When I got home after my shopping trip with Uncle Mark, I found Dad in the living room. He asked me how I got on, and I told him what Uncle mark and I did in the changing room in the shop. Dad smiled, "Trust your Uncle Mark, he likes the excitement of being discovered, next time you see him ask him about the layby outside Carlisle, and the passing cyclist". I promised that I would. I wondered what he meant, and I would definitely find out. I excused myself and went upstairs to have a shower and to chill.

I had a quick shower, and went to lie down on my bed, with just a towel around me and drifted off to sleep. I started to dream about Dad and Uncle, they were lying down, side by side in a dark, barely lit room. Dad had his arm under Uncle Marks head, his leg over Uncle Marks leg, and was wanking him very slowly, very slowly. I could hear Uncle Mark moaning, and see his body jerking every time Dad's hand pulled Uncles foreskin back and his hand slipped to the base of Uncles cock. They are both so close together they seem like one, suddenly Uncle shouts out and his body jerks rigid and his cock explodes, his cum pumping all over Dad's body, I can hear someone calling out, can't see who it is, and suddenly I wake up, it's Dad shouting from downstairs "Keith, can you hear me? Your Uncle is on the phone, wants to know if you want to go out tomorrow, he has train tickets for Edinburgh and wondered if you wanted to go with him?", I sleepily shout back, "That would be great thanks Dad, please tell Uncle Mark I'd love to".

Luckily I didn't have to go into school the next day, it was a study day, my exams were coming up, but I would rather spend time with Uncle than revision.

The next morning I had breakfast then showered and got myself ready, clean pair of jeans and t shirt, feeling horny I thought I'd go commando!. Dad had said Uncle Mark was meeting me at the station, and dad said he'd drop me off. The train was due at 9.30, so dad and I set off from our house at 8.45 to give me plenty of time. The station was only half an hour away, but you never know what the traffic will be like. We pulled up outside the station at 9.15, good time. As I climbed out of the car, I could see Uncle Mark standing near the station entrance, he waved to me, dad said "have a good day son, have fun!" with a wry smile on his face, "Will try my best sir" I replied closing the card door. I ran over to Uncle Mark, and he gave me a hug. He was looking very sexy, tight T shirt on, showing off his manly chest, baggy jeans and sneakers.

"Come on nephew, the train is due soon, I've reserved seats for us and have a packed day planned for us both" Uncle said to me as he turned into the station, so I followed him in, as I caught up to him he turned to me and in a whisper he said "have you ever been to a gay sauna?, I shook my head "Well you will be going to one today, part of your training to be my young slave" and he started laughing as we walked to the platform. The train was on time, and pulled in dead on 9.30. Uncle climbed on board, I followed him, and he walked down the carriage, looking at the seat numbers. It was one of those new pendalino Virgin trains, very nice, and Uncle stopped at a block of 4 seats, two pairs facing each other with a table between them. There were 2 men facing us, and Uncle said "These are our reserved seats nephew, in you go" so I sat down in the seat near the window, Uncle sat next to me in the aisle seat. The seats were fairly close to the table. I'd brought a book with me to read, the latest Harry Potter, and I noticed Uncle had his usual daily paper. I placed my book on the table and opened it at the page that was marked with a bookmark, Uncle opened his paper and we both started reading. I heard the guard blow his whistle and the train started to pull out of the station, gathering speed. I love train travel, always seems so romantic. I was so engrossed in my book I hardly noticed Uncle, I had felt his knee touch mine when he sat down and he left it pressing against mine. It felt really good being so close to him, but the train was crowded, 2 people sitting across the table from us, so I iknew nothing could happen until we reached the sauna in Edinburgh, I wonder what that's going to be like?.

