It had been several weeks since I'd seen my Uncle Mark, I'd been very busy studying for my exams and actually sitting them. Life had been all study, no fun! I'd really missed seeing my Uncle.

Today had been my last exam, and I was lying on my bed, it was late afternoon, and I was starting to relax. Coming down from the buzz from all my studying, what a relief I felt, hopefully I'd done well, but all I wanted now was some fun. I had just had a shower, lying on my bed in undies only, they were a pair I'd stolen from Uncle Marks, a pair I'd not washed since I'd stolen them, they still had his masculine musky smell, and just wearing them gave me a boner, a really hard boner!

I had my eyes closed, the house was empty, just me, I imagined Uncle Mark lying next to me, his strong mans body, totally naked, lying next to me. I could feel his leg against mine, could feel the hairs on his chest as he lay facing me, could feel his warm breath on my cheek as he moved his head closer to mine, I started to play with my boy cock, through the material of Uncles undies, I was very close to cumming, but kept stroking my cock very slowly, like Uncle liked me to do to him, very slowly, could feel the material getting wet from my precum, slowed the strokes down even further, didn't want to cum yet, I slipped my hand into the fly, grabbed my cock, pulling the foreskin back, slowly, then pulling it back up, very slowly, my cock felt ready to burst, but I kept slowing down the rhythm, very slow now, my cock felt ready to burst. I pulled my hand out, spat some saliva into the palm of my hand, then put my hand back into my undies, I used the saliva to moisten my cock head, and massaged my cock head, not moving by hand down the shaft, just concentrating on my cock head, it felt so sensitive, making me start to tremble all over, it was moist with a mix of my saliva and precum, I couldn't hold it any longer and I cried out as my cock shot out a large load of my cum, all over the inside of Uncles undies, hmmmmmm. I kept massaging my cock, it was still hard, my hand was wet with cum, I was massaging my cock head with my cum, it felt even more sensitive, my legs were trembling, I felt another wave come over me and my cock shot another load, my undies were sticking to me.

I suddenly felt very tired, turned over on my side and fell asleep, a deep sleep and I dreamt of my past adventures with Uncle and dad, the fun times we'd had this summer, oh how I missed the two of them.

I woke with a start, I heard someone talking, just outside my bedroom door, I got off my bed and crept to the door, and put my head against it. I could hear dad talking to someone, they were discussing a holiday together, I didn't recognise the other voice, it was too quiet. I knelt down on the floor, there was a keyhole in the door lock, so I peered out of it, and there directly opposite was dad and Uncle Mark. Hmm, where were they planning to go on holiday then? The voices stopped suddenly, and I saw Uncle Mark look directly at my door. He started to walk towards me, I leapt to my feet and ran back to my bed. Just as I lay down, there was a knock on my door, "Who is it?" I said sleepily, "Its your favourite Uncle" was the reply, "Can I come in?" he continued. "Certainly sir" I replied, the door opened and there was Uncle, dad standing behind him. He walked up to my bed, glancing down and said "I wondered where those undies went! Now I know!, how long have you had them? I can see what you've been doing!" he was laughing whilst he said this. "Sorry sir, I just had to have something of yours, something that smelt of you, something I knew you'd worn. Did I do wrong? I stuttered, feeling very guilty that I'd been caught. "Not a problem nephew, you could just have asked you know!" he said, a smile on his face. "Anyway, your dad and I have a surprise for you, we have been planning a trip to San Francisco for a while now, we've booked the flights, car and hotel. We've seen how hard you've been studying, so we thought we'd give you a treat -- you're coming with us. What do you say?" I couldn't reply immediately, I was so shocked, so really excited, but couldn't speak. "That would be fantastic sir" I eventually said, "what a treat, a 2 week holiday with my dad and my favourite Uncle" and I jumped off the bed and gave him a big hug. "Steady nephew, save that for later!" he said, thought he was squeezing my ass whilst he was saying it.

The next few weeks went by in a total daze, I was planning what to take with me, didn't see anything of Uncle he was working hard, more than usual, and dada was decorating for mum, he said this was the price he had to pay for going away without her.

The day eventually came, I was all packed, my suite cases were in the hall, we were waiting for the taxi to take us to the airport. Uncle Mark and dad were chatting in the living room, I was nervously pacing up and down the hall. The door bell made me start, I ran to the door, it was the taxi driver, I called through to dad "He's here" and I picked up my cases and walked out to the taxi. Mum was out, I'd said goodbye earlier in the day, it was late afternoon, we were on an overnight flight.

