Uncle Mark 15 -- a visit to the Turkish Baths

The summer seemed to be long gone, the nights were drawing in and autumn was definitely here. This last week had been really busy and I was looking to a lazy Friday, not getting up early to go to college -- this was my first year, so I lay on my back in my warm bed, thoughts drifting in and out of my head.

A vision of Uncle Mark popped into my head, he was standing naked in the woods, looking at me and I remembered the naked pic-nic we'd had this summer gone, oh the memories of this year, the fantastic things we'd done to each other, the pleasure I never knew a man and a boy could give to each other, my boy cock was hard at the thought of Uncle Mark, and I moved my hand under my duvet and started playing with my boy cock. I was well into a slow wank, imagining Uncle Mark standing in front of me, his sexy manly, the musky smell of his body.

I was suddenly interrupted in my sexy daydream by the sound of a text message on my mobile, so I rolled over and picked up my mobile. Text message from Uncle Mark it said on the screen, hmmmm I thought, what a coincidence, so I pressed view to read the text. "Have you ever been to a Turkish baths" the message read. I quickly replied that I hadn't. A few seconds later my mobile buzzed again, Uncle mark with another message "How do you fancy going to one with me this afternoon" it read. I couldn't reply quickly enough, I'd not seen my sexy Uncle for a while, the last time was at his house I remembered, so my reply was short and sweet "Yes please" I keyed in and hit send.

I lay there in my bed wondering what a Turkish baths was like, would it be risky, would there be some quiet places where I could give my Uncle some pleasure, feel his naked body next to mine, feel his muscular arms around me, feel his warm lips on mine, feel his moist mouth around my boy cock... My mobile buzzed again -- "see you in town, near the station at 12.30" it said. The time on my mobile said 10.30, so I jumped out of bed, and into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

I stood under the hot water, letting it wash away the sleep of the night, feeling the water run down my naked body. I washed my body, Uncle liked me to be clean, well at least when we met.

I dried myself, and went back into my bedroom. Got some clean jeans out of my wardrobe and a clean T shirt, then dashed downstairs to have some breakfast -- a quick slice of toast and a cup of tea, then back upstairs to clean my teeth.

It was approaching 11.20, so I pulled out a pair of shoes and a jacket and that was me ready for the off. I checked I had some money -- hadn't got a clue how much this would be.

I ran down the street to the bus stop and caught the bus to the station, it arrived at 12.15. I walked down the street from the station and saw the sign for the Turkish baths, now should I go in I thought, or wait for Uncle. Hmmmm, in the end I thought best to go in, then I could see the lay of the land and be ready for Uncle. I went into the reception and asked how much - 5 the lady behind reception said, and 5 deposit for a towel. I handed over a 10 note and was given a receipt for the towel.

I walked down the street as directed, the Turkish Baths was a block away. I saw the door the receptionist had told me about, and it was opened by a young guy who ushered me in.

I asked him where I could change and where to store my clothes and he showed me the lockers and took me into the main room -- there were curtained cubicles along each side, and each contained a bed and a table. There were hooks on the partitions between the cubicles, but I thought I'd put my clothes and stuff in a locker. I quickly removed my jeans and T and my shoes and wrapped the towel round me, my boy cock was starting to swell at the thought of meeting Uncle Mark, I hoped he wouldn't be annoyed that I'd come in and not waited for him.

I put my stuff in a locker and pinned the key to my towel, and went back in the room with the cubicles. It was quiet, only a couple of other me walking around with towels round them. I noticed there weren't any women, so asked one of the men why -- he told me it was men only today.

I wandered around the place to get my bearings, then back and lay in one of the cubicles. I started to relax, day dreaming about Uncle, something made me open my eyes and there in front of me was Uncle Mark, hmmm he hadn't changed - he had a towel round him, his manly muscular chest bare to the world, and he had a broad grin on his face.

"So you thought you'd come in first did you" he said, "Sorry Uncle" I replied, he laughed, "No problem, lets go and find somewhere we can talk" he said.

