I felt the bed moving as I stirred from a very deep sleep. I then realised that my cock was encased in a warm moist mouth and that someone's tongue was making circles around my cock head.

I opened my eyes as the bed was bouncing a bit and there was my father lying on his stomach with his mouth over my cock.

As I looked down his back I could see a large cock sliding in and out of his arse. The man who was attached to the big cock was one of the nice men from dinner the previous evening.

His face alternatively smiled and grimaced as he pounded into my father's beautiful white arse.

I now loved the sight of a cock sliding into my father and even thought about how it must feel when it was inside my own shit tube.

Being a farm boy I had often seen stallions mounting mares, and bulls doing the same to mild mannered cows. What I had always found fascinating was to watch two dogs joined together. I knew enough to know it was all about sex and it was necessary for the male animal to push his big cock into the female otherwise there would be no babies. That had already translated to my young mind that mothers and fathers must do that also to make babies.

As most of my schooling over the past five years had been by home study with my mother, I had not had any contact with boys my own age so knew no swear words at all. My father never said anything worse than damn, which I thought, was a very naughty word.

My father now ceased sucking my five-inch cock as I noticed his body shudder and then I saw that his own cock was spurting cloudy stuff over the bed sheets. Then the man rammed really hard into my dad's bobbing white arse, and stopped. I saw his stomach flex and then again as I knew he was filling my father up with his juice.

When he pulled his cock out I saw how really big it was and noted that the knob was almost twice the size of the shaft.

He bent forward and spoke to my father.

"It must be 20 years since the last time I fucked you, Rupert. You are still a great fuck you know, and I feel that you enjoyed my cock as much as it enjoyed fucking that beautiful arse of yours," continued the nice man.

"Well, soon," grabbing hold of his big cock and waving in my direction," this will be making the same impression on your boy. We had better train him early, eh. I know he will be like his dad and love cock."

I looked at the man and was about to ask him what the word fuck meant, when he sensed my concern by the frown on my forehead.

"You are an innocent boy, aren't you, lad. Well, let me say that your father was a very willing boy when he was at the school you will be attending tomorrow. Great fuck. Oh, you don't understand that word, do you? Well, what it is when a man puts his big cock into another man's arse is called having a fuck, or fucking.

Your dad was the school's best fuck when he was 15. Even accepted some of the master's cocks as well."

He moved to the side of the bed and bent down to take my still very stiff cock into his mouth. His tongue performed wonders on my feelings and within a minute I was jetting my very young cum into his warm wonderfully talented mouth.

"Now that was worth every penny. What sweet wonderful cum you have. How old are you boy?" he inquired.

"I'm 12,' I replied with pride.

"Well blow me. I didn't start shooting my cum until I was almost 14 so you are a lucky one to have started so young."

He now rubbed his free hand over my chest and then down over my cock and balls.

"Even sprouting a few hairs. Nice big cock for your age, but then farm boys learn all about sex really early, don't you."

I puzzled as to what he really meant, but realised he was being very complimentary to me, so I smiled. My cock was still stiff, but feeling very tender.

My father just lay there his cock soft but sticky from his own cum. It was matted in his cock hairs too, as well as a big wet patch on the sheet.

His right hand now also ran over my body and I felt so happy.

Following another terrific breakfast we again went to pay the bill. This time the reception man complimented me on my behaviour, pressing a pound note into my little hand.

He told my father that the account had already been paid, and there was a bonus for him. It was a blue five-pound note. I couldn't remember ever seeing one before.

Just as we were about to leave, the reception man called me back, insisting that my father keep walking, by waving his hand as if to shoo him away.

"If you have enjoyed staying here, then when you are at school and you feel like being with these nice men, then just seek permission from your housemaster and come and see us. Perhaps you may like to have some nice pocket money, too."

I looked at him and then placed my right hand on his bulging crotch. His cock felt hard inside his pants.


Mother was ready to leave hospital when we arrived. She looked very healthy. It wasn't until I was 20 that I found out that my mother had had a miscarriage, and had lost my little brother, who was about five months old inside her.

At the school I took my little case of clothes to my bed area, and my mother was pleased to see where I would sleep and meet my housemaster. I now realised I had already met him. His cock was long and thin and he had shaved off his cock hairs. My father had received his cock twice during our stay.

I gave my father the pound note I had received that morning, saying it would help him with my fees if I didn't win the scholarship. My mother cried and so did I as we said our good-byes. My father hugged me and whispered that I must try really hard to win that scholarship. I knew I would do my very best.

