A day trip with Uncle Mark...


It had been a few weeks since the football match, you know, the one where my school team won and dad and I had a threesome with my best friend from school, Dickie. Hmmm, what a day that was, winning a footie match and then finding out Dickie also liked sex with men. Part of me hoped this summer would never end, it just seemed to be getting better and better!


I hadn't seen Uncle Mark for a while, I'd had some wet dreams about him, him sucking my boy cock and me cumming all over his face, and a recurring dream where he was training me to be his slave, the dreams were getting hotter! I'd had a busy week at school, exams were coming up and the study work was getting harder. The teachers seemed to be getting hyper, and some of them were giving us so much homework most of us had no time to go out, it just seemed like work, work and more work! At least there would be an end to it in July.

It was Friday night, and I was just home from school, had a quick shower, and was lying on my bed, on my tummy, watching TV. I guess just chilling, but not really watching the TV, it was just noise in the background, I was thinking about what I should and could do with my weekend. I thought I'd heard the phone downstairs, but it could have been on the TV. I was day dreaming about the last time I saw Uncle Mark, and seeing dad strung up in his garden shed, now that was a day to remember, when there was a knock on my bedroom door "Are you decent" asked dad, "yes sir" I replied, "Pity" I heard him whisper under his breath!. He opened the door and came in. "That was your Uncle on the phone, he was wondering what you had planned for tomorrow, he was taking a drive to the coast, thought a day at the beech would be good for you, a chance to get away from your studies?", "That would be great, I haven't seen him for ages, what did you say to him?" the words tumbling out of my mouth, dad said "I assumed you'd want to go, so said yes for you. He'll collect you tomorrow morning at 9". "Cool, excellent, fantastic" I shouted, a day with Uncle Mark. "Shhhh, your mum's downstairs, you don't want her to hear you getting too excited do you?". "Good point, sorry dad" I said sheepishly. "Good boy, I'll see you later?" he said, winking at me.

Ever since the episode in the woods, dad had taken to sneaking up to my room some nights, and we'd end up cuddling up in my bed, sometimes having sex, but not always, it was great just to lie in his strong manly arms, made me feel safe and secure. This was something I`d done with Uncle Mark recently, and I enjoyed the string sense of security and that musky man-smell, hmmmm. "Sure dad, that would be excellent. Is mum going out tonight?" I replied, "She is staying over at your grans tonight, gran isn't feeling too good so your mum said she stay the night. She's just doing some ironing then she will be up to pack an overnight case. So I'll be able to spend the night with you, if you want?". My heart skipped a beat, to sleep next to dad, all night! And Uncle mark tomorrow. Wow, I loved my life. This summer was the best ever!.


Later that night, mum came up and gave me a kiss and told me she was off to grans, she'd be back tomorrow sometime, probably after lunch. I told her I was going out with Uncle Mark, she said that would be good for us both.

After mum had gone, I heard dad locking up downstairs, then heard him coming up the stairs, heard the toilet flush, then saw the door handle on my door turning. As the door opened, there was dad, dressed in just his pyjama trousers, no top, his strong manly chest exposed, boy did I like to see him like this, made me go all goosey, goose bumps all over!. He came over to my bed and said "You can come into the big bed if you like son?" he didn't have to ask twice, I was out of my bed and into their bedroom like a shot. Dad followed me quietly chuckling. I was already in the big double bed when dad followed me into the room. He climbed into bed next to me and put his arm under my neck, pulling me closer to him. He turned my head around and gave me a warm moist special kiss. This always set me alive, all my body tingling at what may come next. "I'm tired tonight son, and I don't want to tire you out, you may need your energies for your Uncle tomorrow" dad said, "so how about we just cuddle and go to sleep?". "That would be great sir, I just like being with you" I sighed. So we fell asleep, my head on my dads chest, his big arm around me, my protector. I has dreams about both Dad and his brother, my Uncle Mark, and they were very hot.

