Later on that same day...

I remember my Uncle cleaning me in the shower, then drying me with a fluffy white towel. He made sure I was dry all over and I remember his strong muscular arms wrapping the towel around me. I felt very safe with him, just wanted him to hold me forever.

He picked me up, I felt very small next to him, and he carried me into his bedroom, pulled back the duvet, and laid me on his bed. He climbed in next to me, and pulled me towards him. Pulling the duvet over our naked bodies, I rolled over and lay with my head on his strong hairy chest. He put his arm under my neck and held me close. I could hear and feel his breathing, his chest rising and falling , our warm clean bodies touching, I felt very safe and secure. Uncle Marks breathing became deeper as he fell asleep, the last thing I remember before drifting off.

I had the most amazing dreams, kept seeing Uncle Marks cock pumping cum all over my face, he then kissed me, my mouth full of his warm cum, and both sharing the taste. I also dreamt of my Dad coming into the bathroom whilst we were both showering and he just stood and watched us, I noticed he had unzipped his jeans and was gently wanking himself as Uncle fucked me in the shower. I woke up with a raging hard on, the sun pouring in through the window. I stretched and yawned, I'd just had the best nights sleep ever, and the most erotic dreams I'd ever had. I was really growing up fast!

I turned over to give Uncle a kiss only to find an empty space next to me, Uncle must already be up. His side of the bed was still warm, I could feel his presence, and I smelt the sheets, hmmm still had his odour on them, and a mark on the sheets that looked like dried cum. His pillow was still crumpled where his head had been. I lay awhile thinking of him, glad that today was Saturday and I didn't have to go to school, what would the day bring?. Looking through the window, the sky was blue and the sun felt warm, better get up I thought. I rolled out of bed, and into the bathroom. It was empty, so went on the loo, brushed my teeth, used Uncles toothbrush, hoping he wouldn't mind, then climbed into the shower for a quick freshen up. After I dried myself, went back into the bedroom, I noticed my clothes were neatly stacked on a chair, a pair of clean undies on the top of my jeans and a clean t shirt. I got dressed and went down stairs, looking for Uncle. The house seemed very quiet, not a sound, not even the radio! Went into the kitchen and opened the fridge door, there was plenty of milk, so poured myself a glass and went into the living room. The French doors were open, a gentle breeze moving the curtains, but the garden looked empty, not a sign of my Uncle. I shouted out "Hi Uncle, where are you? Are you in the garden?" but there was only silence. I noticed his car was in the drive, so he must be around somewhere? Or maybe he'd cycled into town? I wandered into the garden, and sat for a while on his favourite garden chair, the one I remembered that he'd sat in the first time I'd sucked his cock, memories...

I drank my milk, staved off my hunger a bit, and returned to the kitchen to rinse out my glass.

I thought about going home, but mum was away for the weekend, visiting relatives, dad would be home alone, but I'd not really spoken to him since that time in my bedroom, and didn't know what to say to him? So I just wandered around the garden, enjoying the warm day.

I ended up near the garden shed, and thought back to the last time I'd looked inside and noticed the matress on the floor, thinking at the time this was strange! I wondered if it was still there! I tried the door, but it was locked, I looked down at the keyhole to turn the key but there wasn`t one, so I got down on my knees to look through the keyhole and there was a key on the inside! Very strange. There was a window on the side, so I walked around to try and see what or who was inside. The window had a board over it, on the inside. I could now hear noises on the inside, who was it? I'm sure I heard 2 different voices, maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. How was I going to see who was inside? I noticed a knot in the wood under the window, so gently pushed it with my finger, and it did gradually move inwards, eventually dropping inside. I got down on my knees again to try and see through the hole in the wood. I couldn't see very clearly, it was fairly dark in there. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see someone standing up, their arms above their head and they were tied, looked like to a hook on the roof, looked like a man, he had a lean strong body, I couldn't see his face, he had a hood pulled over his head and he had his back to me. His bottom looked funny, nice and taught, but funny, Couldn't understand why or what it was?. Then I saw someone else coming into my line of sight, it was my Uncle, with something in his hand. He was naked, and obviously excited, his cock was big and hard. He stood behind the tied figure, and swung his arm at the tied up mans ass.

There was a slapping noise, then I realised what he had in his hand, it was a table tennis bat!!. The tied up man, I didn't know what else to call him, groaned and Uncle said "You like that Jack do you?" and the tied up man said, "Yes sir, I do", then I realised why his bottom looked funny, it had read marks on it, now I realised what had caused them, the bat. Uncle repeatedly smacked the man on his ass cheeks, and the tied up mans groans grew louder and louder. Uncle them reached around the man, and I presume he was wanking him, the man groaned even more. I heard Uncle say "Don't you dare cum boy, If you do you know what I'll have to do to you to punish you don't you?" and the tied up man replied "yes sir, I'm so very close please stop", Uncle just laughed and continued slowly wanking the man. He stopped suddenly, his head on one side like he was listening, but I didn't think I'd made a sound! So held my breath, shrugged and moved out of my line of sight, so I started breathing again, and continued watching the scene in the shed.

The tied up man seemed to relax on the rope that was holding him up, and Uncle must have been doing something out of my line of vision, so I just waited. I was feeling pretty horny myself at what I'd just witnessed, maybe because they were both enjoying it. I didn't hear my Uncle quietly creep around behind me, the first I knew was when his arms grabbed me, and he put a hand over my mouth. "Don't make a noise boy" he whispered into my ear, then picked me up and threw me across his broad shoulders. My mind went into shock, where was he going to take me, was he going to tie me up like the man in the shed? What could I do? I struggled but my uncle held me tighter.