Soon I was absorbed in playing with a large group of other new boys, as well as some a year older who had been at the school the previous year. I felt happy to be able to kick a ball and run and play with other boys. This was something I had never been able to do previously.

Following our supper the housemaster read from a famous book to us. It was a story about a boy on board a merchant ship back about 150 years ago. We all listened intently and I can still remember picturing in my own mind what it was like on board ship in those olden days.

We would hear a chapter each night, but we could ask questions both before and after if we wanted anything clarified.

What really surprised me when we all had showers was that I was the only boy in our grade who had any hairs on his cock. Also my cock was the biggest, and I was really proud of that fact.

Most of the other boys at 12 or 13 had tiny little circumcised cocks with tiny pea sized balls. None had any hairs near their cock or under their arms. A few of the senior boys who were 16 or 17 came into the bathroom area as we all showered and changed into our pyjamas, and I was very taken by one boy who came and stood close to me after I had showered. I was thrilled that he asked me my name. It was a great feeling to be recognised by the seniors.

One boy, who was very beautiful with tight blonde curly hair, had a bigger cock than the others and I noted that his balls hung down like those of a bull or ram. He was very nice and had chatted to me during the day. The housemaster noted this so that when we returned to our dormitory bedroom, he swapped this boy's bed to the one next to mine.

One night after a week my housemaster called me into his room, just as ' lights out' was called. Having seen him fuck my father I knew not to worry about him either sucking me or me sucking him. He quickly had my sleep pyjamas off and I stood there naked in front of him, my cock gaining in stiffness each second. He ran his warm hands all over my body paying particular attention to my cock and arse.

Then he got up from his chair and removed all his clothes. I remembered his long thin circumcised cock and the fact he had no cock hair. I liked the look of his big cock without hair. He gently directed my lips to his now stiff cock. I licked up the small bubble of clear that was building up on his cock head and it tasted really nice. Then my tongue ran over his knob and my lips parted and easily swallowed his cock. I sucked for a few minutes and then we swapped, and his lips covered my aching boy cock.

I couldn't stop the rush of tremendous feeling and soon I was filling his mouth with my sweet cum. He swallowed every drop.

He was now very sexually excited so I sucked his cock again and in less that 40 seconds his own man juice was sliding its way into my tummy.

He then pulled me onto his bed and we cuddled up as he moved the sheet and blanket over us. I slept very soundly that night in his arms with his cock hugged between my little smooth legs.

Two days before the scholarship exam I was called to visit the headmaster. He handed me a sheet with lots of questions and answers on it. He suggested that I study it very well.

When the scholarship exam finished I felt really good. I felt I had answered correctly all but one of the 50 questions. That night I again sucked and was sucked by my housemaster.

The next day I was called up in front of the entire school and it was announced that I had won the scholarship. I wrote a letter to my parents and knew that they would be pleased.

Soon it was Friday and my housemaster called me and explained that I was free to go into the town that evening. I figured out what that meant. I walked the short distance into the central section of town with an older boy, named Brian. He was 15 and was a bit chubby but very nice with a baby face and a high pitched voice that sometimes broke into a deep sound. I liked him as he often put his hand on my shoulder and when we had to cross a busy road he grabbed my hand. Suddenly I realised that we were heading towards the men's hostel. I had not mentioned anything to the older boy about where I was going, and he had not said a word to me. When we both stopped in front of the hostel, he looked at me with a really funny expression on his face.

The reception man was delighted to see us both, and hugged us. One of the older men now approached Brian and hugged him in a way I now knew meant they enjoyed being with each other. They went off up the stairs together, and I noted that the old man continuously patted Brian's large fat arse.

Another man now approached me and I was soon in one of the bedrooms. He quickly had me naked and he was alternatively sucking my five inches of cock or had his warm pointed tongue trying to get inside my arse.

Soon he was naked too and I easily swallowed his dripping cock. I really loved the taste of the clear cum from men's cocks and lapped up all I could.

He then opened a jar on the beside table and drew out a finger laden with this jelly. He rubbed some on my arse and then started to try and get his finger inside me. Finally he did and whilst it hurt a little at first the pain soon melted away. Once his finger started to slide in an out of my tiny shit tube any further pain quickly receded and I started to feel comfortable. I knew what he had intentions of doing, and I was wondering if it would hurt very much. But I remembered how happy my father had been when the men fucked him so I sensed that it must feel good.

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