A few weeks later...

It has been a few weeks since my encounters with my favourite uncle and my Dad!! I haven't stopped thinking about what we did, my mind is still in a whirl and I can't think straight. I had always fancied my Uncle, he was good looking, had a fantastic body and was always kind to me. He always looked good, and smart, but never seemed to have girls friends. I always stole looks at him when I was over at his house, especially when he was wearing nice tight shorts or even Speedos.

I had just finished school, and was walking aimlessly my mind on other things - my uncle, my dad, me!! Wow! I suddenly stopped, wondering where I was, didn't realise I'd walked so far, but I suddenly woke out of my sexy day dreaming and realised I was outside Uncle Marks house! Well there a coincidence, or did I walk here deliberately, who knows.

Well, I thought, whilst I'm here, may as well pop in and see if Uncle is in, so I opened the gate and walked towards the front door. I pressed the door bell, and waited, maybe he's not in? I could hear a motor, seemed to be coming from the back garden, so I walked round the house. There on the lawn, in tight shorts, naked chest with the sun shining on him was my Uncle Mark, mowing the lawn. He must have been out here for a while, his body looked moist from sweat - I stood there for what seemed like ages just watching him move up and down the garden, he hadn't noticed me. Ever since my experiences a few weeks ago, whenever I think about my Uncle, my cock gets really stiff, now I was standing near him it felt like it was going to burst!

He suddenly looked over at me, smiled and stopped the mower. "Hi, hows my favourite nephew?" he asked, walking across the lawn towards me, my knees felt shaky, and I started to sweat. "Hi Uncle Mark" I said, my voice thick, "Just passing on my way home from school and thought I'd pop in to see you".

"Have you played truant recently" he asked, a wry smile on his lips, "No. honestly, I haven't" I replied. He stood looking at me for a few moments, then placed a hand on my shoulder and asked if there was anything I wanted, it felt like an electric shock going though me and I stuttered "Nooo, sir, although I do need the bathroom". "You know where it is" he said, again giving me that wonderful smile that lit up his face, and was definitely the reason I felt week at the knees. I went into the house and up the stairs to the bathroom, I was bursting to pee, which I'd discovered was very difficult when you have a hard-on!.

I managed it, and after washing my hands, went out onto the landing. Marks bedroom door was open, and I could see something on the bed. I know I shouldn't but I couldn't stop myself, so I crept into his bedroom. On the bed were a pair of jeans and a pair of calvin white briefs. I stood and looked at them and a strange thought came into my head, would they have that musky smell I remebered the first time I sucked my Uncles cock? What's to stop me I thought, so sent over to the bed and picked up the white briefs. I held them up to my nose, they did have a very definite musky man smell, and the smell had got me very horny again. I wondered what they'd feel like to wear, so I pulled off my trainers, then my jeans and undies and pulled on Uncles calvins. They felt good next to my skin and my cock was so hard, now oozing what Dad had told me was precum. I'd learnt so much in the last few weeks. I felt so horny I thought I'd lie on the bed, in Uncles undies and play with myself for a while. Uncle Mark was busy in the garden, I'd heard the lawn mower start up again, so I should be undisturbed, though a part of me hoped not for long!.

I lay on the bed, his bed, in his undies, this was like a dream come true. I was lost in a day dream as I played with my moist cock through the material of the undies. I must have been really caught up in the moment as I didn't hear the mower stop, nor my uncle enter the room.

"So, you like wearing my undies do you" my uncle said, which startled me. "Yes Uncle I said" as I sat upright and tried to hide my hard cock. He smiled, and came over to the bed, and sat down next to me.

His torso was sweaty and there was a line down the back of his shorts, where his ass cheeks met, that was also damp, I'd noticed this as he turned to close the bedroom door before coming over to the bed.

"What shall I do with you lad" he said, playfully, "you haven't been a bad boy today, so I shouldn't punish you, but something tells me you want me to?". I sat staring at him, if only he knew what was going through my mind! We stared at each other for a few moments, then Uncle leaned across and his lips met mine. I didn't know how to kiss, but didn't need to worry, Uncle mark did. His tongue forced my lips apart and his tongue touched mine. It was like an explosion inside my head, I pressed my lips back on his and sucked his tongue deeper into my mouth. He started moaning, the same sound he made when I first sucked his cock.

He suddenly pulled away from me and I noticed the outline of his cock through the material of his shorts. It looked huge, and there was a growing wet patch near the head. "I want to return the favour nephew" he said, and moved his head down to my crotch. He started sucking my cock through the material of his undies.

I'd never felt anything like this before, I felt giddy, my head spinning. I'd closed my eyes, and I felt his hand moving down my belly, under the waist band of the undies and then touch my cock. "Do you like me touching you" he asked, "Oh yes Uncle, I do, please don't stop".

He pulled out his hand, then pulled down the undies to reveal my cock. I'd opened my eyes now, and he seemed to gaze deep into me, then moved his head down on my cock, opening his mouth. It felt warm, moist and I thought I'd gone to heaven, as he moved his mouth up and down my cock. I could feel a surge in my groin and shouted "I'm going to cum" at this he stopped and said "Not yet your not, we have a long afternoon ahead of us" and stood up. "Come on nephew, we're both in need of a shower" so I followed him into the bathroom. His shorts were very tight and showed off his tight firm ass.

He opened the shower door and turned off the shower. "Help me out of my shorts will you" he asked, so I started to open the fly, and his cock came springing out. "Well boy, you know what I like, go on get your young lips around my cock", "Yes sir" and I dropped down onto my knees and took his cock in my mouth. It tasted more salty than I last remembered, and the head was wet with precum, I was starting to love that taste!. I gently moved my head up and down, taking as much of Uncles cock as my small mouth could. Like before Uncle moaned in pleasure and put his hands on my head and started to guide me and control the rhythm. I could feel his cock get bigger like before, when he shot his cum down the back of my throat, but just as I felt he was about to cum, he pulled his cock out and I could see his wet cock shoot a load of cum straight at me, I started to pull away, but Uncle held my head steady with his strong hands and I kept my eyes open and watched his cock shoot at me, I could feel the warm cum hitting my face and running down into my open mouth. Yes, I really was starting to like the taste of cum.

"Well, you really do need to shower now boy, in you get" and he pulled me to my feet and pushed me into the shower. I thought I'd be alone to get on with cleaning myself up, but Uncle stepped in behind me and closed the shower door.

I felt his string arms pull me back to him and felt his warm hairy chest on my back. He reached a hand down to my stiff cock and slowly started to wank me. I was very close and it didn't take long for me to shoot my load. I sank back into my uncles arms and he held me tight, turning me round, he planted a kiss on my lips and started soaping my body clean.

The story continues...