was carrying the walking shorts on his arm. Since uncle was a bit bigger than my dad , the boxers were a little snug so he wore them lower and there was a space between the bottom of the tee shirt and the waistband of Dad's boxers. Uncle Bob's bigger barrel chest stretched the tee shirt taut across his body. I could see the sea of darkness of his body fur spread across his chest through the taut fabric of the shirt. I could see the nibs of his nipples pressing against the white cotton. As he descended the stairs I looked at the legs of the boxer shorts. I was hoping to get a peek at the contents of his crotch. His thighs were thick enough to leave very little room at the leg openings so my hopes of a peek were dashed. Although a bit disappointed, the thought of what was to come brightened my spirits and caused a tingling in my dick and crotch.

When he reached the bottom of the stairs I said, “ You look much better now, Uncle Bob. You look refreshed. C'mon, there is fresh coffee on the table.”

We went back to the table and had our coffee. Uncle Bob said, “ I hope you don/'t mind. I didn't put on the walking shorts because I need to air dry a bit . No matter how much toweling I do, I still wait a while before putting on my clothes. I need to let some close body spaces air dry a bit.“

“Uncle Bob, you could have come down the stairs naked and that would have been fine with me”, I chirped.

He smiled and said, “Let's not get ahead of ourselves, here, sport. I have never done this before. You will have to forgive me if I am a little nervous. “

I asked, somewhat dejectedly, “Don't you want to do this, Uncle Bob? I don't want to make you feel like you have to do something you don't want to do.”

“No, no, it's not that. It's just that I am feeling a bit shy, I guess. I don't know how to begin, You will have to be patient with me, Phil”, he said with an earnest look in his eye.

“Uncle, why not let me begin? You just relax and let me start. If I do anything you don't like you just say so, ok ? “, I asked gently and sincerely.

He said, “Okay, I am putty in your hands. Where and how do you want to begin?”, he asked. “And please, be gentle with me”, he said with a smile.

I then led uncle to the sofa and sat him down. I made him lean back so I could revel in the sight of my sexy uncle in his underwear. He was barefoot from the shower and there were only two pieces of flimsy fabric covering what had already made me excited.

I said, “If you like, you can close your eyes. If I do anything that you don't like that tell me to stop, okay? “

“Okay”, he said. “I will lean back and close my eyes. You can pretend this is last night and start like you did then. Of course, it should be easier now since I am not half asleep and am only partly dressed”, he grinned.

“Great! You just lay back and relax and let me do all the work, uncle” I said.

With that my uncle closed his eyes. As eager as I was to have at his hot body, I knew he was feeling a bit strange about this whole thing and I forced myself to go slowly and gently. First , I took my hands and gently glided them up his thighs. His legs were very furry, especially the thighs. I could smell his body hair and I gently traced along his thighs from his knees. He giggled slightly and adjusted his legs. Then I moved my hands up to the gap at his waist. I lightly brushed my fingers across his exposed belly and tickled his navel. Again he giggled and moaned some. He said, “mmmmmm” as I continued to brush his belly and his thigh. I slowly pushed my hand under the shirt and started running my hand over his belly to feel the thick forest of hair covering his skin. I loved the feel of his hair against my hand. He was moaning often now grinning all the while. I knew my uncle was enjoying this and so was I.

My cock was rising in my shorts as I brushed his thigh and belly, Then, I took both hands and grabbed the tee shirt by the bottom and pulled it up. My uncle opened his eyes and knew I wanted to rid him of the shirt. He leaned forward and I pulled the shirt over his head. He then leaned back again. My eyes were filled with the hot sight of my uncle's broad, furry chest. Once again, I saw those two large, pink nipples in the sea of dark brown chest hair, I was even more excited than yesterday. It was now mid-morning and the room was illuminated by the daylight filtering in, This added to my excitement. The lighting was better now than in last night's encounter and the unhindered view of my uncle's chest had me hot and hard and leaking precum.

