(This story commences in 1935, and reflects some of the hardships that overtook many families following the Great Depression that followed the Wall Street crash in 1929. Many families struggled but mostly they remained steadfast in their attitude to maintaining family standards and values. They invariably made further sacrifices so that their children could be provided with the best possible education, as they felt that this would allow them to rise above the current poor financial situation that had sadly and unfortunately befallen their parents.)

My mother and father had decided when I was just turning 13 that I should attend the same boys boarding school that he had attended when he was 14. That was just 21 years ago, but things were a little different for our family just now.

Father had married my mother fourteen years ago when he was 21, but the fortunes of his own family had seriously declined. Now the large farm where he, and I too, had been born was reduced to about half its former size. He and my mother struggled to make enough money from the much smaller and less productive land holding. However, they were determined that I should attend this very good boys school and be given the best opportunity possible to gain a superior education.

I was a little scared about all these expectations, but remained silent to my parents about my fears. I knew that as I had discovered some young hairs at the top of my cock and on most mornings I woke with this growing flesh tube very hard and stiff, so that I was at the start of puberty.

As we drove into the large town where the school was located, my mother complained of not feeling at all well. She had pains in her stomach and also told my father that her head was aching and pounding.

My father drove straight to the main public hospital, and soon my mother was being carefully attended in a clean emergency ward.

I was surprised to see a young man dressed as a nurse, except he had trousers rather than a ladies skirt uniform. He was extremely kind and attentive towards myself. He got a pot of coffee for my father and some milk for me. I thought he was very nice.

The doctor advised my father that perhaps my mother should stay in the hospital for one night, maybe two, so the medical staff could conduct some further tests. They were not exactly sure what had caused her to feel unwell, but felt they would be able to isolate the condition by the following morning.

Now we were in a quandary. My parents had intended to take me to the school, get me settled in and then, to save money they didn't have, drive back to the farm that same evening.

The male nurse now offered a solution. There was a men's hostel just two blocks away and he was sure they would have a room for us. Leaving our farm truck at the hospital my father and I walked to the hostel. The man at reception said yes he had just one room available, but it only had one big double bed. The charge was 5/-, which was quite cheap. My father looked at me and then said that he would take it. He handed the man behind the desk the coins, and he in turn handed over a large key attached by a leather strap to a piece of wood at least 6 inches long.

The room was on the second floor. It was small with the large bed, a small table and a wooden rod across one corner with some wooden coat hangers on it. There was a window that hadn't been cleaned for years and the view out showed the bricks of the building next door.

The bathroom and lavatory was located down the hall. There were two showers in a single drained area, two hand basins and two lavatory cubicles with full-length doors. There was a simple bench opposite the showers and a series of wooden hooks on the wall were towels could be hung.

My mother had made some sandwiches for our journey, and as we hadn't eaten all of these, we divided them up for our supper. There were also two apples that we had grown on our own farm.

Father suggested that as the drive had been over dusty unsealed roads, I should have a shower and wash my hair. He didn't have any soap, so I went down the stairs and asked the reception clerk. He looked at me and smiled and handed me two small cuts of soap and two white towels.

Father suggested that I undress in the room and just wrap the towel around my waist to go to the shower. He said he would stay in the room to look after our belongings, as he whispered to me that he wasn't sure about security, as the door key seemed to fit any door.

I undressed carefully folding my shirt and trousers onto the top of the small table. I didn't wear any underpants. I placed my shoes and socks under the table. Then I paddled barefoot to the shower. I heard the water running, and when I entered there was a man a bit older than my father under the shower. I thought his cock was huge as it hung down from his small patch of black hairs. He looked at me and smiled, making no attempt to hide his big cock.

I tried to hang my towel on one of the hooks but I couldn't reach so left it on the bench. The man had already turned on the second shower and had adjusted the water temperature. My small cock, which had been circumcised when I was born, gave me a fright as it started to get stiff. I turned away embarrassed, but as I did an old man came in, completely naked and sat on the bench. His very large old cock flopped down and seemed to hang almost to the floor. His body was fat and his chest had tits, which puffed out like old ladies tits do.

He saw my cock stiffening and just smiled, rubbing his hand over his own cock, making it appear to lengthen and get even bigger. I then turned to see that the other man also had a stiff cock, poking straight out from his body. I decided that stiff cocks were ok, so I turned and let the younger guy see my cock. He asked me if I would like my back washed and I nodded a yes. He grabbed some soap from his wall dish and rubbed it over my back and around the front of my small body. Then his fingers went down soaping my bum crack and down between my legs. Then he turned me round and soaped up my chest and under my arms, which tickled, and then down to put plenty of soap over my cock and small dark balls. He washed all my body now and then did it all again. Then he rinsed me off, but held me, as I was about to leave, saying he had forgotten to wash my hair. He grabbed a bottle and poured some liquid soap from it and pushed my head under the shower. He soaped up my hair and I must say that it felt good. I also could feel his cock bumping into me.

