Understanding My Father 2

I needed to pee so I ran down to the lavatory and shower room naked, my cock now only half-hard. It felt good when it bounced against my tummy. I raced towards the cubicles but noticed that both were closed and occupied.

One of the old men from the previous evening then came in and lifted me up so my cock hung into one of the hand basin. He directed my cock with his other hand and I pissed into the drain hole. When I was finished he put me down again and ran some water to wash my pee away.

This kind old man's cock was dripping a long string of clear and he got my hand to spread it over the big head of his cock.

Just then my father walked in naked, carrying his towel over his shoulder. He looked at me rubbing the man's cock but didn't do or say anything. He walked to one of the showers after throwing his towel onto the bench and started to soap his body. His cock was sticking out from his pubic bush but wasn't real stiff.

I continued to rub the man's cock as he sat on the small bench and then he grabbed my head and forced my mouth down onto his cock. I opened my lips and then felt the spurt of cum fire into my willing mouth. He shot twice more and I now understood how to swallow without choking.

His fingers had been caressing my arse crack all this time, but now they left me and he motioned that I should join my father in the shower.

We dressed and went down to the dining room. The man from reception guided us to a nice table with a starched white linen tablecloth. It was nicely set out like my mother always tried to do for us.

He offered me a glass of orange juice that was really nice.

Then some porridge came and when I had finished along came a plate with two eggs and some bacon on it. My father's plate also had two sausages on it and some tomato. Then along came some toast in a silver wire rack.

I had a glass of milk whilst my father had a coffee, something we couldn't normally afford.

We then went out to the reception and the man explained to my father that he had made a mistake last night with the fee for the room and also for breakfast. The look of horror on my father's face was sad to behold. He didn't really have any more money, and started to shake with the unknown prospect.

Then the man handed my father two shiny pound notes. My father nearly died.

"No. That is not correct," my father stammered a reply.

"Oh yes sir," came the reception man. "There is, I can assure you, no mistake."

Then he turned to me and placed a new ten-shilling note in my hand. I looked at him and he smiled.

"A young boy like you needs some pocket money to spend in town today."

I stuck it in my small pocket, but then felt I could lose it so I gave it to my father for safekeeping. I observed the wonderful smile on the reception man's face. He approved of my action in giving my father the additional money.

The reception man then suggested that my father was welcome to stay another night, as the hospital had sent a message to say that whilst my mother was getting better, the Doctor suggested that she remain in the hospital for a further night.

Continuing, the reception man said that the room fee would be the same for a second night, and that both of us would be most welcome.

My father never said a word as we walked to the hospital.

My mother was looking and sounding much healthier when we were taken to her room. Said told us that she felt much better, but the doctor had advised that she remain with them for today and another night.

She asked me about our accommodation at the hostel, and as I was about to answer, dad jumped in and said that it was excellent, and that the breakfast this morning was really terrific. He continued saying that the men at the place were very nice and we both had enjoyed our night there.

Mother looked at me and I nodded my head and then said that dad was right as it was a really nice place and that everyone was really nice to us.

Then the doctor came in dressed in his long white coat. He had a board with him with some papers clipped to it. I looked at him and he smiled. I thought, 'I have seen you before', but at that moment couldn't think where.

I went outside and there was the nice male nurse. He took me to another room and gave me a glass of milk and two nice biscuits.

Then I remembered where I had seen the doctor. He was one of the nice old men that I had rubbed their cocks and had tasted their cum.

My cock jumped and I thought it would be wonderful to do that again.

We left my mother and the hospital and collected our farm truck. We drove towards the boys' school, but my father needed some petrol so we turned into a nice modern petrol station. An older man came out and asked my father how many gallons he needed. My father dipped the petrol tank with his stick and said he needed four gallons. The man pumped the petrol into the glass bowl on the bowser and then put the hose into our tank. He then checked the engine and said that we needed two pints of oil and that the oil level in the truck had been almost to the dangerous low point.

My father presented the man with one of the new pound notes, and the man took it and gave my father a fist full of change. He looked at me and smiled and I realised he had been one of the men who had put his cock into my father's nice backside tunnel. I winked back at him as he grabbed my hand and filled it with a small white paper bag of sweets.

As we drove to the school my father stopped. He took the money from his pocket and counted it out.

"The man has made a mistake. I gave him a pound, but he gave me two pounds and five shillings change. I had better go back and give him the money."

So my father turned our small truck around and drove back the short distance to the petrol station. A young man dressed only in bib and brace overalls whom I thought was a mechanic, came out. My father explained about the money but the young man said no there couldn't be any mistake. It was correct.

I have never seen my father look so perplexed.

The mechanic man smiled at me and I could easily see that he didn't have any underwear on as the overalls opened slightly and I could see his hairs around his cock. My own cock felt nice when I noticed this and then young man moved again so I could see more of his hair and the top of his cock.

My mind raced and I calculated that he had a really big cock.

Now I opened the small white paper bag of sweets and there was a ten-shilling note as well as lots of nice lollies. I smiled at the mechanic and I noticed that his overalls were straining over his cock. I sensed in my young way even more now, that he must have a big cock and at that moment, as my father turned back to our truck, the young mechanic pulled his overalls to one side I could see he did have a big cock. The head on it was very big and I involuntarily licked my lips. The young mechanic smiled and rubbed his hand over his cock head and I saw it glisten.

Father was very silent as we drove to the school.

The headmaster greeted my father and me and we went into his office to sign all the papers, and make arrangements.

The fees for this term would be ten pounds. However, if I were successful in a scholarship exam in two weeks time the fee would be covered. I would be eligible to sit for one of these scholarships each term. They only issued two each term, so I would have to be a very good student to win. The headmaster looked at me and then tussled my hair with his hand. He smiled at me in a very interesting way.

