The following day...

After dad and I had our bath together, we had a shower, dad wanted me to go to bed feeling nice and clean. He came into the shower cubicle with me, spent a long time washing me with his big hands, soaping my small body. I tried to return the favour, using my small hands to wash dads hairy chest, lingering over his firm pecs, playing with his nipples, making him make his groaning sounds. We didn't cum, just spent time cleaning each others bodies with plenty of soap. It was the best shower I can remember having, apart from the one Uncle Mark gave me, my life was certainly changing this summer.

I remember dad tucking me up in bed, and starting to doze off, also remember mum returning, heard her shout goodnight to me.


I slept very well that night, I felt complete, had made my dad very happy, I really did love my dad.

The next day was a big day for me, our school football team, Whitehaven Academy was playing against a school from Workington. I'd been looking forward to this game for a while. I had been playing as a striker this season, and had enjoyed limited success scoring a few goals. I particularly the way goals were celebrated, plenty of hugging of the other players, there was one guy on our team, Richard, he preferred Dickie, who always hugged a bit longer than the rest. I'd never thought about why but since my recent experiences with Uncle and dad, maybe he was hugging for another reason?.

I woke early, went for a quick shower, mainly to wash the cobwebs out of my head, I still felt squeaky clean from last night. I went downstairs, mum and dad were in the kitchen having breakfast, "morning dad, hi mum, how was your night out?" I asked, "we had a great time thanks Keith" mum replied. "What did you and dad get up to?", I nearly choked on my cereals, what did she mean. Dad was staring at me, I could see he was worried that I'd say something. "We watched TV all night, there was a good football match on, saw it to the end, then I went for a bath and then to bed". Dad looked visibly relieved, luckily mum didn't see his facial expression!. "That's good, I like to see you two having fun together" said mum, if only she knew!.


I finished my breakfast, and was about to go upstairs to clean my teeth when I remembered "Dad, are you still coming to support the team today? You remember it's an important match" I said. "Sure son, you know I wouldn't disappoint you". I smiled at him and ran up the stairs to the bathroom.

Teeth gleaming I checked my kit bag, everything was there, and went back downstairs. Dad was waiting in the hall "I'll run you to the match if you like son? Your mum's going shopping with some friends, then staying in town for lunch" said dad, "we can grab a bite to eat after the match".

"That would be great" I said, "I'm all ready". Dad grabbed my kitbag, I gave mum a peck on the cheek and we left the house.

Dad's car was out on the street, he put my kitbag in the boot, and I sat in the front passenger seat. "Wave goodbye to your mum son" dad said, so I did, she was standing at the front door.

Dad and I chatted on the way to school, mainly about the match, how I thought it would go, what the score would be. He never mentioned last night, so I didn't either. The journey wasn't too long, my mind was on the match, so the conversation stopped. As we turned into the school car park, dad said "Thanks for last night son, I can't remember when I had such an intense orgasm. Your little tight ass certainly gripped my cock. I will return the favour when we get a chance". My boy cock started to tent in my jeans at the thought "Thanks dad, I really enjoyed it too. I'm starting to understand what you like and hopefully will try hard to make you happy" at this dad smiled.

Dad parked the car, and I took my bag out of the boot and made my way to the changing room. Dad shouted "I'll go over to the pitch, see you later".


Most of the team was already there, except Dickie, maybe he wasn't playing today, though I'm sure I saw his name on the players list. I started to undress, got out my clean shorts, shirt, socks and boots. Most of the guys had left, just a couple remained. I took down my undies, and reached out for my shorts. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a movement, I looked over and it was Dickie. He smiled "How are you keith? Looking forward to the match?" "Sure am Dickie, you're a bit late" I replied. "We'd better get changed then" he said. He started to strip off his t shirt and jeans, I'd never really noticed before, but he was well developed, nice legs, small firm ass and a nice chest. As he dropped his jeans, he turned towards me. His cock was semi hard, and he noticed me staring at his cock. "I always get horny before a match" he said and continued to get changed.

I quickly finished putting on my footie kit and we both ran out of the changing room and down to the pitch.

Dad was on the sidelines, and the match seemed to be over in a flash. I never remember 90 minutes going so fast. We were neck and neck up to the last 5 minutes when I scored a lucky goal to take the score to 4 - 3. When I scored Dickie ran up to me and grabbed me in a hug, I was so close to him I could feel his hard cock, he wasn't lying about being horny at a match.

I ran over to dad on the sidelines and he gave me a big hug, saying "you played really well, I'm just so proud of you" and I just grinned, he then whispered in my ear "and you've made your dad very horny watching you run around the football pitch in your tight shorts. Your young firm ass showing through the flimsy shorts material". I grinned even more, and gave him a big hug back.