Uncle carried me around and through the shed door. He dropped me on the mattress and said "So you were watching what we were doing then? Did you enjoy it? Should I punish you for being nosey?" I didn't say a word. He looked at me with his dark eyes, then broke into a smile. "Maybe you want to join in? I've always wanted a young slave boy, do you want to apply for the vacant position?" I must have nodded, this caused an even bigger smile. "I suppose you don't recognise my mature slave then? Or do you?" I looked at the tied up man, I could now see his chest and body, he still had a strong muscular body, like Uncle Marks and I could see his hard cock, but I couldn't see his face as he was still wearing the mask. "Let me reveal my other slave then" said Uncle, and pulled the mask off the tied up man. I gasped, it was my Dad! He was blinking, his eyes getting adjusted to the light in the shed. I just kept staring, in amazement. He eventually looked down at me and smiled, "Hi son, how are you" he said. This seemed such an ordinary thing to say, given the strange situation in my Uncles garden shed. "I'm fine thank you sir" I replied, not knowing what else to say. "I'll bet you never expected to see me like this" he said, it is a good job he couldn't read my mind! I'd always imagined my dad tied up and at my mercy, had many a horny dream about him!.

Uncle had been watching us both, not saying a word. He looked at me and said "If you want to be my young apprentice slave, you will have to obey my every command, never question me, do as I say, you will be my play thing, there only to give me pleasure. What do you think of that?" I just nodded, I adored my Uncle, and had enjoyed watching him and my dad, so said "I'd like to try sir", what would you like me to do first?".

"Suck your dads cock, he's very close to cumming but you will not make him cum, if you do I'll punish you, so get working on his cock now" I turned to dad, Uncle put the mask back over his head, and I knelt in front of him and opened my mouth. I gently took the tip of my dads cock into my mouth, I'd never done this to dad before, he'd fucked me but I'd never tasted his cock. It tasted salty and musky, as I moved my head closer to his balls, taking as much of his cock into my mouth. I started gagging and started to pull my head back but Uncle Mark stood behind me and grabbed my head with his strong hands and pushed it forcefully down onto my dads cock, who had started to moan. It felt like dads cock was filling my whole mouth I could feel it right at the back of my mouth, Uncle kept pushing and I felt dads cock start to push down my throat. I couldn't breathe, dads cock was deep in my throat, and I could feel the head of his cock filling my throat, I thought I was going to choke, Uncle sensed that dad was about to cum so pulled my head back very quickly and said "Not yet you don't!". I gasped for air, my head felt light and the room was spinning round.

Whilst I was recovering on the matress, Uncle had untied the rope that held dad and he ordered dad to kneel on the mattress on all fours like a dog. He looked at me and said "Well young slave, have you ever fucked a man?" I shook my head, I'd always wondered what it would feel like, but never done it. I remember what it felt like when my dad pushed his cock up my tight virgin ass, and had dreamt about returning the favour!

While I was engrossed in these thoughts, Uncle had knelt down behind dad and I could see his head buried in dads ass, I couldn't see what he was doing, so got up and walked around to look. Uncle was using his tongue to lick dads ass, and I could see him pushing his tongue into dads hole! Dad was squirming and obviously enjoying this. Uncle continued for a while and I was fascinated watching this, dada was getting more and more excited. Uncle pulled his head away, looked at me and smiled, "That's your dad ass lubed for your young boy cock, lets see you fuck him then".

I knelt down behind dad, my boy cock very hard, the end wet with precum, and looked at dad ass, it was wet and very inviting, so I pushed my cock towards his ass. There was resistance as I pushed it further into his ass, I could feel dads ass muscles squeezing my boy cock. It felt unreal, like my cock was surrounded with warm velvet, warm moist velvet, and the muscles of dads ass were massaging my cock. I groaned, and dad said "That's it son, fuck your old man, fuck him hard!" so I started to thrust harder and harder, feeling my boy cock growing in size, and very close to cumming. "Slow down boy" said Uncle, "enjoy the sensation", so I slowed down and could feel how close I was to filling my dads ass with my boy cum! Uncle had moved around the front of dad, and his cock was hard and also wet with precum. He too knelt down and pushed his cock into dads mouth "Come on Jack, milk your masters cock, you know how I like it" so dad started to deep throat Uncles cock. I could see Uncles face and he was obviously enjoying what dad was doing to his cock. I only wish I could have kissed his at that moment, but I wasn't big enough to reach him. I was so close I couldn't help myself and my cock pumped a load of my boy cum into my dads ass. I collapsed onto his back, my cock still hard and still up his ass. "Stay where you are" ordered Uncle, and I saw his body tremble as he shot his cum deep into dads mouth. "Finish off your dad boy" Uncle said, so I reached under my dad and started to wank his cock, he came immediately a big load of cum over the mattress.

I pulled my cock out of dads ass, there was a dribble of cum followed it out running down the hairy crack of dads ass.

Dad turned over "So you've fucked your old man for the first time son! What did it feel like?", "better than I'd ever imagined dad" I said, a wide grin on my face.

Uncle came and lay down next to dad and motioned for me to lie between them. I did, and I lay there, between my 2 favourite men. Dad put an arm arond me, as did Uncle, and they both kissed me in turn, not a quick kiss but a long tongue searching kiss. I don't remember anything else, I just drifted off to sleep and some great horny dreams...

The story continues...