Uncle Mark 14 -- the Naked Pic-Nic

It had been several weeks since Keith had seen his favourite Uncle Mark, he knew that his Uncle had been very busy at work -- major project that was taking up all his time. His Uncle had sounded stressed when he last spoke to him.

Keith was also busy, final exams at school, madly revising, so he too had very little spare time.

It was Friday, the end of a long busy week, and Keith was just chilling at home when his mobile beeped, a message. He got up and picked up his mobile, saw it was a message from his Uncle Mark. He clicked on the message -- "Fancy a session in the woods Nephew?" Keith keyed in his reply "Yes please".

A few minutes later his phoned beeped again, another message from his Uncle -- "Be in the woods at 12.15, naked, blindfold on and wait". Smiling with pleasure and feeling a stirring in his groin Keith sent a reply "Yes sir".

It was just after 9, what will I do until 12.15 thought Keith, well better get showered he thought, want to be nice and clean for Uncle, and he needed to find his blindfold, last time he used it was with Uncle.

Keith went into his bedroom, he had the house to himself, parents out at work, so he didn't bother getting dressed, wandering around the house in his undies.

He rummaged through his wardrobe and couldn't find the blindfold, so he went into his parent's bedroom, his dad had proved to be very inventive in the sessions Keith had with him and Keith seemed to remember his dad also had a blindfold. His dad's wardrobe only had a shoe bag, but this looked promising. Keith slipped it over his head and it fitted perfectly, he couldn't see out of it, it was a snug fit, black in colour so would do as a replacement.

He took it back to his room and put it in his rucksack, along with a ground-sheet that he'd used for pic-nics in the past.

Time had moved on, so he went to the bathroom for a shower, and spent a long time under the jets of hot water, letting them caress his young body, feeling the water and soap run down his torso, over his taught abdomen and along his young penis. He soaped his tight ass and turned his back to the shower head to rinse the soap off, he could feel the warm water running down his back, and down the gap between his ass cheeks, made him shiver as he thought about what his Uncle had used his ass for in the past. He turned round to face the shower head, wanting to rinse the soap off his chest. He pulled his foreskin back, letting the jets of hot water clean his cock-head, he closed his eyes and thought about what his Uncle would do to him today, his cock twitched in his hand, starting to get hard. He opened his eyes, and let go of his boy cock, don't want to get too horny and cum.

He turned off the shower and stepped out of the shower cubicle, grabbing a clean towel off the towel rail and started rubbing himself down, drying his arms, chest, legs and feeling a nice glow all over his body.

He walked out of the bathroom, over the landing and into his bedroom, he put on clean underwear and took out a pair of jeans and a clean T shirt. Looking in the wardrobe mirror he was satisfied he looked ok.

He picked up some change he had on the bedside table, and his student bus card and zipped up his rucksack. He knew the bus stopped about half a mile from the woods, and realised that he better get a move on otherwise he'd miss it.

He went out of the front door, locked it and sprinted down the street to the bus stop, just in time!

The bus dropped him off and he walked down the country lane towards the woods, the sun was shining -- one of the best days this year, and he felt in a great mood, he was going to see his favourite Uncle and was looking forward to pleasing him.

He arrived at the woods about 12, went in through the gate, and made his way through the undergrowth, looking for a place to put down his ground-sheet not too close to the road. He eventually found an ideal spot, deep in the woods. He opened his rucksack, untied the groundsheet and spread it on the ground. The air was warm and smelled of summer, that nice fresh "green" smell, he could hear birds singing and the trees rustling in the slight wind.

He started to undress, took off his t shirt to reveal his muscled chest, folding it up at the side of him, he took off his shoes, left his socks on, and unbuttoned his jeans, slipping them off and folding them up next to his t shirt. He was feeling very horny, his boy cock was getting hard in anticipation. He pulled down his undies and lay them on top of his jeans. He was  now naked except for his socks. His Uncle had said completely naked, so he removed his sock too.

He pulled the shoe bag out of his rucksack, checked the time on his watch, it was 12.10, so he thought he'd better pull it over his head.

It felt strange, he couldn't see anything, the bag completely blacked out the daylight, it made his other senses even sharper, he could hear the birds more clearly, hear the distant roar of traffic on the country lane, could feel the slight wind brushing the hairs on his legs and his pubic hair. Time seemed to become non-existent, he didn't know how long he stood there, he couldn't hear anyone approaching. Hoped his Uncle wasn't late, but he wasn't scared, he knew his Uncle would turn up.

He thought he heard cracking twigs and the rustle of movement through the undergrowth several times, but thought his mind was playing tricks on him.