"how about going for a bite to eat?" dad asked, "yes sir, I'm starving" I replied, "let me go and get showered first". "Err, no" said dad, "Keep your football kit on, we're only going to the pub over the other side of the wood". "I'll leave my car here, we can walk over there, only take 10 minutes, give you time to cool off. We can shower when we get home" he said with a big wink.


So we set off towards the woods, a shortcut to the town and dad's favourite pub. The path was very windy, and we were soon out of sight from the school football pitch, in a quiet world, seemed miles away from anywhere. I could hear the birds singing, and smell the grass and that damp woody smell. "How do you feel about winning" said dad, "great thanks sir" I replied. "Remember me telling you about Dickie, my pal from school, well in the changing room his cock was getting hard like yours". "Hmm, is that right" dad replied, "maybe he likes you too?" and laughed, "what's not to like, nice firm body and cute ass" and he gave my ass a friendly lingering pat.

We carried on walking for a while, happy in each others company, not needing to speak, just enjoying the time together. "I need to pee" said dad, "there's a break in the trees, I'll go over there" so I followed him to a small grassed area way off the track. Dad stood in front of me, undid the buttons on his fly and took his cock out. Even soft it looked huge, and he started to pee. He was watching me all the time, when he finished he shook the drips off and said "want to suck this for your dad son?", I didn't reply, just knelt down in front of him and opened my mouth, taking his semi hard cock in my moist warm mouth. "Hmmm son, you certainly know how to suck your dads cock don't you? And you know this makes me very happy", I couldn't reply as his cock had grown very hard and seemed to fill my mouth, I could only just breath. I carried on for a while, listening to dad moan in pleasure. It seemed very quiet around us, only the sound of dad moaning and the sucking sound my mouth made. Dad suddenly stiffened, and put his hands on my head to stop me. "Did you hear that?" he asked, "No dad, what was it?" "I thought I heard a twig snapping, keep very still" he said. "Ahh, I see what it is now, carry on son, I think we have an audience. I can't see who it is, they're hiding behind that clump of bushes over on my right".

I started to suck dads cock again, it seemed impossible but it now seemed harder and bigger!. Dad had his hands either side of my head, controlling the speed of my sucking. "Get your boy cock out son, I like to see you wank yourself whilst your sucking off your old man", "it will also give our friend over there something else to excite him".

I tore open my button fly, my boy cock was hard and the end was oozing precum, and I was very hot!.


"I think I can see our friend" said dad "Come out whoever you are, I can see you, I know you're there" he shouted. There was a rustle and someone emerged behind me. "Come over here" dad ordered, and I could hear footsteps behind me.

Dad grabbed my head and pulled me up, turning me around to see who'd been observing us, and I gasped "Dickie! what are you doing here?". I also noticed his crotch, his cock was sticking out of his shorts, and it was obvious he'd been playing with himself. "I followed you and your dad, wanted to see where you were going. I didn't expect to see what you were doing to your dad!" he said.

"Were you watching us for long" asked Dad, "Yes sir" Dickie replied. "Hmm, then you must have enjoyed what you saw then?" asked Dad. "Not sure sir" replied Dickie.


Dad just stared at Dickie for a while, I wondered what he was thinking. He obviously made up his mind and walked up to Dickie saying "Well boy, I know what I'd like to do to you. Do you know what spit roasting is?" "No sir" said a surprised Dickie, "Well you're about to find out" said dad.

He took hold of Dickie and turned him around so dad was facing his back "Bend down boy" said dad, and he pushed Dickies shoulders forward. I was watching Dad wondering what he was going to do, I'd never heard of spit-roasting, so was eager to see what it was! Dad pulled Dickies shorts down, so they ended up round his ankles and spat into his big hand and wiped his saliva into Dickies ass hole, "What are you doing sir" said Dickie, sounding kind of worried "Never you mind boy, you'll soon find out. And you must never, and I mean never, tell anyone about what we're going to do. Do you hear me boy?" dad said this in a kind of hushed whisper, but with his usual authority. "Yes sir, I won't tell anyone, you have my word" replied Dickie.

Dad started to open his fly, opening the buttons slowly one by one, he looked at me and said "Stand in front of Dickie son" so I moved around the front of Dickie. Dad's fly was open, and he reached inside and pulled out his huge man cock, like Uncle mark, Dad wasn't circumcised, and you could see a bit of his cock head as his foreskin started to pull back.

