Continuation of the day trip....

We cleaned ourselves up, my favourite nephew found out what I'd pushed up his ass, a dildo, the look on his face when he saw the size of it, priceless!. We all walked back to my car, it was only early afternoon, we'd been in the wood for over 2 hours, Keith was amazed, he said time seemed to freeze when he was tied up to the 2 trees, another thing he discovered when I took off the hood!. This first test of my apprentice had gone completely to plan.

I love surprises, and the look on my brothers face, and my nephews when they saw each other, another special moment. I'm sure we'll have more before the summer is out, it certainly is looking like a vintage year.

"We will be at the beach in under an hour, hopefully it will be quiet and we can have our picnic" I said to Jack and Keith, they both said they were hungry, why couldn't we take the picnic back to the wood and eat it there. I agreed, so we unloaded the car, and carried all the picnic stuff between the 3 of us, sharing a few quiet moments together whilst we found somewhere to put down the groundsheet and picnic stuff. There was a clearing, not far from where I'd tied up my nephew, so we made for that.

The sunshine threw dappled images across the clearing, the wind had dropped, it was nice and warm, we were far enough from the road not to hear the traffic, well it was just a distant rumble. We put down the groundsheet and unpacked the hampers I'd brought. I must have been a boy scout when I was young, always came prepared! I'd made some sandwiches and brought some chicken and pies, some chocolate because all 3 of us were chocoholics, and some coffer in a flask. Thinking of my nephew, as I frequently did,. I'd also brought some juice, cans of lemonade and Coke.

We all sat on the groundsheet, eating and drinking, not talking, just enjoying each other's company and the peace and quiet. There was also the afterglow from the horny sex!. This felt like a magic wood, looked untouched by man, no litter, so not a popular place, we'd chosen well. I could see some movement in the distant "Be very quiet both of you" I whispered, "there's a deer over behind you". Jack and Keith both quietly turned round to see what I was pointing at, and there was a young fallow deer, grazing on grass. This was indeed a beautiful place. We could hear birds flying overhead and the buzzing of bees, a nice calming background noise, peaceful.

We carried on satisfying our appetites, obviously very hungry from our previous session, amazing how hungry sex can make you!.

I noticed my brother had laid down, his eyes closed, one arm around his son's neck, Keith's head on his dad's chest, they both looked so peaceful. I just sat taking in the fresh air, and the quiet and solitude of the wood and watching my 2 favourite men, well, one man and a boy!.

I too was feeling sleepy, but as time was getting on, thought better of lying down with my brother and his son, although I wanted to, to feel their body heat next to mine, smell their musky smells, the after sex smells, hmm that was causing some movement in my underwear!, dare I?, no better not, instead I started to pack up the bits and pieces, making sure to collect all our litter. I tried to do this as quietly as I could, didn't want to wake these 2 up.


I left them there as I carried the hampers back to the car, and on my return they were both sitting up, my brother was giving his son one of his special kisses, it looked so natural and very horny! "Hey you guys, save some for me" I cried, and Jack stood up and walked towards me "I would never miss you out, you know that" and he planted one of his special kisses on me, the kind that make you light headed and hard!. Keith also got up and came over to us "Thanks for a great day Uncle, you are the best. Shouldn't we be getting back?" he said, "Not before I kiss you" I said, and gave him one of my special kisses. He melted into my arms, obviously we'd tired him out, I kept forgetting his age.

We picked up the groundsheet, shook it and carried it back to the car.


It didn't take us long to get back to Jack's house, I was going to drop them both off but Keith turned to his dad "Is it ok if I stay over with Uncle tonight? He asked his dad, "Sure son" dad replied, giving his son a wink! "you`d better ask your Uncle if that's ok first though" so I asked Uncle, and he said "Of course nephew you are always welcome, in fact, I`ve just decorated your bedroom", so with a wave to my brother my nephew an I drove off to my house.


I parked my car in the lane by the side of the house, just off the main road, and we walked up the path to the front door, there was a card sticking out of the letter box, now what was this I thought. I'd carried the hampers with me to the house, so put them down and unlocked the front door, dumping the hampers in the kitchen. I looked at the card it was one of those "you were out when we called" notes, from the Electricity Company. Went on to say that they had to read the meter, I'd supplied estimates all year and they had to take a reading at least once a year. I put it on the kitchen worktop, I'd see to it in the morning.

