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I felt someone splash something cold on my face. I blinked my eyes several times to get used to the light, and then sat up. When I saw Uncle Steven looking straight at me, everything came back to me.

"Daniel...she told me that she was expecting your child."


How the hell could that possibly be? Before my sixteenth birthday, I had never slept with anyone, like I told Uncle Steven; I always hoped that he would be my first! Why was he doing this to me?

"Daniel, you feeling a little better?" he asked me after a while, stroking my hair.

"Get the fuck away from me," I said quietly. I hated him at that moment. I went from loving this man to hating him with every being of my soul.

"Daniel, lets talk about this! I know it's a little too late right now, but this is important! She's your flesh and blood!"

"I don't care! Who do you think you are anyway? You made me do all this! Falling in love with you and letting me curse myself everyday for loving you in a sexual way! Meanwhile, you were sizing me up, I mean just what kind of fool do you take me for? Telling me a girl was here telling you that she was pregnant with my baby, I mean that is fucking low! If you wanted to stop what was between us why didn't you just say so? Why go through such extremes? You know aswell as I do that I was a virgin at that time, I fucking told you why! Why are you being so cruel? I hate you, you motherfucker!"

I ran out of the room and out of my uncle's life. I honestly never wanted to see him again. To dish up such a bunch of crap and that to the person that he swore he loved more than any other. As I went around a corner, I slipped and fell into a ditch. I didn't have the guts to get up. I wanted to die. I wanted to die and leave this whole fucked up world to maybe go to a better place. The next thing I could remember was waking up with the sun shining on my face. What the hell was I doing? I gathered my thoughts and I eventually decided to get up and go home. I suddenly realised what I had done. I had so much going for me, I had just graduated, and I had a good job and was waiting for an internship from my father's firm. I had a three-year old niece waiting at home who was probably wondering where I was right now, my father was probably worried sick about me.

I had an uncle whom I adored and still loved with my whole heart. Love can't be wished away. Never.

As I stepped into the house, I heard crying. It sounded like it came from the study so I went there. I found my father sitting at his desk and he was crying.

Oh no!

He couldn't have found out about me and Uncle Steven...could he? Uncle Steven would never do that to me! I stood at the door for several moments before he looked up.

"Daniel, my boy! Where have you been all night?"

"I...had some stuff to sort out, Dad, why are you crying? What happened?"

My father looked at me with the tears streaming down his eyes and then he hugged me tightly, all while crying his heart out. I suddenly knew that my father knew the truth. Nothing but the news that his brother and his son were having an affair would make my father cry like this.

"I was so worried about you! Oh God, you haven't heard anything, have you?"

"Dad, what's going on? Why are you crying? Dad!"

My father let me go and went to sit behind his desk. He put his hands together and ran his fingers through his hair.

"There has been an accident...its Uncle Steven."

I felt my head spin. Oh hell no. This could not be happening. This was a nightmare, because this could not be happening!

"His car had gone off the road and he crashed into a nearby tree. He is in hospital, don't worry, he is still with us. But Daniel, Daniel he is in a very deep coma. The doctors sound very hopefull and they told us there is always hope. I know how close you two wer...are. Come, let me take you there."

My father raced to me as he saw my legs buckle under me as I fainted. He took me to hospital anyway, were I was revived. I didn't want to be seen by anyone. My beloved uncle was in a coma. As I stepped into the hospital room and I saw him with all the different pipes and tubes that he was attached to. My father asked the nurse if there was any change, but there was none. As I sat next to the bed, I felt my father's hand on my shoulder.

"That's why I asked where you were last night, Daniel. He was speeding at a terrible speed after he rushed out of the house. He didn't say where he was going, but he did say that he had to get somewhere before it was to late, don't ask me what he had meant by that. Whatever made him rush out of the house and driving at that speed must have been very important to him."

My eyes started to water as I realised the truth. He was rushing out after me! He desperately wanted to find me! After I stormed out of the house, he must have decided to come after me! IT WAS MY FAULT THAT UNCLE STEVEN WAS IN A COMA. My father decided to leave me alone for a few minutes. If it wasn't for those tubes I would have thought that my uncle was sleeping peacefully. I couldn't think of one thing to say to him. The whole entire time I was thinking of the last words I had said to him:

"I hate you, you motherfucker!"

As I looked up, I saw Aunt Yvonne standing beside me. She was looking like she always did, with no sign that she was touched by this tragedy.

"How is he?" she asked.

"You're his wife, you should know," he told her. I didn't care anymore. Nothing could be worse than this. Aunt Yvonne walked to the other side of the bed, and sat down.