I then leaned in and gently blew over my uncle's chest. He moaned a long , 'mmmmmmmmm” as I did this and I knew he was enjoying it, as was I. This was much better than last night. My heart was pounding and my breathing rapid as I felt that hot, hairy body. I leaned in closer and very gently and lightly licked Bob's left nipple. He gasped and make a hissing sound as my tongue ran over his nipple. He moaned again and pushed his chest out. I took this to mean he wanted me to do more. I started running my tongue over his nipple and could feel the nib hardening and getting bigger to the touch of my tongue. His nipples were so hot and knowing he enjoyed my licking them made me hotter.

I continued to swirl my tongue around his left nipple as he continued to moan. The heat and smell of his body was intoxicating to me. I then took my left hand and gently started brushing his right nipple. This obviously pleased uncle as he moaned long and deeply and pushed his chest further out. I was thrilled that my uncle was enjoying this as much as I was. The position became a bit awkward for me as I was leaning over my uncle to do this. I then sat on his legs so I could feast on his chest in comfort.

My uncle opened his eyes and smiled a bit and then moaned as our eyes met as my tongue laved his left nipple and my finger brushed and tickled his right one. I scooted further down his thighs and now had my crotch against his. As I continued to take my pleasure at those two gorgeous, big pink nipples I felt something on my bottom. I moved back and looked down, I raised my head in surprise. I saw that my uncle was now forming a bulge in dad's boxers. Mmmm, I moaned on his nipple as I noticed this. My moan must have felt good because he moaned long and low and pushed his pec harder against my mouth . The thought of his cock hardening, thickening and lengthening made my mouth water and I continued to lave his nipple in earnest. My uncle's moans were constant now. I pulled off his nipple and took my hand away and sat back and just looked at my uncles grinning face. His eyes were closed but he opened them after a few seconds.

I said, “Uncle, do you mind if I rest a bit? Is that okay with you? “

“Sure, Phil. You can rest, if you like. Do you want to stop? You can say so, if you do”, he said.

“Stop! No way” I said emphatically, “I just want to rest a few seconds. No, I don't want to stop. I don't think I will want to stop....ever!! I love doing this with you, Uncle Bob. I really do!

He said, “That's fine, sport. I am glad you like this. I like it , too, But let's understand something... you can do anything you want to do as long as you want to do it. I am not going to force you to do anything, Is that agreed ? As I said earlier, I am putty in your hands. You call the shots, okay sport?”

Mmmmmm, I thought. I liked uncle's attitude. This was going better than I planned. Although he seemed a little nervous at first, obviously he was enjoying what I was doing to him. I was glad, I loved making my uncle feel good. I had a plan. I pulled off his chest and asked for rest in hopes he would calm down a bit and that his cock would soften from its hardening state. I was dying to see his cock without the boxer shorts but I wanted to see his cock completely soft. The idea of seeing my uncle's cock as it was during the workday was really exciting me. I wanted to see what it must look like in his pants as he went through his day. That sight would not last long as I had plans for his dick, as well.

As a means to distract him I said, “Uncle, I am glad I can call the shots. I like that idea. You said I could do whatever I like but if I should do something you don't like I want you to tell me, Okay?

He smiled and brushed his hand on my head and said, “Phil, so far, all you've done is made me feel great. I doubt there is anything you might want to do that I wouldn't let you do. You've made me feel very hot and sexy so far. You just do whatever you want. You can touch me, lick me , kiss me or whatever anywhere your heart desires. This is our special time and our secret. No one will ever know about this except the two of us. Okay?

“Right on, Uncle Bob”, I exclaimed, He chuckled a bit and just smiled at me.

I looked down and saw that the bulge in his boxers had subsided. I looked up at him and said, “Uncle, I want you to take off your shorts. I want to see you totally naked. Will you take off the boxers for me?”

