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This is the last chapter of Uncle Steven.


Larenza Prince



A gunshot thundered into the room. I opened my eyes. Was I dead? Shit, I felt alive! I blinked twice. I couldn't believe it.

My own father had just fired a gunshot at me. My own father wanted to kill me! I stared into these eyes that didn't belong to the man I had known ever since was born. These were the eyes of a pcychopath, of a mad man. I gave a step forward and he lifted the gun so that it pointed at my heart. I started crying as I felt my body being drained of the blood that gave life to me. The man that started my life was infront of me, with a FUCKING GUN POINTING AT ME!

"Why are you doing this?" I whispered.

"Shut up, faggot! I tried everything I could to make you stop thinking of guys, but no! You have to be a faggot! No son of mine will be a fucking faggot, you hear me? I gave you chance after chance, even hooked you up with a girl! Even that didn't help! What was I supposed to do? You won't be a faggot, Daniel! You won't!"

A million thoughts ran through my brain. My father knew. He knew I was gay. Did he know that I was inlove with...?

Before I knew what hit me, he had pushed me onto the bed, and held the gun infront of him. He laughed manically.

"So now if you insist on being a son of a bitch faggot, I will treat you like one! You will become my slut and we shall become one!"

"Dad, please! You don't want to do this! Im your son, Dad, your only son! Please!"

"You gave up the right to be my son the day that you started to have a relationship with my brother!"

I froze. He fucking knew. I didn't try to get away, I just layed there while my father lifted me up and carried me to the basement. I was in such a daze, and couldn't see through my tears. I was like a doll in his hands. I didn't do anything to stop him. The next thing I knew I was tied to an old bed at the back of the basement. Once I saw that my father was naked, I finally realised what I just did. I let my father tie me...God he was going to fucking rape me! As he straddled me he forced his cock into my mouth.

"Suck it! Suck it, bitch! You wanted cock, now you got cock! Suck it nice and easy, just pretend it's your precious faggot Uncle Steven's cock! Yeah, let me cum on you like a cum rag, shit that is all you are worth anyway!"

His words stuck in my brain. As he slapped my face and forced me to suck his cock again, those words ran through me once more. I lifted my head upright and hit him as hard as I could with my face. He screamed and fell off the bed, his hands moving to his face. My face was bleeding aswell, but I was so angry, I wanted to murder this thing that layed infront of me.

"Dad, please tell me you didn't write that randsom letter! Please don't tell me you kidnapped your own brother out of the hospital! Tell me it isn't true, Dad!"

The man I had lost all my worldly respect for stood up and smacked me again.

"Ofcourse I did! What, you think im going to have you two live happily ever after? I told you that I won't have a faggot for a son!"

"He was about to die anyway, why steal his body?" I screamed.

"My dear, Daniel. I have had him in my grasp ever since he woke up, two weeks after his accident! Why do you think he made an accident? He was always so terribly neat and organised; the poor fool didn't notice that I tampered with his brakes! I wanted him to have an accident, Daniel. I wanted to take the thing out that made my son a faggot!"

For the first time in my life, I was speechless. My father had known all this time. He knew and he did this to Uncle Steven. But something was still bothering me.

"What do you mean, after he woke up? He didn't wake up! What the hell...?"

"Im so disapointed in you, my son. I thought you would have caught on by now. The bastard woke up after two weeks, he was a bit groggy, but otherwise he was fine. I was ofcourse hoping that he died, but then I thought of a brilliant plan. I took him from the hospital and held him in this very basement. Think about it, Daniel, he was under your nose the whole time, and you never knew it. Incase you're wondering, I had help. I arranged with one of the nurses to help me cover this up. Remember Lara Foreman? Oh yeah, the poor bitch was helping me all this time. I even paid her to drug you into sleeping with her!"

"Wait, what? You did what?"

"Yes, my little gay cocksucker. I have known about this love for Steven for years. Every single night that I did my fatherly duties and made sure that you were tucked in, you had wet dreams screaming out his name! `Oh, Uncle Steven, please fuck me! Oh Uncle Steven, you make me feel so safe!' What was I supposed to do? So when you were fifteen, I paid Lara to drug you and sleep with you, hoping to distroy this gay thing in you! Unfortunately I didn't know that the bitch got pregnant! And his royal highness, Steven Raven had to be there and take her under his wing, fuck she was only after money, that she took his offer. He was there! I had to do something!"

"So you had to kidnap him after he woke up! You jealous bastard! I loved him!"

"Oh you will love him alright! Right after you take my daddy cock, get it in there!"

I panicked. Uncle Steven was alive, and I was not going to break my promise to him! He was going to be my first, not my father! I tried to fight him, but my hands were tied. I tried to kick him, but he forced himself on me like I was his blowup doll. He forced his cock into my mouth again and again.

"Oh yeah, suck that big dick! Suck that dick that made you! There will be no more faggot in you once im done! Your own father is fucking your mouth, come on, you like big family dicks in your faggot mouth, don't you bitch!"

