Uncle Gus
by SCASS3254@aol.com

      It was a tree lined street in Brooklyn with single family homes when the cab pulled up. The young boy stepped from the car and stood in front of a large, Victorian house holding his small suitcase.  Geraniums, filled flower boxes and the lawn had been freshly cut. Hedges surrounded the property and were neatly trimmed. A large oak tree stood shading the house from the sun. Tony Lebesco just stood there looking at the freshly painted house and sighed. Kids roller bladed in the street and women gossiped on adjacent porches and a church bell rang in the distance. He timidly walked up the steps and bit his lip. Fear gripped him and he felt his heart racing as he rang the doorbell. Tony was eight years old and his parents had been killed in a car accident and he was coming to live with his Uncle Gus and his two maiden aunts, Margaret and Joan.

        The door opened and Uncle Gus was standing there. To a little boy he looked menacing with his unshaven face and cut off sweat shirt that revealed hairy, muscular arms.  His big brown eyes stared down at the skinny young boy who stood before him. Without a word said, he scooped Tony up into his arms and hugged him tight. Tony smelled his manliness as he held him in his powerful arms then kissed him on the cheeks until his face was wet with kisses. When he finally released him, his aunt's Margaret and Joan came running to him and did the same. They stood there in the doorway, laughing, crying and Tony knew that things were going to be all right.

        From that moment on, Tony adored Uncle Gus and followed him around whenever he was home. Gus never seemed to mind and if he did, he never showed it. The house was filled with laughter and classical music played on the radio all day. His aunts had fixed up a room for Tony next to Gus's room so Gus would always be there if he was needed. When nightmares wouldn't let Tony sleep, Gus took him into his bed and stroked his hair like his mother had done lovingly until he fell asleep in his arms. Gus made him forget that he wasn't alone in the world and he had a family.

        Gus had never married making a vow to his mother before she died that he would always take care of his sisters and he had kept that promise. They took care of the house and he was the breadwinner. Gus was a plumber and had his own thriving business and he worked hard and long hours but he never complained.

           It was surprising how quickly Tony acclimated and it was all because of Uncle Gus. He made living there fun and an adventure.  He took him to baseball games, deep sea fishing, to the beach at Coney Island and to the Bronx Zoo. The girls laughed wondering who the bigger kid was.

            Gus was a big man, not tall but broad shouldered and beefy. He had a pleasant, round face and was bald. There was something about him that people found attractive, even though he wasn't what you would call handsome. He had big brown eyes that were full of mischief and a nose that had been broken in a fight while he was in the navy that somehow added character to his features. His wrists and forearms were massive from cutting pipes and fitting them. Gus was home most nights but he was always out on Friday nights. Nobody ever asked where he was going and he never said.  He showered, shaved, dressed up, put on his favorite cologne, walked down the stairs, kissed them all and said goodnight. He didn't come home until late. His sisters would say that he was a man and he was allowed some pleasure but they worried  and didn't sleep until they heard his key in the door.

        In summers, the garden bloomed with roses. dahlias, pansies, petunias and poppies. It was a perfusion of colors and Uncle Gus was proud of his garden.  Two fig tree stood off in a corner and would soon bear fruit. Gus loved those fig trees and every year wrapped them in a burlap cocoon and paint cans were turned upside down over the tops to protect them against the winter chill. Every year they bore delicious fruit. Tony sat on the backyard porch as Gus heated the grill for a cookout. Tony watched Gus work checking the charcoals and carefully adding the chicken, meat and franks when the coals were hot enough. Gus always prepared enough for an army to eat. He stood there sweat dripped from his hairy chest and down his beer belly. He wore shorts and his legs were thick and massive and his back strong and hairy. When he bent over to pick up a utensil that he dropped, his rounded buns clung to him as beads of sweat formed at the crack of his ass. When he began to grill, he would give Tony a taste of what he was cooking and then put his beefy arm around his neck in a mock strangle hold and Tony playfully slapped at his belly until he let him go.