“Sure!”, he said. “Anything you want. Better yet, why don't you take them off me?”

I got off his legs and knelt in front of him as he sat back on the sofa. I placed my hands on the waistband of the boxers and he lifted his hips. I slowly pulled down his boxers and saw the hair thicken as it went lower to his groin. As the waist of the boxers cleared his crotch, I saw a mat of thick, crinkly, dark brown hair and his cock was soft and slightly curved resting on his very furry, big balls, His cock didn't look like mine ( circumcised) and I couldn't recall seeing one like it before. As the sight of his hairy crotch, and a musty odor filled my nostrils, I bit my lip and hissed in excitement at the view before me.

My uncle just smiled and watched as my eyes widened at the sight of his cock and balls. I was mesmerized by them... the size of his balls were much bigger than mine, They were the biggest balls I had ever seen. His dick was still soft and looked about 4.5 to 5 inches long and had long skin that came to a pucker at the end. It looked thick. I loved the sight and smell of his crotch. I felt lightheaded and my heart was pounding in my chest.

I sat back on my heels and just continued to marvel at my uncles crotch. I couldn't remember seeing anything so hot and sexy....not my friends and not on the internet. My cock was rock hard in my shorts and underwear. At the point of the tenting a wet spot seeped through from my leaking precum .

My uncle eyed me as I marveled at his crotch. He said, “Just do what you want, Phil. Do whatever you want. It is fine with me.”

I then reached out and gently felt his balls, He moaned a bit and I looked in his eyes. He had a very calm, glazed look in them, I continued to lightly feel his balls and he moaned as I did so. Then he spread his legs wider. His balls seem do drop lower from their weight and his cock fell with them nestling in the fur covering. Not only was my cock leaking precum non-stop but my mouth was watering as well, I knew I had to taste my uncle's cock and balls, He cocked seemed to be thickening slowly, I gently felt his cock, It had the most incredible feel to it. It felt hot and firm but not hard. He moaned as I touched his thick cock. I knew I was going to taste his cock and his balls, but I was enjoying this special time so much I didn't want it to end too soon,

I backed away from his crotch and he seemed to have a look of disappointment on his face. I was kneeling between his spread legs and the musty odor of his crotch filled my nostrils. I took both my hands and went back to rubbing all over his chest, He watched me as I did this. It was hot playing with my uncle's chest and seeing him watch me as I enjoyed his body. This was much hotter than last night. I continued to run my hands over uncle's chest and then lightly brushed my hands over both his nipples at once. He moaned and closed his eyes as I did this. We were both enjoying his nipples.

He then opened his eyes and watched and moaned as I continued to play with his nipples. I looked in his eyes as I moved in closer and started to lightly tongue his left nipple. Again, he sucked in his breath with a hissing sound as my tongue ran over his nipple. I swirled my tongue and licked his left nipple as my fingers played with the right nipple. He was moaning and I could feel the nipple vibrate in my mouth as he moaned. That felt so tremendously sexy to me that it brought me over the edge. I came in my pants. As I came and shot eight strong volleys of cum in my pants I started moaning and then sucked on my uncle's nipple. He moaned long and deeply as I sucked on his hardened nib and pulled on his tit with my mouth . I had to move my head a bit to be able to breathe faster through my nose from my rapid breathing, I kept my mouth on my uncles tit and sucked as my orgasm waned.

Although I had just cum, my uncle's moans as I sucked and fingered his tits kept me excited. I sat down on his legs close to his crotch, The hair on his belly felt wonderful against my skin. I continued to work his hot chest and feast on his hot, big pink nipples. His moans were like a vibrator working his tit in my mouth. I moaned on his tit as I sucked it hard and he gasped and hissed and sucked in his breath in excitement.