I woke quite early, the bedside radio alarm said 7.30, I looked over at dad, he was lying with his back to me, a strong back, muscular, and strong! There was something very sexy about a mans back, so I rolled over and cuddled up to dads back, slipping my small arm around his waist. I heard him moan "Hmm, that's nice son, I like to feel your young body clinging to me like this. Do I feel something stirring behind me?!, "Yes sir, I think I have a woody! Probably because I'd dreamed last night about my first fuck, and the feeling when I pushed my cock into your ass, it was amazing, and I keep dreaming about it.!" I dreamily replied. "As much as I'd like you to give me an early morning fuck son, I think you may need to save your energies for your day out with my brother!" dad replied, with a soft chuckle. "You never know, you may get an opportunity later today!" he continued. I didn't understand what he meant, but was in that state between sleep and awake and was just enjoying the feeling of cuddling my dad. I must have dozed off for a while and was woken by dad who was getting out of bed "Time to go get your shower son" he said, "Ok sir, will do" I moved across the bed, and smelt the sheet where dad had laid, it had that lovely man smell, I wish I could bottle it!.

I went into the bathroom, dad was brushing his teeth, so I turned on the shower and climbed into the shower. The warm water washed away my sleep, waking me up. I lathered my whole body, running my hands over my young taut body, lingering on my cock, which was still half hard and pulled the foreskin back to make sure it was clean, the water from the shower head bouncing off my exposed cock head made it spring up, now fully hard. Dad had finished cleaning his teeth and was walking past the shower "Hmm, that's a nice sight son!" he said looking at my hard boy cock, I blushed with embarrassment, and continued rinsing off the soap suds.

I turned off the shower, grabbed a clean towel and rubbed my body quite roughly all over, my skin tingling and red and very clean. I folded the towel, and went to the basin to clean my teeth, then used a mouthwash, my mouth felt squeaky clean.

I went back to my bedroom, and took some clean jeans and a t shirt out of my wardrobe, found some clean undies in my chest of drawers and some clean socks, didn't take me long to dress, I pulled the curtains open, there was a clear blue sky, and it looked nice and warm, excellent day to go to the beach.

I ran down the stairs, 2 at a time, and dad was already in the kitchen, he was still in his pyjama bottoms, no top, and he hadn't shaved, he looked very sexy!.

"What do you want for breakfast son" he asked, "I'll just have some toast please dad, not very hungry", I replied, dad moved over to the toaster and put 2 slices of bread in the toaster, "Theres some juice on the table for you, and butter and marmalade for your toast" he said, as the toaster popped the 2 slices up, dad put them on a plate and brought them over to the table and placed them in front of me "Thanks dad" I said, and buttered and spread marmalade on my toast. Toast is one of those things that I really like, especially spread with a thick layer of marmalade, one of my favourites.

"You'd better hurry son" dad said, "your Uncle will be here shortly". "I'm just going to get dressed then go out for the papers, I'll see you when you get back, have a great day, and come here and give me a kiss", so I stood up and went over to dad, he grabbed me lifting me off the floor and pressed his lips onto mine, "Nice marmalade" he said, laughing. "Go and wipe your face".

I went up stairs shouting to dad as I did "Have a good day sir, will see you when I get home". I went intio the bathroom, wiped my face over and swilled some more mouthwash around my mouth, didn't want to have the smell of breakfast on my breath for my favourite Uncle. I heard the front door close, that must have been dad going to the shops. I went into my bedroom to get a jacket, just in case the weather turned and the day got chilly.

I went back downstairs, the hall clock said 8.57, so not long now, and as I was just thinking this the doorbell went. I walked to the door and opened it, there stood my Uncle Mark, in jeans and t shirt, his face lit up with that smile, I'm sure he'd get whatever he wanted from anyone in the world just by using that smile. "Hi nephew" he said, "you ready?", "Yes sir, all ready. Do I need anything to take with me?", "I have a picnic in the car, but you may need some swim trunks just in case we go for a swim!" he said, I ran up the stairs and retrieved a pair from my bedroom, back down the stairs and out the front door.