        When Tony was sixteen, his feelings for Uncle Gus changed. It happened innocently but left an indelible imprint upon him. Tony was in his room doing his homework when Gus walked into the room. He had just come out of the shower and was naked. He had left something in Tony's room that he needed. In all the years that Tony had lived there, he had never seen Gus naked. His belly and furry chest were beaded with water, his body tanned from the sun. Tony couldn't take his eyes off of his body  His nipples were large and round, his public hair thick.  But it was his cock that mesmerized Tony. It was a huge piece of meat that hung between his legs like a slab of beef. It was thick and uncut, the hood covered it's head. Tony figured it had to be at least eight inches long when it was hard. His balls were large and Tony quickly put the book that he was reading over his throbbing dick. Tony had seen men naked before but the ripeness of Gus's body was like a juicy piece of fruit and had him salivating. When Gus found what he was looking for, he turned around to leave and Tony admired his round, muscular, melon sized buns. Tony felt like he had been run over by a truck and felt his erection pressed against his jeans. He pulled it from his pants and jerked off.  He spilled his seed onto his history book and jerked off for weeks afterwards over to the image of Uncle Gus's naked body.

        The years flew by and Tony was drafted into the army and stationed in California. He met a young woman and married her after a brief, hot, love affair. He stayed on the coast after his discharge and found a job in the film industry. He still called Uncle Gus once a week. When Margaret died, Tony came home for the funeral and going back to the house that had brought him so many happy memories. Age had not diminished Tony's feelings for Gus. He was still as heavy but the lines in his face added a maturity that Tony found attractive. Tony was now thirty, a handsome man with large, black brooding eyes and lashes that women envied. He was strong, muscular and tanned from the sun. He was rugged, masculine and looked like a model or movie star.

        Gus was going to be fifty on his next birthday.  "So, how do you like living out on the coast?" he asked. "I miss not having you around waiting for me to come home. Where did it all go?" he said and put his beefy hand on Tony's head, his fingers were short and stubby. "You were just a baby when you came to us and now look at you, you're a handsome man. How's the wife? Mandy's her name, isn't it?"

        "The coast is the coast. I work there but New York is my home. Mandy," he made a face and Gus picked up on it.

        "Having problems? I don't mean to pry but that look tells me all is not right in OZ."

        "Yes, Uncle Gus, I think my marriage is going down in flames and the sad thing is that I don't give a fuck. I should be broken up but I'm not. She's not cheating and doesn't have another man. It's just that things have changed between us. I think it's me more then her. I can't explain it but I'm just not happy. There's something missing in my life, an emptiness, and I don't know what it is. "

        "Then leave," Gus responded. "You don't have kids and from what I hear she's a successful actress. One day you'll discover what it is that makes you happy and then you'll be happy."

        "We'll see."

        Tony did get divorced and three years later married a lawyer. He had written a movie script that was produced and which he directed that turned into a big, hit movie.  Suddenly, he was a hot property and he was asked to come back to New York and work on a film project. His wife refused to leave her career and he was divorced a second time.

        "I guess practice makes perfect," Gus said and laughed and Tony laughed with him. "You know that you're welcome to stay with us."

        "I have a big apartment on Park Avenue that I bought and things are fine with me financially. My new movie will be out in a few months and professionally I couldn't be doing better. It's in the love department, it's not so good."

        "You'll find the right one some day?"

        "Have you ever found the right one, Uncle Gus?"

        "No, I haven't. I keep looking but so far no success. I'm going to be fifty-five next year and too late for me. I'm settled in my ways. Anyway who wants a fat, old Italian plumber with a sister?"

        "I do. I was always happy here with you and Aunt Joan and Margaret. It was the happiest times of my life. I guess that is one of the reasons that I came back. I needed to be close to you. I am what I am because of you. You took a eight year old kid in and gave him love without question." He hugged Gus and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you for always loving me."
        Gus had tears in his eyes. "That's the nicest thing that anybody every said to me. Thank you Tony."

