Later that same day...

Keith gets home after visiting his Uncle Mark, he's still thinking about what his uncle made him do, and he has feelings he never felt before. His own cock was hard when he was sucking his uncles cock and the only time his cock gets hard is when he's horny! So what's happening to me now he asks himself?.

He goes straight up to his room, yelling hi to his dad as he passes him in the hall. When he's closed his bedroom door, he's still thinking about what happened at his uncles house that afternoon. He pulls the curtains closed, it's a bright day still even though its now late afternoon. He lies on his bed, and as his cock is so hard, starts to wank himself off, thinking about his uncle mark! He knows this is naughty, but he can't help it. Before he has a chance to cum, he hears voices downstairs, it sounds like his dad talking to his uncle mark? He stops playing with his cock and tries to listen to the conversation.

It suddenly goes quiet, so Keith continues wanking his cock. He's so caught up in what he's doing that he doesn't notice his bedroom door opening, he's suddenly aware that he's not alone in the room any more and looks round with a start, his dad and his uncle are standing in the door way watching him!.

Hi he says, nervously, and tries to put his cock back in his shorts. His dad moves across the room and says "your uncle said you'd been a bad boy today, is that right?". Keith doesn't know what to say, what has his uncle told his dad? Was it about his truancy? So he stutters "nooo ssssir I don't think I've been a bad boy today, I went to school and stopped off at uncles on the way home to help him in his garden". His dad just looks at him. Keith begins to get worried, when his dad is quiet it normally means he's very angry.

His dad asks Keith to stand up. So he gets off the bed. "Turn round boy" his dad snaps, so Keith obeys not knowing what else to do. He can feel his dad standing very close to him, and his uncle has closed the bedroom door and moved across the room to stand in front of him. He feels his dad rub his ass, then slowly pull his shorts down. Keith is starting to panic now "what are you doing dad?" his father tells him to be quiet, this won't hurt and it's a sort of punishment for his misdeeds. He feels something pushing up his bottom, it feels wet, what he doesn't see is his dad pushing a moist finger up his sons bottom. His uncle is now smiling, and unbuckles his belt, and starts to remove his shirt and trousers. His dad has also dropped his trousers, and Keith can see his reflection in the mirror, his dad has a firm body, hairy chest but Keiths eyes are drawn to his dads cock, its big and like his uncles earlier, has a wet end. He's so fascinated watching his dads reflection, he doesn't notice his uncle starting to wank his cock. He sees his dad move closer and push his engorged cock towards Keith bottom. Keith feels a sharp pain, and cries out "no please don't do that dad, it really hurts" he feels tears welling in his eyes. His dad tells him to shut up, it won't hurt. Keith is now crying with the pain, and he can feel his dad pushing his cock in further, then pulling it out. His uncle now grabs Keiths head and forces his cock into his mouth, this takes Keith by surprise, so much so he forgets the pain in his bottom. He can hear his dad grunting and moaning, and now his uncle is pushing his cock in and out of keiths mouth. Both his dad and his uncle are now moaning and their thrusting cocks getting more urgent, then Keith feels his dad stiffen and let out a cry and Keith feels a warm feeling deep inside his bottom and almost the same time he hears his uncle cry out just like his dad did, and once again keiths mouth is full of his uncles cum, so much he's choking. His dads warm sweaty chest is pressing into keiths back, and he can feel his dad panting , a nice feeling.

It goes very quiet whilst his dad and uncle get dressed, hid dad tells keith to go and clean himself up. When keith gets back from the bathroom his dad puts his arms around him and tells him hes been very good, his dad has forgiven him for playing truant from school. He tells him not to talk about what they've done with anyone, especially his mum. She's not due back til later in the week. He makes keith promise, which he does.

The story continues...