I was in reverie. I was totally engrossed in my uncle. I sucked harder and harder on his tit as he moaned more and more. At the same time, I was squeezing and pinching and slightly twisting his right nipple. His moans were constant now. As I continued to work on his chest and hear and feel his pleasure, I became aware of something against my bottom. Still working on his tits. I moved myself back and looked down. My uncle's cock had thickened and lengthened some. It was beautiful. The skin had moved back a bit from the head and I could see his peehole. This made me more excited and I continued to suck and twist his nipples as he continued to moan with his eyes closed.

The head of his dick, inside the skin, looked shiny and wet. I loved the heat of his body against me, the feel of his fur against my skin, and the feel of his hard nipple and its peaked nib in my mouth as I sucked and pleasured him. My uncle was moaning and started to say, in a husky whisper, “ Oh yes, Phil. Oh ,yes . Mmmm that feels so good. Oh yeah, baby. Yeah, work my tits, Phil. Lick them, kiss them, suck them. Hard! Pull them, squeeze them, twist them, Ooooh, yeah, you're making me feel so good. Yeah, baby, I love what you're doing to me. Yeah, do it, Phil. Keep doing it. It feels great! Work my tits, boy, Work 'em good and hard, Yes, yes, yesssss!!!!!!”

I was thrilled by my uncle's words. I was equally thrilled by the look of his cock . My mouth was tiring of sucking so hard on his nipple and I began to get an ache in my jaw. I pulled away from his nipple and looked up at him, His eyes were closed.

He then opened them and I said, “Uncle Phil, my mouth hurts a little. Do you mind if we rest a bit? Don't worry, I am not finished yet but I do need to rest my mouth, okay?”

He said, “Sure, sport. We can rest . We can stop, too , if you want to. This is supposed to be fun for both of us. If you want to stop, we can. Just say so.”

“Stop?! No way! I just need to rest my mouth a bit. Also , I need to go to the bathroom and clean up. I came in my pants and want to wipe off my cum before it dries”, I said.

“You came? You came and you still want to continue? Oh, wow, to be your age again! Always hot and ready and able to cum again in just a few minutes. What I wouldn't give to be that potent again!”, he exclaimed.

“Don't worry, Uncle Bob, I want to get back to this, I just need a few minutes. Okay? I asked.

“Sure, baby. Anything you want. I am enjoying this and it seems you are too. That's great! I love what we're doing here, Phil. I haven't felt this hot and horny in so long I can't remember when. You take your break and clean up. And we can begin again whenever you're ready”, he said.

I then went to the bathroom and cleaned myself with a washcloth and soap. Then I went a got a drink from the kitchen and brought a beer back to the living room in case uncle wanted it.

He ignored the beer and just lay back and closed his eyes and relaxed a bit. I scanned his naked body opposite me on the sofa. Man! He was a hot , sexy man. I couldn't believe my fantasy was coming true. I was having sex with a mature man, A hairy, older man, My head was dizzy as I thought about what we were doing. My eyes again scanned that big, hairy chest. Those big, succulent pink nipples that were reddened now by my rough sucking and seemed to stand out more amid the sea of dark brown fur that covered uncle's chest. I scanned the dark brown carpet of his body down to his crotch where it seemed to be densest. His balls could not easily be seen from all the fur that covered his scrotum. His dick had softened and lay on top of his furry balls. He seemed to be very relaxed and I thought he might be falling asleep. It must have been about 15 minutes since we stopped.

I finished my drink and then approached my uncle. His eyes were closed and he was breathing normally. He wasn't snoring so I was glad hadn't fallen asleep. His legs were open but not spread as wide as they were earlier. I moved in front of the sofa and knelt in front of his legs . His eyes were still closed. I carefully leaned in closer and again the musty odor of his crotch filled my nostrils. At once, my crotch started tingling and my dick started to rise.

My uncle had his arms resting on the back of the sofa and his head laid back, I slowly and carefully moved in closer to his crotch. The sight of his dick and those big furry, balls got me hot and ready to go at him again. His balls were the biggest and furriest I had ever seen. The were as big as a small grapefruit in their skin sack. They were so furry, that you couldn't see them, or their size easily, unless you were close, as close as I was now.

