A few weeks later...

It had been a few weeks since I last saw my Uncle Mark, it was the day of the picnic in the woods and the night the electric meter reader guy called. That was a night to remember. I thought Uncle hadn't seen me watching them from the stairs, thought I was being quiet enough. I really enjoyed seeing Uncle standing behind the guy, stripping off his uniform and pushing his man cock up the guys ass. He seemed to enjoy it. I also enjoyed being caught, I suppose, and also being ordered to suck the guy off. I think I like being ordered about by my Uncle, yep, I really do.

When he sent me to bed, I don't think he noticed I was wearing his undies and t shirt, and I got into bed in them, falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I remember having some very strange and horny dreams, my Uncle climbing in bed behind me. Cuddling up to me, I could feel his strong arms round me, my back pressed against his manly chest, I could feel his hard man cock pressing against my ass, I could feel him pull my undies at the back down a bit, exposing my tight ass and could feel him start to push his hard man cock up my tight boy ass, what a dream, it seemed almost real, then I must have woken up and Uncle was behind me, his man cock up my ass and his hand wanking my hard boy cock, we came together he shouting out as I felt his warm cum shooting up my ass and my cock shot cum inside the undies I was wearing, I hadn't realised but uncle was wanking me through my, well his, undies.

I slept well that night, waking early and going back home, dad wanted me to help him with some DIY, so had to be home early.

It was 3 weeks later, I was lying on my bed, day dreaming about Uncle and the fund we'd been having. It was mid morning, Saturday, and dad had promised to take me shopping. We were going on holiday soon and I needed some T shirts and shorts, and dad had promised to take me to the Gap in Carlisle. I heard someone coming up the stairs, and dad popped his head round my bedroom door "Hi son, I'm going to have to disappoint you, I need to go into work, they've just phoned me, some kind of emergency", I must have looked disappointed because he said "No long face, I've just called your Uncle Mark, he's going to take you shopping instead, if that's ok with you?". "Yes sire, that is very ok thanks you" I beamed. "Well, you'd better get ready, he'll be here in 20 minutes, I'm off now, so see you later. And be good" he winked at me, turning and went back downstairs. I went into the bathroom, had a quick shower, brushed my teeth, in the shower I made sure I was very clean everyone, you never know with Uncle. He make take me somewhere to please him?. So, 20 minutes, washed, dressed and squeaky clean I was waiting on the road outside out house for Uncle.

I saw his car turn into our road, and he waved as he pulled up outside the house. "Climb in nephew" he said, "you're looking very tasty today if you don't mind me saying, good enough to eat!" he said laughing. "Thanks Uncle, it is very good of you to take me shopping, you must tell me if there's anything I can do to repay you?" I replied. That got a big smile, "all in good time nephew" he said running his hand over my thigh, almost up to my cock, but stopped short "all in good time".

He pulled away and we drove into town, parking in the multi-storey car park. It was almost deserted, and after Uncle turned off the engine, he turned to me and said "Well, do you have a kiss for your favourite Uncle then?" and he leaned into me and his mouth and mine met, I gave him a very passionate and long kiss "Is that ok Uncle" I said pulling away, "Ok for starters" he replied, smiling. "can you see the effect that had on me" he said, his eyes looking down at his crotch, I followed his gaze, and could make out his hard cock through the material of his cargo trousers, it looked even bigger than I remembered. "Yes sir, I can see" I replied cheekily, "you must have liked that". "Yes nephew, and you'll be tasting my cock before the day is out, that I can assure you" he said, grinning. "Come on, we have shopping to do".

We went into the shopping centre, found the Gap shop and started to look for some shorts and T shirts. I must have wandered away from Uncle, and found some nice baggy shorts and some tight ones too, they must be back in fashion? I also found some T shirts I liked. I asked one of the assistants if I could try them on, and she led me to the changing rooms. On the way we passed Uncle Mark, "I'm just going to try these on Uncle", I said, "I'll come with you to give you my opinion" he replied.

