The builders...

It had been a while since we returned from our holiday in the States, my nephew and my brother and I, had a great time. We had shown my nephew the sights of San Francisco, opened his eyes to gay culture. Spent some pleasant time in clubs, there was a special one, with a dungeon. Had left nephew tied up most of the day, his dad and I visiting him whenever we wanted to, using him as a slave -- he seemed to enjoy it, didn't hear him complain. What a summer he was having.

Not seen much of either of them recently, work had been manic, more than normal. Didn't seem to have a second to myself. By the time I'd driven home, had supper, didn't feel like doing anything apart from sleeping. Must book some time off to chill out and recharge my batteries... and maybe organise some fun with my nephew.

This was going through my mind as I was driving home from work on Monday. The traffic was busy, stop-start, road works for the new bypass, well worth it when they finished, but a pain at the moment.

The builders were due to start today, installing an en-suite to the main bedroom. Left the key with the boss when he called round last Friday. He's rather cute but his "lads" aren't? I've had a fantasy about builders for a long time, but not those I normally end up with doing work on my house, never mind, at least they will have started work today.

I'd left work early, wanting to catch them and check on progress, just so they know I'm watching them. Always pays to let them know. They should still be there when I get home. The traffic starts to move again, only a few miles from home now.

I pull into the lane at the side of my house, I can see the builders vans, they must still be here, that's good. I park my car and walk up the path to the front door, use my key to unlock it and step inside.  The house seems very quiet, I half expected to hear them knocking down walls, or at least their radio blaring out. Quiet, seems unreal, maybe they've gone out and left their vans parked, returning later. Probably needed something from the builders merchants.

I walk into the kitchen, fancy a cup of coffee, so put the kettle on. Get a mug out of the cupboard, instant will do, so put a heaped spoonful of coffee in the mug. I might as well change into my jeans whilst the kettle is heating up, so I climb the stairs and walk down the hall towards my bedroom. I can hear something now, muffled noises, they must be working in the spare bedroom, I'll change first and go and see them. I undress, putting my dirty shirt into the laundry basket, hanging up my trousers and jacket. I will change into jeans and t shirt, it has been a long day but I'm feeling horny -- doesn't matter how tired I am, always horny. Standing in my underwear in front of the mirror, admiring myself, I slip my hand down the waistband of my undies, and start to play with  my cock, it was semi hard anyway, and doesn't take long to get it hard. Slowly wanking it inside my undies, hmmmmm feels good. A sudden noise interrupts my enjoyment, sounds like footsteps in the hall, I'd better investigate, so pull on my jeans and t shirt. My cock is still hard, was very close to cumming, never mind. I step out into the hall, no-one there and the spare bedroom door still closed, better take a look, so I walk down the hall.

I turn the door handle and push the door open, expecting to see the builders working. There is no-one in the bedroom, plenty of evidence of work, dust everywhere and looks like they've already installed the shower, good progress. I wonder where they are, and more importantly whose footsteps I heard?.

Oh well, better go and make my coffee, the water in the kettle will be cold. I turn round and closing the door walk down the hall and down the stairs, I walk towards the kitchen and I can hear voices, low, whispering voices. What is going on?

I walk towards the kitchen door, which is ajar, I can see through the crack. There on the kitchen floor is a very cute looking guy, jeans round his ankles, cute ass. With his back to me can't see his face, but from the looks of his back he must work out, bet his chest is muscular. So intent on checking him out, and seeing such a sight in my kitchen, I didn't notice the other builder kneeling in front of him, he was sucking the guy off. Wow, normally the builders I get are real munters, but these 2 are very horny. My cock has stirred again, making my jeans jut out at the front, I'm enjoying watching these two. The guy with his back to me is obvisouly enjoying the attention his cock is getting, he's groaning, the guy doing the sucking is wanking his own cock, what a horny picture the 2 of them make.

I unbutton my fly and take my cock out, it is very hard and I pull the foreskin back revealing my cock head, looks big and red, oozing precum, I lick my palm and use my spit to lube my cock head and wrap my fist around it, fucking my hand, watching the two builders. The guy sucking looks up and sees me in the crack of the door, he pulls his head back and smiles at me. "Sorry mister, the 2 of us just needed to let of some steam, been a busy day and we were both feeling horny, hope you don't mind, and please don't tell the boss" the cocksucker says, "no problem, I won't tell if you let me join in" I reply, "sure, come in" so I push the door open, my cock standing proud out of my jeans "looks like you were enjoying watching us" the cocksucking builder says, "sure was, you can come here and use get your lips round my cock". He stands up and walks towards me, he has removed his jeans, only has his white undies on, the waist band pulled down, under his balls, his hard uncut cock bouncing as he walks towards me. He has a muscular chest, nicely tanned from working outside, he hasn't shaved today, has a 6 o'clock shadow, makes him look broody, he has a nice face, good looking so unlike the usual builders I get.

He stops in front of me, our cocks touching, I can smell his body sweat, not unpleasant, in fact very sexy. He leans towards me, smiling and presses his lips to mine and gives me a deep snog, his breath tastes of mints, his hand is wanking both our cocks together, I'm very close to cumming, so pull away. "Sorry mate, did I do something wrong" the builder says, "on the contrary, I was close to cumming" I replied. He throws his head back and laughs, "well we can't have you cum too quickly can we" he says. He looks me deep in the eye, and goes down on his knees. He takes my hard cock in his warm moist mouth and slowly goes down on my cock, I can feel my cock head touch the back of his mouth, then slide down his throat. I groan with pleasure, he starts to pull his head back, just until my cock head is between his lips, then pushes his head down again. My cock is fit to burst, I can feel all my nerves tingling, "two more of those and I'll cum" I whisper to him. He pulls his head back, my cock springing out of his mouth and turns to his mate who is standing watching us both wanking his own cock. "Come over and join us" he tells his mate, who walks over so that the 3 of us are standing together. His mate starts to snog me whilst the amazing cocksucker starts working on my cock again. He pushes my cock right to the back of his throat again, then pulls his head back, leaving my cock head between his lips, I can't help it, my hips push forward and I start to fuck his mouth, only takes a couple of thrusts and my cock erupts in his mouth, filling it with a weeks worth of cum, I'm still trusting my cock in his cum filled mouth, my body feels like its on fire -- all my nerve endings tingling, I feel his mate whose still snogging me shoot his load all over my belly, and I notice that cocksucker mane has cum all over my bare feet. I look down at him and say "well, you'd better lick your cum off my feet hadn't you" and he looks up at me, smiles and starts to lick his cum off my feet.

He stands up, cum dripping from his mouth, and says "want to taste a mix of both our cum?" and starts to snog me. The cum tastes sweet and warm, slightly salty.

"We'll be back tomorrow early" he says, "will try not to disturb you"..

"I'll be away before you get here" I replied, "but I can be home early again if you want..."