I leaned in and flicked my tongue on the rosebud of skin at the end of uncle's dick. He flinched and immediately opened his eyes.

He said, “You ready to begin again? Okay. Go for it! Do whatever you want, but only do what you want, okay? Every thing you've done so far has felt great, but I am not forcing you to do anything you don't want to do. Okay? I am here for you to do as you will. Just do anything you want. I like whatever you do. I will lean back and let you take control , okay? “

I nodded and he put his head back and closed his eyes. I went back and flicked his skin pucker with my tongue. Again, he hissed in his breath. I took my tongue and started to lick his foreskin rosebud. I was fascinated by his dickskin since I didn't have any. He started moaning as I continued to lick and settle my down around the covered head of his dick. He spread his legs a bit wider as I took more of that head in my mouth.

I reached up and started fingering his left nipple as my mouth was on his covered head. He moaned deeply at the touch and spread his legs wider. I took this as a sign to go farther. I opened my mouth wider and sank lower down the shaft of his dick. As I slid down his dick he moaned loudly. My right hand was squeezing, pulling and twisting his left nipple as my mouth sank lower down his dick. I had about an inch of his dick in my mouth. I then took my left hand and brought it up under his balls.

He moaned and said, “ Oh yes, Phil. Oh, yeah. That feels great. Yeah, twist my tit, Phil. Tickle my balls, Yeah, You're making me so hot, Phil. Mmmmm, it feels great. I love what you're doing to me. Yes, Phil. Do what you want, you're making your uncle feel great. Squeeze my balls a bit as you twist and pull on my nipple” he said, huskily.

I continued to twist his nipple and I squeezed his balls and the same time I lowered myself further down his cock. My mouth was stretched so wide and I had less than two inches in my mouth. His cock was firm but not stiff but it did seem to thicken in my mouth . He moaned deeply and spread his legs wider and slid further down on the sofa pushing his crotch toward me and the edge of the cushion

I looked up at uncle and saw him watching me with a glazed twinkle in his eyes. Now his crotch was past the edge of the sofa seat. I pulled my hand from his left nipple and wrapped ii around his dick. I started to lightly stroke his dick as I continued to swirl my tongue around it and squeeze his balls. He was watching me all the while which excited me more. Then, as I held his cock with my right hand, and squeezed his balls with my left, I tried to swiftly sink down further on his dick. Suddenly, the gag reflex overcame me and I pulled quickly off uncle's dick and starred coughing.

My uncle said, “Phil, don't be too hasty. Only take what you can. You don't have to take it all, I don't think you can take it all. It is darn big when I am fully hard. Only take what you can and don't force yourself. But can I give you a hint if you want to make use of it? “ I nodded and he said, “If you want to take more of it, relax your mouth and try to yawn as you take it in. That should help, but that is only if you want to .Don't try to take it all. When I am fully hard, it may be too thick and long for you to take. Only do what you can and what you want to do, okay? “

I nodded and wrapped my hand around his dick again. It was sticking out from his body parallel with his thighs. It looked very enticing but based on what uncle said, I didn't think it was as big as it could get. I was determined to see his dick as big as it could be, I might not be able to take all of it in my mouth but I wanted him to get fully excited. This was the first time my uncle and I were in situation like this and I wanted to make the most of it.

I went back to his cock and again started licking the covered head. I had softened and lost some thickness but I soon felt it firming up in my mouth. I held his dick and started swirling my tongue over the skin, I took his balls in my left hand and started squeezing them gently. I looked up and uncle when he moaned and saw him watching me. I liked him watching me do this. I liked the warmth and heaviness and the feeling of his dick in my mouth. I loved the feeling of his furry ballsack in my hand and the hard nuts contained inside. Uncle started moaning a bit as I looked up at him I took more of his dick into my mouth.