I shouted to keith, "Why don't you go and shower" and he replied "Ok Uncle" and I heard him running up the stairs. All I wanted now was a shower, better wait for nephew, although I could go and watch him, so I crept upstairs, and stripped off my t shirt, undies and jeans, threw them on the bed in Keiths room and went into the bathroom. Nephew hadn't heard me, he was covered in soap suds, and starting to rinse them off. The soap ran down his young firm body, he had pulled his foreskin back, cleaning behind the skin, I thought "good boy, nice and clean, maybe later...". He turned off the shower and turned round, he saw me and smiled, "You were quiet, I didn't hear you come upstairs" he said, "I just wanted to watch you showering" I replied, and climbed into the shower. The water felt good on my skin, I used plenty of shower gel, massing all over my body, hmmm that felt really good. I turned off the shower, grabbed a clean towel and wrapped it round my waist. I went back into my bedroom, finished drying myself and there was a surprise, nephew lying on the bed, asleep wearing my undies and T shirt, looking like an angel! I smiled, leaned over and gave him a peck on his cheek, saw a smile come across his face, but his breathing was deep, so he must still be asleep. I put on a pair of shorts and a t shirt.

I was walking back down stairs when I heard the door bell, who could this be, I thought, looking at the hall clock, it was late afternoon and I wasn't expecting anyone. I opened the front door and there stood the Meter Reader from my Electricity supplier. He was wearing one of those boiler suit type outfits, navy, the company logo over the right hand side of his chest, and he filled it well. I looked at his face, good looking guy too I thought, my eyes strayed to his crotch, nice packet I thought. "Good afternoon sir, sorry to call so late, but I left a card earlier, and on my way home I noticed your car outside and a light on in the bathroom, so thought I'd chance my luck" he said, I thought hmmm, I wouldn't mind chancing mine but said "No problem, please come in, I'll show you where the meter is.

I don't think I've seen you before, you're not the usual guy?" I said, "No sir, I'm just filling in for him, this isn't my usual area" he replied. I pointed to the cupboard under the stairs, and he moved past me, his arm brushed my side, and touched my arm, his uniform certainly showed off his ass, looked nice and firm, he looked at me and smiled "I won't be long, just need to check the reading". "Can I get you anything" I cheekily said flashing one of my winning smiles, "I'd like a glass of water please, if that's ok" he replied. I went off to the kitchen to get him a glass of water thinking about what he'd look like out of uniform!.

I was standing at the sink, running the cold tap to get some cold water, my mind must have been drifting, I felt a warm soft breath on the back of my neck, and could feel someone close behind me, a voice said "I've read the meter, just came to see if you'd got my water". I could feel him behind me, he was standing so close, I thought I could feel his cock!. "Just getting it" I said, my mind contemplating what to do next. I filled the glass, turned off the tap and turned round, we were standing facing each other, I glanced down, yes it was his cock, it was hard, and the unfirom was so tight, I could make out the head and his balls. "Hmm, looks like you're a little horny" I said, "Sure am, what do you think we could do to relieve me" he cheekily said, I reached down to his crotch and squeezed his cock, it was nice and hard, so I started wanking him slowly through the material of his uniform "That's very nice" he said, his voice very low, and he reached out and touched my cock. I had noticed when he stood at the door, there was a full length zip on his uniform, so I started to pull it down, slowly, he wasn't wearing a shirt underneath, I could see his firm pecs, slightly hairy, and I continued to pull down the zip, he was still playing with my cock through the material of my shorts.

