A few days later...


It had been a couple of days since I discovered dad and Uncle in the garden shed. It was the first time I'd ever fucked a man, and my dad too!!! Wow, I still couldn't believe it. I had always had fantasies about my dad, he's fit looking with a nice strong muscular body . I'd taken a peek at his cock many times, our bathroom also had a toilet in it, so when I was in the bath and dad needed to go, I always had a look at his manhood ! Not sure if he noticed or not, but it gave me some horny dreams.

I'd never realised that dad and uncle were having such fun together, and I still can't forget the feeling when I pushed my boy cock up dads ass, a feeling I'll remember all my life. Now I was Uncles apprentice slave boy! I wonder what I will have to do to please Uncle? Well I'm sure we will both enjoy it. Wonder if dad will also be there next time?.

All these thoughts were going through my mind as I travelled on the bus, going home after a football game after school. My team had won, it was close, 3 - 2, but it felt good to win a game, we`d not had a good season. Had a shower afterwards in the school's changing rooms and sometimes our games teacher joined us in the shower, not this time, pity! He was a fit bloke, and pretty well hung!. Anyway, here I was on the bus, on my way home. Wondered what mum has made for tea? It's Monday, so probably leftovers from yesterday.

The bus pulled up to my stop, so I ran down the stairs, it was an old double decker, and hopped off and ran the few streets to my house with my kit bag over my shoulder. I'd had a sniff at my shorts after the game, they smelt musky like my uncles undies had, hmmm that smell had taken me back to uncles bedroom! Strange how strong memories can be, it felt like I'd just left uncles, but that was weeks ago. I was certainly growing up this summer.

I went in through the front door, dad was in the living room watching telly, I could hear mum in the kitchen. "Hi dad, hi mum" I shouted as I walked through the hall and dumped my kit bag on the floor, "We won 3 - 2, it was a great match". "Well done son, your team is getting better" said dad, mum popped her head round the kitchen door "Tea in 5 minutes, be quick changing, I have to be ready and out in 30 minutes". So I ran upstairs, taking the stairs 2 at a time. I was feeling good tonight.

I changed out of my school uniform into my jeans and a tight white t shirt, no socks. I looked at myself in the mirror, not bad I thought, my body is starting to look good. I heard mum shout "Its on the table, come on you two!" so I ran down the stairs and into the dining room. Dad was already there, so was mum, so I took my place at the table. Tea looked good, cold chicken, jacket potato and vegetables. I tucked in straight away, I was really hungry. Sport always made me hungry, well starving really! And as I'd recently discovered, so did sex! What a summer lay before me... So didn't take me long to clear my plate. "You'll get indigestion if you wolf your food down like that" mum said, I just smiled. Dad said "There's some football on the tv tonight if you want to watch it with me", I replied "Ok, but I fancy a bath later, when my tea's gone down, my muscles are aching from the game", dad just smiled at me and winked. Now what was that about I thought?.

We both helped mum clear up, I loaded the dishwasher whilst mum and dad washed and dried the pans, mum didn`t like putting the pans into the dishwasher, strange that one!.

Mum went upstairs to get ready, she was going out with one of her friends, they were going to see a film at the local multiplex, can't remember the title, just that she said it was a "womans film". I guess she meant one of those Merchant Ivory period things!!.

Dad and I went through to the living room, the match was about to start. We both sat on the sofa keeping some distance between us. I was still a bit afraid of my dad, I really fancied him, had fucked him, but was still a little afraid of him. He was a big strong man, fair but disciplined. He worked out regularly, so had a taut fit body, went to the gym 5 times a week and ran at the weekend. He only ever punished me if I'd been bad, and I loved and respected him.

The match looked a good one, Carlisle were playing Newcastle in the cup, so hopefully loads of goals, Carlisle was the under-dog, but you never know. Dad stretched out and his leg touched mine. He'd done the same at the dining table!. He left it there, just gently touching my leg. I felt an electric shock jump up my leg! But I left it there, just touching my dads leg. Mum came rushing down the stairs "I'm late, see you later, don't forget to turn off the tv before you go to bed, I won't be in til gone 11. See you later" and she was out of the door.