Uncle had just bought a new car, a hatch-back, very nice, and I noticed he had a picnic basket on the back seat, strange I thought, why wasn't this in the boot? Maybe he'd brought some other stuff for our day out. "Get in Keith" he said, and I climbed into the front passeneger seat, closing the door and putting on my seatbelt. Uncle climbed into the drivers side and buckled up, he started the car and said "Well, we have the whole day together, I've been really looking forward to this" and gave my knee a friendly squeeze. He pulled out and we set off down the road. We lived about an hours drive from the coast, it was very rural, farmland and woods between our house and the coast, so it made for a pleasant drive. Uncle Mark had put on a CD and the music was making me sleepy, I was very relaxed. I always enjoyed Uncle Marks company, more so lately since we had our "special love", the love I dare not mention to anyone, I liked having this secret, a big secret. I was dozing and listening to the music as we drove down country lanes. "Just let me know if you need me to stop" Uncle said, "will do sir" I replied, "Actually, I think I need to stop and check the car boot" Uncle said, and he pulled into a layby. I heard him open the hatch, but couldn't see anything, the parcel shelf blocked my view. Uncle was there for a while, don't know what he was doing, but could feel the car rocking. I thought I heard him speak, but it must have been the CD player. After a while Uncle came back and sat back in the drivers seat. "Sorry for that nephew, just needed to secure something in the boot". "Now then, this is a nice quiet road, how about giving your Uncle one of our special kisses then?" and he leaned across towards me and put his mouth against mine, his tongue forcing my lips apart. His lips tasted musky, a smell I couldn't quite place, but my mind was on other things, Uncles kisses always had an effect on my boy cock, and I definitely now had a woody!.

Uncle Mark said "Remember in my garden shed? I asked you if you wanted to be my apprentice slave? You said yes. Do you still want to be my apprentice?", he was staring deep into my eyes, I felt he was looking into my very sole.

"Yes sir, I have always wanted you to be the one who made me into a man, the one who showed me what sex was all about, so my answer is yes" I said, my words tumbling out, almost tripping over each other. "Well then, this is lesson 1" Uncle said. "I am going to put a hood over your head, this is so you can't see what and where I'm taking you. You must put all your trust in me, is that understood?" "Yes sir, I do trust you" I said, not knowing what was going to happen, all I did know was I wanted to be Uncles slave. Uncle reached over to the back seat and pulled a canvas bag out of his holdall, he put this over my head, and pulled the draw string so it felt secure against my neck. I was now totally blind, couldn't see a thing.

I heard, rather than saw, Uncle get out of the car, and after a few moments, felt the passenger door opening. I felt his strong arms pull me out of the car, and he then held my hand to lead me wherever it was he was taking me. My heart was beating so fast I could almost hear it, my chest felt tight, my boy cock was very hard in anticipation of what was going to happen. I don't know how long we walked, I felt what must have been branches of trees brush against my legs and body, and suddenly we stopped moving. Uncle said "This will do very nicely" and I felt him pull my right arm out straight, and could feel something being wrapped around my wrist. This was repeated the other side, so my arms were stretched out tight. I tried pulling but they were strung tight. The same then happened with my legs, something wrapped around both my ankles, and my legs pulled apart. I couldn't move either my arm or legs. Uncle then pulled my hood back up a bit, I couldn't see, but I guess he was exposing my mouth. He put something around my head, felt like a small ball in my mouth on a strap, which he tied at the back. I couldn't speak! He pulled the hood back down and secured the draw string again.