I was shown then to my dormitory and allocated a bed that was at the end next to the housemaster's room. The showers and lavatories where just like those at the men's hostel with no panel divisions between the five shower heads. Everyone would be able to see the other when showering. I wasn't very concerned, except when I thought about my cock getting stiff.

The headmaster suggested that we were in fact two days too early, and after finding out we had stayed at the hostel overnight, suggested that we stay there again tonight, and perhaps tomorrow night as well. My father agreed.

When we got back into the truck my father was excited in a way I had never seen before.

We drove down to the hostel and booked in again. The reception man told my father we could have the same room, and it would be the same cost as last night.

He then directed us to a café across the street for some lunch.

The man in the cafe was very nice and made us some sandwiches and father had a pot of tea and I had a milkshake, the first I had ever tasted. It was strawberry flavour and tasted absolutely yummy.

Again when father paid he found he had more money in change than what the bill had been. I now sensed what this meant, but I wasn't going to say a word to my father. Not yet, anyway.

Mother was not feeling quite so chipper when we returned to the hospital, but the doctor, looking at me with an unusual smile, assured us both that we had nothing to worry about.

Father told mother about the school and placed very great emphasis on the scholarship and how it would be so important for all of us. I got the message easily.

The reception man and two others joined us at the café opposite for the evening meal, which was roast lamb and vegetables. It was the best meal I had tasted for ages. My father even accepted a beer from the reception man, then another from one of the other nice men.

When my father wanted to pay, one man said that he would be pleased to take care of the bill, as he was staying at the hostel that night. He looked at me and smiled. I knew what that meant.

When we got back to the hostel most of the men complained of being tired so they decided to go to bed. We went up to our room and I told my father that I would like to have a shower. He agreed, so I stripped out of my clothes and shoes and walked down to the shower room where I could hear the showers running. I didn't bother to wrap the towel around my lower body. It felt great to have my small cut cock swinging in the air.

There were two nice looking men in the showers. Both had nice long cocks hanging down. One was circumcised as I was, but the other had long skin hanging well over his big knob. They invited me to join them and remembering all the activities of the previous night, gladly accepted.

Soon they were soaping my entire body and my cock was hard and trying to exceed its five inches. Both men now also had stiff cocks and I rubbed then both. The long skin fascinated me as it slipped easily over the large knob and felt so warm and smooth.

Then one man pushed my face down to suck on the cut cock as he fingered my tiny arse. I felt his finger enter me and wriggles around inside. I nearly fell over with the intense feeling being generated inside my body.

I sucked on the man and then he held my head as his cock spurted out big bullets of cum, deep down into my throat. As this happened I knew that the other man was rubbing his slippery cock along my crack. I was a little frightened now as I felt his cock was too big to go inside me like I had seen the other men's cocks disappear inside my father's arse last night.

Then they turned the shower off as an older man came in and whispered something to the man with the skin covered cock. They both dried me off and then grabbing my hand lead me down the corridor to the same room were the action had taken place last night.

There was my father lying face down on the big bed. The doctor had his big cock down my father's throat and the reception man was pounding his long thin cock into my father lovely white full bubble arse.

My cock was super stiff now and another man's mouth engulfed it, making me jump and shudder with delight. I recognised the man as the owner of the café, so I was pleased to be able to pay him back for that wonderful strawberry milkshake.

The reception man now started to really get into pumping into my father and then he made a great push and stopped his entire body going into a form of shiver. Then he pumped again and again and I knew that he was spitting his nice cloudy white man juice into my father's rear.

Soon he pulled his long cock out and then I saw the man who owned the garage move to the bed and my father. His cock was long and very thick and I noticed that he too had only a small patch of black pubic hair at the top of his cock. My father grunted a bit when I watched that big flesh tube disappear inside my dad. The petrol station man now started to pump slowly and carefully as the doctor filled my father's mouth with his shots of liquid.

This sight plus the feeling generated by the mouth over my cock made my body go into almost electric shock as my own boy juice ran screaming up from my little balls and out into the man's sucking mouth. My body bucked several times and then I fell back almost totally exhausted by the action and delivery.

The pounding of my father continued and then the petrol man reared up and pushed his cock as hard as he could into my dad. I saw him shuddered and pulse and then push again and again, as he filled that arse tube with his liquid.

Again as they pulled out my father's hole was gaping open and I felt I could push my entire fist up into him.

Now my father rolled over and the nice man lifted me up and placed me so that my arse was over my father's face and my lips were almost on his dripping cock.

I flicked my tongue out and gathered up some of the clear slippery liquid and swallowed it. Now that tasted really nice, so I licked some more and then with a gentle push someone forced my head lower and my lips opened to wrap around my father's big cock head. I sucked as much as I could and then I felt his fingers and tongue at my arse crack. His mouth was sucking on my little hairless balls, and then moved over the deep furrow of skin between my balls and my arse.

Soon his mouth was engulfing my entire hole and his tongue was lapping wetly over my shit holder muscles. I had never felt so good and then as my father licked me more I felt his cock get bigger and then it started to fill my little mouth with his man cream. I tried to swallow it all but it was too much and some dribbled down onto his hairs.

He shot again and again and again. It was the biggest lot of cum I could remember, as the other men didn't shoot so many times.

I licked up the lost cum from my father's hairs and body and then rolled over, turned around and came up to kiss him. He hugged me to him and I let some of the remaining cum push into his mouth.

Many hands gently ran all over my smooth young body and I felt loved and warm with all this attention.

Two of the men carried me back to our room and the others assisted my father.

We cuddled naked together all night. My father was happier than I had ever known him.

More to follow soon

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