I liked the look on uncle's face as he watched me take his dick. He was watching me and moaning as I squeezed his balls and swirled my tongue over his dick. His legs were spread wide allowing me full access to his hot, hairy crotch. I continued to ever so slowly move down his dick. His dick seemed to be thickening and hardening as I sank lower. His eyes stayed on me as continued to work my way slowly down,

I remembered what he said about yawning, so I decided to try it. I made myself yawn and then pushed myself further down my uncle's cock, I must have taken a whole inch more in that one slide. He moaned and his eyes widened as I did this. He then smiled and nodded. His cock continued to thicken in my mouth and it seemed to get longer. By now, I had about two inches in my mouth and and felt the ridge in the back of my mouth.

Uncle continued to watch me. I continued squeezing his balls and he was moving his legs slightly from side to side. He had his arms resting on the back of the sofa and his big pink nipples made me hotter, I continued swirling my tongue on his dick and squeezing his big, hard, furry balls. His cock seemed to be getting thicker still and my mouth felt tight around the thickness. I continued to lick and slide on his dick and slowly slid more and more into my mouth. By now, I had about 2 inches in my mouth and there was much more to go.

“Be careful, Phil. There's an awful lot of cock here. It is not fully grown yet. Don't be careless. It feels great already, You don't have to force yourself” he said.

I loved the view in front of me, I loved knowing I was making my uncle feel good. I wasn't sure if I could take his whole dick but I wanted to take as much as I could

I continued playing with his hard balls and slowly moving down his dick. It looked to be about another four inches before I could hit bottom, if I ever did. I was gonna try my damnedest to take as much of uncle's cock into my mouth as I could. I continued to suck and yawn and moved down about another half inch, My uncle's eyes widened. Then, I took my right hand and placed it at his left nipple. I continued feasting on his hot dick as I squeezed his balls, Then I took my finger on my left hand and reached back behind his balls and made contact with uncle''s anus. He moaned deeply and long and raised his hips as I touched his asshole. This movement caused more of his dick to go into my sucking mouth, I yawned on his dick just in time to his movement and felt more enter my throat. My uncle was moaning long, deep moans as my finger tickled his hole and my hand twisted his nipple and my mouth gorged on his cock. His dick seemed to get harder and longer as I did this. It felt so thick in my mouth that my lips were tightly wrapped around it. The musty smell of his crotch and that forest of hair at the base of his dick was an aphrodisiac to me. It made me hotter knowing I was working my way towards that bush.

I then decided to take a big risk. I pushed my finger into uncle's anus and yawned as he raised his hips and caused more of his dick into my mouth. My uncle groaned something fierce and looked down at me, I had a bit more than half his dick in my mouth. I couldn't believe I had that much of his thick dick in my mouth. I felt it in the back of my throat. My throat felt full and stuffed. I made it a point to keep my throat relaxed but couldn't believe how thick uncle felt.

My right hand continued twisting and squeezing his left nipple, which by now was hard and stiff and very red. My other hand continued to squeeze his balls as I managed to get half inch of my longest finger in his asshole. Uncle's chest and belly were heaving from his rapid and deep breaths. I knew he was enjoying this as much as I was. He was moaning and groaning as I continued to work on his body.

I took my hand off his balls and pushed my finger deeper into his asshole, Again, uncle groaned loud and deeply and pushed his hips up and I felt more of his cock go deeper in my throat. By now , it felt like his cock was almost to my stomach. I looked and could see bout two more inches of his dick remaining before I hit bottom

Uncle was moaning and groaning and writhing with my finger in his ass. I started to move my finger gently in his ass and he started moaning and groaning and moving his hips up and down. Now he was pumping his hips on my finger in his ass. I felt his cock moving back and forth in my throat. He was moaning constantly now and moving his head from side to side and pumping his hips.