I then felt my flies being opened, and my jeans pulled down. My senses were alert, must be because I couldn't see, I could feel the slight breeze on the hairs of my legs and my boy cock. It was quiet, I couldn't hear Uncle, but I felt his mouth and he took my boy cock into his mouth and he gently sucked my cock. It was torment, I couldn't move, couldn't make a noise and my cock felt very sensitive, I could feel the precum oozing out of my cock into Uncles mouth, and he expertly sucked my cock, moving his mouth from the head right down the shaft to my boy balls. The feeling was indescribable, I moaned and Uncle stopped "Did I give you permission to make a sound slave" he snapped. I couldn't reply, so shook my head "So don't make a noise, unless I tell you otherwise" and he took my twitching boy cock back in his mouth and started sucking me again. I was ready to explode, but every time I thought I'd cum, Uncle slowed down or stopped, occasionally he'd smack my cock with his hand, this made me flinch, not an unpleasant experience, but unexpected.


Suddenly Uncle stopped sucking by boy cock, and it went very quiet. I could only hear the gentle wind, and the sounds of birds. There was rustling around me but I didn't know what it was. I was left here for what seemed like an eternity, but it may have only been a few minutes. I felt rather than heard Uncle, or I assumed it was Uncle, returning. I felt something or someone behind me, the hairs on my neck were standing on end. Then I felt something warm against my exposed boy ass. Something started to push against my hole, forcing itself into my ass, I didn't cry out, my Uncle had forbid any noise, so bit down on the ball in my mouth. Whatever it was up my ass it didn't move, was just there, had it been Uncles cock, he would have been moving it in and out, but it was just there, it did feel like a cock.

It seemed like ages, just standing there, until I felt something or someone in front of me. My cock had been hard all this time, and again I felt something warm and moist on it, I assumed Uncle had started to suck my boy cock again, but my hood was suddenly pulled off, the light blinded me for a moment, I couldn't get my bearings, my eyes gradually adjusted to the sunlight, and I was amazed, in front of me on his knees was my dad, his arms tied behind his back, a mask over his eyes, he was sucking my cock, standing behind him was my Uncle, his cock up my dads ass, fucking my dad! I looked at my uncles face, he was smiling "Well slave, you have done well, your Uncle is very pleased", he hadn't mentioned my name! Was that so dad didn't know it was me? Probably. I was very close to cumming and Uncle said "You've been very good, you can cum when you like", my cock was bursting, and it started pumping my cum down my dads throat, Dad sounded like he was choking, but he kept his mouth firmly on my cock, continuing to milk my boy cock, my orgasm seemed to last for ages, my cock was still hard, dad's head bobbing up and down, I couldn't believe it but I was about to cum again, and a second load of my boy cum hit the back of dads throat. Dad moved his head up and Uncle winked at me "Was that good then Jack? You made your son cum twice!".

Uncle leaned over and took off dads eye mask, dad screwed up his face, his eyes like mine earlier, getting used to the bright sunlight.

"Well son, a definite chip off the old block, you can certainly cum a lot!" dad said, and he was smiling. Uncle was still behind dad, his cock up Dad's ass and still riding Dad's tight hairy ass. He was moaning, the same moaning I remember from before, the sound he made when he was about to cum "Squeeze my cock Jack, squeeze it hard, I want you to milk my balld dry" Uncle moaned, and he shuddered as his cock filled my dads ass with his cum. Uncle slumped over dad's back, his cock still in dads ass. "Jack, you are the best fuck ever" he said, sweat was dripping off his forehead onto dads back. "And my apprentice slave is shaping up really well, don't you think".

I said "Where did Dad come from?" and Uncle laughed, "He was trussed up in the boot of my car, what do you think I was doing when I went to check the boot? I was sucking your dads cock, keeping him on the edge, not allowing him to cum, though I mis-timed it and he did cum, couldn't you taste it when I kissed you in the car?". "I wondered where I remembered the taste from" I said.

"Well, we'd better get you two untied and cleaned up, we still have a picnic to have at the beach", said Uncle.

This story will continue...