Uncle Mark 18 -- nephew earns merit badges...

I'd always wanted to join the Scouts - it was the middle of the school summer break, and I was getting bored! Uncle Mark was very busy at work and having some improvement work done at his house, so I'd not seen him for some time. I'd kept in touch via text messages and emails, but nothing compensated for feeling his masculine body next to mine. I'd had a dream the other night that Uncle Mark was a Scout Master and he was awarding me a merit badge for something I'd done, but I always woke up before the dream finished, the bed wet from my cum and not knowing why he gave me a merit badge, hopefully one day I'll get to see the end of the dream and know why.

I'd attended a local scouts meeting a couple of weeks ago and had some fun and said I was looking forward to earning some merit badges which is why on this Friday morning I was getting together my kit to take with me on an adventure that would hopefully end up with a reward.

I had recently bought a 2 man tent, so had packed this with a hammer to hammer in the tent pegs and also a cover to put over the groundsheet and was ready to go. One of the Scout Masters had said he was a friend of my Uncles and he'd given me my task for today -- "go and pitch your tent son in the woods and one of the Scout Masters will come along and judge how well you've pitched it and he may give you some other tests to do".

I ran to catch the bus, carrying my stuff, and got off at the stop nearest the woods - the Scout Master had given me directions. I walked the short distance to where I thought the gate to the woods was. It was difficult to find, the gate was overgrown with weeds and it took me some time to find the way in, but eventually I did, and started hiking through the woods to find a suitable location to pitch my tent. The weeds were tall as were the ferns, the weather forecast was for showers but now the sun was shining and making patterns through the trees and I could smell that wet vegetation smell and the woods looked lovely, it was mid summer and the trees were in full leaf and there were some wild flowers growing amongst the ferns.

I could see a clearing ahead, but it was too small and there were too many ferns that I would have clear, so I carried on deeper into the wood. The sun was still getting through the trees, and it felt warm but a little windy. I was going through the instructions in my head as I walked, I'd tried putting the tent up inside our house so hoped it would be just as easy to do it outside.

I saw a bigger clearing ahead, there were some fallen branches lying on the ground, but they looked easy to move, so I stepped into the clearing and put my bags down. I started clearing the small branches and other plant litter until I had cleared a reasonable space. I unpacked the tent and spread it on the ground, pulled out the bamboo poles that slotted together and threaded these through the slots in the tent and fixed them into the catches on the sown-in ground sheet. It was starting to look good, I took out the tent pegs and started to hammer these into the ground to secure the tent and attached groundsheet.

I looked at my watch -- it had taken me half an hour to erect the tent, but it looked pretty good. I unzipped the flap at the front and took my trainers off and stepped inside, carrying my rucksack and a rug which I'd brought to cover the plastic groundsheet. It looked pretty good -- enough room for 2 to lie side by side and high enough in the middle so that 2 could sit up. I felt pretty good and pleased with myself, lesson one accomplished -- tent erected.

I spent a few minutes tidying up my stuff, just in case I did get inspected, and lay down on my back staring up at the top of the tent. The sun must still be shining, I could see shadows dancing on the fabric of the tent and could hear the noises of the woods, birds and the wind rustling the trees. It was easy to become disorientated and forget where you were, and I started to doze off.

I was woken up by sounds outside my tent, then I heard a voice I didn't recognise -- "Is there anyone in this tent?", I scambled to unzip the flap and it took my eyes a few seconds to adjust to the outside light. My eyes were in line with a pair of men's shorts, and it looked like the person wearing them had a hard-on, which made his shorts stick out. I looked up and saw the shirt and tie and badge of a Scout Master, so jumped to attention on the groundsheet in front of the tent. "Easy son, I'm just here to check on your progress and to give you some tasks to do. I've taken a look round the tent and you've erected it very well". "Thank you sir" I replied. Taking a good look at him, he resembled my Uncle Mark, I could see his muscled body under his Scout shirt and he had a goatee bear, these always turn me on. "Turn round boy, let me check your uniform" he said, so I obliged and turned round. I felt his hand run over my shoulders, over my back, down to my ass. "Yes, you look fit young man and your uniform fits you very well" he said, "lets get into the tent and I'll give you some tasks to do" he continued.

He removed his boots, and left them next to mine and we both got into the tent. "Very tidy son" he said looking round the tent and he started to take some things out of his rucksack.

"Do you know what to do if someone breaks a leg" he asked, "no sir I don't" I replied, "this will be your first test then son, let me show you how to stop the broken leg moving". "Lets pretend you've broken a leg, this is what we do" he pulled my 2 legs together and made sure they were straight, then slipped a thick rope under my ankles and wound it round several times then tied a knot in the top. "That will stop the broken leg moving until help arrives" he said, "you've been a good boy patiently lying there". "Now, how would you do the same for a broken arm?" he asked me, "The same sir" I replied, "Exactly" he responded, "Put your 2 arms together and we'll do the same", so I held out my 2 arms, and he did the same -- wrapped a rope several times round my wrists and tied a know in the top. "How does that feel son" he asked, "can you move your arms or your legs?" "No sir I can't" I replied.

"Good" he said, "and now we'll try an orientation test. Let me put a blindfold on you, and then I will ask you what parts of your body I'm touching". "Ok sir" I replied, and he put a blindfold over my eyes, it was pitch black, I couldn't see a thing. "Can you see anything" he asked, "no sir, nothing at all".