"Nice body, lets see the rest" I said, and pulled the zip right down. His cock leapt out, no underwear, and it was a nice cock, uncut, could see precum oozing out of the top. I Knelt down, and took his cock in my mouth, using my hand to pull his foreskin back as I took his head in my mouth "Hmmmmm, that's very nice" he moaned, and I started to slowly suck his cock. I pulled my shorts down with my other hand, so I could wank my own cock, "That's a nice picture" he said, watching me wank my own cock whilst I was sucking him off. It didn't take him long, his hips were thrusting his cock deeper into my throat, it felt like he was about to cum, not yet I thought, so pulled my head back, releasing his hard cock, dripping with saliva from my mouth, he looked at me "Why did you stop, that was great" he cried, "Not yet, we have plenty of time" I replied, "I want to see that ass of yours" and gestured for him to turn round. His uniform was clinging to his ass, he had a tight, muscular, hard ass, and I couldn't wait to see it in the flesh, so I stood up, and slid my hands inside the collar of his uniform, searching for his nipples, they were hard, I gave them a little tweak, I used my hands to slide his uniform down, slowly revealing his back, and ass, "Nice suntan you have, and I love the white ass, looks very inviting" I whispered in his ear, he moaned "My ass is yours for the taking", so I told him to lean forward, and knelt down behind him, my head faced his ass, looked very tasty, I leaned closer, hmmm that musky smell again, wish they could bottle that smell, I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and gently brushed his ass hole, he moaned "Hmmm, that's nice, never had that done before" and I started to push my tongue deeper into his hole, he was pushing his ass back towards me, obviously enjoying the rimming. I had other plans for this guy though, and stood up, and stood very close behind him "Want me to fuck you?" I whispered in his ear "Yes please" he gasped, so I pushed my cock against his tight wet hole, wet with my saliva, his body quivered as I pushed my cock through his tight sphincter, he had a really tight ass, "Not many done this to you then" I said, "You are the first guy to fuck me" he moaned back, "A virgin!" I exclaimed, and started to pound his ass, slowly and gently at first but as his hips started to jerk and he was forcing his ass back onto my cock in a frenzy of movement, I just stood still, he was milking my cock, I was very close to cumming so I grabbed his hips and slowed down his movements, "Slowly, take it slowly, you don't want me to cum just yet do you?" I asked, I didn't hear his answer, I was distracted by a creaking noise, sounded like someone on the stairs. I looked up, and there on the stairs was my nephew, I wondered he'd been watching, "I thought you were asleep" I said to him, "I heard a noise Uncle, and came down to see what it was, hope you don't mind", there wasn't much I could do about it, standing behind this hot meter reader, his uniform down round his ankles, my hard cock firmly held in his tight ass. "Come here boy, I want you to do something" I said to my nephew, and he stood up, and came over towards me, "This guy's never been fucked before, and I want to make this a special one for him, so get down on your knees in front of him, and do to him what you like doing to your favourite Uncle" I said , my nephew was a good boy, very obedient, so he knelt down in front if the meter guy and took the guys cock in his mouth, starting to give him a blow job, "Tell me when you think he's about to shoot his load" I told my nephew, and I pulled my cock almost out of the guys ass, leaving it just inside his sphincter, then pushed it back deep in his ass. He shuddered and moaned, I could sense he wasn't far from coming, neither was I, so I increased my thrusts, my nephew pulled his head of the guys cock, "He's very close Uncle" he said and immediately took his cock back in his mouth. I was very close, 2 more thrusts and I'll cum, so I slowed down and pulled my cock right back, then plunged it deep inside, one more and as I pushed my cock deep inside it exploded, pumping my cum deep inside the guys ass, at the same time I felt him tense as he filled my nephews mouth with his cum.

Nephew pulled his head back, there was cum dripping from his lips and he had a wide grin on his face "Was that ok sir" he said to the meter guy, "Yes son it certainly was, where on earth did you learn to suck like that, it was amazing" the meter man said, "I'm not allowed to say sir, it's a secret and I've been sworn to keep it a secret", I felt so proud of him, he'd promised to keep what we did together a secret and he was!.

"Well, we'd better get cleaned up" I said, pulling my still hard cock out of his ass, "how was your first time then" I said to him, "It was amazing, cumming at the same time as you did, and I loved the feel of your cock up my ass" he said as he pulled his uniform back up. "I'd dreamt of what it would feel like, but that was far better than I'd imagined, I'll see if I can get your house on my round, so I'll be back to read your meter next quarter" he said laughing.

I said to keith "And you young man, back to bed, I'll come up later and tuck you in", so he scooted back up the stairs.

I walked towards the front door, the meter man behind me, he paused to check his uniform was ok in the hall mirror and he turned to me, "Thanks for the fuck, maybe see you next time" and he planted a kiss on my lips, I grabbed him, pulling his close to me and gave him a passionate kiss back, "I hope so I said" and opened the front door.

After the meter guy had gone, I locked up the front and back doors, checked that everything was switched off, and climbed up the stairs thinking and now for a treat for my nephew...