We wondered up to a long room, benches on the side wall and the further you went into the room, the hotter it was. At the end on a raised platform were benches and this was the hottest part of the sauna. We both sat on one of the benches, I had started to sweat, we were sitting with our legs touching, I could smell Uncles musky sexy smell and notice that his towel wasn't lying flat, it looked like he had a tent in his lap. My boy cock was also doing the same, and Uncle looked past me to see if there was anyone else in the room, and lightly ran his hand over my crotch. I moaned "Don't make a noise nephew" he said, "someone may hear you and spoil this" he continued. I nodded, I could feel my boy cock straining the towel and thinking how would I hide this if someone did come. Uncle unwrapped my towel, and pulled it away from my body, my boy cock sprang up, Uncle bent over me and took my cock in his mouth and started sucking me. I couldn't say anything, I couldn't make a noise and because I couldn't the feelings were intense -- more than normal, Uncle senses that I was very close to cumming so sat back up, and grinned at me. He pulled his towel away from his body -- keeping it lying across his knee in case he had to cover himself quickly, and motioned for me to suck his man cock.

I bent over Uncle and gently took his man cock in my mouth, Uncle started mouth fucking me, urgent and deep his cock plundered my mouth, I could feel him tense and quickly pull his cock out of my mouth, he leaned close to me and whispered "not yet, we have all afternoon" and kissed me passionately on the mouth. I felt him pull away quickly, opened my eyes and he'd pulled his towel over himself and motioned for me to do the same, I did and just in time, another man had walked into the room, up to where we sat and he sat on the bench opposite. "Hot in here" he said, obviously he'd not seen what we were doing. "It is" replied Uncle. The man then lay down on the bench, so Uncle and I chatted for a while about what had been happening in our lives, laughing and joking and catching up on life.

The man opposite eventually got up and left, and when the coast was clear, Uncle leaned close to me and gave me a long and passionate kiss -- no-one kisses like Uncle and his kisses always sent a tingle throughout my whole body, and inevitably made my boy cock hard.

We played with each others cocks for some time before we were interrupted again, I'd just said "was that good for you Uncle" when we noticed a guy had quietly walked into the room just below where we were sitting and was lying on a bench. "We'd better find somewhere more private" Uncle whispered, so we wrapped out towels around ourselves and wandered back to the changing room with the cubicles.

"Shall we chill in a cubicle" Uncle said with a wink, so we found an empty one, and went in closing the curtain behind us. The material was very thin, you could make out shapes that passed and hear the other customers talking outside.

We sat on the bed, and removed our towels. I was so very horny and I could see Uncle was too. Uncle started wanking my boy cock, whilst kissing me fully on the mouth, his lips were moist, I was so close to cumming "not yet nephew" he whispered, and pulled my head down to his cock. I started sucking his cock, taking deep into my mouth so I could feel his cock head going down my throat. We could hear people talking and heard the janitor pushing his broom cleaning the floor outside. The curtain was so thin, I felt that those outside could see what we were doing. Uncle took hold of my head to stop me sucking his man cock. He peered through a gap between the curtain and the partition, "The janitor is just outside" he whispered "I'm so very close, but I want to taste your sweet boy cum before you taste my many cum", so he pulled the curtain tight to the partition and bent over me and took my cock in his mouth. I wanted to scream, the pleasure was so intense, it felt like my boy cock would explode. Uncle slowed down, pulled his head back and wanked me slowly, I felt I couldn't hold myself much longer, Uncle had trained me to hold back from cumming, to prolong the pleasure, but I couldn't much longer. He sensed this and bent over me again, taking my boy cock back in his moist mouth and all I could think about was the tingling throughout my whole body -- my body felt like it was on fire, every nerve was jangling, and I came like an express train filling Uncles mouth with my boy cum.

I could feel Uncle swallowing and he sat up, moved close to me and kissed me -- I could taste my cum on his lips, it was a wonderful smell and taste.

Uncle pulled back and pulled my head down between his legs. I took his hard man cock in my mouth, I had my arm behind Uncles back, I could feel his body go tight, every muscle in his body was rigid, I could hear his breath quicken, he started to mouth fuck me -- pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, then I felt a rush of warm salty liquid fill my mouth, seemed to go on and on, I struggled to swallow, but I did, then it stopped and I felt Uncle relax.

I sat up and Uncle had a big grin on his face "That was some orgasm nephew" he whispered, "so intense especially as I couldn't make a noise".

We both sat there for what seemed an eternity whilst we came back down to earth, our breathing slowing.

"Well nephew, fancy a coffee" Uncle said, not whispering now, and we wrapped our towels round ourselves and opened the curtain. There wasn't anyone outside, the place seemed deserted, so we went to our lockers and retrieved our clothes, taking them back to the cubicle.

We dressed and left the Turkish Baths, I got my deposit back for the towel and we walked into town to find somewhere for a coffee.

I was still buzzing from the strongest orgasm I had ever had, and from the look on Uncles face, so was he.