“Oh Phil, it feels so good, You've got me so hot and horny here. I won't be able to take much more. I am gonna have to cum soon“, Uncle Bob said raspily.

This excited me even more, My cock had been leaking precum all the time I was sucking on uncle's dick. The fact the hew was gonna cum soon made me hotter and more determined. I had to have his whole dick in my mouth. I wanted to feel it deep in my throat and show uncle I could take his whole hard, long , thick dick.

I continued squeezing and twisting his nipple and now I placed a second finger at his hole. I gently managed to get the second fingertip in his anus. Again, a long, deep groan and hip movement caused more of his dick down my throat.

“Oh Phil, please! You're gonna have to get off my dick, I can't take much more. I gonna cum soon. I am gonna shoot a flood of cum, I am so hot. I don't want you to choke. Please Phil, get off my dick, I can't take much more. Please!” uncle begged.

I slowly started sliding up uncle's dick, It felt like I was taking a baseball bat out of my throat. I slowly backed off until I had my mouth off his cock. Uncle looked at me wide eyed and couldn't believe how much of his dick I had swallowed. I couldn't believe it myself. I had swallowed about ¾ of his dick. It felt so deep in my throat but there was almost two inches more than had not entered my mouth.

I took my hands from his nipple and pulled my fingers out of his anus. Uncle continued to breathe deeply and rapidly. I sat back on my heels as I knelt in front of him as I watched his chest and belly heaving from his deep, rapid breaths.

“Oh Phil, you're driving me nuts. I am jumping out of my skin! I can't remember the last time I have felt this hot. I have to cum, Phil. I have to! I know it is going to be one of my best cums, ever! I know it. My balls feel so heavy and my cum feels like it is bubbling inside me. You don't have to do anything, Just let me cum. I have to cum. I want to cum. You can just watch and see how excited you have made your uncle. You're gonna see me shoot a big load of thick, hot cum. It's all because of you, Phil, It's because you have made me so hot. This has been great, Phil, but I can't delay it any longer. You just sit back and watch” uncle said pleadingly.

I was a bit disappointed by this. Disappointed that I hadn't made uncle cum and disappointed that I hadn't swallowed all of his cock. His cock was this biggest I had seen it this day. It appeared to be at least 7.5 or 8 inches long, It appeared very thick, It was almost as thick as my wrist. That explains why it felt like a baseball bat in my throat. It looked to be a good six inches or so in circumference and almost two inches in diameter, It looked so enormous and thick and hard and long. I fell in love with Uncle Bob's dick.

Uncle Bob then said, “ I am gonna jerk off and you watch as I cum, I am gonna shoot a flood of hot cum. It's all because of you, Phil. You have made me so hot I know I am gonna shot a big, thick load of cum!”

With that he started to reach for his dick. Without thought, I pushed his hand away. I grabbed his hot, hard dick in my right hand. The skin was halfway down the head . The head was deep red and shiny and wet. I then noticed a gob of clear liquid at the tip in the peehole.

I tugged on the skin and pulled it back some exposing more of that big, red , shiny head. My uncle hissed as I did this. I bent my head down and licked the gob of cum from his peehole. He hissed and moaned as my tongue made contact with his dickhead. His precum tasted slick and oily and felt great on my tongue.

Uncle Bob said, “Phil, you better stop. I am ready to shoot at any moment. You better move out of the way or you'll be covered with cum.”

This only made me more determined. I held his cock firmly in my hand and looked him straight in the eye as I bent my head down. I placed my mouth on his cockhead and he hissed and moaned deeply. I pulled the skin down as I moved my lips over his cockhead. I pulled his skin until it passed the ridge and had his whole, peeled cockhead in my mouth.

He started saying, “Phil, stop! I am gonna cum any minute now. Take your mouth off! I can't control it . Stop!”, he kept saying.