"Daniel, there is something that you have to know. I know that you and Steven are inlove."

If there was anything that could have shocked me out of my current state, but I honestly didn't expect that. I looked up at her with a notible frown on my face.

"You don't know shit!"

"I know a lot more than you think. I know what I know. He told me that himself."

"Oh, shut up! He would never admit that!" I screamed, realising too late that I had just admitted the whole scandal myself. I sat there, knowing that I had just admitted infront of my Aunt that her husband and me were having a sexual relationship. Well, fuck that! She can tell the whole fucking family if she wants to! Nothing mattered without Uncle Steven anyway.

"You don't know what I had to sacrifice for you since I met you, you ungrateful son of a bitch! I had to live with the fact that my husband does not love me, but that he loves his nephew! Not even to mention all the lies! Do you have any idea what it takes to raise your daughter! You have..."

"Oh you just shut your trap, bitch! Sheena is not my daughter! Why do you keep throwing that trash on me?"

"Because it's true, Daniel!"

"Fuck you, bitch! Why do you hate me this much? Well, since you know everything, you might as well know this. I was a virgin until my sixteenth birthday, because I always hoped that Uncle Steven would be my first. There! Now you know that too! I can't be Sheena's father! This is insane!"

Aunt Yvonne's eyes were blazing flames. She stood up and walked over to me. The next thing I knew she slapped in the face!

"You ungrateful bastard! Let me tell you this. Steven came home the day after your sixteenth birthday, and he told me everything. That a girl came over to the house and told him that she was pregnant with your child. She wanted to tell you immediately and for some reason, Steven thought that it would be too much for you. He made up story after story about you not being ready to be a father and how this news will destroy you. I thought: "Wow, look what my husband is prepared to do for his nephew!" That's before I knew that full version of the story. Only I didn't know that he was inlove with you! Let me tell you this, he paid that girl to come and live with us. He paid for every single thing that she needed. Later, he told me what he wanted to do. He wanted me pretend that I was pregnant, and when your baby was born, to pretend that it was mine! This one night he was sitting at Sheena's bed and he was talking to her. He told her that one day, he will give her to her real father, but that he was not ready for this. Daniel, he loves you so much, he was prepared to do this for you until you were ready to face up to the facts. Here I am, walking with this secret in me for over three years now. I have never said anything to anyone. And despite what you think, I will never do anything that will harm you or Steven for that matter! I know my husband has never loved me. He loved you, Daniel! Only you! I understand that. I hope you will be able to forgive him, because he kept your daughter from you. Incase your wondering, Sheena's real mother's name is Lara Foreman. I will help you contact her."

After that I finally came to my sences. Lara Foreman. I remembered that she had to leave school about four years ago. No one knew why though. I decided that I would try to find her and talk to her. Despite that I didn't want to believe it, I know knew that Uncle Steven and Aunt Yvonne were telling me the truth. Sheena was my spitting image. But how I came to make Lara pregnant, I didn't know!

Over the next few months I focused primarily on finding Lara. Aunt Yvonne helped me track her down and when we finally came face to face, none of us could explain how or when Sheena was created. We had tests done though and Sheena was really my daughter, and Lara her biological mother. There was still no change in Uncle Steven's condition, but I was determined to keep faith. Everyday I sat beside him, begging him to wake up and telling him how much I loved him. Sheena was also a frequent visitor. I still hadn't told her that she was my little girl. I had tears in my eyes as she sat beside Uncle Steven and talked to him like nothing was wrong.

About five months after the accident, I was coming into the room again and groaned when I saw that there was still no improvement. I sat beside the bed and took his hand into mine and kissed it.

"Hey, my love. Everything is still well. Sheena is doing well, she and I went to the supermarket yesterday and we brought you a `Get Well Soon' card. We both love you. You really should wake up so you can see it! Im enjoying my job aswell, its long hours, but what's a guy to do? Uncle Steven, I love you so much. I have always and I always will. Please wake up..."

Things stayed as they were for a year or so. Everyday I would make the time to visit him and plead with him to wake up. Finally I got a call from Aunt Yvonne. She wanted to speak to me urgently.

"Daniel, there is no easy way to say this. The doctors have advised me to think about...about ending all this."

I knew what she meant. I turned away from her.

"Daniel, it has been nearly a year! He hasn't shown one sign that he will wake up in all that time! We are putting him through an terrible kind of life. They told me as his wife, I would have to make the decision. I have to tell them either to switch those machines off, or keep him living this...I can't even call it a life! Daniel, I have made my choice. If Steven hasn't woken up by Friday, which means in a week's time, those machines will be switched off. Im so sorry.

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