"That's excellent. Now tell me where I'm touching your body". I felt his hand softly touch my thigh "My thigh sir" I said, "good boy, and now" and I felt his hand on my chest, "my chest sir" I said. "Excellent son, you're doing very well". My boy cock was starting to get hard especially as the Scout Master had brushed over my crotch when he touched my leg. "And where now son" he asked, and I felt his hand pushing on my now very hard boy cock, "not sure sir" I replied, I didn't want to say he was touching my boy cock. "What is this son, feels like there's something wrong" he said whilst applying more pressure to my boy cock, "I think I need to take a look" he added, and I felt and heard my zip being undone. "Well young man, there is definitely something wrong here, I think I need to take a closer look" the Scout Master said, and I felt him pull down my underpants. "This looks very swollen, I think I need to kiss this better" he said, and I felt his lips kiss the tip of my boy cock, then I felt him take my boy cock into his mouth and start to suck it. "Sir that is making my body tingle" I said as I was gasping, "will that make it better" I continued. "Yes son it will" he said and continued to suck my boy cock. He suddenly stopped and said "With this being so swollen I think you may be running a temperature son, I will need to find my thermometer" and I felt him roll me over onto my tummy.

"You'll feel something cold, it's nothing to worry about, just helps the thermometer go in. Something else for you to remember - the best way of taking someone's temperature is to put the thermometer up their bottom". I felt a cold and wet sensation on my bottom, then I felt the Scout Master kneeling over me. "I need to lie on you son to get the thermometer in, nothing to worry about. You may feel a little discomfort, but it will soon pass" and I felt the scout master lie on top of me and something hard pushing against my sphincter then suddenly enter me, deep up my ass.

"Sir that hurts" I cried, "Relax son, this won't hurt if you relax" he breathed, I could feel his warm body through his scout master shirt as he lay on my back, feel his warm breath on my neck and feel the thermometer being pushed inside then pulled out. "I have to keep pushing it in then pulling it out" he gasped, sounding as though his breathing was laboured. "Are you ok sir, you voice sounds different and your breathing is faster" I said, "Yes son, I'm ok, not long now and I'll have your temperature" and he continued to push and pull the thermometer up my ass. It was starting to feel pleasurable, and I was thinking about the many times Uncle Mark had done this but not with a thermometer. St the thought of Uncle Mark I couldn't help it but I squeezed my ass muscles. I felt the scout master tense up and he quickly got up and I heard him groan and felt something warm splash onto my back. "Nothing to worry about, the thermometer has just broken" he gasped.

I lay there for a while, I could hear him moving about the tent, then he turned me over and whispered "This must be our secret young one, you must tell no-one what I have just done, if you do, we will both be in big trouble". "It will be our secret sir" I replied, "Good boy, and as a reward I will do something nice for you now" and he started to suck my boy cock again, and I was tingling all over. "That's very nice sir" I gasped, "very nice" and I could feel my cock getting harder. He stopped sucking me and I felt him take off my blindfold. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw his smiling face, and noticed he was still wearing his shirt, but he'd taken off his shorts and was wearing a jock-strap. I could see damp patches on the fabric of the jock-strap. I noticed his man cock was still hard and pushing at the fabric.

"Would you untie my hands sir so I can unbutton your shirt" I cheekily asked, and he untied the knot and took the rope off my wrists. I reached out and started to slowly unbutton his shirt buttons, and remove his scout tie. He leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, and started to slowly wank my boy cock. "Don't forget, this must be our secret young man, I will be in big trouble if anyone finds out what we've done today" he said, "I promise sir, this will be our secret" I replied. And he continued to wank my cock I was very close to cumming, which he sensed, and pulled me closer to him and when I came my cum shot all over his bare man chest.

"Sir, can I ask you if it really was a thermometer you put up my ass?" I asked cheekily, "I think you know what it was son" he replied, a broad grin on his face.

"I've brought some sandwiches and coffee if you're hungry" the scout master said, and we sat there in my tent and had a picnic. We talked for a long time about what we we'd both be doing recently, and we heard the rain start. "You were lucky with the weather son" he said, and we sat and listened to the rain on the tent, safe in the dry inside.

I was lying next to him, I could see his bare chest and my eyes drifted down his manly body and I noticed that his man cock was yet again pushing hard against the material of his jock-strap. I ran my hand down his chest, over his abdomen and brushed against his hard cock. I felt his cock twitch and heard him moan, so I ran my hand again over his hard cock, gently squeezing it through the material of his jock strap. He was moaning more now and every time I touched his man cock, his whole body twitched, he arched his back.

I pushed my hand into his jock-strap, taking his man cock in my hand. I gently pulled his foreskin back, and started to very slowly wank him. I looked at his face, and his face was lit up with pleasure, so I leaned down and kissed him on the lips. He reached up with his strong, muscular arms and pulled me tightly to him and wrapped his legs around mine. His kisses were hard and passionate, and as I continued to slowly wank his man cock, his groans became louder and his body even more tense. His body arched every time I pulled his foreskin back and I could feel that he was very close to cumming, so I started to vary the speed of my hand -- sometime fast sometimes slow and sometimes hardly moving. He held me even tighter as his man cock exploded and he shot a big load of warm creamy cum onto his tummy and up his chest, he was moaning with pleasure so I slid down and took his cum soaked man cock into my mouth and started to suck him. He groaned even more -- I could taste his salty/sweet man cum, it tasted delicious. He laughed when I lifted my head as the side of my face was covered in his man cum.

We both lay there for some time, the scout master had also brought a blanket, so he covered our naked bodies and we just lay there, listening to the noises of the wood and the rain on the tent.

After some time, he turned over and looked at me and said "I'm not sure what merit badge covers what we've just done" and started to laugh, "we'd better clean ourselves up and take the tent down, sounds like the rain has stopped".

That was my first adventure as a boy scout, I'm hoping there will be many more and that one day I will get a merit badge