        Tony enjoyed living in New York City. He loved the energy, the excitement and the people.  One evening he was out with a young, gay writer whose script Tony was directing. They ended up in a gay bar. They sat at a table and talked and Tony watched the action around him. The bar was crowded and smoke filled the room. Music played loudly from a stereo. Bodies were pressed together and his friend excused himself to go to the john. For some reason, Tony felt relaxed as he watched the jockeying and maneuvering as men talked, touched, danced and kissed. He stared at a heavy man at the bar who smiled back at him and he felt himself getting erect. That was something that hadn't happened to him in a long while. He had been problems getting hard and thought that it was stress related, the job, his failed marriages. Like a bolt from the blue it hit him. He was gay. The words spilled from his mouth. That's what it was all about. All those years he had supressed feeling and sitting here in a noisy, gay bar he discovered who he really was. It explained so much as why he was never sexually satisfied with women. He remembered the time that he saw Uncle Gus naked and how he jerked off after seeing him. Tony felt giddy wanting to shout out but didn't. His friend came back and then left shortly thereafter. >From that day on, Tony lived his life as a gay man and for the first time in a long time he felt alive and invigorated.

        Whenever Tony wasn't on location, he came to the bar and some nights he found what he was looking for.

        Friday night he came into bar with a friend after dinner and they had a few drinks. After the friend left, Tony stayed. It was getting late and was about to leave when a man walked into the bar and hugged and kissed a few friends, stopping to talk to a older man. He stepped to the bar and ordered a beer. From where Tony stood the man looked interesting and when the man turned and faced Tony, he wanted to cry out but didn't. It was Uncle Gus. He had never suspected that Gus was gay. Now he knew where he went every Friday night. Tony didn't know what to do, not wanting to embarrass his Uncle.

        Gus saw Tony. Their eyes met and Gus smiled and walked up to him. "So now you know where your Uncle goes on Friday night. Does it bother you? And what the hell are you doing in a place like this?"

        Tony roared with laughter. "The same thing that you're doing here. You once said that when I found out what I wanted I would be happy and I did. Uncle Gus, I have being denying that I've been gay all these years and for the first time know who and what I am."

        Gus hugged Tony, his arms wrapped around him tightly. Maybe it was his cologne or his closeness but Tony felt himself getting erect. Gus felt Tony's dick pressing against his belly and pulled away.

       "What's wrong?" Tony asked.

        "Your hardon, that's what."

        "So now you know that for all these years that it was you that I wanted."

        "You're my nephew, my flesh and blood. Don't be ridiculous." Bathed in the soft light, Gus looked handsome to Tony.

        "So what! You're here for one thing and that is to find a man to sleep with. To make you happy for the moment.

        "That doesn't mean it has to be with my nephew," Gus responded sharply and lowed his voice.

        "If I wasn't your nephew, would you go home with me?"

        "Are you kidding? Most guys in this joint haven't made a move on you because most think that you're a high priced hustler. Babe, you're a handsome son-of-a-bitch and yes, I would go home with you. You're what I fantasize about but know that nobody wants a fat, old man."

        "I do. I have wanted you since you opened that door and hugged me that morning when I came to live with you. I still want you now."

        "I'm your Uncle."

        "So what! We're not getting married and having kids. We're two men who desire each other and isn't that what it's about?"

        Gus looked at his nephew who epitomized what Gus had dreamed about and would never have. "I don't think I could get it up with you knowing that it was you."

        "Can't we try. Make me happy. If it doesn't work, we'll laugh about it. But Uncle Gus, I have wanted to love you since I was a kid."

        Gus looked into those dark, brooding eyes and knew that he shouldn't taste the forbidden fruit but lust was a powerful force and he said, "let's go. If it doesn't work out you owe me a big dinner at one of your fancy restaurants."

        "And if it works out?"

        "You still owe me a dinner at a fancy restaurant."

        They rode in a cab to Tony's apartment and Gus was anxious not knowing if he could go through with it. Tony took his hand and held it and rubbed his knee against his. Gus felt the bulge in his pants growing.

        The apartment was large and luxurious and Gus did the plumbing work and friends did the electrical work. Tony always had impeccable taste and the apartment was tastefully decorated.

        "Do you want a drink?" Tony asked. "I know that you're nervous. "You're going to wear out the rugs the way you're pacing."

        "I don't need one, I need about ten. I don't think I can go through with it."

        Tony came up to his uncle and took off his jacket. "If it wasn't me, what would you do if you were with somebody else?

        "I'd kiss him."

        "Like this?" Tony kissed Gus softly on the lips and ran his tongue inside Gus's mouth. His tongue found Tony's and they kissed and Gus was responding as he held Tony tight and returned his kisses.