We both sat there for the first half, no goals but plenty of action. "I think I'll go for my bath if that's ok dad?" I said, "my muscles are getting even stiffer sitting here". "Ok son, see you later" dad replied, placing his hand on my thigh and squeezing it.


I went upstairs, and started to run a bath, there were some bottles of Radox, one promised "sleep easy", so I poured some into the water. It smelt nice, coloured the water and produced plenty of bubbles, my bath was starting to look very inviting. I stripped off my jeans, undies and t shirt while the bath was filling, had a quick pee, the toilet was in the bathroom, and seeing the bath was fairly full, turned off the taps.

I climbed into the bath, the water was nice and hot, felt good on my skin, I sat down, then stretched out, the water up to my neck, bliss. I had always loved baths, from a young age. Dad had always bathed me as a kid, we used to play with model ships and submarines in the bath, was always great fun. I closed my eyes and started to relax, my tense muscles started to relax, they had stopped hurting, this felt awesome. I love having a bath!.

I must have dozed off a bit, dreaming of dad and I sat on the sofa, he had reached across to hold my hand, then pulled me closer to him. He put his arm around my shoulder, my head resting on his chest, and we'd watched the match cuddled close together on the sofa. His other hand was placed on my thigh, just lying there, not moving, palm down. I could feel it there, so close to my groin, and it made my leg warm, my cock was hard. He moved his hand closer to my fly, I liked button flies, and he slipped a finger through the gap between the buttons, searching for my boy cock. I looked his in the eyes, it seemed he was reading my mind, he started to undo the buttons on my fly, then put his hand into my jeans, he had big strong hands, and they found my cock, squeezing it through my undies. He'd taken his other hand from my shoulder, and was unbuttoning his fly, his huge man cock jumped out, he was commando! And he started slowly wanking himself, whilst his other hand was still playing with my boy cock through my undies, I leaned closer to him, placed my lips on his, and snogged my dad, our tongues in each others mouth, just like Uncle had taught me. Dad then put his hand down the waistband of my undies ... I woke with a start, it must have been a dream, what woke me? It was the sound of someone coming up the stairs. "Is it ok if I use the toilet" dad said from outside the bathroom door, "Sure dad" I replied. Dad came into the bathroom, walked to the toilet and I watched him undo his button fly and saw his cock as he peed. He seemed to stand there a while, not peeing, just standing there, as though he was trying to make up his mind to do something.

He turned round, "Remember son when I used to bath you? We used to have some fun didn't we?" "yes sir" I replied. "You're not too old for me to bath you" he said., "I'd enjoy that sir" I said. Dad came across the bathroom, removing his t shirt. No matter how many times I see my dads body, I still marvel at his muscular hairy chest, and huge nipples!. He knelt down beside the bath "Let me wash you son, I've not done that for a long time, and it would give me great pleasure to soap that young body of yours", "I would like that too dad" I replied. Dad got a bar of soap and worked up some lather in his hands, he started to wash my chest, his touch was gentle, and he washed my chest, his hands moving down to my abdomen, just hovering above my pubic hairs. My cock was rigid, he couldn't miss it, but he washed all around it, never touching it. "Stand up son I need to wash your bottom for you", so I did, and he motioned for me to turn round. I felt his hands wash my ass cheeks, lingering in the crack between the two cheeks, his fingers occasionally rubbing my hole, never entering me, just playing with my hole. He used a sponge to rinse off the soap suds and just left me standing there. I felt something warm touch my hole, warm and wet, my dad was doing what Uncle had done to him. I could feel his tongue flicking inside my hole, running up and down my ass crack. This was a new experience to me, I'd been fucked, by dad, but this felt very good. After a while dad stopped "Turn round son", so I did. Dad took my hard boy cock in his mouth and started to take it deep into his mouth, my young balls banging on his chin. He moved his head up and down my cock, slowly no urgency. I felt like my cock was about to explode, dad must have felt this too, because he pulled his mouth away. I'd been so close to coming, he must have known and not wanted me to cum.