We all piled into the taxi, cases in the boot, I was too excited, couldn't believe I was off on holiday. I'd washed Uncles undies, had too! And I was wearing them today, just to make me feel closer to him.

The drive to Newcastle Airport took about an hour, and we were out of the taxi, into the departure hall and checked in fairly quickly. The flight was due for take off at 11 pm, it was now 10 pm so we went through passport control and into Costa's for a coffee, I had a milk shake. Time seemed to be going double time, before I knew it we were at the departure gate and walking onto the plane. Uncle had asked for seats right at the back, "So we can be nice and quiet" he said, the flight wasn't full, so there were empty seats around us. Uncle sat in the window seat, me in the middle and dad had the aisle seat. The captain came over the intercom, explained what was happening, I'd never flown before so all this was very new and exciting. Before I knew it the plane was accelerating down the runway, I could see through the window, we seemed to me moving very fast, then there was a bump, and the plane lifted off, I had felt a real rush of adrenaline, was feeling quite flushed, and for some reason, had a boner! Must be the adrenaline rush!. Uncle was looking at me, smiling "Someone seems excited" he said, his eyes looking at my crutch, I leaned over and whispered "I'm wearing your undies", he laughed out loud, "what are you like" he said.

It wasn't long before the cabin crew came round with drinks and dinner, which I enjoyed, then the head steward came on the intercom "As this is a nigh flight, we will be dimming the cabin lights so those passengers that want to can get some sleep. If anyone would like a blanket and pillow, please press the call button on the panel above your seat". Uncle Mark looked at dad "Shall we get blankets?" and winked, "I think that could be fun" dad replied. I hadn't a clue what they were talking about, assumed it was some kind of code, or the gin and tonics they'd been drinking. The steward brought us 3 blankets and pillows, and we all settled down to sleep. The captain dimmed the cabin lights, looking down the aisle, I could see some overhead lights switched on. It was dark at the back of the plane where we were. I had reclined my seat, and had turned toward Uncle Mark, my head on his shoulder. Dad had turned to face my back, and he'd put his hand around my waist. I felt in heaven, surrounded by my 2 favourite men, and the prospect of 2 weeks with them, definitely heaven. Uncle Mark shifted in his seat, he reached out for my hand and guided it to his crotch, his cock was rock hard, I could feel it through his jeans. "Go on nephew, you know what I like" he whispered, "Uncle it's too dangerous here, we could be seen, people coming to use the toilets, and the cabin crew coming down the aisle" I whispered back, "I told you nephew, you know what to do, undo my fly, slowly, then slip your hand into my fly, I'm commando, so you won't need to fumble with underwear, now slowly wank my cock" he whispered in my ear. I did as I was told, and my Uncle moaned as I grabbed his cock, slowly wanking him, pulling hos foreskin off his cock head, then pulling it back again, very slowly. His cock felt bigger than normal "I haven't had sex for a while nephew" he whispered, "There will be a lot of cum, and I don't want you to waste it, put your head under my blanket, I want you to suck my cock" I pulled up his blanket, slipped my head underneath, and took his rock hard cock in my moist mouth. I could hardly get it between my lips, it felt huge. I started slowly sucking Uncles cock, he felt close to cumming, and I was concentrating on what I was doing, I forgot dad was behind me. I felt dads hand slip around my waist again, undoing my jeans, button by button, he pulled my jeans down, revealing Uncles undies, he pulled my undies down, and I felt his finger exploring my ass, it felt moist, he must have brought some lube with him. He pulled his finger out, and I carried on sucking Uncles cock "I'm very close boy, slow down, I want to make this last" he said quietly, "Your dad has a surprise for you" and I felt dada cock start to push up my tight ass. I almost cried out in pain, no-one had fucked me in a while, Uncle was the last, so it was very tight. I couldn't cry out, my mouth was full of Uncles cock.

I could feel dads balls banging against my ass, he must be deep inside me, he grabbed my cock and started to wank me. Surely someone would hear or see what we were doing? I was terrified of being found out! Uncle cried out, and his cock filled my mouth and throat with his cock creamy cum, at the same time I felt dad unload in my ass. "Are you guys ok" I heard a voice say, it was the steward, "We're fine thanks, just having a dream, hope I didn't disturb anyone" said Uncle,"It's the first time my nephew has flown, he's asleep with his head on my lap. Thanks for your concern".

After the steward left, I came out from under Uncles blanket, "Thanks nephew" Uncle said, "I really needed that, here's to a great holiday" and he bent down and kissed me, one of his deep and passionate kisses.

It was going to be a great holiday...