Dad spat again into his hand and rubbed his saliva over his cock head, he pulled back the foreskin and it gleamed with a mixture of his precum and saliva. I could see Dickies face and he looked very nervous, I whispered to him "It will hurt a bit, but try and relax if you can, and don't cry out!". He gave me a funny look, obviously not understanding what I meant, but at that moment Dad had pressed his cock against Dickies hole and started to push it in. Dickie gasped "Owww, that hurts sir, please stop it is stinging and I don't like it", Dad put his hand over Dickies mouth and leaned over and whispered into his ear, "Don't make a sound, you know this wood is a popular short cut to the town, someone may hear you and we don't want anyone else seeing what we're doing do we?". Dickie nodded in agreement, and dad continued to force his cock up Dickies virgin ass. "Right son, its time to complete the spit roast, let Dickie suck your cock" so I dropped my shorts, and moved closer to Dickies head, he looked up at me and I winked at him, since I'd learned about man to man sex from Uncle Mark, I'd wondered what it would be like to have sex with Dickie, well all my birthdays were coming at once! And I was about to find out. "Open your mouth and take my cock" I said to Dickie, and pushed my cock towards his mouth. He opened his mouth and closed his eyes, I put my hands either side of his head to guide it towards my throbbing boy cock. I slipped it in between his moist lips and then with my hands still on his head, moved it up and done. It felt really good, Dickie obviously hadn't done this before, so it was different from my dad, but still nice. I pushed my cock right to the back of his throat, and I could feel him gagging, but contined pushing it down his throat.


Oh that felt good. I was learning to control myself, Uncle Mark had talked about this, holding back from cumming, to extend the pleasure, I think he called it edging, I liked this very much. I could hear dad moaning with pleasure and he kept saying "That's it son, keep your boy ass nice and tight, squeeze my cock, yes that its, just like that, hmmm you have a lovely tight ass, do you like my cock up your ass boy", Dickie couldn't reply, he had a mouthful of my cock.

Dads thrusting started to become more urgent, he was really pounding Dickies ass, it was so forceful I had trouble keeping my balance, dad shouted "Son are you close?", "yes sir" I replied, "Ok then, lets cum together, fill this boy from both sides", so I increased started to really thrust my cock down Dickies throat and both dad and I cried out together "I'm cumming, oh my god I'm cumming" and Dickie was filled with dad and son cum!.

Dad was still gentle riding Dickies ass, he had a wide grin on his face, "Not as good as you son, but not bad, with a bit of training, he'll get better", I just smiled back at dad.

Dad pulled his halh hard cock out of Dickies ass and motioned for me to take my cock out of his mouth. My cock was still rock hard, but I pulled it out of Diclies mouth, my cum was dribbling out of the corner of his mouth, so I knelt down in front of him and planted a kiss on his wet cummy lips, his lips responded and itbwas a very horny kiss.

"We need to do something for you now boy" dad said, and bent over, "Come over here Dickie, lets see if you know how to fuck", so Dickie stood up, he was shaking a bit, probably from the position he'd been in, but he too was now smiling. He looked at my dad, ass in the air, a hairy ass, nice firm cheeks, but a mans ass. "Come on boy, use some spit to lubricate your cock and my ass", so Dickie spat on his small boy hand and wiped his saliva over his cock head, and also dads ass hole. "Come on boy, we don't have all day" dad said, so Dickie stood behind dad and said "Sir, you'll have to bend down a bit, I'm not tall enough to reach your ass", so dad squatted down a bit so his ass hole was in line with Dickies cock, which was now really hard and dripping with precum. Dad squatted down a bit more, so his hole was level with Dickies cock, "Come on son, let me feel you fuck my hole", so Dickie pushed his boy cock against my dads hole, and one thrust at it was right the way in. Dad grunted and said "Come on boy, we don't have all day, let me feel you ride my ass", you could tell Dickie hadn't done this before, he was fierce with his thrusting, his cock going in and out of dads ass very quickly, "I'm going to cum sir, oh yesssss" he cried as he shot his load deep in my dad.

"Hmmm, not bad for a first time Dicke" dad said, "we'll do this again, you can be sure of that". Dickie pulled out his cock, it was dripping cum "that was fantastic sir" he said to dad, Dad just laughed, "what would people think if they saw the 3 of us like this. We'd better tidy ourselves up" so Dickie and I pulled up our shorts, dad pulled up his jeans and buttoned up his fly.

"Remember what I told you boy, not a word!", Dickie nodded "you have my word sir, may I ask you something?", "Certainly boy, what is it" dad asked, "When can we do that again?", Dad looked at me and winked, "soon boy, soon, and we will introduce you to my brother, Keith's Uncle Mark, I'm sure the 4 of us could have some fun".

The story continues...