So we both went into one of the changing cubicles, Uncle pulled the door too and locked it. He turned to me, "well come on nephew, lets get you out of your clothes, so you can try on these shorts and T shirts" and I put my arms up over my head, Uncle pulled my T shirt up over my head, "Hmm, you're starting to get quite a toned body for your age, nice flat abdomen, nice chest, are you working out more at school?" he said, winking at me, "Yes sir, I try and go to the school gym as often as I can". "Lets get you out of your jeans then" and he reached forward, started to undo my belt, my cock was starting to twitch, "Uncle, what if someone comes in here" I whispered, "We'll have to be quiet then won't we nephew" he whispered back, and having undone my belt, started to undo my button fliy. I could see that he was getting excited, his cock looked big and hard inside his cargoes, I could see a damp patch where the head of his cock was, and I coul;d smell that musky sex smell I remembered from many times before. He slipped my jeans down, "Lets try those shorts on first, those baggy ones" he said, and I stepped out of my jeans, and Uncle knelt down in front of me and helped me into the shorts. "Hmm, they suit you nephew, I like baggy shorts, lets my imagination run riot wondering what they are hiding" he whispered, and started to stroke my cock through the material of the shorts. My cock was throbbing, I wanted to moan but didn't want the sales assistant to hear me, so bit my lip. Uncle was rubbing my cock faster now, I felt very close to cumming, "Now nephew, lets see what you can do for me" he whispered, and he stood up in front of me, "Down on your knees, you know what I like, so come on, please your favourite Uncle", he said very quietly, so quietly I almost didn't hear him, but looking at his face, the expression in his eyes, I knew instinctively what my Uncle wanted, I knelt down, his crotch level with my face. I could see his hard man cock through the material of his cargoes, could see the wet sport, it was getting bigger, and reached out with both hands.

I caressed his cock, doing what he'd done to me, rubbing his cock through the material of his trousers, his cock was twitching, so I started to undo his belt, then his fly buttons, one by one, slowly, looking up to watch the expression on his face. "Suck my cock" he mouthed at me silently, I pulled his trousers down slowly, he was wearing my favourite white Calvin undies, I could see his cock clearly now, and moved my mouth close to his cock, starting to suck him through the material of his undies, he was pushing his cock at me, my saliva was making his undies very wet, showing his cock very clearly, I pushed my fingers up under the leg of his undies, teasing him, just touching his cock "Now boy, now do what you know I like" he whispered, "Do you need any help in there" the assistant shouted from the other side of the door, "No thanks, we're ok in here thanks, won't be long" Uncle replied, his voice thick with passion, so I pulled his undies very carefully over his cock, and down round his ankles. His cock bounced out at me, right in front of my face. I looked up and Uncle, and opening my mouth, moved in towards his cock. I took the tip between my lips, and just moved my lips up and down the tip of his cock, tasting his precum, feeling his cock straining, he was very close to cumming. "Are you sure there's nothing I can get you" the assistant shouted again through the door, "Positive, I have all I need" said Uncle, and I slid the whole of his cock into my mouth, feeling the head at the back of my throat, I kept swalling it, the cock seemed to go deep in my throat, it seemed to fill my whole throat, I couldn't breath, it was so swollen, I pulled my head back, gulped in some air, then pushed my mouth back again, taking my Uncles whole cock deep in my throat, I felt Uncle shudder and could feel his warm cum being pumped down my throat, I kept swallowing, thinking I was going to choke, and Uncle's man cock pumped more and more of his Uncle seed into my young throat. It seemed like a long time, but probably only a few minutes, but I felt Uncle's hands on my shoulders, and he pulled me to my feet. "That was the best yet" he whispered into my ear, "we'd better get out of here, I think the assistant is getting a little suspicious, and we'll definitely have to buy those shorts!" and I looked down, I must have cum, didn't realise it, but my boy cum was all over the shorts. "Let me lick it off nephew" he said, and I handed them to him and he started licking my cum off the shorts "Tasty, come on, we'd better go" and I pulled on my jeans, and T shirt, Uncle pulled up his undies and cargoes, we both checked ourselves in the mirror, and all looked ok. "Thanks nephew" he said, "let me pay for your stuff" and he unclocked the door and walked out of the changing room. The shop assistant gave us both a quizzical look as we walked past her, Uncle just gave her one of his winning smiles and thanked her for her help.

Uncle paid for my shorts, both pairs and the T shirts, the cashier gave us both a funny look "These shorts are wet sir, let me get another pair for you", Uncle said "No problem, my nephew was a little nervous, I think its just sweat, they'll be fine". The cashier wrapped them up and we left the shop.

"Well nephew, I don't think they knew what we were doing in there, do you?" he said laughing, "No sir, we were very quiet" I said and we both laughed on the way back to Uncles car.