I had the skin peeled fully back and felt the soft and sensitive skin of his firm cockhead in my mouth. I swirled my tongue all over the head and tickled the peehole with my tongue tip. I loved the taste of his dick. He was moaning and groaning non-stop now. I swirled my tongue over the gathered skin under the head. He started grunting, I continued to rub my tongue under the head and suck on his bare cockhead,

“ Oh geez. Oh, man, Here it comes, Phil, Take your mouth off, I can't hold back, I have to shoot. Oh, mannnnnnn.......here it comes ....aaaaaaahhhhhhh,........ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......mmmmmmmm!”, he grunted raspily.

I felt the cockhead throb and then I felt a thick jet of hot, creamy cum shoot into my mouth . I jerked my head back from the force of the cum jet when another jet shot into my mouth. It felt hot, and thick and creamy and salty-sweet. Then another strong, long rope of cum shot, and another, and another. My mouth was full and I tried to swallow but only in sips, Uncle must have shot about six of seven jets of hot cum into my mouth. The first three or four felt very strong and very full, and the others seemed to weaken and shot less amount. When I felt the throbbing stop and no more jets shoot, I took my mouth off uncle's cock.

I had swallowed once or twice as best I could while he was shooting. My mouth still had plenty of cum in it. It coated my tongue. I savored the taste of his cum on my tongue. I looked at Uncle Bob and he was trying to catch his breath. I swallowed just enough more to safely open my mouth. I opened my mouth and showed it to Uncle Bob. He was breathing in rapid, quick breaths. As he watched, I swallowed a little more of his cum and would open my mouth after each swallow. I wanted Uncle Bob to know I loved the taste of his cum. I wanted him to know I loved him so much, and the cum he gave me, that I wouldn't waste any of it.

He looked but said nothing as he continued to breathe rapidly. He managed to smile I was happy I had made him smile. I felt that this time I hadn't taken advantage of my uncle. He wasn't drunk or half asleep this time. I really enjoyed what we did and was glad uncle enjoyed it too.

I just sat there after I finished swallowing the remainder of his cum and watched Uncle Bob.

It took a few minutes before his breathing returned to normal. When he seemed to catch his breath, he smiled broadly. I then noticed a drop of cum on his dickhead. I quickly took his dick and peeled the skin back and sucked out the last drop.

Uncle Bob moaned a bit and then chuckled, “So, it seems you like my cum, eh Phil?”, he asked laughingly.

“Like it? I love it, Uncle Bob. There is so much of it. It is so thick and feels so hot when it shoots in my mouth. It tastes different from my cum. It tastes better than my cum, Uncle Bob”, I said.

“Well Phil, there was so much of it for two reasons. I am older than you and probably shoot a bigger load than you. I have always shot good loads .I may shoot bigger loads than you do, but at my age, I can't shoot as many loads as you do . Today's load was especially big because you made me so hot. You really got me going, sport. I can't remember the last time I was so hot and had such an intense orgasm. It was fabulous, Phil. I loved it. Thank you so much for making me feel so good”, he said.

“ I am glad I made you feel good, uncle. I felt good, too. I felt good making you feel good. I loved hearing you make the sounds you made. I loved seeing you twitch and jerk as we played,. It was the best, ever” I exclaimed.

“ I want to do this again, Uncle Bob. I want us to do more of this”, I said firmly.

He said, “Are you sure, sport? You want to do this again? You like it enough to do it more? “

“Oh, yes, Uncle Bob. I want to do this lots more. I want to taste your cum again and again. I want to do whatever you like to make you feel good. I want you to full my mouth with your cum lots more”, I said eagerly.

Uncle Bob said, “Sounds good to me. I love to have my cock sucked, You certainly know how to do it and I would like having my own, personal cocksucker, You have a deal. We can do it at my place when your family is home. There are other things we can do, too. I will tell you about them another time”, he said.

“Great, Uncle Bob, I want to learn anything you teach me. I want to be your very own cocksucker, I love you, Uncle Bob.”

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