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Larenza Prince


After thinking this through I felt like I had to go the once place where I could really feel and get to know the real Uncle Steven. I had to go to my grandparents's old home, where my uncle had lived his whole entire life. As I drove down the street and I pulled up infront of the house, my tears started flowing again. I didn't care at all. The one person who always kissed my tears away would be gone in a few days. As I walked through the house, just as he had left it, I was surprised. There was no sign that Aunt Yvonne had still lived there. I checked in the cupboards and the closets, nothing that suggested that a woman lived there. I was mesmerised. Clearly Uncle Steven lived alone, but me and my father had never been told! Fuck, I sat down and I cried my heart out for Uncle Steven, who made sacrifice after sacrifice to display his love for me the only way he knew how. I looked through all the photo albums that I found. My love for him grew more and more as I discovered a little more about my uncle bit by bit. Then my eye fell onto the letters thay layed in his drawer. Should I? I opened one of them. Oh my shattered was addressed to me.



My sweet Daniel


Today you are twelve years old and I am so proud of you. I wish I could hold you in my arms and tell you how much I love you. I long each and every day to hold you and caress you until the day I die. Im writing this letter so that someday, when im no longer on this Earth, you would be able to know just how much I loved you. I hope that someday you will be able to forgive me that I never told you, but when you're older you will understand more than at this moment.


I will love you forever, my sweet Daniel.


Your Uncle Steven




He did tell me, that holiday that I had spent with them. When I kissed him, we portrayed our love for each other. And now we are going to have to deal with his death. Unless...unless he wakes up in five days time.

But I knew that I was just a matter of waiting. He has not woken up in over a year, so what was the chance that he could do it in five days? I sat next to his bed day after day, begging him to wake up, but nothing. NOTHING! Heavenly Father, please let him wake up!

The morning before the last day, Aunt Yvonne came to see me. I made us some coffee and went to sit outside. Aunt Yvonne sighed and then put her hand on mine.

"Daniel, I want to thank you for everything that you did for Steven over the years. As you could probably see at our...I mean, his house, you had meant the world to him. You were his reason for living, Daniel. I knew about those letters that he wrote to you, but never had the guts to say anything. I must confess, that's why I was so...hostile towards you that first holiday that you spent with us. But when I heard him talking to you and saw you two kissing, I knew that I couldn't hold a grudge against the two of you. What I saw was true love, Daniel."

"You saw that? Shit, any other person would have divorced him immediately."

"I came pretty close to doing that, but I loved him. He was a good husband to me. Never disrespected me. When he finally told me about his love for you, my heart pained for him. There was only ever one person for him, Daniel. Only one."

I stared into the morning sky. I wondered if I would see his face in the clouds when he would be gone. I hated the fact, but I finally realised that it was for the best. It's terrible for someone to have that kind of life, being connected to machines to keep him alive. This was the final act of love I could give Uncle Steven. My heart wanted to shatter into a million pieces with the mere thought that tomorrow my beloved uncle would be gone forever. I simply couldn't let him live this kind of life.

After that Lara came to visit me aswell. As she entered I could see that something was troubling her.

"Daniel, I can't stay. This is serious. I've hooked up with one of my friends that were with me one night four years ago. She remembered you aswell. Daniel, she remembered you because she said you and me had our tongues down eachothers throats almost the whole night. She also said that she saw someone slip something in both our drinks that night. She was a little drunk herself, so she didn't make a lot of it, but now that I think about it, why is it that not one of us can remember having sex, when Sheena is our daughter? That possibility is all that makes sence! We were drugged, Daniel! I bet you anything that made us have sex!"

That brought around a whole new option of thinking about my life. I so desperately wanted Uncle Steven to be my first, and then some person who was so sick as to drugged two innocnent teens's drinks, made an end to all that. It was so fucking unfair!

I found my father in his bed. Without a word, I put my hands around him and comforted him while he almost couldn't breathe, he was crying so much. His only brother, about to die the following day. I had to be strong, although I thought that I would break down any moment.

The next day as I woke up, I knew today was the beginning of the end. My one true love would die today. I was shaking terribly and I couldn't stop. I drank a tranqualiser to calm me down, but I couldn't. When the phone rang, I jumped of shock.


"Daniel, something terrible has happened!"

"Aunt Yvonne, calm down! Talk slowly and tell me what's going on."

"Daniel, Steven is missing! Do you hear me? Steven has dissapeared from the hospital!"

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