Nephew Keith goes to help Uncle Mark do some gardening...

Keith finishes school early one Friday afternoon, and remembers that his favourite uncle said that he could go to his house any time he wanted and help in the garden.

It's a lovely sunny day, so he decides to pay Uncle Mark a visit.

He has always thought his uncle was great, always giving him pocket money and patting him playfully on his bottom and he likes his company.

He gets to Uncles house, and finds him in the garden sunbathing, it is a warm day and Uncle Mark has taken his shirt off to reveal his strong masculine chest, Keith looks at this and then his eyes drift down to his uncles shorts, that are very tight and revealing.

Mark offers him a glass of coke, so Keith goes into the kitchen to get it, Mark follows him in and stands very close behind him as he pours the drink, so close that Keith can smell his masculine musky scent. His uncle accidentally rubs against Keith as he turns around gives him a warm smile and goes back out into the garden.

Mark tells Keith to remove his T shirt and start weeding the flower beds, Keith does this and gets the trowel out of the shed. He notices that there is a blanket on the floor of the shed but thinks nothing of it, maybe his uncle sometimes has a nap in there!

He kneels down and starts weeding, whilst his uncle sits on a garden chair just watching him. His uncle asks him if he's had a good day at school, Keith says that it was fairly normal, he played truant for the first lesson, he doesn't like the English teacher much. Mark tells him this is very naughty and if he was Keith's dad, he'd definitely punish him. Keith laughs and asks his uncle how he'd do that. Mark gets up from the chair and walks quickly across the lawn, looking very stern and says "like this!" - and turns Keith round, pushes his head forward pulls down his shorts and starts to smack his bottom. Keith cries out in pain, and says "please don't do that Uncle, it really hurts" but his uncle carries on. Keith is now crying and he glances up and his head is level with his Uncles crotch - Keith notices a wet patch on his uncles shorts but doesn't know what this can be. His uncle eventually stops and says "that's what I'd do if I was your father!" Keith dries his eyes and carries on weeding the flower bed, and his uncle goes back to his chair. After a while, Keith notices that his uncle looks like he's asleep, so being inquisitive he walks over to look at the wet patch on his uncles shorts. He's standing in front of his uncle and staring at his uncles crotch, which seems rather big. He doesn't notice his uncle open his eyes and stare at Keith with a strange look on his face. His uncle is admiring his nephews slim strong frame and sturdy legs, he noticed his firm ass early when they were in the kitchen. He says to Keith, so you are interested in my crotch are you, Keith jumps in surprise, he hadn't noticed that his uncle had woken, he stutters "ssoryy uncle, I was just being nosey", his uncle says "do you want to see what's causing the wet patch boy, and pulls down his shorts, his nephew gasps as he sees his uncles penis, very hard with a wet head. His uncle say "come closer boy and I'll show you something" and pushes Keith's head down to his engorged cock and says "open your lips and gently take my cock in your mouth, if you don't, I'll tell your father about your truancy this morning". Keith is terrified of his father, so gets down on his knees, holding his uncles legs for support, and opens his mouth and takes his uncles cock in his mouth. He's never done anything like this before and he's really scared he'll anger his uncle or even hurt him so he very gently sucks his uncles cock. He can hear his uncle moaning, and thinks he's doing something wrong so pulls his head away. His uncle says crossly "why did you do that boy, get your head back down there". Keith does as he's told, and his uncle starts moaning again. The cock is filling his mouth and making it difficult to breath, and his uncle is moaning louder and louder till suddenly; his uncles cock gets very swollen and Keith feels some hot liquid shoot into his mouth. He pulls his head back gagging and coughing and looks up to see his uncle smiling... His uncle tells him never to tell anyone what they've just done, if he does he will be in big trouble. His uncle then tells his nephew to go in doors and clean himself up, "take a shower and I'll be in shortly" ... to be continued...