"Lie back down boy" dad said, so I did. "Would you like me to get in with you like I used to do when you were young", "yes sir" I said my voice thick with emotion. Dad stood up and started to remove his jeans, his cock looked huge, how had it ever gone up my bottom? Dad climbed into the bath, lying down at the other end of the bath, our legs were linked, it felt really good. He placed his hands on my knees, and closed his eyes, he was relaxing just like I had when I first got in.

I placed my small hands on dads knees, and just let them lie there. I closed my eyes too, relaxing in the bath. I felt dad hands moving up my leg, to my thigh then he grasped my cock, which was still hard, and started wanking me again. I was still close to coming and dad must have sensed this because he stroked it so slowly, on the shaft not the head. This felt like heaven "That's very nice dad" I said, "Can I do anything for you?", "There's plenty of time son, you mum isn't back until 11, so we can take our time". "Ok dad" I replied, basking in the pleasure he was giving me.

Dad stopped wanking me "I don't want you to cum yet boy, I want to taste that cum of yours, see if it tastes like your old mans!" he said with a broad smile on his face. "It may taste like your uncles, are you starting to like the taste?" . "I think so sir, Uncle sprayed his cum all over my face a few weeks ago, I tried to move my head but he held it in place, I remember it tasted quite sweet". "Your uncle likes his white wine, that's probably why his cum is sweet" dad said.

"Come over to this end of the bath" dad said, so I moved over his legs, to get to his end. "Turn round, I want you to sit on my lap" dad said, so I turned round and started to move my ass onto his lap. His cock was hard, so instead of sitting on his lap, I ended perched on his cock, "Relax son, this won't hurt" dad said, and placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down, impaling me on his cock" "hey dad that really hurts" I cried, "don't worry son, just relax it won't hurt for long" dad said, and continued pushing me down onto his cock. I was breathing hard, panting with the pain, it felt like a baseball bat being shoved up my ass. "That's it son, I'm all the way in now, relax your ass muscles" and dad starting wanking my boy cock again, hoping to take my mind off the pain. It did, my cock had swelled, ready to explode, but again dad stopped. The pain in my ass was just a dull ache, and dad had started to lift me off, then push me down, he was using me to milk his cock. He was groaning, I'd heard this before, so knew it was from enjoyment. "You have a sweet ass son, you are really pleasing your dad, I love my sons ass, is it mine for the taking son?" "Yes sir, I love pleasing you" I replied. Dad was starting to pull and push me faster, I could feel his cock getting even bigger, then he yelled as his cock released his cum up my ass. He left me sitting on his cock. It still felt hard and I could feel his cum up my ass, warm and sticky. We sat there for a while, dads cock softened and he lifted me off and turned me round. "Now to finish you off" he said, and made me stand up. He took my boy cock into his mouth again, and it only took a few strokes of his moist warm mouth for me to shoot my load, deep into his throat. I thought I was never going to stop. Dad kept sucking long after I'd cum. He pulled his head away and said "Yep, tasted just like your old mans!" and laughed. "Want to taste it?" and he grabbed me to him and kissed me full on the lips, his tongue probing my mouth and I could taste my cum in his mouth, delicious.

I lay with dad in the bath for a while, both of us exhausted from giving each other pleasure, neither wanting to make the first move to get out. I remember dad topping up the bath water with fresh hot water. "Do you love your dad?" he asked me, "Yes sir, always have". "You can't tell anyone what we are doing together, do you understand?", "Yes sir, I think I do" I replied, "Never, and I mean never speak to anyone about this, promise me?" "Yes sir, I promise. Will we be doing this regularly?" "You bet son, you bet!".

The story continues...