I tried to fight him, but it didn't help one bit. The tears were flowing down my face as my father pulled his cock out of my mouth. I couldn't ralax as I knew what was coming next. He was going to rape me, his own son! Suddenly I heard a cluck, glass shattering followed by a loud groan. Then I saw my father sak to the floor. I looked up.

Aunt Yvonne was standing above my father with a broken glass flowerpot in her hands. The blood was flowing from her hands as the pieces of glass sliced through her flesh. Then she dashed to me and told me to straighten my arms. I didn't know what she was doing, so I decided to trust her. The next thing I knew, I heard the sounds of metal breaking and the next moment I was free. I turned around and I nearly fainted as I saw the axe in her hand. I had no time to ponder about it as Aunt Yvonne grabbed the axe and pulled me to the top of the stairs. She locked the basement door and ran out of the house. She immediately called the police on her mobile and I saw mine was lying on the ground where it must have fallen. Once Aunt Yvonne ended the call, she pulled me into a hug.

"It...was...it was h...him," I managed to het out, while shaking.

"I know. I heard everything. I stood at the top of the stairs while he had admitted everything. I recorded everything on my mobile, so we have the evidence. He did everything to stop you from being gay! Well, now we know that Steven is still alive. The worst part is now to make him tell where he is."

As the police came to fetch my father, my head was still spinning. The baby, Lara, Uncle Steven's accident, the kidnapping, it was all my father. He did this...to get back at me for being inlove with my uncle. I gave the police my statement, and told me my father would be up for attempted murder, kidnapping and attempted rape. There was no chance that he would be granted bail. I phoned Lara aswell, and told her to come and see me. When she arrived, she was arrested by the police that was hiding in the house. She put up quite a fight, and screamed that it was all my dad's doing, over and over. Aunt Yvonne convinced me to legally adopt Sheena as her biological father.

That night after I showered, I pulled the chain my uncle gave me around my neck and kissed it. It was going to bring my uncle back to me. There was still a question of time. We know knew that Uncle Steven was still alive, but we didn't have a clue as to where he was. They threatned my father with every charge in the book, but he refused to tell where Uncle Steven was. It began to look like the worst case scenario.

Then finally, the police phoned me and told me what I wanted to hear. Lara came clean with everything! She clearly didn't have the guts that my father had. She told the police exactly where to find Uncle Steven. I couldn't believe where he was kept all this time! In our basement! I finally realised that my father had admitted that he had kept him there, but never quite took notice, he was about to rape me for heaven's sake! The police ordered me to wait until they got there. Along with the police came an ambulance, and two nurses. As we searched the basement, we found a hidden room at the back of the basement that I never knew was there. Behind it was...

Oh my shattered nerves


I didn't come close to recognising this creature lying on the bed. He was laying in the fetal postion, his arms ans legs cripple as he hadn't gotten any sunlight in almost a year. I turned away as I couldn't stand to look at this. He wasn't the uncle that I had come to love. While he was put on a stretcher, I raced over to the police station. I had to talk to Lara.

I shouldn't have! Lara was so desperate to stay out of the maximum trouble that she told me everything. My dear father not only paid her lie to me about Sheena, but since she was a nurse, to keep a person that closely resembled my uncle, in the hospital, and pretend that it was Uncle Steven! While the whole time, my father kept Uncle Steven drugged in our basement. Lara told me that my father didn't want to kill Uncle Steven immediately, but to make him suffer for `turning his son gay'. I shook as I drove home. Why can't people just accept gay people? What is so terrible in that? You are still the same person that you always were, the only thing is, you are inlove with someone your own gender! What the fuck?

A doctor told us that due to the damage to Uncle Steven's legs that he would take a miracle for him to walk again. This was over. My father had now distroyed his life.

Over three years had past. Sheena was now at school and me and Uncle Steven legally adopted her. Aunt Yvonne was still a frequent vistor, and we both owed her our lives. Uncle Steven's arms had fully recovered, but his left leg was permenantly damaged and had to be amputated. He had been in a reabilitation centre for about six months to get rid of the drugs in his systym. Otherwise, he was fine. I watched with a smile as Sheena fell asleep on my lap. Uncle Steven saw that I was looking at her, and gave my hand a kiss. When we had put her to sleep, we each poured us a glass of milk and sat on the couch.

"When was the last time I told you I loved you?" Uncle Steven asked, while putting his arm around me.

"This morning at eleven when you phoned me," I said laughing.

"Shit, Im slipping up then! Daniel Raven, I love you so much. You are my one and only."

"And I will love you forever," I said as our lips met in a passionate kiss. 

Until this day I have no idea why I once thought that loving my uncle could be bad. I loved him and I was proud of it!

Oh, yeah by the way, I finally got my life wish.

Uncle Steven became my first.

And my life partner.

All was well.

Thank you for reading the last chapter!

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