        Tony led him into the bedroom and lowered the lights and held Gus who didn't move and began to undress him. He opened his shirt quickly not wanting him to change his mind, revealing his manly chest. His once dark hair was gray as he rubbed his hand across his chest and gently rubbed his nipples with his hand. He felt Gus stir as his hands were all over his body touching his firm, round belly and planted a kiss on it. Gus took off his loafers and Tony opened Gus's pants. He could see the bulge and  they both felt the electricity that moved through their bodies as he touched it thought the cotton briefs. Gus stepped out of his pants and stood there in his briefs as Tony put his hands on Gus's hips and slowly removed them revealing that magnificent cock that he remembered as a boy. Tony sat him on the bed and took off Gus's socks and had him lay back on the bed. Tony got between Gus's massive thighs and began to lick his balls. His tongue was like velvet against Gus's hairy balls and his dick twitched involuntarily as he made love to them. They tasted sweet with his faced nuzzled in his large sack. Then, he licked the underside of Gus's large, thick shaft. It was a magnificient tool that needed to be unleashed and loved. Tony undressed quickly discarding his clothes quickly and like a cat pouncing on a mouse he had the head of Gus's dick in his mouth. Heavy syrupy pre cum dripped into the folds of the hood and Tony licked it letting the taste linger in his mouth. Tony's dick was on fire and he was ready to shoot his load he was so hot. He made love to Gus's cock taking it into his mouth slowly as he sucked using his mouth and tongue as his hands fingered his balls. Gus moaned as Tony's mouth rose and fell on his dick as more of it went into his mouth. He didn't know if he could take it all but he savored every last inch as Gus began to fuck his mouth.

        "Oh, Tony," he murmured. "Kiss me and make love to me."

        Tony's sinewy body inched his way up Gus's torso like a reptile, his tongue licking as his mouth searched for and his tongue found Gus's nipple. It was large and Tony's mouth made love to it as he teased it with his tongue, and then his lips. His mouth took his tit and began to suck on it that had Gus moaning. Gus's nipple was tender and responded to loving and grew in Tony's mouth as he twirled his tongue around it. With the ball of his thumb, he played with the other nipple until it grew in his hand and was hard as a frozen pea. Tony's mouth found Gus's lips and they kissed for what seem like an eternity that Tony never wanted to end. How many people have dreamed about wanting somebody and never realizing their dreams? He held Gus tight and felt his dick that was leaking. His hand reached down and tasted his cream. Tony move down once again between Gus's legs and milked back the foreskin and held it in his hand as his tongue moved around it taking out any leakage and sucked on the red mass that was like a large mushroom cap. Tony was like a man possessed wanting Gus's load as he began to suck on his dick at first slowly until he felt the end of Gus's cock at the back of his throat.  Like a boa constriction that had just swallowed an animal and was full, Tony wanted all of Gus's cock  and pulled it out of his mouth, took a deep breath and put it back in and sucked until he was fully in his mouth. For Gus, the thrill was indescribable and he knew he couldn't hold out much longer as Tony probed his ass with his fingers. Hopefully in time, Tony would be able to make love to Gus's ass. But now he wanted his load. He sucked faster and faster as the head of Gus's cock got larger and he cried out, "I'm cumming," and unleashed a load that hit Tony in the back of the throat and filled his mouth as Gus continued to spurt cream. Tony kept sucking taking every last drop that Gus had. Tony held the love juice in his mouth and rolled it over his mouth, teeth and tasted the sweetness that he dreamed about and finally had. He swallowed it.

          Gus lay there not moving as Tony kissed him. Gus kissed him back.

        "I don't know what to tell you but that was the best loving that I ever had." Gus was drained.

        "I wanted your load for as long as I can remember."

        "Funny, but I understand that some people might not agree with this, but it feels so right to me. I feel wonderful. Now, let me take care of you."

        "Not tonight, Uncle Gus. Another night."

        "Is there a reason?"

        "No. but for me tonight was special. I made love to a man that I wanted to and I want to savor that moment. I was hoping that you would give me a rain check."

        Gus kissed him long and hard. "Is tomorrow night soon enough?"

        Tony kissed him back and they lay in each other's arms. "Tomorrow is fine."