There was a buffet service on the train, and Uncle bought me a coke, and a coffee for himself. I opened the can and took a swig, I almost choked as I tried to swallow the drink, Uncle had placed his hand, under the table, on my leg, and was gently rubbing my thigh. He moved his hand closer to my crotch, stopping short of my now hard cock. The 2 men across from us were deep in conversation, so I didn't think they noticed me almost choke on my drink. Uncle appeared to be reading his paper, and his hand was on the move again, he caressed my thigh them moved up to my cock, giving a gentle squeeze, then with a firmer grip, started to wank me through my jeans. I couldn't move, or make a noise, so tried to concentrate on my book. I couldn't read the words, all my mind was on the feeling of my Uncles hand on my hard boy cock, gently wanking me off. I felt his fingers probing my button fly, he pushed a finger through the gap between 2 buttons, and I felt his finger stroke my cock, my cock was twitching, and I still stared at my book, I'd read the same page 3 times now, none of it making any sense, the 2 guys opposite me must be wondering why I've not turned the page.

Uncle started to undo the buttons, using his left hand, under the table, expertly, one at a time, I could feel each one pop as he undid my fly. With my fly completely undone, he slipped his hand inside my jeans, I'm glad I went commando today! Uncle grasped my cock, massaging the end that was dripping precum, he was using his thumb to spread my precum over my boy cock head, pulling my foreskin back, my cock felt like it was going to burst. One of the guys across from us said "Could I borrow the sports section from your paper mate?" to Uncle who smiled back "Sure mate, and he pulled his hand out from under the table and removed the sports section and handed it to the guy "Thanks mate" he said. My cock was now sticking out of my jeans, I glanced down, my foreskin was pulled right back, my cock head was exposed, glistening with precum, red and engorged, it kept twitching, boy was I horny. I couldn't very well reach down and try to put it away, so I just moved even closer under the table, and once again read the same page in my book. My cock wasn't going to soften, it was so hard, never had a boner that was so hard before. I glanced sideways at Uncle, who appeared to be engrossed in his paper, his hands resting on his lap. My cock was still hard, and I kept thinking what I could do to slip it back in my jeans, when I felt Uncles hand move back over my thigh, and up towards my cock. I thought I was going to cum when I felt his hand grasp my cock, and start to wank me off again. Uncle had taught me how to hold back from cumming, and I was trying my best, my cock wanting to release its load of cum.

I couldn't hold myself back much longer and Uncle must have sensed this, he lushed my cock back into my jeans, and continued to slowly wank me, I wanted to scream out, cry out with pleasure, but kept staring at my book, I could feel the cum rising in my cock, feel it jerking, I wanted to cum and knew I couldn't hold it back much longer. Uncle wanked me even slower, I could feel every stroke of his hand, his palm was wet with my precum, and my cock so moist it was sliding in his palm, he slowe down even more, I could count seconds between each pull of his hand, I couldn't hold back much longer was going to have to cum, or stop Uncle. I moved my right hand under the table, and took hold of Uncles wrist to signal him to stop, he pushed my hand away, and started again. After 2 pulls my cock twitched and shot a load of cum into my jeans, I could feel it hot and sticky on my belly, and Uncle didn't stop, he continued to wank me, it felt wonderful, my cock was still hard, and I felt like I was going to cum again, I did, more hot sticky cum on my belly, and still Uncle didn't stop. I felt faint, surely I couldn't cum again, my mind screamed and I did. Uncle must have sensed I was close to fainting, he stopped wanking me, did the buttons back up, amazingly still with the one hand. He looked up from his paper "You alright nephew?" he enquired, "you look a little flushed, can I get you anything?", I couldn't speak, just shook my head, I couldn't think, my whole body felt electrified, still on a high. I eventually replied, "I'm ok thanks Uncle, just reading my book".

"You need some fresh air, and maybe a walk, not long to Edinburgh now" he said, and I glanced at my watch, we'd been on the train for an hour! Had he been wanking me for an hour, wow.

I must repay him when we get to Edinburgh, not long enough to return the favour on the train, we only had 5 minutes before we pulled into Waverly station, so I settled back in my seat, glancing down my jeans looked a little damp, the cum was soaking through the material, I started to blush, how was I going to hide this.

I was still thinking about this when Uncle turned towards me and said, "We are approaching the station nephew, better collect your stuff" and he glanced over at the 2 guys opposite us, who were busy collecting their belongings, no-one was looking at me, so as the train slowed down, I stood up, and turned towards Uncle, his gaze moved to my crotch, and his face broke out into a huge smile, he looked me in the eye and winked. Well that got the day off to an exciting start, what would the rest of the day bring?.