When his hand rubbed over my stiff cock a new sensation flashed through my young teen body. It felt really good.

When he had rinsed all the soap from my hair and again washed over my body I opened my eyes and saw that the old man on the bench had his cock standing up hard and was rubbing his hand up and down it. I also noticed that it was glistening with some sort of liquid.

Now my body jumped as the man who had washed me, squatted down in front of me and swallowed my cock into his mouth. The multiple feelings in my body were sensational. I had never felt anything like it before and the way his tongue wrapped around my cock head just continued to add to the supreme feeling travelling throughout my young body. Then I felt this new pulse and I thought I needed to piss but the man kept on sucking and soon I took off. I floated and then I felt my body explode with feeling. The man grabbed hold of me as I felt my feet slip from under me.

Slowly and pleasantly I started to return to the present. The man took me over and sat me beside the old man. The old man grabbed my hand and placed it on his big cock and motioned me to rub up and down it. I did this and then the man started to breathe very heavily and I thought he was going to die.

I was about to stop rubbing his cock when it went really stiff and suddenly out spurted a big glob of white cloudy juice. That was followed by another glob, and then several more bubbles. I stopped rubbing and the man then took my hand, covered in his slippery issue and pushed in towards my mouth. I opened and licked some of the salty peculiar tasting globs from it. I had tasted my first lot of cum, but it certainly wouldn't be my last.

I washed my hand and then said I had to go as my father was waiting for me to come back to our room so he could have his shower. I wrapped the towel around my waist and skipped back to the room. I felt so happy and my body was fresh and clean.

Dad wanted to know what had taken me so long. I explained that a kind man had washed my hair and how he had provided some soap as well.

I watched as my father stripped out of his clothes. I also noted that he didn't wear any underpants either. His socks had holes at the heels and also his big toe was sticking out through a hole.

I didn't have any nightclothes, so I just jumped into the big soft bed naked. It felt so good. I must have dropped off to sleep, but still my dad hadn't come back. I wondered what had happened to him, so I got out of bed, wrapped the damp towel around my waist and skipped down to the bathroom. There was no one there, but as I turned to go and look for my father another old man entered. He too was naked and his big cock hung down but he didn't have any hairs at all.

He asked me if I was looking for my father, and I said yes. He grabbed my hand and we strolled to a room at the other end of the corridor.

He gently pushed the door open.

My father was lying face down on the bed. His mouth was wrapped around the stiff cock of another old man, but what surprised me was that another young man was lying on my father and bouncing up and down on him. Then I realised that this man's cock was pumping into my father's arse hole.

The man who had brought me transferred my hand to his dripping cock and I instinctively started to rub the slippery liquid over his hardening knob.

As we entered the room I saw another man standing behind the bed. He was naked and his cock was stiff too. The man who was pumping into my father now gave an almighty hard shove and stopped then shoved again, and then again. He now slipped back and I could see his cock, all covered in slippery stuff come out of my father. I could see his hole was very open, and the man waiting now lay on the bed and pointed his cock into my father.

At that moment a slippery finger pushed against my small tight arse and soon I felt it slide into me. It wriggled around and made me feel good. I felt this must be what my father was feeling.

Then the old man shuddered and I saw my father's face cheeks suck in and out several times.

The man slowly got up from the bed and the man who had brought me to the room took his place.

I watched as my father's mouth now engulfed this man's really big cock. I then realised that another man was the one fingering my hole. I looked around and he was a man about my father's age. He looked down at me and smiled, so I smiled back.

He guided me closer to the bed and then I saw that my father's cock head was poking out to the side from under him. The man placed my hand on my father's cock head and again I felt the slippery clear liquid on it. I rubbed it and then my father turned his face slightly, without taking his sucking mouth from the old man's cock. I sensed he smiled, and then as the man with his cock in my father's rear grunted and bucked, my father bucked and out of the slit on his cock head came all this cloudy cum. The man pushed my face down to it and I licked as much as I could up. The old man now grabbed my father's head and I noticed he pumped hard. I was learning quickly that he was shooting his man juice into my dad's mouth.

The man now pulled his cock out of my father's arse and I could see his hole was open. The same man now lifted me onto my father's back and guided my stiff 5 inches of boy cock into the open arsehole. I instinctively started to pump in and out but my cock didn't seem to be touching the sides.

The other men now left the room. Dad picked me up and carried me back to our room, and naked, we cuddled together in bed. My father's cock stiff and poking against me I fell asleep, my head on my father's hairless chest.

When we woke the next morning there were two glasses of milk on the table and a note to say that there was breakfast for us downstairs in the dining room.

I hope this story is to your liking. There is more to follow.

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