He felt something slightly brush his shoulder, and run gently down his back, a tremor ran through his whole body and his cock went very hard. Then there was nothing, maybe it was a leaf or something. His cock remained hard all the same. He could sense something behind him, he couldn't define it, just something, then something brushed against his hard cock making it jerk and seemed to be even harder. He felt something close round his cock and start to wank him, gently, and then he felt something warm and moist on his boy cock, oh that felt good, another tremor ran through his body, he felt like he could cum straight away, but remembered what his Uncle had taught him -- how to control himself and stop himself cumming. So he fought the urge to scream out and let his boy cock explode.

The sucking stopped, and he felt his Uncle move round to his back, he knew it was his Uncle now, he could smell his manly smell and he recognised his Uncles magic touch. He felt something hard pressing against his boy ass, something hard and moist, so he unclenched his buttocks slightly, and his Uncle pushed his hard manly cock up Keith's tight boy ass. He groaned with pleasure, his Uncle started thrusting his cock hard into Keith's ass, pounding him with his mans cock, Keith could feel his Uncles warm breath on his neck, feel his Uncles warm skin pressing against his back, could smell that musky sex smell that made his head feel light, his Uncle sounded like he was about to cum, then he stopped and Keith felt him pull his cock out.

It went very quiet again, then he felt his Uncle standing in front of him, he pulled Keith's foreskin back, and started playing with his cock-head, this drove Keith wild, he was on the edge -- something his Uncle had done to him many times, keeping him just ready to cum, it felt like heaven. He couldn't help himself thrusting his hips forward, then he felt his Uncles head in front of his and his Uncle started kissing Keith through the bag, the inside of the bag was getting wet from saliva from Keith's mouth, his Uncle was the greatest kisser, all the time he was gently wanking Keith's cock.

Time had no meaning, Keith wasn't sure how long this teasing of his cock went on, he reached out at one point and found his Uncles hard man cock, and started wanking it. He loved the feel of his Uncles cock.

His Uncle suddenly slowed down his wanking, and Keith couldn't hold back any more, he screamed as his cock twitched and cum erupted from his boy cock. His Uncle then took his cock in his mouth, every nerve in Keith's body was tingling.

His Uncle removed the bag off Keith's head, he was smiling, and leaned forward and kissed Keith, he could taste his salty cum on his Uncles lips, hmmmmmm.

Keith then bent down and took his Uncles hard man cock in his mouth, he knew his Uncle liked to be sucked slowly and deeply, so he did, taking his Uncles cock deep into his mouth until it hit the back of his throat. He continued to do this, he could hear his Uncle moaning, could feel his Uncles cock swelling up even more in his mouth, filling it so he couldn't breath. He carried on sucking his Uncles cock, slowly then faster, varying the speed and how deep he took it down his throat.

His Uncle was near to cumming and with he cried out as his man cock pumped cum deep in Keith's mouth, making Keith gag with the intensity and the amount of cum, but Keith swallowed it all, carrying on sucking as his Uncle groaned with pleasure.

He stood up and his Uncle kissed him and they spoke for the first time "I've brought coffee and some filled rolls" said Uncle, "Are you hungry". "Yes sir" replied his nephew, and Uncle went to his rucksack and started to unpack it.

"It's so warm, we might as well sit here naked and enjoy our pic-nic" said Uncle, "I've never had a naked pic-nic, what do you think?". "Nephew replied that it would be great, he would be able to see his Uncles naked body, and hopefully lie down next to him when they'd eaten.

They talked about Uncles work and Keith's exams as they tucked into their filled rolls and piping hot coffee, the woods around them, and the warm summer wind brushing their naked bodies.

When they finished eating, Uncle said "Do you want to lie next to me for a while? It is so relaxing here, the sounds of the woods, the trees moving gently in the wind, seems a shame to waste the day" So Nephew lay next to his naked Uncle, their bodies entwined, skin next to skin, and talked about what they'd been doing over the weeks since they last met. It was wonderful, they both enjoyed each others company and finding out what was happening in their lives.

They lay a while like this, only moving to put on undies and t shirts when they had cooled down, and pulling over Uncles ground sheet like a blanket to keep them cosy.

As keith lay next to his Uncle, he felt his Uncles cock grow hard again, so he slipped his hand down the waist band of his Uncles undies, and slowly wanked his Uncles cock, gently pulling down the foreskin and keeping it slow, his Uncle pulled him closer, entwining his legs in Keith's legs, and started to groan, a groan Keith knew meant he was enjoying what Keith was doing. He knew his Uncle was very close to cumming, so he slowed down the strokes of his Uncles cock even more, he could feel his Uncles manly cock swell and knew he was going to cum, so he pulled down his Uncles undies with his other hand and took his Uncles cock in his mouth and strarted to suck it, his Uncles cock exploded immediately, filling Keith's mouth again with cum.

They lay there again for a while, not talking, just lying next to each other.

"We'd better make tracks nephew" Uncle said, it's getting late.

They packed up their belongings, got dressed and made their way back to the road. Uncles car was in a layby close by, and he offered Keith a lift home.